Why do women wear thongs?

Most women rely on thong underwear to prevent panty lines and avoid the awkward scrunching that occurs with full-fledged briefs. But that doesn’t make your much loved thongs 100-percent healthy to wear at all times, according to Jill Rabin, M.D., professor of obstetrics and gynecology at Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine in New Hyde Park, New York.

That’s because the piece of fabric that constitutes a crotch tends to be very narrow, Dr. Rabin explains. When you move around throughout the day, that fabric can easily shift between your rectum and vagina — bad news if that fabric is carrying rectal bacteria or viruses, which could infect your vagina or your bladder. The risks only rise with ill-fitting underwear. When it’s too big or too small or particularly skimpy the fabric is even more likely to shift around.

Consider slipping on fuller briefs when you have any of these additional infection risk factors:

1. You’re striking against cotton underwear. Artificial fabrics like nylon trap moisture. Cotton lets air circulate around the vagina, which helps your skin breathe and maintains the healthy acidity that fends off vaginal infections. If you must wear silky-feeling fabrics, go for bikinis to avoid icky, uncomfortable outcomes.

2. You’re planning to wear your workout clothes all day. Tight clothing like spandex leggings can interfere with air circulation. But damp, tight clothing is an even worse offense: It can foster bacterial growth that disrupts your vagina’s healthy balance. Bring a fresh pair of underwear (and pants if you’re prone to swamp ass) to keep things fresh after exercise.

3. You’re wearing a short skirt. If your skirt hikes up when you sit down on, say, a subway seat, you’re better off in a bikini brief. Go bare-assed in a public place, and you could sweep up bacteria and viruses that rival those in a porta-potty.

4. You’re prone to yeast or bacterial vaginal infections. If you’re in an exclusive relationship with your thong collection and you’ve never had a problem, your immune system might be especially stellar. But if you do get yeast infections or UTIs, your thongs may be to blame, and you might want to swap them out for bikinis.

5. You’re pregnant and prone to infection. Pregnancy compromises the immune system a smidge, which can increase your risk of vaginal infections and ultimately pose risks for your baby. Besides, when you’re walking around with 30-plus extra pounds, do you really need a yeast infection to boot? Don’t risk it by wearing thongs.

6. You’re skipping your daily shower. Daily washing with gentle soap can help reduce skin and vaginal infections. If you don’t hose down at least once a day, you’ll raise your infection risks.

7. You’re changing your tampons next to never. While it’s unlikely that your thong could make your tampon string rub up against your rectum, then drag it forward to infect your vagina, it’s not an impossible scenario. It could happen if you change your tampon less frequently than you change your undies (which gives the string more time to sweep up bacteria). To avoid infection, use the lightest tampon for your flow and change it when it feels no more than two-thirds full — regardless of your underwear, Dr. Rabin says.

8. You’re stuck wearing sanitary pads. Pads (including the genius ones designed for thong underwear) can increase the bacteria count in your vagina — particularly if you change it infrequently, Dr. Rabin says. Any change in your bacteria count could be bad news for your vagina and bladder.

9. You’re douching or use personal deodorants. Dr. Rabin recommends against using these products wholeheartedly because they can mess with the natural acidity and balance of bacteria in the vagina, which for the record, can clean itself. If you still swear by a product that makes you feel squeaky clean, know that it can compromise your immunity. To minimize risk of infection, go for fuller-cut undies for extra protection from environmental hazards.

10. You’re leaking. Two out of every five women under 60 deal with bladder leaks whether it’s from sports or from holding urine in too long, according to Dr. Rabin, who’s also the co-author of Mind Over Bladder. When even a few drops of acidic urine hangs out in the crotch of tight-fitting thongs, it could irritate sensitive skin and cause a rash that brings you back to diaper days. (Eek.) Talk to your doctor if you deal with leakage on the regular.

11. You’re not using condoms (and you have multiple partners). This risky move sets you up for infection on its own. Thong underwear could cause additional irritation, increasing your susceptibility to contracting an STI.

