Healthy food from Starbucks

Whether it’s at the airport, a rest stop or on the way to work, Starbucks is a convenient place to grab a meal along with your grande latte. But with all of those tempting pastries and desserts, it can be a hard place to make healthy choices. There are also a number of things on the menu that sound pretty healthy but fall short on nutrition — e.g., the “Protein Bistro Box” that comes with sweetened peanut butter and bread that’s not 100 percent whole grain, or the wholesome sounding “Artisan” bread that contains no whole grains at all. Also, there are some foods that are healthy, but don’t really taste that great.

So we set out find the tastiest breakfast, lunch and snack items on the Starbucks menu that also fit into a healthy diet — read on for our top 10 favorite healthy foods at Starbucks!


1. Classic Whole Grain Oatmeal


By most standards the oatmeal, which is high in fiber and low in sodium and saturated fat and contains no added sugar, is the healthiest breakfast item on Starbucks’ menu — it also happens to be one of the best tasting. The oatmeal has a slightly nutty flavor and a great texture that’s a combo of toothsome and creamy — not mushy! — thanks, presumably, to the fact that it’s a blend of old-fashioned and steel-cut oats. Add the packets of nuts and fruit for a flavor and nutrition boost, but skip the brown sugar to keep it extra healthy. A splash of milk is a nice addition too.

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2. Egg and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich

Kathryn Barnard Photography / Starbucks

Sometimes you just have to scratch that egg sandwich itch, and this classic egg and cheddar on an English muffin is a pretty good way to do it. Sure, the “wheat muffin” is only made with part whole wheat flour (the rest is white flour — tricky!), but it clocks in at a fairly modest 280 calories and has less sodium than all of Starbucks’ other breakfast sandwiches. This is our favorite pick when we want whole eggs, not egg whites.

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3. Spinach, Feta and Egg White Sandwich

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Roasted tomatoes and spinach boost the flavor and the fiber in this egg white sandwich, which comes in a part-whole-wheat wrap that is miraculously crispy, not soggy. Feta cheese further boosts the flavor and adds some calcium and more protein, though it also contributes to the high sodium content of the sandwich, which has 35 percent of the daily value for sodium — a bit much to bite off at breakfast.

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4. Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon and Egg White Sandwich


Another good pick for scratching that McMuffin-type-sandwich itch, this satisfying sandwich has a decent amount of protein (16 grams) and is low in calories (230), fairly low in saturated fat (2.5 grams, which is 12 percent of the daily value), and doesn’t totally break the bank when it comes to sodium (it has 23 percent of the daily value). But the little package packs a lot of flavor and textures, and you really don’t miss the fat in the reduced fat turkey bacon, which is similar to Canadian bacon, and the cheese once it’s all sandwiched into the muffin.

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5. Avocado Spread

Armstrong Studios / Starbucks

People are going crazy for Starbucks’ new avocado spread, and for good reason: It adds tangy, creamy goodness to anything you’d like to spread or dollop it on (breakfast sandwiches, salad bowls, etc.). And avocado is a great source of healthy fats as well as fiber (the 90-calorie serving has 4 grams of fiber). We’ve seen some comments online questioning whether the bright color of the spread is natural. It appears that it is: The spread’s ingredient list says it contains just Haas avocados, sea salt, onion, garlic, jalapeño pepper and lime juice, and a Starbucks rep says it uses high pressure processing (HPP) rather than heat or preservatives to keep it fresh.

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6. Hearty Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl


Veggie lovers, rejoice! This vegetarian grain bowl is full of good tasting, good looking and good for you vegetables, including kale, red cabbage, beets, broccoli, peas and roasted tomatoes. But what really pulls it all together is the creamy, tangy lemon-tahini dressing. Not only is it delicious, but its healthy fats from sesame paste and olive oil help your body absorb the veggie’s fat-soluble vitamins.

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7. Zesty Chicken and Black Bean Salad Bowl


Another grain bowl winner, this combo of chicken, black beans, quinoa, sweet corn, tomatoes, crunchy jicama and salty feta, has a punchy “Southwestern” flavor. And it’s got an impressive 14 grams of protein, thanks to the chicken, black beans and quinoa. It’s great as-is, but a container of that avocado spread would be a nice touch on top.

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8. Thai-Style Peanut Chicken Wrap


Starbucks had us at “spicy peanut-coconut sauce,” but even without the sauce (which goes into the sandwich and also comes on the side for dipping), this chicken and veggie wrap is pretty darn tasty. Red peppers and a crunchy carrot, jicama, and cabbage slaw add texture and punch up the flavor, fiber and vitamin content of the sandwich, which has an impressive amount of vitamins A and C. It also has less sodium than some sandwiches that might sound healthier (21 percent of the daily value, compared to 39 percent for Starbucks’ smoked turkey and Swiss sandwich).

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9. Seasonal Harvest Fruit Blend


You really can’t go wrong with a straight-up, no-sugar added fruit cup to up the nutritional content of any meal, and Starbucks’ Seasonal Harvest Fruit Blend (which changes but seems to usually involve apples, grapes and oranges) fits the bill nicely… though it has to be said that the cups at our local Starbucks don’t look quite as gorgeous as the picture of the blend of Starbucks’ website…

10. Bissinger’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Mini


These little bites are a perfect portion-controlled treat, and let’s not forget about the health benefits of dark chocolate — including boosting brain power!

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15 Healthy Hot Breakfast Items at Starbucks

You’ve heard the old aphorism: Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If the message is so catchy and cliche, why would you ignore it? We’re sure you can think of plenty of reasons: You hit snooze one too many times and were running late, or perhaps you forgot to stock up on eggs and oatmeal.

Since you’re already planning your morning Starbucks run (because, hey, there’s always time for coffee) we’ve put together a list of the java joint’s healthiest hot breakfast items. The majority of these picks help you start your day with protein, healthy fats, and fiber—three key macronutrients to trimming excess weight and warding off hunger—while the other offerings provide a low-cal caffeine and antioxidant boost. Find out which items you should wake up to below, and if you’re still considering avoiding a morning meal, read up on these 21 Things That Happen to Your Body When You Skip Breakfast.


Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Courtesy of Starbucks210 calories, 5 g fat (2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 560 mg sodium, 26 g carbs (3 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 18 g protein

Did someone say “bacon?” With lean turkey bacon and fluffy egg whites, this slimming sandwich manages to serve up a whopping 18 grams of protein to help maintain your muscles and boost your metabolism bright and early.


Classic Oatmeal

Courtesy of Starbucks 160 calories, 2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 125 mg sodium, 28 g carbs (4 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 5 g protein

“The oatmeal is a sure pick and something that’s easy to grab on-the-go. I love oatmeal because it’s filling and has heart-healthy fiber that’s also good for promoting healthy digestion,” Isabel Smith, MS RD CDN, founder Isabel Smith Nutrition tells us in 28 Starbucks Items that Diet Experts Love. Instead of reaching for sugary add-ons, Smith suggests topping your warm bowl of oats with almonds or a sliced banana.


Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal

Courtesy of Starbucks 220 calories, 2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 125 mg sodium, 43 g carbs (5 g fiber, 13 g sugar), 5 g protein

Although this oatmeal option has more sugar than the classic, we’re giving it the go because it’s sweetened with wholesome ingredients such as dried figs, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries, and organic agave nectar syrup (but for less sugar, skip the agave drizzle altogether). Plus, it packs in an extra gram of heart-healthy fiber yet remains low in calories.


Emperor’s Cloud and Mist Green Tea

Courtesy of Starbucks Per grande: 0 calories, 0 g fat, 10 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g protein

This mystical-sounding tea may boast zeros across the nutritional board, but it’s a total overachiever in the antioxidant department. Whether or not the leaves are cultivated at a lofty 3,500 feet above ground (in Starbucks’ case, they are), green tea is rife with the almighty catechin EGCG—which has been proven to seriously boost metabolism and spur weight loss.



