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10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean in 2019

The holidays are over, and you’re experiencing letdown now that the parties have all ended and you are back to work. The decorations are still up, and you let your household chores slide a bit over the holidays, but now all you want to do is cozy up and watch TV – after all, it’s still the middle of winter.

If your motivation to clean is at an all-time low, and you’re still looking for a good New Year’s resolution, set a goal to get better at keeping the house clean! These 10 tips should help you get up and take steps toward a cleaner home.

  1. Buy a fun new cleaning product you’ve been eyeing: If Santa missed something on your wish list, treat yourself to it in the new year. Much like a new pair of running shoes can motivate you to exercise, a brand-new vacuum or electrostatic duster will make you eager to clean.
  2. Imagine what the house will look like when it’s tidy: There’s nothing like relaxing in a clean, living room without being surrounded by clutter or dust. Sometimes, envisioning the result is just what you need to get motivated to clean.
  3. Start small: The easiest way to fail a New Year’s resolution is to go from zero to 60 in a single day. You’ll burn yourself out this way! Instead, try to be mindful about keeping the house clean as you go about your business. See a dirty cup on the coffee table? Take it to the sink. Have a few minutes while your coffee brews in the morning? Wipe down the counters. Completing small tasks here and there prevents a full-blown mess from ever building up.
  4. Set a timer: Be it 10 minutes or an hour, commit to cleaning for the timeframe you set. Then, when the timer goes off, you have complete permission to stop what you’re doing and relax.
  5. Pump up the jam: Play your favorite music and sing along as you clean. The time will go by in a flash.
  6. Spread out the work: Instead of saving all your chores for the weekend, do one small task each day. Then, you only need to tackle the bigger things about once a month.
  7. Team up with a friend: Do you know someone else who wants to work on their cleaning motivation in 2019? Set the same New Year’s resolution, and then report to one another to hold each other accountable.
  8. Get the whole family involved: No one should be responsible for all the housework. Make chore charts for the kids and ask your partner to pull their weight. Remember, many hands make light work.
  9. Host a party: Nothing creates motivation to clean the house like having people over! Just make sure you clean up after the party as well.
  10. Reward yourself: Have the self-control to delay that mani-pedi, lunch with friends, or favorite dessert until you complete the chores on your daily to-do list.

Sometimes, motivation has nothing to do with keeping the house clean – sometimes, there simply isn’t enough time in the day to sweep, mop, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, pick up after the kids, and complete everything else on your chore list. When that happens, rely on the trusted housekeepers at Molly Maid. We offer customizable cleaning plans so you can receive as much or as little assistance as you need.

When your cleaning motivation runs out, contact your local Molly Maid or call us at (800) 654-9647 to request a free in-home estimate for professional house cleaning services.

7 tricks to motivate yourself to clean your house even when you don’t want to

I recently moved to a new apartment and in the process of cleaning out my old bedroom, I discovered what a disgusting human being I have been for the last three years.

I’ve always thought of myself as relatively clean and organised — I shower daily, wash clothes weekly, and make it a point to never leave food wrappers or dirty dishes lying about. Impressive, no?

And yet. I found dust bunnies that had grown into mutant rabbits under my bed; a bag of dried mascara on my dresser; and crumpled-up supermarket receipts stuffed in a desk drawer.

Upon arriving at my new apartment, I vowed to myself that I would never let this happen again. That, no matter how busy and overwhelmed I felt by the demands of daily life, I would sweep and scrub and purge unnecessary rubbish on a regular basis.

So that when guests come over, I could, theoretically, invite them to peer under the bed and wipe their finger along the dresser top and marvel at my exceptional hygiene practices. In case I needed further prodding, Business Insider’s Erin Brodwin had recently written a story on the scientific benefits of tidying up.

I knew this would be easier talked about than done — housework can be boring and annoying and exhausting all at once. And so I sought research and expert opinion on ways to motivate myself to stay clean and organized (or really, to do anything).

Here’s the best of what I found:

Break it down into smaller tasks

A 2015 study suggests that breaking up a big task into smaller pieces is one way to combat procrastination. That’s because simply completing a task — even a tiny one — can be psychologically rewarding.

So try deconstructing the cleaning job into super-simple steps: Buy cleaning supplies one day, sweep the living room floor the next day, clean the kitchen counters the third day, etc. You’ll be more likely to tackle the project this way than if you expect you’ll do the whole thing in a single afternoon.

Knock down the barriers to staying clean

Sometimes you’re going to feel pumped to clean and sometimes you won’t. It’s how human motivation works.

In a 2012 presentation, psychologist BJ Fogg explained that when you do feel motivated, you should do everything you can to make it easier to clean when you’re not motivated.

For example, when your motivation is high, you should buy cleaning supplies, unpack them, and put the broom and dustpan right by your bed. That way, when you come home after a long day, all you’ve got do is grab the cleaning supplies right in front of you to get started.

