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Over the past 10 days I have been taking part in the Master Cleanse, because a friend of mine doubted my ability to put my own life in danger in order to prove a point. What follows is the story of my journey: the ups (there were few), the downs (there were a lot), and the moments where I questioned my own sanity (the entire goddamn time).

For those of you blissfully unaware of what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. The Master Cleanse is a 10-day all liquid diet consisting of a lemonade-like concoction, an herbal detox tea, and a salt water flush. It was created in the 1940’s by a sadist named Stanley Burroughs, who was an early advocate of “natural health” and believed in the body’s ability to heal itself without interference from pesky things like medicine. He claimed his cleanse would provide a “lifetime of freedom from disease,” despite his lack of any kind of medical degree. It’s cool, he stayed at a Holiday Inn last night.

One of the biggest endorsers of the cleanse is Beyoncé once, who most noticeably used it to lose weight for her role in Dream Girls. Master Cleanse advocates (people who hate themselves) use her for validation the way white guys use Eminem to justify their shitty #4BarFridays. This, possibly more than anything else about the experience, infuriated me. “It works for Beyoncé, so it will work for you, too!” is the worst fucking logic I have ever heard in my entire life. If everything that Beyoncé did worked for me, I wouldn’t be wasting my time with a cleanse, because I would be too busy being Beyoncé.

All of this aside, I was challenged. And so, because I am a masochist with far too much pride and zero regard for my own health, I agreed. More accurately I turned to my friend and said, “challenge accepted, asshole.” You know, for the sake of objective retelling.

Before we get any further into my journey, let me establish that by no means am I promoting this cleanse. It is miserable and unhealthy and I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (probably). Also, full disclosure: I didn’t fastidiously follow the rules. I allowed myself one soy latte a day, because I wasn’t trying to lose my job or ruin the lives of everyone around me. My loved ones didn’t sign up to suffer, and therefore shouldn’t have to be subjected to the monster that is me without caffeine. You can take my freedom and my will to live, but you cannot take my coffee. I also drank alcohol halfway through because I am merely human and therefore subject to mortal whims such as FOMO. However, I didn’t eat any food for ten fucking days, so I think I earned my thrills where I could get them. Sue me.



Signs the Master Cleanse is right for you:

– You enjoy being lectured by friends, family members, coworkers, strangers, and even grocery store employees about your life choices. If you decide to go through with this I highly recommend you tell absolutely no one, because the only thing more miserable than not being allowed to eat for ten days is having to listen to people tell you how stupid you are while you do it.

– You have a schedule that allows you to sleep 15 hours a day.

– You are neither morally nor ethically opposed to paying nearly $10 for a miniature bottle of Organic Grade B Maple Syrup. You must also not mind returning to the store two more times because you didn’t realize that in order to become Beyoncé you had to guzzle maple syrup like a drunken Canadian.

– You hate yourself.

If any of the above applies to you, buckle up because you’re in for a wild ride. Over the course of this cleanse you’re going to consume about 40 lemons. The good news: you definitely won’t be getting scurvy anytime soon. Hopefully you weren’t too partial to the lining of your stomach or the enamel on your teeth. You’ll also drink 60-80 tablespoons (depending on your preference) of maple syrup, which amounts to 4-5 cups. Try not to think about that part too much.

The Grade B syrup is supposed to be less refined than other kinds, and therefore better for you. It turns out this is absolute bullshit. After a little research that I hoped would validate three separate trips to the store for this absurdly expensive pancake topping, I found out that all syrup is manufactured the same. The only difference between Grade A and Grade B is color, which affects the intensity of the flavor. “You know what it doesn’t affect? The fact that you drank half a cup of syrup a day for 10 days, you sick fuck,” I whisper to myself during my third trip to Whole Foods, because by day 7 you start to lose your grip on things like social etiquette and reality.

The Cleanse

This is a rough outline of the schedule I followed for my particular cleanse. I say rough because, if you have any self-preservation instincts at all, you can only chug a liter of salt water a day for so long before you abandon the notion completely.

Morning: 6 oz. of herbal detox tea. I used Get Clean from The Republic of Tea, which tasted kind of like an almond chai. I’m not much of tea person (because coffee exists and I’m not trying to waste my time) but I actually enjoyed this. Putting sugar in it kind of defeats the purpose, so you just drink it plain.

Night: The salt water flush. The goddamn salt water flush. Dissolve 1-2 tsp. of uniodized salt and 1 liberal pinch of nightmares into a liter of warm water, and then chug it. Don’t even question the merits of a diet plan heralding from a time before antibiotics were common practice, just chug the fucking salt water. If you’re looking for a similar experience, go stand in the ocean during high tide with your mouth open. It’s alright, Beyoncé wants you to do it. I managed this for three days before I gave up on it completely, and opted for another serving of the detox tea instead, because I value my sanity over the sanctity of the cleanse.

Throughout the day: Two liters of the lemonade. You can split this up however you like, so I made one liter in the morning to take to work, and then one to have when I got home. Each batch contained:

– ½ – 1 tsp. cayenne pepper

– 3-4 tbsp. syrup

– approximately 2 lemons (I like mine sour)

– 1 liter of water

The first time you try the concoction you’re pleasantly surprised. “Like, wow this is a refreshing lemonade and I hardly feel like I’m drinking maple syrup.” Then a clump of cayenne pepper hits the back of your throat and you momentarily imagine your own death. Don’t worry, it passes. Supposedly the cayenne is there to boost your metabolism, but personally, I think it’s to keep you from chugging the entire liter in the first hour of the day. Your natural human aversion to spicy lemonade wears off pretty quick, and by the end of the cleanse I could probably eat spoonfuls of cayenne unphased. Talk about unadvertised perks.

For those of you who are curious, you can in fact pour vodka into your lemonade (because, like, it never said explicitly not to) and it isn’t terrible. Moving on.

I won’t lie, in the beginning of this little experiment I was psyched. I approached it with all the excitement and naïveté of someone who has never gone a week and a half without eating before. This was my first quintessential writer moment. I was Hannah Horvath and the cleanse was my Wednesday night date with coke. I was already planning pithy names for my article like “How to Lose Your Will to Live in Ten Days,” and daydreaming about the number of ways I could tell someone “I told you so.” Needless to say, the unbridled energy didn’t last long. In fact, it lasted only until the next day, when I realized that not eating food makes you really fucking tired. Getting out of bed was impossible. Working was impossible. Being even moderately civil was impossible, and it was only day two. Spirits were low.

On day three, Zayn left One Direction and everything else is a blur. Morale plummeted. I’m assuming I was hungry.

Day four was the first time I felt like I had a real grasp on my hunger. I was over the hump. Like, any other moderately important responsibility, I knew it was there but had no problem blatantly ignoring it. “This won’t be so bad afterall,” I said smugly, because apparently I developed a habit of speaking to myself out loud throughout my journey.

It was at this point, at the height of my hubris, that I realized I wouldn’t be able to participate in happy hour that week, and immediately lost any momentum I had gained. Deprived of food? Sure, I knew that was part of the deal. Deprived of happy hour? I hadn’t even considered such injustices. Slowly it dawned on me that this also meant I wouldn’t be able to go out at all that weekend, because apparently participants in the master cleanse also don’t have friends. Devastation set in.

Day five was spent in heavy meditation (Burroughs would be so proud), after which I decided that Beyoncé wouldn’t want me to sacrifice my social life in my quest to become her. This was an eye-opening night for me, because I discovered just how much I can drink on a five day empty stomach (spoiler alert: a lot). I woke up on day six without a hangover, thanking God for the Irish heritage that permits such behavior and cursing the lack of hashbrowns in my life.

