How to check your aura?

You can get an idea what color your aura is with this fun aura colors test. Other ways you can learn the color of your aura is to hire an intuitive or healer who specializes in reading auras, or you can consider what colors you prefer when decorating your home or selecting your clothes. And if you enjoy this article and want to learn much more, read my LoveToKnow eBook all about auras. I’ll tell you advanced techniques for seeing and repairing your aura. You’ll also gain a deep appreciation for what it means in your life, career and relationships. Meanwhile, get started on your aura journey with the test below.

What Auras Look Like

An aura, often mistakenly spelled ora, is the energy (electromagnetic) that radiates about the body from the various main chakras that line up from the top of your head to the base of your spine. The aura energy emits around the entire body and has a vibrational quality similar to the energy waves of heat radiating from a metal surface. Some people can see all seven auric bodies and their colors while others may only be able to see one auric body. Auras often appear as outlines of the human body. This is often referred to as the halo effect.

  • Auras can contract or expand depending on the situation a person is experiencing.
  • Depending on the individual’s energy, the aura can be a thin outline or very intense and distinguishable.
  • The aura usually has uneven edges and sometimes rays of color (energy) streak out from the body.

How to See Your Aura Color

What color is your aura? You can learn to see your aura the same way you see other people’s aura through specific techniques. You can use the peripheral vision technique or taking your eyes out of focus technique to train yourself and see your own aura. Decide which technique works best for you and sit across from a full length mirror. If you don’t have a full-length mirror, you can begin by placing your hand against a dark or black background and begin training using this tool.

The Aura Color Test: What’s Your Aura Look Like?

Answer the questions in this widget by deciding which one best describes you. At the end of the test your aura color will be revealed.

What Is Your Aura Color?

Taking the test will help you know your aura type. It will answer the question, “What color is my aura?” If you have more than one color in the aura color test, then your aura is a combination of colors. The multi-colored aura is far more common than an aura radiating just one color. You can get a better understanding of your aura by exploring the meaning of each color.

Color of Auras

Each energy center (chakra) emits a specific color. These are known as the seven auric bodies that can layer auric colors around your body. The aura colors can mingle to ceate a rainbow auric effect or one chakra may be more prominent in your body and serves as a guide for your life purpose. Many people may have the whitish hallo outline to their body, but the aura color can change or be a mix of two or more colors. The aura colors and meanings can help guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself.

Aura Colors Can Change

Another way you can discover your aura is to have someone read it. Human beings are a mix of energies, all radiating at the same time and all producing various auric fields of colors. This means a person’s aura colors can change. Since everything in life is in constant movement, it shouldn’t be surprising your aura is, too. It’s impacted by your emotions, what you’re thinking about, and physical stresses.

  • Your aura might be prominently blue in the morning indicating you are peaceful and have rested. By bedtime it could be red, indicating you’re worried or upset.
  • If you’re harboring negative feelings, your aura can transform to a dark color, even black.

Distinguishing Individual Aura Colors

It is very beneficial to understand what each color means and how it indicates your current state of mind, emotional status, physical well-being and spiritual progress. For example:

  • Violet: The test states that you’re a visionary with the ability to change the world. This color represents the crown chakra.
  • Orange: At the present time, you’re feeling very confident.
  • Yellow: When your aura radiates yellow, it indicates you’re happy and feeling generous.

Prominent Aura Colors

Some energy fields in your aura may be stronger than others, depending on your current state of being. The colors these energy fields radiate tend to be prominent in the auric field. For example, if you’re an empath, your aura color can reveal this ability by how strong the color is. You can learn more about how these energies play a vital role in your physical well-being by studying the human aura.

Understanding Aura Color Tests

When you take an aura color test, your responses provide an intuitive telltale sign of the colors presently dominating your aura. This connection is true of your psychic and intuitive abilities as well as the other bodies that make up the auric field.