Set a 10-minute alarm

Redditors stand by this tip. One described it this way: “I set an alarm for 10 minutes and then see how much I can get done in that time. Usually, it gets me motivated to keep going after the timer goes off, but if it doesn’t at least I did something.”

As procrastination expert Timothy A. Pychyl told Psychology Today: “Make a deal with yourself” that even though you don’t like doing the task, you’ll do it anyway for 10 minutes. Once you’ve already made some progress, it’ll be less tempting to quit.

So sweep half the room, or go through one pile of papers to see what’s trash. You might feel so accomplished that you keep going for another hour.

Remember that you don’t have to feel like cleaning

In a 2014 Harvard Business Review article, psychologist Heidi Grant Halvorson cites wisdom from Oliver Burkeman’s book “The Antidote.”

Burkeman asks: “Who says you need to wait until you ‘feel like’ doing something in order to start doing it?”

In other words, Halvorson explains, you don’t need to feel inspired to clean or committed to cleaning — though that would be nice. You just need to get it done.

Know that it’s okay to outsource your chores

Perhaps you feel like hiring someone else to clean for you would be lazy or not worth the money. Try it once and see how it feels.

In 2015, Business Insider’s Jacqui Kenyon wrote about sending her laundry to a wash-and-fold service, because it’s not that much more expensive than doing it herself and it saves a lot of time and energy.

Ultimately, if you really want a tidy apartment and you know you’re never going to choose cleaning over working or socializing, this may be the best option.

Use if-then planning

In that same Harvard Business Review article, Halvorson describes “if-then planning” and why it’s effective. Instead of trying to summon the willpower to sweep twice a week, you give yourself specific instructions about where and when you’ll sweep.

For example: “If it’s noon on Sunday, I will get out the broom and sweep the living room.”

Ask yourself if you really need to be cleaning right now

For all the benefits of keeping a tidy home, there are other productive ways to spend your time and energy.

Behavioral scientist and “Happiness by Design” author Paul Dolan told New York Magazine that it’s important to consider whether a clean place would really make you that much happier.

Dolan said: “If I had a choice between being outside with my kids on a beautiful Saturday and staying inside to make sure my desk is tidy, I’d go for the former.”

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10 Tips for Decluttering and Cleaning When You Don’t Have the Motivation

Sometimes the best of us want to have that clean, clutter free house. We want the benefits of feeling better that come with a decluttered home. Unfortunately, for many of us, it can be tough to know where to start. There have been so many studies that prove that a cluttered home can actually aid in depression. So what do you do when you feel stuck? How do you start decluttering and cleaning when you just don’t have the motivation? Well, I have put together some practical tips to help get you started.

*This post contains affiliate links. Although I may make a commission, all recommendations are my own.

Set a timer

The biggest problem with cleaning and decluttering is often how long we think about it beforehand. I swear, after we downsized our house, I went through a PTSD type of struggle when it came to cleaning.

Our previous home took forever to clean and I cleaned every single day. So when our new home started to look a little messy, I would spend a good hour just panicking about the fact that I was going to have to clean.

Then you know what? I would just start cleaning and BOOM, I was done in less than 30 minutes.

The best way to get over this hump and out of your head is to just set a timer.

Set a timer for 15 minutes. That way you are only committing to a small amount of time, but you are sure to get something done.

Consider a smaller space

Like I said, cleaning a bigger house is going to take more time and effort. Do you think you and your family are ready for a downsize? Would that improve not only your cleaning times but your relationships as well?

I’m not saying downsizing is for everyone, but it’s often a solution that is the least considered.

For us downsizing not only cut back on our cleaning times, but it created more time for us as a family, improved our relationships and helped us get right with our finances.

Is downsizing right for you?

Watch Marie Kondo on Netflix

Now, I’m not giving you permission to binge watch on Netflix! I do however recommend checking out Marie Kondo’s Netflix special, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

This show has the ability to give you ideas on how to declutter and organize your home, plus a little added motivation to get going.

After watching 2 episodes Tom and I immediately tackled our dresser and closet. Checkout our results.

Clean while you microwave

The microwave is like a timer you don’t even have to think about. In fact, you could probably get 15 minutes worth of cleaning in every day if you just took the time to clean something whenever you use the microwave.

I could probably clean my entire house with how much I use the microwave just to re-heat my coffee.

Scrub down the counters, throw dirty dishes into the dishwasher and if you have longer than a few minutes, maybe you could do a quick vacuum session.

You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish in such a short period of time.

Other great decluttering posts:

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  • Cleaning Hacks: Keep Your House Clean with Little Effort
  • How to Get Organized When You’re a Hot Mess

Include the family

If you have people living at home with you, who says you’re in this whole decluttering and cleaning thing all by yourself? My theory is, if they helped make the mess, they can help clean it.

