Where is derek hough?

If you’ve ever seen Derek Hough dance, you know he’s got some serious skills. But apparently, he has some smooth moves in the love department, too.

The World of Dance judge has been posting (ridiculously cute) Instagrams of his girlfriend Hayley Erbert a lot lately, so people—including his fellow —are dying to know what’s going on between these two.

On Valentine’s Day, Derek posted this simple but meaningful post:

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I love this woman ❤️❤️ #valentines

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Feb 14, 2019 at 8:59am PST

Clearly, their relationship is serious (on top of being seriously adorable). But before you start wondering about any wedding bells, you’re probably wondering who is this Hayley— and how did she dance her way into Derek’s heart?

Here’s what you need to know about Derek Hough’s girlfriend:

They met on Dancing With The Stars.

ICYMI, Derek was a dancer on DWTS for years before joining the WoD fam. That’s where he met Hayley, a troupe dancer with the show. The two even danced to Ed Sheeran’s “Thinking Out Loud” on DWTS Live in 2015.

Hayley also shared a #tbt Instagram post in May 2017 that showed her and Derek onstage, looking all steamy together. “Can’t believe this was 3 years ago,” she wrote. So clearly, they’ve had chemistry for eons.

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Can’t believe this was 3 years ago ❤ #TBT

A post shared by Hayley Erbert (@hayley.erbert) on May 4, 2017 at 4:59pm PDT

It’s hard to say exactly when they started dating.

Despite all those fireworks, the two didn’t actually start dating until 2016, according to Closer Weekly. But others say they started dating as early as 2015 (which, tbh, does make sense with Hayley’s Insta).

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Happy 4th of July 🇺🇸

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Jul 4, 2018 at 6:00pm PDT

Derek and his sister Julianne helped launch Hayley’s career.

Hayley was hired to go on a Move Live tour with Derek and Julianne Hough in 2014. And while she was performing, she caught the eye of a producer for DWTS who recruited her for the reality competition show, Heavy reports.

They love spending the holidays together.

Hayley shared an Instagram of herself and Derek—in matching PJs, no less—celebrating Christmas together in 2018. (Derek’s WoD costar J.Lo and boyfriend A-Rod posted a similar holiday pic, too). In the pic, the two jokingly pose with a cat in front of a fire, and it’s all kinds of adorable.

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Merry Christmas, everyone! 🎄♥️

A post shared by Hayley Erbert (@hayley.erbert) on Dec 25, 2018 at 10:45am PST

Hayley is a huge fan of a certain Canadian singer.

Sorry, Beliebers, but it’s not Justin. Last year, Hayley admitted on Instagram that she’s obsessed with Celine Dion, sharing this hilarious video of herself and Derek rocking out to “It’s All Coming Back to Me.” If that isn’t love…

They support each other’s work.

While Derek left DWTS a few years ago, he’s “still paying close attention” to the show to support Hayley, and Hayley’s also attended some World of Dance tapings to support him, according to ET.

And then Derek recently shared this…

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Just gonna put this right here😍🔥 @hayley.erbert

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Jan 30, 2019 at 5:05pm PST

Nuff said, right?

Hayley takes the lead in the kitchen.

Derek’s Instagram is filled with videos of Hayley cooking (most likely ridiculously nutritious meals to fuel all that dancing). In one particularly sweet vid, he serenaded Hayley with “Shallow” from A Star Is Born while she was busy in the kitchen:

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A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Jan 24, 2019 at 11:08am PST

And then there’s this:

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Zesting that Lime🍈 #pungent

A post shared by Derek Hough (@derekhough) on Nov 15, 2018 at 11:00pm PST

They’re so in love it’s ridiculous.

Derek has repeatedly said on Instagram how much he loves his gf. And when she was in a bus crash on DWTS Live, he Instagrammed a photo of the two of them from his sister’s wedding and wrote, “I’m so thankful my love is safe.”

Hayley’s a Libra.

Born on October 11, Hayley’s a total Libra. And since Derek’s birthday is May 17, that makes him a Taurus. While their zodiac signs aren’t perfectly compatible, Libras and Tauruses are the best match in the bedroom.

Not that it really matters—Derek loves Hayley no matter what. In a sweet birthday Insta, he wrote, “Happy birthday to my love. You fill my heart with so much joy. I love our crazy adventures together or just sitting on the couch with our bodies entangled watching a movie.” Awwww.

People really, really want them to get engaged.

Ryan Seacrest also straight-up asked Derek in July 2018 if he thinks about getting engaged, and Derek had this to say: “Yeah, sometimes. Sometimes. But you know what’s funny? There’s so many people getting engaged and married in my circle , and I’m just letting them enjoy that, so my time will come. We’ll see when it happens.”

Oh, and J.Lo’s apparently been wondering when he’s gonna pop the question, too.

Okay, Derek, imma let you finish, but only if you keep posting more adorable Instagrams of Hayley in the meantime.

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Loving you is my favorite part of every day ♥️ Happy Valentines Day, baby!

A post shared by Hayley Erbert (@hayley.erbert) on Feb 14, 2019 at 10:31am PST

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Derek Hough had to undergo emergency surgery on Saturday, but the dancer and “World of Dance” judge proved via a post-op video that he is fine and recovering and clearly enjoying whatever drug concoction doctors had him on.

The former “Dancing with the Stars” pro showed off some leg rolls and moves while lifting his hospital gown in his Instagram video revealing the surprise attack of appendicitis that upended his weekend. But it’s his bleary expression that really sells the moment. We’re just glad to see that he’s already up and moving (and grooving) so quickly after such a harrowing experience.

