Toga party decorations ideas

This has to be one of my favourite posts as anyone who knows me knows I love:
1) Hosting Parties
2) Themes
3) Dress ups

I came up with Toga theme for my house warming because everyone can get into the theme and it is overall quite DIY and affordable to pull off. It’s not difficult for your guests to participate. The theme is so versatile it’s open for all things Greek, Roman and Toga! Here’s my top 10 secrets and everything you need to pull off the best Toga Party for your next birthday, house party or even upcoming – NYE.

1) Decor
Decor is so important as you need to transport your guests to ancient times. You will need:
– White material draped everywhere
– Candles (Ikea)
– Fake leaves and greenery (from Satwa stores)
– Signs (I printed out individual letters on A4 , cut them and strung them like a garland).

Cheap table decor – greenery and candles

Making the most of props and photo booth!

2) Photo Booth

– This is a white curtain on a rod, put in the corner, using the signs I made from above

DIY Toga Photo Booth

3) Photo Props

Using the decor from above mix with fun things like grapes, leaves, swords – sky is the limit. Check my post here on more ideas for DIY photo props.

4) Food
I ordered large Vine Leaves and meat dish from Rania’s Kitchen in Dubai – homemade amazingness. Luckily being in UAE we have access to all things Mediterranean with most arabic restaurants catering for large amount of platters – think greek salads, hummus, breads, cheese platter etc. I also had a Shawarma man from Eat&Drink at 900AED for 100 sandwiches, he was there all night to serve guests. I renamed the station – Gryos Station for the greek vibe.

5) Drinks

– Make a sangria punch as its nice for display at very Roman with all the fruits.

– I also had an ‘Ouzo’ Shot station. Each guest who did not come in Toga had to take a shot.

Ouzo Shot Station

5) Entertainment

My wonderful friend did all the music from my computer through some great speakers. It is a must for the first half of the party, especially when everyone is arriving to play Greek music to set the vibe.

6) Games

The Greek Mythology Quiz was so easy and so much fun! Make a board of pictures of Greek Gods. Print off entry forms with the answers that correspond to each picture on the board. Get people to write their name and put it in a bowl.

Greek Gods Quiz

7) Competitions

I did mostly photo competitions, creating a hashtag and getting people to post to their photos, where I could easily judge at the end of the night. Best Dressed, Best DIY outfit, Most posts to Instagram, Best use of Props etc.

8) Prizes

Make the prizes related to all things Roman and Greek. I gave away cheap DVDS of films like Troy, Gladiator, Titans etc.

9) Zorba the Greek – Dancing

This is the best song to start playing in the middle of the party, grab everyone in a circle and let the dancing begin! This would have been the highlight of the party for me.

10) Toga Outfits

Lucky last and the most important – the outfits! Toga outfit is so easy and so cheap, no need for stressing on how to pull it off or buying from the party shop.

Girls: Can get away with a white dress or get creative and do your own with some material, beautiful head piece – you are done.

Guys: Carrefour has a dish dash, get a piece of blue material and place it across – a leaf crown added on your head. Toga – done!

The guys in their toga

Pretty gold headbands and a white dress – done!

You will always get one or two people who turn up in plain clothes – to stop this, have a box ready for DIY toga outfit. No outfit – no entry. And don’t forget the penalty shot for anyone who “forgot” their outfit.

The best party I’ve had for a long time, and it’s so easy and so fun.


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Sure, the Ides of March isn’t an official holiday, but the date does have enough history that warrants it as a good time to throw a party. Especially as this year the Ides of March (aka March 15) conveniently falls on a Friday! For those not in the know, this was the day poor Caesar was killed by his friends, but it was also seen as the first day of spring on the Roman calendar and, back in those ancient days, it was the first day of many spring-oriented festivals. So why not celebrate like the ancient Romans? Check out these tips for throwing a steller toga party in your College Station apartment:


3 Tips for Throwing a Stellar Roman-Themed Toga Party

  • Roman decorations. First off, togas should be a hard requirement for all attendees to really set the mood. You might even grab a few spares from the local dollar store for guests who try to sneak in without. But to really set the mood for the party, consider searching the thrift stores the week before for some plastic columns, pedestals, and statue busts to set up in the main room. Artsy hosts might make them out of cardboard or paper mache. Other nice decorating touches include grape leaf garlands with string lights and faux or real grapes tucked around the apartment.
  • Don’t forget the headbands. In addition to having some spare sheets on hand, consider making some headbands. There are a lot of great rescources for making cheap and easy Roman-era headbands, but this blog offers a particularly great approach with some simple fake laurel and gold spray paint. Go head to toe in Roman-themed attire with these DIY sandals.
  • Food buffet style. The Romans loved their buffets — which makes it easy for students to replicate a toga party. Cover a long table or the countertop with a white or burgundy tablecloth to match the theme and fill it up. Good Roman-themed food items include olives, oysters, cheeses, falafel and tzatziki, and grilled meats such as these mouth-watering yogurt-marinated lamb kebabs.

Have Fun, Take Pictures

The rest of the details are up to you. Simply remember to have fun and be sure to let your neighbors know that you’re planning on being a bit loud the night of. Such is also a great time to invite them over to join in the fun and make new friends

Toga Party for Adults

When you hear the word ‘toga,’ your thoughts may immediately go to John Belushi as Bluto in Animal House, shouting “Toga! Toga!” and making one of his classic facial expressions. Kegs and drunk college kids also come to mind. That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to be a crazy college kid to attend or host a toga party. Adults can host toga parties too!