Courtesy of Starbucks PER GRANDE WITH 2% MILK: 120 calories, 4 g fat (2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 100 mg sodium, 12 g carbs (0 g fiber, 10 g sugar), 8 g protein

You need to pair your filling bowl of oatmeal with a cup of caffeine, right? The reduced-fat cappuccino is one of the slimmest offerings with zero added sugars on the Sbux beverage menu.


Sous Vide Egg Bites: Egg White & Red Pepper

Courtesy of Starbucks 170 calories, 7 g fat (5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 500 mg sodium, 13 g carbs (1 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 13 g protein

The French sous vide technique lends protein-rich egg whites a velvety texture while the spinach, roasted red peppers, and Monterey Jack cheese add a boatload of flavor. For just 170 calories and an impressive 13 grams of protein, how can you go wrong?


Certified Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich

Courtesy of Starbucks 280 calories, 13 g fat (4 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 740 mg sodium, 18 g carbs (6 g fiber, 2 g sugar), 18 g protein

Going gluten-free should only be a priority if you suffer from celiac disease. But even if you’re intolerant to grains, that doesn’t mean you must avoid hearty sandwiches altogether. Starbucks’ gluten-free sandwich is certified for a reason: The bun is made with ingredients such as golden millet seeds, flax seeds, and quinoa, and the prep meticulously prevents cross-contamination so you can enjoy this sandwich worry-free.


Spinach, Feta & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap

Courtesy of Starbucks 290 calories, 10 g fat (3.5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 830 mg sodium, 33 g carbs (6 g fiber, 4 g sugar), 19 g protein

“I love starting my day with veggies and lean protein, and this wrap is just what I need! It contains the perfect balance of filling protein along with whole grains to give me a natural energy boost. And the fiber in the wrap keeps me full for hours, helping to prevent those mid-morning sweet cravings,” Erin Palinski-Wade, RD, CDE, author of Belly Fat Diet for Dummies tells us in 28 Starbucks Items that Diet Experts Love.


Rev Up Wellness Brewed Tea

Courtesy of Starbucks Per grande: 0 calories, 0 g fat, 10 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 0 g protein

Getting over a nagging cold or trying to avoid one during those frigid winter months? Warm up with this floral, steamy infusion of antioxidant-packed black tea, apple, marigold petals, green tea, and oolong tea—a brew that made our list of Top 5 Best Teas for Weight Loss.


Seared Steak, Egg & Tomatillo Wrap

Courtesy of Starbucks 410 calories, 18 g fat (5 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 780 mg sodium, 43 g carbs (2 g fiber, 4 g sugar), 21 g protein

This toasty tortilla might be the most caloric breakfast item to crack our list, but the somewhat-steep calorie count can be justified by the accompanying 21 grams of protein. Not to mention, the lush caramelized onions and tomatillo salsa will likely curb those lunchtime cravings for Mexican.


Caffè Misto

Courtesy of Starbucks PER GRANDE WITH 2% MILK: 110 calories, 4 g fat (2 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 100 mg sodium, 10 g carbs (0 g fiber, 10 g sugar), 7 g protein

For just 110 calories, you’re getting seven grams of protein and a much-needed energy boost. Don’t fret the jitters, though: This cup’s four grams of healthy fats will help prevent caffeine’s agitating side effects.


Blonde Roast

Courtesy of Starbucks Per grande: 5 calories, 0 g fat, 10 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 1 g protein

The ‘Bux’s new Blonde Roast is subtle yet jam-packed with mellow flavor notes and a delicate depth that’s incomparable to the darker brews. Splash a dash of heavy cream into the cup or sprinkle in some cinnamon for a trim treat.


Pike Place Roast

Courtesy of Starbucks Per grande: 5 calories, 0 g fat, 10 mg sodium, 0 g carbs, 1 g protein

The coffee shop’s popular medium-roast boasts a winning balanced flavor that won’t show up on your waistline. With just five calories per Grande, feel free to punch this pick into your Starbucks app every day.


Caffè Americano

Courtesy of Starbucks PER GRANDE: 15 calories, 0 g fat, 0 mg sodium, 3 g carbs (0 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 1 g protein

Rather than contributing to the morning rush with your mile-long coffee order, stick to the simple stuff. The Caffè Americano is poured with just espresso and boiling water for a potent 225-milligram caffeine punch and a mind-blowingly low calorie count.


Espresso Macchiato

Courtesy of Starbucks Per Doppio with Whole Milk: 15 calories, 0 g fat, 0 mg sodium, 2 g carbs (0 g fiber, 0 g sugar), 1 g protein

Write off your usual sugar-filled latte and ask your barista for a double shot of espresso, or doppio, with a splash of whole milk instead. This pick packs in only 15 calories and will keep you productive past lunchtime. Now that we’ve got your mind on the midday meal, don’t forget to try these 20 Best Lunch Habits to Drop 10 Pounds.

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As much as we all would like to prepare healthy meals and snacks at home every week, it’s not realistically possible to knock it out of the park every single time. Whether you’re someone that travels all week for work, you’re constantly running around town for work or school, or you’re a mom that needs healthy options for herself on the move, we can all benefit from knowing what healthy food options are readily available out there. And what chain is more ubiquitous than Starbucks?

The global chain has made big moves in recent years to move toward highlighting more health-friendly menu items and away from pushing their frappuccinos (with upwards of 85g of sugar), which is great progress.

But some menu items can be misnomers, advertising labels like “skinny” or “lightly sweetened” when there are actually smarter options to choose from. The word “healthy” itself can also mean a variety of things: high protein, macronutrient balance, fewer ingredients, low sugar, nutrient-dense, plant-based. One is not necessarily better than the other, it just depends on what your priorities are! In order to help you guys know your general go-to healthy favorites, I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite healthy menu choices, along with things you should keep in mind when ordering your morning caffeine fix.

What to Know About the Beverages

As a nutrition coach, I can’t endorse many of the Starbucks creative beverages because they’re just not the wisest choice. But we all need our morning caffeine fix, and there’s nothing like a refreshing iced drink on a summer day, so this is beverage ordering 101 at Starbucks.


It’s pretty commonly understood that Starbucks Frappuccinos are not the wisest choice if you’re trying to keep your health in mind, but the menu can get confusing with things that sound healthy but may in fact not be.

We like our coffees BASIC:

Stick to the basics. Any kind of coffee or espresso based drinks like flat whites, cappuccinos, or lattes are great. Make it iced to lighten things up even more. Just skip the crazy flavorings and sweeteners, and maybe skip the unicorns too.

We like our coffees FAT:

Skip over the “skinny” and “ non-fat.” Skim milk is devoid of all the good nutrients that full-fat milk (or almond + coconut) can provide. A little fat with your caffeine will help keep your stomach more satiated, and fats are necessary for brain health – isn’t that mental clarity half of why we drink our caffeine anyhow?

Teas + Smoothies

This field gets tricky, because all teas and smoothies are healthy, right? Starbucks has a tendency to sweeten all these up – for instance, a grande Chai Latte has 42g of sugar, the Sparkling Berry Sangria Herbal Tea has 33g of sugar, and the Strawberry Smoothie has 41g of sugar. My tips for ordering, so you can sip on refreshing iced teas all summer long:

  • Ask for things unsweetened or, pro tip: ask for it blended
  • Many of their iced teas are sweetened with a pump of syrup, so just ask for it without.
  • Missing the slushy-like consistency of a smoothie or frappuccino? Ask the barista to just blend your tea with ice, and voila!

1. Certified Gluten-Free Breakfast Sandwich

Typically I get wary of the label “gluten-free” when it comes to breads and baked goods (you’d be shocked how often sugar is one of the first ingredients) but this gluten-free ciabatta includes healthier ingredients like psyllium husk, buckwheat, millet, flaxseed, and egg white powder. Topped with protein-rich scrambled eggs, leaner Canadian bacon, and cheese, you get 18g of protein, 18g of carb, 13g of fat, and only 2g of sugar. It’s a pretty satiating and well-rounded choice for breakfast – just make sure to get more vegetables in later!

