How much does medifast cost per month?

How much does the Medifast diet cost? One of the most important considerations when starting any diet is the price tag.

Signing up for a meal delivery program, like Medifast, can be especially intimidating because it’s a significant monthly expense.

Or is it? Let’s look at the cost of Medifast, and then consider whether it’s expensive, or a good investment for your health. (*Related: best Medifast coupons today!)


Medifast Plan Cost:

Here’s a Medifast cost comparison chart of the cost per meal, day, week, and month of Advantage (auto-delivery) program for Medifast GO! and ACHIEVE® plans.

Prices quoted are the monthly cost with auto-delivery, updated for 2019.

How prices are calculated:

The first month of Medifast costs the least, as there is always a promotion available for new customers. After you enroll in the MedVantage (auto-delivery) program, you’ll receive rewards including free shipping + 10% rewards from your purchase applied to the price of your next shipment.

So, using the Go! plan as an example:

  • First month cost: (promo) $429 $329
  • Subsequent months: $429 – 10% rewards = $399

*Featured promo: Get 30% off GO®, or see more coupons

As you can see, new customers can get a great deal on the first month. However, when your initial promotion ends, you’ll be billed at the higher “per month” price estimated above.

Most customers choose to signup with the “Medifast Advantage” auto-delivery program instead of buying food a la carte or a one-time kit purchase. If you do, you’ll get 10% off and free shipping on each future monthly delivery. (reflected in prices above)

Both new and existing customers may benefit from Medifast’s monthly coupons for up to 30% off your first month, or $35 off food purchases. Here’s their featured new customer promotion, and all coupons can be found here. (updated weekly)

How Much Does Medifast Cost Per Day, and Meal?

Medifast Go costs about $13.35 per day, while Achieve® will cost a little more at $13.80 per day.

So, how much does each meal cost? There are 6 meals per day with the Go! plan, and 7 per day with Achieve. That means the cost is about $2.00-2.50 per meal. (“meals” include snacks and shakes)

However, if you buy Medifast lean and green meals a la carte, they will cost you an average of about $5 each:

Is Medifast Expensive? Here’s How the DietCan Actually Save You Money:

So, initially we questioned whether a meal delivery diet like Medifast is truly “expensive,” or if it has the potential to actually save you money each month.

If you’re a busy person, travel frequently, or among the 50% of Americans who say they “hate to cook,” you probably find yourself eating a lot of restaurant food. You also may not realize just how expensive that habit is.

Here’s an infographic that compares the cost of Medifast vs a day on the road:

So, as you can see, it’s expensive to eat out. It can also be expensive and time consuming to cook, which is why meal delivery is increasing in popularity.

Medifast: How Much Does Food Cost?

To determine the cost of food, you’ll want to decide between the following two ways of being on Medifast program:

  1. Auto-Delivery: Most people who join Medifast elect to enroll in their “Medifast Advantage” auto-delivery program, as it’s cheaper and more convenient. Food costs are included in your monthly fees, and reflected in the daily and monthly cost estimates in the chart above
  2. A la carte orders: You can also choose to buy 14 or 30-day kits and food a la carte from their site from the “order now” tab like this:

Cost of Medifast food a la carte

It can be expensive to not enroll in auto-delivery, as you don’t get the 10% discount and free shipping on your food orders. However, if you’d like to try Medifast out with a single order, it’s not a bad idea. You can also get up to a $35 discount on food orders when you use a coupon.

Add the Cost of Groceries:

They say that the average family spends about $330 each month on groceries, and an average of $225 each month at restaurants. When you are on Medifast, these numbers should drop dramatically, but you should still account for some spending at the grocery store. You’ll need to provide at least one “lean and green” meal per day, depending on which plan you choose:

  • With the “GO!” plan you only need to provide 1 “lean and green” meal
  • The “ACHIEVE” plans requires 2 lean and green meals per day

This means that if you are on the ACHIEVE plan you might spend more on groceries each month than the Go! plan.

In estimating a total cost of being on the Medifast diet, I would add in an extra $8-10 per day expense for grocery store food to account for the lean and green meal(s).

So, adding in groceries would bring the total “all-in” cost of Medifast and food to about $20 per day.

Putting the Price of Medifast in Perspective

There’s no denying that a $400 monthly charge on your credit card is significant, but remember that Medifast replaces most of the food you are currently buying.

As far as meal delivery diets go, Medifast a little on the expensive side, as it’s more expensive than Nutrisystem (reviews, cost, coupons), but cheaper than Jenny Craig.

Also consider that popular DIY diets like Weight Watchers (reviews, cost, coupons) and Noom (cost?) may only cost $20 per month for membership, they don’t include any food. These diets could be more expensive than meal delivery diets because of the expense of buying or preparing 3+ meals per day.

Do you currently spend money on alcohol? Medifast discourages drinking alcohol, so that could be a significant daily and monthly savings as well.

Also consider that a smoking habit costs about $6 per day, and a cup of coffee at Starbucks can cost $4 or more! That makes the $13 per day cost of Medifast look like a pretty good investment for your health.

* Another good potential investment is the $3 a day cost of owning a cat, which can be highly rewarding!

How to Lower the Cost:

There are two easy ways to save when joining Medifast:

  1. Enroll in the Medifast Advantage auto-delivery program which includes a 10% discount and free shipping on every order
  2. Use a coupon for a 30% discount on your first order, or up to $35 off a single purchase
  3. Skip buying their “lean and green” meals a la carte, and make your own or buy frozen diet entrees at the grocery store

Every week there are promotional codes and offers available towards your first month of Medifast, or a discount towards a minimum purchase of food.

Click to see today’s featured promotions, or check out all Medifast coupons here.

*Featured promo: Get 30% off your first month of Go!, or view all specials here

Want to learn more about Medifast? We wrote a review of the program here. If you’ve already tried it, let us know what you think of the cost by leaving a comment below:

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Questions & Answers

For full information about Medifast Meals, our programs, and specific questions about health conditions and medications, please consult a Medifast Weight Control Center counselor.

How does Medifast work?

Our plans combine doctor-developed Medifast Meals with healthy Lean & Green™ Meals. Your Medifast Weight Control Center offers weekly in-person counseling where you get support and encouragement, and learn the skills you need for long-term success.

Is Medifast safe?

Yes. The Medifast brand has been recommended by thousands of health care providers. Clinical studies conducted by researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, as well as other teaching universities and institutions, have shown Medifast to be both effective and safe.

If I have diabetes, can I still lose weight with Medifast?

Yes! Medifast is safe for people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Medifast plans are carbohydrate-controlled, which helps you manage your blood sugar levels while you lose weight. Follow your health care provider’s recommendation. If you have any other medical conditions, your counselor can tell you which Medifast plan is most appropriate for you.

Is Medifast a liquid diet?

Absolutely not: Our shakes are great, but they’re only a percentage of the over 70 different Medifast Meals you have to choose from. And at least once a day you get a Lean & Green™ Meal of lean protein (such as chicken, fish, tofu, and lean beef) and non-starchy vegetables (such as salad greens, tomatoes, broccoli, mushrooms, and many more).

How much does it cost? How do I pay?

Your cost is based on how much weight you want to lose, and covers your one-to-one counseling and support throughout weight loss, transition, and maintenance. In addition, you’ll pay for your Medifast Meals, which are available at your center. We accept major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover), cash, and checks. Please talk to your center manager for other payment options that might be available.

How do I get started?