A grownup Toga Party packs a party planning punch because it can channel the fun, carefree spirit of a college party. That’s often just what adults need to take their mind off of the more serious stuff.

Here are a few toga party ideas to jump-start your planning:

  • Menu: In terms of Toga Party food, you have two options: Italian and Greek. Whereas the Toga Party in Animal House is referred to as “a Roman Toga Party” by the sneaky Douglas C. Neidermeyer, here are some options for a Greek menu. Serve horiatiki salad, avgolemono soup, spanakopita, marinated roast lamb with plenty of tzatziki sauce and baklava for dessert. In lieu of the college party fare of cheap beer in red plastic cups, serve your guests Greek wine in stemless wine glasses.
  • Music: If you want to use Animal House as your basic inspiration, then you’ll have to include the Toga Party song: Shout! on your playlist. That and other upbeat classics from the likes of Sam Cooke will be a perfect way to echo the fun feel of your grownup Toga Party.
  • Attire: A toga party is perfect for the host who is sick of trying to decide what to wear to a party! For a toga party, all you have to decide is which sheet goes best with your complexion. For the sake of comfort and modesty, find a neuetral colored bathing suit or tank top/shorts combo to wear under your sheet. Worried about what to do with your hair? Laurel wreaths work beautifully and are a perfect way to carry the toga theme through your whole ensemble.

As with any good toga party, you don’t need much in the way of entertainment or games. Keep in mind that it may be tough for guests to maneuver in their togas. That said, it’s also a good idea to have extra safety pins, belts, and other fasteners available in case guests have a fashion emergency.

The main thing is to laugh, dance, and enjoy the spectacle of your toga party. And, take lots of pictures!

Punchbowl: Relax. Smile. We make party planning easy.

Toga Party

Veni. Vidi. Vici. ♦ . I Came. I Saw. ♦ I Conquered.

Why Toga?

Whether you are celebrating the Ides of March, one of the many Italian holidays, festivals, or feast days, hosting an Animal House viewing party, or simply love partying while wearing not much more than a sheet, here at Party Idea Pros we say any day is just another excuse to party. Your Toga Party can be as elegant or as bawdy as you desire.

Toga Party Invitations and Stamps

Choosing your invitation is the equivalent of the title of a paper … it sets the tone for the entire party!

Veni, Vidi, Vici – I Came, I Saw, I Conquered >> Flyers | Invitations | Stickers

Perfect for decorating place cards

Cluster of Grapes & Togas Toga Party Invitation | Elegant Toga Party Beautiful Classical Motif

TOGA PARTY | Greek Goddess & Peacock Toga Party Invitation | Greek Key Invitation | Black Laurel Invitation

Young Faun With Double Flute | Greek Column, Bold Text


Colorful Greek Themed Party Invitation Ancient | Grape Adorned Drama Masks Toga Party Invitation | Bacchanalia Time Invitation

Looking for an unconventional, fun invitation idea? Attach a note with all the party details to a pair of sunglasses.

Neon Sunglasses

How about something a bit more formal?


Champagne Bubbles : Black Invitation | Fire Light Black Invitations


Figs: Wedding Invitation | Marquee: Wedding Invitation | French Bow: Wedding Invitation

Toga Party Stamps

Veni Vidi Vici Stamp | Greeks Carrying Grape Cluster Grapes Postage Stamp

Greek in Toga & Peafowl Peacock Postage Stamp | Grecian Architecture Dove Postage Stamp

Toga Party Decorations

Mediterranean Kit | Ancient Greece Kit

Banners and Backdrops

Toga Memories Banner in a variety of sizes


Gold Balloons | White Balloons

Centerpiece Ideas

Greek Ironwork >> Spartan Helmet | Vase Ornament | Ensemble (Set Includes: Greek Goddess, Spartan Horse and Spartan Helmet)”

Nike of Samothrace Winged Victory Greek Goddess Statue | Eros (Cupid) & Psyche Greek Roman Mythology Lovers Statue | God of War Ares (Mars) Greek Roman Mythology Statue

Change the look of your home furniture … cover tables, couches, chairs, everything!

Solid White Flat Sheet

Drape over all your furniture and tables and then trim with garland and gold cord. Buy the cheapest cotton sheets you can find. These were 64% off, last we checked.

Now Add a touch of Ancient Rome

Artificial Grape Ivy Garlands | Ivy Vine Garland | Grapevine Cluster String Light Set | Grapevine Garland

Perfect Candles for a Toga Party

The More Candles the Better!

Low lights and candlelight can transform an ordinary room into a chic and festive party venue. There is no such thing as too much twinkle at any party so the more candles, tea-lights and votives, the better.

Bronze and Gold Four Taper Candle Candelabra

This antique gold holder features a classical roman styling. Your burning candle gives off a soft glow as it shows through from inside the basket. Fits a Jar Candle up to 4″ inches wide. This is an excellent holder for a 20 oz Jar Candle, available in a variety of fragrances. It is also a lovely accent with a votive and votive holder placed inside.

