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This Woman Stood Up For Herself After Instagram Deleted Her Transformation Photo

Losing 115 pounds is no easy feat, which is why Morgan Bartley was proud to share her incredible progress on social media. Unfortunately, instead of celebrating her success, Instagram deleted the 19-year-old’s before-and-after weight loss photo for no apparent reason.

FWIW, Instagram’s community guidelines don’t tolerate “close-ups of fully-nude buttocks,” “content that contains credible threats or hate speech,” and “serious threats of harm to public and personal safety”-but Morgan’s post doesn’t violate any of these rules. Take a look for yourself.

Recognizing that her post wasn’t breaking any rules, Morgan reposted the original image a few days ago with an empowering caption. “I share my journey online in hopes of inspiring others to take control of their own lives,” she captioned the new photo, which has already garnered more than 17,600 likes. “I think it sucks that people express negativity toward something with only positive intentions, BUT that’s why we peeps full of love and light get to make a difference.” (Morgan wasn’t the only woman who has had this happened. This fitness trainer clapped back after the social media platform deleted a photo of her cellulite.)

This isn’t the first time the teen has posted a transformation picture of herself, and getting to a place where she’s comfortable posting them at all hasn’t been easy. While Morgan admitted that she’s struggled with her weight her whole life, other health problems made losing the weight even harder. At just 15 years old she was diagnosed with ovarian torsion, a painful condition that caused her to lose one of her ovaries. Later, she began to exhibit symptoms of menopause which was cause for concern about her ability to have children later in life. The news put Morgan is a deep depression causing her to begin binge eating, which led Morgan’s weight to reach upwards of 300 pounds. Her many Instagram posts explain how she felt like her body betrayed her, and she used food as a way to escape. (Is it really binge eating if it only happens occasionally? We found out.)

But she knew something needed to change.

“I decided to take back control of my body and save my own life,” she said. Knowing that diets and workouts hadn’t helped in the past, Morgan opted for gastric bypass surgery, but she knew that the surgery was only a tool to help with weight loss and not her permanent or only solution. She’s since lost an incredible 115 pounds. And even though Morgan still wants to lose another 30 more, she couldn’t be happier about how far she’s come and refuses to let any unsolicited critique bring her down. “Never let worldly pessimism or judgment prevent you from living your life and celebrating what you’ve done with it,” she says. (P.S. This blogger’s post will change the way you look at before-and-after photos forever.)

With everything she’s battled through and achieved, Morgan has every right stand up for herself (and her brave posts) by proving that the only opinion that *really* matters is hers. “I think I look pretty freakin’ bomb in a bathing suit on the beach,” she says. “And that’s after a lifetime of letting insecurities hold me back from experiencing life. Yes, I’ll continue to wear a full face of makeup to the beach and yes, I’ll continue to be DAMN proud of who I’ve worked so hard to become.” Amen, girlfriend. You look incredible.

6 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Get-Healthy Inspiration

When you’re looking for a new kick-butt core exercise, some healthy lunch ideas (because you’re so over blah salads), or a rah-rah “You can do this!” from someone who knows the struggle is real, a quick scroll through your Insta feed may be all the inspiration you need: “Instagram can be a great place to find motivation,” says Cassie Bjork, RD, founder of “I think the main reason it resonates with us is because images are powerful, sometimes even more powerful than words.”

One word of caution: Remember to take “flawless” gym selfies with a grain of salt, Bjork says. Like with all social media, people tend to post highly-edited pics to Instagram. Something to keep in mind if you find yourself falling into the comparison trap.

Here, six real women who could become your new favorite follows, for all the practical, get-healthy inspo they serve up.


This graphic designer-turned-Soul Cycle instructor got uber fit by following the Bikini Body Guide program by Kayla Itsines. She’s attracted a following with her straight talk and contagious passion for fitness.


Yoga instructor Jeannete Ogeden posts pics of her gorgeous eats. Think sweet potato bowls, bright salads, and creative spins on toast. Her produce-focused meals will not only give you a serious case of lunch envy, but they’ll motivate you to incorporate more colorful, clean foods in your meals.

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Shara Swanson is a certified personal trainer who has been documenting her body transformation over the last two years. Her relatable journey will make you think about your own get-fit path, and her before/after shots will inspire you to keep going.


Head to this health coach’s page whenever you think, What should I have for dinner tonight? Her beautiful creations are a good reminder that nutritious food can be fun. (Mint chocolate chip-avocado ice cream, anyone?) Trust us, you’ll never look at salad the same way again.


You might recognize Rebecca Grafton from the cover of People magazine. The 25-year-old lost 100 pounds in two years—and her candor about the journey is easy to relate to. Along the way, Grafton posted selfies of her progress on Instagram for motivation and encouragement. Now she’s offering the same kind of support to her 73,000 followers.

