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By Yetunde Arebi
The female breasts, also known as “the twins” or “the girls”, have remained the most conspicuous and attractive feature of the female sexual organ. Perhaps, its strategic positioning and function adds to its importance in the life of a woman.

Besides the age long biological function of the breasts as a source of food and nourishment for babies, the breast is also a major source of sexual attraction for the male specie, just as it is also a key sexual organ for the woman, highly sensitive to stimulation. The fact that they come in various shapes and sizes, further add to their uniqueness and endearing place in our hearts as humans.

As a sexual organ, the breasts have been known to give immense pleasure to both men and women during sexual encounters. In fact, some women have reportedly disclosed that they are capable of achieving orgasm even when thoroughly stimulated through sucking and caressing of the breasts alone. Though, because of this highly sensitive nature, some women find it very uncomfortable or even painful to submit their twin girls to constant sexual manipulation of any kind.

Interestingly, men are constantly drawn to the breasts. A lot of this attraction has been attributed to psychological composition, perception and beliefs. For, pray, why would a full grown man be obsessed with sucking some mounds of milkless breasts? I don’t often get logical answers to this question when I ask. The function of the breasts in sexual behaviour has been attributed to human Face -to -Face copulation that is unusual among other mammals. Since the breast already serves the function of mother-infant bonding, then it is also excellent for male -female bonding, says an argument. After all, it is just within reach.

For those familiar with some of the social media platforms, you would have come across a particular message that has been making the rounds for a couple of years now. Purportedly attributed to the BBC as source, this message usually springs out during the cancer awareness months and in support of cancer prevention campaign. As expected, it elicits a wide range of controversies from both men and women, from humour to disdain and sexual innuendoes, while some others believe the content hook, line and sinker. The purported message is claimed to have been issued by the Ministry of Health in the fight against breast cancer. One of the versions I have received read thus:

Very soon, women will be paying men to have their breasts sucked! According to a report on BBC website, Doctors recommend that women reduce the risk of getting breast cancer by having their breasts sucked thoroughly and vigorously. It is said that regular sucking of the breast lowers the risk level that tends to build up lumps leading to breast cancer. The breast must be sucked as often as possible. Help women fight breast cancer today. Men, please do your part and suck a breast now! And women, please endeavour to make it available regularly…… This message is from the Ministry of Health in the fight against breast cancer.

I have tried several times without success to get a confirmation for this story on the mentioned websites including cancer.org and some others in related fields. But perhaps, someone out there knows the original and authentic source of this message? Please share it with us!

As interesting as this message may be, as well as the different responses it receives anytime it is being passed around, depending on which side of the divide you find yourself, I am more worried about the health implications attached. Cancer is not something to make jokes out of as it claims millions of lives across the world every year. Again, some frightened lady who hitherto was not in favour of breast sucking may easily submit herself to torture with the belief that she is suffering for a good reason. Please, let us not confuse issues. Breast feeding is not the same as breast sucking. Breast feeding is the process of feeding new born and infants with breast milk. It is this that has been medically proven to be of immense benefit to both mother and child and can prevent breast cancer. There are no scientifically proven studies indicating that breast sucking is of any medical benefit to the the woman whose breast is being sucked or the person doing the sucking.

However, what has been scientifically proven is the fact that breast sucking when properly performed is of immense pleasure to the woman and may sometime on its own lead to orgasm or when combined with some other forms of sexual stimulation will help a woman to achieve orgasm quicker. Again, neither has any research shown that breast sucking can give a woman cancer.

So ladies, please relax and allow your guys do the job for you. if you are not enjoying the way he is doing it, tell him. I can assure you, it’s a win-win situation.

Guys often overlook nipples, seeing them as one with the boob. But nipples are so much more. Nipples are communicative; they react to touch and temperature and dirty talk. They’re windows into the soul of boobs (and yeah, I’m willing to go on record and say that I believe that boobs have souls; All Dogs Go to Heaven and so do all boobs). Here’s what guys really think about nipples.