Toga Party Favors

Mini Olive Oil and Vinegar Bottles with Personalized Labels

Toga Party Paper Goods

Solid Gold Paper Plates, Cups, Utensils, and Table Cloths

Glittering Gold Party in a Box

Veni, Vidi, Vici – I Came, I Saw, I Conquered | Jeff – The God of Biscuits | Golden diVine Sticker

Add a sticker to the center of your gold plates and cups…

Gold Heavy Cutlery

Toga Party Costumes

We’re not sure if costumes qualify as party decor or as entertainment, but in either case, for this theme we highly recommend making your Ides of March party a costume party!

The Classic Toga

Rather than a sheet, it is best to go to a fabric store and buy real fabric — solid white is traditional, but any color, any pattern will work if you just want to have fun with the whole toga concept and want to stand out from the crowd. Generally, fabric is less expensive than sheets and is a better shape for wrapping around your body. TogaBoy suggests buying 4-6 yards of fabric.

Beyond a sheet …

We’ve included both ancient Greek and Roman costumes — although not entirely authentic, by including both, you have more options.

Costume Gladiator Sandals


With gladiator sandals a popular choice in women’s footwear, you may pefer to buy a pair you will wear again!

Steve Madden Women’s Agathist Gladiator Sandal | Vince Camuto Women’s Havkina Gladiator Sandal

Dockers Men’s Solano Gladiator Sandal | Nunn Bush Men’s Ritter Sandal

Don this fabulous head wear with your togas.

Roman Wreaths

Food and Drink for your Toga Party

Signature Cocktails

Apricot Bellini

Bellinis are a Venetian concoction, made at the famous Harry’s Bar to pay homage to Venetian painter, Giovanni Bellini. I’ve used apricot nectar but traditionally it’s made with peach nectar. Nectar is thicker and more syrupy than a juice. Nectar can be made from peaches, apricots, guavas and black currants.

  • 1 ounce apricot nectar (30 ml)
  • Prosecco, to taste
  • Pour apricot nectar into a champagne flute. Top with Prosecco.

Roman Holiday Cocktail


  • 8 mint leaves, plus sprig for serving
  • ½ oz. simple syrup
  • 1 oz. Averna Amaro Siciliano
  • 1 oz. Italian sweet vermouth (such as Carpano Antica Formula)
  • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice


  • Muddle mint leaves and simple syrup in a cocktail shaker. Add amaro, vermouth, and lemon juice; fill shaker with ice. Shake until outside of shaker is frosty, about 30 seconds. Strain into a rocks glass filled with ice and garnish with mint sprig and lemon wedge.

Delectable Delights

Food is where the Italian influence can really shine. For a festive atmosphere, keep the food delicious, simple and bite-sized. The Food Network suggests laying out easy-to-prepare foods such as bowls of olives and plates of crudités. Arrange crusty Italian bread, tapenade (olive spread), pesto and quality Italian salami on a large wooden cutting board and let your guests help themselves. Another option is a pizza station where your guests can create their own personalized pizzas

Robert Love’s Roman Holiday: Bucatini, Fava Beans, Guanciale, Pecorino Romano | Olive del Diavolo | Olive Primavera: Fresh Three-Olive Blend Tossed with Citrus

Prosciutto Wrapped Melon | Proscuitto Wrapped Asparagus | Pizza Margherita | Portobello Pizzas | Grilled Antipastoin Endive Boats | Lamb and Radicchio Barquettes | Bruschetta Di Prosciutto | Calamari with Citrus Aioli | More Menu Ideas from Food Network

Roman Cookery: Ancient Recipes for Modern Kitchens

Toga Party Entertainment Ideas

Games can make for a killer evening

How to Host a Murder – Roman Ruins

Having mentioned your name in his Roman epic, the renowned poet, Flabbius Corpus, invites you to a banquet for the premier recitation of his historical work. When you arrive, you discover there’s been a murder in the garden and a priceless statue is missing. As one of the eight Roman characters, you and your friends will be scheming and srambling til the end.

Watch a Movie (or just have it playing in the background)

Rent a season of Xena: Warrior Princess or stick with the classic warrior movies, Gladiator or Braveheart

Xena: Warrior Princess | Gladiator | Braveheart … Music

Dinner In Italy | Viva Italia! Festive Italian Classics | Dinner Classics: The Italian Album

Xena: Warrior Princess – Soundtrack | Gladiator – Soundtrack | Braveheart: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack |.Make your own iMix

Party Hearty!

Toga! Toga! Toga! Planning the Ultimate Toga Party

Are you in a Fraternity? Is your Fraternity on double secret probation? You know what you need? A Toga party! A night to celebrate your pledged Greek loyalty by participating in traditional toga wear and drinking games. We should preface this guide to Greek-glory-seeking by recommending you party responsibly by hiring Party Buses or Chauffeurs to get you where you need to go. Now grab your bedsheets and your beer, and let’s have a Toga Party!

The Attire

There are only a few requirements for throwing a Toga Party. First and foremost: dress code. No Toga, no party. To create your Toga, you will need white bed sheets, rope sandals, and an ivy headdress. Cut, wrap, and tie your bedsheets into a Roman-inspired dress. This is a universal look, but creativity is expected. Construct an ivy halo from materials found at your local craft store (if you’ve been day-drinking and this sounds difficult, the halo is optional). Throw on the hippie rope sandals you’ve been saving in your closet since freshman year, and you’re ready to go!

The Drinking Games

Organized games for your party-goers are a must. Expect your guests to be three sheets to the wind at this point, so keep game rules buzz-friendly. Choose games like Chariot Races, where participants will pair up for a piggy-back race to the finish line with out spilling their beers, or Still As Roman Statues, where your party-goers will pose as Greek statues and see who lasts the longest. Beer Pong and Flip Cup are also acceptable.

