How to tell if a medium is real?

Skeptics are known for warning the public about the perils of psychics (ranging from exploitation to fraud), but it may surprise you to know that “real” psychics sometimes join in as well, offering advice about how to avoid those “fake psychics.”

A recent article explained, “Every day thousands of people look to psychics for advice, information and insight on their lives. There’s little doubt that some psychics can help people find peace of mind , but it’s unfortunate that amongst the truly gifted psychics around there are also several fakes. People who at best have zero or very limited psychic ability but want to help others, or at worst set out to con their audience from the start – whether for payment or because they crave attention and they need to feel special.”

This article is interesting for several reasons including its pseudoskeptical and special pleading fallacy approaches. Here’s some of the tips it offers:

“True psychics are able to give you accurate and relevant information on specific things which are not obvious, for example, they may mention the exact full name of a person from your past, or a place you spent a vacation. Fake psychics cannot do that, instead they make general claims like: ‘I have an older man here, he passed due to a heart problem’, knowing that statistically it’s likely that a good number of people in the audience have lost someone who fits the bill.”

This reasonably accurate description of cold reading is followed up with, “In comparison, a real psychic may mention an older man, but they would add detail such as he passed on several years ago from a heart problem which he had known about but never told anyone. He says that’s the reason he quit driving, even though he blamed it on his eyesight.” But this still doesn’t really solve the problem, for various reasons. Merely adding the qualifier “he knew about but never told anyone” doesn’t help; how could a person know that the deceased knew about his heart problem if he never told anyone, or that that was the real reason he quit driving? It’s all more plausible speculation than confirmable fact, and because of flexible interpretation, the psychic’s client may think, “Well, he didn’t stop driving, but he may have thought about it,” thus seeming to confirm the information.

The article goes on: “Fake psychics speak slowly because they are fishing for clues.” This is incorrect, but the reason the author gives is correct in some circumstances: “They make a statement and then either read your body language or wait for your response to adjust their ‘insights’; making statements like: I can sense you have had heartbreak in your life. (Who hasn’t? If you are suddenly emotional or anxious they will ramp it up.) It’s very recent, but you have spirits with you, supporting you. (If you look blank they try a different tactic.)”

Many psychics, such as John Edward, speak quickly, while others don’t. The idea that fake psychics speak slowly to give them time to react and redirect responses is rarely true; a skilled speaker can do it in a second or less and doesn’t need to draw out the words or statements fishing for time. In fact most psychics speak quickly precisely because the more they say, the more potential bits of information and guesses they throw out, the more likely it is that something will catch someone’s attention and perceive it as meaningful. This is especially effective in a large audience, where the psychic on stage may not be close enough to the person (or the place may not be well lit enough) to read the microexpressions and body language. Speaking slowly would be of no help in those circumstances, so they adopt a faster, rapid-fire patter technique (I saw this first hand at several readings by Edward).

And finally, “Fake psychics demand cash to remove curses or spells. This is one of the ugliest aspects of fakery in the psychic sphere. People who feel they may be cursed following endless bad luck are vulnerable to suggestions that they could escape it if they pay for the curse or spell to be removed.” This is an excellent and valuable warning, though of course the best way to avoid these unethical “fake psychics” is to avoid all psychics….

Carla Baron Fumes at Fake Psychics

Sometimes well-known psychics themselves help “warn” the public. In 2011 police outside of Houston, Texas, surrounded a rural farmhouse with guns drawn. They were acting on a tip from a psychic who told them that the property was the scene of a grisly mass murder: dozens of dismembered bodies would be found there, she insisted—including those of children. It all turned out to be false, and the story made international news. The Committee for Skeptical Inquiry was on the story almost immediately, getting the skeptical perspective out. I wrote a piece that appeared on MSNBC and the Christian Science Monitor, and Joe Nickell was quoted in The New York Times.

Within a day or two psychics were commenting about the skepticism and the whole fiasco—including a famous TV psychic named Carla Baron, who fumed on her blog.

She wrote that the woman “falsely reported a crime. She falsely claimed she had ‘psychic’ ability. THIS is precisely the irresponsible behavior I have pointed out previously in my official blog. Those who wish to ‘help’ – those that feel they have some sort of intuitive ability, those that are just simply lunatics looking for a little attention. This ‘psychic’ who called in the false tips to law enforcement is, in fact, not a psychic at all….. This behavior threatens to tear at the very fabric of any credibility displayed by AUTHENTIC psychics, mediums, and psychic profilers such as myself.” Baron then railed against journalists and skeptics—including myself—who mentioned her name in recent news articles about the failure of psychic detectives. She asks, “Why is it that most MEDIA outlets (and many lesser media – i.e., blogs, discussion forums, individual websites) find it necessary to use my famous name to promote their articles, commentary, and news pieces?”

The obvious answer is that if the subject of the news piece is psychic detectives who cannot solve cases and give false and useless information, then she is Exhibit A.

Baron was part of the TruTV show Haunting Evidence, in which she and two other investigators tackled real-life unsolved murders. The show was cancelled after 22 episodes without any of the cases having been solved; two were later closed through police work. The Independent Investigations Group did an excellent analysis of Baron’s claims and found a near-spotless track record of failure. Baron’s question would be like Tiger Woods wondering why he’s being mention in a news article on golfing.

Baron was concerned that all this negative publicity about psychic failures is leading to a modern witch hunt reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials. No, seriously: “My mind is beseiged at the moment with images of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692. From June through September of 1692, nineteen men and women, all having been convicted of witchcraft, were carted to Gallows Hill, a barren slope near Salem Village, for hanging…..Is history not only repeating itself, but mutating into ardent new ways of 
’witch burning’?”

Baron was apparently fearful that she and other “real psychics” may be abducted by angry mobs, put on mock trials, and possibly hung or pressed to death in a public place. It’s not clear whether Baron was worried about “fake psychics,” like the woman who led police to the Texas house. Presumably the best proof of psychic powers (or witchcraft) would be a track record of amazing success and accurate information; in that case I don’t think Baron has much to worry about.

Psychics, especially TV psychics, are accused of being fake all the time.

But apparently there’s a trick to telling who’s real and who isn’t. (Or at least to telling who’s sincere and who isn’t.)

In an exclusive interview with Digital Spy, Hollywood medium Tyler Henry tells us: “No one legitimate is going to say something that is going to frighten the person in front of them. That is not the goal of someone that is truly connected to what I believe to be the source.”

He adds: “It’s important that you have a validating experience . The information that comes through for me, comes with the goal of helping the person in front of me. Telling the person something like they are going to die is not helpful unless it can be prevented.


“A good way to tell if a psychic is authentic is, if they are going to verbalise these things, it should be with the intention of helping the person.”

Tyler, who has now given 125 readings on camera, says he uses all five senses to communicate with the other side, resulting in what he describes as his sixth sense.

He says he didn’t realise he had psychic abilities until he was 11 years old and had a premonition of his grandmother dying. Five minutes after confiding in his mum about what he had seen, the phone rang confirming his nan had passed away.

“I would say the nature of what I do can be very overwhelming and some things revolve around things that are not positive,” Tyler continues. “But I cannot allow fear to dictate my readings. If I allowed fear to dictate my life, I would not be productive.


“Ultimately I look at the long-term goal of communicating messages. Although I’ve seen some traumatic things, delivering messages of comfort and closure allow for a sense of peace.”

Despite his years of experience and having given readings to some of Hollywood’s biggest names, including the Kardashians, Tyler admits that he still faces a lot of scepticism.

While filming the new series of his show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, Jersey Shore star JWoww tried to catch him out by giving him an object she falsely claimed belonged to someone close to her that had died.

“That was quite an experience – she came to me as a complete non-believer,” Tyler laughs. “But when the person came through, he wasn’t connected to her and I acknowledged that in the reading. I said, ‘He isn’t here for you’. But you’ll have to watch the show to see what happened next!

“She admitted afterwards that she had tried to trick me. I don’t love it when that kind of thing happens but I understand there are people who take that mentality. I like to give people life-changing experiences and turn sceptics into believers.”

Tyler, who has been a professional medium since he was 16, goes on to say that he has met several intentional frauds in his line of work and explains they make life harder for people like himself.

“This is why I put such an emphasis on validation and make sure people have experiences where they can validate the information coming through,” he adds. “My goal in doing my show is to redefine what a medium is.”

New episodes of Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry are available to stream and download every Thursday on hayu. The new series will be airing on E! UK from June 25.

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Respected Psychic Medium Reveals How to Know Your Reading is Legit

2. They usually don’t advertise

“Personally, I never advertise as there’s so much that goes into word of mouth in this industry,” says Julie.

Word of mouth is always a great way to start looking for a psychic or medium to suit you. If you’re not really sure and you want to know more, you can always look them up on the internet and follow step one.

3. Put a face to the name

Unfortunately, some people are just trying to make a quick buck on the side. Julie says you can usually spot these imposters if they don’t have photos or don’t allow you the option to go and see them face-to-face. You need to know who you’re speaking with.

4. Seek reviews and testimonials

Julie suggests seeking out and reading testimonials or reviews on their website or anywhere online with a quick Google search.

5. They’ll offer a money-back policy

It’s one thing that Julie has always done and she believes any true psychic medium would do the same.