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The personal trainer, fitness instructor, and mom of two is committed to being strong, living a balanced life, and staying honest all the way. You’ll be inspired by her mostly healthy eats; but Wiseman also shows you can get rockin’ abs even when you enjoy dessert (and the occasional mega plate of French toast).

For more healthy lifestyle tips and ideas, follow @healthmagazine!

10 Fitness Journeys on Instagram That You Need to Follow

If you’re looking for fitness inspiration that’s raw, real and ready to go, look no further than Instagram. There’s a treasure trove of serious feel-good stories under hashtags such as #healthyliving or #100poundsdown. Check out these 10 ladies making their way through their weight loss journeys (all done naturally!) whose attitude alone will help motivate you.

[email protected]: An overweight, not-confident gal now has a fitness empire, including her SWEATbox studio in Richmond, Virginia. She admits that she’s done nothing radical; her results come from eating less sugar, no processed foods, no seafood that’s not wild-caught, drinking tons of water, daily cardio and strength training and eliminating as much stress as possible. She pays it forward by offering YouTube videos, DVDs and free videos to those looking to lose weight the natural way. (Image via @EstelleArcher)

2. @MyWeightlossFr: Helene started her journey in 2012 and is less than 15 pounds away from her goal weight. She’s already lost almost half her original body weight — she started at 319 pounds. She’s got an e-book if you need further reading, but her Instagram account is pretty rich with tips and beautiful images of healthy meals she eats, including a few recipes. (Image via @myweightlossfr)

3. @Prep4Life_Fitness: Down 16% in body fat, Nicole is honest about how she used to compare herself to others losing weight, but she’s since realized that her body type is unique to her. Her voice is real and her tips are simple but effective: keep realistic goals, hard work shows itself off and food is like medicine. She’s only got 1,500 followers, but with this attitude, she’s one to watch as her body transforms. (Image via @prep4life_fitness)

[email protected]: The duo behind this account wants you to discover your inner athlete just like they did — through track workouts, gym sessions, home workouts and more — while maintaining a friendly, girly sensibility. Julia is even a fitness instructor herself. Their account often leads back to their blog, where you can find recipes and motivational tips to help you keep the weight off. (Image via @average2athlete)

[email protected]: Erica used to hate getting her picture taken and would try to counterbalance her lack of self-love with makeup and clothing and disguising it all. She now says she feels comfortable just being herself — even if that means having hairs out of place or wearing no makeup. Her 131,000 followers must agree, as they keep up with her workouts and fitness regime as well as Erica’s role as a mother. She lost over 160 pounds and has continued to keep the weight off. (Image via @ericafitlove)

6. @TheIronGiantess: This 24-year old has lost over 115 pounds and counting with no pills, surgery or anything else other than just good, old-fashioned working out. She’s super real and down to earth in her posts, showing things like this sweatshirt that used to fit her and now doesn’t — because it’s way too big! She’s also on DietBet, a website that helps you stay accountable for your weight loss. Her team’s final weigh in is February 15: good luck with the final pounds! (Image via @theirongiantess)

7. @sami_rose_: This 5’1’’ Brisbane, Australia lovely lady was about 40 pounds overweight, but got her butt in gear and is now a personal trainer and fitness guru down under. One of her goals was to compete in a fitness competition, which she achieved last year. Not in Australia? No worries, mate — she can help you through her online transformations. Her account is full of totally true quotes (“Sometimes I’m hungry, other times I sleep”) and killer ab photos to keep you going. Bonus: Her workout outfits are totally enviable. (Image via @sami_rose_)

8. @healthyhappylora: Healthy and happy, indeed! Between pictures of her smiling, beautiful face and the delicious and nutritious meals she eats, you’ll get a sense of who Lora really is. There are quick recipes (including one for a white chocolate protein truffle — who knew?) and images of her adorable little one too. Her almost 40k followers get shout outs too, as they embark on their fitness transformations. (Image via @healthyhappylora)

9. @Paigehfit: Almost 60,000 people have followed Paige’s journey from overweight to svelte in about 2 years. Interspersed between helpful videos, motivational quotes and personal pictures are ‘grams where she gets real: She doesn’t want to put on clothing and go to the gym in 30 degree weather, either. But she does it. We’re also fond of her little hints of real life: mismatched socks, clothes on the floor. There’s nothing fancy here but her emotions are totally raw and you’ll be able to relate to her, no doubt. (Image via @paigehfit)

10. @justrobbin: Almost 50,000 people have watched Robin lose 90-plus pounds, and it probably has something to do with how fun her account is. It’s filled with selfies, real food (nothing highly styled here), workouts and more as she goes about her day living the best life she can. What’s most lovable, however, is that she does these posts where she wears an almost identical outfit to what she had on in a picture where she’s heavier; you can really see the dramatic difference, which is totally inspiring. (Image via @jus trobbin)

Check out even more fitspo over on our Pinterest page @BritandCo!