The Entertainment

Although Grecian-inspired games and drinking contests are entertaining in their own right, it’s best to have multiple forms of entertainment for your guests. Book a DJ or Band to keep the party alive all night long. Hire a Bartender to serve up Roman-inspired cocktails and beer. Finally, if you’re planning to throw a party to rival the Brisbane Toga Party of 2014, make sure you have a Photographer and Videographer on stand-by to capture the madness.

Togas, drinking, and Roman-inspired games – it’s pretty hard to mess this up. Just have fun and drink responsibly, and your party will put Animal House to shame! Toga! Toga! Toga!

Ready to book some awesome entertainment for your Toga Party? Book the best at GigSalad.


Toga Party Supplies!

Toga Party Invitations

Toga Party Games & Activities

Toga Party Food & Cake Ideas

Planning a Toga party is a great theme choice for any occasion – birthday bash, anniversary, Bar Mitzvah, New Year’s Eve or even a reunion. This is also a great theme for kids and teens (minus any alcoholic beverages). The tone of the party is entirely up to you! Read below for Ideas, supplies and decorations for your Toga Party!
Be sure to ask all of your guests to come dressed up in anything from a simple bed-sheet toga, to something more elaborate . . .a Roman slave, or a figure of Greek mythology (Zeus, Apollo, Hercules, Athena, Helen of Troy, etc.).

Toga Party Invitations

Design your own using Toga themed clipart found online and write your party details.

Another clever idea is to wrap up your handmade invitations into a scroll, tie them with ribbon and hand deliver to your guests.

Toga Party Decorations

Decorate primarily in white and gold.

Use gold spray paint to cover anything that isn’t breathing or living!
Go for a look that is reminiscent of classical Greek architecture. Lots of Columns, terra cotta urns and classical statue busts (fun to make out of paper mache). Also, pedestals and balustrades.
Grapevines, oil-burning lamps, and Ivy Vine Garland will add an instant Greek feel to the room!
Candles, candles, and more Candles. As long as there are no small children around fill tables with various sized candles and keep them lit throughout the evening. Floating candles work great. Place a glass bowl or several different sized wineglasses filled with water on a mirror. Add small candles.
Drape and sway white or gold Gossamer across ceilings, walls, and the edges of table skirting. Twist two colors together for a stunning look.
Never underestimate the power of decorating with Balloons, as they can transform any size room into a cozy space in minutes at a very low cost. You can choose to inflate balloons with helium, but there are other options. In order to save money, inflate hundreds of balloons in white and gold without using helium. Tie a 6-8 foot piece of Curling Ribbon to the end of each one. Using scotch tape, masking tape, or straight pins, hang balloons down from the ceiling so they hang at different lengths. Curl the loose end of the ribbon with scissors.
Use Plastic Cutlery. Use a gold paint pen to draw random Roman numerals or the Grecian block pattern on the handles of white plastic cutlery. Tie the plastic flatware together with gold ribbon – big impact at a little price!
Drape Gold Ivy Garland along the edges of all your tables. This will add an easy and authentic Greek feel to your party room!
If you are using a plain tablecloth, decorate it with fabric paint. Paint large golden swirls, a Grecian block pattern, or Roman numerals (in the appropriate number if you are celebrating a birthday or anniversary). As an alternative, stamp a fancy design with a pre-cut sponge or attach ribbon in a Grecian pattern.

Toga Party Games & Activities

For a formal, elegant tone, hire a harpist to play during the mingling and dining portion of your party. Tyres and panpipes are other instruments that would provide appropriate entertainment. For dancing, go with fun dance music provided by a DJ or your own stereo!
A costume contest is a terrific idea for a Toga Party. Award prizes for “best costume”, “most authentic”, “best accessories”, “most likely to become a Roman goddess”, etc.
Prepare a trivia quiz filled with information about Greek mythology and Roman customs and traditions – a great way to entertain and educate your guests!
Play a fun game of “bobbing for olives” (or grapes)! Use individual wide-mouth glasses or bowls – one per player – filled with either martinis or sparkling water. Let each player bob for the olive using only his or her mouth. Use a stopwatch and time players one at a time. Good for lots of laughs!
Create a backdrop for “official” Toga Party photos. Whether your backdrop is as simple as a stunning metallic curtain or a column decorated with hanging vines, reserve a place where everyone can have a special souvenir photo taken. This is a night they will want to remember forever!

Toga Party Favors

Rather than waiting until your guests are making their exit to give them a party favor, some favors can be given during the party. The following favors should appeal to most ages:
Try some personalized Stem Flutes. Guests can drink wine or water from the special glass all evening, then take the glass home!
Have a gold stem flutes imprinted with your party’s Greek theme. The imprinted Gold Stem Flute Glitter Candle filled with gold glitter would be a perfect favor for this theme!
Give your guests Frames imprinted with special party details. Try one of these inexpensive imprinted acrylic frames, or one of the other specially imprinted frames. Either use a Polaroid camera to send a picture home with your guests, or mail souvenir photos at a later date. Take lots of pictures at the party, or leave disposable cameras (spray paint them gold for an elegant touch) on tables and encourage guests to use them throughout the evening. You’ll have plenty of warm memories captured to pass along to your appreciative friends.
Think glow in the dark, especially for an “Animal House” party! Check out the glow in the dark Bracelets and Necklaces. Not only do the children love them, but adults do too! We’ve seen the necklaces worn in some pretty creative places on the body because they can be connected together, and configured many creative ways!