“If you feel like you’ve gone in for something in a reading and not got what you have wanted out of it, it’s really important to tell that psychic medium,” says Julie. Her advice is to ask about a money-back guarantee before starting the session.

6. They won’t give you the doom and gloom

“Psychics are not doctors and are not professional counsellors,” says Julie. “We are there to help people connect to the other side, to give them guidance on their life and to also give them the strength and guidance to get further support.”

Julie says some people take up psychic medium work for the money and she’s even seen some psychics who will use hotlines as a way to fearmonger. She says no real psychic should give you all doom, gloom and fear, because those feelings stay with you for a long time after the reading.

According to Julie, people should always take a reading with a grain of salt and not become dependent upon the results or let the reading affect their big life decisions.

Julie McKenzie

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Removing the Stigma: The Truth About Anxiety and Depression

I didn’t know what to do. I’d worn out my friends. My therapist was at a loss. I’d even asked my father to ask his rabbi for advice on my behalf.

“She shouldn’t leave him because he’s sick,” the rabbi told my father. “And she shouldn’t stay with him because he’s sick.”

And so around in a circle I went. Meanwhile, my fiance continued – as he liked to say with his characteristically black humor – to circle the drain.

So when a friend of mine suggested that I see a psychic, I surprised myself by not immediately rejecting the idea. I’d always thought about psychics in the same vein as I did grapefruit and skydiving: fine for some, but not for me. I’m a lifelong admirer of both science and logic, and my concept of psychics was limited to the dubious crystal ball variety seen in movies. This was 2012, back when the wellness industry had not yet come along to gift psychic mediums with the gloss of respectability – they were seen largely as con artists, not “wellness coaches”.

Put another way, I thought psychics were full of shit. I also thought I was not the kind of person who saw a psychic.

But three years into my five-and-a-half year relationship with Oliver*, I no longer knew what kind of person I was. At the very beginning, when he’d told me he had cystic fibrosis, I thought I was the kind of person who wasn’t scared to fall for someone with an incurable hereditary lung disease that kills many of its sufferers before the age of 40 – when we met, Oliver was 41. I thought I was loyal and strong and had sufficient reserves of both empathy and humor to accept certain things that would, for many, qualify as deal breakers: late-night EMT house calls, chronic unemployment, the limitations of a partner who had never planned for a future because he didn’t expect to have one, the emotional terror of watching that partner struggle with the clear and ever-present threat of his mortality.

At the beginning, I was that kind of person. But by the time my friend gave me Frank’s number, Oliver had spent the past two years on oxygen 24/7, tethered to a tank by a clear plastic tube that ran the length of our apartment. He couldn’t work, much less pay for his health insurance, and I was supporting us both and loaning him money I knew he couldn’t repay me. As his illness shrunk his world, his insecurities metastasized. On more than one occasion, he read my journals and dug through my computer’s browser history and found things I didn’t want him to: my doubts, my worries, written evidence of my very considerable flaws.

To say that Oliver was the love of my life was no exaggeration. It was also no exaggeration to say that I was suffocating beneath the weight of my unhappiness, and the guilt I felt for being unhappy. But when your partner literally cannot breathe, the consideration of your own relative lack of satisfaction, much less the oxygen-related imagery you use to describe it, makes you feel like an asshole.

No one could tell me what to do. I couldn’t tell myself what to do. But if visions of the future could yield some answers, then who was I to argue? So I called Frank.

Frank is his own story, and then some. He’s been a psychic for 57 years and has accumulated a myriad of clients whom he loosely categorizes as “movie stars, mobsters and soccer moms”. John Lennon was a client; Frank says he predicted his death. Warhol wasn’t a client but he was an acquaintance who painted Frank’s portrait and liked to take him to dinner and ask which of his clients were sleeping with whom. In 2015, Frank played himself in the Noah Baumbach movie Mistress America. In his scene, he sits at his round wooden table in the high-ceilinged parlor where he sees clients at his longtime home, a row house in Lower Manhattan. You can see his glowing fish tank in the corner of the frame. Frank wears a sweater and glasses that make his already large eyes look even bigger and more owl-like. If there are any eyes that seem particularly well-suited for seeing into another dimension, they’re his.

The first time I sat down with Frank, a month or so after my friend suggested it, I didn’t know any of this about him. But he seemed to know a lot about me, even though I hadn’t told him anything. He read my cards and told me, in so many words, that my relationship with Oliver wasn’t working. That it wasn’t going to work. That I was in jail. He read my palm and pointed to my life line. “See this?” he said. “It stops and then it starts again when you’re 35 or 36.”

I was 36. And this guy was telling me my life was ending, or that my life with Oliver was ending. Or maybe it had to end for my life to begin again. It felt brutal and mean, this supposed pronouncement from the universe, channeled through a stranger. But it also felt honest. Frank wasn’t trying to make me feel better or asking me to analyze my feelings or basing his thoughts on reason. He’d just looked at the hand of tarot cards I had drawn and told me what he saw. He saw something that I didn’t want to admit I also saw, which was someone who could no longer believe that true love was enough to save a relationship.

Oliver and I broke up a year later, though we continued to live together through his subsequent lung transplant and recovery. I didn’t end our engagement because of what Frank had told me, but his words did contribute to our demise: Oliver had read through my journal and found my notes from our session, and was, understandably, not happy. But I wasn’t either: I had told him that if he ever read my journal again, I would break up with him. And I did.

A couple of weeks ago, I found myself back at Frank’s. He’s 77 now, and hoping to retire in a few years. When I saw him, he’d stopped taking on new clients because he’d been overwhelmed by demand since “some list”, as he told me, had ranked him as the best psychic in New York; people were even showing up on his doorstep. I had returned because I was feeling despondent after a recent breakup; we’d only dated three months but the relationship’s intensity had left a mark. Frank didn’t know anything about the relationship, but when he began reading my cards, he looked at me and said: “It’s over. He’s not coming back. But – what is it they say? You dodged a bullet.”

I wasn’t out of the woods yet, he continued. That was true. My most recent ex was a child, symbolically speaking, he told me. That was also true. But, there was a new beginning, someone I don’t know. Two someones, in fact: someone pale and someone foreign. No matter what, he warned, I should “stay away from guys on the cusp”, meaning those moored between zodiac signs. This was true of all of my exes, the most recent included. If nothing else, I can now say that I have a type.

“It’s out there,” he said. “But you gotta get this one out of your mind.”

He saw travel in my future, but only of the Tri-state variety (“Sorry”). He saw “a domineering bitch” at work. He saw a job that might take me to France, and advised brushing up on my French. He examined my palm and saw low blood sugar and a lower back prone to injury, both true. He saw two children, not necessarily my own, which he’d also seen all those years ago. He saw “sunshine and happiness” and me getting my “wish granted, in a happy way”. And he asked me to follow up with him in a couple of months so that I could come back and talk to him, free of charge.

“You’re not Mother Courage,” he added. “You gotta stop taking care of strays.”

I left Frank feeling reassured. Not because I necessarily believed that I’ll meet who he said I would, or go to France, or have two children magically appear in my life. I felt reassured because he saw things that were true, but also because he saw hope where I couldn’t.

What I do with all of it, or not, is up to me. It’s like anything else people like to label as a sign from the universe: take it or leave it, but if viewed a certain way, it might open a window and show you something you need to see about yourself.

I don’t really believe that anyone can see the future, but I also don’t find the idea any more preposterous than that of God, insofar as that both defy reason and any tangible evidence. I remain an agnostic on both accounts. But I do believe that as much as faith is the substance of things hoped for, psychic predictions are the substance of our need to make sense of our lives. Sometimes the nonsensical can be an oddly useful way to accomplish that. After spending untold hours trying to understand and control my emotions, it was a relief to stop looking inward and instead look outward, like way outward. Past reason and logic and duty and emotion and assumption and personal history until I arrived, quite unexpectedly, at my own intuition. Once I got out, I found a way back in, and then, finally, a way to move forward.

Extraordinary Chris Review

Who is Extraordinary Chris?

Extraordinary Chris claims to be a psychic with over 30 years of experience behind him. He also claims to be a paranormal investigator and a hypnotherapist (although he calls hypnotherapy something different). Aside from inventing new names for age-old and natural relaxation and communication techniques Chris appears to have been a successful psychic in his day.

Professional Looking Site

Chris’s website looks professional, if not a little dated. The images we see of him seems to be the real deal (there doesn’t seem to be any stock images here). Which is a good start for any website that operates in the way that Extraordinary Chris’s does – most of them turn out to be highly suspicious!

While we are not questioning whether Chris is a psychic or not. We suspect he may well be, we do have some questions and red flags about this site, that cause us to recommend from the offset that you proceed with caution if you are considering pursuing a reading with Extraordinary Chris.

Keep on reading on to find out what we have discovered and what we are concerned about.

If in the meantime, you want a reading from a credible and verified psychic site, we recommend the site linked below.

5 Steps To An Expert Reading That You Can Trust

  1. Visit Keen.
  2. Choose a psychic who stands out to you.
  3. Create an account, quick and easy.
  4. Get your first 3 minutes free!
  5. Get answers from your psychic advisor via phone or chat.

Who Is Extraordinary Chris?

We can agree that there is a man who looks very much like the person in the photograph of Extraordinary Chris on his website who also appears in the video readings that you are sent. You receive video ‘readings’ if you are ‘lucky enough’ to land on the page at the time when Chris is giving out ‘free readings’.