8 weight loss Instagram accounts you need to follow

Weight loss Instagram accounts are the latest social media trend – posting pictures of your food helps to keep you mindful of what you’re eating and you’re likely to find a strong community of fellow dieters to keep you accountable while you’re at it.
So while it’s become a bit of a cliché to snap pictures of what you’re eating while your food goes cold, we say if it works for you and helps to keep you on track with your weight loss and fitness goals, then go right ahead. You’re in good company, after all: check out some of our favourite weight loss Instagram accounts that you need to add to your feed for a daily hit of motivation.

1. @TheBodyCoach

We’ve mentioned it many times before, but we’re huge fans of Joe Wicks (aka The Body Coach). His #LeanIn15 approach to food and fitness is one we really like – make healthy food, ramp up the carbs to refuel after a workout and don’t spend too long in the kitchen. He’s become really popular recently, releasing a series of books, appearing on TV and in many a magazine as well as continuing to work on his 90 Day SSS plan, but he still finds time to post recipes, weight loss transformations and quick workouts over on Instagram.

2. @SlimmingSimon

We’re not sure how he manages it, but all of Simon’s pictures look fantastic, which isn’t easy on Instagram – he even manages to make a jacket potato with beans look good. It’s a pleasure to see his pictures pop up in our feed because everything he eats just looks so good. He’s on a mission to lose 10 stone and he’s already halfway there thanks to Slimming World and the delicious food he snaps on a daily basis.

3. @CalorieFixes

Ever wondered what 100 calories of pasta looks like? This account will show you, which is pretty handy when you’re faced with a buffet and you want to exercise some self-control. It’ll also make you think twice about how you measure food – are you really having a tablespoon of peanut butter or are you having a heaped tablespoon? It may not seem like there’s much difference but there really is.

There’s also the similar but more arty account @caloriebrands which mocks up what food products would look like if their calorie count was part of the packaging. Now that would be a brave new world…

4. @SlimLikeAMan

Martin is not only an impressive 7 stone lighter since joining Slimming World in 2015, but he’s also been crowned his group’s Man of the Year and Greatest Loser. He’s a perfect example of how well the Slimming World plan can work for men and he posts about how he’s getting on with maintaining his weight loss. He eats some delicious looking meals, backed up with a blog where he shares impressive recipes with a Slimming World twist, from cherry bakewells to Portobello mushroom burgers.

5. @whole30recipes

Whether you’re following the Whole 30 program or just want encouragement to eat a little bit healthier, the official Instagram page for recipes which are compliant with the Whole 30 program is a masterclass in how to make healthy eating exciting. If you’ve never heard of the Whole 30 (where have you been?!), it’s a program where you commit to 30 days of cutting out food which may impact negatively on your health. Yep, that’s all the fun stuff – sugar, alcohol, dairy, etc., but the benefits are astounding and although weight loss isn’t necessary the main goal, it does help to shift the pounds and it opens up a whole new world of non-scale victories, including more energy and increased focus.

6. @onepoundmeals

We’re usually a bit sceptical when it comes to these ‘budget’ recipes that put a price on your servings (please tell me where you’re buying one egg for 8p?) but it’s true that cooking from scratch can be expensive, especially if you’ve fallen into the trap of trying to cook like you’re on Masterchef. Enter Miguel Barclay, the brains behind One Pound Meals. It’s exactly as it sounds – complete meals for less than a quid. Not specificially a weight loss Instagram, but as cooking is a major part of successful weight loss this one is a good account to follow. His short, snappy videos are easy to follow and fantastic even if you’re not on a budget.

7. @fitmencook

This account is quite self-explanatory: it’s a fit man, who cooks. Simple. He also works out hard and his meal prep game is on point (as the cool kids say). You stand to learn a lot from him as he shares how he does it all through both his main Instagram feed and his Instagram Stories.

8. @manvfat

What, did you think we’d make a list of Instagram accounts to follow and not include our own? What can we say, we think we’re pretty awesome. Over on Instagram we share weight loss transformations, food pics, quotes which you may or may not find insufferable (they’re pretty much all variations on “You can do it! Woo!”) and successes from our MAN v FAT Football leagues.

Amazing Instagram Weight-Loss Stories: Here’s How They Did It

Need a little motivation? You don’t have to look far for inspiring weight loss stories. In fact, they’re all over Instagram. And while no two journeys are ever the same, they all have one thing in common: The defining moments that led to the decision to get healthy once and for all. These Instagram weight loss success stories are downright inspiring.

Shandra Redwine, @losermentality

Shandra Redwine weight loss transformation. | Shandra Redwine via Instagram

On the day that Shandra Redwine got married, she wore a size 22 wedding dress. Recently, she found the dress in her closet and couldn’t believe how far she’d come. Redwine credits her impressive 92 pound weight loss with a few things: Cutting out all processed food from her diet, slashing her calorie intake to 1,200 (at first), and lots of cardio. Clearly, it’s working.