Toga Party Food and Cake Ideas

Here are some suggestions for Toga Party munchies:
Use large platters (purchase inexpensive platters – even disposable foil will work) and spray paint them gold. Fill them with fresh chunks of cheese in a variety of colors, huge bunches of grapes still on the vine, fruits, dates, figs and nuts, and big whole loaves of bread in varying sizes.
For heartier fare, serve chicken with figs, a phyllo spinach tart, and garlicky olives. Cover the platters with vine leaves.
Serve robust wine from a terra cotta urn or golden pitchers.
If an “Animal House” atmosphere is more to your taste, serve lots of finger food, chips, beer nuts, etc. – and have a couple of kegs of beer on hand!

For a decadent twist, have your guests feed each other!

Do as the Romans and serve Secunda Mensa – the final part of the meal that was made up of desserts. Cakes sweetened with honey as well as apples, pears, grapes, nuts and figs might be served.

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Some of the favorite college parties were toga parties. It is easy to have go toga, just supply plenty of food and drink, and have everyone wear a toga.

Even people who normally aren’t excited about a costume party seem to get excited about the prospect of a toga theme party!

Plan to give out prizes at the party to make it more interesting. Some ideas include:

  • Best Toga
  • Most Authentic
  • Best Accessories
  • You can also have a trivia quiz about Roman customs or play the the movie Animal House (Amazon Affiliate Link) or play a fun game of “bobbing for olives”. Some fun “theme” food choices would be Italian type finger-foods, grapes and olives. Of course you can always just go with chips and beer too. Pretty much anything goes with this party!
  • Going beyond the Frat House Party Idea

    The toga is similar to garments worn by the Greeks, but the true toga was a Roman invention. Incorporate some of these great ancient civilizations into your party.

    • If your guests will be up for something active, incorporate some ancient games like tug of war, arm wrestling and capture the flag
    • Play a trivia game using Roman or Greek Mythology
    • Romans were known for drinking wine, so include a wine tasting
    • Include Ancient Rome as a stop in an Around the World Party
  • Use decorations such as columns, party prop statues and backdrops that are Greek or Roman from Shindigz

    How to Make a Toga for your Toga Party

    A toga isn’t just limited to a toga party. It also makes a great instant Halloween costume (I’ve done it myself, deciding at the last minute what I might want to do).

    If you need help with ideas for how to make a toga, here are some steps:

    Many people think that using bed sheets will work for a toga, but actually, you’ll be doing better to buy a cheap piece of fabric that is 4 to 6 yards long. Depending on the style of toga you are going for, bed sheets may not be big enough. Also, there are lots of fun fabric design choices you could pick if you go to the fabric store.

    Wrap the fabric around your chest at least once and pin. It should hang between your knees and the floor. (Men may want to just drape it around their waist). Throw the rest over your shoulder and pin again.

    Add a Laurel Leaf Wreath Headpiece for your head and some gold jewelry and…viola! It doesn’t need to be perfect, and everyone’s will probably come out a little differently. It is the fun that counts.

    Shop for a toga instead.

    This site is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

    Let’s Connect!

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    Beer Tasting – great for an Oktoberfest party

    Adult Party Games

  • AWESOME Greek Mythology PArty Games


    Many kids find mythology to be a fascinating subject, and rightfully so. The stories concocted by the ancient people of Greece are especially intriguing, and are often the best tales to capture the attention of the younger audiences. After all, who doesn’t enjoy hearing about the adventures of the all-powerful Zeus, or the many monsters that are so often found in these ancient stories?

    If you have a Greek mythology enthusiast on your hands, we have just the party plan for them. These mythology-themed party games are sure to get them out of their seats and having a bunch of fun in no time at all!

    Medusa Tag

    Imagine turning around, only to see a terrible monster with snakes for hair staring you in the eye. The next thing you know, you feel your joints locking up and find yourself turned to stone, unable to move. This is how you would feel if you happened to meet Medusa while walking down the street, and it’s how you’ll feel while playing this game if you aren’t careful.

    To play, choose one guest to be Medusa. This player will have the ability to turn people to stone by tagging them. However, all other players–or at least those who have not yet been turned to stone–can break the stone spell put on their friends with the power of a simple tap. So while Medusa is trying to turn all players to stone, she must also keep a close eye on those who have not yet been tagged in order to keep them from undoing all of her hard work.

    Once Medusa has managed to turn all runners to stone, choose another Medusa and start another round.

    achilles’ heel

    Ah, Achilles! How incredible it would have been to see you in action. Too bad that darn heel didn’t measure up to the rest of you in terms of strength. If it had, you would not have been knocked down at the top of your game, and might even still be around for us to fawn over today.

    In this game you will need an inflated balloon with a piece of streamer tied to it’s end and the other end tied around the players ankle. You will need one for each player. We use streamer instead of string because streamer breaks easily, this mean if a players streamer or balloon gets stepped on it will break not trip the player.