2. Sous Vide Egg Bites: Egg White + Red Pepper

These fluffy egg bites filled with spinach, roasted red pepper, and Monterey Jack are a great choice to grab and go during those busy mornings. Veggies, protein, and low sugar are all a wise choice to kickstart your day! You get 13 grams of protein within 170 calories, keeping it a light and easy option. It’s also great for those watching their carbs and sugar intake.

3. Farmer’s Market Protein Box

While this one is a bit higher calorie, clocking in at 470 calories, it’s actually a wonderful snack box. The 12g of sugar come from the apple slices, and you get some veggies from the snap peas, healthy fats from the rosemary almonds and cheese, and protein from the salami. If I were taking a road trip, this would be my perfect snack box of choice.

4. Smoked Turkey Protein Box

This box packs in 24 grams of protein and can satisfy even those who wrinkle their noses as the phrase “health food.” Before you raise your eyebrow at the 15g of sugar, just know – that sugar is coming from the apple slices and sweet baby carrots in the box, which provide great nutrients. The ratio of 24g of protein to 42g of carbs, along with the variety of nutrients in this box, makes this a great post-workout choice to jumpstart your recovery process.

5. Herbed Chicken + Fig Spread Sandwich

For when you want to feel a little fancy at Starbucks but still choose wisely, this sandwich offers antiobiotic-free chicken with figs, arugula, mustard, and a touch of ricotta. Those ingredients tally up to 19g of protein, 43g of carbs, and 8g of fat for a satiating lunch sandwich to take on to a flight so you’re not tempted to reach for those Biscoff cookies.

6. Classic Whole Grain Oatmeal

While someone might think this is a bit too high in carbs, ratio-wise, for breakfast, oatmeal is an incredibly nourishing option. Oatmeal is rich in fiber (good for digestion), and important minerals like manganese, magnesium, zinc to keep your immune system working well – perfect for frequent flyers. Choose the option of adding heart-healthy nuts and nutrient-dense blueberries, then opt for the dried fruits over the brown sugar if you want a touch of sweetness.

7. Spinach, Feta, + Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap

Spinach and eggs are some of the most nutrient-dense ingredients you can have for breakfast. This whole-wheat wrap combines them with tomatoes and feta for a delicious, light breakfast that still packs in 19g of muscle-building protein.

8. Organic Avocado Spread

Need I say more? We all love a good avocado, and now Starbucks has these little organic avocado spreads in a to-go cup. Avocados are incredibly rich in monosaturated fats (the good kind!) and almost 20 different vitamins and minerals. Use this spread to add nutrients to any sandwich, make avocado toast, or even as a dip.

9. Cage-Free Eggs and Seasoned Grains Side Salad

This very straightforward salad just contains cage-free hard boiled eggs, brown rice with lemon oil and chives, roasted tomatoes, and spinach. Eggs are one of the best complete foods with high-quality protein and a range of amino acids, along with healthy fats from the yolk. A great way to get your veggies, protein, and carbs – all in one side salad.

What are your favorite things to order at Starbucks? How do you cut sugar on the go?

This post was originally published on June 6, 2017.

Look past the gingerbread loaves and eggnog lattes, and you’ll actually find tons of Starbucks foods packed with a hell of a lot of protein this time of year. TG, right? A peppermint mocha is delish, but you know you’ll still be starving in 30 minutes.

“Unlike simple carbs—protein plays a big role in satiety,” says Torey Armul, registered dietitian nutritionist. “It digests slowly, so it provides longer-lasting energy and satisfies hunger longer than sweet treats.”

Sonya Angelone, registered dietician nutritionist, recommends aiming to squeeze in 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal, and about half that amount for a snack (10 to 15 grams).

So go ahead, treat yourself to that caramel brulée latte, but pair it with these high-protein Starbucks menu items while you’re at it:

1. Egg and Cheese Protein Box

This bento-like container pairs two cage-free eggs with a full cup of fruit, multigrain muesli bread, and a honey peanut-butter spread. And at 23 grams of protein, it makes for a solid breakfast option.

Per serving: 460 cal, 24 g fat, 40 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 21 g sugar, 23 g protein.

2. Spinach, Feta & Cage-Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap

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Cage-free egg whites, spinach, feta cheese, and tomatoes rolled in a whole-wheat wrap? Yes, please. At 19 grams of protein, this tasty wrap is a great morning pick.

Per serving: 290 cal, 10 g fat, 33 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 4 g sugar, 19 g protein.

3. Holiday Turkey Panini

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A post shared by Starbucks Coffee ☕ (@starbucks) on Nov 21, 2016 at 10:22am PST

If a turkey breast panini topped with cranberry-herb stuffing and turkey gravy doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, then I don’t know what will. And the “handheld turkey dinner” is worth noting at 30 grams of protein.

Per serving: 540 cal, 13 g fat, 74 g carbs, 4 g fiber, 11 g sugar, 30 g protein.

4. Sous Vide Egg White Bites With Red Pepper

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A post shared by Aracely (@aracely_mecaara) on Jun 20, 2018 at 7:37am PDT

Cage-free eggs whites prepared using a fancy French technique known as “sous vide”—which involves vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in temperature-controlled water—are topped with Monterey Jack cheese, spinach, and fire-roasted red peppers for the perfect snack. FYI: It contains 13 grams of protein.

Per serving: 170 cal, 7 g fat, 13 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 2 g sugar, 13 g protein.

5. Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl with Black Beans and Greens

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A post shared by Rose Hackett (@starbucksreviewer) on Oct 2, 2017 at 5:31pm PDT

The name says it all. Choose this when you’re looking for a quick lunch to go with that latte. It includes grilled chicken tossed with a chili vinaigrette and mixed with fresh greens, tomatoes, roasted corn, black beans, and jicama. This meal (which contains 27 grams of protein) is a great option when you need a healthy meal on-the-fly.

Per serving: 420 cal, 17 g fat, 42 g carbs, 9 g fiber, 11 g sugar, 27 g protein.

6. Smoked Turkey Protein Box

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A post shared by Audrey (@avocado_aud) on Feb 16, 2018 at 9:14am PST

I mean, can you really go wrong with these boxes? This one boasts 35 grams of protein in its turkey sandwich with Swiss cheese, pickled peppers, a cream-cheese spread and lettuce on flatbread. Plus, it includes nutritious carrot sticks and apple slices on the side.

Per serving: 570 cal, 23 g fat, 54 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 20 g sugar, 35 g protein.

7. Chicken Wrap Protein Box

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A post shared by Lilian (@lilhappyplace) on Jun 24, 2017 at 12:39pm PDT

Can’t get enough of these adorable, portion-controlled meals? Check out this tortilla wrap with chicken, chili-lime slaw, and a peanut coconut sauce. It’s contains 30 grams of protein.

Per serving: 690 cal, 31 g fat, 77 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 0 g sugar, 30 g protein.

8. Almond Protein Blended Cold Brew

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A post shared by Haley (@haley0614) on Aug 15, 2018 at 3:35pm PDT

And you thought Starbucks blended drinks (read: calorie-laden) were best ignored. This drink is made with almond milk, plant-based protein, almond butter, and ice, and sweetened with a banana and date fruit blend. At 12 grams of protein, it’s a solid snack choice. If you prefer chocolate, then go for its Cacao Protein Blended Cold Brew brother, which packs 250 calories and 10 grams of protein.

Per serving: 270 cal, 12 g fat, 30 g carbs, 4 g fiber, 22 g sugar, 12 g protein.


RX Bar Protein Bar, Peanut Butter, 1.83 oz (12 Count) RXBAR $29.89

Starbucks locations also carry some healthy snacks you can find at the register, including RXBARs. The whole food protein bars are made with simple ingredients (egg whites, fruits, and nuts) and no added sugars, and contain 12 grams of protein per bar.