So, it’s possible that the man in the picture is a real person. This is one step better than some of the other sites we’ve reviewed. There is a possibility that this guy might be psychic too, although we can’t prove this.

However, we cannot find anything about Extraordinary Chris at all. Except for scam reports and advertisements. We can’t find out his age, where he grew up, where he has previously worked as a psychic or even any reports of his time here in Europe! We only know what he tells us and there is nobody to verify his claims.

Yet he has a sophisticated and probably expensive marketing system (his website and email campaigns). What’s more, he speaks with such conviction that you’d think that you were speaking to a world-class psychic with a lot of money to put such a system together.

We are not convinced that he is any of these fabulous things and we can’t trace him to decide for ourselves!

Here are some of the red flags that we have experienced.

Red Flag #1: Owned By A Digital Marketing Company

The copywriting and marketing strategy that is presented by Extraordinary Chris through his website is delivered by some robust and advanced digital marketing strategies. So while you think the videos, subliminal messages, the words, and the offers are all because Chris cares and thinks about you in his sleep that’s not going to be true. It’s all planned.

The interactions and sequence of events that occur when you connect with Extraordinary Chris are very probably all canned responses. Such responses can change depending on how you interact with ‘him’.

Think about it as a ‘choose your own story’.

You respond well to a particular message style. For example, if Chris asks you to donate (which he likes to do) and you choose to donate, your response could trigger a different sequence of messages, offers and even readings (yes readings too) than somebody who chooses not to donate. Even if you don’t respond there will be a reaction set up to accommodate your non-action. This all designed to encourage you to part with your cash in exchange for a reading.

It’s clever, and a lot of effort has been applied to this strategy. But it doesn’t serve you as a consumer. And when you realize that everything about ‘Chris’ leads back to a digital marketing company called New Lotus Web, based in Gibraltar, then it’s easy to see why such a strategy is in place.

In other words – Chris’ website is a deliberate and planned money making system that lacks integrity. It preys on people who are liable to consume readings.

Red Flag #2: The Tone Of The Messages?

The Extraordinary Chris site is another psychic website that uses hypnosis, psychology copywriting and subliminal messages to instigate an emotional reaction from you. These responses, in turn, will cause some people to purchase a reading. Because guess what?! Chris can solve the problems in your mind with a soothing message because he created the problem in the first place!

Emotions that Chris tends to trigger are fear over issues that you may not have been concerned about before. But he chooses issues that we would all be concerned about if we knew had problems on the horizon. Such as financial issues, a curse or bad luck.

Chris also likes to trigger emotions such as guilt, gratitude for his kindness, and curiosity. To do so, he uses reverse psychology, emotional manipulation, subliminal messages, and hypnotic sequences. And he uses them well. Whoever wrote the scripts knows what they are doing!

We believe that Chris doesn’t ask for money at first when he delivers your free reading. Instead, he makes you feel special and claims that he has an important message for you. Then he tells you that he’s willing or has decided to read for you for free, or for token exchange, which seems really genuine and even generous.
However, you cannot access this reading without paying something.

What To Do If You’ve Received An Email From Chris That Has Caused Concern

If you have received such an email and you are concerned, it’s wise to call a reputable psychic hotline (such as Psychic Source, Keen or Kasamba) and choose your preferred psychic from their site. Tell them about the email, and ask them to guide you. Chances are they’ll alleviate your concerns by letting you know that there is no problem. You can then choose to hang up after clarifying this, or stay on the line and find out more about what energy surrounds you, knowing that you are talking to a verified psychic who works for a reputable company like Psychic Source.

Red Flag #3: The Strategy

We’ve alluded to the strategy in Red Flag #2 where we’ve already highlighted how human emotion and kindness is being very cleverly played by ‘Chris. And also the ‘choose’ your own story strategy which essentially gives the platform you are using cues about how to respond to you in a way that will get you to hand over your well-earned money.

But it goes even further than that.

Even the link to the free reading that disappears occasionally and returns after you’ve re-visited the site is pre-programmed. You can use software to achieve this effect very easily. This strategy works because it creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity which is something that is extremely desirable for us emotional humans!

Red Flag #4: Chris Is Completely Unverified

As we’ve already discovered, we know nothing about Chris. We don’t even know his real name. We don’t know how he developed his psychic skills or why we should trust him!

Sure, he has testimonials and a guarantee. But some terms and conditions will make it difficult to get your money back. And if the owners of this site already lack the integrity to be straight with you instead of manipulating your emotions how can you trust that the testimonials and even the psychic messages are real?

The answer is that you can’t.

Red Flag #5: The Numerous Scam Reports Made About Extraordinary Chris

Google ‘Extraordinary Chris’ and you’ll see for yourself that there are hundreds of scam reports about this ‘guy’. And many of them have been unresolved by the company.

There are also some people who fight Chris’s cause very emotionally when they see a negative review. Which is an odd reaction to have towards a psychic. And very sad to me because they don’t realize that they are still under the spell of the hypnotic copy. Many people are highly suggestible and unfortunately for some, they won’t discern the truth or don’t want to. But it’s interesting how invested they are in ‘protecting Chris’.

Have they been hypnotized?

There is also another huge and slightly sinister red flag that we have noticed …

Red Flag #6: The ‘Too Real To Be Fake’ Examples Chris Uses For Proof

In some of the feedback we read during our research we uncovered a number of people who were convinced that Extraordinary Chris was real because he identified what city they lived in. Or even referenced something that the person happened to have on their wall.

Now, maybe we’ve been watching too many horror movies, or we have obsessed too hard on our own internet security but…

We couldn’t help have sinister vibes from this.

The first issue is not too much of a problem. It’s not too hard to find somebody’s location (unless you are Extraordinary Chris – good luck in finding him ). There are probably many ways that you can check out a person’s city location. Such as through their email registration, internet research, tracking IP addresses and probably other stealthy ways that we don’t know about – but that somebody could find out if they wanted to.

A Sinister Turn

When it came to the reference about the poster on the wall and other similar comments it made our hair stand on end. This could be a different story. Coincidence it may be, psychic it may be, but it could also be that this company or even A.I is peeking through the camera’s on your hardware to find out more about you.

We have no proof, and we think it’s a long way to go for a sale, but we are not so sure everybody would consider these efforts a lot or wrong. And there’s probably a reason why this triggered our spidey senses (or psychic senses).

How Psychic Messages Are Received

Psychic messages don’t tend to come as evidence that we are connecting with ‘spirit’ on your behalf unless you are a medium channeling a loved one. The item shown to the medium by ‘spirit’ will provide significant clarifying information to the person having the reading that their loved one is around them.

The only other reason why a psychic would see something to use a ‘proof’ is if it forms part of the message they need to deliver. Not to clarify or prove a connection.

Messages don’t come to psychics at our whim or in the order that we’d like them too and psychics cannot control the message – it just doesn’t work that way. The notion that they do receive messages in an orderly sequence on demand is one of the biggest misconceptions about psychics and also one of the greatest frustrations for most good psychics!

A Misconception Created By Non-Psychic People

It’s usually people who are not psychic who believe this about psychics- because they have no reference other than how they think or imagine things. Whereas psychic messages are a different experience entirely.

We suspect that this company realizes that this is a common perception about psychics and are playing on it. And the way that they are going about it could be potentially untoward – although we have no proof of this.

It’s possible that this situation could also prove that whoever wrote the ‘readings’ were not psychic – because they’d know about this misconception.

Red Flag #7: A Real Psychic Or Electronic Services?

As we’ve already discussed Extraordinary Chris’ is unverified, and there is no information that we can find about who he is at all.

We have seen websites similar to Chris’s where the readings canned responses which are delivered either electronically or through the use of artificial intelligence or messenger bots. Not a psychic person.

We believe that Chris’s site is probably operating similarly, especially because it traces back to a Digital Marketing Company who knows what they are doing – we can tell by the copywriting, sequences used and the emotional blackmail – although we don’t have proof of this.

The thing is, wouldn’t you want to have a reading about important issues in your life from a real psychic that you can definitely verify? If you don’t, we advise you to think again because a false reading is pointless.

Sites such as Keen, or Psychic Source, or Kasamba are all great examples of long-standing and reputable psychic sites who not only verify their psychics but also give you the opportunity to check out the psychics by reading their reviews and actually talking to them in real life!

Our Conclusion; Not Recommended

Even though Chris’s site appears to be personal, and his ‘talk’ desirable, you only have to read the copy on the site, the follow-up emails and check out the scam reports to realize that there is a distinct issue with the credibility of this site.

While the site appears to be professional at first glance there is nothing here that remotely promotes trust, integrity or even good vibes. And there is also nothing here that would lead us to believe that you would be receiving personalized psychic messages that relate to your life which have been performed by a real psychic.

We do not recommend that you use the site Extraordinary, Chris, we know that there are many more fantastic and highly credible sites out there that will put you in touch with some of the best, if not humble psychics around, their prices are fair, their marketing strategies clear and they verify all of their psychics.

Even if you are on the fence about Chris, wouldn’t it make sense to go somewhere that has a better reputation for your reading? And if you feel emotionally connected to him without meeting him, we strongly recommend that you stop and ask yourself why?

Here are our favorite and reputable psychic sites that have all been positively researched by us. They will put you in touch with a real, experienced psychic and give you genuine services for much less money.