    The idea is that on the start of go all players run around trying to bust the other players Achilles’ heel (balloon) while not having theirs popped. If a players balloon is broken from their ankle they can still stay in the game as long as their balloon is not popped. They cannot touch their balloon with their hands, but they can kick it to keep it away from other players. The last person to have an intact balloon wins!

    printable greek mythology trivia treasure hunt

    8 intense challenges testing your knowledge of the Gods, Goddesses, and Myths we have come to know so well. Each challenge provides the clue to where the next clue challenge is hidden – all leading to hidden treasure!
    This treasure can be whatever you (the host) want and best of all the host is also gets to decide where the challenges are hidden so this game can be played anywhere – parks, homes, classrooms, etc.

    Comes in a full color high resolution PDF READY TO PRINT
    Check out complete details and clue samples now.

    t.p toga’s

    The people of ancient Greece, and even their gods, all wore togas. Therefore, it stands to reason that the guests at your Greek mythology party should do the same. This is a ridiculous game that is sure to have everyone cracking up before it’s over.

    Before the party, buy a huge package of toilet paper. It doesn’t have to be high-quality since it’s just going to be used for a game. You will also need a stopwatch (the one on your smartphone will work just fine).

    To play, split the guests into teams of two and have each team decide which player will be the the model and which one will be the designer. Give each team two rolls of toilet paper, and instruct them to create a toga that will stay on the model during a fashion show. The catch? They only have two minutes to finish.

    The team to create the most fashionable toga that also stays on their model and intact during the post-game fashion show is the winner.

    Greek olympics

    The Greeks had a festival at Olympia each year to honor the most important god, Zeus. This festival was an athletic event, with contenders coming from every region of the country to compete over five days. These games were called the Olympics, so what better idea than to have a small, backyard, Olympic contest.

    Dividing the guests into groups, or teams, is the first step. Each team will take part in a running race, a three-legged race, a backward race, and a jump rope race. The team with the most first-place athletes is the winning team and will have olive branch crowns put on their heads.

    Olive leaf wreaths can easily be made using green construction paper, scissors, and tape. First, cut a strip of construction paper about 2″ wide and 20″ long. Two strips will have to be joined by tape to reach the 20″ mark. Next, cut small leaves, 10 or 12 should do, and tape them to the long strip. Voila’!

    Apollo’s Karaoke contest

    Apollo, the Greek god of music, among other things, was honored annually by a festival at Delphi which was chiefly centered on music. This ancient festival relates closely to having a modern-day a karaoke contest. If there is a karaoke available, that makes things easy, but if not, using a cardboard tube or a hairbrush as a microphone will do just as well. Pick music for a playlist filled with all the favorite songs of the honoree’s age group, then allow small groups or individuals to participate. This venture could be an actual contest or just a fun activity that will probably be the hit of the party. Togas and olive leaf crowns may be worn, or not.

    Demeter’s terrariums

    Demeter was the goddess of the earth and agriculture. In her honor, the children could have a try at making terrariums. Recycled jars or mason jars can be collected before the party. Add soil, charcoal to absorb any decaying material that crops up, a few stones for drainage, and a little moss. Spray some water on the plants in the jar using a spray bottle and seal the container with a lid. If there is condensation in the jar after the guests take them home, tell the kids to open the lids for a short time. Terrariums need watering infrequently.

    icarus don’t get too close to the sun!

    Icarus, the son of Daedalus who was the inventor of the Labyrinth, tried to escape from being imprisoned in Crete by King Minos. Daedalus gathered bird feathers and constructed wings using wax to hold the feathers together. He made the wings so he and Icarus could fly away, but warned his son not to fly too close to the sun or the wax might melt. But Icarus flew too high and fell from the sky, leaving his grieving father to continue on all alone.

    In this game the “sun” is represented by a yellow beach ball with plastic gold coins tacked all around it. Players must “fly” as close to the sun as many times as they can and take a coin WITHOUT being caught too close. To play place the sun in the middle of a 10 foot ring – this can be marked off with tape, rope, etc. Another ring should be marked off about 4 feet away from the inner one.

    To play the game all players stand outside the outer circle and someone starts the music. While the music is playing players are allowed to get as close to the sun as they want and steal one coin at a time, they must leave the inner circle and re-enter to steal another. But when the music stops everyone must freeze! Whoever is caught in the inner circle is melted by the sun and is out of the game. Whoever is caught in the outer circle loses one of their coins if they have any. Players outside both circles are safe until the next round. Keep playing until only one player survives or one players has stolen 10 coins. Give the winner a special prize and let the rest of the players trade their coins in for pieces of candy.

    escape the minotaur

    King Minos, who was so mean to Daedalus and Icarus, had a very unusual pet. His favorite friend was his Minotaur. It was half-man and half-bull, and Minos kept him in the labyrinth built by Daedalus. This game, called Escaping the Minotaur, is super easy and especially fun. One or two adults stand in the middle of the yard. When one of the grownups yells, MINOTAUR, all the children have to run from the line they are standing behind on one side of the yard to the line on the other side of the yard, without being touched by the Minotaur (the adults). Lines can be made with spray paint applied directly to the ground. The last person left who has not been captured by the Minotaur, is the winner.

    Riddle of the sphinx

    The object of this game is for each player to get across the path by solving a riddle. You will need to have a riddle for each player and create a path using paper plates – each paper plates should have a letter of the alphabet written on it. Players line up at the beginning of the path and a riddle is read. If you want to add some spectacular you could record the riddles before hand with an ominous warning from the Sphinx. Once a child has her their riddle they must answer the riddle by stepping on the plates that spell out the correct answer. Make sure you set up the plates where the answer will lead each player from one end of the path to the other. If they make it across they win a prize.

