Sensual massage for man

Giving a quality massage is one of those things that should technically be easy to do: Oil a man up, rub his body in a way that feels good, voila. But when you’re actually on top of a guy and trying your hand at it, your thought process is probably more along the lines of, “Uh, does this even feel good? Because it wouldn’t if he were doing it to me.” I reached out to sex therapist Ava Cadell, Ph.D., author of Neuroloveology, for a trustworthy how-to that will turn a guy into putty in your hands.

First of all, even with this enlightened advice, you’re going to have to rely on trial and error. “A good massage should last as long as the receiver desires it, so it could be anything from a five-minute quickie to a two-hour production,” says Cadell. Another area of experimentation: pressure. “Men generally enjoy more pressure than women, but I hate to generalize based upon gender since it’s a personal preference that can be influenced by your health, diet, mood, environment, and chemistry with your partner,” Cadell explains. For your first few times giving your partner a massage, switch things up a bit to get a feel for what he likes. Don’t worry that this trial and error takes away from the overall benefits of massage, which Cadell lists as “relieving tension, improving blood circulation, and being a mutually satisfying way of helping couples exhibit intimacy for one another.” Unless you’re hurting him, you’re doing a pretty good job!

To get the ambience right, light a few candles and put on something that will feel nice if his skin comes into contact with it (think a silk robe, or just go nude after some especially great exfoliating and moisturizing). Have him lie on his stomach, then spread some type of lubricant all over his skin. “Massage oil feels the best, but some men prefer massage lotion or even powder, so be sure to give him some options to choose from,” suggests Cadell.

Once his skin is slick, alternate between these four techniques, recommended by Cadell:

The Hand Slide

Begin with your hands parallel to each other and slide them down each side of the spine, massaging all the way down to the lower back and over the buttocks. Then slide your hands up all the way to the neck, over the shoulders, and down the arms to the fingertips. Repeat this motion at least six times. As you do this, ask your partner for feedback.

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Men have larger muscles than women by sheer genetics, so giving your man a deep, relaxing back rub is a particularly loving gesture. Maybe you want to trade back rubs for chores or just want to help your guy relax after a long, hard day. Regardless of your motivation for giving him a back rub, he will appreciate your touch, and if you do not put him into a deeply relaxed slumber, maybe he will repay the favor.

Set the mood. While men might not care as much about flower petals and scented candles, setting up a quiet, calming space for his massage will allow him to relax better. Dim the lights or turn them off and light a few candles (unscented, eucalyptus or lavender for a calming aromatherapy effect) and play relaxing music or ambient noise. Turn up the thermostat to about 76 degrees so the room is warm during the massage and your man isn’t cold with his shirt off.

Ask your partner to undress or remove just his shirt and lie on his stomach.

Rub lotion or massage oil between your hands. Any lotion you have in the house will do if you do not have one that is massage-specific. You just might need to use more of it since massage lotions tend to have a little more slip to them and absorb more slowly than lotions made only to moisturize skin.

Rub your hands up and down your man’s back, distributing the massage cream or oil. Run your flattened hands up from his lower back along either side of the spine up to his neck. Return to the lower back by pulling your hands down the sides of his back, making long ovals. Repeat with slowly increasing pressure five or six times adjusting the size of the ovals as needed to cover the entire back and distribute lotion or oil evenly.

Curl your fingertips in toward your palms and massage using your knuckles in what is called a “bear claw.” Massage his lower back with your hands in bear claws, being careful not to massage over the spine. Spend a few minutes massaging his lower back with bear claws, concentrating on areas that cause him to grunt and groan.

Roll your bear claws up to his shoulders and massage the mid-trapezius muscles (the big muscle between the neck and shoulders) using the same kneading motion with your knuckles as you did on the lower back. Your knuckles have the ability to apply a deeper, more even pressure than your fingertips. Do not be afraid of applying too much pressure – men prefer deep-tissue massage to one that feels more like a tickle. He will tell you to lighten up if the pressure becomes too much.

Massage the lower trapezius (the area between his shoulder blades and his spine) with your knuckles and thumbs. Thumbs are stronger than the other fingers and can apply more pressure, making them perfect for getting into smaller areas. You can start with bear claws or go straight in with your thumbs. Use the pad of your thumb to apply pressure while curling the other fingers into a fist so they are out of the way. You can rest your fists against his back and move only your thumbs to target specific points. For additional pressure, lift up onto your knees while massaging and use the weight of your upper body to add weight behind your hands.

Knead and pinch up his neck to the base of his scalp using the knuckles of the thumb and forefinger of your dominant hand. Either use two hands and gently rub up either side of his cervical spine with the pads of your fingers or use one hand with your thumb on one side of the spine and the middle knuckle of your forefinger on the other side and press into his neck muscles using small circular motions. While you are straddling his spine with your hand in this movement, you are not putting pressure directly on the spine itself. People carry a lot of tension in their necks, and your man is probably no different. If your gentleman had a particularly stressful day, concentrate here for a while.

Use the heels of your hands to massage up and down either side of his spine. With your palms facing down and your hands parallel to his spine, fingers toward the head, press down and rotate your fingers away from his spine keeping the heel of your hand rotating on an axis with each compression.

Revisit any areas where you noticed any knots or any places he seemed particularly in need of massaging. Loose, relaxed muscles will feel pliable and will move under your fingers. Knots are harder and your fingers might jump over them when you rub. If you notice your fingers hitting hard spots in the middle of muscles, you likely have found a knot. Use your fingertips and pads of your thumbs to press into knots with steadily increasing pressure until your man tells you to stop or until you can feel the knot breaking up or disappearing.

Revisit the oval movement you performed earlier on his back, this time with diminishing pressure with each set of ovals.

Drum your fingers on his back while moving your hands in small circles, starting up near his shoulders and working down to his lower back. This tapping massage, called tapotement, is relaxing but also helps to bring people back from their deep state of relaxation and ready them for the end of the massage.



Never massage directly on top of the spine.

10 Tips To Massage A Man Until He’s Yours — Physically AND Mentally

Damn right he wants that happy ending!

There’s nothing ladies love more than a massage. But guess what? So do our male counterparts. They like a nice rub down as well and there’s nothing that gets someone quite in the mood like a massage.

So if you’re crushing, dating, or married to a man that you need to be utterly completely yours, here’s how to give him a great massage. You’ll want to use these until he’s completely entranced with your loveliness.

1. Treat him like a king.

“Well, for me it would start as a true massage — maybe not some 50-minute thing but a little caring for my body. Some kissing, caressing and then maybe after a few minutes, she makes me flip over. Not necessarily going right for the gold, but not taking too long either.”

In other words, create a little anticipation and don’t treat him like he just showed up to the spa. Treat him like you’re his little love slave.

2. Caress his entire body.

“She starts out caressing me and helping my aching muscles, then she finds her way to my nether region with a steady progression towards the hand act itself. Oils would be good in this situation. Some kissing there would be nice too.”

Are you surprised? Understanding how to give him a great massage means recognizing that you should be touching all of him, especially his penis. And really, kissing? We understand the translation.

3. Keep the lights low.

Soft lights were the unanimous requirement to making sure you’re giving him an intense and memorable massage that has him moaning your name.

4. Wear a small amount of clothing.

Some men want you to wear is rather simple: “Nothing. Or maybe just a tank top and panties.” A simple request, right?

5. Put on some lingerie.

For other men who want a little more “lace” with his massage, he suggests you wear something sexier. This way you’ll look pretty and the material will feel just as nice on your skin.

“A small silk robe and lingerie or just panties and the robe.”

6. Work his muscles.

He actually wants you to knead his sore body. This means digging into those tense neck and shoulders and working the muscle knots in his back. Make sure your hands are warm and ready, too.

“The beginning of the massage should be quite deep, like a regular massage.”

7. Don’t forget to use oil.

You can’t simply massage with your bare hands. Apparently, that won’t do at all because when you’ve got oil, the fun takes off. Just start out slowly.

“Start with just a little oil as you’re beginning to massage just like any other body massage, and then add more oil so it gets really slippery and feels a little more sexual.”

8. Tease his penis.

Of course, there’s another vote for some hand play: “The perfect massage is when I begin on my stomach, but she occasionally reaches under and rubs lightly around my penis.”

Is it getting hot in here?

9. Use a variety of techniques.

Now, of course, he wants you to get your body into it and change positions a bit.

“After massaging me for awhile, I want her to turn me over to straddle me, rubbing my chest and then penis.”

It always goes back to his “piece,” of course.

10. Pay attention to the ambiance.

You know your man’s tastes. While one man might want soft music, the other may want something edgier. So it all depends on his taste.

Note: You will find video demonstrations further down the page.

There are lots of reasons you might want to give your guy a massage. For example, he may be enduring a great deal of stress at work, and coming home to a relaxing massage can help to lift his mood and release built up tension. Further, offering the gift of touch is an intimate way of demonstrating how much you care about him.

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If you’ve been hoping he’ll give you a massage, one of the best ways to encourage it, is to first give him a massage – a move that helps put him in a different state of mind while offering him an informal demonstration of what to do when it’s his turn to become the masseuse.

While the art of sensual massage provides the perfect lead into foreplay (you’ll learn everything you need to know about foreplay here) and potentially a long evening of intimacy, the massage doesn’t always have to lead to physical intimacy. It provides the opportunity to be physically close to one another, and it allows the two of you to snuggle, to have “pillow talk” which is extremely important for maintaining clear, open and honest communication.

The truth is, many who are interested in giving him a massage simply don’t. Not because they don’t want to, but because they’re afraid of doing something wrong or of the experience not being pleasing to him. There really is no need to place that kind of pressure on yourself — almost everyone enjoys (and receives substantial benefits) from the power of touch. Plus, massage technique improves tremendously the more often you do it.