Tips for quick cleaning with kids:

  • Write 5 minute chores on pieces of paper. Put in a bucket. Every day everyone grabs one chore.
  • Everyone picks up their clutter whenever the microwave is on.
  • Once a month, give everyone a garbage bag to declutter and clean their rooms.

Make a small to do list

Just like we tend to over-think our cleaning and decluttering process, we often make our to-do list way too big.

Chances are you have spent all day making a mental note of all the things you need to fix, clean or tidy. This is me giving you permission to break that list down a little bit.

Sure, you might have 20 things that need cleaning, but start with 3. Make a goal to get through just those 3 things. I promise, it will make a world of difference and can help inspire you to keep going the next day.

Start with the easy stuff

Maybe you have a huge craft room filled to the brim with clutter. Don’t start there. Start with the paperwork on the kitchen counter.

Starting with smaller tasks has the ability to make you feel successful and will encourage you to keep going.

Have you ever heard about the book Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World? It’s based around the idea that if you start your day by making your bed, it can transform the trajectory of your day because you are starting your day with one small success.

Avoid creating clutter

Chances are, there is probably a way you can avoid creating clutter in the first place. Think about where your biggest problem area is in your home and come up with some ideas on how to prevent it from happening in the first place.

For example, our family has always struggled with dishes in the sink. When I see dishes in the sink, I instantly feel dirty and frustrated.

Our oldest daughter used to be in charge of doing dishes but she wouldn’t do them until night time. That meant our dirty dishes sat all day long. Clearly we needed to make a change.

Instead of just tossing dishes into the sink, we rinse them off and put them in the dishwasher right away! What do you know, it worked!

This took a while to create the habit for our family, but I am so thankful we implemented it. Avoiding the clutter altogether is a great way to save time and frustration.

Stop buying new things

If you still need to declutter your closet or clean out the garage, get yourself in the habit of not buying anything new to fill up these spaces.

Often times when we feel stressed or depressed, our first thought is to give in to our bad little habits. For me, shopping was is of those habits.

Remind yourself that purchasing anything new is working against your cause, especially if you are battling a lot of clutter. Before you buy anything new, make it a goal to clean through the space in your home where you’ll be placing the item.

If you’re going to buy a new shirt, make sure your closet has already been completely decluttered and organized. Otherwise, you are working against yourself.

Seek help

There is a big different between lacking a little motivation and finding yourself seriously depressed.

If you think you might be depressed, don’t assume that clutter is the only problem. In order to assure your best health, don’t be afraid to reach out and seek the guidance of a physician or therapist.

Decluttering and cleaning can help improve your moods immensely, but there may still be further help that you need.


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In need of some cleaning motivation? These cleaning inspiration tricks will help you get motivated to clean when you’re overwhelmed by the mess.

Let’s face it…hardly anyone actually enjoys cleaning!

We know we need to do it, but totally struggle with motivating ourselves to actually do it.

If you’re one of the many people who hates cleaning, read on for 12 cleaning motivation tips that might just inspire you!

Maybe you’re just looking for motivation to just clean your room, or your entire apartment or house.

These cleaning inspiration ideas will keep you from screaming “I need to clean! Help me clean!” from your rooftop.

Honestly, I used to be a terrible housekeeper.

I’d let dishes pile up for days, wait til there were no clean clothes before doing the laundry, and rarely dust, sweep, or vacuum.

I know, ewww.

Luckily, over time, I realized I didn’t want to live in filth. The benefit of having cleaned started outweighing the pain of doing the cleaning.

And I started asking myself ‘how do I get motivated to clean?’

Sometimes it takes some Jedi mind tricks to get the energy to clean your house.

It didn’t happen overnight. It took a while of adding a new habit here and there. And finding some handy dandy motivating strategies to trigger a tidying spree.

I’d love share them with you. Here’s just the motivation for cleaning that you need!

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This post may contain affiliate links. You can view my full disclosure policy here.

How do I get motivated to clean my house?

1. Set a timer

Even when overwhelmed by the mess, you can do anything for 15 minutes.

If you want some quick motivation, set the timer on your phone or stove and see how much you can accomplish in that time.

We tend to over-exaggerate how long tasks we don’t want to do will take.

The Pomodoro technique suggests setting a timer for 25 minutes, then taking a 5 minute break. Be sure to set another timer for that 5 minutes too, if you plan to get back to cleaning.

If you’re like me, you might get distracted and forget!

25 minutes might be more than enough time to make a sizable dent in your cleaning duties. I’d think you could clean the kitchen, bathroom, and put away some laundry in that time.

If you want to get people you live with to help, split the duties and have a little race to see who can get the most done. Some friendly competition never hurts!

If you have kids, try calling it a ‘pick up party’ and give them age-appropriate tasks to do. Many hands make light work.