From then on, it was relatively smooth sailing. Be it my stubborn nature, or the fact that my body had resigned itself to death, I made it to the end. Sure, there were the occasional hunger pains and bouts of light-headedness, but they passed without incident. I think part of what made this so much easier than I expected (which is to say, not easy at all but merely possible) was the clarity of it. Unlike a normal diet where I could questionably try to justify something I wanted to eat, the cleanse was crystal clear. Is this thing you’re trying to consume a bottle your stupid fucking spicy lemonade? No? Tough shit, you can’t have it. There’s not a whole lot of room for error there.


Real talk: I lost 10 lbs. in 10 days (this was actually only a measurement from day 4 on, because I may have forgotten to weigh myself beforehand). I am under no impression that this is a lasting effect, mostly because I know I’m about to be knee deep in some Taco Bell tomorrow night. But in the short term, I can’t deny the results. If you have a large scale event to attend that you’re trying to get ready for, this is a very effective (and miserable) method of doing so. Otherwise, there are definitely less grueling approaches to losing weight, and they probably won’t result in an ulcer and a lifetime aversion to maple syrup.

Other results:

– My appetite is significantly decreased.

– I have a very different perspective on how much food I actually require to sustain myself.

– I have developed an inhuman tolerance for spicy drinks, which means my Bloody Mary game is about to be even more on point than it was before.

– My family looks at me with a mixture of awe and fear anytime I enter a room.

More important than anything else that may have resulted from it, this cleanse serves as a warning for anyone in the future: do not test me. I have a very particular set of skills. I will take you up on it, I will win, I will write a long-winded article about it, and then I will mail you said article in a frame, signed “suck it.” You have been warned.


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How Much Weight Will I Lose on The Master Cleanse

You’ve heard the disclaimer: Results not typical. Results will vary. And that couldn’t be more true than with The Master Cleanse, which is why I’ll say it again.

Everybody is different. Some people do the cleanse with less lemonade than others, some more. Some do it wrong, but have tremendous results. Some do everything right but don’t lose any weight (in this case it’s nearly always because either they really don’t need to and should be doing a self-image cleanse, not a master cleanse, or because they are so toxic they need to do several longer term cleanses and detox methods over time to produce the results they’re looking for).

Having said all that I am sure you’re really wanting to know “what’s the average weight loss”, what can I typically expect?

Average Weight Loss on The Master Cleanse

Typically, around 1 pound per day is lost on a 10 day cleanse. When you factor in the Ease-In and Ease-Out that can end up being around 15 pounds or 7 kilograms.

What’s the max weight I have ever lost on the master cleanse? 2lbs per day. In the fall of 2008 on one of my 5 documented cleanses (12 total) I did a 10 day cleanse, I tracked my weight loss closely. I had plenty to lose at that time. I ended up losing 20 lbs in 10 days? down to 186.5 lbs by the end of the ease-out, starting at 206.7 at the beginning of the Ease-In. I don’t have those first and last days documented unfortunately, but here’s me at 206.6 lbs and again at 191.8 only 8 days later while still on the lemonade

What are The keys to rapid weight loss on the master cleanse?

  1. Be needing to lose weight: I had about 20 pounds over my ideal weight to lose. I lost exactly that. The Master Cleanse tends to stop weight loss around your ideal weight.
  2. Be relatively non-toxic already: If you have to go through to much detoxing, and repair, your body doesn’t seem to focus on dropping fat quickly as it has other more pressing functions to perform like repairing organs and breaking down tumors.
  3. Don’t starve yourself: 6-18 glasses is the range. 10 is a good starting point with 12 usually being the upper range needed per day. If you’re training for a triathalon you might need 20 glasses or more. But if you start starving yourself with 3, 2 or even just 1 glass of lemonade you’re now in water fast territory which is a whole different story. There’s a law of diminishing returns when it comes to the tricky balance of how many glasses to drink. You can try to find the magic number, but my rule of thumb is drink as much as you want so you feel full, and energized. Let the weight loss take care of itself.

Generally the amount of weight lost depends on your calorie deficit as well If your body needs 2,200 calories to maintain its metabolism and your drink mix is 1,400 calories, you will lose more than if your caloric needs are 2,400 and your drink mix is 1,800 calories. This still holds relatively true while fasting, but as mentioned earlier, other factors can take precedence.

Also of note women tend to lose more weight than men do. Your guess is as good as mine on that one.

Weight Gain and The Master Cleanse?

As mentioned, if you don’t have any fat or stored waste to remove, don’t worry, you won’t waste away. People who have done the cleanse for many months have reported that their weight loss ceased at a certain point (at their ideal body weight).

It’s also been noted that if you’re malnourished or underweight you can actually gain weight on the master cleanse (when done properly.

Master Cleanse Weight Loss Stories and Results

In the near decade we’ve been holding group cleanses, we have captured the experiences of thousands of newbie and master cleansers alike. For some, the winners of the My Experience journal challenge, we packaged their weight loss stories and results into reports, like Marlice’s weight loss story, and the story of Paula’s mater cleanse results, not only physical but emotional, psychological, and social too. Liz Nichol’s lost 11 lbs in 10 Days. That’s over 1lb per day. Nora lost 30lbs in 20 days. Wow!!!

You can get all of these master cleanser’s weight loss stories by doing the group cleanse, posting every day, or by buying the whole bundle of My Experience Journals.

Master Cleanse Before and After

Curious what this weight loss looks like in photos? What would weight sost at 3 Days, 5 Days, 10 Days, 30 Days after the only the lemonade diet? Then check out this post featuring some before and after master cleanse photos (sorry no poop pictures).

If you’re tired of carrying around unwanted pounds and are doing your research, you may have read accounts about the promising amount of weight loss on Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemonade Diet. But how much can you really expect to lose, and an even better question: is this weight loss long term?

What Makes Up the Amount of Weight Loss on Master Cleanse?

The Master Cleanse lemonade diet isn’t really a weight loss diet, but a detox plan. When the body detoxifies, it naturally loses weight, too, as it throws off toxins and restores vitality. For those following a cleanse like this that’s really a fast, the question arises: what amount of weight loss is fat?

How much weight you’ll lose on the Master Cleanse diet will depend on how overweight you are at the start. It is not uncommon for people to lose five pounds the first day and even ten pounds in two days. If you have less weight to lose, the rate of loss will be lower.


The body takes care of itself, and when following a detoxing fast like Master Cleanse, the body determines what it will consume first for fuel. On this cleanse, the body conserves the comparatively limited body protein stores and burns fat for the primary source of energy.


Most of the rapid weight loss at the start of the Master Cleanse diet is water. This occurs because the body gets rid of all the extra salt that causes water retention.


Once you’re into day three of the Master Cleanse diet, your body starts to produce ketones. Ketones work as a powerful appetite suppressant which is why people don’t feel hungry while on this cleanse. As the body works to heal itself, it locates diseased or poorly formed muscle, and burns that as fuel first.

Metabolism and Master Cleanse

Over and over, we hear warnings about not eating too few calories or our body will go into survival mode, and our metabolism slows to conserve fuel. Since the Lemonade Diet is really a detox and form of fasting, the heavier you are at the onset, the less your metabolism slows, but it does slow down. This is what gives you the calories you need to finish the diet. Once you start eating again, your metabolism kicks back to normal.

The Real Question – Can You Keep the Weight Off?

Keeping the weight off is the real issue for those who want to break the yo-yo dieting syndrome in their life. Peter Glickman, the author of Lose Weight, Have More Energy & Be Happier in 10 Days did an informal survey of 141 people who had done the Master Cleanse diet. Results showed that, in general, women lost about 12 pounds while men lost 16. Both put back on about six pounds. Now that’s an average. Remember, people who have more to lose, will lose more. However, if you have any weight to lose, this cleansing fast will help you shed it.

Another bit of interesting trivia that Glickman points out from his survey is that most of the people who followed the Master Cleanse diet were inclined to eat healthier once they finished, and that’s the key to keeping the weight off. If you return to your old eating habits, you’ll gradually return to your old fat self. Glickman lost 23 more pounds on Master Cleanse, and today keeps it off by eating an 80 percent raw food diet and for the most part chooses vegetarian fare. He also follows the Master Cleanse diet every three months. So will you keep off the weight? The amount of weight loss on Master Cleanse won’t matter if you go back to eating high fat, sugary foods, and more calories than your body needs. Just like any diet, keeping the weight off will depend on what you do once you’ve reset your body and start eating again.

