Pills to prevent hangover

Anyone who has experienced a hangover knows it is unpleasant. Those who experience them regularly tend to spend a lot of time looking for something to take all their ails away. While there is no magical hangover cure pill that works for all people in all situations, there are medications that can address specific symptoms or sets of symptoms experienced the morning after drinking.


What Are Hangover Pills?

Why do we get hangovers? Scientists have yet to come to a consensus on the issue. However, they have been looking into ways to address the phenomenon. People, in general, have long been trying to find cures for the ails they experience the morning after drinking. While the majority of these so-called remedies offer little more than a placebo effect, certain medications have been effective at combating specific symptoms — for example, pain medications for muscle soreness or antacids for acid reflux.

Hangover pills are medications designed to combat multiple symptoms at once. This idea appeals to many who imbibe as it is significantly easier than taking multiple medications for each symptom they are suffering from while also reducing the risk of potentially dangerous interactions. Rather than pulling out half the items in the medicine cabinet every time they drink heavily, they can use a single medicine for hangovers.

Hangover medicines are not new, but it is only recently that they have achieved significant popularity. The original medications were little more than activated charcoal combined with antacids. Now, the best hangover pills are practically pharmaceutical cocktails that may address ailments as varied as low mood and nausea.

Each company has its formula, and no pill will address all symptoms. As such, what pill to take for a hangover will depend on what the drinker is experiencing. Keep in mind that there are different hangovers after different drinks, so those who drink often may want multiple pills on hand.

Do Hangover Pills Work?

Taking a single pill for hangovers rather than multiple medications sounds great, but is it too good to be true? Because these medications are relatively new and hangover medication is over-the-counter, these pills have not been extensively tested. As such, there is little to go on beyond customer reviews.

Unsurprisingly, some customers offer rave reviews while others insist these pills are little more than snake oil. This could be attributed to multiple factors. Perhaps there is a certain placebo effect present when taking something that labels itself as an anti-hangover pill. Maybe the users are taking the wrong medication for the specific type they are experiencing. It could even be that since the pills combine multiple medications, ultimately the doses of each are too low to achieve the desired effects for certain individuals or to combat signs of a severe hangover.

Another problem with hangover meds is that many of them only claim maximum effectiveness if they are taken before drinking as a preventative measure. While prevention is undoubtedly better than cure, many people who end up with the morning after drinking effects set out with a plan to drink very little and therefore do not plan to prevent symptoms from occurring.

As such, over-the-counter hangover medications usually just dull symptoms enough for users to be functional rather than curing the condition, leaving many preferring individual medications over combination no hangover pills.

NSAIDs for Hangovers

Perhaps the most well-known symptom experienced the morning after drinking is a pain. As such, the first step in how to deal with a hangover is usually battling the pain it causes. This pain can be a pounding head, throbbing muscles, or even organ pain from an overtaxed liver or kidneys. A logical way to combat this is by taking a pain reliever.

The presence of alcohol in the body can set off the immune system, triggering its inflammation response. Inflammation can cause many different types of pain, all of which are commonly associated with the morning after drinking. For this reason, NSAIDs are often recommended as the best medicine for a hangover headache.

Only three NSAIDs are available over the counter; they are:

  • Aspirin (Bayer, Excedrin)
  • Ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin IB)
  • Naproxen (Aleve)

The best hangover headache medicine between these three will come down to personal preference. Users should keep in mind that while these medications are safer for use after drinking alcohol than other options, there is still an increased risk of ulcers and internal bleeding. Additionally, they can cause stomach upset in some people, which could make nausea from drinking worse.

Activated Charcoal For Hangovers

Activated charcoal has long been a popular remedy, but is it an effective hangover medication? The logic for using it is clear; hospitals often utilize activated charcoal when attempting to absorb alcohol and other toxins in the stomach to combat poisoning, so it stands to reason it could help with the after-effects of drinking. However, there are some issues with this reasoning.

First of all, the effectiveness of activated charcoal on treating alcohol poisoning is minimal. Secondly, it does not have any effect once the alcohol has been absorbed and is no longer in the stomach. While it is possible—though not proven—that taking it before drinking could help to prevent symptoms, activated charcoal cannot cure it once it begins.

Pedialyte, Oralyte, Etc.

Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it forces the body to expel more water than it otherwise would on its own. It does this by inhibiting the release of vasopressin, which is a hormone that regulates the amount of urine the kidneys produce. Many signs of dehydration are the same as hangover symptoms, leading many to believe it is the primary factor in experiencing the after-effects of drinking.

As such, it stands to reason that treating dehydration can resolve some effects. Water alone is not enough to combat moderate dehydration; electrolyte drinks such as Pedialyte and Oralyte should be used. Drinkers must keep in mind that other symptoms, such as vomiting, diarrhea, and sweating can exacerbate dehydration

Electrolyte drinks use salt, water, and sugar, to hold in the moisture the body still has while also keeping new fluids injected from being flushed out. They also replenish lost electrolytes, which are vital to bodily functions. If the dehydration is severe, medical attention should be sought.

Emergen C for Hangovers

While it is still unclear what mechanisms cause hangovers to develop, there is increasing evidence that the immune system plays a key role. Because of this, some people believe that taking immune system boosters can help them end their symptoms faster. While it is possible that taking immune system boosters like Emergen C before drinking could reduce or eliminate after effects, taking the medication once those symptoms are being felt is unlikely to help. As such, it is not a hangover medication.

Pepto Bismol for Hangovers

Pepto Bismol has been around since 1900. Developed as a cure for infant diarrhea, it quickly became known as the best hangover medicine. Pepto Bismol treats multiple symptoms commonly experienced the morning after drinking, including nausea, diarrhea, and acid reflux.

While it does not treat all symptoms, it is good medicine for hangovers with significant gastrointestinal effects. For those who dislike the taste or texture of Pepto, there are other medications with similar effects.

BC Powder for Hangovers

BC Powder is often a choice medicine for a hangover headache. It contains both aspirin and caffeine and is mixed into water or another liquid and then drank. Because it is in powder form, it acts faster than pills do, helping drinkers feel relief sooner. The problem with using BC Powder is that hangovers can induce nausea and vomiting, making it difficult for users to drink the medication and keep it down long enough to experience the benefits it offers. Despite this, many swear by its use for combating both pain and fatigue after drinking.