Call or visit one of our centers for a free consultation. We will walk you through the entire process so you can learn more about our products and plans, and see how easy it can be to reach your weight-loss goals.

Medifast Review – 24 Things You Need to Know

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Medifast is a line of weight-loss products designed to help promote weight loss. The plan is often doctor-recommended with most seeing results. One concern some have is the use of pre-packaged foods instead of eating whole foods.

Eating whole foods also tends to be cost-effective. To find out the benefits of Medifast, our research team turned their attention to the Medifast foods, meal plans and how it works. Then, we compiled the facts to give you the bottom line.

Medifast can be purchased through their .

Medifast Readers: Noom is offering our readers a 14-day trial, for a limited time. for this special offer!

Medifast Video Review


What is Medifast?

Medifast is one of the most popular diet systems of all time. Not many other diets can make the claims that this weight loss program can – it’s been recommended by over 20,000 doctors and has been helping people lose weight for nearly four decades!

That’s something that made me sit up and take notice, and you should give it some serious consideration too.

The Medifast program and meal-replacement products have been clinically proven to promote significant weight loss and to help with weight maintenance.

Dr. William Vitale created the Medifast diet. You are expected to eat specific food portions.

Meals are delivered to your home on a regular basis. The menu consists of soups, entrees, bars, sides, shakes and high-protein foods.

According to the official website, there are three primary plans available:

  1. Achieve Weight Loss Plan
  2. Thrive Healthy Living Plan
  3. Medifast for Special Diets

Each day you can have four meals, one healthy snack and two lean and green meals. There are more than 70 different choices from which to select.

Medifast Competitors

Product Rating Review
WonderSlim read
Optavia read
Ideal Protein read
Nutrisystem read
Noom read
Other similar products: RelaxSlim, Omax3

×Explanation of Price

This is how much it costs to start on the respective program. We always recommend trying a product before making a large investment.

  • = Initial product cost is less than $5
  • = Initial product cost is between $6 and $50
  • = Initial product cost is between $51 and $150
  • = Initial product cost is $151 or more

Medifast Company Facts

Medifast is a publicly-traded company on the New York Stock Exchange (MED).

The company also was included in Forbes’ 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America, 2017.

Scroll below for one of the best products we’ve seen over the last year.

What Can You Eat on the Medifast Diet?

You won’t be starving or anything like that on the Medifast diet; in fact, the diet plans require you to have a snack or two every day to curb food cravings. Along with your daily meal-replacing bars and shakes, you’ll be eating plenty of real foods like these:

  • Sirloin steak
  • Chicken breast
  • Tuna
  • Shrimp
  • Pork tenderloin
  • Asparagus
  • Spinach
  • Salad greens

Does It Work?

Does Medifast Work, and How?

Medifast does work – that’s why it’s been around for almost 40 years and is still going strong. Like all effective weight loss plans, this one is going to require some effort and self-discipline. You’ll need to phase out your junk foods and change your eating habits.

Medifast “works by encouraging the body to enter a fat-burning mode, which is accomplished by consuming specially-prepared meal replacements, and other approved foods.”

You’ll need to prepare some healthy foods or pay someone else to do it at a restaurant. But if you just follow the plan, research (International Journal of Obesity) shows that you’ll lose weight.

Medifast follows basic, proven principles of weight loss. You eat a reduced-calorie diet that is nutritionally balanced and includes plenty of low-glycemic carbs, lean proteins and modest amounts of healthy fats.

The meal-replacement bars and shakes offer similar caloric and nutritional profiles, so they are interchangeable. That’s a big selling point for me right there because sometimes you feel like a shake, and sometimes you don’t!

But, the problem with any weight loss plan is that people tend to regain those lost pounds once they stop the diet because they simply return to their old eating habits which made them gain weight in the first place.

If you want to achieve permanent weight loss, you need to change your lifestyle – especially your eating behaviors.


Benefits of the Medifast Diet

Since the Medifast diet has you eating wholesome, nutritious foods at every meal, that’s going to have a positive impact on your health in some ways.

In fact, research showed Medifast benefits include not only weight loss, but a reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress as well, as these are two of the primary causes of chronic illness.

But, of all the Medifast benefits, the main one you’re interested in is weight loss. Research published in Nutrition Journal and customer reviews both say that this diet delivers.

Another good thing about Medifast is that it’s a proven system with actual research to support its claims, unlike some new miracle diet pills out there that lack actual testing and scientific support.

It’s a solid, nutrient-dense plan packed with vitamins based on durable principles of nutrition and weight loss – and it’s backed by studies to show that it can help you lose weight.

Medifast Diet Foods

Medifast diet food isn’t just all about diet shakes and low-calorie candy bars.

Yes, those meal-replacement supplements are in there as a foundation of the program.

But, you’re filling in all the gaps with real food – lean meats and fresh vegetables.

You do not have to feel hungry on this diet – ever! You’ll be given lists of low-glycemic carbs and lean proteins to round out your diet.

Stock up on them and you’ll do just fine.

The plan also allows food substitutions for those of you who are transitioning away from meat, eggs and dairy.

There is a variety of seafood options like tuna, cod, salmon and shrimp.

Eggs are also on the menu. For vegans, there’s tofu instead of meat and eggs.

So there is quite a bit of flexibility with this diet plan.

Below we’ve listed all the different types of products and plans you have access to through the Medifast diet:

Shakes & Bars

Thrive by Medifast (Medifast Shakes and Bars)

Medifast shakes and Medifast Bars are available through the official website.

Flavors include:

  • Dutch chocolate
  • French vanilla
  • Mocha
  • Orange cream
  • Strawberry
  • Cookie dough
  • Peanut butter chocolate chip
  • Caramel crunch

Medifast Weight-Loss Plans

Medifast GO! 30-Day Kit

This kit contains a whole month of meals – 154 Medifast Meals to be exact – as well as a wide variety of quick options, and just-add-water low-fuss microwave meals. The kit also contains a Welcome Kit, which includes a starting-up guide, a plan guide and a monthly food journal.

Some of the meals that the Medifast GO! 30-Day Kit contains are:

  • Brownie Soft Bakes
  • Chicken Flavored Noodle Soup
  • Chocolate Chip Soft Bakes
  • Original Pancakes
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Medifast Flex 30-Day Select Kit

The Medifast Flex™ 30-Day Select Kit is the perfect blend of Medifast on-the-go favorites.

The 30-Day Select Kit contains a total of 126 meals or 18 Medifast boxes.

It also comes with the:

Welcome Kit (Start-Up Guide, Plan Guide and 30-Day Food Journal)

Flavors of Home Lean and Green Meals (9)

Flavors of Home Meals (3)

Bonus Item Details:

  • 9 Flavors of Home (2 Chicken Cacciatore, 2 Beef Stew, 3 Chicken with Rice and Vegetables and 2 Turkey Meatball Marinara)
  • 3 Additional Flavors of Home* (1 Turkey Meatball Marinara*, 1 Beef Stew* and 1 Chicken Cacciatore*)
  • Medifast Flex™ Welcome Kit, including Start-Up Guide*, 30-Day Food Journal and Plan Guide*
  • Medifast Dining Out Guide*
  • Healthy Living Workbook*
  • Medifast Blender Bottle*

*Only included with the first Medifast Advantage order.

Medifast Flex 30-Day Complete Kit

The largest and most expensive monthly kit includes 18 boxes of customer favorites – a total of 126 meals, or 138 servings.

The Complete Kit also comes packed with several extras like Flavors of Home Lean and Green Meals (13) and a Welcome Kit.