The Master Cleanse and Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, some people will do almost anything. Case in point: fad diets such as the Master Cleanse. Master Cleanse is a liquids-only, low-calorie diet designed for very rapid weight loss.

Master Cleanse and others like it raise many questions on safety and results. But are all cleanse diets bad? It depends on the type of cleanse diet — and whom you ask.

Weight Loss: The Dangers of Cleanse Diets

After hearing that Beyonce used the Master Cleanse to lose weight for her role in the movie Dreamgirls, Sharon Wren of East Moline, Ill., decided to try it herself. “I could stand to lose a couple of pounds, and my system is probably horribly polluted from all the Diet Mountain Dew I drink, so I mixed up a glass,” she recalls. “One sip was enough for me — it was the most hideous stuff I’ve ever had.”

Consisting of two quarts of water, one-half teaspoon of cayenne pepper, 14 tablespoons of lemon juice, and 14 tablespoons of maple syrup per day (for anywhere from 7 to 10 days), the Master Cleanse is an example of the wrong type of cleanse diet.

Despite its 1,400 or so calories, the Master Cleanse does not provide the body with the nutrition it needs. It is lacking in protein, sodium, and most vitamins. “Diets like this are a real danger, and I would never recommend them,” says Susan B. Roberts, PhD, professor of nutrition and psychiatry at Tufts University in Boston.

Weight loss almost certainly occurs, but from all the wrong places. Ideally, reduction in weight from a diet happens by losing fat, but with the Master Cleanse most of what disappears is muscle and water.

“Cleanses may lead to weight loss, but usually the weight returns once normal eating resumes, similar to what happens with dieting,” says Stacey Rosenfeld, PhD, a staff psychologist at Columbia University Medical Center and in private practice in New York City. These types of diets may cause emotional issues, as well. “A cleanse may set someone up for disordered eating. People who go on cleanses will likely find themselves inordinately hungry, leading to feelings of deprivation. This may backfire in the form of overeating once they’ve finished the cleanse.”

Weight Loss: Exploring Your Options

Fortunately, not all cleanse diets are as extreme as the Master Cleanse. The Elimination Diet, for example, focuses on cutting out certain foods from your diet (such as dairy, egg products, most red meats, peanuts, foods with gluten, citrus fruits, corn and corn-containing products, all processed foods, and caffeine) while encouraging five small meals a day that include protein, unlimited vegetables, and one to two servings each of gluten-free grain and fruit.

“On this diet, I have seen people lose significant amounts of body fat and gain muscle by eating healthier sources of protein and reducing inflammation (people who are inflamed or eating lots of allergenic foods will tend to carry a lot of extra water weight),” says Jessica Forbes, MS, a certified clinical nutritionist at Rheumatology Care, LLC, a rheumatology medical practice in Davenport, Iowa. “This diet may be more difficult for people because it requires a strict lifestyle change, but I like that it is purely food-based and does not require supplements.”

Another type of cleanse diet, the three- to 10-day juice and soup fast, consists of a fruit smoothie (3 romaine lettuce leaves, 2 stalks of celery, 1 cup of water, and 4 cups of a fruit of your choice) blended and drunk through the morning and into the early afternoon. The rest of the day’s nutrition comes from any combination of cooked vegetables (no oil or salt) blended up into 1 to 2 cups of soup.

“Juice fasting is an effective method of ridding your body of impurities,” says Peggy Hall, a certified nutritional therapist, author, and wellness coach in Southern California. “You’ll cleanse your digestive system and circulatory system and also give your liver, kidneys, pancreas, and digestive system a rest.”

Weight Loss: The Pros and Cons of Cleanse Diets

Ultimately, the safety — and success — of a cleanse diet depends on the diet itself. No reputable doctor or nutritionist would support the Master Cleanse. “If the cleanse is a starvation-type diet used as a ‘crash diet,’ then not only would it not be safe, but the person may end up losing muscle mass in the process, which over time can lead to increased body fat gain,” says Forbes. “However, if the cleanse is used as an entry point into a healthy diet and lifestyle and provides adequate calories, protein, and nutrients, then generally it would be a safe way to lose weight.”

Ultimately the key to true weight loss is finding a system that is both healthy and sustainable over a long period of time. As for Wren, it’s highly unlikely she’ll be trying the Master Cleanse again any time soon. “If it’s true that Beyonce drank the Master Cleanse to lose weight,” she says, “she should have gotten an Oscar, too!”

Working out while being on lemonade diet

There are many among us who are thrilled by the thought of gaining muscle while losing fat – using powers of lemonade detox diet. This creation of Late Stanley Burroughs is also famous as master cleanse diet. As the name suggests, this is more of a detox and weight loss option rather than a working out diet.

It is essential to understand the difference between a detox program and a weight regulation program. When you are in for a lemonade diet your focus should be on cleansing your system and losing weight. Combing lemonade diet detox with an intense workout routine is never a good idea. When you workout, muscle fibers are broken down. In this state, muscles need a lot of nutrition to repair and rebuilding.

Understanding your lemonade diet

Your lemonade diet consists of fresh organic lemon juice, maple syrup, cayenne pepper, and purified water. A dietician would ideally prescribe this master cleanse schedule for a period of 10-14 days. This detox diet is strictly for cleansing your body from toxins and flushing them out. Removal of impurities from your system and providing rest to the alimentary system are the two principal purposes of a lemonade diet. But many nowadays follow this diet for losing weight.

This could be substantiated by the fact that this diet is free from protein, fat or carbohydrates and does not contribute to muscle repair or tissue building. Only minute percentages of minerals and vitamins are all that you could be getting from this diet.

Exercise and master cleanse

If you are on a master cleanse regime you are opting for either a weight loss program or a system detoxification schedule. As there are no protein contents in it, doing strenuous exercises and even moderate workouts are ruled out. Only light cardio exercises are recommended while on lemonade diet. Weight training or endurance exercises while on this program could lead to muscle aches, headaches, lightheadedness, running nose and flu-like symptoms, sore throat, irritability, and a state of physical and mental fatigue.

Light cardio exercises like walking, running, stretching, biking, swimming, tai chi, and yoga are recommended if you are on a detox program like lemonade diet. These exercises enhance blood circulation and in the process releases impurities and excessive toxins from our bodies. Moderate or heavy exercises must be refrained from as they involve muscle breakdown that could only be repaired through protein intake. On an average, an adult male needs 0.84gm of protein for every 1kg of body mass, while an adult woman requires 0.75gm. As lemonade diet does not contain any protein, there is no chance of muscle tissues getting repaired.