1. They’re like the cherry on top of a boob sundae. Without a cherry, a sundae is just a bunch of ice cream. Thanks, nipples, for making boobs something better than weird flesh-orbs. You’re a hero and a national treasure.

2. They’re tenacious attention-seekers. When it gets cold or things get steamy, nipples are all, “Check me out!” as they fight their way through layers of fabric because they want to be seen.

3. No person who is attracted to women doesn’t like sucking on nipples. Babies are on to something here. Babies are usually pretty dumb and they’ll put anything in their mouth, but, like, as far as boobs are concerned, I get it, babies. I totally get it.

4. They are the no. 1 reason we love spooning. Excellent nipple access. Well, also, so our crotch touches your butt, but also easy nip access.

5. Every nipple is so unique that it’s our personal Christmas morning when you take your top off for the first time. So many nipples, so little time. Every nipple is different, like snowflakes that never melt. And just like snowflakes, we want to catch them on our tongues.

6. They even serve a dual purpose. They make milk. That’s crazy. That’s the only thing the human body can produce that people actually want to drink.

7. They’re mysterious as fuck. Acceptable clothing options mean women can expose pretty much all of their breast except for the nipple. And until we free the nipple, it still adds a sense of mystery.

8. As “second base,” they’re the gatekeepers of sex. We have to impress them if we’re going to get any further. Which is why, if you need nicknames for your breasts, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson are great names (or whoever was on that show, I don’t watch that shit). My point is, bring your A-game when it comes to the nipples.

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If you ask “Why do men like breasts?”, you’re likely to hear a lot of replies along the lines of “They just do!”. It seems like men love breasts – and looking at, touching and sucking them – but no one can name why. Still, there has to be a reason why men like breasts and why wet t-shirt contests can drive men wild!

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Why Do Men Like Breasts? Blame Biology

You’ve probably experienced it. Your man’s eyes drop to your breasts when you’re speaking. Or you find him staring, slack-jawed, at a woman with a large rack as she walked by. You probably wondered why do men like breasts at those times.

Unlike your vagina or a man’s penis, breasts aren’t primary sex organs. Your breasts don’t serve reproduction directly, but the milk they produce does help to sustain a child for months – or even years – after childbirth. Biologically, making breasts attractive to any species that relies on breast milk for nourishment only makes sense. And it may be difficult to lower that appeal after a child grows out of breastfeeding.

The reason that it’s hard to ditch an obsession with breasts may be related to a hormone that a woman’s body produces when her breasts are stimulated: oxytocin. Oxytocin helps a mother bond with her child during breastfeeding. It’s also the same hormone responsible for your desire to cuddle and feel connected to your partner before and after sex. A variety of physical activities can encourage oxytocin.

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There’s another potential reason why men like breasts, especially those that are large or round: they might indicate fertility. Although we look for more than just fertility when selecting a mate in the modern era, our ancestors may have used the size and shape of a woman’s breasts as a sign that a woman would make a good mate, even if he wasn’t aware of it. Since a woman’s breasts form during puberty, breasts are also a good sign that she’s capable of child-bearing.

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The placement of breasts at the front of the body in prominent eyesight wasn’t by chance, either. When our ancestors started standing and walking upright, organs shifted. Before this, sex occurred on all fours. Perhaps it might be accurate to call doggy style “human style”? But humans needed to find new ways to have sex now that the vagina had shifted positions.

We were pretty successful in finding a new default position to get it on – missionary (more on that here). In fact, we tried out sex in dozens of sex positions that were now possible thanks to the vagina’s new position. Discover more than 100 sex positions in this post.

Breasts also swell and turn ruddy when aroused (the same with your vulva and lips), which serves to draw yet more attention to a woman’s chest.

Breasts play a crucial role in modern sex thanks to their sensitivity (some women can even come from nipple stimulation – learn about this), breast play creates oxytocin, and breasts play feel good. A natural breast has a softness that can’t be imitated by plastic surgery. Evolution hit on a perfect recipe when it came to breasts! Think about that before rushing out for a boob job.