“Woke up at 3am with a severe and a sharp pain in my abdomen. Knew something wasn’t right,” he wrote in the caption to his playful video. “This is me immediately after , still a little(a lot) medicated, giving @hayley.erbert a (sexy) little dance.”

We wish he would have recorded the conversation he transcribed into the comments as we would have loved to hear Hayley’s tone as she answered his question, “Is this doing it for you babe?”

“So hot,” she apparently said in return, and we can just hear it now and how not she meant.

On his Instagram Stories, Hough recorded himself pre-surgery detailing how he returned from South korea only to wake up to sharp pain in his abdomen, ultimatley localized on the right side. After looking it up, he and girlfriend Hayley quickly made their way to the hospital where he had surgery, and she had way too much fun with cats (more on that in a sec).

Hopefully Hough is on the mend already as he has to prepare for the big premiere of his new holiday special with sister Julianne. “Holidays with the Houghs” is a classic-style variety show (because those have done so well these past few decades) that hopes to trade on the brother-sister dance duo’s growing popularity in the NBC family.

Both “DWTS” alums, Derek has been a judge on Jennifer Lopez’s “World of Dance” since its inception, while Julianne Hough was one of the fresh face judges on “America’s Got Talent” this past summer. No air date or further details have been announced, but we imagine plenty of guests and a full night of dancing and fun — maybe Derek can convince his boss J.Lo to swing by!

Oh, and we didn’t forget about Hayley and those cats. How could we? While it’s gone now from both of their IG Stories, thanks to the power of the internet we can forever enjoy the boredom and sleep deprivation that must have been behind her creation of this image of Derek laid up in the hospital, but surrounded by lots of furry friends:


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  • World of Dance star Derek Hough performed alongside his sister Julianne Hough in their NBC Christmas special Holiday with the Houghs.
  • Before its premiere, the 34-year-old shared on The Kelly Clarkson Show that he was actually injured while filming the hourlong show, but pushed through it.
  • An encore of Holiday with the Houghs will air on December 23 at 8 p.m. ET.

If there’s anyone who understands that the show must go on, it’s World of Dance star Derek Hough. The 34-year-old recently revealed that while performing musical numbers in the NBC Christmas special Holidays with the Houghs, he was actually injured himself badly, but no one noticed.

“The very first move of the special I came out and did a little James Brown split and I ripped my hamstring,” he said on The Kelly Clarkson Show, alongside his sister and fellow pro-dancer, Julianne Hough.

But Derek didn’t let this incident stop him, sharing that he had to come up with a quick solution backstage so he could immediately get back on the dance floor. “Taped it up with duct tape and then just kept going,” he told Kelly.

Despite this temporary fix, he admitted being close to tears while introducing the show. “Luckily you can’t really tell but … the tears rolling down my eyes while I’m smiling,” the Emmy Award-winning choreographer said while recreating the intense moment.

In the end, Holidays with the Houghs was as memorable as it could be: The brother-sister duo went up against each other to put their best spin on holiday classics and also, shared Hough family traditions.

The holiday special was complete with special appearances by singers Ne-Yo and Ciara, and if you happen to have missed it, you can catch an encore tonight at 8 p.m. ET.

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Derek Hough had quite the rough night, and it wasn’t anything the dancer saw coming. The World of Dance judge revealed on Instagram on Saturday evening that he had to have his appendix removed in an emergency surgery after waking up with a shooting pain in his abdomen. At 3 a.m., Derek said he “knew something was wrong” and his instincts were right as doctors promptly diagnosed him with appendicitis. The organ had to be removed immediately, but that didn’t drag down the 34-year-old’s spirits.

The new post featured Derek in a bland hospital gown with slow-jams music dubbed over him taking in his outfit. The post was obviously a playful jab from girlfriend Hayley Erbert, and the dancer laughed when he realized he was caught on camera in the funny garbs. Derek even posted a little bit of the couple’s conversation in the caption of his new post, where he said Hayley said he looked “so hot.” The former Dancing With the Stars cast member thanked his girlfriend for lying to him.

Celebrities, friends, and fans began wishing Derek good vibes in the comments section of the post. Love was sent to the famous dancer from Gavin DeGraw, Benjamin Burnley, Shirley Ballas, and Travis Wall.

Derek also shared a good bit from his hospital visit on his Instagram story, which included a lengthy time-lapse of his journey through hospital halls while lying on a gurney. He also shared some snaps from Hayley’s own personal Instagram story, where she took a photo of her boyfriend lying in bed surrounded with all the cat GIFs she could find. Derek was oblivious to the photos and the fact that he was being surrounded by guitar-playing kitties.

“Isn’t he sexy?” Hayley wrote on her Instagram story of Derek in his gown. At this time, she has not shared any posts to her Instagram timeline of Derek since having his surgery early this morning. It might have been the drive the couple needed to move further in their relationship, as Derek recently said he was ready for babies.

The Instagram story shed some light on Derek’s news-breaking post, which confirmed the photo in the hospital gown was taken post-surgery. The dancer clearly wasn’t struggling too badly after undergoing the emergency operation. Despite being somewhat a routine surgical procedure and performed on around 200,000 patients a year, it’s still a scary situation for anyone to be in.

Just a few days ago, Derek was enjoying spending some time outside with Hayley and posted a fall-festive picture among the changing leaves of the season. He fawned over the beauty of nature and appeared to be feeling fine, not knowing that in just a couple days he would land in a hospital bed.

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