If four people each clean for 10 minutes, that’s 40 minutes of cleaning accomplished in a quarter of the time.

Related: 10 Minute Chores: Cleaning Tasks To Do When You’re Short on Time

2. Start small

If you keep finding random other things to do instead of cleaning, realize that you’re just procrastinating!

Unfortunately, avoiding chores doesn’t make them go away. And having undone tasks hanging over your head is a crappy feeling.

So what’s the solution? Start small.

Just commit to doing one thing. Empty and reload the dishwasher. Or put away one basket of clean clothes.

Once you get to tidying, you’ll probably find a couple other things you can do quickly. Even if there’s only 10 minutes before you have another commitment, squeeze in a small task or two.

If you do that several times a day, your house will start staying clean. That sure beats spending 3 hours every Saturday tidying up!

Want a free checklist with 6 things to do every day to KEEP your house tidy? Grab yours below!

(Note: If you’re already a subscriber, it’s waiting for you in the Freebie Vault!)

3. Reward yourself

If cleaning feels like a punishment, promise yourself a reward at the end. Watch your favorite show, paint your nails, or go grab a coffee.

If you tell yourself you can’t have that little thing you want until you’ve cleaned, you may just feel inspired to take care of that annoying task faster.

4. Watch A YouTube Video

This one’s a bit unconventional… You may be wondering how that’s going to get your house clean.

Well there are actually a lot of videos that offer excellent cleaning motivation.

Something about watching a person take their house from messy to clean is actually quite motivating! When you just need energy to clean your house, these inspiring videos really do help.

A few of my favorite YourTube channels for cleaning motivation are:

  • Beauty and the Beastons
  • Love Meg
  • How Jen Does It

Just be sure not to fall down the YouTube rabbit hole! Watch one cleaning video and then get to work.

It won’t do you any favors if you spend an hour watching videos instead of tidying.

5. Invite someone over

You could have your parents over for dinner, or a movie night with friends.

The idea that others are going to come over and see your mess can serve as a great motivator to get cleaning.

Even if you don’t want to plan a whole big gathering, just having one person over can do the trick. Especially if she’s the judgy type. : )

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6. Use new cleaning products

Especially ones that smell good! Something about cleaning with products that make your house smell fresh and clean is especially inspiring.

This all purpose cleaning spray smells amazing. As does this kitchen set. And they’re non-toxic!

It’s also good to keep all your cleaning products together so they’re readily available. This handy caddy is a great place to store your supplies. You can just grab it and go.

If you want to really help your house smell great, light a candle or use an essential oil diffuser. Here are 10 pretty ones to add function AND beauty to your home decor!

Related: Essential Oils for Cleaning: Everything You Need to Know!

7. Turn off distractions

Tuck your cell phone away so you’re not tempted to check it every time you get a notification. If the TV is on, make sure it’s not tuned to something that will draw you in.

The fewer distractions pulling you away from cleaning, the faster you’ll get your tasks accomplished.

Know that you get back to checking Instagram or continue your Netflix binge as soon as you’re done.

8. Turn on some distractions

Yes, I know this conflicts with what I just said, but hear me out.

Just like during a workout, it’s hard to get pumped up without music!

Something about loud music always makes me clean faster, and allows me to forget that I’m even cleaning.

If you prefer, turn on an audiobook, podcast, or YouTube video that doesn’t need to be watched (like a TED Talk).

Pandora has some stand-up comedy stations that are a fun way to pass the time, too. I like to use a small portable speaker, so I don’t have to carry my phone around with me.

The idea is to just to be distracted enough to forget you’re cleaning, but not so much that you forget to clean at all.

If you have an hands-free earpiece, talk on the phone to a friend or your mom while you’re tidying. You’ll get caught up with each other, and be productive!

👉 Don’t forget to download your FREE cleaning checklist!

9. Remind yourself why you’re cleaning

If you think cleaning is just a giant pain, because no one appreciates it, or pointless because it will just get dirty again, you’re looking at it all wrong.

When your living space is tidy, your mind and soul are more at peace.

Clutter and messy surroundings affect your happiness. Don’t believe me? Check out The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

When you start keeping your living space clean, you will have pride of ownership in your belongings.

You’ll enjoy spending time at home, and feel relaxed when you’re there. The joy of kicking back in a tidy home just can’t be beat!

If you stop looking at cleaning as a ‘chore’ and instead think of it as treating you (and your future self) with kindness, it takes on a whole new meaning.

That’s not my kitchen, but a girl can dream!

10. Create a routine

Don’t get scared! You don’t need some fancy and complicated system. You could try making a simple list of the areas of your home that need regular attention.

Don’t overthink it. If you’re a daily to-do list maker, add your cleaning tasks to your planner or calendar.

Pretty soon it will become a habit and you won’t even think about it.

If dishes and laundry pile up, commit to doing a load of each every day.

