Jump rope before and after

At 53 years old, Sherri Kent had suddenly found herself overweight.

Even though health had always been a priority for her (she happens to work in health care), life just kind of got in the way.

Then one day she realized it was time for a change.

“We were taking a group picture at work and I was appalled by the picture. When I saw that, I was like ‘wow what have I done to myself. I just knew I needed to start moving.”

Sherri hasn’t always been active. Even as a child, she thought she was a little heavier.

At one point in her adult life, she lost nearly 100 pounds by fasting and walking 3 miles every day. But after two children she found herself struggling with her weight again.

She pursued a career as a Mental Health Therapist which didn’t give her much time for herself. She was seeing 8-10 patients a day while still trying to make time for her family.

“I returned to school later in life to pursue my career and give back to others and life got in the way. No one should have to compromise their health of physical wellbeing.”

Shaking Things Up

In 2005, Sherri decided to become active again. She started drinking weight loss shakes, but quickly realized that they were not going to help her.

“I’m a very natural person. Those shakes are full of sugar and have processed ingredients not optimal for weight loss. I ditched shakes for wholesome natural food.”

Sherri started walking again. She even attempted hitting the gym and running on the treadmill and on the elliptical. It worked well at first, but after some time a few issue arose.

“It was a big challenge for me to feel comfortable in a gym setting. There were people that were more physically fit, or younger. It could be very intimidating to the point where you become reluctant to hit the gym.”

On top of that, Sherri was missing out on some quality family time. Working at two practices and taking care of herself started to take a toll on her family life.

“My family started saying I was never home. It was work, gym, bed, and repeat. The people I was working out for, my family, missed me. Taking care of myself meant that I couldn’t take care of them as well as I wanted to.”

Despite making exercise a top priority in her life, Sherri was not reaching her weight loss goals. She knew it was time to try something different.

Finding Jump Rope Training

Sherri stumbled on Crossrope last year.

“The advertisement was amazing! As a child, I could jump really well. I thought if I could move, then my weight could too. For you to change, things have to change, for you to get better things have to get better.”

Sherri was no stranger to fitness challenges. She did a lot of body weight exercises, but thought jumping would bring her weight loss to the next level.

“When I first got my box I was excited. They’re packaged well, represented well, I always see people who have problems get their problems taken care of, I love the customer service. The ropes are phenomenal!”

Sherri bought the Get Fit Bundle as well as the first generation Crossrope Plus Set over the course of a few weeks back in September 2017. She viewed these purchases as an investment in her health and was excited to tackle her weight loss with jump ropes.

She found that her favorite ropes were the heavy ropes because they helped her burn more calories and build strength in her upper body. The heavier ropes have been easier to learn with and have helped her improve her jump rope skills and pace while jumping.

“I am constantly challenged to do more. The jump rope brought a different perspective to my life. Crossrope challenged my body and mind to go beyond all elements. The portability is awesome. When you fall in love with the portability of the ropes, that’s the key to your success.”

After a few months, Sherri found it tough to exercise again.

With the holidays fast approaching, she knew that the yearly New Year’s resolutions most people participate in were imminent. She started thinking about what she could do to avoid the usual let down of abandoning resolutions after January.

That’s when she joined the Jump Rope Fitness Community and was inspired by the inspiration and persistence of all the group members.

A New Year’s Resolution

To achieve her goal, she knew she had to change her schedule.

She decided that she was going to wake up at 4AM every day (except for two rest day per week), and have fun with her jump rope.

That gave her the freedom to spend quality time with her family and not miss out on the important moments. She also decided that in between her clients at work, she would put in a few jumps when she could.

A big realization for Sherri was the fact that moving a little is better than not moving at all. She figured, if she jumped at all, it was better than nothing. This realization relieved her of the pressure to workout for one or two hours.

“I realized time was of the essence. I didn’t want to follow a traditional New Year’s resolution. I just wanted to get started. There was no need to wait. The reason I waited before, or put things off and waited until a supposedly sacred yearly tradition was that I was putting too much pressure on myself. I realized I didn’t need to workout for lengthy periods of time. I could do as little as I could, so long as I was moving.”

The day after Christmas instead of eating leftovers, Sherri got to work.

“I had everything out. I had the ropes and everything I needed. There was no reason to wait. You plan for a job, a trip you have to plan for your health. I hit it hard the day after Christmas, and haven’t looked back since.”

Since making this new resolution, Sherri has last 37 pounds and nearly 5 inches offer her waist.