12. You’re sick. That means your immune system is already compromised (and quite busy stopping your running nose or fever). This could increase your risk of infection from other germs creeping around the crotch area, which will only make you feel worse.

13. You’re going swimsuit shopping. You definitely want to go with full-fledged bikini briefs in this case, Dr. Rabin says. This way, you’ll protect yourself from germs left by the last eight women who tried on, then discarded the bikini bottoms in your try-on pile.

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I Wore a Pearl Thong for a Whole Day

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Elizabeth Narins Senior fitness and health editor Elizabeth Narins is a Brooklyn, NY-based writer and a former senior editor at Cosmopolitan.com, where she wrote about fitness, health, and more.

Erica Russo, the fashion director for accessories, cosmetics and intimate apparel at Bloomingdale’s, said that indeed there has been a “shift in the business.” She noted that the trend is in line with the higher-waist and roomier pants styles that have dominated fashion this season. Perhaps motivated by the same kind of contrarianism that helped elevate Birkenstocks and fanny packs, young women are embracing “granny panties” — and not just for laundry day.

“I only wear granny panties,” Julia Baylis, a willowy 22-year-old, declared proudly. Ms. Baylis and her best friend, Mayan Toledano, 27, design the boutique clothing label Me and You. Their best seller is a pair of white cotton underpants with the word “feminist” printed in pink bubble letters across the rear. Since the line’s introduction on April 7, the panties have sold out.

Besides sales, the “feminist underwear” has inspired countless Instagram “belfies” (that’s a selfie for the behind) from Me and You customers eager to show off their feminist convictions as well as their pert posteriors.

Ms. Baylis and Ms. Toledano are part of an all-female creative collective founded by Petra Collins called the Ardorous that explores feminist topics from a millennial point of view through collaborative and solo art projects. For the generation that counts both Beyoncé and Lena Dunham as feminist icons, female sexuality is wielded for one’s own pleasure.

Women wear G-strings and its sexy but if a man should wear the same underwear, some , if not most women, think its just bizarre. Some women assume that these men are homosexuals for wearing what they consider as “female underwear”.

However, some men think people should be allowed to wear whatever undies they choose to wear and not be judged for trying to be free.

Ever seen a man rocking a lacy thong? It could be the most disgusting thing as well as the most interesting event of the entire day. Most women feel female undies should be left for females to wear likewise men’s. So why would a man wear a thong in the first place?

A friend of mine once recounted the day she discovered her younger brother had been sharing her G-strings for months. She said she was pissed, shocked and angry. According to her, millions of thoughts ran into her head… is my brother gay?

Just like most of you girls, I was short of words but that left me with the question, do men who wear G-strings worry they could be called names labelled as homosexuals (even if they may not be?)

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So I asked some of my male colleagues if men should wear thongs. According to them, its biologically not healthy for a man to rock G-strings. From what they said, it’s not good for the balls and could affect a man’s potential to produce children. Instead, they recommend boxers or briefs in order for the genitals to be free and be properly ventilated.

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Some of the guys even encourage other men to learn to sleep naked. Besides being like a relief, it frees the testicles which makes sleeping more comfortable (maybe not so much in extreme cold or a mosquito-infested area)

As for most women, its simply just weird or bizarre and inappropriate for men to wear G-strings beneath their jeans or regular pants. They advise that men who do so should please stop and let undies which belongs to females stay with females.

What are the benefits of wearing a thong?

A thong is a garment worn as an underwear or as a swimsuit in some countries. The narrow piece of panty can be worn under skinny white jeans or any other tight bottom to avoid showing off the panty lines. If looking to buy the right thong, you must choose the right fabric and right style perfect for the occasion.

Let us see how thong inner wear can benefit you.

  • Get rid of panty lines – If planning to wear a jeans or full skirted dresses, wear a thong to avoid panty lines.
  • Too comfy – If the thong style fits your butt well, you will remain comfortable in your outfit. If you feel uncomfortable in the thong, go for a bigger size.
  • Avoid chafing – When you sweat a lot during summer the inner wear may trouble you due to sweating. Wear cotton thongs to avoid such issues.
  • They remain seamless- If you sit for a longer time, the seams of your underwear can create uneasiness around butt area. So wear thong and remain comfortable throughout the day.