WARNING: lengthy and sometimes gross description ahead – if you are going to comment, please read this all FIRST before you pass judgement:
OK, so the title totally just gave it away.
But before you “poo poo” this cleanse and all of its bad rep, you must hear me out as I can now tell you what’s what first hand.
Now, I am sure some of you have tried the cleanse. You might have had a bad experience, you might have had a good experience. The world seems very divided on this subject. So I’m just gonna let you know my experience – I don’t want to get into a debate about how “bad” this is. Believe me, I heard it all before I decided to do it and I knew that I just had to go ahead and learn first hand. Guess what? My experience was fine (as fine as can be when you don’t eat for days) and I would recommend it to most (but not all) people – albeit with a little tweaking.
So, I’ve heard about this cleanse for a long time. I kind of admired the crazy people who decided to go without food for 10 days. But I didn’t think I would do it. After all, I had heard so many bad things. But I had decided to give up drinking for 10 days anyway, so I figured hey, might as well detox my whole body while I am it!
First thing to remember, the Master Cleanse is NOT A DIET. It is a cleanse. Weightloss does happen – though not always – but it is more of a sideeffect. I didn’t actually know if I would lose weight but I knew that I wanted to “clean” out my system before I started a healthier way of eating. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to lose weight, but the more I read about the benefits, the more I wanted to do it for other reasons.
First off, let me tell you how it works – in pure basics. Everyday you juice three lemons, add 14 tablespoons of maple syrup (Organic grade B or A), and a teaspoon/tablespoon of cayenne pepper to 2 litres of water. This is your “food” for the day.
Along with the juice, you are to drink heaps of water to keep yourself hydrated and full. You also are to take the dreaded Salt Water Flush and laxative teas daily. These are unfortunately essential as you need to poop out the “toxins” and you can’t poop if you aren’t eating. I’ve heard many doctors say “You don’t need to detox, your body does it naturally” – I say BUNK! Doctors don’t always know what they are talking about, the “alternative” medicine of a cleanse doesn’t always mesh with their thinking and actually MANY doctors recommend cleanses and detoxes to their patients. It just depends on how healthy you are and what your goal is.
You can do this cleanse for 3 days, 5 days, 7 days, 10 days….10 days is the max recommended. I have heard of people doing it for 14 or 30 days. I personally think that is nuts. That is when it gets dangerous…your body can do anything for 10 days. But if you push it beyond that, I think you have to either tweak the diet some more or question your motivation.
The reason a lot of people want to do it for more than 10 days is that they want more weight to be lost. You lose about a pound a day on the MC and most people who do it are unfortunately really, really overweight.
I would NOT recommend the Master Cleanse to anyone who expects to lose more than 10 pounds on it. If you want to lose more, do it for 10 days, and then continue dieting and exercise but do NOT prolong the cleanse to lose more weight…this is where the MC gets a bad rap, from people making stupid choices.
I chose to do the cleanse for 8 days. When I do it again in November (or next year), I will go for 10 days.
The MC also gets a bad rap for other reasons:
1. You gain all the weight back, AND MORE!
-NOPE. FALSE. You will gain some back…that is water weight and also food in your system. Think about it…the food on your plate weighs something and it will way that same amount in your system. Since eating for the first time last night, I gained two pounds haha – I weighed myself before dinner and after, curious. That is normal and it’s OK. The fact is, I didn’t LOOK like I gained two pounds, so obviously it’s just food and water.
That said, this morning I weighed myself again – OK WEIGHING YOURSELF EVERYDAY IS BAD! And I only weighed myself every other day on the cleanse. BUT I just dropped another pound – this is after eating last night and having wine. So there!
The reason why people gain weight back is that they don’t change their eating habits. I cannot stress this enough.
They were eating crap before and they go back to eating crap after. Of course, it’s going to come back with a vengance. This is particularly true of people who are predisposed to binge. The cleanse is supposed to take away your cravings but not in the weak-willed. They go a week without eating and then eat a week’s worth as soon as it is over!
This is why it is very important to “Ease-Out” of the cleanse. This will also help your metabolism. I’ve been consuming around 600 cals daily on the cleanse from the juice, so when I introduce food, I do it slowly and surely.
The first day after your cleanse, stick to fresh juices (no pasturized). I had Odwalla. Mix it with water and drink it SLOWLY. In the evenining I had roasted vegetables…best tasting thing ever (tastebuds are super sensitive!). I aim to have around 800 cals over the next few days, then bump it up to 1000 cals and then to 1200 after a week. That weigh you aren’t suddenly loading your body with calories – THIS is what causes rapid weight gain and for your metabolism to slow down.
Anyhoo, today I plan to have more veggies, some decaf coffee with almond milk, and homemade soup. Avoid strong coffee, dairy and meat for the first four days. Your body has to get used to digesting first.
2. Another myth? You are damaging your body.
-This is true IF you do it for a long time. I know there are many advocates who do it for a long time and I don’t doubt that they feel great on it – that usually happens if they are doing this for health and not weight issues.
I also think that the cleanse can be damaging for some people even on shorter stints.
Before I did this, I went to a nutritionist/health guru – this man knew so much about me and my body just by looking at me, it was eerie and exciting! I am going back to see him next week as there are solutions for some of my many problems (not imaginary either, he saw them before I pointed them out (dark circles, puffy skin, lack of tone etc).
Anyway, I digress, I went to see him for advice and he asked me about my blood type and then about my habits. He said that people like me feel faint and dizzy with low-blood sugar. Very true. He said I MUST have protein on this cleanse because without it, I will faint and lose muscle.
He “prescribed” me Whole Foods (not the store) Vegan Smoothies – it’s in the green packet at many health stores. It is protein powder full of brown rice protein, green crap and such and such. I didn’t take the shake everyday, 3x a day like he said, but I did take it every other day, on the days I still did my strength training.
My body retained its muscle mass, I didn’t feel dizzy or faint AND I got MUCH important electrolytes, fibre and potassium.
To anyone thinking of doing this, PLEASE get the shake. I do think the cleanse can be dicey without it. A lot of people on the MC boards would shake their head at this because it is not the “pure” way but I would rather not sacrifice my health. The protein shake was as easily digestible as the juice is, did not cause my body any added stress and the cleanse worked just fine.
I made other adjustments too: I am not a huge fan of lemons, so I made the juice with limes instead. I used 4 limes or 2 limes and one lemon (lime doesn’t seem to make as much juice as lemons so this is why). Limes work just as well as lemons though.
Also, because I am hypoglycemic (I HAVE LOW BLOOD SUGAR AND MUST EAT EVERY TWO HOURS), I started using agave syrup along with the maple syrup. Agave is mild, inexpensive, easy to pour, tasty AND it has a low-GI rating – safe for diabetics, it will NOT spike your blood sugar levels like the MP can. For this, I used 5 tablespoons of maple syrup and 5 of agave. I also put agave in my peppermint tea (you are allowed herbal teas, just check the ingredients that there are no milk products or sugar in it….some fancy teas have this).
Agave is sometimes not recommended but I found it worked fine. Blackstrap molasses is an approved subsitute to Maple Syrup as well. But do not use anything else in place of these three things! Very important.
Oh yes, I must say something about the salt water flush. It is not mandatory and it is not for everyone.
The idea is to mix organic sea salt (non-iodized) with lukewarm water and drink it down. Salt water can not be absorbed into the system because it has the same density as blood and passes right through you. About 30 min after taking the solution, it will come …rushing out of your butt. To put it mildly. It acts as an enema to flush your system clean.
I did it 4 out of th 8 days and stuck to the Smooth Moves Senna tea otherwise. The flush did not work well for me.
First of all, have you ever seen Casino Royale? Remember when Bond gets poisoned and the first thing he does is pour a salt shaker into water and drink it so he will vomit? Yup…same thing.
The mixture is disguting, no doubt. The first time I did it, nothing happened. The second time I did it, I felt sick and dizzy for 20 min until BLAM out came the crap.
The third time I did it, I felt violently ill….wanted to vomit for about a half hour until I decided that this was ridiculous – this was toxic poison and I had to get it out of me. So I vomitted. Yuck, it was worse coming up. Just salt water, over and over again and then…a bit of blood.
Well that was it. No more SWF for me! It also then came out of my system – the other way – Thank God. I felt immediatley better, but anyway decided to stick to the teas.
Problem with the teas though is that they can cause dependence (why it says on the box not to do for more than ten days – ie, the length of the cleanse). Also it is unpredictable…it can work 3 hours after taking it or 18 hours after taking it. Lucky me it worked while I was in Canadian Tire buying a badminton set. I sure stank up that bathroom for a good 30 minutes. It can also hurt. The tea cause cramps which stimulate your colon. Ouchie. But I have IBS anyway so I am used to frequent digestive pain!
So my advice is…try the Salt Water Flush. Don’t not do it because it tastes gross but do stop if it causes other problems. I ended up doing it again on my last night just as a final HUZZAH CLEAN OUT! It worked, took a while though but I didn’t feel AS sick, perhaps because I used less salt and I chugged it back. Meh. Up to you.
All right, so what can you expect on the cleanse? Many people say they saw improvements with their skin. Many lost weight right away. Many had boundless energy.
This is a recap of what happened to me on my 8 days:
Day 1: Feel fine. Craving EVERYTHING but I am not hungry. I was rarely hungry on the cleanse – REAL hunger that is. I now know the difference between real hunger and cravings. Anyway, I was fine but daunted at the long journey ahead of me. And the juice made me really hyper. I also notice how often I snack…there are bowls of almonds and chips on the counter. Normally I would reach for them without thinking about it but now I catch myself…how often must I eat without taking it into account?
Day 2: Feels like I have the flu. I am spacey and didn’t sleep well at all. Probably because the SWF didn’t work and my tummy was cracked out. Wish I could have coffee but I can’t. Am amazed how there are food commercials EVERYWHERE! On TV, in health magazines…it’s nuts. I want to eat it all.
My bfs’ mom is cooking peanut butter cookies, making roasted chicken, oooh the house is filled with smell. Your smell will become heightened right away btw. It all smells SO GOOD! I am almost getting high off the smells. I decide to go for a walk and do my strength training.
Also, my tongue has turned white – this is a sign the toxins are coming out. It won’t turn pink again until you are done.
Day 3: Worst day. Toxins are really coming out, I feel so low. I am spaced out. I feel like I am so stoned and just lifeless. The protein, the juice, nothing is helping. I feel like life has no purpose. I feel the days won’t end. I am sad and angry and I hate myself. I am bored…there is no meals to plan, nothing to look forward to. I am amazed how much of my life revolves around food – some of that is good, some of that is bad.
(the reason for that is also food provides seratonin – also, days seem longer because you do not have meals breaking it up)
Day 4: Feel fine. Not sad, not upset. Energized and happy. Amazing turnaround. The day is fine. I go to Mike’s show that night and even surrounded by my friends eating poutine and drinking beer, I stick to my water with lime and am fine. But when it starts getting past 11PM, I just want to be in bed. The dizzys start. Also, my face has started breaking out like CRAZY! clear skin my ass! Turns out, your skin also acts as an outlet for toxins :S
Day 5: Slept in. Go to work and then feel fine. No complaints. I’ve lost 5 pounds.
Day 6: incident in Canadian Tire – damn tea! Play badminton for exercise. Feel fine. Not hungry.
Day 7: actually sit at the dinner table with my cup of peppermint tea. The food smells amazing and actually the smell is enough for me. I’m not hungry…after day 3, looking at food has become a curiousity. I see it, but it seems foreign. I want it but I also don’t.
Day 8: Last day and it sucks lol. I guess it has been a week. I’m dizzy, tired, loopy and actually hungry, the first time my stomach has been like GIVE ME FOOD NOW! I take that as a sign that this is a good thing that this is my last day. My body has had enough.
Day 9: I’ve lost 9 pounds. I have a decaf Stabucks with soy milk and it is good AND peps me up. I drink my Odwalla smoothie (just pureed fruit and juice, all fresh, no preservatives or added sugar) slowly and dilute it with water. Yum.
Later that day I have more smoothie but drink it to fast. Tummy hates this. I’m in the bathroom for 30 minutes at work lol – guess I am not done detoxing! Coffee helped too (it’s the actual cofee bean that keeps you regular, not the caffeine).
That evening I have a sald with peaches and walnuts. SO good. I eat very slowly and don’t scarf it down (I normally eat too fast, no wonder I have digestive issues). Also I am allergic to peaches but apparently not now? Hmmm.
Anyway, then I have a very small helping of steamed green beans, roastes carrots and potatoes. Again, I eat slowly. My stomach immediately bloats but I have no pain – and I am full fast. And satisfied. I don’t need anymore food. I also have a glass of wine. wheeeee! I’m a lightweight.
Today I am cruising through cups of half caf coffee and almonds. I’m eating veggie leftovers now. My hunger very quickly subsides. I lost more weight this morning. I’m happy and confident that I can continue my healthier eating habits.
Also, my period has just started – for some reason, it is the heaviest I have ever EVER had. Wonder if it’s detoxing too? At any rate, this would explain the bad skin I’ve had. Bad timing to do a cleanse while you are PMSing!
For those interested, I have made new choices with my eating plan…sticking to a low-GI, Mediterranean diet from now on and NO red meat as I can not digest it well. There are other things too (taking probiotics is encouraged after the cleanse since the flush can clean out bad AND good bacteria), but I will write more once I visit the health guru guy.
Hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for the length but there was a lot to say on the matter. If you are interested in doing this, there are great resources here: www.themastercleanse.org and directions. But also, please email me and I can answer some questions. I’ve done a LOT of research on it over the last 10 days (what else was I gonna do? Eat?) and I do think my way is a healthier way to do this. Also, email me if you wanna vent – it’s hard to talk about the cleanse because people think you are nuts (“you haven’t eaten in 5 days???”) and that’s one reason I didn’t blog about it until after I was done, so you can always talk to me (did you know that matter can remain in your colon for up to a decade? By the end I was passing up some pretty gross stuff, moldy smelling! Must have been in there for years!).
Main thing here: Listen to your body! I’m glad I did the cleanse – it proved my willpower over food, it made me pay attention to my choices and I lost some stubborn weight along the way. Oh and right now, I do feel pretty great 🙂