If you want to learn how to give him a massage, you’ll find some practical techniques in this guide which will give you a great starting point. However, you don’t have to attempt to master every technique right away. Simply begin by learning just one or two of the techniques.

Some women find it helpful to think back to the last time you visited a spa and had a massage you thoroughly enjoyed. Recall the experience in your mind, thinking of the techniques, mood and amount of pressure that made it a pleasurable experience. Then start attempting to recreate that experience with your partner. He will appreciate the effort, enjoy the experience…and to be fair, he’ll probably ask for another very soon!

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Benefits of Massage

Many of the benefits of massage are well known. For example, you know that getting a massage can work out the kinks in your neck and ameliorate muscle pain, especially back pain . But did you know massage has proven effective at reducing symptoms of arthritis, anxiety, depression, cancer, fibromyalgia, and more ? Circulation can also improve with massage .

Of course, getting a massage can relax you. Massage can boost your mood and immune system, too. Massage can also increase energy levels . Even if you’re single and head to a massage therapist, you can reap these benefits.

A massage doesn’t just benefit the person who is getting the massage, either. Giving one can make you feel more relaxed and improve anxiety and depression, too !

Massage is a fun component of foreplay, but even if it’s a non-sexual massage without sexual connotations, massage can make you feel more connected to your partner, perhaps because people can express emotions through touch .

Risks of Massage

There are plenty of benefits to giving a massage, but there are a few risks if you don’t know how to give a massage properly . Temporary pain can occur if you pinch any body part, and massaging too deep can leave lingering soreness. Try not to manipulate any limbs unnaturally or forcefully and be careful with existing injuries.

However, massage is unlikely to cause a stroke .

Getting a massage releases waste products from muscles into the body and in extreme (but unlikely) events, it can create a poisoning known as rhabdomyolysis , which is one of the causes of post-massage soreness and illness .

As we mentioned, it’s important to dilute carrier oils to avoid skin irritation, and you’ll want to make sure any hot stones aren’t hot enough to create burns and blisters. Finally, massage candles can add ambiance, but make sure to test the heat of the wax before use. These candles use wax that melts at a low temperature, but it can still be quite warm. Pour from higher up to allow the wax to cool as it falls.

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Fortunately, injury from massage is typically rare .

Setting The Mood

Think, just for a moment, about the last time you enjoyed a professional massage. The atmosphere was free of clutter, and there was probably a light but refreshing scent in the room which you noticed the moment you arrived, right?

Chances are, you could probably hear relaxing “spa” music playing softly in the background, even if you were simply checking in for your appointment with the receptionist. The lighting in most spas is not exceptionally bright, even in the reception area; however, the room where the massage is to be performed often features dim lighting, pleasant scents, and a conducive atmosphere.

In other words, you begin settling into a state of relaxation before even encountering the massage therapist for the first time.

Even though you’re giving him a massage at home, you still want to take a little time (if you have it) to create a zen-like atmosphere in the room where you’ll perform the massage.

The pre-massage set up doesn’t have to take a long time (it usually requires just minutes), nor does it need to be expensive. The prep time should, however, reflect the meticulous concern a spa owner would take to create the appropriate atmosphere.

If you need some additional time to get the room ready, it’s not a bad idea to run him a nice, warm bath, which helps his muscles to relax and assists him in getting ready for this relaxing experience.


There are a number of channels on YouTube offering relaxing, instrumental music perfect for creating a spa-like atmosphere. These videos can range in length from about one hour to eight hours.

Some sites offer a wide variety of CDs, DVDs and digital downloads of relaxation music (including nature sounds and ambient noise) which are specifically geared toward creating the perfect, relaxing atmosphere. Of course, there are literally thousands of choices available through popular websites like Amazon, iTunes and Google Play. (Popular choices among massage therapists include Carlos Nakai, Celtic Harp Music (Instrumental), and Enya, among others.)

There’s no shortage of relaxing music available through internet radio sites. You’ll find some great songs that you can listen to for free on this playlist on Pandora.


Having dim lighting in the room is perfect for creating a warm, cozy and ethereal atmosphere. Setting several tealight candles around the room will provide just enough light in the room. Aromatherapy candles are also a great way to set the mood in the room, as the sense of smell is actually the most powerful of all our senses. We’ll delve more into aromatherapy in the next section.

Looking for more ideas to set the scene? Check out our guide to tantric massage.

Room Fragrances / Aromatherapy

Researchers have discovered that the section of our brains which controls the emotions — the deep limbic center — is directly connected to the olfactory system. Therefore, various scents have a powerful effect upon a person’s mood, and certain scents easily evoke memories based on what has been associated with that scent over time.

Using this knowledge as a foundation, then, the theory behind aromatherapy is that essential oils have a pharmacological effect (although no scientific proof of this has been discovered, preliminary clinical tests have yielded positive results).

Essential oils can be placed in a fragrance diffuser; once a bit of heat is applied (usually by a tealight candle), the oils evaporate into the air, giving off a pleasant and therapeutic fragrance. Essential oils can also be applied directly to the skin by adding a few drops to warm bath water or via massage. (It’s best, though, to ask him if he has any sensitivities to any particular essential oils first).

If you’re trying to decide which aromatherapy oils are best for relaxation (or sensual massage), the following is a short list of seven essential oils and their reported effects.


Although lavender has been used for centuries to soothe minor cuts and burns, it has become exceptionally popular in recent years because of its ability to promote feelings of relaxation, to alleviate insomnia, and to relieve headache symptoms .


Chamomile is a highly effective calming agent. It is widely used to promote a good night’s sleep among those suffering from insomnia and has a calming-sedative effect . Plus, it can help quell anxiety .

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil is said to elevate a person’s mood and is said to be highly effective for alleviating both stress and feelings of depression.

Vanilla Oil

Arguably the most popular (and most beloved) among essential oils, the essential oil of vanilla is good for more than improving the taste of food. The essential oil of vanilla is said to have a calming, comforting and relaxing effect.


The seductive, floral and fruity scent derived from the essential oil of jasmine has been lauded by perfumers since ancient times. Jasmine is said to serve as an antidepressant, calming the emotions. However, the essential oil of jasmine is also said to have aphrodisiac qualities.


Sandalwood offers a rather distinctive fragrance; in fact, the portion of the tree from which the sandalwood essential oil is derived takes anywhere from five to eight decades to mature. Sandalwood is said to induce a calm, meditative state, to ease away anxiety and anger, and to promote better sleep. Because its fragrance is akin to human pheromone, sandalwood is also considered an aphrodisiac.


Also a popular scent in fragrances, bergamot is said to uplift a person’s mood and to alleviate feelings of anxiety.

Warning about essential oils: Although essential oils have plenty of benefits, they can be quite potent and irritate the skin. Because of this, you only want to use a few drops of your favorite essential oil in a carrier oil such as jojoba, coconut, almond or olive oil. Never use more than 1 drop of essential oil per 1 teaspoon of carrier oil or about 10 drops per ounce of carrier oil for adults .

Room Temperature

Remember, your man’s shirt will be removed during the massage, so the temperature in the room needs to be comfortable for him. A warm sheet (freshly removed from the dryer) and/or a flannel sheet can often help keep him comfortable during the massage.

Massage Techniques

To be extremely clear, the gift of massage is one of the most powerful gifts you can give to your significant other. It’s intimate, it’s pleasurable, and it demonstrates selfless giving. If you aren’t confident, yet, about how to give a massage, don’t put any undue pressure on yourself. It will get better over time.

With that, let’s get started learning some simple, yet effective techniques for giving him a massage.

NOTE: With each of these, your partner will lay — face down — as you work the muscles of his upper and lower back.

1. Kneading

Although not many of us make our own biscuits or other bread from scratch anymore, if you have ever had the experience of kneading the dough, this technique will be quite familiar. It’s commonly used in Swedish massage .

In kneading, you’ll use both palms (and wrists) to massage the muscles deeply, using small semi-circles to manipulate the muscles. Using the palm, you’ll apply pressure to the muscles, turning the right hand clockwise and the left hand counterclockwise.

Generally, you’ll alternate from one hand to the other, rhythmically, keeping the wrists relatively straight. (Bending the wrists too far or too much can cause undue stress to your muscles which can lead to pain in the wrist later on).

2. Stripping

With stripping, you’ll lay one hand flat against his back, with each of your fingers pressed closely, one to another. Afterward, you’ll place your other hand directly on top, then use the hand on top to apply pressure to the muscles. With stripping, the bottom hand should remain as relaxed as possible.

The goal of stripping is to allow for greater pressure to be applied to the muscle itself which will help his back muscles to relax faster and more completely.

3. Fanning

With the fanning technique, you’ll start with both hands laying flat, fingers together, moving slowly and steadily across a muscle. The other hand, also flat with fingers together, goes immediately after the other hand, moving a little farther up or down the back.

With alternating hands, you’ll move slowly across his back, starting either at the shoulders or at the lower back and moving to the opposite end. If you find you need to apply additional pressure, consider folding your fingers inside at the knuckles (but with the fingers still pressed firmly together). You’ll find that by “knuckling” the fingers, applying additional pressure is easy. However, you’ll still want to gauge the amount of pressure he is comfortable with and adjust appropriately.

4. Deep Tissue Techniques

With deep tissue massage comes less “rhythm,” per se, than other massages. The reason for this is deep tissue massage targets certain trouble spots — areas that hold a great deal of tension and places where stiffness and chronic pain tend to settle.

The shoulders and shoulder blades tend to be an area where many people hold onto the greatest amount of tension. If your guy is a computer whiz and hovers over a computer keyboard all day, or if he tends to handle oversized packages all day, his shoulders may be really tense, tight and out of alignment.