While we’re certainly more refined than the humans who came before us (and the animals from which they evolved), men still love breasts. And the idea of a woman with a larger bosom, tapered waist, and rounded hips simply oozes femininity. From corsets to padded bras to shapewear, women are certainly clamoring for that hourglass shape, which brings us to our next question.

Do Men Only Like Large Breasts?

It’s not hard to find examples of gorgeous women with big breasts in the limelight. Whether those women were born that way or decided to enhance those features, some in hopes of aiding their careers, doesn’t matter. Busty women are hot and adorn covers of beauty magazines and spreads in nude magazines. But not every woman has large breasts.

If your breasts aren’t large, you might wonder if any guy would like them. Or you may find yourself trying to create the look of larger breasts with the right bra (or more than one bra) or even makeup. Rest assured that the right man will love you regardless of your breast size, and most guys are happy to see any breasts, even if they’re smaller. This, too, may harken back to signs of fertility.

However, one study does suggest that men prefer breasts that are perky and nicely-shaped over both smaller breasts or larger breasts that sag more. Women who are especially well-endowed may find that the weight of their breasts pulls the skin down, especially as they age, and men may not find that attractive.

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The survey approached men of four different cultures, and it’s important to remember that different cultures prize different features in women. Some may like longer breasts (some African tribes fall into this category) while others prefer perky boobs. Large nipples may be preferred by some people, and smaller nipples with proportionate areolas are idealized by yet others.

Breasts come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and so do nipples (read: 9 types of nipples). They fall to the side when you lie down. Breasts are often not symmetrical, and they can be a pain to dress or carry with you all day. It’s easy to become disenchanted with your own breasts.

Dress Your Breasts to Impress

You can assume that your man likes your breasts, so what can you do to emphasize them? You don’t have to know why men like breasts to give him a good show. Follow these steps, instead.

  • Underwear: Choose a well-fitting bra, perhaps one that pushes your breasts up and together from the sides. A corset worn under your clothing pushes up breasts, or you can wear a corset as part of your lingerie and not as underwear.
  • Lingerie: Lingerie with underwire supports breasts, or you can go with a cut-out bra cup or a cup with a slit that lets your nipples peek through. Wanna know how to choose the perfect lingerie? .
  • Clothing: Lower-cut tops are key here. When it stretches across the fullest part of your breast, the top will make your breasts look amazing! A tighter top or dress will leave little to his imagination. Ruching near your breasts can also draw attention. Find out how to dress sexy for your man.
  • Makeup: You can contour your breasts to make them look larger. Apply contouring powder in between (draw a V before blending) and around the top of you breasts. Highlight the fullest part of your breast with a lighter color. Blend, blend blend. Alternatively, any powder with a bit of shimmer will get him looking at your chest! You can even darken the color of your nipples with makeup!
  • Jewelry: The right necklace can emphasize your breasts, too. Pick one long enough to sit in your cleavage. A necklace with a single pendant that sits above your cleavage is perfect. You can also consider a cascading necklace to decorate your entire chest.
  • Working out: Increasing the size and strength of your pectoral muscles in your chest can give your breasts a boost, too.

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Of course, if you’d rather not highlight your breasts, that’s okay. Some women prefer to dress more modestly, have professional dress codes to adhere by or simply enjoy another of their features better than their breasts. Play up what you like!

It’s Not Just Men Who Love Breasts

It’s not just men who like breasts. At least one study has shown that women, even straight women, find their eyes drawn to bosoms of other women . In fact, all people find a woman’s sexiest parts (genitals, lips, and hips, among them) to be the focus of their gaze. The study suggests that both sexes view women in an objectifying way, which isn’t the case for how people view men – as a whole.

Whether it’s objectifying or not, people simply seem to be drawn to breasts, and it’s no wonder! Breastmilk is the foundation of nutrition for children, and evolution has led us to a bodily design that emphasizes the source. In fact, no other primates have breasts as prominent as humans do, and the same is true for human penis size!

