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10 Ways to Make Yourself Look Skinny Right Away with Clothes

How to Make Yourself Look Skinnier in Clothes

Losing weight is undeniably not an easy task. It could be very frustrating and disheartening to try out products, diets or the gym and not getting your desired body. But there are other ways to look skinny and appreciate your body size, wearing the right clothes for your body type.

Clothes can make or break your look, determining whether you look heavy or slim. Luckily enough, all you need to know is how to dress according to your body type in order to keep your clothes from making you look heavier than you really are.

As long as you wear clothes that fit and are appropriate for your body shape, you’ll never have to worry heavier than you are just because you had a bad clothes day.

Here are some of the fundamentals of dressing to look skinnier:

10 Ways to Dress That Will Make You Look Skinny in Clothes for Any Body Type

Do not forget to make your skinny side captain obvious

Dress in a way that won’t hide your thinnest parts. Dress in such a way that when one piece is unfitted, the other piece should be more fitted.

Do wear clothes that fit obviously

Your clothes should be fitted but not so tight that the parts you are trying to make less apparent bulge out of your clothes. Wear clothes that look tailor made for your body and avoid wearing loose clothes to hide parts of your figure you’re not comfy with.

Do disguise red-alert areas wearing dark colors

Consider darker colors that would disguise your red-alert areas. Think of chocolate brown, deep red, purple, navy blue, maroon or even black. It’s a well-known fact that black makes you look thinner. Colors that are too bright for your body can make you look heavier. But don’t be too obsessed with dark clothes, or clothes that drain the color off your skin, as they may as well make you look bigger!

Do think about going waist-less with your top or fitting your skirt

Ladies who tend to be more bulky in the upper part of your body and carry less weight in your legs would probably look better with a waist-less top or a skirt that is fitted on your bottom half.

Do choose a fabric that will drape perfectly over your curves

Choosing the right fabrics for your clothing can take pounds off your figure. There are certain types of fabrics to avoid when you are trying to look slimmer. Any fabric with a good drape will hang closer to your body skimming your curves and molding gently to your silhouette rather than standing away from it and making you look larger. Stay away from rigid fabric or thick materials, ruffles, heavily textured cloths, shiny fabric or fabrics that are quite thin and hug the body. You should as well avoid wide horizontal stripes, and large horizontal patterns.

Do avoid wearing anything baggy

Avoid outfits with bulky elements like cargo pockets. Also, be cautious of shiny fabrics such as silk, velvet and satin as they will mirror the light drawing attention to bumps and bulges on your body.

Do not wear clothes tracing over your circumference

The world is a jungle, even when you dress. Camouflage areas you want to be unseen in by choosing clothes with patters that work towards your advantage. Tread carefully with prints, layers, and stripes. Do not mix them. Do not under any circumstance do wear clothes with large prints as they will make you look big. A great alternative would be trying out vertical stripes as they give the illusion of tall and thinner.

Do find the right pair of shoes, preferably something that will raise your body a few inches more off the ground

High heels and ankle boots are your best friend, ladies. A long leg creates the leanest look; meaning a couple of inches will visually lengthen your legs and definitely make you look thinner, at the same time improve your posture. Remember to practice good posture by pulling back your shoulder. Suck in your gut and look forward instead of looking down, as it builds confidence and makes you look tall and slim.

Do camouflage yourself in a jacket

Jackets are a great way to look slimmer. They tend to ‘camouflage’ your problem areas like tummies and large waists. The trick with jackets is wearing one that compliments your body and ends at one of your narrowest points of your body.

What if you have narrow hips and a broad waist line?

If you have a broad mid-section and waist-line but moderately narrow hips you try to avoid short jackets that end at your waist because this would be like pointing an arrow at your widest point. You should instead consider wearing a jacket that ends at your narrow hips.

What if you have a broad mid-section?

If your mid-section is broad, you would probably look better in a jacket that has at least 3 or 5 buttons. Two buttoned jackets usually stop at the stomach area. This, again, is like pointing an arrow at your broadest body part.

What if you have a large waist?

If you have a waistline that is larger, the same ratio, or only slightly smaller than your hips, you will need a jacket that does not taper at the waist. If you have a distinct waistline, probably an 8 to 10 inches smaller waist compared to your hips, you can consider a jacket that narrows in at the waist.

What if you have a skinny waist but a big behind?