    Orion and Artemis Archery challenge

    Before Artemis was tricked by her jealous brother into killing Orion they were great friends and hunting buddies. Their weapon of choice: the bow and arrow. In this game you will need a bow and arrow (toy one will suffice) and some hula hoops. Hang the hula hoops at different distances and heights from the trees and assign a point value to each. Let each player shoot five arrows and try to make it through whichever hoops they choose. The player that scores the most points wins!

    More Greek Mythology games and Ideas

    More awesome ideas for games including this one involving Hera’s watchmen Argus.

    Percy Jackson party ideas and games!

    Olympic party ideas including this tutorial on how to make a victory wreath!

    Get ready to cheer on team USA while they compete for gold by playing these go for the gold party games with your family and friends! They’re perfect to play while watching the Olympics opening ceremony or just a fun way to celebrate your love of watching amazing athletes compete from around the country.

    They’d also be great for a go for the gold party with kids or even adults, just a fun way to get everyone involved in some healthy competition with a very sweet prize!

    This post contains affiliate links to products for your convenience. If you purchase via my links, I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    Go for the gold party!

    I like winter sports but I love summer ones, kind of like how Alex Mack liked her Skechers but loved her Prada backpack in 10 Things I Hate About You. You know, that kind of love. If you’re looking for Winter Olympic themed party games, you can find those (and a free printable scorecard) here.

    I remember watching the Magnificent 7 perform back in 1996 when I was just 11 and thinking that I wanted to be a gymnast someday. I wasn’t in gymnastics nor could I touch my toes (still can’t), but I just remember thinking I wanted to be that awesome.

    Now, I know better.

    I know that I’ll never reach that level of international competition and that the people I’m watching really are amazing at what they do. And even though I don’t have a poster of Gabby Douglas or Simone Biles on the ceiling of my bedroom, I am still really looking forward to watching the USA gymnastics team compete in Rio next month.

    My dad’s a huge fan as well. In fact, he actually took us all out of school for two weeks to take a family trip to watch all of the festivities in Salt Lake City in 2002. Watching the Canadian pair figure skating team get awarded the second gold medal because of the controversy with the Russians judging was something I’ll likely never forget. So many emotions at that moment, and I’m not even Canadian.

    So it’s safe to say I love everything about them.

    As part of my parent’s big farewell this week, I thought it would be fun to put on a little competition of our own since my mom and dad will be on their LDS mission by the time the festivities get started next week.

    I put together eight different competitions inspired by some of our favorite events. Each player was on their own (no teams), and I kept a running scorecard for everyone to keep track of scores from our go for the gold party games!

    And at the end, the top three received their own type of medal – a jar full of chocolate. Bronze colored Rolos for the third place finisher, silver covered Hershey Kisses for the second place, and gold Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Minis for the gold medal winner. I used the same prizes for our Winter Olympic themed party too!

    Olympic Party Games

    #1 – Bouncing Basket Ball

    Everyone is given ten ping pong balls, all a different color. Place a bathroom sized trash basket in the center of a room with bounceable (so not carpet) floors and then have all players stand in a circle perimeter around the trash cans.

    Players have ten chances (their 10 ping pong balls) to bounce a ping pong ball into the trash can in the center of the circle. Players get one point for each ball in the basket at the end of the round.

    #2 – Balance Book

    Before the game, tape a 10 foot line on the floor and gather together a bunch of books, trying to stick to the same size if possible.

    Players have to walk from one end of the tape to the other (without falling off) while balancing a book on their head. If the book falls off or they step off the line, they receive no points. If they make it across with one book, they receive one point and can try again with more books.

    They can continue walking back and forth until the books fall off their head, up to a total of three books (for 5 points). Points do not accumulate, so if they eventually can do three books, they receive a total of five points, not nine.


    • One book – 1 point
    • Two books – 3 points
    • Three books – 5 points

    #3 – Cool in the Pool

    Before the game, gather together a bunch of small pool toys (like 25). They can be anything from pool noodles to puddle jumpers to splash balls. Put them all in a big bucket at one end of a room or field and put a line of tape or spray paint on the other end.

    For this game, players have to race from the starting line to the bucket at the other end of the room. They can use their hands to get items out of the bucket but cannot use their hands to hold the pool toys to return back to the starting line. Players have one minute to go back and forth collecting as many pool toys as possible, carrying as many toys back from the bucket on each turn as possible.

    Players get one point for each item they get back before the minute runs out.

    #4 – Table Tennis Toppling

    Setup plastic cups at the end of a table about 2 inches apart. At the other side of the table, place a basket of ping pong balls.

    Players have to roll (not bounce or throw) the ping pong balls from the basket on the end of the table to knock the cups off the other side of the table. Players have a minute to see how many cups they can knock off and receive a point for each cup knocked completely off the table.

    #5- Household Triathlon

    Setup three different stations that players will have to compete as quickly as possible to finish their household triathlon. Players can either go all at once (if you have enough supplies for that) or can go one at a time and just time them. Fastest player gets five points, next fastest gets three points, and third fastest gets three.

    Event #1 – Rug Run

    Players have to sit on a bath mat (rug) and scootch their way from a starting line to finish line and back again. This also works with towels if you have more of those available.

