Raspberry ketones with green coffee


Natural Slimming Formula that Blocks, Melts & Burns Fat All At Once

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose. However, winning the game is never easy. Our natural healthy slimming formula is formulated with clinically studied Svetol® Chlorogenic Acid produced from green coffee beans and Raspberry Ketones from red raspberry. It provides an ideal solution to block, melt and burn fat all at once!

✓ Natural slimming formula that blocks, melts, and burns fat*

✓ May increase metabolism and reduce carbohydrates absorption*

✓ Directly increases the break down of stored body fat and shrinks fat cells*

Green Coffee Bean: Unroasted coffee bean that contains chlorogenic acid to block carbohydrates absorption.

Raspberry Ketones: A natural compound found in red raspberry that boosts metabolism and melting of stored fat.

The Miraculous Natural Slimming Ingredient – Green Coffee Bean

The roasted coffee bean used for regular coffee does not offer the same weight loss effects as the green variety. Slimming comes as a result of Chlorogenic Acid in coffee bean, which is destroyed after roasting. The green coffee bean also contains only a small amount of caffeine as it never undergoes the roasting process. Our slimming supplement is suitable for those looking to lose weight without dramatic changes to their diet and those more sensitive to caffeine*.

Studies have shown that green coffee bean may produce a reduction in body fat. Research revealed that chlorogenic acid had great effects when it comes to weight loss and assists in blocking absorption of carbohydrates and enables our body to use fat as energy.

Raspberry Ketones Increase Fat Burn and Shrink Fat Cells

While raspberry ketones are naturally present in the red raspberry, the amount is quite small, with 90lbs or red raspberries producing only 100mg of ketones. In order to make the most of the fat burning potential, experts recommend taking a supplementation. The raspberry ketones found in our product is the same as 180lbs of raspberries, which enables great results.

Raspberry ketones help to naturally reduce fat absorption and increases fat burning*. As well as reducing new fat, it can break down existing fat that has been stored for a long time. In a research study, mice fed with raspberry ketones for 10 weeks showed fat cells shrunk significantly.

Directions: Take 1 vegetarian capsule 30 minutes before meal, 2 – 3 times daily

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

A couple decades ago, when I lived in Los Angeles, I met a guy who may have been Hollywood’s original personal trainer. At minimum he was one of the few guys the studios could call on in the ’40s and ’50s when they needed help getting a star into shape.

The problem, he told me, is that stars were on contract to studios, and part of their deal was to act like stars: go to parties and nightclubs, be seen with their fellow celebrities, eat and drink and smoke and look glamorous while doing it. He rarely had more than a few weeks to undo the damage before the cameras rolled and the actor had to look lean, fit, and healthy.

How did he pull off this miracle? Amphetamines.

Sure, he trained the actors, cleaned up their diets, and in some cases kept them off booze. But powerful stimulants, which simultaneously increase your metabolic rate and decrease your appetite, were the only surefire way to take weight off fast.

Today we know that if a drug is strong enough to help you lose weight, it’s incredibly risky to use. That’s why most of them are either illegal (like cocaine and meth) or available only with a prescription (like Ritalin and other ADHD medications). Caffeine is the closest you’ll find to a legal, effective weight-loss drug, but only if you use it to train longer and harder. Even then the best results will probably come with higher doses, which includes some risk for susceptible individuals.

That brings us to Mehmet Oz, M.D., host of The Dr. Oz Show. On June 17 Oz was called before a Senate subcommittee. The topic: misleading ads for weight-loss products. Senator Claire McCaskill focused on three he enthusiastically endorsed on his show: green coffee bean extract, garcinia cambogia, and raspberry ketones. If you’ve heard of them at all, it’s probably because of him.

Do any of them work? Probably not. But to figure out why anyone would think they do, we turned to examine.com—an independent organization that provides un-biased research on supplements and nutrition—for a deeper look.

Raspberry Ketones

What Dr. Oz called it: “the number-one miracle in a bottle to burn your fat.”

What it is: a chemical derived from raspberries used for scent and flavor in both cosmetics and food.

What it does: The chemical structure is similar to that of synephrine and capsaicin, both of which have been shown to speed up human metabolism and thus burn more fat.

Does it work? In rodents, yes, but only in extremely high doses. And even those results weren’t impressive. They simply showed that overfed rats given raspberry ketones gained less weight than overfed rats without the supplement. Not only is there no research showing a benefit to humans, it’s hard to imagine there ever will be.