If you have a lesser waist and a large buttock or large hips, a jacket that ends at your waist will accentuate your buttock or hips. An alternative for you is a longer jacket that narrows down at the waist and stops at the narrowest place near your thighs.

Caution on wearing a jacket that is too long

Be careful not to wear a jacket that is so long that it hangs over the rise in your pants. If it is too long, your legs will look shorter, making you look shorter. Looking short skews your figure, making you look heavier set than you ought to be when wearing clothes that are the right fit for your body type.

Do make sure your underwear fits to avoid a panty line disaster

Buy underwear that fits your body perfectly. Do not wear loose bras or even panties if they are a size too small. Your underwear are the first things that come in contact with your body providing the basic shape that clothes add to your figure in the exterior. If the basic silhouette of your body has bumps because of the tight elastic waistband of your underwear, wearing tighter clothes won’t help you look slimmer any time soon not to mention leave pantie lines inside and outside of your wardrobe. Wearing teeny-tiny bra will make your chest appear to be spilling out, making it look like you could not find any other clothes to wear.

Are you tired of the last few pesky pounds that have been clinging on to you no matter how hard you try to shed them off? Are you daydreaming about that perfect “hourglass figure” that you have been longing for ages? But you just cannot manage the extra few minutes to add to your exercise regime amidst your jam packed daily schedules? Well, then we have some good news for you. Although there is no better alternative to sweat out those extra kilos by hitting the gym regularly or following some exercise/yoga routine to fight off those unwanted pounds and stay slim, we are here today to share with you some neat tricks that we feel might just do the trick without too much hassle. It is a well-known fact that certain flattering colours tend to render an overall slimming effect on you, while others can work the other way around and add a few pounds. So, technically, if you could deck up in the proper shade and hue, you can expectedly manage to a few of those extra kilos. In this post, we will be talking about what colours can make you look thinner. So without any further ado, let’s proceed to enlist some colours that have a slimming effect on you:

1. Black: Black, the darkest of all shades in the color spectrum, is one of the most flattering of all colours on the visible spectrum that creates the illusionary effect that the person donning a black attire appears a few pounds less than is the reality of things. As such, black is one of the most sought-after colors amongst people who wish to try this trick to give the impression of being slimmer than they really are. Other darker shades: Next on the list would be the other colors that follow black in general. Shades of navy blue, chocolate brown or dark grey. All these colors are quite prominently used to give the wearer the advantage of casting the illusionary effect of being slim. In principle, the darker the shade you wear, the slimmer the look it imparts.

2. Monochromatic shades: If you want to accentuate your height and get a slim looking appearance, wear monochromatic colors from top to bottom. This helps to create a visual vertical line that lengthens out the body and helps to camouflage areas of the body where it looks bulky.

3. Mixing it up: However, there is no need for one to stick to monochrome colors to look slim and trim. As a matter of fact, a judicious combination of dark and lighter shades can have a flattering effect on you as well, despite you being rather bodacious. Like go for alterations such as dark bottoms for a brightly hued top or vice versa. Furthermore, a bright shade of red or pink can do a lot to create the perfect impression of you looking all slim and trim.

Colours to Avoid to Look Bulky:

However on enlisting colours that one may choose to sport to create the illusion of a slimmed look, a fair disclaimer or precautionary word is prudent, that pertains to the colours from your cupboard that you mustn’t choose if you wish to look slim and fit.

  • Khaki or off white: These colors are a strict no-no for they are notorious in adding a few extra pounds further to your image, so try to avoid them.
  • White blouse: If you intend to conceal that you have a large breast, we would advise you not to don a white blouse that would only accentuate the feature you wish to camouflage.
  • Bright colors: In general, if you are trying to hide your tummy and large chest, then avoid wearing bright-colored shirts and tees. Likewise, if you intend to conceal your bottom and legs or a wide hip, try avoiding wearing bright-colored pants. Wear bright colored outfits on places on where you want to flaunt your assets. Similar choices apply for accessories too.

Well dear readers, we hope that you shall find our representative list quite to your satisfaction. And we are confident that if you do follow that tips that we just shared you can achieve that slimmed look that you have been longing for a while with the least amount of effort.

So, tell us what you think of this piece in the comments section. And as always, stay pretty everyone!!!

A basic understanding of how colors can be used to play up a plus-sized figure can be a real asset while shopping. When used correctly in clothing, colors can make your body appear slimmer and conceal any areas you’d rather not show off.