Lexi and Danny, @fatgirlfedup and @discoveringdanny

Lexi weight loss transformation | Lexi via Instagram

On the first day Lexi walked into a gym, she committed herself to 30 minutes on the elliptical machine five times per week. She also learned to cook, cut calories, and cleaned up her diet. Best of all, she encouraged her husband, Danny, to join her on her journey to health.

In less than two years, the couple has lost a whopping combined 362 pounds. They look like entirely different people, and their story is inspiring.

Emma Pope, @popemma

Emma Pope | Emma Pope via Instagram

Emma Pop, who weighed 319 pounds at her heaviest, credits Instagram itself for keeping her motivated. She documented her journey on her account, treating it almost as a weight loss diary. Pope’s four year weight loss journey included working out at least four times a week for an hour and a half, eating a healthy diet, and checking in regularly on Instagram.

Four years later, Pope weighs a healthy 175 pounds and has found a great balance between maintaining healthy habits and enjoying her life.

Sarah, @sarah_griff_fit

Sarah Griffin weight loss transformation. | Sarah Griffin via Instagram

Sarah’s before and after photos say it all — this is someone who has dedicated her life to fitness and stuck with it. While she doesn’t specify how much weight she’s lost, it’s clear that she focuses more on weight lifting and body sculpting than she does the numbers on the scale. Sarah is also an Ambassador for Designer Protein and a personal trainer.

Jessica, @getfitwjessica

Jessica | Jessica via Instagram

In the last year and a half, Jessica has dropped about 170 pounds. Although she is an avid exerciser, she credits her success mainly to one thing: Portion control. She has 290,000 Instagram followers, and she loves to motivate them with small challenges and amazing before and after shots.

Tina, @rocktheshade

Tina weight loss transformation. | Tina via instagram

Tina has lost an Earth-shattering 350 pounds since she started her fitness journey in 2010. Her highest weight was 502 pounds, so needless to say, she had to start slowly. Tina deals with chronic pain and has had to have several surgeries to remove her excess skin, but she still exercises daily and eats plenty of produce to stay slim.

Morgan Osman, @farmwife_fitlife

Morgan Osman weight loss transformation. | Morgan Osman via Instagram

Morgan Osman just started her weight loss journey in January of 2017, and she has already lost 150 pounds. Her consistent photos of her progress mixed with motivational quotes and healthy recipes shows that she also uses her Instagram for accountability. Osman admits in her posts that she has struggled with a food addiction, but she now appears to eat big, healthy salads and chicken and veggies for her meals.

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20 of the Best Healthy Instagram Accounts


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When it comes to Instagram, I love drooling over images of powdered-sugar dusted pastries, decadent dark chocolate, and luscious-looking bowls of gourmet ice cream. Oh, and cocktails. Let’s not forget the cocktails.

But, when I want to really buckle down and get serious about eating clean, it helps to open up my Instagram (I’m @letseatcakeblog) and scroll through images that inspire me to eat healthy.

In honor of World Photography Day, here are 20 healthy Instagram accounts you’ll want to follow.

1. Sarah (@thedelicious)
Sarah’s posts are made that much better by the self-depreciating humorous captions that accompany them.

2. Amy Tischler (@amytisch)
Follow this NYC-based food stylist and recipe developer for a glimpse of New York life and snaps of healthy bites. Sure, she occasionally throws in the indulgent pic, but we all need a day off now and then!

3. Josiane Marquis (@cafejojo_)
Josiane’s oatmeal game is on point, but so are this Montrealian’s deconstructed recipes. Plus, everything she makes is gluten-free.

4. abdkitchen (@abdkitchen)
When it comes to healthy comfort food, this PhD student has it dialed in with spice-infused dishes and warming soups. Each dish is shot with an approach that makes you feel like you could take a bite.

5. Anni Kravi (@anniskk)
Smoothie bowls are almost always gorgeous, but the ones from this Helsinki-based Editor of @thefeedfeed might take home the top prize. I don’t know whether I’d be able to eat something that pretty. Just kidding. Yes I would.

6. Sarah B (@mynewroots)
The life of a food photographer isn’t all delicious eats you know! Sometimes it involves standing on tables. In addition to showing off tasty healthy recipes, Sarah gives us a peek at life behind the scenes.

7. Alexa (@coco_lovin)
This 24-year old hails from Germany and I just love her bright posts featuring a variety of healthy meals and snacks. When the weather turns chilly and grey in a few months, her pics will add lots of color to your Instagram stream.

8. Amanda Meixner (@meowmeix)
Love meal prep? So do we! Amanda is the genius meal prepper behind our buffet-style meal preps that you know and love. Follow her for workout inspiration and even more meal prep tips!