Per serving: 200 cal, 7 g fat, 25 g carbs, 15 g of sugar, 5 g fiber, 12 g protein.

Caroline Shannon-Karasik Caroline Shannon-Karasik is a writer and mental health advocate based in Pittsburgh, PA.

We mainly know Starbucks for its ridiculous drinks (looking at you, unicorn Frappuccino), but it’s also a great place to pick up some healthy, tasty grub.

Sure, they have plenty of not-so-healthy options, but they’ve come a long way since their days of only offering greasy breakfast sandwiches and high-calorie, sugary pastries. “Starbucks has increased its food options tremendously over the past few years, and they make it pretty darn easy to find a healthy meal when eating on the go,” Lindsey Pine, M.S., R.D., owner of Tasty Balance Nutrition, and former Starbucks barista, tells SELF. Plus, she notes that the brand is super vocal about what they put in their food. All products are prominently labeled with nutrition information, and, if the packaging is ever unclear, you can ask a barista or check their Web site for more info. That way you always know what you’re getting.

So the next time you’re in a rush and only have time to grab breakfast, lunch, or a snack during your coffee run, reach for one of these 11 products. R.D.s love them and so do we.

1. Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal

Per one serving: 220 calories, 2.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated), 43 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 5 g protein

You can always count on Starbucks’s oatmeal. Cara Harbstreet, M.S., R.D., L.D., of Street Smart Nutrition, tells SELF that the oatmeal you can get here (especially the blueberry variety) is a great option when you don’t have time to make your own at home. She likes it because it’s filled with fiber and protein, thanks to the berries and the nuts. To make it even healthier, she’ll pair it with either a hard-boiled egg or another handful of nuts.

2. Spinach, Feta, and Cage-Free Egg-White Breakfast Wrap

Per one serving: 290 calories, 3.5 g fat (0 g saturated), 33 g carbs, 6 g fiber, 19 g protein

Pine says that this is an excellent breakfast option because the feta and egg provide a bunch of protein (19 grams, to be specific), and the whole wheat wrap delivers six grams of fiber. Plus, it’s a great way to sneak some veggies into the first part of your day.

3. Protein Bistro Box

Per one serving: 370 calories, 19 g fat (6 g saturated), 37 g carbs, 5 g fiber, 13 g protein

“I love this snack box because it’s full of all the healthy snacks I would pack from home if I had time,” Abbey Sharp, R.D., owner of Abbey’s Kitchen, tells SELF. The box—which usually contains an assortment of hard-boiled eggs, almond butter, fruit, and cheese—is filled with five grams of fiber and 13 grams of protein.

4. Egg Salad Sandwich

Per one serving: 480 calories, 27 g fat (0 g saturated), 42 g carbs, 7 g fiber, 16 g protein

With seven grams of fiber, 16 grams of protein, and less than 500 calories, Keri Gans, M.S. R.D., author of The Small Change Diet, tells SELF that this classic makes an excellent lunch choice—one that’s perfect for any and all egg lovers.

5. Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl

Per one serving: 430 calories, 22 g fat (3 g saturated), 50 g carbs, 8 g fiber, 10 g protein

When it comes to vegetarian options, the pickings are slim-ish at Starbucks. But one dish that fits the bill, and that Harbstreet loves, is the Veggie and Brown Rice Salad Bowl. “ surprisingly filling, comes with a colorful variety of veggies, and a fair amount of fiber.” She pairs it with either a Kind bar (which you can also buy at Starbucks) or a bag of mixed nuts for a well-rounded meal.

6. Egg White and Red Pepper Sous Vide Bites

Per one serving: 170 calories, 7 g fat (5 g saturated), 13 g carbs, 1 g fiber, 13 g protein

I made a strange face when one of my friends asked me if there are any healthy Starbucks drinks that she can try.

I said “healthy?” Who goes to Starbucks to drink something healthy?

But doing the research for this article, I see that I was wrong. Apparently, there is a whole menu of healthy and sugar-free Starbucks drinks that were hiding under my nose. A Starbucks nutrition field if you like. (Or healthy variations of the standard Starbucks drinks to be precise.)

Also, when I’m writing this article, I’m trying to lose weight. So now I have a broad range of Starbucks coffee ideas to choose from, and can even put them in my own Starbucks tumbler!

(Even if you don’t like Starbucks and prefer to make your own coffee on your the best Keurig machine, you can still use the ideas below as an inspiration)

So here’s what you’re going to see below:

I. The complete list of healthy Starbucks drinks;

II. A brief and handy manual on how to order them;

III. A “calculator” that will show you the calories you are about to “inhale” with your Venti unicorn frappuccino.

Let’s start with No. I!

I. Low-Calorie Starbucks Drinks

What you’ll see below is the complete list that we’ve promised.

Please have in mind that there are many tweaks that can be done to any of the healthy Starbucks drinks below.

Use them as ideas, not as rules for ordering the healthiest items at Starbucks.

Take one and tweak it as much as you can.

Now without further ado, let’s see the first one.

Grande Unsweetened Passion Tango Tea with Coconut Milk (0-70 calories)

If you need a delicious lift in your busy afternoon then this is the real treat. Ordering it with coconut milk leads to 1.5 Fat, 2 Carb, and 2 Protein. But, you can also order it without the milk and it will go down to 0 calories.

Photo: Instagram/@scottafters

Grande Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk (30 calories)

You can add this to your low-fat and low-carb list of drinks. I think this can become your everyday coffee to go. When we look at the macronutrients, you get 1.5 Fat, 1.5 Carb and 0.5 grams of protein.

Photo: Instagram/@bunnybri14

Grande Cappuccino with Almond Milk (100 calories)

This is a frothy classic. The almond milk is a twist that many people don’t like but I think your diet will benefit from it. Let’s look at the macronutrient breakdown. With this drink, you get 6 Fat, 9 Carb and 3 grams of protein.


Caffè Americano (10-15 calories)

With 225 mg. of caffeine, this is one of the best low-calorie Starbucks drinks.

You have two options. If you need a warm kick in the morning, then you order the regular, unsweeten option. If you pick grande, then you’re getting 15 calories in your system, decorated with a layer of crema. The tall version has only 10 calories.

The second option is the cold or Iced Caffè Americano. It gives you 10 calories and as the regular option, it consists a shot of espresso topped with water.

If we look at the macronutrient table, you’re getting 0 Fat, 3 Carb and 1 gram of protein.


Unsweetened Iced Green Tea Lemonade (50 calories)

This is not only light but also healthy drink since it is rich and full of antioxidants. The green tea does the healthy magic and you should enjoy it as much as you can. Let’s look at the macronutrient table. You have 0 Fat, 12 Carb and 0 grams of protein.


Grande Iced Skinny Caramel Macchiato (130 calories)

I loooove a good Macchiato. But my waistline hated it until I found this iced skinny caramel macchiato. And it has whopping 10 grams of protein. Just look at this macronutrient breakdown: 1 fat, 18 carbs, 10 grams of protein.

Grande Iced Skinny Vanilla Latte (100 calories)

Ever wondered what a skinny means? Great. Here’s your answer. It means all the sweetness minus half the carbs. Great right? Here’s the macronutrient table to back up this fact: 0 Fat, 12 Carbs, and 7 Protein. Pro Tip: Order a tall size with a nonfat steamed milk and you’ll go down to just 100 calories.


Grande Flat White with Almond Milk (100 calories)

I’ve started drinking flat white recently. Haven’t tried it with an Almond milk tho’. But I did and I must say that it adds a good twist to this creamy drink. Here is the macronutrient breakdown: 6 Fat, 9 Carb, 3 Protein.


Grande Iced Skinny Mocha (90 calories)

Fan of the mocha flavors? Great. Then you need to try this iced skinny mocha version. It is a little bit high in carbs but I think it will be a great drink for workout days. Here’s the macronutrients math: 1.5 Fat, 17 Carb, 9 Protein.