It’s easy to ask “Why do men like breasts?” and assume that all men enjoy a woman’s bosom. But don’t think that breasts are the end-all and be-all. A researcher named Clellan Ford found that breasts were only sexually significant in 13 out of 191 cultures that he studied. Some individual men prefer a woman’s butt over her breasts, too.

Plus, many men look for partners who are more than just looks. Discover what men really want.

The significance of breasts varies the world over. While people in the United States can be a bit uptight about a woman’s breasts, even going so far as to shame mothers for breastfeeding their children, citizens of other countries don’t feel the same. In fact, it’s no big deal for women to go topless in countries such as France!

So why do men like breasts? It might simply be a remnant from being a young child or something leftover from ancient humans. No matter why men like breasts, you can pretty much guarantee your man likes yours, so why not play them up and encourage him to play with them, too!

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How to Give a Woman a Nipple Orgasm

Of all the erogenous zones on a woman, the nipples are arguably the most neglected. Very few men (and women) realise that nipple orgasms are possible.

Well, we’re here to tell you that they are. Once you’ve learned how to give a woman a nipple orgasm, you’ll have one more tool on your arsenal for helping her climax.

What Exactly is a Nipple Orgasm?

You might be wondering, “What is a nipple orgasm, anyway?” It’s quite simple: it’s when you stimulate a woman’s nipples until she climaxes. You don’t stimulate her clitoris or G-spot.

Although it might sound easy in theory, making a woman climax by doing nothing other than stimulating her nipples can be challenging. Fortunately, we’ve got some tips that will make it way easier on you.

Not All Orgasms Start Below the Waist

Most partners falsely believe that all orgasms start below the waist. But as you’ll come to see, this isn’t true. A woman’s nipples have millions of nerve endings, each of can deliver pleasure. By stimulating her nipples, you can make her climax in the same way that she would if you were stimulating her clitoris or G-spot.

Not only are nipple orgasms incredibly fun, but they’re also different, and can add some spice to the bedroom. Nipple stimulation is also very erotic, and will cause a flood of “feel good” hormones to be released into your partner’s brain.

The most powerful of these hormones is oxytocin (a.k.a. “the cuddle hormone”).

Nipple Orgasm Tip and Tactics

Here are some tips and tactics for making her climax via nipple stimulation:

Pick The Right Position: By far the best position for this sexual technique is for her to lay down on her back with her breasts and nipples facing the ceiling. She should be completely naked and comfortable.

Start With a Fan: Rather than going straight in and sucking on her nipples, use a fan to gently blow air against her nipples. This builds a lot more anticipation for the sucking and will get her nipples quite hard.

Is She Hard? Start Sucking: Once her nipples are hard from the fan, go in and gently start sucking on them. Make sure that you’re giving equal attention to both of her nipples.

Don’t Be Afraid to Gently Nibble: To make the experience spicier, gently nibble on her nipples using your teeth. It’s very important that you make it gentle, otherwise, it could turn her off.

Throw In Something Soft: Every now and then, stop sucking and begin stimulating her nipples with something soft (like fur or a feather). This will make the experience even more erotic.

Massage Her Breasts: While sucking her nipples, make sure that you’re massaging her breasts at the same time. It adds a degree of pleasure and will give her a more powerful orgasm.

Use Oil: If you’re going to massage her breasts (which can make breasts larger by the way) we recommend using oil. There are oils specifically designed for breast massages.

Slapping: If she enjoys it, then gently slap her breasts while you stimulate her nipples. You might be thinking, “But won’t that hurt?” Believe it or not, some women love this kind of stuff.

Use Ice: Remember earlier when we said that blowing on your partner’s breasts would harden their nipples and turn them on? Well, know that you can also use ice and/or cooling gel to achieve the same result!

Vibrators: Although vibrators are designed for action “below the waist”, they can also be used for nipple stimulation. Simply place it between her breasts or touch it against her nipples to make her climax.