9.Lily Kunin (@cleanfooddirtycity)
Lily’s intimate shots will make you feel like you’re scrolling through your best friend’s photos…if your best friend was a rockstar photographer. She’s also all about the “bowl” game, so if yours feels like it needs some oomph, don’t wait another second to take a look!

10. Nicole Franzen (@nicole_franzen)
As a food and travel blogger, Nicole’s adept photography skills capture not only locavore delights, but also the richness of the surrounding environment. Trek along with her as she journeys across the globe.

11. Kevin Curry (@fitmencook)
If you’re ever stumped on what to make, Kevin (aka Fit Men Cook) is there to help. His YouTube channel is great, and for quick ideas, his Instagram will inspire you to head straight to the market. Pictured below: buffalo cauliflower bites. Um…I’ll be right back.

12. Talking Food (@talkingfood)
Who doesn’t love food puns? This, the brainchild of Laura Prouty doesn’t always feature healthy food, but it’ll help you keep your sense of humor when you’re grumpy about the fact that you’re not eating pizza.

13. Mingle Seasoning (@mingleseasoning)
This Australian-based spice blend manufacturer ships their products worldwide (and they look pretty yummy), but while you’re waiting for your order, drool over the healthy recipes they post on their IG account like this prawn, veggie, and brown rice snack.

14. Mike The Iron You (@miketheironyou)
What does someone eat when training for an Ironman? Follow Mike and find out! This SoCal triathlete maintains a paleo/primal diet and his feed will help you stay fueled!

15. Annie Tarasova (@annietarasova)
This 19-year-old Australian vegan is a naturopathy student who is all about eating clean. Follow her for creative ideas on how to step up your game whether your diet is plant based or not. Just take a look at this caramelized beet root salad!

16. Two Hands (@twohandsnyc)
Just because it’s served at a coffeehouse doesn’t mean it’s bad for you. Step away from the cookies…and the biscotti… This New York City coffeeshop’s stream features all sorts of healthy bites, like poached eggs on toast, homemade oatmeal, and of course plenty of coffee snaps that will make any caffeine lover happy. Photo below by @j_rozman.

17. Anastasia (@tasty_ak)
Anastasia is all about eye-catching recipes set on pretty backdrops. From smoothie bowls to salads to desserts, she covers it all. And throws in the occasional sea lion for good measure.

18. Ida Frosk (@idafrosk)
I understand that it can sometimes be challenging to get kids to eat healthy. In her Instagram, Ida does exactly what we were all told not to do: Play with our food. And she does it in wonderfully whimsical, quirky ways…that might entice your little ones to eat their greens!

19. Brittany Wright (@wrightkitchen)
If you want to capture all your nutrients – you know, like Pokemon – then you need to eat the rainbow. For a little inspiration on just how to do that, look no further than Brittany Wright’s photos!

20. Sophie MacKenize (@wholeheartedeats)
Sophie’s cozy posts will make you crave a spot at her table which feels so much more French countryside than West Coast. Admire her swoon-worthy pics of whole-grain breads, glowing fruits, and hearty dinners…many of which are vegan or vegetarian.


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MealEnders Blog

14 Inspiring Instagram Accounts to Follow for Weight Loss and Fitness Motivation

By Kate Schlag, MPH, RD
March 15, 2017
Images by (clockwise from top right): @SproutedKitchen, @ChocolateCoveredKatie, @FeelGoodFoodie, & @WholeheartedEats

When you’re looking for new meal ideas, healthy recipes, or motivation to jumpstart your exercise routine, head to Instagram! The social media app is rife with professionals and non-professionals alike who regularly post recipes and workouts as well as inspiring words of encouragement. Follow these dietitians, fitness enthusiasts, health nuts, and chefs to your feed for new inspiration with every scroll.

Recipes and Meal Ideas

@nutritionstripped: McKel Hill, MS, RD, provides recipes centered around local, organic, and plant-based ingredients. Head to her blog for health advice as well as tips to eat more mindfully.

@sproutedkitchen: Artfully arranged, colorful food shots fill Sara Forte’s instagram. Her recipes are mostly vegetarian, with a focus on whole grains, healthy fats, and vegetables, but are full of flavor from the help of spices, bright herbs, and interesting ingredients like nutritional yeast.

@skinnytaste: Gina Homolka’s recipes are light and portion-controlled without sacrificing flavor or taste. She also provides balanced weekly dinner plans, many of which are family-friendly.

@wholeheartedeats: Follow Sophie MacKenzie for plant-centric meals “with a hippie spin”–hemp seeds, miso, and sprouted seeds top many of her creations. If cinnamon quinoa pancakes with blackberry chia jam or Marrakesh chickpea stew don’t grab you, you’ll still enjoy her vibrant photographs.

@thecrunchyradish: Miranda Hammer Shear, MS, RD, aims to inspire cooks of all levels to get into the kitchen. Her recipes are simple and balanced, and many come with tips to make healthy eating sustainable (such as balancing your breakfast with a healthy mix of protein, fat, and complex carbohydrates).