To address the shoulders, start by pouring a bit of massage oil onto your palms, then rub your palms together. By rubbing your hands together, the friction begins to heat the oil, making it more pleasant for him as well as making it easier for you to utilize.

Start by spreading the massage oil across the upper shoulder area (across the trapezius muscles), rubbing your palms gently across the shoulders. You’ll begin to notice that you become attuned to his body, understanding where the tension has settled. You may find that you need to apply a greater amount of pressure; if so, simply place one palm down, then place your other hand on top, positioning your body so that more of your body weight is applied to the area (see the section on stripping).

If you discover muscles that seem to be “in a knot,” don’t move away from those areas. Knots can form from stress . It is often highly effective to simply apply pressure to that area only until you begin to feel the knot breaking apart or moving. If the knotted muscles feel relatively small, you can apply pressure, using your thumbs, until the muscles begin to become more pliable.

Another trick for particularly tight shoulder muscles — use a tennis ball, rolling it gently but firmly across the shoulders.

5. Using Hot Stones

With hot stone massage, the use of a hot stone allows heat to be transmitted deeply into the muscle tissue. Combined with other massage techniques, this type of massage is quite soothing and relaxing, and allows you to provide him with a deep, relaxing massage without having to apply a great deal of effort.

Warning: Hot stone massages can leave behind painful burns if you aren’t careful (or if left on the skin too long). Therefore, it’s important to remain in the room the entire time you’re giving him a massage with hot stones, and be sure to respond quickly if he mentions the stones are too warm. (It takes mere seconds to go from uncomfortably hot to visible burns that are painful to the touch). Also, never use a microwave to heat the stones; a crockpot will work well.

As the stones are heating, apply a small amount of massage oil onto the section of his back that you’ll be working. When the stones are cool enough for you to hold onto them comfortably, begin by using light ‘effleurage’ strokes, moving slowly but constantly across the back. Start with a stone in both hands, at his shoulders, then work slowly down his back muscles. (To start, keep your strokes close to either side of the spine). Once you get to the lower back, simply move the hands in opposite directions, creating a sort of oblong circle across his back, bringing the stones back toward the shoulders, finishing at the neck.

With hot stones, you never want to stop at any one particular spot or muscle group, as the heat serves to penetrate the muscles. Continue moving the stones across the length of the back, lower back and shoulders until the stones become cool to the touch.

6. Cupping

If you’re interested in a trying a different form of massage, you might try cupping. Cupping comes from ancient China and is sometimes offered by massage practitioners and practiced by some kinksters. It may help relieve pain .

The two most common types of cupping are vacuum pump and fire . Both involve placing a small cup on the skin, usually on the back but sometimes on other parts of the body, and creating suction that creates pressure .

Cups that attach to pumps allow you to manually vacuum air from the cups to create suction and pressure. Fire cupping involves quickly lighting an alcohol-soaked cotton ball on fire and dipping it into a glass or ceramic cup and placing the cup on the body. The flame eats oxygen to create suction. Hold the cup close to the body so that the flame doesn’t extinguish before you place the cup.

Vacuum cups don’t come with fire risk, and they both provide a similar sensation due to the suction. The skin will feel tight but shouldn’t hurt. You can break the seal when you’re done providing this massage, and a bruise-like mark may remain for a while.

Sensual Massage

Although we cannot stress enough how important non-sexual touch is, whether you get it from a massage therapist or provide it to your man, sometimes an erotic massage is just what the doctor ordered. This is the Bad Girls Bible, after all!

For the sensual massage (leading to foreplay), you’ll probably want to remain as close to him as possible during the entire massage. You may also want to consider a full body massage.

For a few tips on how to give him a massage that leads to something sexual, consider sitting on his buttocks as you massage away the stress from his shoulders and lower back. This just increases your physical contact, leading to greater feelings of intimacy.

Discover more techniques for sensual massage.

The inner thigh area is highly erogenous; thus, after massaging his back muscles, you may ask him to turn over, and while he’s laying on his back, massage the inner thigh. (Be delicate, this area is highly sensitive!)

The area which runs from his belly button to his genitalia is highly erogenous (check out more male erogenous zones); therefore, you will want to gently massage this region for a few minutes. The tip of his penis (known as the glans area) is highly sensitive and responds well to touch; so, too, is the small ridge where the glans meets his shaft. If you want to move quickly into the erogenous zone, you’ll want to gently massage these areas (you won’t need to apply much pressure). For some great handjob tips, check out this detailed guide.

An erotic massage for a man is often called a happy ending massage and can be enjoyable for both parties. Get tips for a giving a happy ending massage in this post.

A similar type of massage that focuses on erotic power and energy is called a lingam massage.

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From here, the two of you will hopefully move quickly into passionate foreplay. More on that here.


The benefits of massage might have you wanting to receive one as well as give one. There’s nothing wrong if you seek out a professional for a massage if you do not have a partner who can or is willing to massage you. But you can also use the techniques above to massage yourself and reap some of the benefits.

You can massage your free arm, thighs, legs, neck and stomach without much hassle. Here are a few tips for self-massage:

  • Roll a tennis ball under your feet to relive sore arches
  • Lie on the floor with your knees bent and feet flat and place two tennis balls under your lower back to relieve pain
  • Place a tennis ball between your back and the wall to relieve back and shoulder pain
  • Purchase a trigger point massager to work out kinks in your back or a foam roller for your legs, shoulders, and hips
  • Give your calves some extra attention after wearing heels
  • Use cold and heat to enhance the massage experience (either ice packs, heating pads or specialty oil)
  • Massage your skin whenever you apply oil
  • Use your fingers, fists and even elbows to massage yourself

The key to self-massage is not to strain yourself trying to reach areas such as your back. Using tools, even those as simple as a tennis ball is a clever way to relax and relieve pain safely.

Learning how to give a massage isn’t difficult; it simply takes practice. However, there’s little as effective as the power of touch. Regardless of your motivation, your man is sure to enjoy and fully appreciate your efforts.


In this video below, you will learn the 5 most effective massage techniques you can use on your partner (the masseuse in the video may not seem like your stereotypical masseuse, but he knows his stuff, trust me!)

You will also learn some great techniques for massaging the neck and shoulders here:

This video by Buzzfeed about fire cupping explains the ancient Chinese process.

This article by John Cloud for Time gives insight into real-time physiological changes that occur after someone gets a massage.

Michelle Trudeau explains what happens to your body and brain when you experience touch in this podcast on NPR.

What The Science Says

You might be surprised to learn that scientists have looked into the effects of massage on both giver and receiver, but more than a few studies have revealed some interesting facts!

When you touch someone, your hands activate pressure receptors known as Pacinian corpuscles beneath the skin . These receptors then send signals to the brain via the vagus nerve , an important bundle of nerves involved in everything from your immune system to heart rate to your digestive system to oxytocin your networks .

No wonder that massage has been shown to increase levels of oxytocin and boost mood; although, not all studies find this result. You might remember oxytocin as the “cuddle hormone,” which increases with physical touch such as holding hands or having sex . Oxytocin is also known for increasing trust between people and making people feel close .

Oxytocin also causes a surge of physiological activity that slows your heart rate and drops your blood pressure and makes you feel more relaxed. Holding a partner’s hand can lead to immediate increases in calmness . Imagine how much a longer massage can help.

Experiments have also found that massage reduces the production of cortisol , a hormone that your adrenal glands make when stressed. Cortisol is known for decreasing immune function by blocking T-cells . Stress can be an impediment when it comes to sleep and even digestion, so these benefits affect a person long after a massage has ended .

Your body’s relaxation response can also increase serotonin , a hormone that can positively impact your mood. In fact, some depression medication targets your brain’s ability to create serotonin directly .

It might seem counter-intuitive, but fifteen minutes of massage can increase adrenaline, which helps you feel more alert .

Studies have found that the orbital frontal cortex responds to touch (as well as taste and smell) . Imagine how you respond to chocolate; your brain feels similarly about human touch. That’s powerful!

Other areas of the brain that respond to massage are the subgenual anterior cingulate cortex (sACC) and retrosplenial/posterior cingulate cortex .

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ #1 – Why should I give my partner a massage?

Massages have been shown to relax both the giver and the receiver, and stress wreaks havoc on sexual desire. For this reason, massages work well as foreplay. Even if your massage doesn’t segue into sex, it can help relieve pain , and you might get one in return!

Furthermore, nonsexual physical touch is important in a relationship, and giving and receiving massages can help to foster intimacy between you and your partner.

FAQ #2 – How do I know that I’m doing it well?

When it comes to massages, just like sex, everyone is different. While you can follow our guidelines to give a massage, the best way to know if your partner likes it is to ask him. As you’re massaging him, you can say something like “How does this feel?” or “Is this pressure good?” Pay attention to his body language, too. If he suddenly stiffens, he probably doesn’t like what you’re doing.

You can also let him know that you’re open to feedback in the form of constructive criticism because then you can improve. Create a space where he feels free to comment; otherwise, he might just be enduring a massage that doesn’t work for him.

Get more tips like this in our guide to sexual communication, which can also work for giving a massage.

Finally, consider turning it into a game. For example, you can try each technique for 60 seconds and on different parts of his body, then solicit his feedback. What does he like the most? Do more of that!

FAQ #3 – How long should a massage last?

If you’re looking for an answer in minutes or even hours, you won’t find that here. Instead, consider the actual factors at play. If bad joints make it difficult for you to give a long massage, then you’ll spend less time massaging your partner. And if it turns into sex or your sensual strokes give your partner an orgasm, your massage will be over.

Some people set a timer that allows both partners time to be in the limelight and to lavish attention on the other. Keep an eye on the clock, but don’t just stop when the alarm goes off. This can be quite jarring and unpleasant!