Remember- everything you do must be done slowly, passionately, and with purpose. Don’t rush her to orgasm and don’t just “go through the motions”.

Really get into making her feel good and focus on providing as much pleasure as possible. If you do that, and there aren’t any distractions present, you’re almost guaranteed to give her a nipple orgasm.

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Want to Spice Things Up? Use Nipple Clamps!

If you and your partner want to become even more adventurous, then add nipple clamps to your arsenal. As its name implies, this device “clamps” around the nipple.

How tight do they clamp down? It depends on the clamp. Some are designed to clamp down very gently, while others are designed to clamp down more tightly.

Find a clamp that your partner is happy with. There are four types to choose from:

  • Magnetic Clamps: These clamps work by placing a magnet on each side of the nipple to create pressure.
  • Clover Clamps: Due to their unique design, these are the tightest and most intense clamps on this list.
  • Tweezer Clamps: These work by placing a bar around the nipple and then tightening it.
  • Alligator Clamps: These are also known as “clothespin clamps”. They rely on screws to tighten the clamp.

Which one works best for giving a woman a nipple orgasm? It depends! If she likes things a bit rougher, then get the clover clamps. For something less tight, go with magnetic clamps.

The tweezer clamps can also be very erotic if she’s into that. Also, you don’t need to spend money on these tools if you don’t want to. Regular clothespins will also work.

Make Her Nipples Ultra-Sensitive With Breast/Nipple Pumps

Do you want to make her nipples even more sensitive (and thus give her more pleasure)? If so, give breast/nipple pumps a try. This sex toy is a lot of fun, isn’t difficult to use, and doesn’t cause any pain. And best of all, it can lead to very intense orgasms.

Here’s how it works: the device draws blood to the nipples, which makes them engorged and extremely sensitive to stimulation.

Once her nipples are ultra-sensitive, you can use the techniques above (licking, sucking, etc.) to make her climax.

Most breast/nipple pumps are straightforward and easy to use: just place the “suction” part against her nipples and then turn on the machine.

The device will create a vacuum that will pull on the nipples, creating pressure. This will draw a lot of blood to the area, causing her nipples to become extremely sensitive. They’re not that expensive and are a great way to spice up your sex life.

Troubleshooting – Why Isn’t She Climaxing?

Women aren’t like men. Generally, it takes a lot more effort for a woman to climax in the bedroom than a man. If you’ve followed the tips in this article, and she’s still not having an orgasm, then you’re doing something wrong.

Below, we’re going to show you the most common reasons why women fail to have an orgasm when they’re getting their nipples stimulated:

  • Lack of Patience: This isn’t something you should rush. Whether she climaxes in 10 minutes or one hour shouldn’t matter. If she feels like you’re rushing just to get it over with, she’s not going to orgasm. Let her know that you’ve got all the time in the world.
  • Distractions: Have you ever been having sex, only to get distracted by your phone or the television? If so, you know from firsthand experience how this can ruin the mood. When trying to give a woman a nipple orgasm, it’s essential that you eliminate all potential distractions.
  • It’s Painful: Whenever you begin experimenting with things like breast/nipple pumps, clamps, or ice gels, it can be a little painful. Some woman like a little pain as it can add to the excitement. But if it becomes too painful, it becomes distracting, and then she can’t climax.
  • You’re Not Mixing It Up: All women are different. Some women can climax just by having their nipples sucked on for a few minutes. Others may require you to spice things up using oil, ice, and more. If you’re not mixing it up, it could be a big turnoff for her.

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, she won’t orgasm. Why? It’s tough to say. It’s possible that she simply can’t orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.

If that’s the case, you’ll need to stimulate her below the waist to make her climax.

Also, just because she doesn’t get off with nipple play alone, that doesn’t mean the attempt was a failure. Stimulating her nipples beforehand can make her more likely to climax during vaginal sex.