  • 13 Flavors of Home (3 Chicken Cacciatore, 2 Beef Stew, 2 Chicken with Rice and Vegetables, 2 Turkey Meatball Marinara, 2 Chili Lime Chicken, and 2 Ginger Lemongrass Chicken)
  • Essential 1 Heart Health supplements
  • Probiotic Dietary supplements
  • Digestive Enzyme supplements
  • Medifast Flex™ Welcome Kit, including Start-Up Guide*, 30-Day Food Journal and Plan Guide*
  • Healthy Living Workbook*
  • Medifast Blender*
  • A Medifast Blender Bottle*
  • Medifast Dining Out Guide*
  • Cheddar & Sour Cream Popcorn*
  • Rosemary Sea Salt Crackers*
  • Parmesan & Olive Oil Crisps*

*Only included with the first Medifast Advantage order.

Lean & Green Medifast Meals

The Medifast website says you can have your lean and green meals whenever: breakfast, lunch, dinner, or in between.

Every lean and green meal includes 5 to 7 oz. of lean protein, plus three servings of vegetables and up to two servings of healthy fats, depending on your lean protein choices.

You put it all together to create an “official lean and green meal” or you can break it up throughout the day to reach your daily nutritional requirement.”

Lean Options


Choose a 5-oz portion (cooked weight) – no Healthy Fat serving added.

  • Fish: salmon, tuna (bluefin steak), farmed catfish, mackerel, herring
  • Lean beef: steak, roast, ground
  • Lamb
  • Pork chop or pork tenderloin
  • Ground turkey or other meat: 85–94%lean
  • Chicken or turkey: dark meat
  • Meatless options: tofu or beans


Choose a 6-oz portion (cooked weight) plus 1 Healthy Fat serving.

  • Fish: swordfish, trout, halibut
  • Chicken: breast or white meat, without skin
  • Ground turkey or other meat: 95 – 97% lean
  • Turkey: light meat
  • Meatless options: tofu or beans


Choose a 7-oz portion (cooked weight) plus 2 Healthy Fat servings.

  • Fish: cod, flounder, haddock, orange roughy, grouper, tilapia, mahi-mahi, tuna (yellowfin steak or canned in water), wild catfish
  • Shellfish: crab, scallop, shrimp, lobster
  • Game meat: deer, buffalo, elk
  • Ground turkey or other meat: ≥ 98% lean
  • Meatless options: EggBeaters, Boca Burger Morningstar Farms or Garden Burger.

Green Options

Lower Carbohydrate

Moderate Carbohydrate

Higher Carbohydrate


The Medifast website provides some healthy alternatives to alcohol as well as healthier drink ideas.

Use low- or no-calorie mixers such as club soda or diet soda

  • The fewer ingredients – the better!
  • Avoid using flavored vodkas or spiced rums because they tend to contain extra sugar
  • Choose drinks with no added sugar or salt (even on the rim!)
  • Avoid juice mixers
  • The beer with the lowest calorie count is Michelob Ultra with 64 calories


Tips for Medifast Recipes

Dozens of Medifast recipes are also available in a cookbook sold by the company.

You don’t have to follow their recipes though, as long as the macronutrient proportions and serving sizes remain consistent with the program requirements.

You can combine your choice of one item from your lean protein list with three items from the veggie list and add whatever calorie-free seasonings your palette desires.

Buffalo Chicken Macaroni & Cheese


  • 1 packet Medifast Macaroni & Cheese
  • 1/2 cup low sodium chicken broth
  • 1 3 oz can chicken breast, packed in water, drained
  • 2 queso fresco chipotle spreadable cheese wedges
  • 1/2 tsp hot sauce
  • 1 tbsp chopped scallions (optional)


  1. Empty Medifast Macaroni & Cheese contents into a microwave-safe bowl.
  2. Add chicken broth; stir well.
  3. Microwave on high for 11/2 minutes; stir, and then let stand one minute.
  4. Microwave 45 to 60 seconds on high (watch carefully to prevent overflowing).
  5. Stir in cheese wedges until melted, and then the chicken (shred with a fork as needed).
  6. Wait for 3 to 4 minutes for sauce to thicken and pasta to finish cooking. Drizzle with hot sauce, and
    garnish with scallions if desired.

Baked “Ziti” Zucchini Zoodles


  • 2 Medium Zucchinis
  • 1 cup Canned Tomatoes
  • 3 Tablespoons Low Fat Ricotta Cheese
  • 3 Tablespoons Low Fat Mozzarella Cheese
  • 1 Pound Ground Turkey
  • A Teaspoon Minced Garlic
  • 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil
  • Hot Chile Pepper (optional but awesome!)


  1. Use spiralizer to make zucchini noodles, drain and set aside.
  2. Preheat oven to 400 F.
  3. With a large ovenproof frying pan or medium dutch oven, cook the turkey and olive oil on medium heat for about 15 – 20 minutes.
  4. Push turkey to the edges to create a well in the middle, add garlic and canned tomatoes.
  5. Bring to a boil, reduce to simmer and cook on lowest setting covered for 30 minutes.
  6. Uncover and reduce sauce to just slightly thicker than a normal tomato sauce, the zucchini will give off liquid to thin to the right consistency.
  7. Place zucchini in, and stir to combine everything together.
  8. Top first with ricotta in teaspoon allotments and distribute mozzarella over top evenly.
  9. Cook in the oven at 400 uncovered for 15-20 minutes until zoodles are tender.
  10. Before serving, let rest for 10 minutes.

Spinach, Tomato & Turkey Pizza


  • 1 cup cauliflower florets
  • 5 ounces of 95-97% lean ground turkey
  • 1 egg
  • A cup part-skim shredded mozzarella
  • 1 garlic clove, minced
  • ¼ tsp Italian seasonings— or about 1/8 tsp each of basil and oregano
  • ¾ cup thinly sliced mushrooms
  • ¾ cup halved grape tomatoes
  • 1 cup fresh baby spinach


  1. Preheat oven to 450° F.
  2. Steam cauliflower till tender, then mash.
  3. Cook ground turkey in a non-stick pan until done. Set aside and keep warm.
  4. To make the crust, combine the egg, ½ cup cheese, mashed cauliflower, garlic, and Italian seasonings in a medium mixing bowl.
  5. Spread mixture evenly on a non-stick, 9-inch round pizza pan or baking sheet.
  6. Bake for 20 minutes and remove from oven. Switch oven to a low broil setting.
  7. Top crust with tomatoes, remaining mozzarella, spinach, and cooked turkey.
  8. Return pizza to oven and broil until crust and cheese have slightly browned – about 10 minutes.
  9. Remove from oven and let cool two to three minutes before cutting and serving.

Is There a Medifast Alternative That Works?

Medifast is a meal-replacement diet centered around nutritionally-fortified shakes and snack bars, and there are a number of similar products on the market that make use of these types of food products for weight reduction.

A weight loss plan that provides controlled ready foods as well as food suggestions. It says it is supported by four decades of happy, slimmer customers


Ameal-replacing shake said to support muscle growth and help with weight loss. It contains 23 vitamins and minerals, and 24 grams of protein.


A popular Medifast alternative. Slimfast offers weight loss shakes and snack bars that are also fortified with vitamins and minerals to support your nutritional needs while following a reduced-calorie diet.

The shakes and bars are available in the health and diet-food sections of most supermarkets. You can also purchase these online and, like Medifast, Slimfast products are available without a doctor’s prescription.