If you don’t use flattering colors or patterns, though, you run the risk of wearing items that create the illusion of more weight. If you aren’t sure how to use colors to appear thinner, you aren’t alone. Take a look at this basic guide for finding clothes with flattering and slimming colors and patterns.

A guide to colors
Whether you’re talking about bathroom paint colors, abstract art or clothing, one rule remains the same: dark colors recede and light colors advance. What does this mean for you? Light-colored clothing will draw the eye and stand out, making the area it’s covering appear prominent and larger. On the other hand, dark-colored clothing will diminish the appearance of whatever it’s covering, making it seem smaller and slimmer. For instance, if you want to make your legs and hips appear thinner, opt for dark jeans and pants rather than khakis, white pants or even light denim.

Just because it’s universally slimming does not mean you should feel like you must have an all-black wardrobe. Here are some ways to use bright or light colors in your outfits:

  • Layer up: Layer light colors under dark ones to get the best of both worlds. A white or light-colored blouse looks pretty and sophisticated under a structured black or navy blazer or fitted cardigan.
  • A statement piece: Go for a bright yellow handbag, red pumps or a cerulean statement necklace to incorporate some brightness into your look. Statement pieces are a great way to show personality!
  • Balance your proportions: Ladies with smaller upper bodies and curvy hips and thighs can balance dark bottoms with brightly colored tops. Try tucking a pastel-colored button-up into a black skirt, for instance, to make your upper body stand out and create an hourglass figure.
  • Use darker colors: Black isn’t the only dark option for slimming clothing. Try playing with dark greens, reds, blues and grays to add some extra excitement to your outfit.

Using patterns
Like colors, patterns can also create the illusion of slimness or added weight depending on how you wear them. Here’s a guide to wearing some common patterns:

  • Stripes: Horizontal stripes can make whatever they’re covering appear wider, so it’s a good idea to stay away from them. Instead, wear clothing with vertical stripes, which creates a long line, making you appear taller and thinner.
  • Color-blocking: Color-blocking is when two or three colors are used in graphic shapes to add interest to a piece of clothing, and it can be very flattering for curvy women. Look for color-blocking that uses darkly colored panels along the sides or around your waist, which will make you appear thinner.
  • Busy patterns: Large busy patterns can look unflattering on curvy women, so if you’re going for a busy pattern, it’s best to find one with very small designs. Clothes with small all-over patterns are great for curvy women because they can disguise any lumps and bumps underneath.

What to Look for When Choosing a Print to Make You Appear Slimmer

One of the aspects of choosing prints that I’ve often heard people say is that they can’t wear prints as they’re under the misconception that all prints make you look larger, and if they don’t want to draw attention to a body part, best never put a print garment on it! This can be true, but it depends on the style of print you’re choosing to wear!

Now what figure flattery means to you and how much it matters to you is personal. It may matter a lot and influence your dressing choices heavily, or it may not matter at all to you. But if you do want to know how to choose a print that won’t add weight, then watch the video and read on!

Use the tips below to become aware of the influence and impact of print design when deciding which prints you want to wear. It’s useful to understand the elements of prints first.

Slimming Prints

Blend together – the colours and patterns blend together, there is no start or stop to the print and you don’t notice any particular changes in the print.

Abstract and all-over – from animal prints to any kind of all-over abstract print.

Here is a blotchy, abstract all-over print

Are densely space – (the elements are close together with little negative space in between the print elements)

This cardigan has a dense print with evenly spaced elements.

Are lower in value contrast – this makes the print look smaller and less obvious.

Even though the scale of this floral is large, because the value contrast is low, it doesn’t look as large or obvious.

What is great about these kinds of slimming prints is that they can be really distracting. Because there is no focal point in the print, the eye doesn’t stop and rest on it, drawing attention to that part of your body. In fact, most of these kinds of prints just keep the eye going as they are too busy and uncomfortable to look at or study for too long!

A busy print can be very slimming as you don’t notice what’s going on underneath it!

A busy print is also great as it can hide what’s going on underneath the garment so normal skin lumps and bumps are much less apparent than when wearing solid colours.

Less than Slimming Prints

Sparse – you can individuate each print element easily, each element is further apart so there is a larger amount of negative space between the print elements.