@ohsheglows: Angela Liddon, writer of the blog and cookbook Oh She Glows, wants to inspire you to fit more vegetables into your diet without feeling deprived. As a mom of two, she also makes sure her recipes are kid-friendly!

@meowmeix: Amanda Meixner’s instagram is filled with shots of her weekly meal preps, complete with calorie and macronutrient counts.

@feelgoodfoodie: Yumna taught herself to cook over the phone with her mother–and now she posts shots of her healthy recipes for soups, salads, overnight oats, and crowd-pleasing appetizers.

(Click image to enlarge)


@fitfluential: A health and wellness community run by thousands of fitness and nutrition bloggers, FitFluential posts motivational quotes, workout videos, and healthy recipes.

@shauna_harrison: Shauna Harrison, a San Francisco Bay Area-based fitness instructor, posts daily workout challenges (look for the hashtag #sweataday), ranging from yoga and cardio to weightlifting and bodyweight exercises.

@shutthekaleup: Health enthusiast and yoga sculpt instructor Jeannette Ogden posts food, lifestyle, and exercise shots. Her feed is all about balance–you’ll see macrobiotic bowls and smoothies along with the occasional donut.

Healthier Treats

@chocolatecoveredkatie: Blogger Katie transforms high-calorie, sugar-heavy desserts into healthier options. Savory foods, like mac and cheese, also get makeovers.

@brewinghappiness: Head to Haley’s page for “health-ified” versions of your favorite comfort foods–think ramen, cookies, and pizza.

@healthyfitnessmeals: Rena compiles healthy recipes (usually heavy on vegetables!) from other food instagrams and blogs. How-to cooking videos, as well as instagram recommendations, also make the occasional appearance.

How to Build a Fitness Journey Instagram (And Build Your Following)

In the digital age, creating a fitness journey Instagram is a great way to keep yourself motivated, track your progress, and interact with other people in the fitness community. Instagram has long been a channel for people trying to increase strength, lose weight, alter their diet, and feel inspired while doing so.

If you’ve been thinking about starting a personal fitness journey Instagram, we’ve got some tips on how to get started, what to think about, and how to build your following.

Step 1: Create a new account for your journey

If you don’t have Instagram yet, you’ll need to create an account. Some people choose to have two Instagram accounts: One for their everyday life, and one for their online fitness journey. To achieve maximum engagement, we recommend having a dedicated account just for your fitness progress.

The community of Instagrammers looking to support and follow other fitness-lovers may be more inclined to follow a dedicated-fitness account. However, that doesn’t mean your account can’t have personal flair. Many famous Instagrammers share posts about working out with their families, and sharing healthy meals with friends. Some even include their pets!

Step 2: Your profile details matter

First impressions are important, so you’ll want to spend some time optimizing your account with:

  • A clear profile picture: Fitness instagramming is all about connecting with other people, so make sure your Instagram profile picture is clear. You may also consider using a free website like to design a catchy “logo” for yourself.
  • Profile description: The description of your account is important. What journey are you taking? What are your goals? Where are you located? Including personal details in your profile will help you connect with a larger audience.
  • Make your account public: To connect with the larger fitness community, you need to make sure your account is public. This will allow you to be found in search results and hashtag groups.

Step 3: Build a base of pictures and videos

Gone are the days where you will be judged for taking selfies or videos of yourself at the gym. (Just make sure you’re focusing on your safety first. Don’t sacrifice your health for a good photo!) Ask your gym buddy to take pictures and videos of you from several angles. You’ll be able to use these images in before-and-after photos. Short videos of you working out, or trying new machines will also help you track your progress. You can also photograph your meals, favorite protein powder, or sessions with your personal trainer.

Before you start building your following, we recommend spending some time adding quality photos to your account. How many is a good start? Twelve photos and videos will give you four rows of imagery – but the more the merrier. You want people to find content when you begin to build your following. Aim for 16-24 photos for a solid collection.

When posting pictures or videos of you working out, invite people to make suggestions on your form, available variations, or pro tips. Asking for feedback invites other Instagrammers to comment on your posts. Thank people for giving you advice and make sure you @tag people when you reply to them.

Step 4: Invite your family and friends to like your new account

Before you dive into the fitness community, start with your family and friends. Post your new fitness handle to your personal Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Ask your family and friends to follow you along your fitness journey. The support you receive from them will help you stay on track.

Step 5: Build a hashtag strategy

The fitness Instagram world is OBSESSED with hashtags. Spend some time exploring popular fitness accounts that you admire. Then, make a list of all the hashtags those people use. Begin to tag your photo captions with these hashtags where they make sense. (Pro Tip: Don’t tag a photo with #healthyrecipe if it has nothing to do with food.) Focus on using your hashtags strategically. Have you already posted pictures to your account? No problem. You can comment on your own picture with the hashtags you’d like to use.