Slimgenix Pro

Slimgenix Pro is a dietary supplement whose ingredients include raspberry ketone and green coffee bean extract. It meant to amp up metabolism, lower cholesterol levels, reduce appetite, boost energy and help with digestion.


Where are Medifast Locations?

If you’re looking to connect with weight loss coaches and fellow dieters for some moral support, in-person accountability and a sense of community, you’ll be happy to know that there are Medifast locations – dubbed Medifast Weight Loss Centers – in two states:

  • Arizona
  • Louisiana

Their trained staff are available for one-on-one consultations and can help you track your weight, waistline and body part measurements along with changes in your body composition.

They can help you identify unhealthy eating habits that contribute to weight gain and give you strategies to overcome those challenges.

You can search the official website for specific locations in your state or call Medifast toll-free at 1-888-523-8746.


Medifast Nutrition

The Medifast nutrition plan helps you lose weight effectively by controlling your macronutrient combinations and lowering calories while keeping hunger and food cravings in check through frequent meal-replacement shakes and snack bars along with real food.

Total calories are around 800-1,000 per day, creating a caloric deficit that pushes your bodyweight down.

It’s not as low-carb as the ketogenic diet or the paleo diet since some starchy carbs are allowed.

But, carbs are reduced enough so that your body will shift toward burning body fat for energy within the first few days on a diet.

The meals are also very low in fat and moderately high in protein.

The Medifast website contains extensive information about its nutrient-dense plans and meals.

Medifast Ingredients

Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates

They note that some shakes are sources of unhealthy trans fats, but that most Medifast meals are protein-heavy, from “soy protein isolate, milk protein isolate and egg whites.” They also note that some products get their carbs from “wheat flour, although other products are gluten-free for people who are sensitive to gluten, a protein in wheat. Sugars in Medifast include corn syrup and fructose. Inulin and gum arabic are ingredients that add dietary fiber.”

Vitamins, Minerals and Flavorings

Each serving provides about 20 percent of the daily value for most vitamins and minerals, so if you eat the five Medifast meals that the Five and One Plan recommends, you will probably meet your needs.

However, they also note that many Medifast meals contain salt and sugar substitutes (“erythritol, a sugar alcohol, and sucralose and acesulfame potassium, two artificial sugar substitutes that do not have calories or carbohydrates”) as flavor enhancers.


How Do Medifast Meals Taste?

Medifast diet meals are tasty, according to some dieters. The shakes and dessert bars are popular favorites, and the packaged snacks taste good too.

They even have microwavable entrees that you can use in place of your lean and green, homemade meals.

Medifast has a board responsible for taste-testing and developing new food products, so they are constantly checking feedback from customers and dropping foods that aren’t well received.

As for the home-made meals, those can be as tasty or as bland as you choose to make them.

Certain condiments are limited for caloric purposes, but most herbs and seasonings are allowed to improve flavor and satiety without adding calories.

Side Effects

Has Anyone Spoken About Medifast Diet Side Effects?

There aren’t a whole lot of negative Medifast side effects to speak of, though researchers from Johns Hopkins Medicine have cautioned that very low-calorie diets can increase the risk of gallstones.

Consult your physician to see if a low-calorie diet presents any specific health concerns for you.


How Much Does Medifast Cost?

Medifast cost was difficult to track down since the company does not prominently post prices on its website. When reviewed, we found Medifast program prices in the $300-$400 range for 30 days of Medifast meals.

You can find some Medifast meal products like the shakes and bars for sale on Amazon, with shakes and bars selling for about $31 for seven servings each.

Medifast has a 30-day full refund guarantee in case a customer is not 100% happy with their purchase.

Medifast Advantage

A loyalty program is on offer that allows customers to earn rewards and shipping discounts with each order.

From the Medifast Advantage page: “You’ll earn a reward of between 5-10%* toward your next order that your program order processes. Plus, you’ll get immediate savings on your current order with $5 Flat Rate or Free Shipping!

How to Enroll:

  1. Place an order of $149 or more—if you want to earn reward and shipping discounts. (Orders under $149 don’t qualify for savings, but will still ship automatically.)
  2. Select “Automatic Meal Delivery” as your Purchase Option at checkout.
  3. Complete and submit your first order.

Medifast Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Effective weight-loss
  • Nutritionally solid
  • No need for carb-, point- or calorie-counting
  • Reduced/non-existent hunger & increased fullness
  • Clinically proven


  • Powdered food
  • Variety
  • Cost
  • Ketosis
  • Hair loss

Clinical Studies on Medifast

A clinical study at the Johns Hopkins University showed that the Medifast diet results in substantial weight loss. When on the diet, adult men could shed, on average, 67 pounds; women can lose up to an average of 56.

A clinical study from 2015 that was published in Internal Medicine looked at 45 weight-loss programs, including Medifast. Using low-calorie diet programs like Medifast led to significantly larger weight loss compared to counseling.

Another clinical trial said that the meal replacement programs that Medifast was offering were better than many recommended for obesity drug treatment. The study also stated that Medifast had a better retention rate of customers than most other programs.

Another 2015 clinical study in the Nutrition Journal looked at the charts of more than 300 Medifast clients. All of them were either obese or overweight and followed the program’s Achieve Plan. It found that those who stuck with the plan shed, on average, 24 pounds in 3 months, and an average of 35 in 6 months. Each participant, regardless of their age and gender, lost higher percentages of fat than muscle.

MLM Opportunities

Medifast’s MLM Opportunity

Medifast offers its customers an opportunity to lose weight and earn money at the same time through their MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) opportunity.

The company has enjoyed much success throughout the years and had a market capitalization of over 400 million. Medifast products have sold through their website, distribution channels, weight loss clinics and directly from medical doctors to patients.

With the great sales success of its products, the company began selling its products through MLM, sometimes called network marketing, and the company has significantly prospered.

By selling their products through MLM marketing, customers of Medifast products not only can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, but they are also able to earn a steady income.

What is MLM? Through MLM, an individual earns a residual income by recruiting new members.

When those new members recruit others, the individual will also earn money off of those recruits.

This is what is called a downline, and the goal is to grow your downline for higher earnings.

An individual that joins the Medifast MLM plan will become what is called a health coach.

The compensation plan will reward a health coach for being a user of their products. They will also be rewarded for recruiting and retaining other clients.

To succeed, they will even need to mentor and build teams of other health coaches.

Medifast and the Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) settled with a subsidiary of Medifast, Jason Pharmaceuticals, for deceptive marketing practices and misleading health claims. The company paid $37 million to settle the suit.

“I like the OPTavia ones better but these were cheaper and tasted good as well. Does the trick.”

“Very tasty but way too expensive.”

“The taste is horrific!!!”

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line on Medifast

The bottom line is that Medifast has been shown to be effective for weight loss. Several studies cited above showed that people who stuck to their Medifast plan lost more weight than people who followed food-based plans. However, the key to any diet plan is to not only lose the weight but to keep it off. That part is completely up to you.

What will happen when you reach your weight loss goal and stop dieting? You must figure out how to build healthy eating habits into your life to maintain your weight loss. That’s why it is important to choose a clinically-tested program.

Among the best ones we’ve seen this year is one called Noom. This weight management system provides its users with personalized meal plans, human coaching, and customized health information based on your eating habits. Plus, it’s all available in an easy-to-use app.

Also, the team behind Noom offers Dietspotlight readers a 14-day trial, which is a positive sign.

Learn More About Noom “

Fine, fine. So, Medifast? Is that one of those celebrity fad diet things?