Alka Seltzer for Hangovers

Alka Seltzer is another classic medication that has long been used to combat drinking after-effects. The company even offers a special version called Morning Relief specifically marketed as a medicine to help hangovers. The primary ingredient in Alka Seltzer is baking soda, which can settle stomach upset by neutralizing stomach acid. It also contains aspirin, which can help with some aches and pains. However, some of its other ingredients, such as citric acid, can irritate the lining of the stomach in some users, making symptoms worse rather than better.

Zantac 75 Relief for Hangovers

Zantac 75 is an antacid medication and is often taken after drinking to neutralizing stomach acid and reduce nausea. It has been proven effective at this, and there are even rumors that it was created specifically to combat hangovers. However, drinkers should be cautious when using it. Taking it the morning after drinking is fine, but taking it while drinking as a preventative is dangerous, as Zantac can increase blood alcohol levels.

The Dangers of Acetaminophen

While there is plenty of debate over what is the best medicine for hangover symptoms, there is no argument that one of the worst is acetaminophen. Also known as Tylenol, this medication is dangerous to take during or after drinking. No one who consumes more than 2-3 drinks in a day should take acetaminophen.

Why is acetaminophen so dangerous to take after a night of drinking? It comes down to the way the medication is processed. For most medications to be effective, they must be metabolized by the body. Some are metabolized by the liver, and others by the kidneys. Acetaminophen is one that the liver metabolizes. When it does so, some of it becomes a benign substance, while a small portion becomes a toxic substance that is harmful in large doses or when left in the body.

Alcohol is also processed by the liver. When alcohol is consumed in large doses, it depletes the liver of glutathione stores, which are needed to processes acetaminophen safely.

If acetaminophen is taken with or after heavy alcohol consumption, the liver cannot safely process it, leading to high levels of toxins in the body which can permanently damage the liver or cause a medical event that requires hospitalization.

There is also research that suggests consuming acetaminophen with alcohol can contribute to kidney disease. Even if Tylenol is a drinker’s preferred pain killer for other situations, it should never be used to treat drinking after-effects.

Getting Help For Problematic Alcohol Use

The best method for how not to get a hangover is to not drink to excess. If someone is frequently experiencing hangovers, it is a sign of problematic alcohol use. While battling alcohol use disorder and alcoholism can be difficult, drinkers are not alone in their journey. There are many quality rehab facilities which can help them discover how to get sober. The assistance with alcohol abuse treatment they need is out there.


Dr. Gregory Okhifun

Medical Reviewer

Dr. Okhifun is a passionate medical doctor, with over five years’ experience as a general practitioner. His passion for medical education led to his journey in medical writing. He has a wealth of experience writing for hospitals and medical centers, health organizations, telemedicine platforms, wellness organizations, medical tourism publications, addiction websites, and websites focused on nutrition and nutraceuticals.
He also serves as medical coordinator and content writer for Gerocare Solutions, for which he also volunteers as a health advisor/consultant for the elderly.
Dr. Okhifun enjoys traveling, meditation, and reading.

Medical review by Marixie Ann Manarang-Obsioma


Did you wake up with a hangover? Our panel tests remedies to get you through the post-New Year tristesse Those OF our readers who believe New Year’s Eve celebrations should be liquid events may well be reading this through squinted eyes in a desperate attempt to ignore a relentless pounding headache and rising nausea. With the welfare of these readers in mind, we put some dedicated hedonists through their paces ahead of the festivities to check out the remedies available for these classic hangover symptoms. Our panel tested three commercially made cures, three home remedies and a straightforward mix of paracetamol and water.

Commercial hangover concoctions tend to contain similar ingredients – painkillers and antacids. Painkillers (paracetamol or aspirin) help get rid of a headache, and antacids (sodium bicarbonate and other carbonates) help settle an upset stomach. Paracetamol will not irritate the stomach, although aspirin can. If you’ve got a delicate stomach along with your headache, you may be better off avoiding aspirin. Always stick to the recommended doses on the packet, whatever you’re taking.

No two hangovers are exactly the same: how you feel depends on what you’ve eaten and your general state of health. This means our panel`s experiences won`t necessarily be the same as yours, but the panellists` verdicts, combined with those of a doctor, give some guidance as to what you can expect from a range of cures.

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But how can you avoid that hangover in the first place? The kind of advice your mum gave you when you first started drinking is generally the best: don’t drink on an empty stomach; avoid drinks that you know from past experience make you suffer; try and eat snacks while you’re drinking; and intersperse alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic ones. This is sound advice to remember next time.

ce THE PANEL Paul Peoples, Craig Nightingale, Glynn Yorke and Neil Haley, who are all members of the Old Bosworthians rugby club in Leicestershire and participate fully in post-match celebrations; Maggie Wright and Joanne Lewis, two party-loving London students; and Dr Ann Robinson, a GP.

ce THE TEST The panel tried out the cures over a period of weeks and rated them for taste, how easy they were to prepare, speed and overall impact of treatment. Dr Robinson didn’t try out any of the cures herself but looked at the ingredients in each andgave her verdict based on their likely effectiveness.

ce *FIZZY, SUGARY DRINK 10p-50p a dose ce Some people swear by the hangover-curing properties of fizzy, sweet drinks – especially glucose-enriched brands such as Lucozade. Any sugary, soft drink should help if you’re feeling dehydrated. Craig drank some lemonade after waking up with a very dry throat after a party. He rated it highly for taste and speed of effect. The rest of the panel weren’t so impressed: “Sugary drinks can make you feel better but if my hangover was more than just mildly irritating, I’d want some paracetamol or aspirin,” said Maggie. The verdict seemed to be as follows: if you want more than just rehydration, a fizzy drink isn`t good enough.

ce *PINT OF WATER BEFORE GOING TO BED ce Drinking lots of water before going to bed and when you wake up can help stop the dehydrating effect of too much alcohol. However, Neil wasn’t too confident of the ability of water alone to prevent his hangover: “I feel like I`d need more than a pint of water to have any real effect,” he said. Maggie agreed: “I didn`t feel too bad when I woke up but I`m sure that was due more to my drinking being relatively restrained than to the water.” Dr Robinson advises: “Water is great for rehydration but it won’t do much to stop a throbbing head. Keep a glass by the bed, but keep some paracetamol at hand as well for the headache.”

