Sex to lose weight

Top 10 sex positions that are fat-burning exercises

Sex is hot! Sex makes you sweat and some sexual positions demand a lot from certain muscle groups!
If you skip your cardio for the day, get erotic and experience the health benefits of sex internally and externally. These sexual positions are not restricted to the bed, let go of yourself and pump up your exercise routine.
Lack of space and privacy means getting naughty in a closet or staircase. But doing it standing has several fitness benefits for different muscle groups. This sexual position builds your core muscles and improves your leg muscles too. The girl can flex her muscles and improve arm strength as she latches onto the man. This exercise needs a lot of stamina.
Though it may seem like an easy sexual position, the lotus position improves your glutes and core. The lotus position also makes it intimate as you and your partner are facing each other.
Doggy style
This is one of the popular sexual positions for a man and a woman. It stimulates both the sexes immediately; doggy style stimulates a woman’s G-spot and pumps up a guy’s member. Doggy style strengthens a woman’s core, quadriceps and glutes. As for guys the quads and the core too are exercised.
Cowgirl is one the favourite positions for women as they are in command of their body and their sexual experience. Cowgirl flexes lower abs, pelvic muscles and calves – cowgirl serves as a great exercise to build stamina and the leg muscles.
Scissor position is recommended for pregnant women; it is a slow penetration and is not that tiring. But the scissor position uses your inner thigh muscles and the core due to lack of movement in this sexual position.
You need to be fit to flex your muscles in this sexual position. The bridge position is demanding for women, she has to hold with her arms and legs, and her body has to be parallel to the bed. The bridge position exercises the biceps, triceps, abs, quads and glutes.
This sexual position is a good way to reach orgasm in a woman. For a woman, arch position exercises the core muscles and the legs – glutes and quads. Arch position is a lot more of an exercise than the bridge position.
You can burn up to 100 calories with this position. Wheelbarrow sexual position strengthens the arms of the woman and for the man too. A man also uses his leg muscles to support the girl and also uses his core muscles.
Top 10 Sex Positions that are Fat-Burning Exercises
This position is beneficial for:
– Butt muscles: When you clinch the butt muscles.
– Core muscles: By lifting your pelvic and not your lower back, you are using the core muscles.
It may seem complicated but lunge is a good way to exercise and improve flexibility. Here the woman is on top of the man with one leg ahead of him and the other leg is extended behind her. Lunges as a sexual position are a good way to exercise the butt, core muscles, quads and hamstrings.
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7 Sex Positions That Will Help You Lose Weight In 30 days!

Today, we’re here to make a case for sex as a daily exercise. Because how many of you would pick your gym routine over a sweaty (and steamy) sex session – especially one that will help you lose the same number of calories?

So, while some form of exercises are better, we have listed one of the best forms of workout AKA sex positions that will help you lose weight really quickly. So, buckle up as this is a regimen for two with no extra money and a lot of pleasure. *Wink*

1. Doggy Style

Doggy style is great for toning the upper body strength for women. When you are on your knees and the guy penetrates you from behind, you also get to work on your thighs. The guy has a lower body work out in the process too. You can modify this style by bending down a little while he is in you. This will give your shoulders some extra workout too!

2. Standing up sex

You need to have a lot of strength to maintain this position but it is known as the ultimate position to lose weight. The man stands up and holds the woman up, while he pushes inside her. This sex position mainly works out the legs and the torso. It also strengthens ab muscles.

3. The arch

If you are looking to tone up your abs and your hips, then you should go for this position. The woman lies on her back and lifts her bottom while the man penetrates from the front. Your partner can also place his hands on your hips to hold your body up, especially when you’re at it for a long period of time.

4. Scissors

Tricky but SO good. Both the partners lie down facing their legs to each other. They cross their legs while the guy penetrates the woman. It is for people who like to take things slow. This position is excellent especially for your inner thigh area as it requires a lot of strength to pull your partner towards you.

5. Chair sex

This requires your partner to sit on a chair while you sit on him. This will not only give you full control of the penetration but will also give your legs an intense workout. While you will be able to control your movement, you will also be able to give yourself multiple orgasms.