I Survived the Master Cleanse—Then Gained All the Weight Back

Last summer I voluntarily chose to stop eating for 10 days. I gave up solid foods as part of the Master Cleanse.

At 5’6″, I couldn’t budge my scale from around 140, no matter how many times I tried South Beach or Slim-Fast (and yes, I realize my desire to lose was more about vanity than health). A colleague told me he’d permanently shed 20 lbs. on the Master Cleanse, a very controversial liquid diet that helped Beyonce quickly slim down for her role in Dreamgirls. The no-solid-food rule sounded a little scary, but the thought of losing 10 lbs. fast was too tempting to resist. So I started poking around the Internet and found a surprising number of Master Cleanse tips—some useful (always stay near a bathroom) and some not (rub your belly to rid it of toxins).

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I was ready to spend 10 days ingesting nothing but homemade lemonade. Here’s what happened:

Day 1: Every day I was supposed to guzzle 16 oz. of salt water in the morning, and sip a mug of hot laxative tea before bed. According to Google, this was supposed to eliminate years of waste accumulated in my body. That’s basically a fancy way of describing water-like diarrhea and killer stomachaches.

Day 2: I wasn’t as hungry as I expected to be and even felt more energized than normal. But that night I went to the movies and could smell my friend eating gummy worms two seats away. I had to sit on my hands so I didn’t reach over and steal some.

Day 3: Wanting to burn some extra calories, I spent the day walking around the city. Since you’re not eating anything on the cleanse, you’re not supposed to exercise—and I soon found out why. Feeling faint, I had to sit down on more than a few benches on my way home. “Are you insane?” my friend texted me mid-rest, begging me to stop.

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Day 4: I woke up weighing 135—I’d finally broken my 140 plateau! Seeing the scale go down was exhilarating and addicting.

Day 5: Socially, it was an awkward week to cleanse. My colleagues and I were taking our new manager to lunch, and an old college professor wanted to have dinner. My new coworker asked if I wasn’t feeling well when I ordered a measly bowl of egg drop soup at a Chinese restaurant. Embarrassed by my no-solid-food streak, I faked an upset stomach.

That night my professor picked a steakhouse. After just two bites of steak and some asparagus, I realized there’s a reason you’re not supposed to eat solid foods while consuming all that laxative tea.

Day 6: I easily buttoned up a pair of skinny jeans that last fit when I was 18. I spent the majority of the day collecting recommendations for reputable tailors and vowing to do the cleanse seasonally.