Step 6: Follow a whole bunch of people (and organizations) that inspire you

This account is ALL ABOUT YOU. And that means you should follow people that motivate and inspire you. Don’t just follow a whole bunch of people in the hopes of getting more likes. The goal here is to connect with people who are on the same journey as you. Click on hashtags, look at pictures, read other stories, and follow people who inspire you. Now, you can also follow #hastags that inspire you as well. This will ensure you see relevant and new accounts in your feed all day.

Step 7: Comment and like when you feel inspired

Is there someone whose fitness journey is closely related to yours? Comment on their pictures to share your own story or words of encouragement. This is how you start to build your following. By having honest, thoughtful engagement with people in the community. Be yourself!

Step 8: Keep sharing your story

The best way to build your community following is to post regularly. You should aim to post something at least twice a week (but once a day is ideal). Posting often means you show up in more hashtag searches and more timelines.

Try to post during times when your engagement is highest. Instead of posting multiple times in one day, consider saving a second photo for a future #ThrowbackThursday or #FlashbackFriday. Don’t forget that meal prep and snacks are a great opportunity to post. Instagram Stories are becoming a more powerful medium to foster engagement. Use #hashtags in your stories. The best part about stories is that you’ll never overwhelm your followers with “feed spam”. You can post 5+ images and videos to your story in a single day. Save the best stories in your “featured stories” section.

But most importantly, remember that this fitness journey is about YOU. Any steps you take toward building a happier, healthier you are good steps. Getting more followers is not a reflection of your success or failure. Enjoy your journey and celebrate yourself!

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If you asked yourself how much time you waste scrolling through Instagram day in and day out, chances are the answer would be more than you’d care to admit. In fact, Facebook (which owns Instagram) reported last year that its users spend upwards of 50 minutes on its suite of apps each day. Unless you’re hanging on to your millennium-era flip phone, you’ve definitely gotten sucked down the rabbit hole of double tapping #foodporn pics until you’ve seen enough avocado toast to last you a lifetime. (OK, maybe that’s an exaggeration. There’s no such thing as too many avocados — or toast for that matter).

But it turns out liking photos on Instagram might not be such a mindless habit after all — especially if what you’re looking at is photos of healthy meals or people who are in shape. “Seeing positive images online can be inspiring and motivating,” says Jonathan Alpert, a New York- and Washington, D.C.-based psychotherapist and author of Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days.

What’s more, these kinds of Instagram posts can remind you to embrace and actually adopt healthy behaviors, says Melanie Greenberg, Ph.D., a licensed clinical psychologist in Mill Valley, Calif., and author of The Stress-Proof Brain. Considering trying a trendy diet (like Whole 30) or fitness plan (like Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide)? Alpert says that social media can also provide you with a supportive community to help you reach your goals.

What you see on Instagram could totally change the way you think about food.kizilkayaphotos / Getty Images

Use Social Media to Hold You Accountable to Those Get-Healthier Goals

“Watching other millennials work out, travel and share their progress really inspired me to do the same,” says Alexis Chateau, a travel blogger in Atlanta who owns her own PR firm. “Before social media, I didn’t have as many people holding me accountable to reach my goals. So, like everyone else, there were those days I really didn’t keep up with working out — and then one day becomes two weeks and then a few months.”

Allison Tibbs, a personal trainer and healthy lifestyle coach in San Francisco, shares her get-healthy tips on her own feed and follows clients on Instagram to help hold them to their goals and offer positive reinforcement.

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One of Tibbs’ followers even reached out to her to tell her how much her Instagram posts had helped him live healthier. “He said, ‘I told my doctor about you and my doctor told me to keep following you because it’s working,’” she says.

Another plus? So many pros have public Instagram accounts — meaning you can get access to expert advice you wouldn’t otherwise necessarily have the dough to shell out on, says Greenberg.

Case in point: After posting photos of dishes she had cooked to her personal Instagram account, Tibbs would get anywhere from 10 to 30 DMs a day asking her for the recipes. This inspired her to create a separate Instagram, @icookclean, to give clients (and followers) easy meal ideas.

And what you see on Instagram could totally change the way you think about food, like it did for New Yorker Liana Garibayan, the owner and operator of an online natural products store, who’s now a vegan.

“Instagram and Facebook are great sources for learning about healthy and vegan alternatives, recipes, fitness, and the reality of animal cruelty,” says Garibayan, who’s a fan of @vegancommunity on Instagram.

After overhauling her diet, Garibayan decided to start her own online store, selling organic, allergen-free and vegan products — and social media happens to play a role in her business. “My Instagram page is a big focal point on my website to promote a healthier lifestyle,” she says.