    Event #2 – Swim Like a Fish

    Players have to use just their mouth to pull three plastic toys (preferably fish) out of a bucket of water.

    Event #3 – Spin Cycle

    Players have to search through a basket of unmatched socks to find five mates, then must mate the socks and place them on the ground to finish.

    #6 – Giant Golf

    Tape two long horizontal parallel lines on one end of the room, spaced about a foot apart from one another. Tape another long horizontal line about twenty feet from the first two lines, on the other side of the room. Players will each be given five golf balls and a broom (or mop).

    Using just the mop/broom as the putter, players have to try to putt the golf balls to land in between the two lines. They can’t be touching the line, they have to be in between the two lines. Players receive one point for any golf ball that lands in between the two lines.

    #7 – Ball on the Wall

    Place two large baskets or buckets near an empty wall. Players have 10 tries to toss a crumbled up piece of paper ball off the wall and into the basket from a designated spot across the room.

    Players receive one point for every ball that lands in the bucket. If you’re going to do multiple people at once, give them different colors.

    #8 – Plate Toss

    Before the game, tape down three paper plates on one side of the room, one with a 1, one with a 2, and one with a 3. Then give players five paper plates and standing on the other side of the room, players have to toss the paper plates toward the taped down ones to try and get them to land touching the point plates.

    If the plate they toss lands touching a plate with a number on it, they receive that number of points. Count up the total number of points at the end for their total number of points.

    I’ve created a free printable scorecard (click here to download) you can use to keep track of points. At the end of the competition, give the player with the most points the gold “medal,” second place the silver, and third place the bronze. My brother was not too excited that my sister-in-law beat him.

    .Decorate using blue and white, colors of the Greek flag.

    Hosting a Greek New Years Eve party can be a great way to ring in the next year, regardless of personal heritage.

    About New Years in Greece

    In Greece, the New Year is considered a national holiday and is referred to as Protohronia. New Year’s Day, January 1, is celebrated as Saint Basil’s Day, in honor of a saint in the Greek Orthodox Church who gave to the poor. Traditionally, gifts are exchanged and games are played during the day.

    One of the most recognizable symbols of the holiday is the New Year baby, who often wears a top hat, sash and diaper. Though the material items were added years later, the baby actually came to embody the upcoming year because of ancient Greek tradition. The Greeks would place a baby in a basket to symbolize Dionysus, the god of wine. According to lore, he was reborn at the New Year as the spirit of fertility.

    Greek New Year’s Party Activities

    Planning a New Year’s Eve party requires plenty of activities to keep both adults and kids busy. Fireworks at midnight are a tradition in many regions of the world for New Year’s, including cities in Greece. Pick up some sparklers and let both kids and adults celebrate with a scaled-down version of the big show in the backyard.

    Children’s Activities

    Children will stay awake until the clock strikes midnight if they keep busy playing some traditional and modern Greek folk games, like Berlina and Vasilias. Rules of play for a number of Greek games can be found online at Children’s FOLK GAMES from the iEARN Multicultural Project. Kids might also enjoy singing New Year songs called Kalandas, or Greek carols, as part of a New Year’s Eve party. The Music Library of Greece “Lilian Voudouri” offers a downloadable New Year’s Kalanda, sung in Greek. Traditionally, Kalandas are sung as children move from house to house. After the carols, they are given treats or gifts of money. If children are not familiar with the Greek language, use Kalandas for a game of musical chairs or for some dancing.

    Adult Activities

    Adults often play card games or games of chance on New Year’s Day, so make that part of the evening’s entertainment. A tournament could even be set up, depending on the number of players involved. Possible Greek card games include Pilotta and Biriba.

    Greek Party Food

    Having the right menu is essential to any New Year’s Eve party. Plan a Greek menu featuring a number of favorite dishes. A sample menu might include dishes like:

    • Greek salads
    • Vegetarian stuffed grape leaves
    • Spanakopita (Greek spinach pie)
    • Greek Mediterranean quail
    • Moussaka
    • Grilled leg of lamb
    • Kourabiedes cookies

    Foods can be served as a New Year’s party buffet or in a sit-down, family-style dinner. Choose what works best with the space and amount of people invited to the party.

    At midnight, serve a traditional Vaselopita. This Greek New Year’s Eve party cake is heavy and contains a small coin. The person served the piece with the coin is said to have good luck for the entire year.

    Greek New Years Eve Party Decorations

    No celebration would be complete without proper party decorations. Create a sleek theme by using the blue and white of the Greek flag. Pick up streamers, confetti, disposable utensils and plates and hats in those colors.

    A New Year’s Eve party with a Greek theme can be decorated to look like ancient Greece from the mythological tales. Add plastic or paper columns, which represent the ancient ruins, around the room for guests to place their drinks on. Grapevine and ivy garlands can be woven around doorways and staircase banisters. Pick up some fun New Years party hats that are actually laurel wreaths. A scene setter with a snow-covered mountain could be used to represent Mount Olympus.

    World travelers who have visited places like Athens, Greece may find that using souvenirs and photos is the best way to decorate for their Greek themed party. Blowing up several scenic photos using a printer and 11 x 14 paper is a great way to get a large mural at a low cost. Hang any fabrics or clothing that was purchased while visiting, and set out books and artwork.

    A New Year’s party often has food, drinks and activities for young and old. Put a novel spin on tradition by hosting a Greek-themed party, complete with food, games and décor that were inspired by the country and its people.

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