**RESOLVE £2.79 for 10 sachets (28p a dose)

ce Paracetamol is the headache-blitzing ingredient in Resolve, and a concoction of antacids is meant to help settle the stomach. Resolve was fairly popular with the panel, as much for its lemon taste as anything else. After a night at the pub, Craig was enthusiastic: “My head felt terrible the next morning but a sachet of this really did make me feel better.” Maggie tried it in the morning after drinking wine with a meal, followed by a heavy session in the pub, then drinking whisky into the wee small hours: “Not surprisingly, I felt disgusting and the Resolve didn’t do much to help. But given the seriousness of the hangover, it would have been a pretty awesome task for any cure to work,” she said. Dr Robinson wasn’t particularly impressed. “The mix of antacids is not better than having just one, and I don’t know why the manufacturers have added vitamin C – it won’t do anything to tackle hangover symptoms. It’s sometimes given to alcoholics with vitamin deficiencies, but there’s no point in it being inthis.”

ce **ALKA SELTZER £2.89 for 30 tablets (19p a dose)

ce An age-old favourite hangover cure, Alka Seltzer contains aspirin for a headache and sodium bicarbonate for a dodgy stomach. Citric acid produces the fizz and helps protect the stomach against any ill-effects from the aspirin. Dr Robinson thought the inclusion of aspirin in Alka Seltzer was still a bit of a drawback: “The sodium bicarbonate is good for coping with an upset stomach and the aspirin should work on the headache, but paracetamol would have worked better.”

The panel had mixed views. The Alka Seltzer appeared to have a dramatic impact on Craig’s “sicky feeling” after his night at a club: “You could say the effect was immediate – I was sick straight after taking it!” Maggie thought it worked fairly well: “I’d been to two parties in one night and was feeling fairly rough the next day, but this made my stomach feel less troubled,” she said.

ce ***SUPERDRUG PARACETAMOL SELTZER £l.45 for 24 tablets (12p a dose)

ce This is a similar product to Alka Seltzer, but contains paracetamol rather than aspirin. The panel gave it a mixed reception. The rugby lads all tried the Superdrug Seltzer the morning after a club annual dinner. “It got rid of the sick feeling mainlybecause I was sick straight after taking it. In fact, two out of four of us experienced the same thing,” said Glynn (although this reaction would probably have had more to do with the type of hangover than the cure itself). Dr Robinson preferred the Superdrug Seltzer to Alka Seltzer because of the stomach-friendly paracetamol content: “This cure has the important ingredients of paracetamol and sodium bicarbonate, so it should work fine.” The Superdrug Seltzer works out a lot cheaper than the Alka Seltzer, too.

ce ****PARACETAMOL AND WATER £1.15 for 24 tablets (10p a dose)

ce No fizz, no lemon flavour, no other fancy ingredients – a simple hangover cure of water and a couple of paracetamol was Dr Robinson’s firm favourite: “If you’ve got a bad morning-after headache, this is really all you need. The paracetamol should zap the headache without irritating a delicate stomach. It works out a lot cheaper than gimmicky, commercially produced hangover cures and if you’re feeling a bit sick as well, drinking plenty of liquid and sticking to bland food should be enough to help,” she advised. The trusty paracetamol cure was also very popular with the panel. “This is what I would normally have – along with staying in bed asleep for half the day. It always works for me and I normally feel fine by the afternoon,” enthused Jo. After his boozy night at a club with Craig, Paul said the paracetamol made him much better.

ce PRAIRIE OYSTER AND BLACK COFFEE (around 10p a dose, depending on what you’ve got in the cupboard)

ce A prairie oyster is raw egg, lemon juice, pepper and a spicy sauce such as Worcestershire. This combination of ingredients seems destined to make an upset stomach even worse, so its reputation as a hangover cure is rather a mystery. Jo was bluntly honest: “If I hadn’t been doing this as part of a test, this mixture wouldn’t come anywhere near me, hangover or not. It was revolting.” Dr Robinson said: “The whole concoction will probably make you forget your hangover just because it’s so disgusting! Then again, the salmonella risk from the raw egg could be much worse!” The black coffee was the only slightly saving grace – the caffeine could act as a pick-me-up.


6 Ways to Ease Your Hangover

Happy New Year! If you’re one of the many revelers around the world who over-imbibed last night, remember for next time that the only real way to cure a hangover is to drink in moderation and avoid getting one at all. But in the meantime, don’t panic, because there are a few easy remedies that will ease your head-pounding, body-aching, regret-having pain.

NewsFeed consulted Dr. Jason Burke, an anesthesiologist who specializes in the treatment of veisalgia (otherwise known as the common hangover) to shed some light on which cures will best alleviate the symptoms. Before you read on, go ahead and grab a glass of water to tide you over.

1. Greasy breakfast food

If you’re craving a big breakfast full of fatty foods, follow your instincts. Fat contains more calories than protein or carbs, so it’s the fastest way to help your body process out the breakdown products of alcohol, Dr. Burke says. Sausage, ham and bacon are also rich with B vitamins, which help further metabolize alcohol’s breakdown products. And then there are eggs and cheese, whose antioxidants will help ease your overall discomfort. So get yourself to the nearest diner and eat up.

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2. Wheatgrass

The high concentration of antioxidants will alleviate your hangover symptoms. But be warned, Dr. Burke says: if you’re not accustomed to the taste, it may aggravate the nausea that often accompanies a hangover. So it’s a bit risky, but if you can stomach it, wheatgrass is a great remedy.

3. Pedialyte Freezer Pops

Yes, Pedialyte is meant for children who are dehydrated from diarrhea and vomiting, but it’s also great for adults who are dehydrated from Disaronno and vodka. The electrolyte-heavy formula will easily replenish your body’s fluids and minerals. Slate recommends opting for the freezer pop version over the regular, drinkable stuff because they’re easy to eat and won’t make you feel more nauseated than you already do. Plus, if you stash a box of them in your freezer now, you’ll have them handy the next time you inevitably get another hangover.

4. Exercise

We know, we know. When you’re hungover, you usually don’t feel like moving. But a gentle workout (don’t worry, we’re not talking about Tough Mudder or anything) will make a big difference. Boost your metabolism with some yoga, pilates or just a good old-fashioned walk, and you’ll get the alcohol out of your system faster. Just remember to drink plenty of water to keep your dehydration from worsening, Dr. Burke says.