You can also go for a regular Iced Skinny Mocha. You get the bittersweet sauce, espresso and non-fat milk served over ice. With this, you’ll be around 90 calories and 7 grams of sugar.


Grande Unsweetened Iced Black Tea Lemonade (50 calories)

Fan of lemonade? Then this will be a treat for you if you want to keep it healthy. The macronutrient breakdown looks like this: 0 Fat, 12 Carb, 0 Protein. Walk to the nearest Starbucks so you can burn those extra carbs 🙂


Iced Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Latte (60 calories)

Make sure that you get the sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup when you order this iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte. Besides the syrup, you get the nonfat milk and the delicious espresso shot. The best part? It has 6 grams of protein. Also, check out the best latte machine.


Nariño 70 Cold Brew (0 calories) or Nitro Cold Brew (5 calories)

These are for coffee lovers only. You know their “secret” right? First, these flavors of coffee are sweetened and have no sugar. The Nariño gets the name from the Nariño region in Colombia. The beans used for this drink are grown in Colombia and East Africa. The secret of the taste is that they are slow-steeped in cool water for 20 hours before further treatment. The Nitro Brew, on the other hand, is made with a naturally sweet flavor. You’ll also love the velvety crema. If I needed to vote, maybe this would be one of my top 3 healthy Starbucks drinks.


Cool Lime Refresher (45 calories)

If you need something that has less caffeine apart from being healthy, then you have to try this lime drink. It has mint, lime and only 11 grams of sugar.

Photo: Pinterest/

Teavana Shaken Tea or Tea Infusion (30-60 calories)

This is maybe one of the best healthy Starbucks drinks. You can choose between a fruity flavor (strawberry, mango, pineapple, peach or passion) and a plain black or green tea. Depending on your choice, typically you can expect 8-12 grams of sugar with them.


Nonfat Green Tea Latte (210 calories)

Made with creamy matcha and nonfat steamed milk, this will be a perfect kick-start for a busy day. The tall size of the cup will give you a more-than-a-coffee enjoyment of 210 calories


Nonfat Cappuccino (60-80 calories)

If you are a person that sticks to the classics but you want to stay on the “safe” side when it comes to cutting back on calories…this nonfat cappuccino is for you. With the “tall” cup size you’ll get 60 calories made with rich espresso and thick foam. The “grande” cup will treat you with a 150 mg. of caffeine and 80 calories.

Photo: Starbucks Singapore

Soy Chai Tea Latte (180 calories)

With only 2 grams of fat and only 180 calories in the “tall” cup size, this is maybe one of the best Starbucks drinks when you can’t have the other rick and calorie-heavy drink.

Photo: Foodspotting

Grande Unsweetened Black Hot or Iced Coffee (5 calories)

Another one for the people that stick to the classics. If you’re a person that wants to enjoy ONLY coffee without extra add-ons then this is for you. Just pick from Dark Roast or Pike Place Roast and you’re set. If you decide to add some nonfat milk then from 5 you’ll go to 20 calories which is still good and “safe”. This is also the lowest calorie Starbucks drink (speaking of coffee)

Photo: Fooducate

Doppio Unsweetened Espresso Macchiato With Whole Milk (15 calories)

Feeling a little bit European today? Try this: Ask for two shots of espresso with the slightest bit of steamed milk. This is how you get a Starbucks drink packed with 150 mg. of caffeine and only 15 calories.


Grande Toasted Coconut Cold Brew (50 calories)

Want to experiment with different healthy Starbucks drinks? Try this delicious coconut-flavored drink packed with 185 mg. of caffeine.


Tall Unsweetened Coffee Light Frappuccino w/ Nonfat Milk (90 calories)

What do you get when you blend coffee, Ice, and nonfat milk? This delicious frappuccino packed with 90 mg of caffeine 🙂 If you had a workout today, then try the caramel version. (It will add 10 calories extra)

Photo: Starbucks

Eggnog Light Frappuccino Blended Beverage (140 calories)

“The secret” of this Starbucks drink is coffee blended with eggnog then topped off with nutmeg. With only 140 calories it is a winter delight for your stomach. Would you try it?

Photo: Love&Zest

Gingerbread Light Frappuccino Blended Beverage (110 calories)

I think the perfection of this drink is the nutmeg. Flavored with the famous gingerbread syrup and only 110 calories, I know you’ll love it.

Photo: Rafinery29

Chestnut Praline Latte With Almond Milk & No Whip (150 calories)

Mmmmmm….caramelized chestnuts! The smooth espresso and the almond milk makes this drink so delicious. The caramelized chestnuts take care of the “sweetness factor”.

Photo: GrubStreet

Caramel Brulée Light Frappuccino Blended Beverage (150 calories)

I don’t like this one but it has 150 calories which makes it a good winter drink. If you end up trying it let me know what you think.

Photo: Mouthful of Sunshine

Skinny Peppermint Hot Chocolate (120 calories)

I like peppermint chocolate. But, I have some kind of a mental barrier when it comes to DRINKING a melted mint chocolate. If you don’t have the same problem, then great 🙂 I’m sure you’ll like this drink since it comes with mocha syrup and sugar-free peppermint.

Photo: Starbucks

Cold Brew Coffee (less than 5 calories)

The secret behind this Starbucks smooth small-batch cold coffee is the fact that it is slow-steeped for 20 hours With 0 grams of sugar it is a great way to enjoy your cup of Joe. If you want to see the creamy side of it add a splash of 2% milk. With this, you’ll go up to 25 calories and 2 grams of sugar but it’s ok.

Photo: Starbucks Philippines

Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice (70 calories)

I enjoy this drink a lot. The richness of the espresso, light sweetness and 2% of milk makes it the perfect “pick me up” drink. Depending on your macros it can be a little tough with the 11g of sugar but…you’ll manage.


Very Berry Hibiscus (60 calories)

This is one of the Starbucks originals. What I like the most is the good touch of caffeine from a green coffee extract and the real fruit juice. It has 12 grams of sugar. Great add-on to your healthy Starbucks drinks menu.

Photo: Pinterest

Strawberry Acai (80 calories)

Same as the Very Berry this drink is caffeinated with the power of green coffee extract. They use real fruit juice in this one too and it has 16 grams of sugar in it.

Photo: Beauty and the Beets

Espresso Light Frappuccino® Blended Coffee (80 calories)

Here’s what you need to know about this drink. You get a perfect blend of ice, shot of espresso, nonfat milk and frappuccino roast coffee. The total is 80 calories and 16 grams of sugar.

Photo: Foodbeast

Evolution Fresh™ Sweet Greens and Lemon (100 calories)

If you don’t want to drink coffee but you need an energy boost then you should order an Evolution Fresh.

This is a brand of cold-pressed juice owned by Starbucks. To get the right vitamins and also stay on the low with calories, we recommend the Sweet Greens and Lemon drink.

It contains celery, apple, cucumber, spinach, romaine lettuce, kale, lime, lemon, and parsley.

The 16-ounce bottle gives you 100 calories and…

  • 32% of the Daily Value (DV) for potassium;
  • 16% of the DV for vitamin A;
  • 12% of the DV for vitamin C.

Photo: Northwest Coffee Supply

Iced Or Hot Tall Caffè Latte With Almond Milk (50-80 calories)

I’m going to get a little bit technical on you right now. Let’s start with the iced version.

It contains 75 mg of caffeine, 5g. of carbs, 3g. of fat, and 1g. of protein. Based on these macros, you get 50 calories with the iced version.

When it comes to the hot version, it contains 75 mg of caffeine, 7g. of carbs, 5g. of fat, and 2g. of protein. This totals 80 calories. In summary, both of them are under the healthy Starbucks drinks category. I usually go with the iced version.