You can wind down a massage if it doesn’t come to a natural (happy) ending. Slow your pace and decrease the intensity of your movements. A few soft strokes along his back, sides, and arms let him know that the end is near. Then, you can rest your hands on his skin for a few moments before removing your hands from him and proceeding to other activities.

FAQ #4 – Is oil really necessary when giving a massage?

While it might not be necessary, we strongly recommending using some sort of oil when giving a massage. Oil allows you to manipulate his skin without any uncomfortable tugging or snagging. You can glide your hands along his body easily, which reduces stress on your own hands. Warming oil can improve the experience for him, and the right scent can not only be pleasant but conducive to relaxation.

Psst, did you know you can use silicone-based lube as a massage glide? Find out more about lube here.

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There are regular massages, which most folks find relaxing, and then there are erotic massages, which can be downright life-changing. Erotic messages are similar to regular ones, except they’re aimed at releasing tension and decreasing stress in the recipient by either enhancing or achieving sexual arousal.

Lots of people would be happy to get an erotic massage from their sexual partner—that is, if it’s done well. When done poorly, an erotic massage can painful—literally and figuratively. I once had a man massage the sides of my belly, one of the few places where I have no muscles or tendons. Then when he started massaging parts of my body that could release tension and increase arousal, he didn’t apply any pressure. It felt like he was typing on my back.

Don’t be that guy.

If you’re giving an erotic massage, you can’t do it half-assed. After all, they have their full ass in front of you, so you need to give them a full-assed massage. There are two essential components of erotic massage, and you need to be good at both. First is the actual massage part. That means no back typing. No squeezing belly fat. The second part is making it sensual.

Here are six steps to becoming a master at both.

1) Set the mood.

This should be a no-brainer, but just in case, I’ll make it clear: You have your partner disrobe and lie face-down on a towel or firm bed. Dim the lights. If you don’t have a dimmer, then buy some candles. Play some relaxing music—it doesn’t need to be typical spa music or the sound of the rainforest, but it should be something that you know your partner finds soothing. (My ex liked when I gave her a massage to Rihanna’s album Anti.) If you really want to step your game up, buy a mini humidifier off of Amazon and pour some essential oils in there.

2) Use erotic oils or lotions.

Fox Envy Massage Oil for Women, Men and Couples, Vanilla Scented Sensual Oil with Coconut Oil & Jojoba Oil, Enhances Stimulation for The Body & Muscles, 8 Fluid Ounces Fox Envy $13.97

Don’t just grab the big bottle of Lubriderm sitting in the cabinet underneath the sink. Get massage oils, and ones specifically meant to enhance sexual pleasure. Or, if you’re down for it, try CBD massage oils. My partners and I have enjoyed using those, too.

3) Start (and continue) slowly.

For at least the first 20 minutes of the erotic massage, it should simply look like any old regular massage. You shouldn’t head straight to massage their vagina, penis, or butt. At this point you’re helping them relax, so by the time you do get to massaging/playing with their genitals, they’re in a physical and mental space to fully receive you.

“Use the heel of your hand to make continuous fluid movements and work the whole length of the muscle,” says Susan Findlay, director of the North London School of Sports Massage. Make sure you’re taking your time and focusing on each muscle before moving to the next (at least two minutes per area). If you feel a knot in one place, knead that bad boy out before moving on to another part of their body. (Pro tip: Ask them if they’re sore or have any particular pain in a certain region, and focus more of your attention there.)

Piotr Marcinski / EyeEmGetty Images

4) After massaging every muscle, start teasing.

Alright, by now you’ve gotten their neck, their back, so it’s time to move on to… exactly, yes. But jokes aside, you should have given them a full massage at this point. You massaged their back, neck, arms, wrists, fingers, feet, legs, the whole shebang. Now, and only now you can get to the fun stuff. Here, you want to tease them. Get really close to touching their privates without actually touching them. This means instead of going straight for the nipples, massage around the breast. Instead of going straight for the vagina or penis, you massage the crease where the thigh connects to the rest of your body.

5) Start massaging their naughty bits.

Once you’ve teased them long enough, then and only then do you get to actually touch the sexy parts. By this point they should be stewing in sexual tension, so even touching them lightly will be enough to make them moan ecstatically. Start with slow circular motions on her clitoris, or start giving him a light hand job, where you’re barely gripping their penis. Once the allotted time has passed you can then do more, whether that means digital penetration, a firmer hand job, or oral.

6) Let them finish

If you’ve done everything right, there’s a high likelihood that your partner will orgasm. For God’s sake, do not stop right before they finish. That’s brutal. Do your best to make sure they orgasm; at which point, they will be insanely relaxed. Then, and this is not mandatory, but highly recommended, go ahead and get naked yourself and cuddle with them.

Zachary Zane Zachary Zane is a Brooklyn-based writer, speaker, and activist whose work focuses on lifestyle, sexuality, and culture. He was formerly the digital associate editor at OUT Magazine and currently has a queer cannabis column, Puff Puff YASS, at Civilized.

Looking for a fresh way to reconnect with your guy? Try a simple but deliciously sensual massage. “Too often, couples fast-forward to intercourse, which means they’re neglecting about 80 percent of each other’s bodies,” says Gordon Inkeles, author of The New Sensual Massage. “Sensual massage encourages lovers to be generous with each other, to explore parts of the body that aren’t overtly sexual.” Here, a step-by-step guide to giving (or getting!) a totally indulgent massage.

Step 1: Make some space

A soft bed may be perfect for lovemaking, but the ideal massage area is firm, flat, and stable, so you don’t bounce your partner around as you move. (Think how unrelaxing it would be to get a massage on a jiggly water bed.) For maximum comfort, have your guy lie down on a futon mattress or pallet of blankets and place pillows under his neck, knees, and ankles.

Step 2: Break out the oil

Besides making your hands soft and warm, massage oil reduces friction and makes it easier to knead, rub, and stroke your guy’s tired and stressed muscles. Scented oils can be erotic, “but steer clear of intense fragrances, like patchouli, which get cloying,” says Steve Capellini, a licensed massage therapist in Miami and author of Massage for Dummies. Instead, try a light single scent, like jasmine, and warm the bottle in a bowl of hot water.

Step 3: Create a peaceful vibe

The tickling of loose hair or a lacy nightie might excite him (and you), but it can also take his focus off the deep, steady sensations of your massage. Tie your hair back and wear close-fitting clothes to minimize distractions. To avoid jarring chills, drape his naked body with sheets (uncover just the body part you’re working on). If you play music, keep it soft and slow.

Step 4: Pick a spot, any spot

Pressed for time? Focusing on one part of his body — really focusing on it — can be even more decadent than a head-to-toe rubdown. If his back is in knots, concentrate on that. If he loves having his feet caressed, give them the royal treatment. Or keep it simple: Just ask him where he wants you to touch him.

Step 5: Get hands-on

To give a great massage, all you need to know are a few basic moves:

  • Compression is an easy movement to master and great for many body parts, says Inkeles. Just lay one hand flat on, say, his shoulder, press the other hand on top of it, and rotate slowly.
  • Stroking works wonders on areas both large (back and thighs) and small (neck and tops of feet). Keep your fingers together, thumbs parallel, and palms in full contact with the part you’re working, and make long, gentle movements. Apply more pressure when stroking toward your partner’s heart, less pressure in the opposite direction.
  • Kneading is perfect for fleshy areas such as biceps, buttocks, and thighs. Simply lift and squeeze the area you’re working, with your palms in full contact with your partner’s skin.
  • Friction is done without oil and loosens up deep muscles. Anchor the area you’re massaging with one hand, and use the other to deeply press and rub. For smaller areas like the shoulder caps, soles of the feet, and palms, apply friction with your fingertips.
  • You can put any or all of these moves together in any order, depending on what your partner needs and how he responds to each touch. Try this basic routine to start (but feel free to add your own personal touches): Have your guy lie facedown. Apply friction to his shoulder caps. Squeeze a few drops of oil onto your hands and stroke his back. Next, knead his buttocks and thighs and stroke his calves. Finish off with a little bit of friction on the soles of his feet.

Step 6: Focus on the feelings

Intimate massage isn’t about perfection, so don’t worry about doing it “right.” Try to stay in the moment. “The quality of your touch is more important than technique,” says Peggy Morrison Horan, author of Connecting Through Touch and a founder of the Esalen Massage Program at Esalen Institute in Big Sur, CA. “Massage is about being emotionally present, touching your partner with intention, and paying attention to his reactions.” What could be sexier than that?

Reprinted with Permission of Hearst Communications, Inc. Originally Published: 6 Steps to a Sexy Massage

Massage video tutorial

How to give a massage

Your man (and friends) will love you for learning these expert techniques!

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Don’t just start and stop at the penis to arouse your man. The penis is just the tip (haha) of the iceberg when it comes to sensation! Experiment with all the new places to find out which one will send your boy over the edge.

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Here, some ideas:

1. Their Chest Hair

Getty Images

If your guy has chest hair, you might as well play with it. The area is more sensitive than you think, and he’ll love you running your fingers through it. “Want to really drive them wild? Place your hand flat on their lower chest or belly and, keeping your palm on their skin, run it up their chest until you have a handful of hair. Tug, starting gently,” says Kait Scalisi, sex educator and founder of “Pulling this way stimulates the nerve endings without giving that stingy hair-pulling feel. You can do this on their head, too, starting at the back of their neck.”

2. The Third Eye

No, not the butthole. (I wouldn’t do that to you…just yet.) The Third Eye is a pressure point located in the middle of the forehead. Adding slight pressure with your thumb for 60 seconds helps relieve the tension in your partner. And, spoiler alert, tension is one of the leading causes of boner killers.