Sherri’s Jump Rope Weight Loss Advice

Along with jump rope training, Sherri has made some other lifestyle changes.

She used the keto diet last summer and experimented with intermittent fasting. However since December, she sticks to a keto diet every day. She eats between noon and 7PM, making sure to eat natural foods and avoid processed foods when possible.

Sherri’s advice to anyone who is struggling to lose weight or to get started is to eat more natural foods. Making sure your diet is full of non-processed foods will help you break down food more easily and burn fat faster.

She also says that to get started, you should plan out your day every night, so you start the day with the intention to jump or to get moving.

“Just jump 5 times a day. Start with sometimes small and positive. Today I’m jumping 10 times. If you’re unable to jump for 30 minutes or an hour, try breaking it up throughout the course of the day. It’s better than nothing!”

As a therapist, Sherri also advises that to improve yourself, you have to make yourself your top priority. If you’re not healthy, your other priorities will surely fall by the wayside.

Looking to the Future

Although Sherri has lost nearly 40 pounds, her goal is to lose 130 more.

“I want to be 142 pounds like the day I got married. That is my ultimate goal. I hope I can reach it, and if I can’t I’ll be happy with any improvement I can achieve.”

She’s striving to improve her jump rope skills and to continue to be confident in her abilities and her appearance. She also aims to spread the word about jump rope training.

Sherri is always introducing new people to jump rope training. In fact, she routinely trains with peers that are younger than her and she continues to amaze herself at the gym.

What was once intimidating no longer phases her.

“I workout with people half my age and I’m able to go longer. I push myself harder. My self care is more important than my pride.”

Thank you, Sherri!

Thanks for sharing your story Sherri and for being a constant source of inspiration. We look forward to seeing you continuously hit your fitness goals.Do you have questions for Sherri? Please leave them in the comment section below.

And if you want to join our fitness community, we’ve got a spot just for you. Join over 75,000 active jumpers from around the world.

At the end of 2018 I had really got to a point where I just had enough of where my life had headed in regards to my health and my mind. I decided to end the yoyo weight loss and weight gain and commit to a body and mind transformation. As part of that in mid February I decided to commence a Jump Rope Transformation Challenge.

At the beginning I didn’t really know what I was trying to achieve, all I knew is that jump rope was a great cardio exercise and was also very efficient in burning calories. I intertwined the jump rope into my daily routine that I had already begun, which included an hour walk every morning and 3 gym session lifting weights.

I will start by saying that jumping rope was really hard to start with. I have to admit there were many time where I felt like having a spew by the end of the work out in the initial stages of my challenge. This is even though I tried a staged approach to my 1,500 jumps a day, starting at 500 day. Technically it is classified as a high intensity training and it can be quite hard if you haven’t been doing any exercise that strenuous.

Jump to:

My Jump Rope Transformation Challenge

Just so you get a clear picture of how I did this I have documented my daily jumps. You can find it here on my Instagram account. I thought I would keep myself accountable and put it out to the world what I was doing so people could see the progress. I got this idea from David Goggins and his book Cant Hurt Me (which I highly recommend if you are wanting some hardcore motivation).

The first stage of the jump rope program I decided to ease into slowly. This is so I didn’t kill myself and risk over doing it and not wanting to return into it. So for the first 7 days I did 500 jumps a day. I was pretty bad initially and just to prove it, here is my first day of my jump rope transformation.:

View this post on Instagram

Next steps in get fit 2019. Jump rope challenge. Its pretty damn hard aye. Day 1 500 jumps. @kicks_n_lifts i challenge you #canthurtme #jumprope #jumpropechallenge

A post shared by JAY E CLAIR | Mind By Design (@jayeclair) on Feb 16, 2019 at 10:15pm PST

Then after every 7 days I would add 250 extra jumps so that I built up to 1,500 per day by the end of 28 days.

  • Week 1 – 500 Jumps – 7 days
  • Week 2 – 750 Jumps – 14 days
  • Week 3 – 1,000 Jumps – 21 days
  • Week 4 – 1,250 jumps – 28 days
  • Week 5 – 1,500 jumps – 35 days
  • Day 36 to Day 100 – 1,500 jumps a day

I should also add that I didn’t do the jumps in one straight go. So for example when I was doing the 500 a day, I was probably doing 25 jumps per interval. Then I moved up to 50 jumps per interval, then I moved to 75 jumps per interval and so on. I currently do 100 to 150 depending on the day and how I am feeling. So please don’t threat, if you are thinking how in the hell do you do 1,500 straight? In my case I didn’t do it. I’m sure there are many other places that probably recommend it, but for my results this is how I did it and what I recommend.