People think thong is very sexy but they are functional so be fast and buy few pieces of thong online from reliable website like shyaway.com

What are the Benefits of Wearing Men’s Thongs?

You all must have heard about thongs and specifically female ones but men’s thong underwear is somewhat a taboo in some places whereas; the others have accepted it with open arms. Thong is one of the most revealing style of men’s underwear known to mankind and is gaining momentum rapidly all over the world. Sexy apparel is popular for its tiny construction, lot of exposure, breathability and ample amount of comfort. With all the basic information being provided to you about thongs; let us look at the advantages of being in men’s thong.


  • Comfortable:

    Men might find these pairs to be more comfortable than the rest as there’s less fabric, they’re lightweight and breathable than other styles like men’s boxer briefs, men’s bikinis etc.

  • Confidence:

    When you’re wearing these men’s sexy underwear, you have secret to hide that makes you feel more confident and desirable. Since there is less fabric under the pants and you know there’ll be nothing that’ll pay a visit from the pants; you’ll be all happy and confident.

  • Enhancement:

    With just the required amount of fabric on the front and rear for the show, exotic underwear enhances the suppleness of your buttocks. It makes them look fuller and round.

  • Sensuality:

    Men love thongs as much as women and when the idea is to set the mood for the evening; there cannot be a better option that being these skimpy underwear.

  • Prevent underwear lines:

    No coverage, no fabric leads to no nasty underwear lines that keep coming up from your tight pants or lowers.

  • Raise your sex appeal:

    If you’re a guy who wants to feel sexy with what you already have or want to have a great time of intimacy, it is highly recommended that you get yourself men’s thong .

  • Feeling of freedom:

    The construction of the entire piece has just a narrow fabric on the front that holds the boy together and keeps it minimal over all.

With all the advantages being talked about; we must see the other side of the thongs as well.


  • Infection:

    They are more prone to transport bacterial and fungal infection than any other men’s designer underwear style.

  • Irritation:

    Guys with sensitive might face a problem with thongs as the tiny apparel rides up the butts and cause irritation. However, the right fabric would minimize the irritation and you will easily adapt the comfort of a thong.

Whether you love them or hate them, thongs are here to stay and the regular thong wearers have a lot to say in praise of the style and its comfort. There are various brands such as Agacio, Good Devil, Daniel Alexander, Cover Male, Intymen, Miami Jock and so many more. Check out the wide range to get thong underwear collection in trendy looks. More Stories:

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Thong Underwear – Benefits you must Know

I feel amazing when I feel mens thongs below the belt!! Do you? There was this time when mens thongs were considered to be really feminine but then men started to accept the mens underwear style quite well. However, even now there are situations that you should beware of when it comes to mens thongs and know things about the respective sexy underwear style. Not only are thong underwear for men now easy to come by, but they are also probably the sexiest men’s underwear style available in a wide variety. Available in numerous cuts, designs, shapes and sizes, the respective sexy underwear for men style is in demand. However, there are men who avoid wearing mens thongs for some or the other reasons. Many of them think that they’re not comfortable while others believe it to be nasty or weird. Don’t think so? I really feel that that there are some problems that are common while there are those which aren’t. Hence, you should have patience while deciding whether mens thongs are beneficial for you or not. We have laid down the top 5 benefits that every man must know regarding mens thongs underwear. Thongs for men are eye-candy for others When you see a woman wearing sexy lingerie, how do you feel? Well, if you connected to what I said instantly, that’s exactly how you make others feel when you slip into the sexy thong underwear for men. When you plan to wear them to your romantic night, you must be confident enough to drop your pants because what your partner would see is beyond any imagination.

Mens thongs are an ideal style for foreplay

If you have been looking for something to spice up your bedroom life and have an exciting foreplay before you get down and dirty, mens thongs make the right pair for the situation. Whether you choose something that features an open pouch or cut-outs that tease or tempt the senses, what matters is that you find the naughtiness down there.