Nope. Not at all. Maybe celebrities use it, but it’s certainly not a fad. Medifast has been helping people lose weight and keep it off since the 80s. That’s a long time in the changing lives game. They’ve outlived the pegging your pants fad, the stonewashed jeans fad, and the Cross Colours fad. I think they are here to stay (along with stonewashed jeans because apparently they refuse to die).

Hmmm, okay. Well, I’ve heard you eat special foods. What is so special about them?

Medifast has a number of different programs depending on your dietary needs and weight loss goals. I’m on the 5 and 1 plan which means I eat 5 Medifast meals a day and one lean and green meal a day. Medifast meals are those you get from the Medifast weight loss center you are a member of. They have a whole host of items available, everything from mac and cheese to coffee. Personally, I am a fan of their protein bars so I stock up on those and eat them throughout the day. Then, when it’s time for me to eat what many like to refer to as “real food” I choose a healthy, lean meat and a serving of green veggies. You can learn all about the plans here: Medifast weight loss plans.

So, you basically you eat 5 protein bars a day?! Dude, aren’t you starving?

Not really. Sort of. Ok, I will admit, I experienced extreme hunger in the beginning but that’s because my stomach was all stretched from the copious amounts of goodies I had been filling it with. I’m not one of those people who goes around saying I don’t eat a lot. Before I started my life rebranding, I ate plenty. P-L-E-N-T-Y. Well above my caloric needs for the day. So yes, when I started, I still wanted to eat a candy bar with lunch and six cookies before bed. But, once I got going on the program I realized that I wasn’t all that hungry and even getting in my 5 bars a day was kinda hard.

It seems so restrictive. Can’t you just eat real food?

Sure, of course you can. This program is a good way for people who struggle to remain disciplined and those who have a difficult time managing their food intake. I’ve done Weight Watchers as well and, while I liked it just fine, I wanted something that would give me a little more ease and freedom and not quite so much work (I spent a lot of time just planning and making my meals then).

Be honest, does it work?

Yes. If you do, then it does. I lost 6lbs my first week.

And what about healthiness? 6 pounds in a week seems intense? And fad diet-y.

I know it does. I was surprised too! This program was designed by doctors. It’s based on research. Thousands of doctors recommend it to their patients (including mine, his exact words were: Yeah, you should do that. It’s safe and it works.). And, they do a very comprehensive body fitness panel on you when you begin the program. They also have counselors that you meet with every week to help you with the mental game of weight loss (you know, the accountability and support part that is always so hard.). Plus, the rapid weight loss is really only in the beginning (their disclaimer states: Typical weight loss on the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan® is 2-5 lbs per week for the first two weeks and 1-2 lbs per week thereafter.). I think it’s sort of a shock to your cookie saturated system and then, when your body adjusts to being forced into some act right, it levels out and just accepts that you’re the boss of it and eating healthy is what’s up.

Sounds great, but how expensive are we talking?

Every Medifast center isn’t exactly the same but mine has promos all the time so that you can get on the program for $9/week plus the cost of food (I estimate food is about $85/week for me). That’s not cheap. But, when it comes right down to it, you’re putting a price on your personal health and wellness. You are paying to help improve your quality of life, and maybe even extend it. And, if you add up the lunch trips to the Chinese restaurant with your coworkers and the happy hours and the take out you get every Friday, you are probably spending way more on unhealthy food options than you think anyway. I know it won’t fit into every budget, but it may if you really analyze where your money is going each month (ie McDonald’s, cable TV, shoes, not that I would ever suggest someone not buy cute shoes!)

What happens when I reach my goal weight? I spend the rest of forever grubbing on protein bars?

No. No one can live like that. Medifast has a maintenance plan to help keep you on track as you transition from the active weight loss life phase to the living la vida loca healthy life phase. You will eat cookies again, just not ALL of the cookies.

If you’re interested in following my weight loss journey more closely, feel free to check out my Medifast blog posts!

What Is the Optavia Diet—And Can It Help You Lose Weight?

Anyone remember Medifast? Popular in the 80’s and 90’s, it was a low-calorie, physician-overseen weight loss program that largely consisted of shakes and pre-packaged meals, and the same company that owns Medifast now markets a new plan called the Optavia Diet.

Similar to the Medifast program, the Optavia Diet relies heavily on like shakes, bars, and packaged meals for food, incorporating at least one lower-carb meal—referred to as a “Lean and Green Meal”—that you prepare on your own.

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What sets Optavia apart from the original Medifast program is that you don’t have to visit a doctor’s office to sign up for the Optavia Diet or to buy products. In fact, getting started means simply registering online and paying to have your first kit sent to you. And it’s this ease, combined with direct sales and social media, that has likely played a big role in making Optavia a mainstream name in the weight loss world. Intrigued by its popularity, I decided to find out more to get a feel for its potential effectiveness and health value. Here’s what I found.

What Can You Eat on the Optavia Diet?

Eating plans on the Optavia Diet vary slightly depending on how much weight you need to lose and how far along you are in the weight loss process, but all programs consist of two main components: Optavia Fuelings and Lean and Green Meals.

Fuelings are Optavia’s pre-portioned packaged meals designed to be “nutritionally interchangeable meal replacements that are carbohydrate-controlled and lower in fat,” and options range from shakes and bars to more hearty meals like Spinach Pesto Mac & Cheese.

Lean and Green Meals are prepared on your own and focus on lean protein, healthy fats, and lower-carb vegetables. Plans vary based on the number of Fuelings and Lean and Green meals prescribed daily (see below) slowly increasing in calories and carbohydrates.

5 & 1 Plan

5 Fuelings and 1 Lean and Green Meal

800 to 1000 cal

4 & 2 & 1 Plan

4 Fuelings, 2 Lean and Green Meals, and 1 healthy snack

1100 to 1300 cal

5 & 2 & 1 Plan

5 Fuelings, 2 Lean and Green Meals, and 2 healthy snacks

1300 to 1500 cal

3 & 3 Plan

3 Fuelings and 3 Lean and Green Meals

1500 to 1800 cal

*A healthy snack is considered one fruit or low-fat dairy serving.

How Much Does the Optavia Diet Cost?

The primary food expense when following the Optavia Diet is purchasing Optavia’s pre-packaged meals. One is expected to consume 112 to 140 over a 4-week period, and the cost for a month of Fuelings kit (approx. 119 meals) runs between $390 to $425. This breaks down to approximately $3.50 per meal.

You also have the option to buy additional boxes of specific Fuelings you like, and Purposeful Hydration kits ($39.99 for a box of 30) which are powdered flavorings to add to water. One Lean and Green Meal per day keeps additional grocery expenses fairly low, but these meals are centered around lean proteins and produce which aren’t always the lowest-costing grocery items. In addition, you may still have grocery expenses if cooking for a family.

How Healthy Is the Optavia Diet?

Optavia provides nutrition information for all products, and the 5 & 1 program is advertised as providing at least 72g protein, 80 to 100g carbohydrates, and less than 30% of calories from fat each day. The daily nutrient averages suggested a macronutrient breakdown on the 5 & 1 program of 40% carbohydrates, 40% protein, and 20% fat based on a daily nutrient breakdown that Optavia supplied to U.S. News & World Report. The program’s material also says that all Fuelings have vitamins and minerals added and contain “high-quality protein which retains lean muscle mass,” as well as a proprietary probiotic called GanedenBC30 for “making a healthier digestive track easier.”