Just run the dishwasher before bed each night (even if it’s not packed full) and empty it in the morning while your coffee brews.

Making your bed takes about a minute, and goes a long way in making your bedroom look nice.

Creating habits is an integral part of your home staying clean.

If you don’t change your habits, nothing in your life will change!


  • How to Create a Cleaning Schedule for Working Moms ( and other busy people!)
  • Overwhelmed by Laundry? 17 Tricks to Shrink Your Laundry Pile Faster

11. Do something daily

This goes hand in hand with the cleaning routine. But for the bigger tasks.

Assign each day a task of the week. Mondays could be dusting day. On Tuesdays, you could tackle vacuuming. Wednesdays and Saturdays could be bathroom cleaning days. You get the idea.

If you just do one ‘bigger’ task each day, you won’t have to dread spending all Saturday afternoon cleaning your house. It’ll already be done!

Here are 6 things you can do every day to keep your house tidy all the time.

12. Take before and after pictures

If all else fails, take a picture of your mess.

It always looks even worse in pictures. Then, when you’ve cleaned, take another picture.

Post it on social media or send it to someone who will be proud of you. (It just might be the cleaning inspiration they need, too!)

Seeing your progress in picture form can be highly motivating.

That’s why people who are losing weight take pictures of their evolution. It’s easy to forget where you started.

Next time you’re having a hard time working up some cleaning motivation, refer back to the ‘after’ picture of your glistening clean home.

You’ll feel inspired all over again!

Final thoughts

I really hope these cleaning inspiration tricks helps you get motivated to clean your house!

When your cluttered house makes you feel outright depressed and completely overwhelmed by the mess, refer back to these easy tips and strategies.

Most importantly, give yourself grace. Don’t call yourself lazy, or a slob. A trashed house happens to all of us from time to time!

Just focus on how good it will feel to accomplish it, dive in, and see just how fast you can get your home tidy.

While you may never actually enjoy doing housework and cleaning, I promise that you will enjoy living in a clean house!

P.S. Want more cleaning inspiration? I have a Cleaning Hacks board on Pinterest. Feel free to follow along for more motivation!

For more ways to get motived to clean and declutter, please check out:

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What are your cleaning motivation tricks? Do you have a system or routine, or just wing it?

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Feeling stuck & overwhelmed by mess?

Dreading the idea of having to spend the day doing house chores?

Here are some simple tips on how to get motivated to clean, organize, and declutter your house, apartment, or room even if you are too depressed.


The most important thing you need to understand about how motivation works is this:

You will always move towards what you define as being more “pleasurable” and…

You will always move away towards what you define as being more “painful”.

The keyword here is define.

The way human psychology works is that once we create a set of beliefs about what we like and don’t like (or agree with or don’t agree with), they run on autopilot.

When you entered into this world, you have been making decisions each day about what you define as being pleasurable and define as being painful.

Once you make those decisions, you file them away and move along your life and everything you come upon in life gets filtered through those beliefs and they become habits.

For example…

You never need to “find” motivation to eat your favorite foods or watch your favorite shows.

At some point you made the decision that you loved those things and now you are always automatically going to do those things habitually without hesitation or even thinking about it.

They run on autopilot and you don’t have to “find motivation” to do them.

So if you are not motivated to clean right now it’s because you have defined that as being more “painful” than “pleasurable”.

And this…

“What you resist persists” – Carl Jung

What this quote basically means is that anything you avoid or put off will just get bigger and louder.

You cannot avoid life.

You cannot avoid your self.

You cannot avoid personal responsibility.

If something is there, it is there for a reason.

It is there to send you a signal and say, “Hey, you need to look at this and do something about it.”

You must face it otherwise the issue will just continue to cause you pain.

What many people fail to realize is that any challenge that presents itself in your life is there to serve you as an opportunity to learn and grow.

However, if you avoid the issue by procrastinating, it becomes your burden.

So stop avoiding your responsibilities, step up and face them, and become the better version of yourself now.

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How To Get Motivated To Clean

1. Face Your Fear

The first step in this process is that you must face your fear and remove the negative beliefs around cleaning.

There is something in you that is saying, “This sucks”.

So answer this question:

“Why do I hate cleaning?”

“Why am I avoiding this?”

Write down the answers to those questions.

Look at the answers and then ask yourself, “Is this true?”

Then ask yourself this question: “What would I have to believe is true for me to enjoy cleaning?”

After you acknowledge your fear, you must take action and stop procrastinating.

It’s the putting off and avoiding that is adding more pressure to the task at hand.

You must take action immediately and face your fear of it so that it does not become this big boulder on your back weighing you down feeling like a ton of bricks.

Once you get to the root cause and take action, you are now officially facing your fears.

Unless you get the real cause of this issue, for the rest of your life cleaning will be painful and that’s not a way to live.