Feels exciting to have a secret

Did you know that women wear thongs on a daily basis? Well, not all women but yes, some do! They don’t let is come out because it is always better to carry a secret with them rather spilling the beans everywhere. Likewise, you must also do it to have a happy mood at work as well as confidence keeping the secret hidden by wearing male thongs under that dapper suit.

Mens thongs are perfect for tan

Well, if you have been looking for an exotic underwear style that provides you a perfect sun-kissed glow, mens thongs or men’s g-string underwear are the right styles. With just a pouch in the front and strings in the back, you’re sure to get what you’ve desired in terms of the polished look below the belt.

No underwear lines

Last but definitely not the least important is the functional use. No underwear lines are the biggest benefit the wearer gets when he dons a pair of tight trouser with thong underwear for man under on the inside. With no fabric, nothing seems to protrude in the back whereas; the pouch makes sure that the manhood’s bulge is visible. We are sure that you would have something or the other share about the fashion underwear style with the other readers. Have you any other benefit for mens thongs?If you have experiences or suggestions that can be helpful, do post them in the section below.

The 5 Eternal Rules of Thong Ownership

The thong, which was originally invented for nude dancers at the World’s Fair in 1939, is one of the most popular choices of underwear in women. It might have never been born if it wasn’t for New York’s mayor at the time who ordered the dancers to “cover themselves.” The thong did the job – using nothing but a minimum of fabric.

Since then, the thong has taken the world by storm. It first emerged as a bikini on the beaches of Brazil in the 70s and has since made its way into wardrobes all over the world. But not only women love thongs – an increasing number of men have also developed a taste for the breezy undergarment.

There are some ground rules that apply to anyone owning and wearing thongs – no matter the gender. Let’s dig into what you need from a thong and how to make best use of it!

Rule 1: Not all thongs were created equal

As with any type of clothing, fit and quality need to be on par for you to enjoy your thong to the fullest. Some things to look for include breathable fabric, perfect fit, correct size, and quality construction.

Spotting a high-quality thong isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Check for the seams and other details and you’ll quickly notice which items have been crafted lovingly. Generally, of course, you get what you pay for. Avoiding the cheapest options helps, and going with brands you trust will minimize your risk of spending money on a thong that chafes or falls apart after a few washes.

There are different styles and fits of thongs, including the popular G-string which sports a thinner back part. Thong styles range from sporty to elegant and from simple to provocative. What they all have in common is one thing: They make a statement! (Check out some of Tommy John’s incredible thong options here.)

Rule 2: Know when to wear them (and when not to)

First of all, you should wear whatever makes you feel wonderful. We’re not here to give you a dress code! However, there are a couple of aspects to keep in mind when you put together your outfit for the day.

Thong bikinis and the law

What started in Brazil soon became fashionable in other parts of the world, including the US. The thong bikini is a sexy trend for sure, but Liana Satenstein, Vogue Senior Fashion News Writer has some concerns. She states that:

“I wouldn’t wear a thong to the beach unless I felt like getting arrested that day.” (Vogue, 2017)

What might sound dramatic could become a reality in some areas in the US, as some beaches have made it illegal to expose one’s buttocks. Similarly, you might not want to sport your thong bikini at any old pool party. When in doubt, a cheeky bikini is the safer choice.

Comfort and movement in a thong

When moving around a lot – like at the gym or when going for a run – many people prefer styles of underwear with more coverage. Thongs might move into uncomfortable places and distract you during your workout. Worst case, they may even irritate your sensitive skin and cause itching and even infections. To avoid these issues, be sure to use underwear designed for exercise. Of course, you should ultimately do whatever makes you feel your best!

Rule 3: Be sure thongs make you happy

According to a survey conducted by the Huffington Post and AskMen.com in 2015, straight men love thongs. They prefer their lovers to wear thongs over any other style of underwear, including going commando!

But ultimately, what counts is that you feel comfortable in your skin. If you feel sexy and comfy in a thong – go for it! But other styles like cheeky briefs and the bikini cut are worthy of your consideration as well. Ideally, you will periodically switch up your underwear anyways (see our next point).