Optavia Diet Potential Benefits

Ease and Potential Effectiveness of Meal Replacements

The Optavia Diet centers around the use of meal replacements, which can appeal to those who struggle with planning meals and cooking. While I could find no research specifically looking at the Optavia Diet, there is research looking at the effectiveness of using Medifast meal replacements. According to the company, the Medifast and Optavia plans have the same macronutrient profiles and products are interchangeable; the only difference is the specific products offered by each. Because of this, Optavia references the Medifast studies to support program’s effectiveness, and several studies suggest positive results when following the Medifast pre-portioned food plan in comparison to simply reducing intake using other methods.

One 2010 study suggested that those following the Medifast 5 & 1 program has significantly greater weight and fat loss at one year when compared to those who ate a reduced-calorie diet with foods of choice. Similarly, when a review of charts for people following the 4 & 2 & 1 plan at Medifast centers was completed in 2015, the average weight loss at 3 months was 24 lbs and at 6 months was 42 lbs, loss of lean mass was kept to a minimum, and both blood pressure and heart rate decreased. Also, individuals who then followed the maintenance program had less than a 2% change of regaining the weight. While the stats are impressive, it should be noted that most all of the studies I reviewed were funded by Medifast.

Variations Available for Specific Conditions and Ages

The Optavia Diet is designed for healthy individuals with more than 15lbs of weight to lose, but they also have plans that can be tailored to work for individuals with certain health or lifestyle needs. Optavia provides guidelines for those over 65 and sedentary, individuals who are very active, individuals who have less weight to lose, individuals who want to incorporate more carbohydrates into their diet, nursing mothers, and plan for those with gout, and it suggests that those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can follow it under a doctor’s supervision. Additionally, it offers a teen program for those ages 13 to 18 years, making it one of the very few commercial diet available for teens.

Nutrient Intake

Thanks to fortification of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients, the Optavia Diet comes closer to meeting some nutrient recommendations than other programs that I’ve reviewed. In fact, the Optavia nutrient profile suggests that needs for fiber and calcium can be fully met, both nutrients that are chronically under consumed by the U.S. population. In addition, Optavia describes its products as “clean” which they appear to define as containing no artificial colorings, flavorings, or sweeteners.

Optavia Diet Health Concerns

Packaged Food With Limited Choices

To follow the 5 & 1 Plan, an individual consumes approximately 35 Fuelings per week, and there are a limited options (approx. 60). Savory, entrée-like ones are the most limited and appear to be primarily vegetarian and starch-based. Sweet options like bars and shakes have a little more variety. Considering the rate at which Fuelings are to be consumed, though, the selection is low. Individuals who like having meal options and freshly prepared dishes may find the plan boring, repetitive, and limited in flavor.

Nutrient Profile

I mentioned some positives in regards to the nutrients in a typical Optavia day, but there are also significant concerns—a primary one being the overall calories. The 5 & 1 plan is considered a very-low-calorie diet since it provides only 800 to 1000 calories. An energy intake this low makes it very hard to get all recommended nutrients, and research does not suggest the diet or the weight loss is necessarily maintainable. Also, the addition of a probiotic sounds good, but the reality is that it may offer little, if any, benefit. New research suggests that to be effective probiotic strains need to be individualized to one’s specific gut needs.

Coaching and Sales

The Optavia Diet provides support from coaches, but it’s important to note that the coaches don’t necessarily have any type of health background and have limited, if any, training when it comes to nutrition and weight loss principles. Additionally, the program is based on direct sales, where existing customer get referrals fees or commissions for recruiting someone new to sign up. While I’m sure intention of most reps is good, income still plays some role when recommending and encouraging use of the program.


Similar to other meal replacement programs that I’ve reviewed such as HMR Diet, the main concern surrounding these type of weight loss plans is that they don’t teach real-life skills in regards to planning, food choices, and cooking. Individuals tend to do well when following the program using pre-portioned meals, but then they struggle to incorporate more real foods once transitioning to maintenance. While the Optavia Diet encourages healthy eating to be a lifelong process, individuals in maintenance still consume about half of their daily intake from pre-portioned Optavia foods—something which most don’t consider a practical long-term solution.

Should You Try the Optavia Diet?

Meal replacements are at the center of this low-calorie diet. This may appeal to some since it largely eliminates the need for most planning, shopping, and food prep. However, individuals who prefer freshly prepared food and variety in their diet are not likely to find the program sustainable or realistic.

The Optavia Diet does address more health concerns, lifestyle conditions, and age groups than most other commercial diet programs, but special populations, particularly those with diabetes, should always consult a physician before making changes to diet.

Medifast is the brand recommended by thousands of health care providers.

Medifast has a long, clinical heritage of facilitating the weight loss success stories for thousands of customers. It’s through our unique meal plans that we provide you with formulated nutrition and healthy habits for weight management.

Medifast Nutrition and How It Works to Make You Lose Weight

Medifast weight loss meals are nutrient-dense and fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, so you can lose pounds and inches without losing out on nutrition. Each meal has essentially the same nutritional profile, and has been designed to have enough low-fat protein and healthy fiber to help you feel full and satisfied, without the between-meal hunger that can sabotage a weight loss plan.

The Key?

After a few days on either Medifast weight loss plan, your body will start to burn fat so you can lose weight while preserving muscle tissue.

Scientific Advisors to Ensure Continued Effectiveness

Medifast employs a Scientific Advisory Board that’s composed of a distinguished panel of scientists and doctors. Their role is to review the effectiveness, safety, and nutritional benefits of Medifast’s products and programs. The board also helps develop new meals and supplements and investigates alternate weight-loss approaches for those with special medical or nutritional needs, such as patients with heart disease or those who follow a vegetarian diet. We have options for just about anyone.

Clinical studies prove time and again that Medifast works.

  • Clinically proven effective by researchers at major universities.
  • Studies published in major medical journals have proven meal replacements to be an effective method of weight loss and weight maintenance.

Medifast Diet Review 2020 – Rip-Off or Worth To Try? Here is Why..

6.3 Total Score Reading Time: 5 minutes

Do Dieters Lose Weight With MEDIFAST Diet?

Dieters on Medifast do typically lose weight, especially in the beginning. The diet calls for only 800 to 1,000 calories to be ingested on a daily basis. However, the level of weight loss success ultimately depends on the ability of a participant to stick to all the rules set forth by Medifast. Even though weight loss can be expected by those following the diet program to a tee, the amount of weight loss is greatly contested. The claim of 2 to 5 pounds per week is one that can’t really be proven as some will lose more than others and there are many variables that go into the amount of weight that is achieved while on the Medifast Diet.

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Word On The Street About MEDIFAST Diet

What about Medifast reviews? Since Medifast is so well-known and such a powerhouse in the diet world, I went straight to Consumer Reports for Medifast reviews, all of which appear quite candid and legitimate. The most recent review was from just a couple of days ago, August 2017. “Kyleigh,” who gave Medifast 4 stars, says she was introduced to Medifast through an online video.