6. Lotus sex

Lotus sex is one of the most intimate positions. In this position, the guy sits on his butt and the woman faces the man while she sits on his crotch. Instead of going up and down on your man, you ride him smoothly. This will ensure a full torso workout and a pleasurable experience.

7. Woman on top

A woman on top may not be a workout position for your man but it is definitely a great workout for your hips and thighs. It’s like squatting but with loads of pleasure.

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Sex Workout Calculator


When you input your weight and gender, we use metabolic equivalent scores (METs) to formulate the calories burnt per minute of sexcercise. METs are calculated by the amount of oxygen consumed by your body in a given task, multiplied by your weight and the duration of the exercise . We created our own formulae for oral sex and hand jobs based on figures from Woman’s Day’s 8 Sexy Ways to Burn Calories , the wheelbarrow calories were from India Times’ 10 Sex Positions That Are Fat-Burning Exercises and for everything else we used the Position of the Day: The Playbook by . Your MET scores for different positions are compared to MET scores associated with other exercises e.g. football and different foods to help you visualise the effects of your sex work out. The MET scores for the food and exercises were inversely created from calorie information provided by Nutracheck and Nutribase respectively. As there is more to exercise than calories we also researched the different muscle groups used in each position. This information was gathered from Guggenheim’s ‘Sexual Fitness’ which identifies the key muscles involved in different sexual positions. With all these aspects, this calculator can tell you the full effects of your sex work out.

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Can Sex Help You Lose Weight?

Myth: Have sex, lose weight!

Who doesn’t love the idea of sex as a workout strategy? Imagine – have fun, have orgasms, burn calories, and get in shape – all at the same time. Perfect!

Sex does burn calories. Experts estimate 30 minutes of sex burns 85 to 150 calories. Those calories could add up if you are having sex often enough. Theoretically, you need to burn about 3,500 calories to lose a pound of body weight, so if you were using up 100 calories every time you had sex, you could lose one pound if you had sex 35 times. That sounds pretty good. If you had sex more often or for a longer period of time, you could burn even more calories.

The problem is this: Most people are not having sex for 30 minutes. Instead, the average duration of sex is closer to 5 minutes. In fact, the biggest increase in your heart rate and blood pressure during sex only occurs for about 15 seconds during orgasm, and then things quickly return back to normal.

Plus, you probably don’t work as hard as you think you do while you are having sex. Based on studies of young married men, the amount of stress on the heart during sex or the increase in the heart rate is estimated to be about the same as walking up two flights of stairs. It is considered mild to moderate physical activity, and your heart rate rarely increases above 130. Yes, you are doing something, but it’s not enough to count as a real workout. Of course, it’s possible that if you have to work a lot harder to have an orgasm, or if you are older, or not physically fit, sex might entail a bit more strain for you.

Unless you are having sex for much longer and with much more vigor than is average, sex alone is probably not going to get you anywhere near the recommended amount of exercise. The current recommendations for an adult to be healthy are to aim for two and a half hours per week of moderately strenuous physical activity. This would be the same level of effort as brisk walking or dancing. If you think you can achieve this with sex, by all means go for it, but most people are just not getting enough to reap all of the benefits of exercise.

. . .

Dr. Aaron E. Carroll is professor of pediatrics at Indiana University’s School of Medicine and director of the Center for Health Policy & Professionalism Research and the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Comparative Effectiveness Research.

Dr. Rachel C. Vreeman is an associate professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine and codirector of Pediatric Research for the Academic Model Providing Access to Healthcare (AMPATH) in Kenya.

Hate hitting the gym? What if there was a way to make your fitness routine that little bit more fun? Oh wait, there is! And it’s as easy as jumping into bed.

Having sex can burn as many calories as a 30-minute jog, says Stuart Pilkington – celebrity fitness trainer. And you won’t even need to lace up your trainers.

Women burn around 90 calories during sex, but of course to see real results, it’s all about how much effort you put in. Stuart recommends that you should spend around an hour beneath the sheets, so if you’re used to a five-minute fix, you’ll need to slowly build up your stamina.

A steamy hour-long sex session will work your cardio and your core, so you’ll be getting fitter, boosting your strength and toning up your core muscles all at the same time.