How To Find Out What Your Aura Color Is & Learn A Bit More About Yourself

Do you remember that movie Almost Famous? More specifically, the scene where William is trying to have a phone call with his mom, but a clairvoyant Band-Aid keeps shouting “Your aura is purple!” in his face? Well, that was the first time I had ever heard of auras, but the idea of a color belonging to someone immediately had me intrigued. I wondered to myself, what is an aura, exactly? How do you find out what your aura color is? And when I find out, will I finally have answers to age-old questions about my destiny?

While auras don’t necessarily hold the key to the universe, they can say a lot about your current state of mind, as well as your purest essence as a human being. Each color in the auric spectrum originates from one of the seven chakras in your spirit. As your mood and perspective changes over time, so does the nature of your aura. The colors that reveal themselves through your aura signify the impact your energy has on not only yourself, but also the rest of the world.

Deciphering the meaning behind your aura colors can help you clarify the way you’ve been living your life. If you’re not happy with what your aura says about the person you’ve been lately, you can then make necessary changes to your mindset that will help you leave a more positive mark on the world. Lucky for you, there are several ways you can find out what colors your aura is made of.

Have Your Aura Photographed

Roya Backlund

The easiest and most straightforward way to analyze and interpret your aura is by having a photograph taken of it. There are several auric photography projects all over the world, with famous ones including Radiant Human, Halo Auragraphic, and Magic Jewelry. The way these photographs work is by having you place your hands on a biosensor that measures the temperature and electrical impulses present in your body. These take shape in the form of your aura, which a camera then captures.

Even if you don’t care to know what your aura colors mean, these photographs are always incredibly beautiful and are an asset to anyone’s Instagram feed.

Take A Quiz To Find Out Your Aura Color


While this is not the most precise form of aura reading, it is free of charge and takes little to no effort. If you also happen to be extremely self-aware, the results may even prove to be quite accurate. There are several aura reading quizzes online that you can choose from, with BuzzFeed’s being a much faster quiz and Pamala Oslie’s being much more in-depth.

Keep in mind that auras are so complex and nuanced that they can mean something much more specific to you than what a quiz result states. This is why I don’t personally find quizzes to be the best way to understand the full picture of your aura.

Have A Professional Read Your Aura


Being able to see someone’s aura is considered a psychic skill and there are professional spiritualists, shamans, and clairvoyants who offer their skills as a service. If you’d like to go down this route, find someone reputable, experienced, and trustworthy. You definitely don’t want your aura read by someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

Each reader has their own process, but it usually includes a ritual to cleanse, strengthen, and heal your aura after deciphering the specific nature your own spiritual needs.

Learn How To Read Auras On Your Own


Of course, everyone has psychic capabilities wedged somewhere inside of them. In fact, it is said that young children are all able to read auras (which explains why some people just make kids very upset for seemingly no reason). While they tend to lose this skill with age, there’s no reason why they can’t tap back into it again later on in life.

Learning how to read auras on your own takes patience and a lot of practice. There are several different exercises you can try out and there are many ways an aura can be deciphered. You may be able to see it, feel it, or even “hear” it, depending on your own psychic talents.

What Color Is Your Aura And What Does It Mean?

An aura is defined as a distinctive atmosphere or quality that seems to surround and be generated by a person, place or thing.

According to mystics, the subtle body aura can be viewed and seen as colors that can tell us certain things about our spirits.

You can also find out whether or not your aura is broken and may need to be patched up and healed through mindful meditation and other spiritual practices.

The aura is detectable within our minds. You can feel a roughness to the aura around a person who makes you feel a little uncomfortable.

Other auras can interrupt yours, especially if they suddenly touch you without your consent or intrude into your space.

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Finding out the color of your aura can say a lot about you. Take the quiz at the bottom of this article to discover your aura color! You will also the meaning of each aura color below…


People with red auras are fiery, intense people. They enjoy sports and the opportunity to be competitive. The only downside to people with red auras is that they tend to be a bit destructive in relationships.


People with orange auras are the best actors. They’re charismatic, funny, and make friends easily.

They try to sense the emotions of others and can sometimes get caught up in a game. They’re confident but have a tendency to make rash decisions.