Plus, they usually have some great introductory offers if you are new to their services!

Here are our picks:

Click the links and follow the instructions to book your reading now.

Keen– 10 minutes for $1.99

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When it comes to knowing how to find a medium, there are 4 key rules that you need to follow. By following these rules you can make sure that the online psychic reading that you get is the best one for you, and that it is done by a reputable medium you can trust.

Previous on THE DAILY MEDITATION we revealed how to tap into your own intuition, and you guys were amazed with the results you saw when you discovered your own inner-psychic.

But a professional psychic, of course, can offer much more.

Today, I’m going to show you how to select the very best psychic medium for your individual needs.

With these essential tips, you can rest assured that your next psychic medium will be the perfect one for you.

And don’t forget, if you want to go it alone, you can develop your psychic powers.

How To Find A Medium – 4 Steps

1. Listen To Your Friends

Online, there are literally thousands of pages recommending various psychics around the world. But if you want to know how to find the best psychic medium, start by asking a question: How do you know which of these sites to trust?

Sure, there are sites that allow users to vote different psychics up and down, and between the hundreds of reviewers surely you will get a good idea of whether someone’s good or not.

Just one problem. It is very easy to artificially inflate the review scores on websites. And ultimately, you will never be 100% certain which sites you can trust simply because you do not know who wrote the articles.

Kasamba says, “If the psychic is on a reputable website, their ratings and reviews will be unedited and even the bad ones would be available for you to see. “.

Just because they say they are the highest reviewed psychic does not mean they are legitimately the best.

You cannot trust online reviews.

Thankfully, you can trust your friends.

Your friends will have had their own experiences with psychics and will happily offer you insightful opinions that you know you can trust.

That’s why, even before you consider a website, you should ask your friends whether they have any recommendtations. Because a vote from a friend is worth a thousand votes from a stranger.

If your best friend visited a psychic medium and received an excellent psychic reading, that could be all the reason you need to visit the same psychic. So if you want to know how to find a reputable medium, start by asking your friends.

Naturally, there are limitations to this. Because your needs and your friend’s needs may be very different. You may enjoy a different style of reading. If, however, you and your friend generally share tastes, it is likely you will also share a similar tastes.

Do bear in mind, however, that your friends may not be experts on the subject. While their opinions are certainly valuable, they are not authoritative and are generally based on a gut feeling rather than objective criticism.

2. Do not judge by the price of the psychic medium alone

Psychic mediums offer widely different prices for readings. Some will give a psychic reading for $25, others for $400.

It can be easy to presume that expensive means better. But that simply is not the case. Some of the very best psychic readings you ever receive may very well be on the cheaper side, or even free.

Why, then, should you ever pay more money for a psychic reading? Supply and demand.

If a psychic medium is charging top-dollar for a reading, it is a good sign that they have plenty of demand. And if they have plenty of demand, they are, by definition, popular. And if they’re popular, naturally the majority of people like them. So, to an extent, a high price can be seen as an up-vote, because people are willing to pay serious bucks for a psychic medium whom they respect.

But “popularity” should be taken with a grain of salt.

Consider celebrities. Taylor Swift might charge hundreds of thousands of dollars to sing one song at someone’s birthday. Does that mean she’s the best singer in the world? Hardly. An amateur opera singer might charge $20 but would probably carry the tune better.

So when it comes to finding the best psychic medium online, take price with a pinch of salt.

Yes, a high fee does suggest high quality and a low fee suggests low quality, but take it with a grain of salt. Always visit a psychic medium whom you can afford comfortably. And besides, if you are too stressed about the fee when you go your stress will prevent you from enjoying the reading and could affect the result too.

3. A psychic reading by phone can sometimes be just as good

Through the centuries we’ve grown accustomed to the idea that a psychic reading takes place in person. Because of this, many people are uncertain about the validity of phone readings. But many experts agree that psychic readings by phone are equally as valid as in-person readings.

On the phone, it can be easier for the psychic to focus because they are not distracted by the person in front of them. For some psychics, the less distractions there are the more they are able to focus, and the better the eventual reading will be. And, of course, phone readings save you time and money. There’s no driving, no paying for gas, no parking fee, you save time… there are many benefits to getting a psychic reading by phone. Do not discount a phone reading.

Then again, there are some stories about phone scams. And some former employees of psychic hotlines state that they are constantly being pressured to make the call go longer for no good reason simply because people pay by the minute.

4. Where to find good information on psychic mediums online

Above I said that you can’t trust the online reviews of psychic mediums. That’s true, but there are still good ways to find a psychic medium online.

The sheer amount of information online is mind-boggling. Did you know that there are over 152 million blogs in the world? Many of those are the blogs of psychics.

If you want to find a reputable psychic medium make sure you scope-out their website.

If a psychic medium is professional, they will have a website and may very well be writing frequent blog posts. Those blog posts can be useful for two reasons.

Firstly, writing gives great insight into an individual’s personality. You can determine a lot about a person just by reading their articles. Do you get a good feel for them through their writing? That’s a good sign.

The second thing a blog can teach you is how much they actually know about their profession. Of course, we are all aware that there are fraudsters out there. But if you visit their blog and look through their writing you will get a good idea of whether or not they genuinely know what they’re talking.

With these tips, you can gain great insight into the quality of the psychic you’re interested in. Be sure to use all four of these tips to find the right psychic for you.

Who is your favorite online psychic medium?

Leave a comment and remember to subscribe to our newsletter.

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Paul Harrison

Paul Harrison is a meditation teacher and writer. Paul has helped thousands of people to discover their true potential through mindfulness, yoga and meditation.

So click below, then let them know you’re looking for the best psychic medium they’ve got… and they’ll hook you up! 🙂

Need a Spanish speaking psychic, medium, or tarot reader? They’ve got you covered! Call (855) 761-6677 or get more info here.

Pro Tip:

Our favorite thing about AskNow (and why we’re soooo comfy sending people to them) is that they WANT their clients to be happy. Yep, that means they offer a sweet satisfaction guarantee! .

Straight from their site:

“We are committed to your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you feel your first psychic is not a good match, end your reading and we’ll credit your account up to 5 minutes so you can find someone better suited for you.”

Online Psychic Readings (Live Stream)

Oranum offers new customers a generous $9.99 in free reading credits. That means, if you select a psychic that charges .99 per minute, you can get up to a 10-minute reading for free! (Plus, you get to see a live stream of all the psychics!)

Online Psychic Readings (Chat)

Kasamba is another great place to get a psychic reading. We love them because they’ve been giving readings since 1999!

They also have a satisfaction guarantee (which is super important). But the best thing? They have TONS of 5-star rated psychics! Some of their psychics have well over 10,000 reviews. Learn more and get 50% off your first reading here.

2. Find Great Psychic Mediums at New Age Shops

New age shops are super cool places to visit. They carry metaphysical things like sage, tarot cards, and crystals.

They also have intuitive readers and mediums on staff.

The best psychic mediums are often at these shops… and they’ve usually been personally tested!

Here’s what to do:

  • Ask the employees who their best psychic medium is. If you have more than one metaphysical shop in your area, trust your gut and go with the one that has the best vibe.
  • Or, see if the shop offers any classes. Many times, the mediums that teach the classes are AH-MAZING! This can be an easy way to find the best psychic medium in your area!

3. Know What Type of Reading You Want

Make sure you know what type of reading you want because not all intuitive readers do the same things.

Here’s a quick “cheat sheet” for you:

  • Psychic mediums. Communicate with those in spirit to connect you with your loved ones in heaven. (You can learn what to expect in a mediumship reading here.) When my aunt passed away, I had a reading with a medium at AskNow that brought me comfort and closure. The medium even told me how my aunt passed away… and joked about the boxes she had in her basement!
  • Akashic Record readers. Give deep and soulful readings that may include past lives. Linda Howe is an example of a well-known Akashic Record reader. You can even learn to read your own Akashic Records with Linda’s fab book!
  • Tarot readers. Use their intuition and a tarot deck to give you an amazing reading that gives you insight and answers.
  • Psychic readers. Use their natural intuitive gifts to read your energy (aura) and offer intuitive guidance. They can also help you answer specific questions and find clarity. Wondering what to ask in a psychic Reading? >> Download the FREE guide 50 Questions to Ask in a Psychic Reading.

  • Astrologers. Read your birth (natal) chart to give you accurate info about your life purpose, career, and love!
  • Numerologists. Numerology is a system of studying numbers to uncover about your life path, challenges, and opportunities. Get a free numerology reading here.

If you’ve never had a psychic or mediumship reading before, these articles will answer all your questions:

  • How to Ask a Psychic Questions
  • How to Get a Psychic Reading

>> You can also download 7 Quick and Easy Tips for Getting the Best Psychic Reading of Your Life

4. Let’s Talk Money: Price Does Not Always Equal Quality

I learned this lesson the hard way. I once paid $700 for a half hour reading (crazy, I know!) with a celebrity psychic and it was terrible. Not only was there no connection between the reader and me, I don’t even think she was legitimate. *sad face*

  • Read: Where to Get a Psychic Reading for $20 or Less

Price does not guarantee a good psychic reader. (Learn the traits of good psychics here). The ingredients that make someone a best psychic medium are:

  • experience
  • ability
  • ethics
  • a relationship with their spirit guides
  • spiritual practice (such as living a high-vibe life and meditation)
  • study, training with a mentor

Wondering how much you should pay for a psychic reading? These posts will help:

  • How much should you pay for a reading?
  • How to get cheap readings

5. Be Aware of Psychic Scams

Don’t be in such a rush to have a reading that you leave yourself vulnerable to getting scammed. There are all sorts of scams out there ranging from those online and off.