Parting Thoughts

We hope that you’ve enjoyed this guide on how to give a woman a nipple orgasm. Our biggest takeaway is to experiment with the various tips and tactics listed above.

All women are different, and as a result, will respond differently to each technique. For example, some women love getting their breasts slapped during nipple stimulation, while others don’t.

Some like clamps, while others prefer not to use them. It’s all about personal preference, so the better you know your partner, the more likely you are to make them climax via nipple stimulation.

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A midwife, Madam Mary Azika, has encouraged men to frequently suck their wives’ breasts as a means to prevent breast cancer in women.

The midwife in the Upper East Region stated that the advise as trivial as it may sounds seeing as men had often jested about it could help women in the war against breast cancer.

While speaking at a seminar organised by the Upper East Regional Chapter of the Distance Education Students Association of Ghana (DESAG) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC), the midwife said: “The best way to prevent Bosom cancer is to encourage Bosom feeding.”

She continued: “The baby can be sucking, your husband can also enjoy it. The men can examine their wives’ and their girlfriends’ Bosom s. The men should also suckle the women’s Bosoms.

“Don’t allow your wife to get Bosom cancer. Sucking of the Bosom is also good.”

Madam Mary Azika, a vastly experienced healthcare professional further stated that breast cancer is contracted and develops over time.

She added: “The lump in the Bosom is painless. It’s so small that if you don’t examine it well, you would not know. We have Bosom tissues; but when the lump is there and you don’t examine it well, you won’t know. It’s painless.

“It can be there for years. When it’s advanced, that’s when you start getting the signs and symptoms. You’ll feel some tingling, like some pins the Bosom s.

“You are not Bosom feeding but when you squeeze the nipple you would see some discharge, either yellow or . By the time you start feeling some pain, it means you have reached the advanced stage.”

For the average man, a lady’s nipples are one of the areas of a woman’s body that can give men pleasure when touched or sucked.

Yes, this is very true; but men also need to know a few things that happen to a woman’s nipples when it comes to sex, pregnancy, childbirth, etc. So, here you go…

Nipples are not decoration. You already knew that; but you also need to know that a woman’s nipples can be a warning that some serious health problems are there. For instance, as you romance your partner’s breasts, help her check to see that the nipples don’t have what looks like pockets (dimples) around them. If dimples occur around any of the breasts, it could be a warning sign for breast cancer. Tell her to see the doctor.

Nipple discharge is often normal, even when she isn’t pregnant or breastfeeding. Discharge can occur in most women if the nipple is squeezed, says a breast surgeon, Dr. Leah Gendler. But if you’re not squeezing—and especially if the discharge is bloody and/or coming from just one breast—take her to the hospital. The discharge could be the result of a benign growth, a harmless cyst, or breast cancer.

Exercise can injure nipples. If your partner is not doing vigorous activity yet you or her notice that the nipples are red, itchy, scaly, and/or flaking, advise her to see the doctor. This could be a sign of Paget’s disease, a rare form of cancer involving the nipple and areola, Gendler says. She adds: “It could also be eczema, so don’t get anxious. Just see your doctor.”

Nipple pain during breastfeeding is common (and preventable). For men whose wives are nursing babies, know that throbbing, burning, cracked, or sore nipples are all common complaints, particularly in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. But if this pain continues, take her to see the doctor.

Hairy nipples are normal—even in women. Those small bumps around the nipples are normal hair follicles. If your partner has dark hairs growing on her nipples, she is not awitch. Just encourage her to trim it carefully. However, if the hair follicles become painful, grow in size, or are itchy and scaly, let her see the doctor. It could be a sign of infection—or cancer.

Inverted nipples are normal. If your partner has inverted nipples, there is no cause for alarm, says a plastic surgeon, Dr. Paul Lorenc.

Nipples are erogenous zones. Well, scientific research has also confirmed what we already know! According to researchers at Rutgers University, the sensation from nipple stimulation travels to the same pleasure centres of the brain as sensations from the vagina, clitoris, and cervix.

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