This method actually works as a great interval between sets at the gym. It basically turned my gym sessions into a pseudo circuit training high intensity interval training session. People often had interested looks when I was doing this and curious to what I was doing. But hey it worked perfectly into my routine in the end. It made training really efficient and really accelerated by calorie burn.

Jump Rope Transformation Results

I have to start by saying how proud I am of myself and process a bit of self love right now. I am super stoked that I was able to add jump rope to my daily routine and it has now really become part of who I am. When it comes to building healthy habits I cannot recommend any higher doing jump rope and if you are in the need of doing some weight loss, trying a jump rope transformation.

So before I get into the results, lets embrace day 100 one more time!

I guess you have made it all the way to the results stage. Ok, so I need to be honest with you. I didn’t actually jump on the scales right at the moment of starting the jump rope transformation. But I can tell you that in Nov 2018 I weighed 127 kgs, I had done some work up until the new year when I weighed in at 124 kgs. By the time I started the challenge the last time I weighed just prior I was around 120 kgs. So I am going to assume that as my starting weight. My final result at the 100 day mark was 108 kgs.

So in total I lost 12 kgs in 100 days on my jump rope transformation challenge. To be honest I was expecting to lose a little more I felt like I was around the 105 kg mark, but in reality I was also hitting the gym and smashing the weights fairly hard. I have assumed in that time I had also put on a fair bit of muscle as well. When you look at as average in whole jumping rope I lost approximately one kilogram every ten days.

Jump Rope Transformation in Pictures – Before and After

So when I decided to do my end of the yoyo mind and body transformation. I had the foresight to take a photo oh where I was. I had blown out as I said previously to 127 kgs, the heaviest I had been in over 13 years. The picture on the right is me in this position. Then the middle one is the start of the jump rope transformation and the final one is at the end of the transformation.

What did I eat during this weight loss transformation?

To be honest I didn’t “diet” in the traditional sense. I still had big nights out here and there when I would over indulge in both food and alcohol. But for most of the time I would have considered that I was removing most refined carbs out of my diet and where I could I tried intermittent fasting. So nothing too drastic, reduced carb intake and intermittent fasting intermittently. I might try and have a crack at doing a real hardcore cut in my next 100 days including doing dry July and cutting out all alcohol for a month to see what effect that has as well.

Where to from here?

Jump rope has definitely become something that is part of my life and it well and truly is one of those good habits I want to remain as I continue on my journey to my ideal body. I am sitting at 108 kgs but my goal weight is 90 kgs (I am 6’1 for some context).

I believe I am on the trajectory to hit my goal by the end of this year. So I will maintain the current regime that I am doing as I truly believe if a process is working, why mess with it. Stay tuned when I report back at the 200 day mark for my results.

Why did I choose Jump Rope for cardio?

I really do hate cardio with a passion. I like walking but that is not really high intensity. I’ve tried jogging before and found that to be something I am just not that good at. I then looked into jump rope, while it looked full on, what I did like about it was its efficiency of calorie burn. I once read a line and I don’t really know if it’s true but it said that 10 minutes of jump rope is the equivalent of 30 minutes of jogging.

From what I can see online you burn around 20 calories per minute jumping rope. So if you jump rope for 20 minutes ( which is kind of what it felt I did for 1,500 jumps) that would equate to around 400 calories burned in each session or 2,800 calories per week. Which is pretty awesome for just 20 minutes of exercise per day.

So to add to the walking I did a day which was around one hour at a fairly steady pace, this would be a further 350 calories burned in the day, bringing the daily total to 750 calories burned a day. This would bring the weekly total to 5,250 calories burned in a week.

Finally there was the 3 gym sessions a week where I also pushed as heavy as I could for around 45 minutes. This equates to on average 200 calories burned per session, a further 600 calories for the week. Bringing the total for the week burned from the exercise i did to 5,850 calories a week.

Now this kind of calorie burn allows I guess the slight indulgence at the same time as losing weight which is great. I never wanted to get into this thing to impede too much on my life from a fun stand point.