Beyond men’s taste in lingerie, one fantastic reason for choosing thongs is avoiding VPLs (visible panty lines). When wearing tight pants or light fabrics, thongs are really the only option if you don’t want your underwear to show through. One thing to keep in mind is that too-small thongs might still cut into your flesh in unflattering ways. Make sure you get a well-made thong with a perfect fit.

Rule 4: Keep it healthy!

First of all, you need to change your thongs daily to keep yourself clean and hygienic. Overwearing a thong might even allow bacteria to travel up the (moist) fabric quite easily, thus heightening the likelihood for vaginal infections and irritations. Therefore, consider giving your body some rest whenever you feel the first signs of skin irritation. Rotating between thongs and panties gives your sensitive skin the opportunity to recover and prevent any type of discomfort.

Especially when you’re sick (food poisoning, diarrhea, etc.), thongs really aren’t what you want. Break out the comfy from and give yourself time to recover!

Rule 5: Last but not least, forget fashion trends

Thongs have gone in and out of fashion multiple times since they initially became popular. Cosmopolitan reported in 2010 that they totally went from “hot to not”, and Vogue told its readers in 2018 that thongs were definitely hot again. The G-string in particular has led to some controversy – is it sexy or trashy?

We think that following fashion trends when it comes to the thong question is futile. That’s why our most rule of thong ownership is this: Enjoy your beautiful self and wear what you like, no matter the current fashion!

The Pros & Cons of Wearing Thongs

Thongs. No, I’m not talking about flip flops. I’m talking about the kind of underwear that Sisqo sang about in “Thong Song”. (Woooow throwback, right there.) I’m talking about the kind of underwear with no back except for a small piece of material that nestles itself inside your bum cheeks. I’m talking about the style of underwear that has women divided between “I love them” and “I hate them”. That kind of thong.

When I asked for opinions on the pros and cons of thongs, the reactions I got ranged from pure hatred to high praise. There were surely a few in there that also tolerated thongs for their practicality underneath clothing, but lamented the “need” to wear them for this purpose because of their displeasure with the way they feel. This is not unlike bras. In my many years as a bra fitter, I’ve encountered countless women who find bras uncomfortable and only wear them because they feel they have no other choice. Yikes. What a way to live, right? Not so hurray.

It’s been my pleasure to help women find bras that fit well AND feel great, and serve both their purpose as an undergarment (helping their clothes look good, or supporting a certain style or intended look), and as an element of self care (helping her feel comfortable and confident so she can stand tall and lead with her heart.) And I can do the same with underwear. Trust me, it’s possible!

That being said, a thong is just one type of underwear. So just like one type of bra (or no bra at all) isn’t the answer for every woman, the same goes for undies. My hope is that you’ll find the kind of underwear that makes YOU say hurray. When you put it on, you’ll feel a pep in your step. You’ll feel sexy. You’ll feel comfortable and at peace. You’ll feel confident and ready to conquer the world. You’ll feel exactly as you’d like to feel that day. That’s how I want you to feel in your underwear. I don’t want you putting up with something because you have to, or (God forbid) wearing something uncomfortable or unhealthy.

So, our first stop on this underwear exploration train: Thongs. There are pros and cons and I encourage you to consider them all. If you’ve been vehemently for or against the thong, I highly suggest you take all sides into account. Take a deep breath. Be open. Let’s dive in.

What Hurray Kimmay readers have to say

The comfortable well fitting thongs are my favorite panties. I prefer lace or mesh (soft and breathable). I much prefer thongs to other underwear because my ass cheeks like to be free. That said, I prefer going commando.

– Lauren H.

I personally love them because I wear a lot of leggings – especially working out. I wear Aerie seamless and they are quite comfortable! During pregnancy I always wore thongs for working out and whenever I was wearing leggings, but I did find that I preferred larger boy-briefs for the rest of the day because they were cozy and felt more freeing.

– Gena S.

I have yet to encounter a thong that is more enjoyable to wear or more “protective” than not wearing one at all.

– Anne R.