Green Coffee Bean Extract

What Dr. Oz called it: “the magic weight loss cure for every body type.”

What it is: a product made from unroasted coffee beans.

What it does: Green coffee beans are rich in chlorogenic acid, which may restrict absorption of carbs in your meals.

Does it work? Probably not. The handful of studies supporting its use were financed by supplement makers and are considered low-quality studies.

Garcinia Cambogia

What Dr. Oz called it: “the simple solution you’ve been looking for to bust your body fat for good.”

What it is: a citrus fruit called Malabar tamarind, which is found in Indonesia.

What it does: In rodent studies, it appears to decrease appetite while also inhibiting “lipogenesis.” An overly simplistic explanation of lipogenesis is that it’s the process that converts carbohydrates into fat, which can then be stored in, say, your belly area.

Does it work? In rats, yes. But lipogenesis is less likely in humans.

When we eat a combination of fat and carbs—which most of us do, most of the time—our bodies preferentially use the carbs for energy and store any fat we don’t need for fuel. That’s why overeating anything can make us fat, and why a supplement that prevents lipogenesis in rats is unlikely to save us from ourselves.

Which brings me back to the grizzled trainer on Los Angeles. Decades before the Internet existed, he understood that there was no safe and reliable way to lose weight quickly. So he chose “reliable” over “safe.” I assume his clients survived their amphetamine therapy. But if any of them didn’t, he kept that information to himself.

Today we know exponentially more about diet and exercise. We have a small list of effective supplements backed by solid research—namely, protein, creatine, fish oil, and vitamin D. What we don’t have, and may never have, is a magic pill.

Unless you consider a good diet and consistent training program to be a form of magic. It’s not, but it’s as close as we’re going to get.

Lou Schuler, C.S.C.S., is an award-winning journalist and the coauthor (with Alwyn Cosgrove) of The New Rules of Lifting Supercharged.

Lou Schuler Lou Schuler, CSCS, is a National Magazine Award-winning journalist and editorial director of the Personal Trainer Development Center.

Together, green coffee bean and raspberry ketone help to do the following:

  • Improve energy levels & stamina; combat fatigue
  • Supress the appetite
  • Boost metabolic rate
  • Increase fat oxidation
  • Improve focus & concentration
  • Natural laxative & detoxing effect

Green Coffee Bean: These unroasted coffee beans are high in chlorogenic acid, which promotes weight loss by reducing your body’s absorption of fats and glucose. (Once coffee beans are roasted, their chlorogenic acid content decreases significantly.)

Raspberry Ketone: This fragrant red raspberry extract helps your body to product a protein called adiponectone; this protein works to improve the metabolism of fat, and break down stored fat.

Did You Know? Why take a raspberry ketone supplement when you could just eat fresh raspberries? Well, the fact is you’d need to eat a whopping 40kg of raspberries daily to get even 100mg of raspberry ketone in your diet! That’s why the only way to give your body a significant amount of raspberry ketone is by using a pure concentrated capsule supplement like this one.

Dr Boxall’s natural weight loss supplement is gluten-free, yeast-free and preservative-free. Contains no added sugar, sodium, artificial colours or flavours.


Take 1-2 caps in the morning, 1 in the afternoon & 1 in the evening, 30 minutes before every meal. For best results, use under the supervision of a health practitioner.


400mg pure green coffee bean extract (45% chlorogenic acid), 200mg raspberry ketone

What They Really Are

Do green coffee beans help you lose weight?

The supplement industry is in a tough spot when it comes to weight loss, because it’s really damn hard to take a supplement to lose weight, and it’s even harder to sacrifice profits to rid people of their false beliefs.

Being overweight is the result of a variety of feedback loops that have gone awry, so there’s no food you can eat that actually targets excess fat tissue to any extent.

If there was you can bet big pharma would be all over that. They’ve probably spent close to half a trillion dollars trying. But still nothing close.

But in the supplement industry there are two products that are extremely popular when it comes to weight loss: raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract.

Even the mighty Dr. Oz has sung their praises.

Do they live up to their promise?

NO! Let me explain why………

Green coffee beans and raspberry ketones are actually quite simple. In fact, green coffee beans are so simple that you’ll be surprised when you find out what they really are.

They’re coffee beans that haven’t been roasted yet. That’s it. Unroasted coffee beans. An entire weight loss cottage industry has formed around a slightly unprocessed version of a food that’s been eaten for millennia.