“…My experience going through the diet started off well and I was surprised by how good a lot of the meals tasted…I didn’t experience any more weight loss with this program than I would if I just changed my diet. I think the results are overstated in a lot of the publicity and that was the biggest drawback for me. I really like that it was convenient, but it wasn’t quite what I expected …“. But a common theme I found was that a number of people, while giving it high marks as very effective for extreme weight loss, caution that it’s difficult at best to sustain it and many gain some or all of the weight back once they go off the diet. I went in search of very negative reviews, too—1- and 2-star reviews—and found 80 reviews; some were frightening, with users listing serious health problems occurring post-diet. It’s not clear how many of these people consulted a doctor before starting the diet. Nonetheless, let that stand as a warning: ask your doctor before you start Medifast or any other diet. back to menu


In announcing its ranking on Forbes’ lists, Medifast described itself as “a leading portion-controlled weight-loss program.” Actually, Medifast is a very low calorie diet (VLCD) consisting of Medifast prepackaged meal replacement shakes and other foods. It’s also a multi-level-marketing (MLM) diet business, which the company calls its “Take Shape for Life” personal coaching division. Medifast also sells its program and products online and through call centers, in its Medifast Weight Control Centers and through a network of doctors. Medifast will sell to anyone online or through distributors, but in its centers people should be at least 30 pounds overweight based on body mass index guidelines. It’s a very big and lucrative business—especially for those at the top of the MLM pyramid.

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“Medifast is safe and effective to do on your own whether you want to lose 15 or 120 or more pounds.” That’s the weight loss claim. Medifast says it is safe and effective and used by doctors for years. In fact, Vitale sold the diet to fellow doctors and that’s how he got that direct marketing business model rolling. Medifast says tens of thousands of doctors have recommended it over the decades but adds, “It’s only been within the past decade that Medifast was formulated to be available to you without a doctor’s supervision.” Medifast claims that their weight loss meals are “nutrient-dense and fortified with 24 vitamins and minerals, so you can lose pounds and inches without losing out on nutrition. Each meal has essentially the same nutritional profile, and has been designed to have enough low-fat protein and healthy fiber to help you feel full and satisfied, without the between-meal hunger that can sabotage a weight loss plan.” Medifast says the key to weight loss on its plans is simple: “After a few days on either Medifast weight loss plan, your body will start to burn fat so you can lose weight while preserving muscle tissue.” There are two plans. Medifast Go was formerly known as the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan. Let me digress here for a minute; the Medifast 5 & 1 Plan was the subject of a sweeping 2012 federal investigation and lawsuit, wherein federal agencies alleged the company engaged in false advertising when it claimed you’d “lose 2-5 pounds” per week with no scientific proof of that claim. Medifast ultimately settled by paying a $3.7 million fine, but declined to admit guilt. Medifast has changed the program name to Medifast Go, and added a new weight loss meal replacement program, Medifast Flex, previously known as the Medifast Achieve Plan. Each will run you around $75 to $100 a week. On the Medifast diet you eat “Medifast Meals fortified with the essential vitamins and minerals you need for healthy weight loss.” Medifast claims it’s nutritionally balanced meals, more than 65 of them, “are all based on a similar design, so they are easily interchangeable and you’re assured of getting great nutrition every day.” These ‘meals’ are bars, shakes, soups, snacks, desserts and a few pasta entrees. You do need to, obviously, supplement with real food. Medifast has that part covered with its “lean and green” recipes, described as including 7 ounces of protein, 3 servings of vegetables, and up to 2 servings of healthy fats, the latter “depending on your lean protein choices.” The recipes are available to Medifast customers on their blog and in their cookbook. But they also sell individual Medifast ‘Flavors of Home Lean and Green’ meals. A 14-day Medifast diet meal replacement kit is $149 and includes an assortment of Medifast “meals” (70 total) that include shakes, snacks, and soups so I’m not sure if a shake constitutes a meal, but I am assuming it does. So you’ll get stuff like a pasta dish, brownies, chicken noodle soup, peanut butter crunch bars, vanilla shakes, and mashed potatoes. And you receive a welcome kit, food journal, dining-out guide and a plastic blender bottle. Similarly, the 30-day kit at $329 provides a month’s worth of Medifast Meals, 147 in total with dishes like the 14-day but it appears like you get more variety like oatmeal and pretzel sticks, but the list on the website appears to be mostly snack foods, shakes and a couple of side dishes, also known as meal replacement stuff.

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The Bottom Line: Is MEDIFAST Worth a Try?

Risky (mid-level risk). It is, simply put, a very low calorie diet. But one that requires Medifast brand meal replacements, including Medifast shakes, Medifast bars, Medifast snacks, and more. I’m not a fan of prepackaged food diet food, no matter how much nutrition is said to be packed in there. It is still processed in some manner, and processed foods – especially “diet” processed foods.

“may contain hidden additives that some nutritionists claim may sabotage weight loss. Just saying”

That said, if your doctor recommends it – or if you ask and your doctor approves – go for it. But know up front, unless you change your eating habits and incorporate regular and energetic exercise into your life for good, just like with any other diet, you won’t keep that weight off once you go off the plan. But it’s your call.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Medifast work? It can work and it is safe, however it may be more difficult to maintain the weight loss after discontinuing the program. Does Medifast put you in Ketosis? To an extent the Medifast 5 &1 plan may put you in a mild state of dietary ketosis. Does Medifast food expire? Each package of food does have an expiration date. Please check each of your packages if you have had them for sometime. How does Medifast work? Each meal has essentially the same nutritional profile, and has been designed to have enough low-fat protein and healthy fiber to help you feel full and satisfied, without the between-meal hunger that can sabotage a weight loss plan. What does Medifast cost? The price of Medifast varies but on average it costs about $11/day or $329/30 day supply as a new customer.

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MEDIFAST: the reality-based weight-loss plan

  • Gingerbread Soft Bake

    Bake some goodness into your day with the Soft Bake that harkens to simpler times. Our warm, sweet gingerbread with a touch of molasses is the perfect start – or finish – to any day on plan. It’s a mouthful of magic.

  • Sea Salt & Olive Oil Veggie Chips

    Snack on this! When you want a chip, nothing else will do. This chip off a new block satisfies your most intense crunch craving and still helps you reach your weight-loss goals. Each counts as an optional snack on the Medifast program.

  • Cheddar & Sour Cream Popcorn

    Sometimes nothing soothes like popcorn. But ours, with sour cream and cheddar cheese, is so good that you’ll revise your notion of the perfect snack. Snack on plan, and be happy! Each counts as an optional snack on the Medifast program.

  • Introducing: Flavors of Home™

    It’s the perfect answer to dinner when life’s just too busy for cooking. Each Flavors of Home™ counts as the “1” on the 5 & 1 Plan® and is a Lean & Green Meal on the Medifast Program. Choose from Chicken Cacciatore, Chicken with Rice & Vegetables and Turkey Meatball Marinara
    *Each Flavors of Home™ meal counts as one Lean & Green Meal on the Medifast Program. Not a Lean food as per 9 CFR 317.362 for fat content.

  • Garlic and Sour Cream & Chive Mashed Potatoes

    Better than your wildest mashed potato dreams! This low fat meal replacement is delicious and has just 0.5 grams of fat and only 100 calories!

  • Cookie Dough & Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Chewy Bar

    Chew on this: at just 110 calories, Medifast Chewy Bars have the full spectrum of vitamins and minerals.

  • Pineapple Mango & Triple Berry Smoothie

    Chill out, and relax! Our fruity, frothy smoothie is so delicious that you’ll think you’re on vacation. The tropical tastes of pineapple and mango tickle the taste buds to keep you happy and well nourished. The triple berry flavor quenches hunger and tastes like a fancy gourmet juice-bar drink!

  • Shakes

    Medifast offers soy and whey protein-based Shakes in a variety of flavors that you can whip up on your own or enjoy as a ready-to-drink meal. The lineup includes specialty shakes with antioxidants and shakes formulated especially for people with diabetes.