Finally Jump Rope is Perfect for Holidays

In the middle of my jump rope transformation challenge I went on a holiday to the beautiful Byron Bay in northern NSW in Australia. As part of going on this holiday I was super committed to continue my challenge. The beauty of jump rope is that this bad boy fits in your luggage and all you need to do is find a spot and jump to your hearts content. So finally please see below me enjoying jumping rope on holiday:

Jumping Rope and Ditching Junk Food Helped Melissa Shed 50 Pounds

Name: Melissa Sledge

Age: 33

Height: 5’6″

Weight Before: 175 lbs.

Weight After: 125 lbs.

What was the turning point that prompted you to lose weight?

When I went home for Thanksgiving in November 2013, my father confronted me about my weight gain. Growing up, I was an athlete and never needed to watch my weight. But as I got older and less active, I gained 50 pounds in a span of five years. My father said he was worried about me, and I knew he was right — I needed to lose weight.

When did you start trying to lose weight?

A few months later, in February 2014, I made a conscious effort to lose weight. I was starting a new job, and while shopping for outfits, I decided I would no longer buy larger sizes and ignore my problem with food. I was eating fast food three to four times a day and ordering pizza at least three times a week and eating the entire pie by myself.

How did you get started?

At first, the only thing I did was stop eating my two favorite foods: pizza and French fries. I continued to eat anything else I wanted except those two foods. After 90 days, I lost 10 pounds. Motivated and intrigued, I started cooking at home. I selected lean meats, vegetables and fruits, and I avoided processed foods. If I did eat them, I read the ingredients list first, and if I couldn’t understand them without research, I did not eat the food.

I also upped my exercise. I was already working with a personal trainer twice a week, but never saw any results because of my diet. I started jumping rope in my garage three to four days a week. At first, I could only do about 5 minutes, but gradually I worked up to 30 minutes per session.

What was your biggest challenge?

Cravings were, and continue to be, the most challenging part of weight loss. At the beginning, I would experience phantom smells like cookies and barbeque that weren’t in the house. I realized how much your mind can play tricks on you.

Were there times you wanted to quit or give up? How did you stay motivated?

When I was feeling really vulnerable, I would revisit my goals, and make a pros and cons list about certain foods. I would ask myself things like, “How will this food help me accomplish my goals?” “How will I feel after I eat this?” Reflecting on these questions helped me take the emotion out of the craving.

If you reached a weight loss plateau, how did you break out of the rut?

My weight loss was consistent because I had realistic expectations for my results. I knew it was healthiest to lose in small increments — about 1/2 to 2 pounds per week. I didn’t have a deadline for my weight loss, so I was mentally prepared to be patient with the results.

What’s your current exercise routine?

I work out five days a week. My workouts consist of a mix of strength training and cardio, with each day targeting a different muscle group. This has been proven to be one of the most effective ways to work out. I walk into the gym with a plan so I don’t waste time and don’t have to walk around not knowing what to do.

I’ve learned you don’t have to spend hours on a cardio machine to see results. Interval training can cut your cardio time in half while giving you the same results. I do intervals of 30-second sprints four days a week and a yoga or Pilates class when my schedule allows it.

What’s your daily diet look like?

I prepare my weekly meals on Sunday night. I select three to four meats and a variety of vegetables. Because my meals consist of whole, real foods I eat about five to six times a day. A typical day of eating for me looks like this:

  • Meal 1 – Oatmeal, egg whites, and chicken sausage
  • Meal 2 – Apple and protein drink
  • Meal 3 – Salmon, spinach, brown rice
  • Meal 4 – Tuna and rice cakes
  • Meal 5 – Chicken, broccoli, and baked sweet potato

I have a cheat meal, not a cheat day, that is planned into my schedule. If I know I have a party or work event, I save my meal for that occasion.

How has losing weight changed your life?

Emotionally, I am stronger and healthier than ever before. My weight gain was very much fueled by emotional eating and using food for fulfilment. This entire experience has taught me to process my emotions in a healthier way. My physical life has blossomed as well. I am now a certified personal trainer and entrepreneur dedicated to helping other people accomplish their weight loss goals.

Do you have any advice for those trying to lose weight?

Sustainable weight loss requires behavioral change and an honest look at your habits and choices. You have to be patient with yourself. I believe one of my biggest successes was that I had realistic expectations for how long it takes to really see results. Years of bad habits don’t change overnight.