I have been 100% in thongs since I was in middle school (even during my monthly visitor). I am (and always have been) a plus size , curvy, overweight woman. I have never enjoyed the sheer amount of fabric required to cover my backside and I’ve never found it comfortable. I also like the way thongs make me feel. … normal. I don’t feel like I have to wear oversized granny panties because my size dictates it. I don’t have to roll my underwear down to sit nicely in my jeans (I am beyond thrilled that low rise is no longer the only fashion choice), and I love the way they frame my butt.

– Britney S.

Not a fan. They hurt my tailbone. The waistband rolls. I can feel it the whole time. It makes its way into parts unknown. Hate ’em.

– Moira N.

I’ve been wearing thongs since I was old enough to buy them and hide them from my mom. Seeing Britney {Spears} wear a thong outside her pants in the “Slave” video made me want to own a pair so bad. I wasn’t allowed to wear any thongs growing up – strictly my “days of the week bikini cut” only. The super thin stringy g-string types are NOT for me and I learned that the hard way (so uncomfortable). Besides that, regular thongs are the most comfortable underwear to me, and I love knowing I don’t have a panty line showing.

– Hannah S.

I wear thongs every day and have for my entire adult life. I love them because they stay put and can be worn with anything. No panty lines, no bunching (I’m pretty active so this is key) – it’s great! It’s interesting because I can’t imagine walking around during the day with regular underwear on (just seems uncomfortable and yuck), but then again every night I change into full coverage underwear for sleeping. I honestly couldn’t imagine doing it any other way!

– Kristen G.

Nope. I always get chaffed by my clothes when I’m in them!!!

– Elizabeth C.

Thongs are a great option that I wear for specific outfits and days. When I’m not on my cycle and it’s a warmer day, a thong is the perfect undergarment for a tight jean or yoga pant.

– Angie H.

Love them! Pros: feels like I’m wearing nothing, no lines, small and much easier to pack (important to me because I travel a lot), shows off the booty… I could go on! I see no cons in my world other than the fight my mom and I got into when I discovered them in High School!

– Elizabeth G.

When I was younger I loved thongs. I think I felt older wearing them. More womanly. My mom wore them. All the women I wanted to be on tv wore them. It was just like the time I tried to enjoy wine. Wine isn’t my thing either. Haha. Now it’s rare to catch me in a thong. If you do I’m either doing a photoshoot, wearing them for someone special, or its been laundry day for a week and I’m ignored the growing pile of clothing on the floor.

– Jaxy W, 30 years old

The Pros (Hurrays) & Cons (What-theHays) of Wearing a Thong

Pros & Hurrays

No visible panty line. This is by far the most common reason the women I’ve helped prefer to wear thongs. Because there is no back, it’s a seam (and fabric) free undergarment. If you’re looking for the best seamless underwear options for underneath tight pants, leggings, or clingy dresses, read my What to Wear Underneath Leggings and Tight Pants post. Thongs are just one option!

It seems thongs are a popular choice for under yoga pants and while working out – mostly to avoid VPL. But some women also like the way they stay in place or make moving easier. Again, both sides felt pretty strongly about this one. Check out my article on Exercise Underwear Problems Solved.

Feeling sexy. Thongs have a sexy reputation. Some people feel that because thongs show more skin, they can feel a bit more racy to wear. One of my friends chooses to wear thongs because it makes her partner happy, since he thinks they’re sexy. Another woman I know loves the little bit of protection they give, and that she can feel the breeze, her jeans, or a silky material from her skirt against her bum. It’s just one way to Own Your Sexy.

Note: This can be a tricky topic when it comes to wearing them as a young woman. As Elizabeth G. mentioned above, it’s common to think of this style as “sexy” and inappropriate for girls. This is up to each mom and daughter. And I invite you to explore how you feel about this and share with us here.

They can be a way to love your bum. Wearing thongs is one way to explore Learning to Love Your Bum. They aren’t covering much up – it’s all out there! Which can help you take steps toward getting to know (and liking) your own derrière.

Comfort. While it’s common to associate thongs with discomfort, it’s also true that many under-wearers love to wear thongs for comfort! Some women find underwear with a back tend to ride up, move around, or basically turn into a thong anyhow while they walk or move around during their daily activities. And it’s not just certain women with certain body shapes.