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Changing positions several times during intercourse is like interval training, Stuart says – it’s a great cardiovascular workout.

But sex isn’t just about a physical release, it has a positive effect on virtually every part of us, says sex, body language and relationships expert Tracey Cox.

Sex releases endorphins to make us feel light-hearted, levels of the hormone oxytocin rise by about 500% – making us feel relaxed, it boosts the immune system and it can make you look younger too, says Tracey.

But the best part, Tracey adds, is that it really connects you to your partner. ‘feeling loved and accepted and attractive is central to our happiness.’

So what are you waiting for? Want to shape up between the sheets? These are the moves you need to work into your bedtime routine…

Stuart Pilkington’s top 4 ‘Sexercise’ moves

Here are my favourite sexercise positions — make sure you try them all to ensure you burn maximum calories!

1. Get on top

There are different positions that benefit the woman and those that are better for the man. For example, the missionary sex position is a fantastic workout for men, but it is not challenging for women. For that reason, make sure to take it in turns to go on top to ensure that both partners are working hard.

© Getty

2. Women try the cowgirl position

The lower part of the woman’s legs are braced on the bed or floor which will activate her bum and core muscles. As long as your man can last this can be a great cardio workout that is also great for mobilising the pelvis and spine.

3. The Squat

The name says it all. This is a good way to use your thighs, bum and core muscles to build up a sweat. To get the man involved more why not occasionally hook arms underneath your man’s legs and get him to pick you up in the standing position. This will up your heart rate, work up a sweat and the deep penetration will also maximise pleasure.

4. Doggy style

© Getty

If anyone has ever watched American Psycho, you’ll remember the steamy scene involving this position. For the woman, pelvic floor and core muscles can be easier activated. For the man this position will tighten up the abs, raise the heart rate and increase back mobility.

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The Desperate Housewives Diet?

According to McCloskey and a growing body of research, we can all learn something from the wanton women of Wisteria Lane on ABC’s hit comedy Desperate Housewives who bed-hop in and out of their marriages and all have rather exceptional figures.

“It begins with thinking sexy thoughts and making sex a priority,” she says of her sex diet. “I recommend having sex three to five times per week, which can be accomplished by doubling up on the weekends,” McCloskey says. On average, sex burns 150 to 250 calories per half hour. “Since it’s free and so much fun, I’ve found making love is the ultimate exercise machine.”

More than just sex, McCloskey also suggests toning exercises including the “Elvis Pelvis” to help readers and their partners think sexy. To do this move, stand naked facing your partner and press your pelvises together for balance. Raise your arms to the ceiling and lean back while maintaining pelvic contact. Hold for three seconds, repeat five times.

No doubt about it, “sex is good exercise,” says Laura Berman, PhD, LCSW, a clinical assistant professor of obstetrics-gynecology and psychiatry at the Feinberg School of Medicine of Northwestern University in Chicago, and director of the Berman Center. “It gets your heart rate up even if you are not having extremely acrobatic sex,” she tells WebMD.

Having Too Much Sex – Can It Make You Gain Or Lose Weight?

Can sex really lead to weight gain or loss? Well, there are a lot of differences of opinion about the impact of sex on a body. However, there are many researches that suggest that having too much sex leads to weight gain among women. On the other hand, there are also views, which say that sex helps to burn calories. So let us discuss the two aspects separately.

Sex and Weight Gain
There are reports where women say they gain weight on their hips and breasts after making love. The reason behind this weight gain can be the hormone “prolactin”. It stimulates fatherly love and milk production. The level of hormone in the blood levels increases especially when orgasm is reached after sex.

However, it is a common belief that people after marriage often tend to gain weight. Not only women, but men also gain a lot of weight after their marriage. But scientists believe it has nothing to do with sex as there are no physiological reasons to establish that.
After marriage, people get a sense of security and they start living happily with their life partners. This reason is considered to be more predominant behind weight gain in people.
Researches show that when compared to people in relationships, single people eat less. After getting married, couples have meals together and calorie intake goes high naturally. Researchers also say that a happy and secure relationship can actually increase the appetite. Nonetheless, men and women may not be aware that they are eating more than usual because of their happy relationship.