2. Know Your “Why?”

In the previous step, you left off with the question that should reveal some reasons as to “why” you can enjoy cleaning.

You have to find a benefit (pleasure) to associate cleaning with.

The truth is, having a clean house, apartment, or room is very satisfying if you are coming from the right perspective and you make it your goal.

A “job well done” is very satisfying and when you are able to sit down in a space that is clean, it feels great.

This is very similar to the idea of exercising.

People who exercise know how great it feels when they are done.

There is a sense of accomplishment and feeling good from the energy created after the workout.

Chances are, you don’t feel this way.

So you need to be honest with yourself, dig deep, and start to look at the broader picture of your life.

Answer this question: “What’s in it for me to clean my house? What benefit can I get out of it?”

You need to answer that question before moving on.

3. Identify A Small Reward

The previous step (2) mainly focuses on the “big picture” of cleaning.

This step focuses more on a smaller immediate reward.

For example…

“After I clean I am going to watch a movie and order a pizza.”

“After I clean I am going out with my friends.”

Create a small reward for yourself so that when you are done, now you can use the rest of the time for yourself for the things you already define as pleasurable.

4. Don’t Procrastinate

Whatever you do, do not put it off and procrastinate.

If you do, it will only make things worse because now your mind is going to start dreading it.

This is how people turn small chores into big chores, they put it off little by little.

Don’t do that.

Attack it right away.

5. Chunk It Down

Rather than thinking about all the things you have to do, chunk it down into smaller steps.

Take out a piece of paper and a pen and write down a list of all the things you need to do.

For example:

– Vacuum
– Bathroom
– Laundry
– Trash


Start with one thing first and just focus on that.

The best thing to do is start with something small and simple so you get a sense of accomplishment.

The next thing you know, your body will be moving, you will be putting one foot in front of the other, and it the rest will naturally take care of itself.

6. Remove All Distractions

Turn off your TV.

Turn off your phone.

Turn off anything that can distract you.

Focus on the task at hand.

7. Put On Some Good Music

Music is one of the best ways to pump yourself up and get you in a good mood.

Organize a killer playlist on your iPod, and rock out!

8. Make It A Weekly Habit

If you become overwhelmed by a big mess, it’s because you have not made this a weekly habit.

Over time it just kept piling up and now you have a mess from hell.

You need to stick to a routine. For example:

Every Saturday morning from 9am to 11am.

Find a day and time that works best for you (ideally first thing in the morning) and stick to it!

9. See The Big Picture

Being clean has everything to do with being organized.

Being organized has everything to do with having a purpose driven life.

People who have a purpose and are becoming their best self clean and organize almost daily.

It becomes part of their daily practice.

It is nearly impossible to become successful in life unless you are clean and organized.

So the real question you must ask yourself is this:

  • What do I want from my life?
  • What is my purpose in life?

Because unless you answer those questions, cleaning will be some stupid chore you always hate because your subconscious will always say, “What’s the point?”

But the bigger you, the one that has a purpose, will be the only one that can shut that voice up because he/she will say, “The point is this (our purpose).

So you need to either:

A. Take control of your life. Identify your mission and dive into the journey of becoming your bigger self.


B. Don’t. And for the rest of your life you will hate cleaning and anything that has to do with becoming more responsible.

It’s your choice.

What do you choose?

Read: What should I do with my life?

How To Get Motivated To Clean When Depressed

If you are depressed, then you are going to need to face your depression.

Sure, you can avoid it and push it in the corner and muster up enough energy to clean.

But what about the next time you need to clean?

Do you really want to live through life constantly having to pull teeth just to do anything?

Read: How to get motivated when depressed

Motivation To Clean House Quotes

Here are some quotes that will help motivate you to clean:

Definiteness of purpose is the starting point of all achievement. –W. Clement Stone

Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. – Arthur Ashe

You will never always be motivated. You have to learn to be disciplined.

Nobody is impressed with how good your excuses are.

Starve your distractions. Feed your focus.

The greatest lesson of life is that you are responsible for your life. ― Oprah Winfrey

It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. – E. E. Cummings

Don’t make excuses for why you can’t get it done. Focus on all the reasons why you must make it happen.

If you don’t love or use it, it’s clutter. Get rid of it.

Cleaning and organizing is a practice, not a project.

Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

You don’t want to look back on your life and know you could have done better.

You can have results or you can have your excuses. You cannot have both.

Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment. – Marie Kondo

Never make excuses. Always wake up with a smile knowing that today you are going to have fun accomplishing what others are too afraid to do.

You have one of two choices right now: give up or keep going. One will make you great and the other won’t. Which do you prefer?

Good things come to those who believe. Better things come to those who are patient. The best things come to those who never give up.

Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life. Keep going. Tough situations build strong people in the end. ― Roy T. Bennett

Discipline is the thing that makes you do what you might not want to, but you do it anyway because it’s what you have to do in order to get what you want or desire. ― Kyle Vidrine

Your strength doesn’t come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prepares you for the next level. ― Germany Kent

Never underestimate the power you have to take your life in a new direction. ― Germany Kent

Each person has got a (negative) voice inside them. Communicate with it and take hold of it. Do not let it push and shove you around – you are its master! ― Stephen Richards

If I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. – Gandhi

You must do the thing you think you cannot do. – Eleanor Roosevelt

Daily ripples of excellence -over time- become a tsunami of success ― Robin S. Sharma

Love yourself first and everything else falls into line. You really have to love yourself to get anything done in this world. – Lucille Ball

Whatever you hold in your mind on a consistent basis is exactly what you will experience in your life. ― Tony Robbins

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Cleaning motivation isn’t something that some have and others don’t. Finding a way on how to get motivated to clean can be simple! There are things that people do to help them to get motivated to clean. Sometimes they don’t know where to start cleaning other times they’re completely overwhelmed by the mess.

In this post, I’m going to share how to get motivated to clean by sharing 10 simple steps. These tips you can take to become motivated to clean. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to clean an entire home or just one room. All of these tips do apply when it comes to getting motivated to clean.

It’s hard to create a cleaning schedule that you can follow and that’s why I created a cleaning house checklist to help you with your cleaning motivation.

Cleaning motivation

Living in a clean home isn’t something that just happens. It takes work and this is something that I learned the hard way. When you work, have kids, and a life the last thing you have time for is cleaning.

When I got home from a long day of work I had to worry about getting dinner on the table the kids ready for bed and I just didn’t have any extra time or energy to devote to a clean home.

Then as time went on the house got dirtier and dirtier and then I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start so again, the house stayed dirty.

Struggles when trying to find cleaning motivation

In most cases, cleaning isn’t the issue, it’s:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Not knowing where to start
  • Overwhelmed with the mess

How to get motivated to clean

Sometimes just starting will help your motivation to clean. However, if you don’t know where to start and then you might run into another problem. That’s why I’m sharing 10 tips that have helped me get motivated to clean. Sometimes just starting to clean isn’t the answer sometimes you don’t have a routine in place or you don’t have any energy and that’s why I’m going to be covering all of those areas.

Struggles you might face when needing cleaning motivation

Do you suffer from messy house depression? I didn’t know that was even a thing until I was suffering from it.

If you find yourself really depressed at home but are able to perk up once you leave, you may suffer from messy house depression.

I noticed the only time I was depressed was when I was at home, surrounded by clutter. It was hard to find the energy or motivation to clean. Each day I had every intention of getting to cleaning the messes but all of the energy and motivation left as soon as it came.

What I really noticed was I was too overwhelmed and didn’t know where to even start so the cycle continued.

How to clean a house step by step

If only I could share with you the “right way” to clean a house but every home is different that is why I can’t just say “start here and clean this” and then your home will magically be clean forever.

What I can do is share some steps I take to clean my house and that’s where we come to the 10 tips that I use to stay motivated to clean.

Cleaning motivation tips

I always start my cleaning with my cleaning house checklist and then I use these following 10 tips to keep my motivation going:

  • I clean in the morning
  • Have a set cleaning schedule
  • Use a stocked cleaning caddy
  • I start in the same spot & direction every time
  • Make it a routine
  • Remove distractions
  • Listen to music
  • Keep at it
  • Keep the faith
  • Reward me

Cleaning house checklist

When you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. Using a guide to help you as a cleaning house checklist is a perfect tool to use. This cleaning checklist really helps me stick to the task at hand instead of getting lost. Using the guide also helps me to keep my motivation to clean.

I’ve created a free checklist that you can use to help get your cleaning motivation going. Click the button below to print it out and start cleaning your house. This cleaning house checklist has it broken down into what to clean daily and weekly to help you with your cleaning motivation.

How to motivated to clean when overwhelmed by the mess

When you are overwhelmed with the mess in your house or in a specific room it can seem like there’s no way you can ever get going. However, there are a few steps you can take to help.

About 6 years ago I was walking into the kitchen to make a cup of tea for myself. I used the microwave to warm up my water. I set the microwave to 1 minute 30 seconds and then decided to unload the dishwasher.

By the time my water was done warming up, I had completed unloading the dishwasher.

I was completely shocked because I had it in my head that it took at least 5 minutes or more to do that.

After realizing that, I started timing myself doing other chores (like how to clean a clear phone case) and I was surprised by how much my mind would overestimate how big of a job a chore was when it really wasn’t that bad.

By saying that let’s get to a few things I do to help keep me motivated to clean a dirty house.

Cleaning motivation tip- clean when you have the most energy

This is something that might help the most. If you’re tired or don’t have any energy then trying to clean is probably not going to happen. Find the time of the day that you have the most energy and clean. Wondering how to get the energy to clean your house? That’s up to you to decide.