Reporting by Sarah Kelleher, Everyday Health Staff

Before: 350 pounds
After: 185 pounds

The Lifestyle
Christie Buie, 41, from Monroe, Washington, has struggled with her weight her entire life. “I was a fat teenager and a fat adult,” she says. “People ask me about my story, and I don’t have any excuses. I feel like I was the most horribly undisciplined person.” It wasn’t until October 2, 2011, that Christie, who’s 5’3″ and weighed 350 pounds, decided that she needed to take control of her weight.

The Change
Christie says there wasn’t one specific moment when she became fed up with her size; it was a series of smaller things, like her lack of energy and mobility issues she struggled from due to her weight. She also hated that she spent less time with her friends. “I was afraid to go to a restaurant because I didn’t want to sit in a booth that I couldn’t fit into,” says Christie.

One of Christie’s friends recommended a book about the Atkins diet. While she was flipping through the pages, a chapter about carbohydrates’ effects on a person’s metabolism really resonated with her. “All of the symptoms they described—like the food cravings—described exactly what I was going through,” says Christie. So she ditched carbs for two months, which kind of felt like “withdrawal period.” And to celebrate her commitment, Christie let herself eat whatever she wanted during Thanksgiving. “Within an hour after eating, I felt like crap,” she says. “I felt tired, sleepy, and hungry (again). It was such a good reminder of where I’d been and what caused me to get to the way that I used to be.” She quit eating anything that came out of a box and started incorporating more lean proteins and veggies into her diet. Her favorite meal: faux mashed potatoes using cauliflower.

As her energy began to increase and she began to lose weight, Christie invested in a home workout kit, which included dumbbells and a jump rope. “The first night I tried jump roping, I couldn’t do it,” she says. “I couldn’t jump my weight over that tiny bit of rope, which was a sign I needed more structure.” The first gym she signed up for intimidated her—she was too self-conscious and felt like she didn’t belong. Then she tried the Anytime Fitness in her town, which she found “very encouraging and non-judgmental.” “I felt like I was too big to use the circuit machines and thought I’d be clumsy around them,” says Christie. “But then I made an appointment with one of the trainers, and he showed me how to do everything.” And after that, she fell in love with new exercises, such as resistance training. For cardio, she began with five minutes on the elliptical four days a week. Now Christie runs two to three miles three days a week. Thanks to all of her hard work, Christie is now down to 185 pounds.

The Reward
As long as Christie can remember, she’s wanted to get a motorcycle—but she was always too heavy to sit and ride on one. Not anymore. “It’s my favorite part of ,” says Christie. Sure, not having to ask for a seatbelt extender on planes is pretty sweet, “but the biggest thing for me is that I can jump on my motorcycle and just ride.”

Christie’s Tips
Find a diet that works for you. “Some people can’t give up bread, and that’s cool. If you can’t live how you’re eating, find something that you can live with.”
Have a backup plan. “Everybody is going to fall off the wagon—nobody’s going to stick to something 100 percent. Have a plan for your mishaps if you do fail.”
Stop setting numerical goals. “I make activity goals instead—like to be able to run a 5K without stopping and walking. Setting non-scale-based goals at the gym for me was huge.”

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Kenny Thapoung Social Media Editor When I’m not stalking future-but-never-going-to-happen husbands on Facebook, you can catch me eating at one of NYC’s B-rated or below dining establishments—A-rated restaurants are for basics.

12 Real Amazing Benefits Of Skipping For Weight Loss

Medically reviewed by Dharshitha, Nutrition Training and Quality Manager for PAN India

Although, rope skipping for weight loss is one of the important aspect, other benefits of skipping are not unknown to us. It is one of the simplest forms of exercises that can be fun too.

I am sure we all remember our school days when we would be either skipping alone or in a large group. There are so many types of skipping like crossover, forward and back, single leg hopping.

Besides being an incredibly fun game, skipping benefits include burning calories, boosting the heart rate.

Skipping Benefits | Skipping for weight loss | Skipping effectiveness | Tips to enjoy skipping

Skipping improves our cardiovascular system. and helps us burn an intensive amount of calories in a short period of time. So why not bring those young days again and make our workout sessions fun and lively?