Photo: Starbucks

Short (8 Oz.) Steamed Apple Juice (120 calories)

Let’s say you’re with friends and you don’t want to drink coffee or tea. Then I think you’ll like this sugar free apple drink. It is 100% natural. PRO TIP: Sprinkle in cinnamon, nutmeg and warm up sans caffeine. This totals 120 calories.

Photo: Starbucks UK

Caffè Misto (60 calories)

If you want to get the classic Misto, go with “tall” cup size and half steamed 2% milk. This will bring you to 60 calories.

Also, you can opt-in for a “latte-like” version you’ll get a top layer of foamed milk which will bring you to 110 calories. (if this is too much for you ask for a non-fat milk)

Photo: Starbucks Coffee Australia

Café Au Lait (20 calories)

If you’re a fan of frothy milk and you’re favorite drink is latte then you should try this. It has fewer calories and with extra cinnamon on top will give you an extra zing. The tall version has only 20 calories.


Mint Majesty Hot Tea (0 calories)

You already know about the calories in tea. An additional bonus is the fact that the tea has a lot of antioxidants and it is beneficial for your gut GI system.


Brewed Chai Tea With A Splash Of Steamed Milk (30 calories)

Wait wait…I know that a tall Chai Tea Latté is an enemy if you want to cut back on calories. (It has 42 g of sugar, 240 calories and 45 g of carbs). To make it a member of the healthy Starbucks drinks you should ask for brewed hot chai tea and steamed skim milk.


Unsweetened Iced Green Tea (0 Calories)

Refreshing and great metabolism booster. Want to make it sweeter? Try adding some honey first or artificial sweetener before you reach for the sugar.


Caramel Frappuccino ‘Light’ (100 Calories)

Yes. Almost all frappuccinos are sugar bombs. This is why you can order a light version and stay in the 100 calories range.


II. How To Order Healthy Starbucks Drinks

Your House Fitness recommends instead of having regular milk switch it up for almond milk. Fewer calories and more protein, leaving you satisfied for longer.

Ok if you come this far you want to “learn how to fish”. Above, I gave you so many healthy Starbucks drinks options but now, I will share “the tools” you should use when you want to order on the fly.

Or, you can treat them as a guiding principle for ordering at Starbucks when you’re trying to stay healthy.

Here’s the guiding thought. Fat is not the problem.

The carbs are.

Yes, you can cut back on the syrup or ask for no extra added sugar but there are hidden carbs in the milk and also in the other add-ons.

So here’s how to order healthy Starbucks drinks:

1. Just order black, regular coffee.

The coffee beans that Starbucks uses + their coffee machines and baristas is enough to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

2. Tell Them To Add Ice

First, this will help with the “slow hydration” of your body and also it takes place in your cup. So, there will be less room for milk.

3. Ask For Fresh Fruit

It depends on what you order but I’ve discovered that Starbucks typically offers fresh strawberries and lime all the time. This will add sweetness to your drink.

4. Go From Venti To Tall

If you are a “venti” or a “grande” coffee lover then the easiest way to cut back on calories is to go to “tall” and order the same amount/shots of coffee. With this, you’ll have the same amount of coffee with less milk.

5. Ask For The Zero-Calorie Natural Sweetener

Apparently, Starbucks has a Stevia-based sweetener on the menu. So, to keep things sweet, the next time your order, ask for this substitute and have it as a must-have on your healthy Starbucks drinks (personal) menu.

6. Choose Light Or Skim

Want to shave off as much as 80 calories off a drink? Swap regular milk for skim.

7. Switch To A Sugar-Free Syrups

This is not the healthiest option. But, If you want to treat yourself once in awhile then do this. Here are the rules. Ask for only one pump of vanilla, caramel, cinnamon dolce, hazelnut, and peppermint (seasonal). These are the only sugar-free syrups on the menu. But although they are sugar-free, they are made from artificial sweeteners, which can be bad for your health.

8. Say No To The Whip

The truth is that whipped cream can quickly add 50-100 calories per drink. This is unacceptable for some diets so please be cautious and say no to the whipped cream.

9. Say No To The Fraps Too

A regular Starbucks Frappuccino can have more sugar than you think. Some people say that it is like eating two sneakers bars. So, go for the iced skinny vanilla latte above and have the same sweet caffeine fix with much fewer calories.

III. Starbucks Menu Nutrition Calculator

Now, as you can see I want to overdeliver with this article. Phew, I’m stuck with it for a few days and I feel that all I can talk about are healthy Starbucks drinks.

But how do you know if a drink is healthy or not?

Well, this handy Starbucks “catalog” will help you out.


From what I can see, you can easily find out how many calories, fat, carbs, and proteins a drink contains.

Additionally, you can learn about the amount of fiber and sodium.

This is great.

I imagine using this when I stand in line and I want something that will fit my macros.

Check it out and let me know what you think.


In this article, you’ve been able to see the complete list of healthy Starbucks drinks.

Also, now you know the principles of ordering a drink that will not break your diet.

In the end, I’ve shared the handy Starbucks calories calculator (it is not a real calculator but kinda looks like one) that you can use to be precise about your diet.

In summary, I would like to add that you should respect your decision to live a healthy life.

I’m saying this everytime you say to yourself “this one doesn’t count”

Everything counts. So please stay healthy by making healthy choices and loving your body.


Whether traveling during your everyday commute, racing through the airport to catch a flight or on vacation either here or abroad, there’s one thing that’s a sure bet: You’ll encounter a Starbucks along the way. Knowing that there are healthier options available is a great strategy for times when you’re out of your routine (say, a business trip) or on days when you got a late start and couldn’t pack breakfast or lunch. No matter where or when hunger strikes, a Starbucks meal can come to the rescue.

Best Starbucks Breakfasts

  • Classic Oatmeal. With 4 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, this pick — made with steel cut oats — packs a lot of whole grain goodness. When eating grains, whole grains are the best choice because they lower your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke, and they help with weight management. You may see the calories listed at 160, but note that this doesn’t include the optional dried fruit, nut medley or brown sugar. The nuts bring more flavor and crunch to the chewy oats — an ideal touch, that also adds vitamins, minerals, and healthy, plant-based fats. Since the dried fruit adds a hint of sweetness, see if you can get by without the sugar packet, or sprinkle lightly.
  • Spinach, Feta & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Wrap. This flavorful breakfast sandwich is a good grab-and-go option that packs 19 grams of protein and 6 g of fiber. The combo of egg-based protein plus a fiber-rich food has been shown to increase fullness and reduce calorie intake later in the day when compared to eating a lower protein and fiber breakfast cereal. When you know you need a meal that’s going to last, this one will go the distance. One thing to keep in mind: Like many restaurant and fast casual meals, this breakfast is higher in sodium than a home cooked meal. It has 830 mg of sodium— more than I’d normally suggest. Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and veggies to keep potassium levels up. This mineral helps flush out the sodium in your diet. Drinking plenty of water will help, too.
  • Egg White & Red Pepper Sous Vide Egg Bites. If you’re watching your carb intake, these egg bites are a good choice. They have just 13 g of carbohydrate for the pair. Having them with the packaged Avocado Spread is a tasty way to go that also brings a lot of nutrition. You’ll get 4 grams of fiber in the spread, plus heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, vitamins, minerals and other plant health-promoters. Another cool avocado fact: Research shows that adding avocado to a meal leads to increased fullness and less hunger later on.