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A yellow aura indicates that you’re smart and quick-witted. You can be kind of headstrong, ignoring your emotional side. You enjoy time alone with a good book and a glass of wine. You tend to be too judgmental.


People with green auras are the true nature lovers. They have a high level of consciousness with their feet firmly planted on the ground. People with green auras don’t like change much though. Try going with the flow.


It’s rare to find someone with a blue aura. It communicates the highest level of bold communication. These people tend to be the most calm and eloquent of all the auras. They often work too much and love too little.

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People with purple auras have latent psychic abilities that are dying to come out. They’re mysterious and quiet by nature. They’re philosophers and teachers, though are often misunderstood.


People with white auras are regarded as being talented and flexible. They can adapt to nearly any situation easily and make great leaders. People are easily drawn to them, but they need to be careful not to let it go to their heads.


Black auras point to emotional blockages. It may mean you have deep, unresolved issues, anger, discontentment, and other negative emotions.


Gold auras tend to have a love for the elegant, beautiful things in life. They love being the center of attention and thrive on their active social life.

They throw parties all the time. They’re very independent and hate taking advice from others.


People with pink auras are generous, sweet, and kind. They like to give their love freely and don’t often care about receiving it. Pink auras need to learn to stand up for themselves and be firm.

Use this short quiz to discover the color of your aura!

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What Is Aura, and How Do You Find Your Aura Type?

To understand the energy of life, we must first answer the question, What is aura? With this knowledge, we can embrace who we really are.

The mystery of the human energy field (aura) puzzles not only ordinary people but also scientists around the world. In recent years, and within scientific circles, there has been much debate about the exact definition of the aura.

According to the latest scientific studies, concerning the human body, there is a certain field with unique properties, which surrounds us. Most psychics and scientists agree that the aura has complex gravitational, electrical, nuclear, magnetic and other natural fields which surround all living beings.

From birth, our aura protects and connects us

Experiments show that from birth every person, plant, and animal is surrounded by some kind of energy cocoon, woven of thermal, electromagnetic, acoustic, and other extraordinary fibers – this is aura. Thanks to these radiations, all living beings become part of our vast and unique universe. This is an invisible energy shell which at the same time connects a person to the environment and protects him from it.

The existence of this invisible protection is scientifically confirmed and is captured by special devices, as well as any electromagnetic field (EMF) detectors. Energy field images show this covering extending from the body for about 2-5 meters in different directions. This field is distinct and has an egg shape. However, despite it’s recorded size and shape, the field has a much smaller size if a person is ill. In this case, it may even have different burrs and holes which violate its integrity.

According to scientists, the sources of the energy field are the cell membranes of the living matter. The cells are built from atoms, the vibration of which creates polarity and power in the energetic environment. As it turns out, the nature of the membranes affect understanding between people and may provoke an outbreak of conflict or passion. Many people intuitively feel the aura, which explains an inexplicable benevolence or a complete distrust of strangers.

What type of aura do you have?

Anyone can experimentally determine the nature of his own biofield. You will need a dowsing pendulum in order to detect your aura. You may use any heavy symmetrical object, suspended from the thread to work as your personal pendulum. This instrument, in a quiescent state, should be placed over your outstretched hand. Then it will begin to move according to the polarity of your energy field. Fluctuations may be transversal and longitudinal, circular and combined.

Experiments, concerning what is aura, have shown that people, who have longitudinal vibrations, have remarkable adaptive abilities, are kind and sociable, but are also lazy. Such people constitute a large part of society. The most active are those with a transversal energy field. They differ in aggressiveness and are always ready to take risks. They also have a tendency to become talented businessmen and politicians. But, on the other hand, the personal lives of these people are full of misunderstandings and conflicts, as they climb ahead and do not look for compromises.

People with combined fluctuations are less common. These people differ in brightness and artistry but have an unsteady life position. They often can not determine exactly what they want out of life. People with circular fluctuations feel very comfortable in working together and communicating. People with different energy fields can hardly get along with each other, with an exception for people with a circular oscillation.