Take the time to find the right reader for you.

Also, be sure to trust your gut in this process. If something feels off or funny about an intuitive reader, there is a reason.

But, if you find that you’re hopping from one psychic to another, be sure you aren’t becoming addicted to readings. You can learn about how often you should get psychic advice here.

Psychic scam articles:

  • Popular psychic scams
  • Online psychic scams to watch out for
  • Two things that fake psychics do

6. Secret Tip 🙂

Here’s a cool secret tip that a lot of people don’t know about… See who popular psychics, mediums, and intuitive readers recommend.

Who are the best psychic mediums that you can think of right now? Try popping over to their website to see if they list any trusted mediums on their site.

Tips for Finding the Best Psychic Medium Online

7. Online Psychics are Great — if You Know Who to Trust

Truth: Some of the psychic mediums are online.

I was so happy with my )!

That’s because it was a HUGE relief to talk to someone about my crazy life and find some much needed clarity!

  • My go-to psychics for online readings are at Oranum because you get to try different psychics before paying for a reading. It’s an amazing network and I encourage you to check it out 🙂

8. Use Caution on Facebook

It’s super easy to join a free psychic reading group on Facebook, or slap up a FB page to sell intuitive readings.

So, when searching for the best psychics online, be sure to read their about page. Also, make sure they have a professional looking website or blog.

If something feels “off” trust your gut!

  • Read: Pros and cons of free psychic readings on Facebook

9. Use Caution when Using Online “Best” Lists

There are some fancy “best lists” out there and they do a good job of weeding out the real vs. fake psychics.

Just keep in mind though, that the readers on these sites pay fees to be promoted. That’s fine as long as that information is disclosed. Transparency is everything these days.

A friend of mine is an awesome psychic medium and was listed as one of the best readers in the country. And then *poof*!

She was removed from the list when the promo fees went up. one day *poof* she was taken off the list because she could no longer pay the fees to be promoted.

Bottom line: Make sure you see a disclosure because it’s super ethical and cool to be honest.

What to Do Next

Without a doubt, there is a best psychic medium out there for you!

Using these tips, you’ll be able to find a spiritual medium that will help you find the answers you seek, empower your socks off, and give you clarity.

  • Here’s where to get the best psychic reading online

Articles About the Afterlife

  • 3 Things Your Loved Ones in Heaven Want You to Know
  • 5 Signs That a Spirit is Around


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Medium Reviews

Posted 10/02/2016 in Afterlife Connect News

Nowadays, everyone checks online for a review before making a purchase and the reason behind it is one of due diligence, to make sure that you are not going to be ripped off. However, the truth is that only a small percentage of reviews are legitimate online and this is why we have gone one step beyond when looking for medium reviews.

False reviews are notorious and come from people hiring others to write reviews for products on amazon or even books or perhaps giving something away for reviews of a book, product or service. Then there is the worst type of bought review from foreigners who really do not understand the product, service or individual behind it. Writing a review is so easy and having reviews written about yourself or service is even easier. Consequently, you can really only believe perhaps 40 percent of reviews online as being legitimate. There is also the problem of having negative reviews done about you via a competitor or someone who just dislikes you. It is very hard to trust reviews.

Our Psychic Medium Reviews Are Trustworthy

Quite a bold claim to make but nonetheless very valid. When we built the afterlife connect platform, we wanted to make sure that we did not mislead the greater public and so we built some fail safe practices and technology to ensure that reviews received were legitimate and were from real people. Not only that; The content of the reviews were valid and actually belonged on the page.

We do this by a systematic approach to verification via our algorithm built into the system and human intervention on every review sent in. To further make this approach even more valid, we continually tweak the process to ensure that all psychic medium reviews on the site are of the highest ethical truth and integrity. Since starting, we have removed countless false reviews because they were caught trying to breach our system. This means that when you are trying to find a medium near you, that you will only be faced with professionals and when perusing their medium reviews, you will know they are real and have been verified by human intelligence, thus protecting you from being misled in any way.

Mediumship Reviews Times Ten

You can be guaranteed that when you read one testimonial that’s good there will equally be just as many good ones from the same medium that have not been posted as not every single person or group will write a review of a medium. Our medium review system is built for the members of the public who try to find a psychic medium for a reading and also fro those who have experienced professional mediumship.

How is a Psychic Medium Reviewed

Firstly and foremost, you have the option not to review the medium at all. However, a medium will send you a written letter that is automatically generated from our system. When you decide to write a review and go to the review section of the site to write it, that’s when all the security and verification practices begin.

We check the review is coming from a legitimate person

The review goes through our system and flags if anything is wrong

The content is checked

The review has to be accepted by our system

The review has to be approved

After Approval, it will show.

This is the very basic practice of dealing with the review and this is tweaked and added to on a continual basis.

Reputable Mediums

Of course, it all starts with real reputable mediums. We are delighted that we don’t have thousands of mediums for you to choose from because that would be just like a market day and that’s not what we want. We make sure all our mediums and professional and have a verifiable history before they even get invited to afterlife connect. In order to find a reputable medium, you must go beyond just looking at the medium’s reviews and the process can take a long time and involve a lot of work. In this regard, we completed all that work for you and choose our mediums or more appropriately carry out our due diligence to make sure you only find reputable mediums who really are passionate about service.

Certified Psychic Medium

Check out my Interview with Ian Hollander : Heidi Jaffe Interview
I am featured on and

Medium Readings

In a Mediumistic Reading reading, I make sure there is no doubt in your mind that the spirits I am in contact with are definitely your loved ones on the other side. I do this by sharing concrete evidence and detailed information that you are able to validate. They will come though with names, their personalities, items and memories you will recognize.


I can’t promise that the specific person you are trying to reach is going to come through. No one can. I can’t make anyone show up on command. You may hear from spirits other than the ones you are hoping to connect with and you may have surprise visitors as well that you weren’t expecting. I will say that most of the time the people you do want to connect with do come through.


Spirits are just as excited to speak to you as you are to speak to them. However, if you want to hear from a loved one who has recently passed, I usually suggest that you wait 3 months for a medium reading, but it is not necessary. As people, we need time to go through our grieving process. The spirit does not require any adjustment time on their side. I know this from my own experience. I have been in contact with many spirits within weeks, and even within 24 hours of their passing. I do believe the time is right when you are ready whenever that is all that being said. However, if that spirit does not come through, it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to, or don’t love you. Sometimes you may be meant to hear from someone else that day. Spirit will always put you in touch with who you are supposed to hear from, and give you the messages you need to hear.

Psychic Readings

In a Psychic Reading, I use my psychic abilities and my connection to spirit to tap into you and see what is going on in your life. You will always get honest truth and spiritual guidance. I never tell people what they want to hear. That doesn’t help anyone. I hope that what comes out will be what you are hoping for depending on the subject matter, but it may not be. Sometimes you may need to hear another side to a situation so that you can a better decision about a particular situation. I can tap into the root of what is going on, and the people around you, to see where things are heading on your current path. Your guides will come through to help you make decisions and see what you need to look out for along the way.


Bring them in! In a psychic reading, I always do my best to get all of your questions answered. Sometimes loved ones come through in these readings to say hello and to give you advice as well. I will help guide you and give you insight into your life, so you can get some clarity and peace about where your path is heading. You will always get what you “need” during our session.

House Readings And Clearings

I can come to read your home if you are in the Central Florida area. It is always a great idea to clear a home before you move in to clear the space, or if the energy is feeling really heavy. (If you simply need to clear the air, you can do this on your own with a simple cleansing ritual with sage.) But, sometimes we have strange occurrences with no explanation. These may be caused by loved ones just visiting, or it may be that a spirit is attached to the home for some reason. Most of the time they are not trying to scare you, and do not mean harm. They just want to let you know you that they are there. If this is the case, I can read your home, determine the source, and help clear it if necessary.

My Story As A Psychic Medium

I am from Los Angeles, California and currently live in Orlando, Florida. As a child I was always aware of spirits being around me. At the age of 8, I was holding my great grandmother’s hand when she passed. After she passed I would see her and hear her speaking to me all of the time. I honestly thought that it was my imagination and that it was just my way of trying to keep her around. Over the years I had various experiences with spirits, but didn’t really understand what was happening, so I shut it down for awhile.

It was later in my life that I truly realized my gift. One day I began to receive detailed messages from the other side to give to people that I knew in some way. Whether it was a high school friend, a relative or an acquaintance, there was “no reason” why I received the messages for the people that I did. I suddenly realized there was a pattern, and it all become clear! All the people getting messages happened to be thinking heavily about the person I was delivering a message from. Usually, it was that the person’s birthday was coming up, or the anniversary of their passing was near. I guess I was the closest beacon to their loved ones, and they wanted their loved ones to know that they were there and listening from the other side.