5. Alka-Seltzer

This famous fizzy elixir is a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and aspirin, Dr. Burke explains. The former neutralizes stomach acid and the latter targets inflammation, both of which will help ease your pain and get you on track for a nausea-free day.

6. Nothing

Sorry, friends, but when it comes down to it, there’s simply no remedy that will completely cure your hangover. So if you’ve got the luxury of a day off from work, just take it easy. Wallow in your self-loathing for a bit and then fire up the Netflix for a Scandal marathon as you vow to yourself, I’m never drinking again. We all know it’s a lie, but sometimes making false promises to yourself is the only thing that will make you feel better.

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Hangover Pills


What is a Hangover Prevention Pill?

A hangover prevention pill is one of the best ways to prevent a hangover after a night of drinking. By taking a hangover prevention pill before you start drinking, you won’t experience the unpleasant symptoms associated with hangovers. Headaches, nausea, fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, sweating, disrupted sleep – all these symptoms occur from consuming too much alcohol and the severity of them varies from person to person.

But with a hangover prevention pill, you can wake up the next morning feeling great and ready for the day, completely hangover-free. Go to work and actually show up on time feeling refreshed, keep those morning plans scheduled that you’ve had all week – When you take a hangover prevention pill, you’ll be able to accomplish what you need to get done that day.

How Do Hangover Pills Work?

Most symptoms of hangovers are caused by inflammation of the brain. The best pills to prevent hangovers will have fat-solubles, premium ingredients that your brain can absorb to help reduce inflammation, targeting and eliminating those debilitating hangover symptoms.

Here’s a basic overview of what is happening with your body when you’re hungover:

  1. Inflammation of the brain which causes nausea and headaches.
  2. Oxidative stress caused by an imbalance in your body between antioxidants and reactive oxygen species.
  3. Overall dehydration.
  4. Glutamine rebound, where your body is trying to replace crucial parts of this amino acid which you need for your immune system. This rebound process causes some of the anxiety and loss of sleep associated with hangovers.

Pills to prevent hangovers address all of the above issues, helping to restore balance in your body.

The key thing to remember about an anti-hangover pill is that it’s all about prevention. You want to have a proactive approach to your hangover, rather than reactive. So the best way to take a hangover prevention pill is 20 minutes before you start drinking alcohol. In the case that you forget to take your anti-hangover pill, don’t worry, just try to take them before you go to sleep. You can also take them the next morning when you wake-up, since some hangovers evolve during the course of the day (especially in people over 40 years of age).

What are the ingredients in hangover pills?

For the best hangover prevention pills, you need the best ingredients. Hangover pills require a variety of ingredients to treat hangovers, due to the complexity of a hangover. If a hangover pill only has one ingredient, it isn’t going to work. Our hangover pills at Hangover Heaven have multiple antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories, all of which are essential to getting you back to feeling good and productive. Our ingredients include:

Taurine: Taurine is a fast-acting antioxidant and energy booster. It helps treat hangover-related fatigue, oxidative stress and blood toxicity. It is considered an essential amino acid.

R-Alpha Lipoic Acid: Alpha Lipoic Acid is an antioxidant found naturally in our bodies. It is helpful in reducing inflammation and protecting cells throughout the body. It is also found in foods such as yeast, broccoli, spinach, and meats such as liver and heart.

B, C, D and E Vitamins: Alcohol is a diuretic, meaning it causes you to urinate much more frequently than normal. And because of this, you end up depleting your body of crucial vitamins, like vitamins B, vitamins C and E. These vitamin ingredients in our pills to prevent hangovers replenish your body’s stores of these essential nutrients.

Milk Thistle: When we consume alcohol, it puts a strain on our liver, specifically the cells in our liver. Milk thistle has been known to have a protective effect on our liver cells.

Curcumin: Curcumin reduces blood vessel inflammation, which can help treat headaches and fatigue. It’s also found in turmeric.

Gotu Kola: Gotu Kola helps to improve circulation and reduce swelling throughout the body, and also helps reduce toxins in the liver.

Prickly Pear Extract: This extract from the prickly pear plant is known to reduce inflammation in our liver, helping prevent and reduce common hangover symptoms.

Ecklonia Cava: A type of Japanese seaweed also known as “sea trumpet” that contains powerful amounts of phlorotannins, known to reduce inflammation and insomnia.

Choline: This water soluble-compound is considered essential for our bodies to function properly, including brain regenerative properties.

CoQ10: Another naturally-occuring substance in our bodies is CoQ10. It helps to reduce headaches and is good for our brain, heart, liver, and kidneys.

NAC: The amino acid N-acetylcysteine (NAC) is a nutrient for the liver. It produces an antioxidant glutathione, which helps reduce oxidative stress in our bodies.

Zinc: Similar to vitamins, drinking alcohol causes us to lower the amount of zinc in our bodies. Zinc is important for gut health and immune function. Because it isn’t something our body produces naturally, we have to get it through other sources, such as supplements.

Selenium and Molybdenum: Both Selenium and Molybdenum are two important minerals that help to metabolize the breakdown products of alcohol, preventing the toxins from building up in our bodies.

Why Buy Hangover Heaven Supplements?

Dr. Jason Burke’s medical practice has treated more than 40,000 hangovers.

What makes a Hangover Heaven supplement the best hangover pill on the market is our ingredients. We only use high-quality, premium ingredients that are much more expensive than the ingredients used in other anti-hangover pills and therefore are more effective for treating hangovers. Cheap ingredients will lead to a cheap recovery (similar to drinking the lowest-priced alcohol on the shelf).

Unlike other providers, our hangover prevention pills come in three sizes so that you can select the most appropriate amount based on your alcohol consumption: 12-count, 42-count and 90-count.

Our hangover pills are taken before you start drinking, since we have found that a preventive approach to hangovers works much more effectively than a reactive approach. The amount of pills you take will depend on how much you plan to drink and how severe your hangovers tend to be after a night of drinking.

Best Hangover Pills to Prevent Hangovers:

The best hangover prevention pills are going to have vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and natural anti-inflammatories. All of these ingredients are important to treating the wide-variety of hangover symptoms. At Hangover Heaven, we only use high-grade ingredients and never add sugar.