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Day 7: My tongue turned white a couple of days ago, which my Internet research said was normal. However, I wasn’t sure why it was normal because I’d never bothered to buy the Master Cleanse manual ($3-14; amazon.com). I wasn’t supposed to stop cleansing until it returned to its normal color, which generally happens on Day 7. But it hadn’t changed yet, so it didn’t look like I was going back to eating anytime soon.

Day 8: Many people on the Master Cleanse claim that by Day 8, they wake up feeling like a new person. I woke up feeling very moody and uncomfortable. Whoever said that Day 8 is enlightenment needs to be enlightened. My weight hadn’t changed and I was ready to eat my own hand.

Day 9: The scale didn’t budge again and my tongue was still white. Was I on a Master Cleanse plateau? I changed my mind about doing this four times per year.

Day 10: Sitting on my couch at 11 p.m., counting down the minutes until midnight, I looked down and noticed that my thighs had turned to jelly. While I’d lost weight all over—and had finally shed my tummy rolls—I hadn’t expected to lose so much muscle mass.

At 12:01 a.m., I gobbled down some chocolate chip cookies, even though my tongue was still white. Ten days is the recommended minimum for cleansing—some people can go up to 40 days—but since I wasn’t losing any more weight, it no longer seemed worth it.

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The aftermath

While I managed to maintain my 10 lb. weight loss for a few months, it wasn’t long before I started indulging in foie gras and chocolate cake again—and regained all the weight. I never forgot the thrill of losing so many pounds so fast, so I attempted the Master Cleanse again a few months later. But three days in, I realized that I was going down a dangerous path, and I quit.

Still, short-term fasting can be a safe way to get back to healthy eating habits. But instead of lemon and maple syrup, I bought a juicer. After a really indulgent week, I stick with freshly made fruit and vegetable juices for a day or two.

I also made an appointment with a nutritionist to get my yo-yo dieting under control. Keri Glassman, RD, the owner of Nutritious Life, a nutrition counseling practice in New York City, has seen more than a few clients try multiple fad diets only to regain the weight, too. I now follow her simple rules:

  1. I eat when I start to get hungry and stop before I feel full.
  2. I plan most of my meals in advance to make the healthiest choices possible.
  3. I’m not perfect, but I cut down on the amount of processed foods, artificial sweeteners, alcohol, and caffeine in my diet.

It’s not a quick fix—and my progress takes a lot longer to show up on the scale—but it’s infinitely better than limiting myself to spicy lemonade.

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Master Cleanse – The Right Way

Many want to know about using the Master Cleanse specifically for weight loss. It may be a very effective way to lose weight fast; but in my opinion, there are some important steps you need to follow if you don’t want to significantly compromise your health.

Do it wrong and you can experience serious and troubling side effects.

Keep reading to find out how to use the Master Cleanse for weight loss or as a general health & rejuvenating cleanse – in the safest way possible that I know.

If you’re thinking about trying the Master Cleanse, please take a moment to read this important information to see if this cleanse is right for you.

Yes, it’s true the Master Cleanse can help you lose up to 20 pounds, look younger, ease chronic pain, boost your energy levels, and clean your body of internal waste in 10 days but…

Most People Don’t Last 1 Day On The Master Cleanse.

You know the saying – “if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Well, that saying holds true with the Master Cleanse as well. Now don’t up and leave this page just yet because I’m going to show you how to make the Master Cleanse “do-able”.

These tips have helped people who could never finish the Master Cleanse, breeze through it without too much trouble.

But before we get to that, let’s take a closer look at exactly how the Master Cleanse works and what it can do for you.

The Master Cleanse Recipe: How To Make The Lemonade

Here’s the recipe for making the Master Cleanse lemonade:

2 Tablespoons of organic lemon juice

2 Tablespoons of organic grade B maple syrup

1/10 Teaspoon ground cayenne pepper

10 oz of filtered water

This recipe is for a single serving of lemonade, and it is recommended to drink 6-12 servings a day.

You can also prepare a big batch by multiplying that recipe by however many servings you plan on drinking. Be sure to keep it refrigerated and don’t make more than one day’s supply at a time because you want the lemonade to be as fresh as possible when you drink it.

You might be wondering about how the lemonade tastes. The cayenne pepper can be a real concern for some people; but I think the lemonade is surprisingly tasty. The cayenne pepper gives the lemonade a nice little kick.

What if you don’t like spicy drinks?

Here’s a tip: Take 2 cayenne pepper capsules with each glass of lemonade instead of mixing ground cayenne pepper into the drink. You can find cayenne pepper capsules at most health food and vitamin stores for around $5 per bottle.

I know that it’s tempting to take this recipe and jump right into the Master Cleanse. That would be a big mistake. There’s more to the Master Cleanse than that.

Before you try the Master Cleanse you need to know:

  • How to prepare yourself before starting the cleanse.
  • What to do during the Master Cleanse to reduce side effects, or avoid them altogether.
  • What to do after the Master Cleanse because you don’t want to go back to your old diet right after the cleanse.
  • And finally, how to maintain the results you get long after you’ve finished the Master Cleanse. This one’s important!

When you know all these things you’ll have a much easier time finishing the Master Cleanse, and you’ll benefit more than those who don’t.

Speaking of benefits let’s take a look at what the Master Cleanse can do for you…

10 Days To A Whole New You

As soon as you start the Master Cleanse your body begins a process of rapid detoxing and rejuvenation. The changes you experience can happen fast — so fast that you’re bound to get a “WOW!” response from people you know.

Don’t be surprised if a few people pull you aside and whisper a question about if you’ve recently had some “work done.”

Like I said, the changes can happen FAST.

Here’s What Is Possible When You Do The Master Cleanse

  • You can normalize your appetite and metabolism, so your body can comfortably adjust to its ideal weight for your size naturally.
  • Your hormone levels can be restored, so every cell in your body can be charged with “youth-giving” and “feel good” hormones. If you suffer from libido problems, the Master Cleanse can help.
  • There will be a built-in shift away from unhealthy habits.
  • You’ll “cleanse and detox” your entire body — the pounds of waste built up over the years can be released after just 10 days.
  • Reduced internal inflammation, which can ease aching joints and chronic pain
  • Increased energy.
  • And much more…

For some people, this sounds almost too good to be true. It’s almost hard to believe you could experience such amazing benefits in just 10 days, but the secret behind the Master Cleanse is simple…

It Aims To Restore Your Body To Its Normal, Healthy State.

It would seem that no other animal on this planet could survive if they ate what many humans eat. Heck, even people who maintain the indigenous culture in their part of the world could become very ill after adopting the “Western” diet. That’s why for the first time since the 1990’s, overall life expectancy in the USA has dropped!

Our bodies can become sick and polluted — and just like any machine that’s been neglected and mistreated, we’re not running at peak performance when that happens. The Master Cleanse can change that after just 10 days. There’s no magic to the Master Cleanse — it’s most basic concept is flushing out the internal waste that puts a huge burden on the organs of your body.

This internal waste does more than just clog up your colon. As you’ll discover in this quote from Dr. Bernard Jensen, internal waste basically poisons your entire body:

“The heavy mucus coating in the colon thickens and becomes a host of putrefaction. The blood capillaries to the colon begin to pick up the toxins, poisons, and noxious debris as it seeps through the bowel wall. All tissues and organs of the body are now taking on toxic substances. Here is the beginning of true autointoxication on a physiological level.”

~ Dr. Bernard Jensen, DC, ND, Ph.D.

What Dr. Jensen calls “autointoxication” is when your body becomes so polluted that you slowly poison yourself from the inside. Thankfully, proper execution of the Master Cleanse can eliminate waste in just 10 days, and may reverse a lot of the damage “autointoxication” has caused to your body.

Pounds Of Putrid Waste Eliminated For Good

Until now people who suffer from weight problems have been told they are the way they are because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

When you tell people that diet and exercise aren’t working for you, it seems that everyone assumes you’re secretly cheating – that you’re lazy – or that you don’t have the willpower to stick to a diet. But that’s not necessarily true. The toxic substances you consume daily may be suppressing your body’s natural ability to operate at 100%. They can lower your metabolism, so that even though your eating less you remain overweight. When you flush this waste out of your body, you can automatically start to lose weight.