The first message I received was for my mother, from her mother (my grandmother). I was already living in Florida when my grandmother passed in California. Grandma gave me an important message for my mom: “Tell her I have the blanket.” I had no idea what this meant, but I wanted to find out. So, I called my mom. Mom had crocheted a blanket for her mother while she was in the hospital, but someone had stolen it. Mom then crocheted another blanket, and that one disappeared when Grandma passed. It had always bothered my mother, and she had always wondered where the blankets had gone. You can only imagine how she must have felt, having those be the first words to hear from her mother on the other side! It still gives me goosebumps.

Then, the murder victims started coming to me. I didn’t know who they were until I did a computer search to see if these were real victims. Sure enough, there they were. So, I began calling the police and telling them what I had seen. I can’t tell you how crazy I felt telling the police that these victims were hanging out in my living room.

Eventually, word got around that I was delivering messages from spirit. People started calling me to contact specific people for them and to get guidance. Once I embraced my gift, I realized I had just barely scratched the surface of what was to come. Ever since, I have been exploring and expanding these many gifts. I am grateful and excited every day to meet with my clients and do this incredible work.

An Evening of Spirit Communication with Vicki!

Vicki will be at Jonathan’s Ogunquit
on May 8th, August 7th, and November 6th!
92 Bourne Lane · Ogunquit, ME 03907
More info coming soon…

Vicki has been listed as one of the 10 Most Intriguing People in Maine, in November’s Issue of Portland Monthly Magazine!

Vicki Monroe is considered to be one of the world’s leading psychic mediums whose gifts go far beyond basic spirit messaging to include spiritual counseling, health and wellness counseling, criminal cold case investigation, and more.

Vicki Monroe was born with the ability to see, hear and speak to the Spirit World. She has been communicating on a daily basis with these “Spirit Guides” since the age of 4. It was not until 1987, and the death of her sister, Heather, age 23, and her sister’s husband Tom, 25, that she began using this ability with people that lived around her. As her 4 children grew, and her messages from the “Other Side” became even stronger, she began working at local radio and television stations taking random calls of followers. They were not allowed to give her any information about themselves, but instead could only ask, ”Who’s around me?”. That was when her career as a Spirit Messenger, Psychic Medium took off, making her a household name.

She has traveled the world giving lectures and speaking engagements of well over 500 people, where she unlike many other Mediums will go on to read as many people as she can in a 2 hour show. Her soft nature and often humorous teachings of the afterlife have given her a worldwide audience and a listing in the infamous book of Top 100 Psychic Mediums in the world today.

Vicki considers herself more of a teacher, and never a preacher. She is someone that listens to the people who come to her with an open heart, but more importantly an open mind. She has helped change the lives of so many in the last 20 years, and will continue to do her best to help those who need answers and find peace when they cannot find it themselves. She does large venues, radio, television, and voice overs. She has appeared on numerous national television shows and specials. Her appearance on “Psychic Detective”, is still considered one of the top 5 ever aired, and is still being played after 11 years!

She still makes many public appearances, and does sessions via phone and occasionally in person. In her spare time, Vicki loves using her PH.D in Holistic Health to grow and use herbs for both cooking and medicine. She is currently working on her second book that will be out, “When The Spirits Say So!”. The title and the reason she is taking her time with it. She calls New England Home, but has many places around the world that have touched her heart that she calls home as well. She is a wife of 33 years. A proud Mother, and grandmother. At age 53 she believes life has just begun!

Sometimes we need guidance. If speaking with a loved one helps you, then I will help get you there.

Vicki’s Schedule

One Hour In-Person Session: $350.00
One Hour Phone Session: $200.00
Half Hour Phone Session: $100.00

In-Person Sessions will be on Friday, Saturday and Sundays from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.
Phone Sessions will be on Wednesdays from 1:00 to 4:00 PM.
If you would like to schedule a group session, we can do 10-20 people. Please contact our office!

“I was fortunate enough to see Vicki’s appearance on Psychic Investigators and thought her work to be wonderful and light-hearted. Her gifts are pure, and I was moved by her compassion.”

— James Van Praagh, Medium, Author, Teacher,
and inspiration for the hit show “Ghost Whisperer”

Media Events and Articles

Visit Vicki’s Media & Press page!

Visit Vicki on her FaceBook pages and YouTube!

Spirit Messenger

From Charlie
and Heather

Vicki on YouTube

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “psychic/medium”?

A psychic/medium can be one or the other, and for many, both. Many have their own definitions for what this means. For me personally it’s a way for my mind to open to a vast space where I am able to hear, see, and watch future events, past experiences, and give aid and guidance from the other side to the client I am speaking with. I use this as a tool in my work. It can be reprogrammed into anyone, as we are all born with the knowledge. As time passes, the physical body can become tainted, or polluted by the exterior influences causing the human being to become more in charge, rather than keeping a balance between that invaluable gut feeling, which is spirit trying to aid you. My words for anyone who is feeling that pull from both sides, “When in doubt, say no!” That doesn’t mean forever, it may just mean, “Not yet.”

What is a “psychic cold case investigation”?

Psychic cold case investigation is usually associated with law enforcement investigations in which the body of a victim has been found or is missing and presumed dead. “Cold cases” are cases that have been open for an extended period of time with no definitive leads from traditional CSI. Law enforcement and families contact psychic cold case investigators to try to produces leads in these cases. Psychic Cold Case Investigation is conducted by contacting the victim on the other-side. This contact can help to produce leads in finding necessary evidence, crime scene or bodies. Psychic Criminal Cold Case Investigation can also provide an opportunity for a family to find closure with a tragic event.

What is a “psychic investigation”?

A psychic investigation is similar to a psychic cold case investigation; however, the person that is being searched for can still be living (usually in psychic cold case investigation the victim is presumed dead). A psychic investigation is performed by a psychic/medium retracing every step of the missing person using the guides that surround the missing person to help locate the person or provide insight to the situation. Psychic investigation is a service that can be provided by skilled psychic/mediums to help locate runaways, missing persons, and to shed light in areas were traditional investigation has fallen short. The psychic/medium will perform this service by using their guides and the guides of the person(s) involved in the situation. Psychic investigation can also be used to determine if a missing or abducted person is still alive.

What is the difference between “psychic cold case investigation” and “psychic investigation”?

Psychic cold case investigation is usually associated with law enforcement investigations in which the body of a victim has been found or is missing and presumed dead. A psychic investigation is very similar to a psychic cold case investigation, but the person that is being searched for can still be living.

Do the spirits of our loved ones miss us?

I would love to tell you, “Absolutely,” but they do see us daily, and whenever we think or speak their name, they are here for us. As they put it, “What’s to miss?” I mean they couldn’t be with us all the time when they had bodies, and face it, some people who weren’t so pleasant you wouldn’t want around. But when the body passes, it leaves the negative debris behind. The soul is incapable of cruelty, but the physical is. Souls that cross love more than they could remember in the body, the power of it is so overwhelming, and yet so natural. We don’t lose anyone. It’s a peaceful transition, and one that upon each persons time, is welcomed.

Can you contact a specific relative?

Only if they choose to be here. And in my case when reading a client, the person that is most wanted, without my knowledge, does show up, but not always. Sometimes there is a period of learning going on with the one left behind that was unfinished, and they have this time to rethink it. To see what was, is now a time of renewed life. A time to grow and begin again. And in time the soul that is wanted will show up.

How do I know if a passed loved one is trying to contact me?

Signs of loved ones are everywhere. From a simple flower falling just as your eyes catch it, this petal being one that their loved one cherished; to a cloud formation in the sky; a voice or whisper; scents of perfume, cologne, pipe and cigar smoke. Some have seen birds that have never been seen before, and others find pennies where they didn’t have them. Just a sense of feeling that they are around is all you need. If you feel it, trust in them and in you, that they are right there where you need them to be.

What is a reading with you like?

A reading with me really is just relaxing, and I hope, in the end, an enjoyable time where old times are remembered, and laughter is shared as well as a sense of clearing up old issues that have been weighing us down. That loved ones can ease their families minds. And to know they are with them, giving validations such as names of friends, new children just born, places, objects, anything that will trigger for the client a knowing that they are literally conversing with their friends and family from the other side.

How does being a psychic/medium help other people?

From my own experiences dating back to age 3, I have seen a great shift in this genre. From one of fear and fairground freak shows to real, honest to goodness conversations with loved ones on the other side. I know this because I have lived it. No one can understand the difficulty of growing up in a world where humans are everywhere chatting and enjoying, as I have done, add that picture to each person I see having at least 3 spirit guides living in the heavenly world, yet just a sheer curtain to where we are. They are hammering in my ear, lovingly, but forcefully. I tell them, I can’t do this in the middle of the airport, grocery store, mall, etc., and within a matter of weeks the souls that had spoken to me have influenced their living loved ones to somehow find me. They come to me, some afraid, some skeptical, and some more excited than receiving that first coin, or now a days a twenty dollar bill from the tooth fairy! I see anxiety as they sit rigid on my sofa and in my chairs, and as the words and names and lifetimes events come pouring through, my stock in Kleenex tissue rises even more! LOL But seriously, the fear and sadness and brows drawn down in grief are lifted, and as they leave, they talk and chat about how Dad still has that personality, and Mom is dancing again, “How wonderful!” They realize that the signs I give, and even some of the more direct things, they have already felt, but were to afraid to believe in them. Now they can leave with a sense of peace, joy, and more importantly, a knowing that their family is more alive now than ever before. That is such a rewarding feeling for me. To bring peace of mind, a new chance to take the fear of this process away, and a solid foundation that their loved ones will make curtain calls! And my clients are never so happy to hear it. When you can bring that much validity to a session, they leave knowing they just had a conversation with their families. I can’t imagine a better feeling for people than that.