Raspberry ketones are a little more unique. It’s similar in structure to capsaicin (the ingredient in peppers that makes them spicy) and give raspberryies their scent. Trace amounts of raspberry ketones have been used for centures in perfurmes and dyes, but it was always cost prohibitive to make from natural sources.

As a supplement raspberry ketones weren’t possible until the late 90’s when it was discovered they could be made through a synthetic process.

What They Purportedly Do

Raspberry ketones and green coffee beans exert their effects in different ways. Green coffee beans are supposed to limit sugar metabolism, and there’s truth to this. Coffee is a well studied as a nutrient, and it contains three compounds called caffeic acid, caffeoyl quinic acid and chlorogenic acid which limit glucose uptake in the bloodstream and the expression of some genes that regulate fat metabolism.

Raspberry ketones accelerate fat loss by increasing the activity of a neurotransmitter called norepinephrine and by altering the activity of an important enzyme called lipase which regulates fat metabolism. What, if anything raspberry ketones do for fat loss over the long run is a complete mystery.

Where Did Their Reputation Come From?

It’s a bit of a curiousity how unroasted coffee beans and a substance previously only used in perfume and air purifiers have become the de facto compounds people use to take weight.

When it comes to green coffee beans, I think the rage started when Dr. Oz talked about them on his show in this episode:

Apparently he’s rambled on about raspberry ketones as well. I don’t know.

As for other sources, there are a few more reputable ones.

For greeen coffee beans there are a number of studies that have examined the ability of caffeic acid to limit glucose uptake. Here’s more. There are also some clinical studies that have shown people lose weight when they take it for a few weeks.

The literature on raspberry ketones is much more vague and hypothetical. There are some experiments which show it increases fat metabolism and helps reduce weight in mice.

However, there are some important things to consider when taking this all in.


1). All the weight loss stuff was done on very small groups of people. It amounts to “hey, take this stuff for a few weeks and see what happens.” I’ve written before how these sorts of results are not useful.

2). Caffeic acid is found in all sorts of plants, not just green coffee beans. And more importantly, it’s found in regular ol’ coffee. Most of its purported health benefits were done when studying regular coffee beans. There’s nothing really special when it comes to green coffee beans and its active constituents….you can find them all over. Including Starbucks.

3). You can’t always trust Dr. Oz.

4). All this is really no different than lots of other healthy foods. If you drink a lot of green tea for several years it’ll probably help you lose weight. Same for cutting back on sugar. Same for going vegetarian. And same for….you get the idea.

Probably Healthy For You, Nothing Special

Both of these compounds have health benefits that fit neatly within the greater diversity of plant nutrients you can eat. They seem to help certain cellular functions, they seem to help scavenge free radicals, and seem to be fairly unique, mostly because most micronutrients are inherently diverse. That’s all fine, but not worthy of your disposable income. Just eat a damn salad.

The Real Reason They’re So Popular

Both of these supplements have two things going for them:

1). They have reported health benefits that pertain to fat loss (albeit with some truthiness)

2). They’re cheap.

I know this from first hand experience in my dealings with suppliers. The synthetic process for creating raspberry ketones allows them to be made very inexpensively (about 100-1000x less than naturally derived ketones) and green coffee beans are one of the most intensively farmed foods on the planet.

Their high-value use to customers and low product cost make them a very high margin item, and supplements are quickly becoming a low margin industry.

Will Green Coffee Bean Extract or Red Raspberry Ketones Work for Weight Loss?

According to the World Health Organization, by the year 2015, there will be 2.3 billion overweight people around the globe. That makes it all the more enticing, and important, to think about an easy, natural way to lose weight. Two plant extracts — green coffee bean extract and red raspberry ketone, a compound found in the berries — have become prime subjects of such wishful thinking.

When Dr. Mehmet Oz told his TV audience that red raspberry ketone was a weight-loss miracle in a bottle, his followers descended on health-food stores, emptying the shelves of the $12-to-$20-a-jar capsules. He also promoted green coffee bean extract, another over-the-counter weight-loss product, and inspired a similar response.

Both products are “nutraceuticals,” or dietary supplements made from concentrated food components. The global market for them is estimated to be more than $350 billion.

“A nutraceutical is any substance that is naturally occurring and is taken as a diet supplement rather than as a drug,” says Mysore V. Nagendran, MD, research director of MVJ Medical College and Research Hospital in Bangalore, India. No diet supplements, including nutraceuticals, are approved or regulated by the FDA.

Here’s what’s known about two of the most popular nutraceutricals out there: green coffee bean extract and red raspberry ketone.

Is Green Coffee Bean Extract Effective?