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Benefits Of Skipping Rope

Now that we have talked about how effective skipping is we have to talk about the various benefits that skipping comes with

  1. Skipping for weight loss is considered to be one of the best cardio and High-Intensity Interval Training workouts.
  2. Skipping for weight loss helps you lose around 1300 calories/hour (which is quite a lot actually)
  3. Skipping for weight loss helps you lose more calories than running would. Another great edge it has over running is that skipping can be easily done indoors and even bad weather condition or pollution or traffic cannot come in the way of our convenient weight loss exercise .
  4. You can buy a skipping rope under Rs 200 and thus, it makes it one of the most economical forms of exercise.
  5. Skipping for weight loss helps in toning of the muscle also along with being a super effective weight loss exercise.
  6. It tremendously improves our energy levels, balance, coordination, and agility. According to a study published in Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, Skipping rope for five minutes for the duration of four weeks significantly improved the physical work capacity of women subjects .
  7. It is considered one of the best and most effective exercises for endurance training.
  8. Skipping for weight loss is an all-rounder exercise that helps in toning the thighs and calf muscles. It also works wonders for your arms and abs.
  9. As compared to running, skipping proves to be a less strenuous form of exercise and thus puts less pressure on the joints.
  10. Skipping for weight loss improves the heart rate & health and is therefore good for blood pressure patients.
  11. Skipping also helps in improving bone density and thus reduces the chances of osteoporosis .
  12. Last but not least, skipping for weight loss is one of the low cost and low maintenance exercises which can be done by people of all ages. The equipment, which is actually just the skipping rope, does not require much space to be kept and is no maintenance equipment.

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Benefits of Skipping for Weight Loss

Well, the number of calories you burn by skipping for weight loss depends on your body weight and the intensity with which you skip that rope.

If you are heavy, you obviously need more energy to jump and thus you burn more calories keeping the intensity same as a lighter person would apply.

But yes, if you applied more intensity, you could burn more calories and thus lose more weight .

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The Effectiveness of skipping in weight loss

The following points should elaborate on the effectiveness of skipping as a weight loss exercise

Skipping rope works out all the muscles of your body and obviously, the more muscles workout during an exercise, the more calories you burn losing more weight.

Skipping for weight loss is an exercise where you can keep changing the intensity with which you jump over a period of time. As a beginner, you start with low-intensity skipping and as you gain control and coordination of your brain, eye, limbs, and energy, you can easily enhance the intensity of the exercise while lowering it down when you are tired.

Skipping for weight loss is an exercise where you can even play around with the styles and ways to skip the rope, to turn it into a more effective cardiovascular exercise in the following ways :

a) You can do singles and vary the intensity or the timing or both.

b) You can do single-leg skipping, high steps, skiers’ jumps (feet together, knees bent and jump an inch to the left and an inch to the right).

c) When you feel that you are a pro at singles, you can start trying doubles or triple unders. This means that you have to jump a little bit higher and make the rope move faster so the rope passes 2 or 3 times per jump.

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6 Tips to Enjoy the Skipping Benefits Better

Though skipping is a low maintenance exercise which gives great benefits, you have to keep certain points in mind while doing this exercise if you wish to achieve those benefits.

1. The skipping rope should of good quality. A bad quality rope can injure you and ruin the mood for exercise.

2. Skipping is an exercise which is better done barefoot. Skipping barefoot has many advantages and one of them is that skipping barefoot makes your feet strong. It also helps in curing many foot related problems. If at all, you feel uncomfortable skipping barefoot, buy a good pair of shock absorbing shoes and wear them while doing this exercise.

3. For women, it is very important to wear a good sports bra while skipping failing which, it can cause a tear in the breast tissues.

4. When you decide to start skipping for weight loss, keep in mind the surface you are doing this exercise on. Totally avoid carpeted surfaces. Prefer skipping on shock absorbing surfaces like wooden floors or other smooth floors.

5. You need a fair amount of open space while skipping for weight loss. You have to ensure that you get ample space to stretch your arms and the rope does not get stuck anywhere while skipping. If you do not have enough space for skipping, you will not be able to do the exercise properly and you may get injured also.

6. Skipping being a high-intensity exercise, it requires a proper warm-up session before you start the exercise, otherwise, you may end up with an overstretched limb of muscle.

So what are you waiting for? Pick up those ropes and start skipping towards your weight-loss journey.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can skipping alone make you lose weight?

A. You have to create a calorie deficit environment for your body where you have to burn more calories than you consume.

Therefore, a calorie restricted diet along with exercise is very important to lose weight.

Q. How much should you do skipping weight loss in order to lose weight?

A. If your calorie intake is as much as the number of calories you burn every day, skipping rope for three hours a week should start making you lose weight.

Q. Is skipping weight loss a good way to lose belly fat?

A. Skipping rope is a low impact exercise which makes you lose weight from all over the body. So yes, it is a good way to lose belly fat.

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