  • Macaroni & Cheese

    The ultimate comfort food, Medifast Macaroni & Cheese is rich and creamy like the real thing, but it looks great on you, with less fat, fewer carbs and calories, and more healthy fiber.

  • Chocolate Brownies & Chocolate Chip Soft Bake

    These Medifast favorites will remind you of fresh-baked brownies and cookies warm from the oven. And they’re easy to bake in the microwave or oven for a rich—and nutritious—chocolaty experience that saves time and calories.

The holidays have come and gone, and between the Christmas cookies and New Year’s champagne, you’ve likely indulged in some tasty treats over the last few months. Well, 2019 has arrived, which means it’s time to clean up our eating habits. We know how stressful and overwhelming meal planning and meal prep can be, so we’ve called upon our tried-and-true iFit dietitians to do the hard work for you! To get you started, they’ve put together a 14-day meal plan that’s filled with delicious recipes.

With our meal plan, each day’s worth of food will land you at about 1,500 calories with lots of protein and fiber, so you will feel satisfied and satiated (and not hangry…we promise!) Even better, these recipes are all jam-packed with vitamins, nutrients, and a lot of delicious flavor. At iFit, we strongly believe that healthy eating does not have to mean bland and boring, so we promise that no limp broccoli or flavorless chicken breast will make an appearance in this guide!

What you’ll be getting is two weeks of balanced recipes that focus on whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean proteins. We also included a weekly menu (with snacks), shopping lists, and recipes to make following this guide simple and easy. Our dietitians are also moms and know how important it is to eat together as a family. We don’t want our clients making two dinners every night, so the recipes are family friendly. With items like Slow Cooker Beef and Broccoli, your family will be eating healthier and loving every bite.

While this is a 2-week guide, we don’t expect these recipes or this way of eating to be short lived. This is to help you practice meal prepping, balancing your meals, and making healthy snacking choices. You will also notice that we often use dinner leftovers as lunch the next day. This is a great practice to avoid food waste, money waste, and too much time in the kitchen—win, win, win!

Whether you’re a novice or an experienced cook, these recipes are easy to follow, healthy, delicious, and will be great additions to your recipe box.

(Click image to download)

Medifast ReviewWorth Trying It Out Yourself?

Medifast’s company mission is simple: it is a diet plan developed by doctors that encourages weight loss in a healthy way.

Over the years, the Medifast diet has developed a reputation for being a safe way for customers to lose weight quickly.

Because the team behind Medifast has a medical background, all Medifast food promise to get you the protein you need to maintain a lean muscle mass.

How Medifast Works

So what is Medifast?

The Medifast philosophy revolves around eating smaller portions every few hours rather than three large meals a day.

This means that you’ll be eating every 2-3 hours six times a day.

You’re probably now wondering how it’s possible to eat six meals a day and still lose weight.

The pounds will begin to shed because each meal is carefully balanced with the right number of calories and a balanced amount of nutrients and protein.

While five of your six meals a day will be from the Medifast line of products, one can be of your own creation (as long as you adhere to the nutritional guidelines).

Because your body is running on a lower number of calories than it is used to with the Medifast diet, it will quickly start going into “fat-burning” mode. This means that your body will start shedding fat immediately.

The Medifast dieting plan has three distinct stages:

The first is the weight loss stage, when customers begin losing weight rather rapidly. According to Medifast, customers typically lose 2-5 pounds a week during the first two weeks on the plan.

The second phase is the transition phase, which lasts six weeks and involves the customer getting used to their new caloric intake level. The company says you’ll usually lose 1-2 pounds a week during this time.

The third phase is the “maintenance phase,” which is lifelong. Once you’ve reached your goal weight, you’ll receive new guidelines that will ensure that you continue to maintain your ideal body weight.

But customers shouldn’t worry about their Medifast meals being repetitive or boring.

The company’s menu is quite extensive, allowing you to choose from 65 different items while also having the flexibility to create meals that are green and suit your tastes. The Medifast lean and green options have quickly become a popular choice among customers.

Medifast offers the following plans:

  • Medifast Flex: A flexible plan that focuses on steady weight loss.
  • Medifast Achieve: The focus here is on Medifast products that can easily be eaten on-the-go.
  • Medifast GO: A month long plan that contains 30 full days of meals that are designed to help you lose fat.

Medifast gluten free meals and snacks are also available and customers can even order a 30 day meal plan of gluten-free favorites to get started on their diet.

What You Can Expect From Your Meal

While Medifast is perhaps best known in pop culture for its Medifast shakes, the company has grown a lot since its founding almost 40 years ago.

Today, in addition to protein shakes and Medifast bars, the company offers a variety of Medifast meals that are low-fat, high-protein and have a carefully regulated amount of carbs.

The current menu contains Medifast products that range from breakfast cereal to macaroni and cheese.

Medifast works because it is based on calorie restriction. This means that you’ll just be taking in 800-1000 calories a day during the weightloss portion of the plan.

This is a severe jump for most people and your body may need some time to adapt accordingly.

Sample Meals

  • Strawberry Shake: One of the most popular items on the Medifast shake menu, the strawberry shake tastes like sweet treat. (Luckily it’s also packed with protein and serves as a meal replacement.)
  • Tomato Basil Bisque: This creamy soup is perfect for a cool winter evening or whenever you’d like a nice filling bowl of soup.
  • Ziti Marinara: This pasta dish proves that being on a strict diet plan doesn’t mean that you have to give up rich tasting foods or flavor. While Medifast’s ziti dish is technically a ‘meal replacement’ according to the company’s menu, you’ll feel as if you’ve had a nice meal after eating it.
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes: We loved that these mashed potatoes tasted so rich that we didn’t miss the tons of butter that usually top most recipes. ( about other delicious dishes.)


Your order will be shipped 2-7 days after your it is processed. Customers who are part of the Medifast Advantage program whose orders are over $250 will receive free shipping. Otherwise orders between $150 and $299.99 will have a $5 flat shipping rate applied to their purchase.


The cost of your Medifast products will depend on the plan you choose.

  • Medifast Flex is $396 per month (and $299 with the first month discount)
  • Medifast Achieve is $460 a month (and $399 with the first month discount.)
  • Medifast GO is $429 a month (and $329 with the first month discount.)

It is also possible to order Medifast products a la carte. Shakes are $19.50 for a box of seven drinks and entrees are also $19.50 for 7 servings.

Food for Thought

As you can tell from all of the above, the Medifast meal plan is a very restricted diet that works because it helps your body adapt to a very low calorie diet until you reach your target weight. Because of that, it’s recommended that you consult your doctor before starting the program to make sure that it is right for you.

When followed correctly, Medifast results are instantly apparent in just a few weeks.

It’s also important to note that Medifast is intended for customers who are considered obese (this is another reason you should check with your doctor before starting.)

Additionally, because Medifast requires quite a bit of discipline (you have to eat every 2-3 hours and the meal you prepare yourself has to follow the plan’s guidelines) it is not for people who are fans of cheat days or who need a little more leeway to stick to a plan.

But for those who stick to the plan, the results are noticeable within a month.

How to Order

Ordering your Medifast products is simple.

After you pick the plan that works best, simply click the “Order Now” button.

You’ll immediately qualify for Medifast’s new customer discount. Simply hit the “new customer” button to create a user login. The next prompt will lead you to enter your shipping and payment information.

Once you’ve looked over your order information and signed off on them, your journey to a healthier approach to food will begin in a matter of days.

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