Hence, to make sure you are not putting on excess weight after marriage, keep your diet in check. A healthy diet and a little bit of regular exercise go a long way in helping you remain in good shape.
Sex and Weight Loss
The fact is you actually burn some calories after you exhaust yourself in bed. Figures suggest that on an average, 100 calories get burned in 30 minutes of passionate sex. So the more active you are in bed, the more you lose weight.
According to another study, the amount of stress on the heart of young married men during sex is tantamount to walking up to two flights of stairs. During sex, the heart rate goes as high as 130, which is considered similar to moderate physical activity.
Sex also does curb your fat and carbohydrate cravings because of cortisol, the high-anxiety hormone that can be kept in check by having regular sex.
So for that slimmer midsection, stay active in bed. In case you have a concern or query you can always consult an expert & get answers to your questions!

Findings showed that on average men burned around 440 kilojoules while women burned slightly less at around 280 kilojoules per bedroom romp. Researches identified the average heart rate reached during sex to be the equivalent of moderate intensity exercise, somewhere greater than a walk, but lower than jogging.

These figures will obviously change in your own personal situation depending on how long you last. If you’re seeking to increase your own level of “sexercise”, you can either become more active and involved in the process (try going on top for once) or keep at it for longer. Or both. However on average, the couples burnt the same kilojoules during 12 minutes of sex as they would have during 30 minutes at a moderate pace on a treadmill.

Unsurprisingly, all of the men (and 95 per cent of the women) surveyed preferred sex over the treadmill.

However the benefits of sex as an effect method of weight management go beyond the physiological, and enter the chemical. When we have sex, the hormone oxytocin is produced in our brain and gastrointestinal tract. The “love hormone” oxytocin is produced in the hypothalamus in our brain as well as in our gastrointestinal tract. Dr. Elizabeth A. Lawson from the Neuroendocrine Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston explains in an article that “experiments… show that oxytocin reduces caloric consumption.” In non-science speak, it’s a great appetite suppressor.

“The authors found that oxytocin reduced consumption of a… snack, particularly chocolate cookies,” Dr. Lawson explains.

Unfortunately, the same rate of calorie burning isn’t achieved with a solo session, so if you can’t make this your go to workout just yet, stick with the gym.

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How Sex Can Help you Lose Weight

Today I’m talking about why steaming it up between the sheets is good for you and helpful to the fitification (I just made that up) of your body.

My goal isn’t to make you blush here.

In all honesty, I’m a huge believer in the role of sex, touching and cuddling when it comes to health and wellness, but I don’t chat about it as regularly as I talk about the benefits of omega-3s, hydration and antioxidants with my clients or students.

So, I’m sayin’ it here and I’m sayin’ it now: go have sex to lose weight, peops! {Tweet this}

Cortisol is your stress hormone, often called the fight-or-flight hormone, that wreaks havoc on your health, makes your body hold onto weight around the middle and contributes to illnesses.

If cortisol is the villain who comes out when you’re running late, arguing, pressured or otherwise overwhelmed, do you know who the hero is? Oxytocin.

Do you know how you get oxytocin to rescue your damaged bod? That’s right. S-E-X. Sex.

You need to get rid of excessive cortisol in your body to shuck your weight and a romp with your boo is a great way to do just that.

While I’m talking up the superhero powers of oxytocin, magic from this powerful hormone helps you to sleep like a babe as well, which also happens to be another great way to lose weight!

Sex is also great for your body image. It’s hard to hold on to negative feelings about your body when someone’s lovin’ it. {Tweet this}

It’s also motivating to stick to your healthy ways when you know you’re gonna be naked with somebody.

More than that, it seems as though sexual pleasure is greater in leaner peops. Overweight and obese people struggle more with lower testosterone levels, erectile dysfunction and performance difficulty.

You know how you’re significant other always wants you to look and feel your best? Time to prove it. Instead of Netflix and the popcorn between you two on the couch tonight, bust out your satin jammies and look forward to turning in early!