It’s common to expel pounds of waste in just 10 days on the Master Cleanse, and not the average kind of waste. It’s often black as tar . The hardened phlegm and mucus comes out like long chunks of rubber. The waste can come out holding the shape of the inside of your intestine because it’s been inside you for years.

It’s also common to pass marble-sized gallstones which are green and yellow balls of hardened cholesterol that can block the bile ducts from the liver to the small intestine. This could be fatal if you don’t remove them.

How can you live with all this sickening waste clogging up your body?

I know this all sounds kind of gross. But as you begin to expel this waste, you’ll feel absolutely amazing. Your body can start humming with a lightness and renewed energy that you can’t get from drugs, exercise, supplements, or any colon cleansing kit.

You’re Ready To Do The Master Cleanse – Here’s What To Expect:

As the Master Cleanse starts to work at rapidly cleansing and restoring your body to its natural state of health, you may start to notice weight dropping off every day, some people lose as much as 1 or 2 pounds per day. Your complexion may brighten as the elasticity of your skin is restored, giving you a more youthful appearance. People have seen chronic aches and pains relieved after just 10 days, and had their energy levels go through the roof.

It’s a total body rejuvenation. In just 10 days. Without drugs. Without plastic surgery. Without expensive spa treatments. Without having to spend hours in the gym every day.

Here’s how it works…

The Master Cleanse can act to enhance your body’s natural cleansing systems. We’ve already reviewed how the Cleanse can eliminate pounds of internal mucus and compacted fecal material that sticks to your insides – sapping your health and vitality.

But that’s not even the best part…

Seeing all that internal crud come pouring out of your body is very motivating (perhaps in a gross sort of way); but the best part of the Master Cleanse is not something you’ll see. I believe it’s what you’ll feel.

I’m talking about the cleansing and restoring of your body’s glandular system. Your body’s glandular system is made up of a series of glands that secrete hormones that regulate and control your body’s most vital functions. Things like your metabolism, sex drive, energy levels, mood, muscle building, fat storing, aging, and much more.

These Tiny Glands Run Your Body

Because of all the chemicals and toxic garbage found in our food, air, and water, our glandular system can become weak and crippled. These vital glands may not functioning at 100% and that’s why so many people today can become overweight, have no energy, become depressed, and get sick all the time. These glands also provide the hormones that make us feel good.

Depression rates have been on the rise. If you don’t deal with depression it can ravage your life. Cleansing your body and getting those “feel-good” hormones flowing through you again can help. Think of your body being “bathed” with these restoring and feel-good hormones. Your metabolism, your mood, your sex drive, your energy levels, and many other important bodily functions can be restored to where they should be. You could be charged up and bursting with energy!

With all that can be had by spending just 10 days on the Master Cleanse, you’re probably wondering what the catch is. The truth is the original Master Cleanse can be absolutely grueling to get through, most people don’t last one day on it. But a lot has been discovered in the decades years since the original Master Cleanse was first introduced, and now you don’t have to suffer with the old way of doing the Master Cleanse.

Desperately Want a Shortcut? “Master Cleanse: The Right Way” Gives It To You

Most people have heard stories about the incredible results people have achieved with the Master Cleanse, even when conventional medicine and other natural remedies failed them.

But they’ve also heard how hard the Master Cleanse can be and want to know if there’s an easier way.

They ask…

  • This hunger is driving me crazy. I’m dying for a snack, is there anything I can eat while on the Master Cleanse?
  • How can I use the Master Cleanse to lose weight?
  • Can you help me get past the first 3 days on the Master Cleanse? (The first 3 days are the hardest; once you get past those, your body adapts to the Cleanse and it gets easier.)
  • I feel famished and depleted, what can I do?
  • My joints are sore and my body aches, is there any way to deal with these side effects?

I understand what they’re going through.

The original Master Cleanse book by Stanley Burroughs doesn’t tell you how to get past the roadblocks preventing you from experiencing all the Master Cleanse has to offer. For some people the Master Cleanse was pure misery.

“Master Cleanse: The Right Way” has changed that. Here’s what you’re about to discover…

  • You can’t eat while doing the Master Cleanse right? WRONG! – I’ll give you a list of safe foods that let you “cheat” and not have to worry about interfering with the cleansing process.
  • I’ll show you how to use the Master Cleanse specifically for losing weight. If you’re planning to use the Master Cleanse for weight loss there are some important steps you need to follow. Do it wrong and your metabolism will slow to a crawl. I’ll show you a simple way to lose weight with the Master Cleanse that can keep your metabolism running high and burning fat.
  • How to get past the 3-day hump. Even experienced Master Cleanser’s have trouble getting past day 3. Getting past the first 3 days is critical. The original Master Cleanse book doesn’t talk about this, but I came up with a way that lets your body more comfortably adapt to the Master Cleanse. If this is your first time doing the Master Cleanse, you’ll want to do this.
  • The Master Cleanse is missing one thing that’s vital to your health: Protein. Staying away from certain foods is important when you do the Master Cleanse, but going too long without feeding your body this vital element can be dangerous. I’ll show you one of the purest sources of this special item that actually makes the Master Cleanse work better!
  • Simple steps for reducing side effects – The Master Cleanse is a rapid detox that can make huge changes in your health in just a few days. In some cases that could mean a little discomfort during the cleansing process, but there are ways you can significantly reduce those troublesome side effects, and I’m going to share those with you

Introducing The Book That Makes The Master Cleanse “Do-able”

This is a complete step-by-step guide that you’ll be able to download instantly showing you everything you need to know to succeed when you do the Master Cleanse.

This book will reveal….

  • The common mistake almost everyone makes that can damage their health and can make them gain weight. Many people teaching the Master Cleanse are recommending this and I think it’s just flat out wrong!
  • How to reduce common side effects like headaches. This was not covered in the original Master Cleanse book.
  • Why the 3 days before you start the Master Cleanse will determine whether you succeed or fail.
  • 3 weight loss secrets you’ll learn in the first 3 days of the Master Cleanse. These shatter bad eating habits and automatically replaces them with healthy ones!
  • What to add to your bath water to reduce aches and pains – You can pick this up for a few dollars at any pharmacy.
  • A list of safe foods that lets you “cheat” and not have to worry about hurting the detox process.
  • What the San Bushmen, a tribe in South Africa, can teach you about keeping your mind off food while on the Master Cleanse.
  • The one thing that can sabotage your Master Cleanse efforts without you even knowing it, and how you can avoid it.
  • Learn about one of history’s most powerful health foods that you can use to detox your body. It was written about in the Bible.
  • The specific type of water you must use if you want the Master Cleanse to work. If you don’t use this you’ll be wasting your time. It’s not bottled water.
  • How to master cravings in just days and never have to rely on willpower to lose weight again. This is so effective you won’t even be able to stand a thought of junk food.
  • Want glowing skin? Most creams, cleansers, masks, serums, toners, and other skin care products only hide your imperfections. The Master Cleanse can get rid of them for good. You can look years younger!
  • Why you should rinse your mouth out with water while on the Master Cleanse.
  • The best day to start the cleanse.
  • Why asking a friend or coworker to join you on the Master Cleanse could be a huge mistake.
  • A special method for starting the Master Cleanse that can help you through the most difficult part of the Cleanse. If you’re new to the Master Cleanse you’ll want to use this technique.

And much more…

Is The Master Cleanse Safe?

There are certainly safety concerns if you jump into the Master Cleanse without the knowledge provided in “Master Cleanse: The Right Way.” I don’t agree with some folk’s fanatical approach to cleansing your body. “Master Cleanse: The Right Way” was developed to give you the information to safely finish the Master Cleanse so you’re less likely to jeopardize your health.