There’s no need to find local psychic mediums to get a free medium reading; you can enjoy a free chat with psychic mediums online. Like anyone else who offers a service, mediums generally don’t offer their talents for free. However, you can find a few good resources online for limited free readings and consultations to allow clients to test the waters and see if they are comfortable with the medium’s methods and demeanor.

Free Medium Readings Online

When a loved one passes away, talking with a spiritual medium can offer closure and help the healing of unresolved issues. A paranormal medium can also aid you in knowing that your loved one is at peace. Below are two online mediums who offer or reward you with free psychic help.

Scott Angel

Scott Angel is described as a compassionate spiritual counselor, advisor, psychic, life coach and afterlife communicator. He has a weekly Internet radio show called “Walking Along the Spiritual Life-Path,” at Blog Talk Radio, where listeners can call in with their questions. Scott Angel is also available on where new clients get three free minutes with purchase.

Michael Gourley

Michael Gourley, who was chosen as one of the Top 10 Chicago Psychics, is a psychic medium who can talk to dead loved ones in spirit. He may be able to help you find closure and give you what you need to start the healing process. Michael gives away one free psychic medium reading every month and also gives one free 15-minute medium reading each week to those who become one of his Circle of Friends by joining one or all of his social media pages. This lucky winner is announced on each week on Michael’s Facebook page.

Online Psychic Services

Looking for free psychic help? If you’re interested in seeking out top psychic mediums that are available for consults immediately, consider visiting psychic reading networks. However, if you should choose to do this, it’s important to remember when evaluating these networks that while all mediums are psychic, not every psychic is a medium, so choose your psychic carefully.

Psychic Access

Psychic Access offers every new client a free 6-minute reading with any available psychic after they complete the free and easy registration process. You don’t have to buy anything. Their psychics are screened, verified for accuracy and interviewed before they are added to the network. says Psychic Access is one of the ten best online psychic networks.


Oranum has Free Medium Chat Rooms where you can have unlimited free psychic medium chats. Register for a free account or use the 9.99 credits you earn merely by registering to contact a medium for a free 10-minute reading. All the psychics at Oranum have been screened. In addition to Oranum, there are other free chat rooms online where you may be able to connect with a medium for free.


Keen offers a platform for independent mediums but does not have a screening process. Just be aware when choosing your medium that many less-experienced psychics work on Keen. However, you’re still likely to find some talented psychic mediums. Here you must register and purchase minutes, but every new customer can choose to receive three minutes free or 10 minutes for $1.99. If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, you can get a credit up to $25.

Continuing the Search

If you’re serious about finding a reliable and talented medium online and don’t mind spending a little money, try visiting Best Psychic Mediums. You won’t need a free consultation or free sample reading to know if the mediums listed are genuine or not. These mediums have been extensively researched and have passed a rigorous 15-point test developed by Bob Olson, a private investigator and former skeptic of psychic mediums. On the website, you will find a list of Bob Olson’s top picks for genuine and talented psychic mediums.

Use Caution Online

Be wary of any site that requires credit card information before allowing access to a free reading. If you decide to order a reading, use a medium that offers PayPal as a payment option so you will not need to provide your credit card number. Remember that a legitimate medium will prefer almost no personal information from you besides your name. Also, do your research before hiring a medium for a reading; it’s the only way to avoid wasting your money and your time.

Talk to a Medium for Free

Some people take offense at the thought of a medium profiting from using his or her abilities. However, it’s no different than a musician, athlete or actor, as all these people profit from their innate gifts as well. While a brief, free reading may be fun or entertaining, if you’re serious or passionate about communicating with those in the afterlife, you should consider hiring a professional medium who has the rare ability to do so.

How can I tell if a psychic medium is real or a fake?

by Bob Olson,, &

Sadly, the average person is going to have a difficult time telling the difference between a legitimate psychic or psychic medium and a fake. Phonies, frauds and scam artists can be quite convincing. They can be good at deceiving people, especially people who are grieving or going through a desperate time in life, as these people are often more susceptible to suggestion. But there are telltale signs to help you spot a phony or scam artist.

You can usually spot a fake or scam artist pretending to be a psychic medium by looking for the following signs:

1) Fake psychics or psychic mediums and scam artists ask a lot of leading questions.

Some people call this cold reading. For the most part, scam artists giving a cold reading are fishing around for clues so they can improve their guessing ratio when giving you messages. Yet not every psychic or psychic medium who asks a lot of questions is a fake. There are many legitimate psychics and psychic mediums who have developed poor habits of asking you a question about what they’re seeing, hearing or feeling instead of just presenting it as a statement.

“Who died in a car accident?” the psychic medium might ask, when what he should have said was, “I have someone in spirit here who died in a car accident.”

Or the psychic medium might be given a message by spirit to talk about a nurse, which will lead to information about the client’s sister who is a nurse. But the medium might say, “Do you know someone who is a nurse?” or “Who is the nurse?”

What the psychic medium should have said was, “They are talking to me about a nurse. Does that make any sense to you?” If the client says yes, the psychic medium can then get more information from the spirit that might lead to the next piece of information, “They are showing me that this nurse if a sibling of yours; I believe they’re saying it’s your sister. They just want to acknowledge and say hello to your sister, the nurse.”

So, to sum up, phony psychics and psychic mediums are known to ask a lot of questions. In fact, they have to ask questions in order to get anything right. Unfortunately, some legitimate psychics and psychic mediums ask a lot of questions, too, which is why it’s so difficult for the average person to know if someone is real or not.

2) Fake mediums (psychic mediums) and scam artists present vague, general messages rather than accurate evidence.

Spirit communication (mediumship) should always begin with messages that identify the spirit who is communicating with the medium (psychic medium). What is their name? What are the circumstances of their passing? How old where they when they died? How long ago did they die? What was their physical appearance and/or characteristics of their personality? If the psychic medium is unable to give you any identifying evidence of this type, that’s a red flag that they might be a fake. Otherwise, it is a sign that the psychic medium is inexperienced or poorly gifted.

3) Fake psychics and psychic mediums and scam artists claim that you are cursed.

You should never give money to any psychic or psychic medium who promises to remove a curse or spell for a fee. There is never any curse or spell and this is the most common scam in this field. These criminals are merely using fear to manipulate people. And scam artists who promise to remove a curse for a fee have been known to charge (and get) thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars from people using this common scam.

4) Fake psychics and psychic mediums and scam artists ask you for personal information like your social security card, driver’s license number, bank account numbers and passwords.

Never give out your social security number, driver’s license number, bank account numbers or passwords to a psychic or psychic medium. If one asks you for this information, it’s a strong sign that something suspicious is up. Hang up and report them to your state Attorney General’s office.

Bob Olson is the author of ANSWERS ABOUT THE AFTERLIFE and THE MAGIC MALA, which you can learn about at

5 Tips to Know if You Are Seeing a Genuine Psychic Medium

It is sad to say that there are many so called psychics and mediums out there that are not genuine.

So how do you know if the psychic or medium that you are seeing is the real deal?

I’ve put together a short list of the 5 top answers to that question.

1. A genuine psychic won’t be asking you a whole lot of questions.

A genuine psychic or medium won’t ask you questions like: Do you have 2 children? Are you in a relationship? Are you working?

They will know the answers to those questions.

If however they say, I see that you are in a relationship (and you are), what is that person’s name?

That is quite ok. After all they have just confirmed information that is correct around you.

A genuine psychic medium may ask why you are there to see them.

By you saying to them, “I would like you to look at, for example, my work situation”, that doesn’t tell the psychic whether you are working, or not, whether you are happy in your current job, whether you are looking to start your own business etc.

A genuine psychic medium will be able to pick up that information.

2. A genuine psychic medium won’t tell you scary things like when you are going to die, or if something awful is going to happen to someone that you know.

A fake psychic or medium will use fear tactics to make themselves look or seem important.

A fake psychic will say things that leave you worried about you or your family, and all it does is create stress and anxiety.

I heard a dreadful story not long ago from a client who told me that another psychic had said to her that her daughter was going to be raped and murdered when she was 21.

What an awful story!

If something like this happens to you, walk away without paying.

Of course, bad things happen, but we, as psychics, can get it wrong.

What possible positive can come from knowing them in advance?

There is far more negativity that can be generated by making wrong predictions.

3. A fake psychic will try to get more money out of you by saying that you or someone in your family has a curse on them and it will cost $xxx to take it off.

More fear tactics and a huge scam. Don’t fall for it.

4. A fake medium will not offer proof around your loved ones in the Spirit world.

They may say things like, “Your grandmother is standing behind you and she says that she loves you.”

Or perhaps “there is a man with you who had back problems”.

How much more general can you get?

A genuine medium will connect directly into the Spirit world without tarot cards, without photographs or jewellery, without holding your hand.

They will then be able to tell you information about that Spirit person.

Things like: a description – What did they look like? What were their interests? How did they pass? What age did they pass? etc.

You should be able to know who the person is without having told the medium any information.

The messages to you should be relevant to your situation.

5. A fake medium, if they are not making a connection, may make excuses for the spirit person not being there.

I’ve heard all sorts of doozies on this one.