3. The Root of the Penis

Obviously the penis is sensitive as a whole — no surprise there! — but you might want to pay close attention to the root of it. It’s not a well-known area, but once you master the technique he’ll be in pure heaven. “You want to massage the area where the balls connect to the perineum,” Scalisi says. “To do this, cup their balls in your hand with your fingers facing their butt. Use the tips or pads to press upward, into his body. This part of the body can handle a good deal of pressure, so play with different sensations — think tickling, pressing rhythmically, and kneading.”

4. The Head

Getty Images

Remember in middle school when your friend would make you close your eyes, and they would crack an imaginary egg on your head with their fingers and it felt AH-mazing? No? Just me? Well, it felt great. (And it still does.) Probably because the top of your head is rarely touched by anything other than a hair brush as you rush out the door to start our day. Sit behind you beau and run your fingers through his scalp. If he likes that, try adding slight pressure to his scalp in small circular motions. Feel his whole body relax in your hands has you play tenderly with what holds his cranium.

5. The Prostate

OK, this one might sound weird, but give it a chance: the prostate is a walnut-shaped gland that produces the liquid ejaculate you’re all too familiar with, and Stephanie Buehler, psychologist, sex therapist, and director of The Buehler Institute in Newport Beach, CA, says some guys really enjoy it being massaged. “To reach the prostate, lubricate a finger and gently put it up the man’s rectum. Crook your finger to find the right spot. There are also toys for prostate massage; just look online or go to a nearby sex toy shop.”

6. The Temples

While adding pressure to the Third Eye, begin massaging the temples (the sides of your forehead) by rotating your fingers in a slow, sensual, circular movement. This move also relieves tension and will allow sexual excitement to flow. Not to mention, your guy will relish the intimacy of you exploring his face.

7. The Facial Bones

Many people carry stress and tension in our heads and necks. (Thanks, day jobs.) Lay his head down in your lap and, once his neck is comfortable, start lightly tracing the angles of his face with the tips of your fingers. “Don’t just barge in there, use your fingertips to listen and sense the shape of him” advises Julie Tudor, a movement and manual therapist who specializes in pain relief therapy. A light, continuous touch will make him have an ~electric~ response.

8. The Lips

Getty Images

Trace your fingers lightly around your guy’s lips. Triggering the sensory nerves on his lips will release oxytocin, the “love hormone.” Which, yes, can easily lead to you getting laid. And lead you to orgasming.

9. The Shoulder Blades

Just like our necks, shoulders are riddled with stress. But is a hand massage enough to release that tension? “Elbows in the angel wings!” instructs Michelle Joni, massager and intuitive touch healer. “Nothing releases quite like an elbow.” Remember not to use too much force on any bone, but rather outline the space between the bones for full satisfaction. And no, those “ahhhs” you are hearing are not orgasms, but your man is definitely getting in the mood to give you that giant “O.”

10. The Neck

Getty Images

Feel for the small hollows in his neck. Those bad boys are erogenous zones! Add slight pressure with the tips of your fingers while making sure his head is secure. “Always make sure his head is safe and feels secure, so he can relax,” instructs Tudor.

11. The Inner Thighs

You may have noticed when playing with yourself that the inner thighs can be extremely sensitive. Same goes for your guy.

12. The Torso

“The torso, tummy, and bladder area is a vulnerable region, as many are insecure about their tummy shape,” says Joni. “Nobody wants to feel like you’re grabbing their fat.” Grab some oil, if you haven’t already, and slowly move both hands down from the armpits to the chest. Move your hands in a crisscross pattern caressing their torso in broad strokes.

13. Where His Bladder Is

The bladder contains a very sensual acupressure point aptly named the Gate of Origin. (The gate to his penis! Hey-O!) After massaging the torso, give the area where the bladder is a slight push to really turn your partner on. He also may have to pee now, so, uh, don’t push too hard. But he’s really, really going to want to fornicate you now.

14. The Ball of the Foot

Getty Images

Who doesn’t love a foot rub? Twist your knuckles around the ball the foot to release the tension. “If you go slowly with the foot stretched back, you will feel and hear a wave of crackling beneath the skin,” instructs Joni.

15. Behind the Knees

Another crease, another erogenous zone! Massage the back of the partner’s knee gently. To add an erotic ~flair~, kneel in front of him as he sits down in a chair or the edge of the bed as you massage both knees at the same time, teasing your mouth tantalizingly close to your man’s pelvic region. Like a blow job…but nope, not at all.

16. The Soft Interior of the Elbows

Anywhere the skin is soft on the body, it’s safe to assume that this area shall be very sensitive. “There is a higher concentrations of lymph nodes along the neck and under the arms, and the skin is thinner, so the sensory nerves are on higher alert,” says Tudor. Experiment with the pressure and rhythm of your movements. And don’t worry, that heavy sigh is a sign of relaxation and enjoyment encompassing his body, not him making a list of chores you two need to do this weekend.

17. The Ears

Getty Images

Yes, as you may have expected, the ears are a highly sensitive erogenous zone for your man, hence why he goes crazy if you bite his lobe or blow softly into his ear. When massaging your bae’s ears “using the pads of your fingers is usually best,” says Tudor. “Tips of fingers can feel pointy, and fingernails can get in the way and cause scratches.” Coconut oil is safe to use on the ears as well, if you want to add an extra slide.

18. The Shoulder Wells

Not to be confused with the shoulder blades, the shoulder well is located on the shoulder muscle, halfway between the base of the neck and the end of the shoulder muscle. Massaging this area can relieve stress, tension, and pain — which are total arousal killers. Less stress = feelin’ hotter.

19. The Clavicle

Another erogenous zone, baby! Add pressure tenderly with your thumb and forefinger into the groove just below your collar bone. You only need a little pressure to go a long way in arousing your partner’s senses!

20. The Nipples

Male nipples: nature’s enigma. There is no need for them in the evolutionary sense, but, man, oh, man, do some men have some sensitive nips. Caress them with a light touch, or gently pinch your man’s nipple to heat up the blood. Play with the pressure to see what your guy savors.

21. The Breastbone

Linger around the chest and find his breastbone. Look for the dimple in this bone — this acupressure point is called the Sea of Tranquility, and it’s a heavy-duty relaxation trigger. Press down lightly to add pressure and release tension from his chest.

22. The Armpit

Getty Images

I know what you’re thinking, but all creases are erogenous zones, including those hairy pits. Crazy, right? Depending on how ticklish your beau is, experiment with caressing and slapping the underarms. He may not like it, but, hey, he may love it. Only one way to find out.

23. The Calves and Achilles Tendon

“Slide all 10 fingers, with pressure, down their calves, down into the backs of their heels,” instructs Joni. Start slowly with all ten fingers, then slowly pick up speed to allow the energy to start flowing beneath the surface. This would be a good time to mention how much you love your man’s muscular stems. (God, I love a good pair of gams on a man.)

24. The Big Toe

To add variation to the normal foot rub, instead of cupping the toe in your hands, take your knuckle and twist it around in small swivels to release tension in the big toe. Putting pressure on the toe with your thumbs also has a desirable affect as well. Now, if only your guy could learn the benefits of owning a pumice stone.

25. The Scrotum

Just a quick refresher in the male anatomy: the scrotum is the skin that holds the testes (AKA the balls). It contains heaps of nerves making it very sensitive to the touch. Very sensitive. Any type of massage in this area is going to require a light caress as to not cause pain. Unless your man likes pain, then by all means, tug away.

26. The Perineum

The pre-in-e-what? Oh, yes, that magical place between the testicles and the anus. Sure, it may not sound romantic, but bend down in front of your man, open his legs, and start gently massaging this area and he won’t know what he did to deserve such pleasures from his doting partner. Not to mention, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hand (and maybe somewhere else, too…?).

27. The Buttocks

Getty Images

It’s crazy how quickly we forget about the male derriere. Maybe because majority of their sexual organs are pointing straight at us? Grab some coconut oil or lube – but not too much, you still want a little friction — and just get in there. Slowly slide your palms in a circular motion on each cheek. Feel free to use your finger tips to grasp and stroke the buttocks, as well.

28. His Butthole

I know. I know. But whether you are a butt girl or not, you can’t deny that it’s very sensitive. And many men love butt play, so they are most likely going to like a little butthole massage. If you don’t want to get your hands dirty per se, go Fifty Shades on his butt, and grab a feather or a riding crop to tease his crack. Tickle his butthole with small circles around the rim, or slide the crop down the crack with added pressure.

29. His Lower Abs

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but probably not in the way you think. Since blood flows to a dude’s pelvis, anything below the belt is a solid way to stimulate him — and build major sexual tension. Before you go down on him, run your tongue from his lower abs along the Vs where his legs meet his torso.

30. The Sacrum

The bony plate in his lower back, right above his buttocks, houses nerves that connect directly to his genitals — which makes it a great spot to acknowledge during foreplay. Massage it using your thumbs, or try licking or sucking it.

31. The Hips

Yep, even the hips can be super sensitive on men — so give him the best tease ever by kissing his hip bones. Having your face down by his penis without actually acknowledging it will drive him crazy.

32. The Belly Button

Getty Images

Weirdly enough, even the belly button has some sensitive nerve endings that can seriously turn on your man. Kiss or lick in or around it to give him a serious jolt of pleasure.

33. The Back

Giving your partner a sensual back rub always turns into something more for a good reason. Lightly brushing over his skin with your fingertips gives him goosebumps in a good way, which sex therapist Linda De Villers, PhD, says will help set the tone for longer, more languorous sex.

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13 Small Things That Will Make A Man Love You Forever And Ever

John DeVoreFollow Jul 25, 2015 · 5 min read

Men are a mystery, like who built the pyramids? No one knows. What would happen if you got your man flowers or wrote him a love letter? No one knows. So don’t do it (but men, if you’re reading this, please buy the woman in your life flowers and write love letters because women are not mysteries, they are precise like IKEA instructions.)