Get the Best Hangover Prevention Pills

Additional treatments also highly-effective when it comes to treating hangovers include our IV treatment, which contains hydration, vitamins, electrolytes, and antioxidants.

Electrolyte Concentrate is a doctor-formulated concentrate with sodium, potassium, and magnesium. These three vital nutrients and minerals help to support hydration, heat tolerance, muscle function, and energy conversion.

Hangover Pill Related Articles:

For more information on hangover pills and how to treat your hangovers, check out our below articles.

Activated Charcoal Pills for Hangovers: Benefit or Bunk?

Charcoal mills only work mildly for hangovers. And in order for them to have any effect, they have to absorb the alcohol you are drinking. So if you are going to take a pill to absorb the alcohol you just purchased (minimizing the effects of alcohol), why drink it in the first place?

The Ultimate Guide to Hangover Pills

Learn about the history of hangover pills and find out more specifics on how to take them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

(Ideally each answer is in an accordion)

How do you get rid of a hangover ASAP?

One of the best ways to get rid of a hangover is by getting an IV. But if you aren’t in Las Vegas, the next-best thing to take is a hangover pill that contains antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories to help replenish your body with much needed nutrients. Many people believe that drinking water is a way to quickly treat a hangover. But actually, hangovers are not caused by dehydration, being dehydrated is only one physical symptom of a hangover.

Is there a pill for hangovers?

Yes, our hangover prevention pills at Hangover Heaven help treat hangovers. These pills should be taken as preventive measures, so you should take them 20 minutes before you start drinking. But even if you forget, you can still take them as soon as you remember.

Can a hangover kill you?

While the unpleasant feelings of a hangover cannot kill you, specific symptoms associated with too much alcohol consumption, if severe enough, can cause significant harm to your body and brain – This includes dehydration, vomiting (which leads to dehydration and can sometimes cause seizures) and alcohol poisoning.

Does Dramamine help with hangovers?

While Dramamine is an over-the-counter medication for motion sickness, it can help alleviate some symptoms associated with hangovers. This includes nausea, vomiting and dizziness. This is due in large part to a chemical in Dramamine called “Dimenhydrinate,” which is a combination of an antihistamine and stimulant.

Is it safe to take Advil for hangover?

No, Advil should not be taken with a hangover. Neither should any type of NSAID, since they increase your risk of stomach bleeding if you have consumed more than 3 alcoholic beverages.

Can you sleep off a hangover?

If you’re able to fall asleep despite your uncomfortable hangover symptoms, there’s a chance it can help your hangover by sleeping through the duration of it to help your body rest. However, you still need to re-hydrate, which is something you can only do if taking an IV.

Will throwing up help hangover?

While throwing up might help get those toxins out from your body from consuming alcohol, it can lead to severe dehydration and can hurt your esophagus.

Do hangovers get worse with age?

Yes, they do. For most of us when we age, our metabolism slows down. This means it takes our body a lot longer to remove alcohol from our bloodstream.

Can a hangover last 2 days?

Yes. In fact, a hangover can last more than 2 days – sometimes extending up to 72 hours depending on how much alcohol you consumed and the severity of your hangover symptoms.

How long will hangover last?

According to John Hopkins medicine, a hangover can last up to 72 hours.

How can I stop a 2 day hangover?

The best way to stop a 2 day hangover is by getting an IV. If you don’t have access to this form of treatment, you can take a hangover prevention pill, which contain antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories to help get your body back to feeling good.

How do you cure a hangover fast?

The best way to cure a hangover fast is by getting an IV. If you aren’t able to get an IV, you’ll want to take a hangover prevention pill that contains antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories.

Does coffee help hangovers?

Caffeine narrows your blood vessels, boosting blood pressure, which makes your hangover symptoms more intense. If you are used to drinking caffeine every morning, you should stick with a small amount.

Is milk good for a hangover?

Milk can actually help sometimes in a small way with hangovers. This is because milk has a protein called casein, which counteracts the effects of alcohol.

What should you eat when hungover?

The best foods to eat when you are hungover are foods that are high in healthy fats. Think eggs and avocados. These types of healthy fats help to absorb alcohol. Plus, eating eggs are loaded with amino acids, helping your liver to cleanse itself, which never hurts after a night of drinking. Contrary to what most people think, greasy foods (while fatty) are most likely only going to upset your stomach and make you feel worse, since they don’t absorb any alcohol.

What is the best pill for a hangover?

Hangovers are pretty complex conditions, causing headache, nausea, and overall misery. Multiple antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatories are needed.

Antioxidants include:

  • Taurine,
  • Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • Vitamins B, C and E
  • Milk Thistle.

Natural anti-inflammatories include:

  • Curcumin
  • Aloe
  • Boswellia

A pill that has only one ingredient probably won’t do a good job

How do they work?

These ingredients help your body deal with the breakdown products of alcohol. These breakdown products are what cause your hangovers.

Why buy our supplements?

Dr. Jason Burke‘s medical practice has treated over 40,000 hangovers and those treatments.

We use high-quality, premium ingredients including Meriva and Siliphos. These are phospholipid bound versions that are much more expensive and effective for treating hangovers.

Do charcoal pills work for hangovers?

Mildly. However, charcoal pills only work by absorbing the alcohol you are drinking.

If you are going to take a pill to absorb the alcohol you just purchased, why drink it in the first place?

How do you cure a hangover faster?

With an IV.

If you do not have access to an IV, a hangover pill with antioxidants and anti-inflammatories will help.

Advil/Ibuprofen/Aleve will help as well. Tylenol is not a great choice to treat a hangover.

Drinking caffeine will help with the headache, as do electrolytes and B Vitamins.

“It is much easier to prevent hangovers than to treat them after the fact. Hangovers are much more complicated than most people think and are much more than dehydration.” – Dr. Jason Burke

Our Supplements:

  • Our hangover prevention pills come in three sizes: 12-count, 42-count and 90-count.
  • Take them before drinking to work most effectively.
  • Dosing depends on how much you plan to drink, and the severity of your hangovers.
  • Check out our Ultimate Guide to Hangover Pills for more information.
  • Have more questions? Call us at 702-749-3300.