Large Scale – frequently a large scale pattern will be a less than slimming print (unless it is very low value and colour contrast)

High value contrast – the difference between the light and dark of the print means that the print looks larger (and more frequently a larger scale pattern will make you appear larger too).

This kimono has large scale, high colour contrast, widely spaced elements, so it’s a less than slimming print! Because it’s in a draped garment it’s easier to wear than if it was in something flatter.

Now that you know what you’re looking for when selecting prints and patterns, you’ll have a much better hit to miss ratio!

More Tips on Choosing Slimming Prints

3 Essential Elements to Choosing Flattering Prints and Patterns

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Fancy adding a bit of sunshine yellow in your wardrobe but aren’t too sure if it will make you look bigger? Well it’s time to make your friends green with envy with these bright, colourful clothes that will slim your figure rather than making you look bigger.

When in doubt, black, navy and muted tones will always make problem areas look slimmer – but let’s face it that can get a bit boring. One of Fashion team’s top tips on how to look slimmer in bright colours is to actually add a colour pop to the slimest part of your body.

Pear shaped ladies can try teaming a tangy orange top over a dark skirt or jeans in order to draw attention to their upper half. Or busty ladies can try wearing colourful jeans in order to detract from your problem area.

But this isn’t the only way you can slim your shape with colour. Picking the right shape for you is also key. When shopping for bright colours be sure to look out for: A wrap top is a great option for any figure as they will help trim a big tum but also flatter a big bust.
Wardrobe staples like tapered trousers are great for a colourful wardrobe. Or even tailored jackets that nip you in at the waist.

And when all else fails, you can always add a colour pop to your outfit with a pair of bright shoes and a bold bag!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to get colourful with our top picks for looking slimmer in colour….

A great workout routine and nutrition plan is essential for feeling good—and it helps you look better in your clothes. But maybe you haven’t quite gotten to your dream body yet, or you just wish you looked a little leaner in that slim-fit suit. Good news: There are few simple style tricks that can help you nail down the most flattering look possible. Here’s what you can do.

Hide Big Problems with Small Patterns

Plain fabrics in solid colors create a monolithic you—better for intimidating a quarterback than impressing a date. Likewise, big, loud prints just make you look big and loud. But knits with small, textured patterns and dress shirts with fine, subtle designs draw the eye in, focusing it away from the larger problem.

Punt the Pleats

Pleated pants only add more material to your waist, which makes it look as if you’re smuggling a football under your belt. Flat-front pants show off a thin waist or help disguise a heftier one.

Strip Down with Pinstripes

Most suits are naturally slimming, because the monochromatic color and texture create an unbroken vertical line from neck to toe. But pinstripes do the job even more efficiently: That’s why Giambi looks leaner in his Yankee uni than he did as an Oaklander. The chalk lines on a pinstriped suit will guide her eyes up and down the length of your body, rather than across its Great Plains. A sharp crease accomplishes the same feat. But watch out for suits with large patterns: Windowpane suits and glen plaids are fattening.

Untuck and Cover

Any shirt that can be worn untucked helps hide heft. Two important caveats: First, any shirt that’s left untucked must be flat-bottomed. And second, avoid any upper-body gear (sweaters, windbreakers) with elastic bottoms: They cause the material to bunch up at your waist, making even a thin man look like a heavy one.

Bring That Button Lower

If you have a barrel belly, high-button jackets can sometimes show off its contour. Heavier men should choose one- or two-button jackets, which reveal a deeper triangle of shirt above the top button, calling attention away from your stomach. By the same token, don’t wear double-breasted suits. They minimize that triangle you’re trying to show off, and the extra buttons draw her eyeballs to your midsection.

Don’t Fear Fitted

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that baggy clothes will hide any flaws—often, they accentuate them. And don’t make the even worse mistake of thinking that the pants you bought three years ago when you were a 34 waist still work now that you’re a 36. If you can’t fit a thumb comfortably under your waistband without inhaling, or if you have to cinch the pants tight to keep them up, it’s time to go shopping. Same thing with tops: When your clothes are form-fitting, your form looks more fitting.

Turn Down the Contrast

Whenever possible, minimize the color contrast between the upper half of your body and the lower. A dark shirt worn with khaki pants cuts you in half at the waist (making you look shorter and wider). The same shirt with dark gray slacks de-emphasizes your waistline a little and boosts your altitude a bit. Same with belts: A black belt over light pants says, “Look, right here, it’s my waistline!” So expand your cinch collection—add several different shades of brown, maybe a gray, too. Toss out any belt buckle large enough to double as a dog bowl.