I Was Terrified of Having Sex After Losing 70 Pounds

Rachel Smith had been overweight her entire life, and frankly, she didn’t really care. She was happy with her body, so she saw no point in trying to lose weight. But in her mid-20s, when she made minor changes that unexpectedly led to major weight loss, Smith was totally blindsided by one of the biggest challenges that came with her new body: a fear of being intimate sexually.

“From 276 to 204 , I’ve realized that I’m terrified of intimacy,” she wrote on Reddit last month. “Being overweight was a fantastic solution. It was like an instant screening process. It meant that anyone who wanted to be close to me really meant it. And now my screening process is melting away.”

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Smith tells Health that growing up, she didn’t think losing weight was in the cards for her. She gave it a “half-hearted attempt” a few times, but all of the women in her family “run a little bigger,” so she figured being overweight was just in her DNA. “Even when I was 5 years old, people would pick me up and they would always be surprised by how heavy I was,” she says.

But that all changed when she got her wisdom teeth out. She couldn’t eat solid food for a week, and she lost 20 pounds. “It was horrible. It was the worst experience. But it taught me a really important lesson, and that was I am capable of losing weight. I’m not some genetic anomaly. It’s not that I can’t do it,” she says.

Smith gained those pounds back as soon as she was able to eat real food again, but shortly after, she downloaded a calorie counting app. She used the app to calculate what her daily calorie intake should be by entering things like her age, gender, current weight, goal weight, activity level, and more. She lost 15 pounds in the first month using the app. Now, she’s lost over 70, and she’s hoping to keep her weight-loss journey going.

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Getting used to her slimmer body has been exciting, but it’s also come with serious challenges. She got catcalled walking down the street for the first time in her life, and she started to notice that attention like that really scared her. Like she said on Reddit, her excess weight used to be her “screening process.” Now that was disappearing.

“In my mind, anyone who still wanted to be my friend, date me, or have sex with me clearly wanted me for who I was inside because they didn’t care what I looked like,” she says. Looking back, she knows that so-called screening process didn’t actually protect her from the rejection and hearbreak she was always so afraid of, she adds, but she just felt safer.

Smith says she was “terrified” to get back on dating apps following her weight loss, yet after taking all new photos for her profile, she decided she was ready. She put herself out there, and she’s really glad she did. “I’ve always described myself as a confident person, and my confidence has tripled,” she says. “Not only am I confident now in what I’m wearing, in my makeup, and in who I am, but I feel good, and I feel like I look good. It’s this entirely new type of confidence.”

But, contrary to what many might think, that confidence hasn’t necessarily made dating any easier. Smith is still really scared of opening up to new people, even 70 pounds lighter.

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And then there’s sex. “It’s so different because I feel like I have a completely different person’s body,” she says. “I move differenly, I experience things differently, I feel differently, and it’s all better.” She also feels confident in a completely new way. “I’m not worrying about what I look like or feeling attractive. I’m just there, in the moment, with another person.”

She says she’s been able to stop focusing on herself so much during sex, which has made it way more enjoyable. “I’m not constantly thinking ‘Does my stomach look weird at this angle?’ or ‘I don’t want to do this position because I’ll squish you.'”

Don’t get her wrong, she was freaking out the first time she took it to the bedroom in her new body. She had no idea what it was going to be like, and again, she was by no means over her fear of opening up to other people. But she found the courage to let go, and it was better than she could have hoped.

Smith is now in therapy, where she’s learning how to develop healthy relationships, both with others and herself. “I’m trying to stop living my life through fear,” she says. “Asking for a way to screen out all of the bad people who might come into my life is both impossible and unrealistic, so part of what makes this so hard, and part of what makes this so exciting, is that I’m throwing away the screening process. I don’t want to miss out on the good because I’m afraid of the bad.”

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Listen To This Episode Now
In this episode Avril and Alex talk about how sex changes after weight loss. Because the truth everyone who lost weight is afraid to openly admit is: sex is better after you lose weight. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s a great thing for a relationship to experience and an important way for it to grow.

There are so many reasons why couples have sex that are not just about physical pleasure. Often couples derive an emotional closeness during sex that may be just as important as physical pleasure.The most important thing is to continue to explore where sex fits into the picture for you — which can differ over time within the same relationship and with each relationship that you have

Why does sex change?