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RU-21 is a Russian import that its marketer claims prevents hangovers. The Russians are said to have developed the pill just after World War II to allow KGB agents to party with enemy spies without getting drunk so that they could do their snooping after their foes passed out. The story goes that things didn’t work out as planned – the KGB agents got as drunk as their drinking partners. But the pill was reported to prevent hangovers and is now being marketed for that purpose in the United States. It also recently was introduced to the market in the UK.

We have no non-Russian scientific studies to tell us if RU-21 really works and, if so, how. It contains dextrose, succinic acid, fumaric acid, L- glutamine and ascorbic acid (vitamin C). Its promoters claim that it works by blocking an enzyme that would otherwise convert alcohol into acetaldehyde. (The American marketer of the drug maintains that hangovers and alcohol-related organ damage are due to acetaldehyde buildup. )

To experience the benefits of RU-21 (the name is a play on the bartender’s question “are you 21”) you’re directed to take two pills before each two drinks.

Without good scientific studies to show that RU-21 protects against alcohol-related damage to the body, I would reserve judgment about its efficacy. But if you need a pill to prevent hangovers, you’re drinking too much for your own good and, if you’re driving, too, for the safety of others. Reportedly, college students are now using the pill to prevent the immediate after-effects of binge drinking, and authorities in Britain worry that the availability of the pill could worsen widespread binge drinking there.

Calling any pill a dietary supplement doesn’t mean that it is safe and works as advertised. If I were you, I wouldn’t gamble your long-term health on this unproven product.

Andrew Weil, M.D.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all the inhibition-breaking fun that downing more than a few glasses of wine or champagne brings without the headachy, stomach-turning, kill-me-now pain of a hangover?

Well, according to the promises of so-called hangover pills like Bytox, Cheers, Blowfish, Liquid IV, Morning Recovery, and Flyby, you can. Hangover pills, powders, and patches all claim to drastically cut back on the icky feelings of a hangover by packing hangover-fixing ingredients like vitamins, electrolytes, caffeine, pain relievers like Aspirin, and more. But do hangover pills really work?

To dig into this, you first have to understand what a hangover is, and what causes it.

But that’s actually pretty complicated, and even scientists who’ve dedicated themselves to researching hangovers don’t have a clear answer about what causes one (other than drinking too much), according to the Alcohol Hangover Research Group. There simply isn’t much research on hangovers available.

A paper in the journal Alcohol and Alcoholism called hangovers “a puzzling phenomenon.” Right now, the best scientific answer available regarding what causes a hangover is that many different things combine to cause the symptoms we feel after an alcohol binge, including: dehydration, hormonal alterations, dysregulated cytokine pathways (cytokines help play a role in reducing inflammation, so it’s no good when those pathways get messed up), and, in general, the toxic effects of alcohol.

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As WH reported previously, ethanol (a type of alcohol in booze) impacts the body and brain and messes with a lot of your physiological systems. The liver has to process ethanol and its toxic byproduct, acetaldehyde. And as a result, your blood sugar levels are disrupted and your body gets flooded with inflammatory compounds, Stacy Sims, PhD, an exercise physiologist and nutrition researcher and WH advisor, previously told WH.

You also might be eating and sleeping poorly when you drink—leading you to feel crappy in the morning. Or, the mixers used in whatever alcohol you drank can also play a part in how you feel the morning after, according to the aforementioned research paper. That’s also one reason why it’s difficult to actually study hangovers—drinking in a lab by no means mimics playing a drinking game with your friends.

This lack of research is one reason that no scientifically proven hangover cure exists.

If we don’t know exactly what causes a hangover, there’s no foolproof way to develop a cure. Yet, lots of people have anecdotal evidence about things that help. Some people swear by pickle juice, some say to indulge in “hair of the dog” (aka, another drink in the morning, like a Bloody Mary), and some folks now buy those hangover pills in bulk because they feel like the supplements take some of the edge off.

Some of what helps your hangover may have to do with the placebo phenomenon—that if you believe it’s helping, then it just might make a difference for you.

This debate of “does it work or not for hangovers?” also comes up often with hangover drinks, or ones packed with electrolytes (think: Pedialyte or Gatorade). And the same issue comes into play: Unless you know for sure the cause of the hangover, it’s kinda tough to know if vitamins, electrolytes, and other ingredients in drinks or supplements would help fix the underlying problem.

For example: “If the reason for your hangover really is related to electrolytes being out of balance, then perhaps replacing them could be helpful,” Ginger Hultin, RD, a Seattle-based registered dietitian, spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and owner of ChampagneNutrition, previously told WH. “It’s very hard to know if this is the cause of a hangover unless your doctor is analyzing a blood test.”

But hey, there’s lots of power in the placebo effect—and there’s also still a chance that hangover pills are actually doing something right.

According to many of the descriptions on these supplements and patches, hangover pills include many of the same ingredients in a “banana bag,” an IV bag full of vitamins and electrolytes that has been used in hospitals to treat people who come in with alcohol poisoning.

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Banana bags typically include: thiamine (also known as vitamin B1), magnesium, folic acid, and some mix of other vitamins. While a banana bag isn’t considered a hangover “cure,” doctors do use it to replace essential electrolytes and vitamins that get lost after a night of heavy drinking and it’s said to cut back on the head-pounding and nausea.

Following in the banana bag’s footprint, hangover supplements like Bytox and Morning Recovery use similar ingredients. Bytox includes lots of different B vitamins as well as folic acid, while Morning Recovery has some lesser-known extracts (e.g., green tea or Korean pear extract), but also more legit-sounding ingredients like vitamin B, potassium, and magnesium.

Another example: One of the most popular tablet options, Blowfish, features caffeine and Aspirin, so if you have a headache, there’s def a chance those ingredients would help you out. But would it help a nauseous, upset belly? Tough to say.

Overall, you’d be hard-pressed to find a doctor or dietitian who would say hangover supplements are a cure—but there’s also probably no big harm in trying these supplements for yourself. For the most part, doctors will tell you that the only way to get over a hangover is to wait it out and drink lots of water.

But if you want to try anything and everything to feel even a little bit better, go for it—as long as you check with your doc to make sure none of the ingredients in a hangover supplement will interact badly with any other meds you’re on. And remember, supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA—so proceed at your own risk.

Maybe you’ll be out a few bucks if they don’t work, and maybe they’ll make you feel 1,000 times better in half the time. The jury is out.

The hangover pills, patches, and powders ahead are the ones that people have anecdotally deemed the best hangover pills of 2019. Find your best match.