“The Spirit person is stuck.”

“The Spirit person is in a dark place.”

“They don’t want to talk to you.”

“They are mad at you.”

A genuine medium, if they are not making a connection, would say, “I cannot connect with someone for you.”

When connecting with the Spirit world, there may be all sorts of factors why a connection can’t be made.

It might not be the right environment or the medium might not be the right one for the Spirit person to energetically connect with.

The bottom line is that the Spirit world decides who comes through and when.

A genuine medium doesn’t make stuff up if they are not making a connection.

Let’s face it, we can all have an off day and a genuine medium will say that it’s not working without offering excuses.

I believe that the purpose of a reading is to move a client forward, to help them get on with their life.

A genuine psychic or medium will be able to do that because they care about their clients.

Most people have some sort of intuitive or psychic ability themselves.

Don’t allow yourself to be conned by the fakes.

Trust your own intuition.

If you can smell the BS, walk away.

Ever wondered: Are mediums real?

Maybe you’ve seen Theresa Caputo on TV and wondered if mediumship is real or just a bunch of “woo-woo” smoke… Is someone feeding her information? Or is there a secret microphone hidden in her hair!

After all, how in the world can she and other mediums know SO much about dead people?

Is spiritual mediumship a big scam? Or are mediums real? What’s true when it comes to spirit communication?

Disclosure: Some links in this post may be affiliate links. If you make a purchase through them, we may earn a commission. But we only recommend products and services we’ve used and love.

Are Mediums Real?

I admit it. A long time ago, I thought that psychics and mediums were a bunch of woo-woo scam artists.

It started when I was a kid and my mom would take me along when she had her tarot cards read. There was always plenty of drama… and crystal balls and shrines to go along with it!

To me, it was super weird.

But then I had a psychic experience of my own. And that’s when I realized that I was wrong… and that psychics and mediums are very real.

Skeptic to Psychic Medium

I’ve always been a left brained, analytical kind of girl, and I thought there HAD to be some science behind this. After all, if I could start having intuitive experiences, then anyone could!

So, in 2000, I signed up for a psychic development class. I was ready to get some insight into the psychic world!


That class changed my life! I became fascinated by the world of spirit communication and psychic ability. Plus, it was the beginning of my journey into working as a professional psychic… and creating two metaphysical websites!

Are mediums real? Yes! (And we’ll talk about why they are real in a minute.)

Yeah, but aren’t some mediums fake?

Sadly, yes. Like with anything, there are people that claim they are mediums that are not. And, if you’ve never had a reading with a real psychic medium before, you may not recognize the signs of a scam.

Here are some quick facts about real mediums:

1. Real mediums are warm, positive, and uplifting

They never give you scary information like:

  • your loved one in heaven is unhappy
  • your loved one is trapped in some afterlife limbo

Those things aren’t true! (Here’s what really happens when we die, and what people do in heaven.)

2. Real mediums pass along messages from spirit

You can count on legitimate mediums to give you a message from your loved one in heaven.


Because proving the afterlife and passing on spirit messages are a mediums main “jobs.” Some messages are humorous. And others are heartwarming, or provide comfort and closure.

On the flip side, it’s easy to spot fake mediums. (Learn how to spot a fake psychic in 2 seconds flat.)

If there are no tricks, how do mediums know so much?

Legitimate mediums are accurate. They may know your grandma’s name or about her special chicken soup recipe!

This accuracy can lead people to believe that they use tricks or Google information before a reading. But I can tell you… as a medium and a busy mom myself, real mediums don’t have the time or desire to “cheat.”

In fact, the more a medium knows about someone before a reading, the harder it is to do the reading. Wild, right?!

So, why is this?

Well, psychic ability works via the right side of our brain. But, when a medium knows things about a person before a reading, the left side of the brain (the analytical side) gets in the way.

You’re familiar with the right and left sides of your brain…

The right side is super creative. It loves music and art! And the left (analytical side) makes sure your funds are in order before you hit that shoe sale!

For clarity:

Mediums sense spirit with their gifts. And the best way to do this is to go in “blind,” knowing nothing about their client or spirit.

How Does Mediumship Work?

Mediums are like radios

Energy vibrates at different frequencies. Positive energy (like a spirit) has a high vibration, and negative energy has a lower vibe.

Real mediums have developed their gifts so they can sense high-vibe energy. (Just like the way your TV tunes in to the channel you choose.)

For clarity: mediums sense energy, such as the energy of the spirit world.

Curious how mediums raise their vibe? It’s easy, and you can do it, too!

It’s not dramatic

Mediums sense information in a gentle and subtle way. It’s beautiful and powerful, but not as dramatic as what’s shown in Hollywood!

Real mediumship is less about lightening bolts or being stopped on the road by an ethereal messenger. It’s more about a feeling that suddenly changes, or knowing about a spirit without having met them.

Mediums are Different Than Psychics

What is a Psychic?

Have you ever heard anyone talk about auras?

An aura is the energy field that surrounds all living things, including plants and animals. (You can also learn to see your own aura.)

Psychics can feel or sense this energy.

A psychic may be able to:

  • Feel a person’s physical or emotional state (clairsentience)
  • See things in their mind’s eye (clairvoyance)
  • Receive messages with their psychic hearing (clairaudience)

What is a Medium?

Mediums can sense energy, like psychics, but mediums can also do one thing that psychics can’t…

They can feel energy with an even higher vibration.

Like I said earlier, spirit energy vibrates at a super high frequency. (That’s because they don’t have a dense physical body weighing them down.)

In other words, mediums can communicate with the dead.

Remember: all mediums are psychic, but not all psychics are mediums.

How Did Mediumship Start?

Many people credit the Fox sisters, Kate and Margaret, as pioneers who put mediumship on the map. Way back in 1848, at the ages of 12 and 15, the sisters were said to communicate with a man who was murdered and buried in their home.

Legend says that the man’s spirit would respond by making tapping sounds when Kate talked to him.

Is the Fox sisters legend true? No one knows for sure. But the question “are mediums real” goes back hundreds of years!

And, like many stories passed down through the ages, I’m sure there have been embellishments and inaccuracies in the 150+ years since Kate and Mary were alive.

But I’m also sure that people were communicating with spirits long before the Fox sisters!

On an interesting note, the “rapping” experienced by Kate is said to be a form of physical mediumship which is includes other phenomena such as:

  • direct voice (when a spirit speaks through a medium)
  • levitation
  • ectoplasm (yep, like in Ghost Busters)

Yes, Mediums are Real

I can guarantee you this: legitimate mediums are not about blowing smoke. We’re just regular people who happen to be able to communicate with the dead.

I’m sure that my neighbors think that I’m in the house baking cookies… and not helping people all over the world via phone readings. 🙂

And even though most mediums consider themselves to be spiritual and heart-centered, wanting to help people feel better – that doesn’t mean we don’t have bad days and even use swear words sometimes.

The famous medium Maureen Hancock wrote a book called The Medium Next Door. If you’re interested in learning more about the life of a real medium, order a copy of Maureen’s book.

Still Skeptical?

Since I’m a professional psychic medium, I’m a believer in this reality. But as I said earlier, I used to be a sworn skeptic, so I get where non-believers are coming from.

For now, let’s tackle a few common issues about mediumship. They will keep you open minded when asking the question are mediums real?


Some people believe that if a medium can’t quickly give every detail about a spirit that she’s a fraud. And that is soooo not true.

Real mediumship is about:

  • Delivering messages from loved ones in heaven to those on the earth plane
  • Giving a voice to those in spirit
  • Proving that there is an afterlife

Mediums bridge the gap between the living and the dead. It’s not about telling people how many fingers they’re holding up behind their back. (To learn more, read the 6 Myths About Psychics)

More Reasons for Skepticism

Some people scoff at mediums because they have been the victim of a fake psychic’s scam. I’ve heard some of these stories, and break my heart. To avoid scams, take the time to learn how to choose a real psychic.

For others, their religion sets the standards about mediums or psychics. While I can respect this, I also believe that we should have the freedom to do our own research.

Others may have been told something crazy like, “You were Genghis Khan in a former life.” Really?

No one can prove that you were Genghis Khan in a former life, but a real medium will tell you things that you can confirm. For example, that your grandfather used to play guitar in a band… or that your dad tucked you in with your favorite stuffed pink bunny every night.

When people ask me are mediums real, I say YES!

Scientific Proof of Mediumship

Even with minds and hearts opening up, there are still lots of folks who believe mediums are not real.

So, if you want to know about mediums in general or want to develop a gift within yourself, why not do a little research?

You can start with these two organizations that are working to prove the existence of mediumship:

  • Forever Family Foundation
  • Windbridge Research Center

You can also find more blogs nowadays that talk about mdiumship and psychic ability in a pure, honest way. Here are two good ones:

  • Intuitive Souls Blog
  • Amanda Linette Meder

Takeaways and Keeping an Open Mind

There was a time in the recent past where people would think you were crazy if you answered “yes” to the question, are mediums real?

But now there is a more open-minded attitude thanks to mediums like James Van Praagh, John Edward, and Theresa Caputo. These respected spiritual mediums are highlighted in books and TV.

Have you ever watched the TV show Ghost Whisperer? Of course, the show is dramatized for entertainment, but some episodes are realistic.

Remember, your best tool to discovering if mediums are real is research, just like what you are doing here. 🙂


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