Unlike many dietary supplements, green coffee bean extract actually has some research to back it up. Dr. Nagendran and his colleagues recently did a small but controlled study that compared green coffee bean extract with a placebo for weight loss, and found significant reductions in body weight and body fat during the periods when the participants took the extracts compared with the periods when they took the placebo. Researchers then concluded in the online journal Diabetes, Metabolic Syndrome, and Obesity: Targets and Therapy that green coffee bean extract could be an inexpensive and effective weight-loss nutraceutical.

“We do know for certain that green coffee bean extract reduces the absorption of carbohydrates and possibly fats from the intestines,” Nagendran says. “Additionally, we believe that it also has an action on one or more of the gut hormones that regulate glucose as well as fat metabolism.”

Although Nagendran and his team did not document any side effects in the group the participated in their study, they recommend talking to your doctor before commencing green coffee bean extract.

Are Red Raspberry Ketones Effective?

If you’re talking about mice, there’s some proof to the weight-loss benefits of red raspberry ketones. But there have been no studies done on this weight-loss product in humans. The positive news on the nutraceutical came first from a study in 2005 by Japanese researchers, who found that red raspberry ketones were effective for reducing obesity in mice that were fed a high-fat diet.

A subsequent study done in Korea in 2010 confirmed that red raspberry ketones prevented obesity in male mice on a high-fat diet. The mechanism of action is thought to be an increase in the breakdown of fat cells. That may be great news for mice, but it says nothing about whether the product is safe or effective for people.

Bottom Line on Magic Bullets for Weight Loss

Over-the-counter, natural weight-loss products like green coffee bean extract or red raspberry ketone are not approved or regulated by the FDA. They might decrease your appetite, reduce fat absorption, or stimulate your metabolism, but “natural” does not mean safe, and valid scientific evidence for their effectiveness remains limited. The green coffee bean extract study, for instance, involved just 16 people. In addition, many weight-loss supplements have side effects, and they can interfere with other medications. All of this makes it important to check with your doctor before taking any weight-loss product. Also check with FDA website for any product safety warnings.

Even if you have some success with a weight-loss product after checking with your doctor, remember that these products are no substitute for a healthy lifestyle. “Nutraceuticals only work well when people additionally observe diet and exercise,” says Nagendran. “These disciplines make the weight loss more effective and sustained.”

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Weight Loss Complex – Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, and Green Coffee Bean


Weight Loss Complex – Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketones, and Green Coffee Bean

What a Powerful Combination of weight loss ingredients. Garcinia Cambogia is perfect for weight loss because of its ability to reduce appetite and block the conversion of carbs into fat. Although, it becomes especially powerful when combined with Raspberry Ketones. Weight Loss doubles when you combine the appetite suppressant abilities of Garcinia Cambogia and the metabolism boosting of Raspberry Ketones. Our supplement becomes even stronger with the addition of Green Coffee Bean Extract. In addition, Green Coffee Bean is loaded with antioxidants, Caffeine, and Chlorogenic Acid. Caffeine can boost metabolism by 3 to 11%. The Chlorogenic Acid can reduce the absorption of carbs from the digestive tract, which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes. It reduces fat absorbed from diet, fat stored in the liver, and improve the fat burning hormone adiponectin.

  • Weight Loss Complex with Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, and Green Coffee Bean Extract.
    Nature’s Nutri-Care’s Weight Loss Complex contains 100% Pure all-natural Garcinia Cambogia, Raspberry Ketone, and Green Coffee Bean Extract for optimal weight loss.
  • Garcinia Cambogia for Weight Loss & Appetite Control
    Garcinia Cambogia is perfect for weight loss because of its ability to reduce appetite and to block the conversion carbohydrates into fat cells. It helps control cravings so you eat less naturally without feeling hungry. No more feeling like you are starving yourself, you will feel full and satisfied without having a single bite. So now you can enjoy the foods you want without filling yourself up extra calories.
  • Raspberry Ketone Weight Loss Benefits
    Raspberry Ketones are one of many compounds in raspberries that are healthy. It boosts the body’s metabolism and fat burning process, helping you shed extra fat fast and efficiently. You will have the freedom to eat normally while this powerful supplement is hard at work burning unwanted fat.
  • Green Coffee Bean for Weight Management
    Green Coffee Bean Extract is loaded with antioxidants, Caffeine, and Chlorogenic Acid. Caffeine can boost metabolism by 3 to 11%. Chlorogenic Acid can reduce the absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract, which lowers blood sugar and insulin spikes.

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