I have found that women of all shapes, ages, and dress sizes vary in their love or hate for the thong. Some women with very large bums and hips hate thongs, while others love them. Some women with narrow hips swear by thongs, while others wish they’ve never been invented. The truth is, it’s up to you! Wear what makes you (and your bum) say hurray.

Cons & What the Heys

Uncomfortable. This is the biggest “what the hay” that I hear about thongs. Granted, many under-wearers actually think the opposite. But discomfort wearing thong underwear is very common. If they’re not your thing, no worries. But if you want to give them another try, I suggest trying one of the brands in my 5 Most Comfortable Thongs article. These are the thongs that I suggest to women who “hate” thong underwear. And some of those ladies are now total converts!

Most often the discomfort is from the back going “up and into” the bum crack. I’m just not sure of a more elegant way to say that. People also say “it feels like an all day wedgie”, or “I hate butt floss”. Keep in mind that thongs have plenty of different backs. The g-string style, for example, is very thin. While the back of a tanga is more like a v-shape and has more material. This usually allows the back material to go in the cheeks, but not way up there.

There are several other styles to consider. Depending on your preference, one may feel better than another. I personally like the soft lace and wider back of a thong like the classic Hanky Panky low rise thong (which is totally on my list of most comfy above).

Health concerns. This comes up a lot. And for good reason! The area covered by your undies is delicate and very important. So, please, take care and wear what feels best for you! I must say, I am NOT a medical professional. So for the real deal, please talk to a doctor. I was, however, invited to chat about thongs (including health concerns) on HuffPost LIVE, along with a very knowledgeable doctor. Watch the video clip for more thong pros and cons, and for her official word on the matter. (In summary, if you already have health issues down there, like a UTI, infection, or fissure, avoid wearing thongs. If you are otherwise healthy and they are comfortable for you, it’s a-ok to wear them.) If you’re concerned about wearing thongs during your menstrual cycle, there are Period Panties made specifically for this – even in thong style!

TMI WARNING! Personally, I wore thongs very often, but I wasn’t taking care of my gut health. That lead to diarrhea. Often. Which lead to a super uncomfortable anal fissure. Ew. I know, but they do happen. I ignored it for awhile and kept wearing thongs, and in an attempt to be super clean I over-washed my bum with drying soaps. Which made things worse. So I had to let it heal, and took a break from drying soaps, thongs, and upsetting foods.

Now I’m back on the thong bandwagon and love to switch between several panty styles! If you want added piece of mind, try a thong made of anti-microbial material like the Miel Luna thong (which also made its way onto my top 5 most comfortable list above).

Digging in. If your purpose for wearing a thong is to eliminate panty lines and bulges under tight clothing, it can be a big bummer if the top of the thong digs in and causes spilling or digging. If your thong is banded with elastic, I suggest going with something seamless and flat like the peach Incognito thong I’m wearing here, or the popular Commando Classic Thong (one of my favorites from the Most Comfortable article). In addition, a wide, soft, stretchable band (like that on the Hanky Panky thongs) won’t roll, dig, or move around. Anything with a testosterone cypionate super thin or string-like top can get twisted or dig into your hips. If that’s an issue for you, avoid those at all costs and stick with something wider, softer, and more seamless.

Your Turn: What do you think the pros and cons are of thongs? Do you like to wear them? What’s your favorite panty style to wear? Would you be willing to try them and see what you think? Let us know – share with us here!

PS: The bra, thongs, and robe in this post are from peach. The Incognito Thong is seamless and totally comfortable. They were on loan for a previous sponsored post as part of the #HurrayVacay series in Puerto Rico. This post, however, is not sponsored. It does contain some Amazon affiliate links (trying them out – hurray!) which could help keep this blog and my business going.

As always, I share my honest opinion, and I never airbrush or photoshop my body or face. (You can see my tan lines, stretch marks, and even marks from other undies here!) That’s my commitment to showing up as me – and showing my body some love. Photos by Becky Yee.

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