If you’re wondering what would make a guy or a dude fall madly in love with you — as, in, small things you can do that would make him never cheat on you (anal) and more importantly marry and cherish and worship you until he dies of heart disease — just take a look at these 13 tips that will trap him in a trap made out of love.

1. Make sure your fridge is full of stuff he likes to drink, because it may be your apartment, but he lives there rent free now. Bonus: take him back to his frat days and chuck him a brewski when he steps out of the shower. Then, later, when he’s really drunk, let him clumsily masturbate your phantom penis. He won’t talk about it ever again!

2. Make him a snack after sex. Men love sex and men love snacks! That’s right, immediately after sex, dash to the kitchen. You read that right, goddess! Once he’s pulled out, combat roll out of bed and haul ass to snackburg. It has to be a gourmet snack — bacon wrapped scallops with cream sauce and roasted Brussels sprouts with a side of chicken fingers will do in a pinch.

3. Email him links about his favorite TV show, which is the second season of “True Detective.” He loves that shows because it’s gritty and it’s what adults watch and he’s a fucking-a adult. Don’t just send him some random thinkpiece from a lame website like Vulture or Salon or The New York Times. Send him good links to smart blog posts that he can read on his chill Galaxy Note. If you loved him, you could go on a date with someone who works at HBO and ask him if Vince Vaughn really is that talented. That’s a really good question.

4. Brag about him to your friends, your family, coworkers, and everyone at your weekly Al-Anon meetings. Tell the world that he’s a doctor prince who writes spoken word poetry. Remember that a lie is the truth with a positive life attitude. Grab strangers by their shirts and yell “I’m dating a successful man with a calm temperament who satisfies me sexually!” This will make his ego swell like an infected wound.

5. Answer the door in a negligee. Better yet, answer the door naked. Better yet, answer the door without skin. Men love skeletons. Why do you think they’re called boners?!

6. Be open to what he wants to try in the bedroom. If he says “you’re Benjamin Franklin and I’m a space goat,” just do it! If he wants to cry after prematurely ejaculating, just let him! Then make him a snack. But most importantly, be open to what he wants OUT of the bedroom. In general, just do what he says, always, because one way to make a man love you forever and ever is to pretend you’re a living doll.

7. Allow him to solve your petty work squabbles. Everyone knows that women bicker, and men get ‘r done. So let him chime in on whether or not accepting partnership at the firm will effect your pro bono work helping indigenous peoples negotiate with local, state, and Federal government.

8. During the big game, spit out a sport stat that will really impress him. He will literally look at you the way he’d look at a toaster if that toaster suddenly shouted “I am a sentient being!” That means, when you’re not working 80 hours a week, buying him beer, cooking him snacks, or pegging him senseless, you should be studying up on facts about his favorite sporting ensembles. In a few years, you could become a “cool chick.” To be a “cool chick” is the highest honor to which a woman can aspire.

9. It gets pretty boring when someone is constantly giving you their heart and soul. So make sure you’re always trying to surprise him. Try pulling a quarter out of his ear. Was he surprised? Try the other ear. Here’s an extra tip: men like to be treated like they’re in the third grade, only with fully-developed genitalia. Does the he like hot dogs? Duh! Slice up hot dogs, and lightly chew them into small little bites. Ask him to lay his head on your lap, and then slowly spit those tiny morsels from your mouth into his mouth. This will make the little birdie feel special.

10. Treat his friends the way you treat your friends: smile politely, laugh at their jokes, and let your hatred for them slowly consume you from the inside out, like cancer. If you win over his former fraternity brothers, you’ll win his heart. And once you have his heart, you can keep it locked in the trunk of your car. So make plenty of snacks and, when in doubt, just pretend you’re a lamp.

11. Sit next to him quietly while he zones out in front of the TV. Sit next to him quietly while he plays Xbox. Sit next to him quietly, like a sphinx.

12. Light a candle. Give him a foot rub. Name his bunions after his favorite stars of sports. Next, give him a sensual back massage. Make sure you end the back massage with a “happy ending” or, as his former fraternity brothers call it, a “secret handshake.” Blow out the candle. Listen to him cry in the dark.

13. Instantly transport him to awesome awesome third grade by teasing him about his favorite goofy shirt, or how his sports team lost or that he’s fat and will never be loved. Tease him about his emotionally distant father, who is largely responsible for his inability to be intimate with women. Tease him about getting laid off, his growing drinking problem, and his complicated yearnings. Tease him about how you’re the only woman who will put in the effort to do the small things that can make a man love her forever and ever. Hold him.

The art of massage, and particularly sensual massage, has taken a backseat when it comes to intimacy. Many people, mostly us women, are sometimes uncomfortable giving massages to our spouses because we believe we aren’t any good at it. The truth is, any one can give an excellent massage like a pro if we would just allow ourselves to enjoy it as much as our spouse does.

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. To learn more about ’em,

Heat Things Up with a Romantic Massage

I don’t know about you…but I LOVE the spa. I’m sort of addicted you could say. A professional massage is amazing because you are relaxed once you walk in the door knowing that you are about to get pampered.

To be honest, I would take a massage from my husband over the spa any day. There is something so sweet about a sexy massage from your spouse. So I thought it would definitely be fun to share some ideas with all of you on how to give a massage right in your own home. A sensual massage is a sure-fire way to increase the heat in your marriage! And once you’ve mastered your skills, you can do our Spa Date Night!

Setting the Mood for a Sensual Massage

Setting the mood for your sexy massage is crucial for success! Not only will this help your spouse unwind and feel comfortable. Setting up for your spouse will help you get excited!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  1. Ambiance is the key to success when giving a sensual massage. Even if you are indeed not very good at giving a massage (or so you like to think), the atmosphere is of the utmost importance. It will create an environment of relaxation and comfort which in turn will help your spouse to feel calm so they will be able to focus in on their more intimate senses…if you know what I mean…
  2. Turn your bedroom into an oasis. You can really set up shop in any room, but if you have kids and want to ensure privacy I would recommend doing so in your bedroom (wink, wink). Make sure that the room is de-cluttered and clean. It really is hard to have romance or relax when there is a disaster everywhere you look.
  3. Scatter tea light candles around the room (this creates a more flattering light for both of you), decorate with some rose petals, lay down a clean sheet or towels (using massage oils can make a mess so be prepared), and have some soft, calming music playing in the background (I prefer nature sounds or ambient noise…something along those lines). You can also use a blindfold if your spouse has a difficult time blocking out other distractions.
  4. Draw your spouse a nice warm bath as another good way to start out the night. Let them relax while you set up for the massage. This will also help to warm up the muscles and relax them before you begin.

How to Give a Sensual Massage

Don’t let the thought of a massage make you uneasy! Anyone can give a sensual massage with the right tools. Start with the basics and learn as you go. If you take the time to give your spouse a little extra special attention, you’ll enjoy each massage more and more. Whether you are the giver or the receiver, a sensual massage can be a great way to relax, romance and connect with your spouse.

  1. The best way to start the sensual massage is to rub your hands together to warm them up. No one likes cold hands for a massage…brr! Warm the oil in your hands before putting it on your spouse, or take a tip from the spas and immerse the bottle in a bowl of warm water. I highly recommend Bath & Body Works Stress Relief Massage Oil from their Aromatherapy line…it’s Eucalyptus Spearmint and it’s wonderful! I also have a small travel candle in the same scent that I will light and put close so he’s breathing in the relaxing, calming aroma. Another great option is the Kama Sutra massage oil line…it’s edible :).
  2. Start out with a light touch; your objective is to arouse, not to bruise. Start with some long strokes with no oil down from the head to the toes. Touch very lightly so you are just touching the hairs of the body. You can try using fur or feathers to start the massage. Get your own feather duster from Amazon HERE.
  3. Next, place some oil on your hands and massage the back with long, easy strokes. You can position yourself behind their head and stroke down the back near the spin and back up the sides. I like to use a Heart Warming Massager at the beginning. It’s a heated massage pad that is perfect for relieving muscle tension, reducing stress, and soothing your aches…and it’s reusable. You can get one of these from Amazon HERE.
  4. Start slowly and then once the muscles have warmed up and are relaxed increase the pressure. Next, knead the muscles around your spouse’s shoulders and neck using your thumb and forefingers. Most of us hold a lot of tension in our neck and shoulders (I personally collect a plethora of knots in between my shoulder blades…so this is the main area my husband massages for me). Keep in mind that you want to follow the flow of the muscles, not against them. Pay attention to what pressure points your spouse is responding to.
  5. Massage everywhere. You can massage the wrists, fingers, ears, the back of the neck, and the insides of the elbows and knees…these areas are probably rarely given any attention. Rub your fingers over your spouse’s scalp, massage and rub every finger and every toe until your spouse is fully relaxed. Feel free to rub, kiss, lick, and even nibble on these neglected regions. Your spouse will feel appreciated by your attention to detail…{WINK} If you have a problem with your hands tiring too quickly, give a sensual massage using your body. Your hands aren’t your only tools; you can make good use of your oiled arms, chest and stomach.
  6. As with most things…never, ever expect a massage in return. Your spouse may be so relaxed after getting one from you that they are unable to reciprocate immediately after you finish. That doesn’t mean they won’t reciprocate your loving affection later on.

Bonus Tips for a Sexy Massage

For women: Appropriate attire for you to wear? Try a silk chemise. Your husband will LOVE to have that silkiness glide across his skin while you are massaging his back muscles. Anything but those grubby sweats that you’ve been lounging around in all evening will work perfectly. Remember…this is a sensual massage.

For men: Women like to be touched…especially by their significant other. 🙂 It is comforting and stimulating at the same time. You want to relax her and to calm her – so don’t press too hard. Be alert to her body’s responses to you and you can’t go wrong.