Say Goodbye to Your Old Crew

Relegate crewnecks to the closet; they round out your face, giving you that Charlie Brown look. The point of a V-neck makes you appear taller and leaner, and helps reduce any creeping jowl formation. For dress shirts, stay away from spread collars and look for point collars, which again help minimize any roundness in your face.

Are you craving to lose your extra pounds of flesh and look thinner? Well, there are some very easy ways to look thin apart from dieting. Make smart wardrobe alterations and modify the taste of colours in order to look slimmer.

Some colours make you look thinner. Go for a colour analysis and find out which hues suit you the most and make you look slimmer. Hit the streets with confidence as you can impress any one with your new pick of slimming colours in your wardrobe.

Each person can have their own range of slimming colours that suits them. But here are some colours that can generally make everyone look skinny.

Black- It is a belief that black makes you look thin. Have certain outfits in black as they have an amazing quality to make you look thinner instantly. You will find that most ladies prefer wearing black in parties. This is so because they simply love to flaunt their thin shapes.

But the choice of black dress you make depends entirely on the kind of figure you have. If you are too fat, then go for some black single piece dresses. And if you are not that fat and still kindle a desire to look even thinner then you might easily go for skirts, jeans or trousers.

But don’t go full black during day time as it will just make you look dull. Team up your black dress with any other bright coloured accessories, shoes or bags as it will make you look trendy apart from making you look thin.

Other Dark Monochromatic Colours- All dark colours in general can make you look skinny. They not only make you look thinner but taller also. You do not have to be a lady from the fashion industry to take an immediate advantage of this trick. Just experiment with shades like navy blue, chocolate brown, dark green etc. and find out what suits you the most.

Bright Shades- Bright shades like pink, red, yellow and green can make you look thin. But there is no need to get in all red or all pink for this purpose. You can easily team up your skirt or jeans with a single bright jacket or top. Single piece bright coloured dresses can make you look all the more sensuous.

Dark And Bright Shades Together- There is absolutely no need to stick to monochromatic tones all the time. Even a combination of both dark and bright colours can make you look slimmer. If you are wearing a dark bottom go for a bright coloured top or vice versa. A bright yellow, pink or red coloured jacket can add tons to your look and make you look thinner instantly.

Experiment with these shades and surprise everyone by looking thinner.

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Leah Feldon: ‘Does This Make Me Look Fat?!’

Leah says there are a few basics that can enhance the appearance of just about everyone. 1) Most important: The more you stick to one color, the less you break up the body. Monochromatic dressing is the favorite trick of virtually every fashion editor, designer, and stylist she knows. Why? Because it makes everybody look slimmer and taller instantly. Plus, it’s always elegant, and it’s an extremely easy way to dress. You have to wonder why more women outside the fashion industry don’t take advantage of it. Technically, dressing this way is wearing one color – any color- from head to toe (although you can fudge a bit), and it works for two main reasons. Number one, color is the first thing most people notice about an outfit. Even someone who is clueless about fashion and rarely notices what anybody is wearing will notice color. And number two, dressing in one color produces a strong unbroken line that elongates the body. Put these two facts together and you’ve got a very powerful fashion tool. Use texture to add interest to monchromes: While talking color, we’re in no way limiting texture. You can incorporate as many different textures into an outfit as you like – within reason, of course. You’d be surprised at the extra pizzazz and sophistication you can get. Even if all colors were identical, the variation in textures – ribbing, knits, tweeds, etc – would give the outfit a rich, interesting dimension and relief from sameness.

Other basics: 2) Stay away from anything too shiny because it reflects light and makes you look bigger. That’s one reason why a white SUV looks bigger than a black SUV, Leah says. You can have a little shine, but not too much. Darker or muted colors are more slimming. On days when you want to look slimmer, wear darker.

3) Avoid really big prints. The bigger the print, the bigger you look. 4) Look for a style that creates a vertical as opposed to a horizontal outline for your body. For example, a V-neck on a sweater elongates your neck. 5) Never wear anything too tight or too big. Too tight, you look like a sausage. Too big, you look like you are hiding. Clothes should skim, not cling. Garments that skim and contour your body give you a nice slim look. “Garments that cling to you make you look fatter,” Leah says. “I can’t stress this one enough. Tight clothing can make even a model sprout budges.”