Blowfish for Hangovers – 25 Single Packs Blowfish for Hangovers amazon.com $59.99

What it is: Tablets that dissolve in water and are designed to start helping your hangover in 15 minutes. You pop two in a glass of water, and it tastes lemony. It’s the only hangover supplement that is approved by the FDA.

How to use it: Take it in the morning when you wake up with a hangover.

Main ingredients: Aspirin and caffeine (so it’s kind of like just popping an Aspirin with a cup of coffee).

Who it’s for: Someone with a bad hangover headache. It also might be helpful for anyone who can’t stomach coffee in the morning but craves the caffeine kick to help with head pain. If you’re someone who doesn’t tolerate caffeine well, Blowfish probably isn’t for you.

Honest Amazon review: “OK, the truth is if you drink a bottle of tequila and try to go to work on 3 hours of sleep, ain’t nothing going to help. However, if you are like me and sometimes have too much fun during the week and find yourself getting home at one in the morning feeling great only having to wake up in four hours and face a school full of kids, then you need Blowfish. Look, nothing medically will ‘cure’ a hangover, but Blowfish will make you feel better. No, you aren’t going to suddenly do cartwheels because you miraculously instantly feel better. But you know what, when 30-40 minutes later you are at work and not thinking about how bad you feel that’s the moment when you realize, wow, I guess that stuff did it’s job. I also work in a bar so I heard about this stuff when it first came out and I’ve been using it for months. It has a nice smoothing taste which allows me to get it down. I often wouldn’t take aspirin in the morning because it alone would make me throw up.”

Bytox The Hangover Patch Bytox amazon.com $19.95

What it is: A sticky patch that you put on your body that’s packed with vitamins and minerals that get released in order to supposedly help prevent a hangover.

How to use it: Stick a patch on (to a hairless part of your body!) at least 45 minutes *before* you start drinking, then leave it on for at least 8 hours post-drinking. Stay hydrated the whole time, too.

Main ingredients: Acai berry, vitamin A, a cocktail of various B vitamins (B12, folic acid, etc.), green tea extract. The thinking is that alcohol is a diuretic that depletes nutrients and vitamins from your bod, so this patch in theory would help you avoid that depletion. Oh, and green tea extract is, well, caffeine.

Who it’s for: Because the ingredients in Bytox are natural, anyone should be okay to try these, for the most part. But be careful if you have sensitive skin, as the adhesive on these patches may be irritating. And if you have a sensitive nose, apparently these have a bit of an odd scent.

Honest Amazon review: “Used it 3 times so far, and each time woke up feeling great. Just had one of those nights when you wake up with your clothes on from yesterday, and now i’m writing this review. Just ordered 2 more packs, and will make sure i’m stocked. It smells like vitamins, and you’ll still be a little tired depending on how much you sleep, but no severe hangover symptoms at all.”

Flyby Hangover Cure & Prevention Pills (30 Capsules) – Dihydromyricetin (DHM), Chlorophyll, Prickly Pear, N-Acetyl-Cysteine, Milk Thistle for Morning After Alcohol Recovery & Aid – Certified Organic FLYBY amazon.com $17.97

What it is: Pills that pack vitamins and are designed to work preventively to avoid a bad hangover.

How to use it: You take three capsules with water right before you go out and then another three capsules right before going to sleep.

Main ingredients: Chlorophyll, B vitamins (B1, B2, B6, folic acid, pantothenic acid and B12), and magnesium.

Who it’s right for: These pills are gluten-free and vegan, so if you fall into those camps, Flyby might be your best bet. Some reviews also point out that it seems to work (at least anecdotally) for those who drink wine, as opposed to spirits and/or beer.

Honest Amazon review: “Used the product/pills for the first time this past weekend. Had 3 beers and 2 vodka and clubs between 630PM and 10PM. Took 3 pills before drinking with a big glass or water and then took another 3 before bed with a big glass of water. These pills didn’t help at all with feeling hungover the next morning. Always hope that there is a magic pill for feeling like garbage the night after drinking but once again disappointed that there’s not! I have a friend that drinks mostly wine and he said that they help? So maybe there’s a connection with wine and these helping but they didn’t help with beer and vodka.”

Cheers (Formerly Thrive+) Hangover Cure CHEERS amazon.com $34.44

What it is: A pill that’s designed to be an after-alcohol aid (similar to Flyby). The company also makes a powder electrolytes supplement, if that’s more you’re thing—but the after-alcohol aid is the most popular item. The company conducted a human study for its granted patent, and the people in the study who used the pills felt an average of 50 percent better the next day across eight symptoms (headaches, nausea, poor focus, low energy, etc.) than the people who didn’t.

How to use it: Take two to four capsules right after your last beverage, or right before bed after your night of drinking.

Main ingredients: Vitamins B, C, & E, electrolytes, dihydromyricetin (which is said to promote liver health), milk thistle, prickly pear

Who it’s right for: Anyone who doesn’t mind taking pills and spending $ on supps.

Honest Amazon review: “I was skeptical, but the ingredients all have published scientific studies backing them so I figured for roughly $3.00 per hangover, I’ll give it a try. (I would pay $300 to get rid of some of my hangovers). Drank heavily, took 3 caps at night before bed. Usually wake up with heart palpitations, nausea, sweating, headache etc. used twice so far and I have only woken up tired. You definitely still feel like you drank, but this is the absolute only product I’ve tried that has quelled the symptoms of a hangover. A must have, from someone in the medical field.”

Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier, Electrolyte Powder, Easy Open Packets, Supplement Drink Mix (Lemon Lime, 16 Count) Liquid I.V. amazon.com $24.94

What it is: This Amazon bestseller (it has over 2,500 positive reviews) is an electrolyte powder designed to help with hydration. It’s not marketed as a hangover fix specifically, and many athletes use it for hydration purposes.

How to use it: Pour a packet into a glass or bottle of water, mix it, and drink. Enjoy it before going out and/or when you wake up feeling like crap.

Main ingredients: Electrolytes, B vitamins, and vitamin C

Who it’s right for: Someone who is dehydrated after drinking, or anyone who wants to hydrate and get a boost of vitamins and minerals.