If you would like to incorporate more ideas into your evening of relaxation, try our Relaxing Date Night for Two or if you know you’ll be ready to have some fun after your time relaxing, try any of our Sexy Bedroom Games!

A great massage feels like a love letter to your entire body. Whether you go for the occasional self-care splurge at a spa or seek relief for chronic pain, there are so many good reasons to get one. Professional massages are awesome, if often pricey (they’re also the best option if you need bodywork for a medical issue or sports injury). But giving and receiving a massage from the person you share the sheets with? That brings its own rewards.

“Couples can experience so many benefits from giving and receiving massages at home, including forming deeper connections both physically and emotionally,” says licensed massage therapist Rachel Beider, author of Press Here! Massage for Beginners: A Simple Route to Relaxation and Releasing Tension and founder of New York City’s PRESS Modern Massage.

Partner massage is a way to show selfless love and affection, according to Beider, in addition to fostering trust, improving communication, and expressing vulnerability.
“It’s a great opportunity to practice consent and ask for what you truly want—which can be helpful in other parts of the relationship,” Beider adds.

As wonderful as that sounds, attempting an amateur rubdown can be intimidating. And anyone who’s ever had their significant other murmur a polite thank-you as they gently pulled away from your shoulder squeezes knows there definitely is a wrong way to do it. Here’s a few fail-safe tips for giving your partner a massage.

First, create the perfect spot for your partner massage.

Unless you’ve somehow gotten your hands on a massage table, you’ll probably want to create a makeshift sanctuary in your home.

“The space should feel easy to move around, and very comfortable for the receiver,” Beider says. The moving-around factor eliminates a lot of furniture; nothing kills the mood like accidentally rolling off a chaise lounge. Beider suggests your bed, aka the perfect place to be if your massage leads to…more .

If you decide the floor is a better option, set up lots of cushions and pillows for a soft space. Make sure you’re being kind to your partner’s back as you get them positioned. “For extra support I recommend placing pillows under the knees and head while your partner faces up,” Beider suggests.

Pick the best massage oil, and soothe with scent.

You don’t have to use oil during your massage, but it’s standard in most professional sessions because it helps hands glide over tight muscle groups with ease. Since you may be applying generously, it’s best to use a neutral “carrier oil,” if there’s a (non-overpowering) essential oil scent you know you love, add a couple of drops into the mix.

“Try using a plain carrier like coconut oil, grape-seed oil, or sweet almond,” suggests Beider. “In my own practice, we use a blend of oils specifically for massage, including jojoba, lavender and rosemary.”

Massage Oil with Lavender, Jojoba Maple Holistics $9.95 Sweet Almond Massage Oil Melt $13.95 Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil Invivo Essential $13.49 Vanilla Massage Oil Skinsations $15.95

Good lighting is everything.

A few simple touches can shift your bedroom into a spa-like relaxation zone. Eliminate electronic distractions such as computer screens and blinking LED lights, and turn those cell phone ringers off.

“Lower the lights and make sure the temperature is comfortable. Use a blanket, if need be,” Beider says. “You can also light candles, burn some Palo Santo sticks or incense, or use a room spray to set the mood and intention.”

Ask your partner about their pressure preferences.

“Different strokes for different folks” truly applies to massage, so it’s best not to make any assumptions about how (or where) your partner will want to be rubbed. Some people need a gentle touch all over; others want their massager to dig in with their fingers and press hard. Questions can mean the difference between an unsatisfying—or even painful—massage, and the type that turns someone to putty in your hands.

“I always ask ‘on a scale of 1-10, with 1 being too light and 10 being too heavy, how much is the pressure in this spot?'” Beider explains. “Aim for a 6-7 in depth, and check in as you move around.”

The key, according to Beider, is to move slowly and ask your partner if they’d like more pressure on a certain area. Encourage them to let you know when you’re doing something that feels great, too.

“Use language like ‘higher, lower, left or right?’ And when you find those magical spots, STAY there for a long time until your partner asks to move on,” she says.

Know your basic strokes: effleurage, petrissage, and friction.

Again, nobody’s receiving a Yelp review at the end of a partner massage session, so it’s all about making it fun for all involved. As Beider puts it, “the goal should be deep relaxation, and to create a loving atmosphere with less stress and tension.”

Related Stories

That said, there’s no harm in knowing a bit about massage fundamentals. Once you’ve gained a basic familiarity, the object of your massage-affection can name exactly what you enjoy for next time—you can watch all three techniques in action here.

These are long, slow, gliding strokes, where the goal is to spread oil across the surface of the skin as well as introduce your partner to your touch,” Beider explains. “Those long, sleepy strokes are perfect for increasing circulation. Use a few minutes of effleurage on any area you plan to work as the first opening strokes, or the final strokes to close the session.”

“Petrissage includes more deep, kneading strokes, where you lift the muscle and slowly squeeze it from hand to hand, wringing it out and feeling what’s happening underneath the surface,” says Beider. “When you use circular petrissage motions with your thumbs, you can start to feel for areas with adhesions, or “knots,” where muscles are tight and uncomfortable.”

“When you find the areas with knots, strum your fingers or thumbs slowly across them moving in a back-and-forth motion,” Beider instructs. This is the friction technique.

“Applying friction to areas with adhesions, in the shoulders and lower back especially, is very effective in working more deeply and creating a relieving, enjoyable massage.” Don’t forget to check in, listen to their (verbal and non-verbal) feedback, and adjust accordingly.

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How To Give A RED HOT Happy Ending Massage

Give this massage an explosive, orgasmic ending!

Once you learn how to give a happy ending massage, your man is very likely to return the favor! But before you just jump right in, try following these tips to make sure it gives your man maximum pleasure.

There are a few key things to master before jumping in and giving your man a happy ending massage. Get them right and you are going to have one very satisfied man on your hands!

via New Love Times

1. Set the mood.

You might be excited to just jump in and start massaging your man and quickly get to the “happy ending.” It’s totally understandable because it’s just so much fun, but if you can take a step back and start with setting the mood, then your man is going to have a much better time.’

In almost all cases, you’ll be giving your man a massage on your bed in your bedroom. The easiest thing to do in your bedroom to set the mood is the lighting. Either use candles or direct a bedside lamp towards the corner wall. The main thing is to make sure it’s not too bright.

Next comes the smell. Ideally, you’ll have a scented candle to help with giving your room a nice aroma, but if not then spray a little perfume. While it’s not for everyone, you can also try burning incense.

Lastly, you need to choose an oil or massage lotion for your happy ending massage. I always recommend coconut oil or grapeseed oil. Just remember that these oils will degrade a rubber condom and make it likely that it will tear. The only other thing is what you wear. You can try lingerie, but you may find that simply being naked is far, far more comfortable.

2. Start things off slowly.

The first time learning how to give a happy ending massage, you shouldn’t tell him about the happy ending part. It should be a surprise. Just ask him if he’d like a massage. No guy will turn down a free massage!

Now, you may be feeling a little intimidated if you’ve never given anyone a massage before. Don’t worry! If you just use a combination of the following 3 massage techniques on your man then you are 95 percent of the way there. Additionally, it will keep you from complicating things.

  • Fingertips: This first technique involves you pressing your fingertips into his muscles and gently moving your fingertips up and down his muscles. It’s that simple… just make sure to trim your fingernails first to avoid accidentally cutting him.
  • Lobster claws: You are going to make a kind of lobster claw with your thumb and your index finger. So one side of the claw is your thumb and the other side is your index finger. You’re then going to use this claw to gentle squeeze your man’s muscles. You should only do this over skin that is oiled up so your finger and thumb don’t accidentally pinch his skin. As you claw his skin, you should feel it slipping out of your grip.
  • Knuckles: The third technique is simply using your knuckles to deeply press into your man’s muscles wherever you find a knot. You will be using your knuckles in much the same way as you would use your fingertips, except this time you’re going to be applying more pressure. You should start your massage with your man lying on his stomach and you sitting on his thighs/bum. Rub a small amount of oil on your hands and then spread it on his back. You only need enough to very lightly coat his skin.

3. Finally, get to the happy ending.

After massaging him for anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour, it’s time to get to the happy ending. To do this, he should be on his back and you should start gently massaging around his penis. So focus on his groin area and the lower part of his stomach.

Try to accidentally graze his penis from time to time. It’s doubtful he’ll mind! Most likely he’ll be rock hard at this stage. Now it’s time to start very gently running your fingertips over it using a super-light touch. Do the same with his testicles, all the while making sure to keep massaging the rest of his body so that you draw it out over time.

Note: If you’ve been massaging him for a while now, you may find that there is not a lot of oil left to rub on his penis and the rest of his genitals, so if you find yourself in this situation, then it’s time to add a little more. After this teasing part, when you’ve covered his genitals in massage oil, it’s time to go in for the kill and give him a happy ending.

Using your dominant hand, gently grab your man’s member while using your other hand to softly cup his testicles. Slowly move your hand up and down it making sure to use only the lightest of pressure on it. Remember that his testicles are super sensitive, so you need to squeeze them very gently. As well as squeezing them, you can also gently run your nails over them, which feels like a very pleasurable type of tickling for your man.

As you feel your man getting closer and closer to orgasm, you should start to jerk him off faster, but try to maintain a very light amount of pressure. When he does climax and start to orgasm, slow down immediately as his penis will become super sensitive.

If you want to learn more on how to give your man incredible oral sex, then you will learn a lot from watching this powerful tutorial. If you’d be interested in learning more about how to build sexual tension and prevent him cheating on you, then this instructional presentation will teach you everything you need to know.


After a long, hard day, it’s a very thoughtful idea to surprise your man with a sensual massage. There is a technique to giving a good massage. The most important thing to remember when giving a massage is that you have to be observant of the other person’s response to your actions. If he responds positively with a relieved sigh, you know you’re doing a good job.