Why You Should Eat More Protein at Breakfast

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Best Starbucks Lunches

  • Lentils & Vegetable Protein Bowl with Brown Rice. For those looking to fill up on a fiber-rich, plant-based lunch, this meets the mark. With lentils, brown rice, butternut squash, broccoli and kale, you’ll be getting plenty of nutrition in this vegan bowl. The filling dish is an ideal mid-day meal when you’re in for a long afternoon. Another plus: Pulses, like lentils, are known to be nutritional powerhouses. In addition to protein and fiber, lentils are a good source of iron. Since iron carries oxygen to your cells, low iron stores can cause fatigue. Including lentils in your diet helps keep your iron stores (and energy levels) up.
  • Chicken & Quinoa Protein Bowl. If you’re looking for a lower-calorie Starbucks lunch, have this protein-packed bowl. The 450-calorie meal has flavorful fillings, which include roasted corn, black beans, chicken and quinoa to keep your belly happy without weighing you down. However, note that this lunch has more than 1,000 mg of sodium. That’s high, though not entirely out of line with other fast-casual and restaurant fare. Skipping the dressing will lower the sodium a bit. Studies confirm that most of the sodium in our diet is added outside the home so balance out your sodium intake by dining in more often than you dine out.
  • PB&J Protein Box. You may be surprised to see PB&J made the cut but it’s a meal that can make good nutritious sense. Peanuts and peanut butter are high in monounsaturated fats — the same type that avocados and extra-virgin olive oil are known for. And though it seems counter-intuitive given that nuts are high in calories and fat, people who report frequent nut intake have less weight gain and are at a lower risk of becoming overweight or obese than people who eat nuts less often. Here, the classic sandwich is served with a side of fruit and veggies to bump up the fiber (as well as other nutrients), along with a cheese stick to give protein levels a boost. The small portion of chocolate-covered raisins is a reasonable way to satisfy a sweet tooth.

15 of the healthiest food & drink options you can buy at Starbucks

Didn’t think you could pick up a healthy meal in the same place as your coffee? The Starbucks nutritional team share the best breakfasts, lunches and drinks to keep you going all day.

No time to make a smoothie bowl? Too busy to spiralise your lunch? You’re not alone. Nearly 50% of us don’t have time to sit down and eat a healthy breakfast and lunch is the meal most commonly eaten on the go. The good news? Even when you’re in a rush, you can still have a tasty, balanced meal.

Whether you’re looking for something low-calorie, high-protein or just fancy mixing up your meals, we asked the nutrition experts at Starbucks for their choice of grab-and-go dishes to fuel your day.

For breakfast

  1. Berry Crunch

Start the day with this Greek-style yogurt topped with crunchy granola and mixed berry compote. The yogurt is a source of protein, and that protein helps to maintain muscle mass. Calories: 250

  1. Super Scrambled Egg Hot Box

Grab an egg hot box for a tasty combination of free-range scrambled eggs, slow-roasted cherry tomatoes, spinach and mixed seeds. Eggs are a great source of protein and vitamin D, which is good for teeth and bones – the perfect brekkie. Calories: 211

  1. Berry Good Bircher

Get your fruit fix with this bircher made with Greek-style yogurt, oats, apple, dried cranberries, blueberries, raspberries and pomegranate kernels. It’s one of your five-a-day and comes with a sprinkling of toasted pumpkin seeds. Calories: 253

  1. Five Grain Oatmeal

This creamy vegan porridge is made with soya and coconut cream, mixed with golden linseeds (rich in omega-3 fatty acids), red and wild rice, quinoa and a touch of cinnamon. There’s also original oatmeal if you prefer your porridge classic. Calories: 285

For lunch

  1. California Chicken Sandwich

This hearty sandwich is filled with buttermilk chicken, guacamole and, to add some Californian sunshine, a mango slaw on sourdough bread. Calories: 393

  1. House Chicken Salad

Looking to up your veg intake? This salad includes buttermilk chicken with a quinoa mix, plus delicious rainbow slaw and a tasty avocado dressing. Calories: 330

  1. California Chicken Wrap

Everything you could possibly want in one healthy spinach wrap: pulled chicken breast with a spicy red pepper aioli, plus a California-inspired rainbow slaw. Calories: 292

  1. Vegan Wrap with Falafel & Slaw

For a delicious vegan option, try this sweet potato falafel with charred vegetables, colourful rainbow slaw and a tomato salsa. Calories: 261

  1. Egg Mayo Sandwich

This sandwich is made with free-range eggs, mayonnaise and cress, seasoned with cracked black pepper on seeded bread. If you’ve only got 15 minutes between meetings, this one’s for you. Calories: 388

To drink

  1. Classic Green Iced Tea

A deeply refreshing green tea with mint, lemongrass and lemon verbena. Light, tasty and perfect for a hot day. Calories: 0

  1. Cold Brew Coffee

Cold brew coffee is made by slowly steeping (soaking) coffee beans in cold water. The result is a smooth, light taste. Calories: 1

  1. Americano

Opt for a rich Americano without the milk if you’re looking for a lighter option. Calories: 11

  1. Iced Rooibos Latte

Fancy something different? This rich herbal tea (native to South Africa) tastes delicious cold with semi-skimmed milk. Calories: 94

  1. Cold Foam Iced Cappuccino

Made with dark, rich espresso, this is poured over ice and topped with cold skimmed milk foam – perfect for sunnier days. Also available unsweetened. Calories: 57

  1. Flat White with Almond Milk

With a shot of rich espresso, the regular flat white is made with steamed milk and it’s the perfect balance of flavours. Order it with almond milk to make it a tasty dairy alternative. Calories: 47

All calories referenced are based on a Tall size (355ml)

Sorted your healthy breakfast and lunch? Here’s how to squeeze the exercise in too, with our 20-minute HIIT workouts.

Get active and be rewarded with a drink at Starbucks every week*

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* Applies to handcrafted drinks only.
Further terms and conditions apply.

The 15 Best (and Worst) Starbucks Breakfast Foods You Can Order

Starbucks is best known for their coffee, but their selection of bakery and breakfast options continues to grow. Their focus is still convenience, though. There are tons of options that seem like they would make for a healthy meal, but aren’t actually good for you at all. But that doesn’t mean you can’t order breakfast from Starbucks. It just means you should be careful when choosing what you eat. Here’s what you shouldn’t order from the menu, and which items are truly about as healthy as they seem.

1. Worst: Sausage, Cheddar & Egg Breakfast Sandwich

Is combining all your favorite foods onto one sandwich really the best idea? |

All your favorite breakfast foods on one English muffin sounds like a great idea in theory, but is the convenience and taste really worth the sacrifice? This sandwich has nearly 1,000 milligrams of sodium thanks to the sausage patty and cheddar cheese. Plus, the eggs are advertised as fluffy, but it takes a long list of questionable chemicals and fake butter to get scrambled eggs into a “puffed” state while keeping them in a sandwich-suitable shape. The English muffin that makes this breakfast portable is also full of preservatives, soybean oil, and added sugar.

Next: Choose a sandwich that’s not quite so salty.

2. Better: Gluten-Free Smoked Canadian Bacon & Egg

If you can’t pronounce it, does it really belong in your breakfast? | graletta

Though this sandwich is slightly healthier than the previous one, still be careful. If you think gluten-free automatically means healthy, you’re going to want to pay attention. This sandwich can easily trick you into thinking it’s healthy if you don’t glance at what’s inside. Long ingredient lists usually aren’t a good sign, and this case is no exception. A mixture of chemicals and flours is used to create a gluten-free bun — and while these additives are generally recognized as safe per FDA standards, it’s a little unsettling that you can’t pronounce half of them.

Next: Of all the breakfast sandwiches, this one’s the best.

3. Even better: Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon & Cage Free Egg White Breakfast Sandwich

Whole grains have more fiber and B vitamins than refined grains. |

While cheese is to blame for many of these breakfast sandwiches’ questionable saturated fat content, that’s not the case here. Reduced-fat cheddar cheese is less worrisome than feta or full-fat cheddar, and turkey bacon is slightly leaner than traditional bacon. Plus, all the ingredients in this sandwich are placed on a whole-wheat English muffin. This means the grains used to make the muffin aren’t stripped of nutrients like magnesium, B vitamins, and fiber. Research suggests whole grains might even lower your heart disease risk due to their many health benefits, so this really is a smart choice.

Next: Is a scone really as healthy as you think it is?