Honest Amazon review: “This stuff will wipe out a hangover in no time!! Also if you play intense sports or sweat a ton in the gym, this will help you hydrate afterward. The taste is kind of like a saltier version of yellow Gatorade. Best way I can describe it. It’s not the best tasting stuff but it works a lot better than Gatorade or the other leading sports drinks out there. It should go without saying, but you will need to drink water in conjunction. If you only drink this mixed with water, it will just dehydrate you because of all the salt. This product is designed to help you retain more of the water you drink.”

Morning Recovery Morning Recovery amazon.com $35.99

What it is: A bottled beverage with a lemon taste, designed to either help prevent hangover symptoms or alleviate them once they’ve started.

How to use it: Drink a full bottle right before your first drink, between drinks, or up to one hour after your last drink.

Main ingredients: Dihydromyricetin, electrolytes, milk thistle

Who it’s right for: Anyone who would prefer to sip something lemony (without having to make it yourself) over popping a pill or wearing a patch.

Honest Amazon review: “Hands down the best hangover prevention I have sampled – it has me drinking like a college freshman on probation again. Typically after a night of heavy drinking, I tend to binge watching clips of the Olympics to remind myself what energetic people look like. But one serving of this bad boy before I go out, and I don’t have to cancel my plans because I went out the night before. Not only that, but this product has dynamically changed my recovery process. I used to seek shelter in fried food and unholy volumes of soup. But that is in the past – I am no longer at the whims of my sensitive stomach because I can avoid being hungover all together. Trust me when I tell you, the other products don’t hold a candle to this weekend saving elixir.”

OTC Hangover Cures: Useful or Snake Oil?

Over The Counter Hangover Cures

You’ve seen them in convenience stores, liquor stores, and maybe even your local pharmacy – prepackaged OTC hangover cures. They might come in the form of energy drinks, patches, powders, or even something more unusual. Will a patch or energy drink really get rid of the massive headache, fatigue, and nausea of a huge hangover? The answer is – maybe.

We know that some of the symptoms of a hangover are primarily caused by dehydration due to alcohol’s diuretic (pee-promoting) effect. But dehydration isn’t just water loss. When you’re dehydrated, you’re

also low on vitamins and electrolytes like calcium and potassium. A sip of water and a few aspirin in the morning isn’t going to cut it. The key is the controlled replacement of water and electrolytes, along with prescription medication.

The Anti-Hangover Patch

We looked at several OTC hangover cures available over the counter to see how they measured up. The first is an anti-hangover patch, BytoxTM – this is applied much like a nicotine patch, is latex-free, contains several B vitamins, some vitamin A vitamins, and “all natural” ingredients like acai berry and green tea extract. Those are certainly important vitamins and the antioxidants in green tea and acai berry are always good to have. Of course, there’s no water in the product, but the website advises users to stay hydrated.

The doses also look good. In fact, BytoxTM contains more than the recommended daily allowances of its provided vitamins. But how much of those vitamins actually make it into your body? The problem is that our skin is not permeable to water. Otherwise, we’d be constantly leaking, even in cold environments. B vitamins are water soluble and cannot readily be absorbed through our skin. So, while transdermal patches might be great for nicotine cravings and hormone therapy, they’re not so good for vitamin replacement.

The Oriental Raisin Tree Juice Cure

Here’s a fun hangover “cure” – a Korean, grapefruit-flavored ice cream bar. It turns out that South Koreans are some of the heaviest drinkers in Asia, so it stands to reason they’d want a dependable hangover remedy. But how’s an ice cream bar going to help? Well, it contains a tiny amount of oriental raisin tree juice, a traditional Korean hangover treatment. Does this juice work?

While there are several scientific studies published that affirm the anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects of this raisin juice, it should be noted that all these studies were conducted in Korea, which might be evidence of an experimental bias in favor of a traditional remedy. At any rate, this Geondyo Bar certainly doesn’t replace many electrolytes or much water. The few positive experiences reported on the internet are likely simply placebo effects, or feeling better because you expect to feel better.

Monster Rehab Energy Drink

Finally, we have Monster Rehab Energy Drink, which is marketed as both a sports recovery drink and a hangover helper. It actually has some interesting ingredients including caffeine, coconut water (an excellent electrolyte source), acai and black tea extracts, amino acids, and various sugars. Surprisingly, though, each can contain only about 6 grams of sugar. These ingredients are certainly enough to start replacing lost electrolytes and the 15.5 ounce can contains enough fluid to help with rehydration.Hangover sufferers report generally good effects, although several have mentioned an initial caffeine buzz followed by a small crash an hour or so later.

OTC Hangover Cures < IV Hydration

Out of all of these products, Monster Rehab is the only OTC hangover cure that’s shown some decent science and good promise. If you’re in Vegas and you want to reliably kill your hangover and feel better fast, your best bet is always expert medical treatment with fluids, electrolytes, and medications received intravenously from the professionals at Hangover Heaven IV Hydration.

There’s no faster route than IV hydration and nothing better than expert care!

Can Over-the-Counter Painkillers Cure a Hangover?

Pharmacist Dr. Stacia Woodcock is here to debunk some of the most common medicine myths, and she’s challenging the audience (plus Rach!) to a true-or-false question game about over-the-counter medications.

Is there a difference between OTC painkillers, like acetaminophen and ibuprofen, when it comes to treating a hangover?

True or False? Over-the-counter painkillers can help a hangover.

The answer? True (with a caveat!)

First of all, Dr. Stacia says it is true that over-the-counter painkillers can help a hangover — but she recommends ibuprofen brands over acetaminophen products!

“Alcohol is metabolized in the liver, so if you’re drinking enough to give you a hangover, there’s a good chance you’ve had enough that your liver is working overtime,” Dr. Stacia says. She recommends skipping the over-the-counter painkiller acetaminophen, or Tylenol, because she explains that it is also metabolized in the liver.

So, according to Dr. Stacia, it’s not a good idea to take acetaminophen in an attempt to help a hangover because it can put further strain on your liver.

If you’re looking to treat a hangover, the best thing to choose is an NSAID — “which is ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, naproxen,” Dr. Stacia says.

“Pharmacist tip to everyone: If you take two the night before with a glass of water, you’re going to wake up and feel great,” she adds.

The takeaway here, as with all of Dr. Stacia’s explanations about medicines, is to always talk to your doctor or pharmacist when you’re choosing a medication.

“Even if you think you know what you’re doing, you may not,” she says, “so please talk to us!”

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