Beyonce Knowles announced on the Oprah Winfrey show that she had lost 20 pounds on the Master Cleanse to prepare for her starring role in the new film Dreamgirls.

~ New York Times, December 10, 2006

Robin Quivers from the Howard Stern show went on the Master Cleanse after hearing Magician David Blaine rave about it on her show. Robin credits the Master Cleanse for her 70-pound weight loss, and renewed health.

Here’s What Robin Had to Say About the Master Cleanse in an interview for People Magazine:

“This is my way of life now,” she says. “I don’t ever want to feel the way I felt ever again.”

“This wasn’t about weight loss,” says Quivers, who traces her health problems to steroid-based medication that she took in 1989 to regulate her menstrual cycle, “I was really trying to regain my health, and that’s what it did.”

“She’s a whole different person,” says Howard Stern producer Gary Dell’Abate. “I’ve been with her 20 years, and I’ve never seen her this happy and confident.”

~ People Magazine, April 2004

Backed By decades of Success Stories

Health fads come and go, but for decades the Master Cleanse has been quietly bringing relief to anyone willing to try it for 10 days. Yes, there are skeptic health professionals who try to talk people out of trying the Master Cleanse; but there are thousands of happy Master Cleanse users who did it the right way and are living proof that the Master Cleanse does work.

And the nice thing is you can do the Master Cleanse without any special equipment or exotic ingredients. Unlike modern health fads cooked up by corporations, the Master Cleanse was designed to help you – NOT profit from you by selling you pills, potions, gadgets, and expensive membership clubs.

In fact, the Master Cleanse only costs a couple dollars a day — you’ll probably end up saving around $50 in groceries during the time you’re on the Master Cleanse!

If you’re getting excited about trying the Master Cleanse I don’t blame you, but there’s one more thing I must share with you…

After You Finish The Master Cleanse. That’s When You Really Start To See Amazing Results

What happens after the 10 days are up? That’s the best part, and it’s what separates the Master Cleanse from regular diets. There can be a permanent shift in your beliefs and attitude about what you put in your body after you finish the Master Cleanse. If you’ve been trying to force yourself to lead a healthier lifestyle, you know how hard it is to resist uncontrollable urges that keep you doing things you know you shouldn’t. It’s a terrible feeling to know exactly what you should be doing, but feel powerless to actually do it.

The Master Cleanse can shatter that old program and replace it with one that makes you crave healthy foods. We reviewed the changes you may go through on the Master Cleanse, but this one might be the most dramatic and life-changing. You see, after your body is restored to a state of peak health, it naturally wants to stay there. Avoiding the things that are bad for you no longer becomes a battle of willpower because you’re less likely to have the desire to put them in your body. This change is so powerful that even thinking about unhealthy food can make your stomach churn.

This is such an incredible feeling. Lifelong sugar addicts have become emotional when, for the first time in their life, they can be around sweets and have no desire to try even a little taste. You’ll simply have to experience it for yourself to understand how great it feels.

You’re 10 Days Away

If you’ve been let down by other diets, or disappointed with the results of other cleanses, going on the Master Cleanse could be the smartest thing you do because results come instantly. Seeing daily results makes it easy to stay motivated. And you won’t have to spend a fortune on cleansing kits!

You’ll be finished with the Master Cleanse before you know it, and you can feel like a new person in just 10 days.

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I want you to have all the tools you need to live the happy and healthy life you deserve, so I’m also going to include these valuable bonuses…

Optimizing Your 4 Purification Systems

In this guide, you’re going to find out…

  • The secret behind your body’s 4 main purification systems, and how to easily fine tune them so you’ll be effortlessly cleansing your body 365 days a year.
  • A simple method that can cleanse your body of more waste in 15 minutes than your liver cleanses in 24 hours, and the only thing you have to do is sit down and relax as the waste evaporates from your body. This feels marvelous, and you can even read a book as you let this process happen.
  • How you can combine Optimizing Your 4 Purification Systems with the Master Cleanse to supercharge your health.

This report is worth $15 – and it’s yours free when you invest in “Master Cleanse: The Right Way” today. Plus, you’ll also receive…

Master Cleanse Journal

Sneak a look inside the journal of a Master Cleanse user to see what they went through during 10 days on the Master Cleanse. It wasn’t always pretty, but it will help motivate you.

I also want you to have this must read report…

Poison Water

  • How you can protect yourself and your family from chemicals and bacteria found in almost all drinking water – including bottled water
  • The big lie behind bottled water

After The Master Cleanse

You finished the Master Cleanse. You feel great. What’s next? Don’t sweat it. This guide will help you keep the momentum and achieve even greater levels of health and vitality after you finish the Master Cleanse.

“Master Cleanse: The Right Way” Plus The 4 Bonus Guides Are Yours To Download Instantly

Knowing how to do the Master Cleanse is like being handed a golden key that unlocks the shackles of poor health that have been placed on you by the indifferent food industry.

By cleansing your body you’ll be able to break free from the grips of their addicting products and reclaim the blissful health every person on this Earth is entitled to.

And because the Master Cleanse Secrets Guide and all the bonuses are instant downloads, you won’t have to wait for them to be shipped – you’ll have everything you need to start the Master Cleanse 2 minutes from now.

The price? Today, everything you just read about is yours for the discounted price of just $7.

Just click the “BUY NOW” button below and you’ll be taken to a 100% secure order page. You could be downloading MASTER CLEANSE: THE RIGHT WAY and your FREE gifts in just minutes. Try it, and you’ll be astonished by how great you feel… and how great you look!

P.S. 10 days from now you when you’re finishing up the Master Cleanse you’ll be looking and feeling better than you’ve felt in years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you exercise while on the Master Cleanse?

A: I would avoid intense cardio workouts and weight lifting while doing the cleanse, especially if you attempt to do the cleanse for more than 10 days. This doesn’t mean you should stay welded to the couch the whole time you’re on the cleanse. It’s good to move around. Just don’t push yourself too hard. I like to go for a walk, do some gentle yoga, or ride my bike when I’m on the Master Cleanse.

Keep in mind that what one person considers an intense workout might be effortless to another. So if you’re an experienced runner, going for a light jog while you’re on the cleanse should be fine; but if you’re out of shape, jogging might be too much for you to handle. There is no one rule that fits every person when it comes to exercising and the Master Cleanse. Just remember to pay attention to your body, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Q: Can you do the Master Cleanse for less than 10 days?

A: Yes! I’m a big fan of doing a “mini cleanse”. It will help with weight loss and detoxing, but to really get the hardened waste out of your body, you’ll get better results doing it for 10 days.

Q: Will I be hungry for the entire 10 days?

A: It’s common to be hungry for the first couple days, which is why I developed the ease-in period you’ll find in the book. I also share a list of safe foods that you can eat while doing the cleanse.

Q: Can you take vitamins during the Master Cleanse?

A: In the original Master Cleanse book by Stanley Burroughs, the creator of the Master Cleanse says taking vitamins and supplements will prevent you from getting the desired result from the Master Cleanse. The reason he gives is that vitamins and supplements will never be able to match the nutritional benefits of the real food that nature provides us with. He also warns that the improper balance caused by taking vitamins can be harmful to your body.

Here’s my advice: Try doing the Master Cleanse without taking vitamins if you can. If you feel like you can’t complete the cleanse without vitamins, then try taking only half a vitamin a day, or half of what you normally take on an average day.

I know some people will say you absolutely can’t take any vitamins on the Master Cleanse. But if you feel like taking vitamins will help you during the cleanse and that you won’t be able to finish the cleanse without vitamins, then go ahead and take them. The way I see it, if taking vitamins is the deal breaker for you, meaning it’s either take vitamins and finish the cleanse, or don’t take vitamins and don’t finish the cleanse, then by all means take the vitamins.

Q: Will I constantly be going to the bathroom?

A: It is a cleanse, and the waste has to come out somehow 😉

Just make sure you have the laxative tea when you know you’ll be close to a bathroom and you should be fine.

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