4. Worst: Blueberry Scone

Scones like to pretend they’re healthy, but they’re not. |

Sorry to break it to you, but most scones aren’t actually as healthy as they sound. They’re loaded with butter, milk, and eggs to make them fluffy — but the result isn’t so nutritious. A blueberry scone from Starbucks has 10 grams of saturated fat and a small amount of trans fat. There’s also more than 500 milligrams of sodium and 20 grams of sugar. With only 2 grams of fiber and 5 grams of protein, this isn’t the smartest breakfast option.

For less than 400 calories, you can get an entire blueberry muffin with yogurt and honey. That sounds like a pretty easy swap.

Next: Is bread any better than a sugary scone? Maybe a little bit.

5. Better: Pumpkin Bread

It’s basically dessert — sorry. |

Better than a blueberry scone — but still not perfect. Even if a food’s nutrition label seems reasonable, don’t forget to look at the ingredients before you make a purchase. Food ingredients are listed on labels in order of quantity. That means the first item you see is the most plentiful in that product. So, considering the first thing on pumpkin bread’s ingredient list is sugar, you should know it’s still not the best option out there. There are a total of 39 grams of sugar — 63 carbohydrates total. Keep in mind, this is just one slice of bread. You might want to try saving pumpkin bread for actual dessert.

Next: Here’s a scone that won’t totally ruin your diet.

6. Even better: Petite Vanilla Bean Scone

This scone is a much healthier on-the-go grab. |

When it comes to breakfast, bigger doesn’t always mean better. Unlike the blueberry scone, this tiny treat weighs in at just 120 calories, 2 grams of saturated fat, and 95 milligrams of sodium. It’s not any better in the fiber or protein department, but just one vanilla bean scone has less than half the amount of sugar in a blueberry scone. If you’re looking for something small and tasty to hold you over until your mid-morning snack, this is a much healthier option.

Next: There’s a lot of sugar in this yogurt — but there are better options.

7. Worst: Lemon Chiffon Yogurt

It’s flavorful, but it’s definitely not healthy. |

When yogurt is paired with fresh fruit, it becomes a breakfast worth enjoying. But when it’s flavored with something other than honey, it suddenly belongs in the dessert category. It’s the lemon curd that makes this particular parfait so unhealthy. How do you make lemon curd? Lemon juice, obviously — but also sugar, butter, and eggs. It’s meant to add a unique flavor to plain yogurt, but all it really does is contribute to the parfait’s 8 grams of saturated fat and 35 grams of sugar. When buying yogurt, it’s always better to start plain and add your own fresh ingredients than settle for processed flavorings that offer zero health benefits.

Next: This yogurt is berry delicious — and slightly healthier.

8. Better: Berry Trio Yogurt

Yogurt with whole fruit is always healthier than artificially flavored yogurt. |

Normally, regular yogurt isn’t the best source of protein and carbs, at least compared to Greek yogurt. However, this yogurt is packed with protein and fiber because of what comes with it. Granola adds both protein and carbs to the mix, and the three kinds of berries offer a variety of health benefits: The American Society for Nutrition suggests blueberries have heart-healthy properties that can lower your risk of cardiovascular-related diseases. Fresh strawberries and raspberries also add intense flavor to the yogurt, so no processed sugars are needed.

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9. Even better: Fresh Blueberries and Honey Greek Yogurt Parfait

Greek yogurt offers more health benefits than regular yogurt. |

There’s nothing wrong with regular yogurt, but Greek yogurt is higher in protein per serving than the regular kind, and also contains less sugar. It’s also an excellent source of probiotics, which populate your gut with healthy bacteria. A high protein and fiber content means even 240 calories’ worth of yogurt will keep you full all morning.

As for the sweeteners, the honey in this parfait offers added flavor without too much extra sugar, and the blueberries provide some antioxidants. Top it off with granola, and it becomes the perfect healthy breakfast treat.

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10. Worst: Chocolate Chunk Muffin

You can’t get away with eating chocolate for breakfast as easily as you thought. |

Not all breakfast foods with chocolate incorporated are bad for you. Unfortunately, this muffin doesn’t qualify for that special honor. It has more calories, fat, and sugar combined than a chocolate chip cookie. It has two different types of chocolate and is made with buttermilk, butter, and vanilla flavoring. It’s actually surprising that it only has 39 grams of sugar. Still, nobody needs that much sweet stuff before they finish their morning coffee. Plus, this muffin is extremely low in protein and fiber for its size. You’ll be hungry again after just a few hours of finishing it.

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11. Better: Hearty Blueberry Oatmeal

This oatmeal has more flavor and texture than you’re probably expecting. |

If oatmeal sounds like a boring breakfast to you, you’ve clearly never tried Starbucks’s oatmeal. This isn’t the bland, flavorless, texture-deprived bowl of oats you’re probably expecting. Its combination of blueberries and organic syrup gives it a texture and flavor you won’t regret. It also provides 20% of your daily fiber needs — a perfect way to start your day.

This oatmeal also includes dried fruit, nuts, and seeds, which — in small amounts, as they appear here — are super healthy for you. It’s not just hearty; it’s heart-healthy, and delicious.

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12. Even better: Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal

This oatmeal contains very few ingredients, which is a good thing. |

At 160 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and only 125 grams of sodium per single serving, this is an excellent breakfast choice. The protein and fiber content combined will keep you full, despite the low calorie count. This oatmeal also has an admirably short ingredient list: water, whole-grain oats, oat flour, calcium carbonate, salt, and guar gum.

Overall, there aren’t any harmful additives — anything added to the simple oat and water mixture is similar to what you would find in other oatmeal products. Guar gum is a harmless product used to thicken foods like oatmeal for a more appealing texture. Calcium carbonate is added to foods like this to prevent it from sticking together in clumps. Starbucks’ Classic Whole-Grain Oatmeal is one of the very few menu items containing zero added sugars, making it one of the healthiest things you can order for breakfast.

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13. Worst: Classic Coffee Cake

That’s a lot of saturated fat. |

Coffee cake is a renowned favorite, especially when it comes to Starbucks breakfast foods. Who doesn’t love coffee cake with their morning caffeine fix, after all? It’s often labeled as a breakfast food even though, nutritionally, it more closely resembles a dessert.

According to its nutrition label, one slice of this coffee cake has 10 grams of saturated fat. That’s about half the amount you should be eating in a day. Adding on to that a total of 31 grams of sugar and only 1 gram of fiber, it’s just not worth 390 calories. If you really wanted to, you could order a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast and still get less sugar and saturated fat than a piece of coffee cake. (Please don’t.)

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14. Better: Multigrain bagel

This bagel packs more protein than many items on the menu. |

There are 8 grams of fiber and 17 grams of protein in one multigrain bagel, making it one of the most nutrient-rich bakery items on the menu. At only 350 calories, its low fat and sugar content are exceptional. While multiple grains don’t necessarily make a product healthy, there aren’t many ingredients here that raise red flags.

It’s not just the bagel itself that gives it such a noteworthy fiber count, either — the topping is just as nutritious. It’s made up of a mixture of oats, flax, and sunflower seeds, which adds not just texture and flavor, but even more health benefits. Any heart-healthy food that fits on a breakfast menu is worth picking.

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15. Even better: Cinnamon Raisin Bagel

No cream cheese spread required. |

Satisfy your sweet tooth with something worth the carbs. A cinnamon raisin bagel from Starbucks is so sweet on its own, you won’t need a spread to go with it. There’s a little more sugar there to make that sweetness happen, but it’s worth it for the 9 grams of protein, 3 grams of fiber, and lack of saturated fat that comes along with it.

The bagel itself is made with wheat and barley flour, and provides a number of B vitamins as well. Whole raisins, also a major ingredient in this product, are extremely nutritious. According to, raisins are rich in iron, dietary fiber, and energy-boosting carbs. All these ingredients combined create a sweet and savory breakfast worth waiting in line for.

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