Gather a variety of scented oils that your man might like. Some popular choices are sweet almond, jojoba, peppermint, cinnamon, honey walnut, lavender, and coconut massage oil. Cocoa butter also makes a good massage lubricant when combined with another oil. You can also purchase a massage oil pack (see the “Resources” section below).

Have your man sniff each oil to see which one he finds most pleasing and relaxing to his senses. Ask him where he feels the most tension.

Light a few candles around the bed, couch or massage table. Set this up wherever is most comfortable for him. Turn down the lights. Lay your man down face first. Straddle his back, and give him a gentle peck on the back of the neck.

Start drizzling massage oil down his back. Don’t use too much. Then, lightly distribute the oil with your fingers. Apply pressure (as much as he can stand) with your thumbs to the insides of his shoulder blades and work them in a small circular motion. At the same time, use your other fingers to apply light pressure to the tops of the shoulder blades.

Move down further on his back using the same formation with your thumbs applying direct, deep pressure to the inside. Let your fingers massage the rest.

Move up to the top of his back (while keeping your hands applied to the back at all times). Use your thumbs again to massage the upper back and the back of his neck in a circular motion. Work your way down while alternating between hard and light pressure. Be aware of his responses to the amount of pressure you are applying.

Twist yourself slightly to the right. Use both hands to begin massaging his biceps and lower arm with your fingertips and thumbs. Move all the way down to the hands. Use your thumbs to massage his palms. Do the same for the other arm.

Turn him around. Look him in the eyes affectionately. Begin the process again, focusing on his upper area. Be sure to add more massage oil. Use additional pressure with your thumbs wherever you feel tension.

Drizzle some more oil on his legs and thighs. Grab either lower thigh with each hand. Begin working your fingers and thumbs in an outward–then inward–motion all the way down to his feet. Grasp his feet with your thumbs underneath and fingers on top. Begin pushing your thumbs inward (not too hard) at the balls of the feet, which are a key pressure point in the body.


  • Be sure to clean up and make your room smell fresh prior to administering your massage. Clutter could give him more stress, whereas a clean room will help to put your man at ease.


101 Sexy Texts To Send Him Examples

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Look At It This Way Ladies…

No matter how dirty, naughty, prim or proper you are, your guy will adore your attempts at speaking his language with Sexy Texts to send him! Get your little finger ready and watch him wrap around it quickly as you send a few of these along the way. No matter how dirty or raunchy he thinks he wants your texts to be, these will NOT disappoint him!

Sexy Texts To Send Him Examples

These easy 1 click sexy texts to send him will make it too easy to ignite the spark that leads to some sweaty memories in your near future. From your android phone just click on the small android icon to the left of the text you’d like to send him and it will automatically load in your SMS texting app. How easy is that!?

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I’ve been daydreaming all day long… you and me naked moaning and sweaty…got anything to add to that vision?

you need to come see me asap…I’m getting moist just thinking about you

hope you’re rested, cause you’re gonna need every ounce of energy you can find tonight

You, me…the round pillow…my butt on top of it, nacked…my eyes can see it already…the rest of me wants it…are ya in?

You have no idea how much I want you right now…not to mention how I want you…and where I want you

I’m lovin on you in my mind right now all by myself

Everything about you turns me on, you’re all I can think about!

Tonight I’m going to take it slow and savor every inch of you <3

I couldn’t focus all day long…all I can think about is touching every inch of that delicious body of yours…I’m gonna make you feel so good it hurts

Tell me 3 things that make you the most excited…I’ll make sure you get at least 2 out of 3…Deal?

Be Yourself – But Do This Too!

Do You Know If He’s Just “De-Compressing” or If He’s Just Not Interested?

You’re in for a memorable night tonight baby…starting tomorrow you’re gonna remember how I made you feel like nobody else ever could

Good boys get kissed… bad boys get teeth and nails. Lemme guess…you’re very “good” at being “bad”?

I had so many dirty thoughts today…guess who inspired them all 😉 ?

Every time I close my eyes…I see you naked…just so ya know…I like seeing you naked with my eyes open even more;)

Right now all I can think about is how I can’t wait to see my clothes on the floor next to yours

I’m so turned on right now and all I’m doing is thinking of you

Your body is so incredibly gorgeous all I wanna do is explore every tiny square inch of it

What in the hell are you doing to me? I can’t stop thinking about you!

All I can think right now is Damn I’m One Lucky woman!

You turn me on like no other man ever has

Maybe you should spank me – I’ve been very very bad…and I never learn without proper punishment

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I know you’ve been thinking about doing me all day…ready to stop thinking?

I know what you want, but I want you to beg me for it…think you got that in ya?

just thinkin’ how I can’t wait to run my hands all over your strong body

all I can think about is stripping you naked and covering you with kisses…very slowly at first…then with an appetite

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I can’t wait to feel you in all the right ways in all the right places

I love the feel of your lips on mine when we kiss…the best part is knowing the rest of you will be touching me at the same time!

Come see me soon sexy…I’m feeling a little postal right now…might need to check your package

It turns me on so much when you say my name…especially when…well you know “when” don’t you 😉

I just keep thinking of your hands… I cant wait for you to do that thing again that drives me so crazy

The minute I see you, I want your clothes gone!

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Tell me how much you love it when I touch you…tell me exactly what you like the most…I’ll make sure I do it exactly how you describe it – so don’t forget any of the details <3

Hot, steamy, and satisfying…I cant wait for more!

I love the way you kiss me…especially when you kiss me where I ache the most

Tonight I’m going to work my way all around your body, extra slowly until you can’t take it any longer…Then…I’ll take it as long as you got it <3

the second you see me walk through the door…your clothes…my clothes…on the floor…no excuses

Be Yourself – But Do This Too!

you only get to say one word the next time we make love…my name! I wanna hear it over and over! think you can do that for me…hmmmm?

I get so turned on seeing you squirm when I suck those nipples of yours…especially your sensitive one

Step 1 – you tell me how bad you want me and why Step 2 – If your answer is good enough – we move on to Step 3

here’s the deal…I’m feeling sentimental right now…how bout we make a memory neither of us will forget the rest of our lives? No expensive dinner, no movies, just you and me, no frills – just chills…with me?

Obviously you know I think you’re sexy…but do you know how much?

I want you so bad – I can feel my temperature rising just thinking about you

I adore how naughty you are…you are a bad bad man

Nobody has ever made me feel what you make me feel…I just got shivers thinking about it

I wanna feel those sweet lips all over me, and I DO mean ALL over me….one condition…I get to guide you with my hands…I lead…you follow…agreed?

I love it when you roll your tongue around my nipples and then exhale slowly with that hot damp breath of yours…makes me shudder inside

Your wish is my command. How many wishes can you think of?

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you ready to make me scream anytime soon or should I plan on doing it myself without you?

Tell me how much you love making love to me…?

I was thinking of trying something new and erotic…any suggestions?

How about we pretend we’re auditioning for a porn flick?

I am sooo hungry right now…thing is…I don’t want food 😉

Who needs a spankin? You have two choices…choose wisely!

Who’s your good girl, sweet sexy baby, and the “rocker of your world” all rolled up into one?

Picture this…you come home…I take your shoes off for you, take your clothes off for you, scrub your back in the shower for you…and as soon as you’re clean…let’s see how dirty we can get?

I need some kisses…special kisses…got any to spare?

I love all the sounds we make when there’s nothing between us

I wanna saturate myself in you

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damn damn damn the things you do with your tongue…I’ll never get tired of that

I was thinking about tootsie pops today, which made me think of you…wanna guess on how many licks its gonna take?

I’ve got a very special hug waiting for you….it doesn’t involve my arms, or my hands…or even my body….just my mouth 😉 interested?

Just had a daydream about us…do you have any idea how wet I am right now thinking about you?

I feel like screaming…but I need you to help me get there…up for the challenge?

Be Yourself – But Do This Too!

Wanna make a baby? No? Good! Wanna practice in case we change our minds sometime in the distant future?

You feel so incredible when you’re so deep inside me…I love it when you go deep and just grind…pure heaven

MMmmmm I love it when I can feel your heartbeat pounding everywhere I touch you

I love hearing you moan my name ! What would it take to make you scream it?

Do you like the way I make love to you sweetheart? Tell me as many specifics as you can think of and I’ll “reward” your every detail!

Call me names… I love it when you call me sexy names…but not now…I wanna hear you say those names out loud…as you’re gasping for air…

Cute Things To Say – Get Laid Soon !

I know you’ve been holding back…tonight…put the romantic gentle loving aside and let’s goto the rodeo!

Tell me what you wanna do to me when you see me next…I want all the details up front!

Next time…I want you to work me up into a really hot mess…and then slow down right before I let loose…then do it again, I’m gonna wait for your command to let loose…just don’t make me wait too long ok?

Talk dirty to me now…get my motor running while I’m at work… and I’ll make yours run twice later 😉

All I can think about is the way you make my whole body spasm…and the way my temperature rises so incredibly high and how my heart pounds so hard

Oh god how I love that feeling when my whole body tightens up…how I enter into another world when I’m with you

Your moans turn me on so much… I can’t get enough of that wonderful noise

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For your reference…tonight will NOT be a “quickie” night

Ya know… with each amazing love making session it just gets better and better

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I’m in bed right now…imagining you’re here with me…and my hands are quite busy. It’s become a pretty common habit lately

If you don’t come over in the next half an hour I’m gonna cheat on you with the shower handle!

I don’t know what you’ve done to my pussy but when I see or even think about you I get wicked wet and just want you to give it to me long and hard

My pussy is messy – can you pls come clean it up for me

I’ll call you Daddy and be your little sex slave but only if you tell me what a good little girl I am first

I’m coming over, but I ran out of underwear…hope that’s ok


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