Energy fields of different people constantly “overlap“ and are unique, just like fingerprints. But when the oscillation frequency of the energy field of one person is similar to that of another person, they subconsciously like each other and easily get along.

Getting to know the aura is like resurrecting a miracle

In ancient times, people still believed in things they could not explain, even auras. Now, since our time has changed the way we think, it’s a struggle to understand these precious truths. Understanding what is aura may just be a step to unlocking what we already know, and learning even more about ourselves.

This Quiz Unveils Your Aura Color. Now That I Know Mine, Everything Makes More Sense!

Elyse is a Senior Writer at She enjoys tacos, kickboxing, and naming animals. In fact, she named two of her mother’s six cockatiels Mr. and Mrs. Featherbottom.

As we get older, we get to know ourselves better.

We know what foods we like, what colors we’re drawn to, and could even guess what kind of dog breed we’d be if we really put our minds to it.


(I’m such a pit bull.)

But do we know what kind of energy we’re putting out into the universe? It may seem weird, but your vibe has a huge influence on the way others perceive you and the best way to figure this out is by discovering the color of your aura.

An aura is an invisible but luminous radiation that surrounds a person and is generated from the inside out. It’s the color of your soul, your power color, it is a map of the thoughts and feelings that surround your very being.


So how do you see an aura? Unless you have a spiritual third eye, it’s very difficult — that is, unless you take our quiz.

I took it and now everything makes so much more sense! Take the quiz and become enlightened!

What was your result and how do you feel about it?

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What Color is Your Aura? Take the Color Test to Know

An aura is an intangible yet powerful reflection of your self that can unveil your inner thoughts, feelings, and personality. Through this Mysticurious article, unearth the color of your aura, and find out its meaning with a simple quiz.

Did You Know?

Meditation and exercises like tai chi and yoga can help build and consolidate aura.

Ever felt that strange feeling of friendliness or intimidation when a stranger walked into the room? How does that happen? What is it that leads you to build an opinion (a tentative one, though) about a person you have never seen in your life before? Clothing? Fancy possessions? Definitely not. The answer is aura. We often hear people say things like she has a positive aura or he has a mysterious aura; but what exactly is this ‘aura’? To put it simply, an aura is an invisible yet highly powerful radiation that envelopes every living being. It somewhat looks like those luminous patterns that we see after we rub our eyes, only with more prominent colors. Every aura has a distinct color of its own that reveals your personality.

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Let’s Work Together!

Every living body has its own energy field that emits vibrations which can uncover its spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being. People who are sensitive to these vibrations can even see the colors of auras. While it is easy to see other people’s auras, it is difficult to see your own, let one understanding its significance. But don’t be disheartened, as our quiz will help you discover your aura color.

Read the following color category statements and choose the option ‘yes’ if you feel it resonates with your true nature. Remember, tick ‘yes’ to only those statements that best describe yourself and not the ones that you think ‘you should be’ or what ‘people expect you to be’. Doing so can alter the results, and you will not be able to know your true aura color.

Read the following color category statements and respond accordingly. Color category that will have maximum number of ‘yes’ responses will be your aura color. Find the results at the bottom of the page.

Color Key

▶ If you get Red as your aura color, then it means you are strong-willed, passionate, and survival-oriented.

▶ If you get Orange as your aura color then it means you are creative, energetic, and adventurous.

▶ If you get Yellow as your aura color, then it means you are optimistic, easy-going, and intelligent.

▶ If you get Green as your aura color, then it means you are balanced, communicative, and sincere.

▶ If you get Blue as your aura color, then it means you are calm, collected, and caring.

▶ If you get Indigo as your aura color, then it means you are sensitive, intuitive, and creative.

▶ If you get Violet as your aura color, then it means you are spiritual, authoritative, and artistic.

You may have more than one color category with equal number of ‘yes’ responses. This is because every person has multiple layers of auras, and you may have two distinct aura colors. Knowing your aura color or colors will enable you to harness your energy, heighten your vibrations, and develop your consciousness and spirituality.

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