Nobody’s Perfect: Follow, Don’t Compete With Your Favorite Instagrammers

Of course, Instagram can have its downsides when it comes to your health — aside from the obvious of giving you a major case of tech neck. “People might see images and feel frustrated that they don’t look like that or eat healthy and it can lead to someone sabotaging their efforts,” says Alpert. Adds Greenberg, “People may find support for disordered thinking and behavior or may use the pictures to beat themselves up for not being healthy enough.”

That’s why Greg Ux, a certified strength and conditioning coach and trainer at Barry’s Boot Camp in Boston, doesn’t follow accounts that boast cleanses or super-fit folks. “None of that is real life,” he says. “I find my inspiration from real people living real lives.”

Use Hashtags to Find Exactly What You Need and Filter Out What You Don’t

Ux, who follows a mostly vegan diet, says that he’s had luck searching specific hashtags like #vegan, #veganathlete and #veganrecipes. “I’m able to find more than just beautiful pictures,” he says. “I’m also able to find inspiration for my own meals and shopping lists — and it’s free!”

Tibbs has found that posting Instagram and Snapchat stories is a great way for her to combat the notion that everything you see on social media is so-perfect-it-must-be-fake. “I can document how I made a meal and when the pan explodes and there’s sauce everywhere,” she says. “It allows people to see that I’m not perfect.”

Now excuse us while we get back to our phones — we’re trying to find a new take on avocado toast.

5 ways Instagram helped me lose more than 120 pounds

  • I started my weight-loss journey with the goal of losing 120 pounds.
  • I started an Instagram to hold myself accountable for what I was eating.
  • I have found lots of support and inspiration on Instagram along the way.

While Instagram certainly has its downsides, for me, the social-media site became a powerful tool when I embarked on a journey to lose more than 120 pounds a little over a year ago. While I initially created an account to log my food intake and my weight-loss progress quickly and easily, I ended up finding an amazingly supportive community full of inspiration and encouragement that I don’t think I would have come as far without.

Ultimately, I consider Instagram a huge part of why I was able to successfully lose the weight — and why I’m setting even bigger health and fitness goals for myself now. Here’s why it was so important to me and why it might be worth considering if you find yourself on the same journey.

It held me accountable

I initially made an Instagram account specifically for my weight-loss journey in order to track what I was eating on a daily basis. Sure, I could have just written it down in a diary or something, but I liked the idea of having a photographic log to look back on in the future.

I decided early on that I would post everything I ate, whether or not it was “on plan” or considered “junk food.” Doing this held me accountable for what I was putting into my body every day. I couldn’t ignore it or pretend I hadn’t eaten a bag of chips in front of the TV last night. I had to be honest about it, which kept me on track more often than not.

It kept me from getting bored with my food choices

There are literally millions of accounts on Instagram, and it’s easy to find other users who are following the same way of eating as you. Since I was following the ketogenic diet, I looked for others who were on the same journey and I started following their accounts.

They tended to post photos of their own food as well as recipes they’d created, which helped keep me from getting bored of eating the same thing. I would bookmark recipes posted by the people I followed and come back to them later when I felt like I was in a bit of a food rut.

All the food is keto. Instagram/ @realfoodforlife

It inspired me to see others’ progress

While there’s some danger in playing the comparison game when following other fitness and weight-loss accounts on Instagram, there’s also a lot of inspiration to be found if you turn others’ progress into motivation to make your own.

Instead of feeling discouraged that I wasn’t as far along in my journey as some of the accounts I followed, I was encouraged to keep going so that I too could celebrate such huge milestones. I cheered them on in the comments section and they, in turn, offered the same positivity back to me. It felt pretty great.

It provided a community of other people on the same journey

There’s nothing more boring to the people in your daily life than your journey to get fit and lose weight. It’s not that your friends and family don’t care, it’s just that they either can’t relate or don’t think it’s that exciting of a topic. To keep myself from alienating everyone around me, I found that the Instagram community I became a part of gave me a place to talk about my journey to my heart’s content with people who were actually pretty stoked on the discussion since they were on the same path.

The Instagram keeps me on track. Instagram/ @realfoodforlife

It helped me recognize my progress when it felt like I wasn’t making any

Similarly, there were times when I hit a weight-loss plateau or became frustrated when I couldn’t see as much progress in my body as I would have liked/thought I should have by a certain period. When that happened, my Instagram account provided proof that I’d come further than I thought. Looking back at old photos I’d posted of myself, I suddenly could see all the small changes that were absent when I looked in the mirror and it helped me get my head back in the game again.

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“Whilst weight gain is crucial, it’s not the most significant change you’ll get whilst recovering. The release of my mind into the wonders of the world from the cage it had been in for so long was the biggest change for me, colors started flooding back, joy and positivity came knocking and clarity came to join the party.”

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Health for Every Body

A healthy lifestyle means something different to everyone. Find what makes you the most comfortable and confident, and use that as motivation to work toward your goals.

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