Skirts are most slimming when they fall close to the body, and are longer than they are wide. This makes for maximum elongation. You’re in dangerous territory when a skirt is so short that it looks more square than rectangular. Although A-lines can help conceal bulges, they are style risks since they can come across as dull and matronly. Consider trumpet skirts instead. Floor-length skirts will make you look shorter. They tend to anchor you to the ground like a fire hydrant. The length is less risky in lightweight fluid fabrics, but as a rule, ankle length is as long as anyone should ever go – except with evening gowns. The wider the pant leg, the softer and more fluid the fabric should be – and the longer the length. No wide stiff palazzos. Narrow pants can be worn shorter. Most slacks are most slenderizing when they are straight and long.

In general, keep detailing small. No huge buttons, collars, pockets, flower pins, etc. Keep items in proportion – a larger person can wear larger accessories, etc, than a smaller person. Keep things simple. Don’t do a lot of ruffles, appliques, etc. The simpler the better; a cleaner line makes you look slimmer.

For the most part men don’t have to deal with accessories like women do because they don’t wear them. But in general, the Lighter or Darker rule apply to men. Too big or too small is a no-no. Men’s clothing is simpler so they don’t have the array of choices as women do. Do watch out for the big belt buckle over an ample belly.


If you’re like most women, you wear black because you’ve been told it makes you look slimmer. But you could be aging yourself by wearing this color!

Black was originally worn only during times of mourning since it represents death and loss in most Western cultures.

It was then made popular in the 1920s by the fashion designer Coco Chanel when she introduced the little black dress—a fashion statement that was versatile, affordable, and accessible to the widest market possible.

Why black? It was believed to be a neutral color.

Well, if Coco Chanel knew how successful she would be in convincing women this was true, she would be amazed.

Since the little black dress hit the market, a lot of myths have sprung up in the fashion world about wearing the color black:

It makes you look thinner.
Everyone looks good in it.
It frames your silhouette.
It goes with everything.

Let’s take each of those myths about the color black and what it could be doing to your appearance:

It makes you look thinner. Not at all. It actually makes you look bigger since the color black is so still.

Everyone looks good in it. It actually ages most women! Putting on a stark, still, black shirt will considerably amplify your facial lines, redness, and skin texture.

It frames your silhouette. Black is such a dark color that many women feel “safe” wearing it. But hiding your figure behind black can have the reverse effect on your personal energy and confidence.

It goes with everything. Despite what we’ve been told, black is not a neutral color! When wearing black, it often takes over and prevents a harmonized, balanced look.

Interestingly, there is only one Type of woman that looks stunning in black. Carol is a great example of this.

Carol is a bold, Type 4 woman. She has porcelain skin and sculpted, symmetrical features. She has a very erect posture that comes to her naturally. Due to the stillness of Carol’s movement, she can pull off the color black because it’s a still color itself. Plus, she looks amazing while doing so.

But this is not true for most women!

Nathalie, a bright & animated Type 1 woman, shows this to be true.

In her Before image, the black makes Nathalie look tired—and it ages her skin and facial features. Black is a still color, and her natural movement is high and bouncy. Black doesn’t work with her energy! Now look at her After image. Those bright tints and animated shapes lighten her up and bring our her natural youth. She looks fresh, happy, and vibrant.

Telling the truth about the color black and what it does to your appearance can be startling due to the numerous articles of black clothing you own.

If black doesn’t look best on you, what are you supposed to do next?

Giving up your black clothes leaves a lot of women in turmoil. “I won’t know what to wear if I can’t wear my black!”

Thousands of women around the world have given up their black clothes because they have discovered they are a Type of woman who doesn’t look good (or feel good) while wearing it!

The world is filled with beautiful colors, just waiting to be experienced by you. Once you bring color alive in your wardrobe, you’ll be saying, “I can’t believe I used to love the color black! I don’t miss it at all.”

Take this free Dressing Your Truth Before & After course to discover which Type of woman you are.

Enjoy these resources as you discover your Type of beauty:

  • Does Dressing Your Truth Really Work? Carol Puts It to the Test!
  • Why “Everyone Looks Good in Black” is Just Not True
  • Shelli’s Amazing and Life-Changing #LiveMakeover

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