  1. Your self confidence level goes up– Some women avoid sex when they’re overweight because they do not think they are attractive to their husbands. I would never have sex during the day because that meant my body was going to be seen. Once I lost weight that changed.
  1. Your stamina increases– Stamina is defined as a person’s ability to sustain sexual intercourse before they tire out. This of course is a good thing for a great experience. The longer you are able to engage in sex with your partner, the more you are going to discover what gets you going.
  1. You desire sex more often– Research says that in overweight women the sex drive and the desire are affected. Apparently, it is related to the amount of body fat you have. If your body fat is high, chances are that your SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin) levels are high as well. SHBG binds to testosterone the sex hormone. It makes low testosterone levels, so there is less that can stimulate desire. Plus when you feel sexy, you want to have sex.
  1. You experience more variety– After losing weight a wide range of variety in the bedroom can happen. Different positions, different techniques and different feelings about yourself make the possibilities of pleasure endless. After losing weight it is easier to find “the things” you like. This happened for me and it will happen for you to.
  1. Your parts get more blood– By having high cholesterol and high blood sugar the width of the blood vessels that lead into the woman’s area of arousal are affected by the same kind of blockages that impact blood flow in the penis. That means that your health and weight are cheating you out of an awesome orgasm.


Eating- Eat foods that are low in cholesterol and sugar. Lots of vegetables and avoid processed foods.

Exercise- Any activity that increases blood flow to the large muscle groups in the thighs, buttocks, and pelvis — such as yoga, brisk walking

Motivation- What area in your life are you unhappy with right now? Why? What can you do to improve it? Maybe it is your relationship with your partner. He wants to have sex and you don’t. You don’t have the desire, the energy, the time and plus you hate your body. Maybe this is a good motivator to lose the weight.

Let’s be real

Sex is not a topic that free flows through everyones day to day conversations, however we are all human and humans were designed to “do it.” Now the quality, that is in your hands. Don’t be like I was, running to get into bed when your husband got home so that you don’t have to say no again.

Plus on top of that, denying sex is just rude to your partner. My advice, if you want to have a great relationship with your significant other, but you “don’t have a sex drive,” maybe try to lose the extra 10 or 20 pounds. My guess is that you will see a huge change in your sex life and your relationship!

Having a hard time?

Hey I know your time is worth a TON! So is mine, however I want to give you 30 minutes of it. Why? Because to be quite frank here, I know personally know how my sex life changed just because I lost weight. Maybe you do not have 100 pounds to lose like I did, but even 20 pounds can make a huge difference. So book you complimentary weight loss consultation with me and get moving on this weight loss thing….

Author: Danielle

My name is Danielle. I am a mom, author, weight loss coach and creator of the “Diamond Body Image Process™.
I work with strong and determined women with busy lives, who’ve let themselves go for years due to work or taking care of their family. And because of this they are struggling with…
– Standing on your bathroom scale and seeing you are at your highest weight ever so you’ve decided to lose the weight but you don’t know HOW.
– The shame of being overweight is holding you back from being in family photos or videos
– Feel frustrated, fat and uncomfortable because your pants are too tight.
– Feeling embarrassed to be naked in front of your husband and causing you to not be intimate with him yet you want to build a strong bond for a lasting relationship.
And secretly they feel ashamed and embarrassed about their weight. And if they were really honest they would say even though they look happy on the outside, on the inside they feel like a big fat failure and lack the confidence they once had.

For these women, I provide a safe, caring environment for them to be completely honest and open their feelings and fears. I empower them to stop making excuses and blaming their circumstances for being overweight, and instead take personal responsibility for their weight loss, so they can achieve their ideal weight, feel more confident and energized and be their best version of themselves.
I teach my clients simple ways to change their eating habits, exercise habits and transform their mindset through my Diamond Body Image Process™ for long lasting weight loss.
My caring, direct and motivational coaching style inspires women to take action and become the best version of themselves. I teach weight loss from my personal experience. I’ve lost 100 lbs and I’ve kept it off for 7 years. My clients say they feel understood, heard, motivated and they see real results. The profound confidence in each client through weight loss is life changing.

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