I have the most energy in the morning so that’s when I do the bulk of the cleaning. If you work outside the home and find this impossible try doing a speed clean each day and then don’t worry about cleaning the house until the weekend.

How to get motivated to clean by setting a cleaning schedule

When you have a schedule you’re able to stay focused which will help with motivation to clean. A cleaning schedule will give a structure that sometimes we need in order to stay on task.

I’ve created a few blog posts about cleaning schedules that should help you create your own cleaning schedule for yourself or even your family.

Cleaning motivation tip: have a stocked cleaning caddy

Having the least amount of distractions will really help you keep the motivation to clean going and that’s why I like to carry my cleaning caddy with me. The cleaning caddy has all of my cleaning supplies, rags, and other items that I need to clean a room.

I like having it in one place that is easy to take with me throughout the house so I’m not having to stop what I’m doing to grab something that I need to use to clean.

Cleaning motivation tip: set a cleaning routine

I’m a girl that needs a routine. Maybe that’s part of the type A personality I have. Without a routine, I feel lost and overwhelmed. That’s why I try to create a routine for my mornings, evenings, and even for cleaning. I like to clean certain things on certain days.

It’s different than a cleaning schedule because this gives me the time of day that I’m cleaning and what I’m cleaning on certain days.

I don’t like cleaning everything every day. It takes too long and I don’t have time to be cleaning all day every day. So I break up the cleaning and spend a little bit of time each day deep cleaning the house.

Everything stays clean and it’s easier for me to maintain this way. Plus, it helps to keep my cleaning motivation up since I am not overwhelmed daily with cleaning tasks.

Cleaning motivation tip: Create a cleaning route

The next thing I like to do to keep me motivated to clean is to follow a cleaning route. This is the route I take in my home to get the cleaning done.

I like to make a loop through the house so I’m not zigzagging through the house. This keeps me on track without wasting time bouncing from one room to the next. If you’d like to create your own cleaning route you can learn more here.

Cleaning motivation tip: Start in one spot

Okay right, obviously. But I try to start in the same spot each time. This is a trigger for me. It gets me in the cleaning groove and gets my cleaning motivation going.

What I do is grab my cleaning caddy and head to my beginning cleaning spot and start cleaning. I’ve been doing this for so long, it’s like I’ve conditioned myself to know that “it’s time to clean” and my mind goes along with it.

And when you start in one spot, declutter while you’re there! It’s always good to remove items that don’t belong in that room in the first place.

Cleaning motivation tip: Remove distraction

This sometimes can be easier said than done. However, there are a few things you can do right now to limit the distractions that you may face. Having your phone going off with the newest Facebook reply or Instagram comment can be really distracting.

I like to have my phone on “do not disturb” while I’m cleaning. There are a few other things that you can do that are quite simple. I created an in-depth blog post on this very topic that you can read here.

How to get motivated to clean: Listen to music

I love to turn on music to help me get motivated to clean. Instead of having a quiet house or even having the TV on (which distracts me) turning on some music really helps pass the time and remove the monotony of cleaning.

When a really good song comes on I find myself dancing and singing a little as I’m cleaning (usually when I’m alone ;)).

There are a few great apps that I use, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Amazon Prime Music are a few of my favorite apps, and even popping in a CD is great to do too!

Practice make perfect

Know that practice makes perfect and it can take time for this process to work. I know that I spend a lot of trial and error on my routines and schedules. It took me a long time to know that I needed to clean in the morning because I just didn’t have the time or energy to clean in the evening.

Use the free tools here to help you get through the cleaning. I’ve got free cleaning challenges, cleaning checklist, cleaning routine workbooks, and more here that can help you get motivated to clean.

Reward yourself

Just because you’re not 2 or potty training doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to reward yourself. I used to tell myself if I was able to get the bathroom clean today that I would get dessert or a new pair of shoes (depending on the size of the mess or what would really motivate myself).

You know yourself and sometimes we need an excuse to get that new bag or a new pair of sunglasses without too much mom guilt. If you’ve been struggling to clean in forever, and you’re able to get through it, I believe you deserve a treat.

In conclusion…

I know the hardest part of cleaning is actually getting up to do it. By following the 10 tips I’ve shared with you I hope that once you are able to find the cleaning motivation to get up you’re able to use some of these tips to help you with cleaning.

Keep in mind that sometimes we think the job is going to take longer than it actually does and that limiting distractions will help most when you’re trying to get the cleaning done.

My hope is for you to know that this is common and many people want to know how to get motivated to clean and that this post has helped give you some motivation to clean your home. Don’t forget to download the home cleaning checklist to help you with the cleaning.

Taking baby steps will help you for sure and knowing that it does take time to get through the clutter and clean the house.

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