Gifts for arthritic hands

Living with Rheumatoid Arthritis or other joint or mobility problems can be a real challenge. Seemingly simple tasks are suddenly painful, frustrating or downright impossible. Luckily, there are plenty of great products on the market that can make living with Rheumatoid Arthritis more tolerable. And with the holidays just around the corner, I thought I would post a gift guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients or those with other joint or mobility problems.

These are things I have purchased or received in the past or thought would help ease my arthritis symptoms in my hands, back or feet. Give them a try and tell me what your most helpful tools are to help you, your friends or your loved ones cope with the daily stress of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

I hope you find this gift guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis patients helpful. If you’re a patient, let me know what helps you cope with RA and what I need to add to this list. You might also like my post on 5 essential steps to understanding chronic illness which has more tools I used to figure out my body and reduce my daily pain and autoimmune related symptoms by 90%.

Note: This post contains affiliate links as indicated. Purchases from these links provides a small commission to me at no extra cost to you.


1. For Stress Relief:

I got some of this Bath & Body Works Stress Relief bath and lotion* as a gift when my teenager was a toddler. It’s still my favorite lotion and I use it especially on hard days. As soon as I smell it, it really does relieve some of the tension that life can bring.

Since I was a kid, I have always loved to color. As someone with not an artistic bone in her body, I have always loved coloring since I can’t draw the pictures myself. These are some of my favorite coloring books to take the stress off and get my mind off my troubles and I use a good ole pack of Crayola colored pencils*. We even make coloring a family activity and the boys and I work on a page together.

2. For traveling or long days on your feet:

This cane chair* has been a lifesaver when we travel, go to amusement parks, malls or when there is a lot of walking and I need a place to sit. When it’s folded, I can use it as a cane to help me not limp and when open, it’s an instant chair for whenever and wherever I need it. I even take it with me to soccer practice and games as it’s easier to carry than a regular folding chair and is as light as an umbrella. This chair is definitely worth it.

3. For a warm and toasty bed & a better night’s sleep:

A dual-control plush electric blanket* is a great gift idea and an essential for people living with Rheumatoid Arthritis. The mild, soothing heat can comfort cold, painful joints and help you get a better night’s sleep. Dual controls are essential if two of you share a bed. I am always colder than my Superhubby and my blanket is always on in the winter. I preheat my bed while I change my clothes and it’s nice and warm when I am ready to get into bed.

4. For aches and pains in your back:

A microwaveable heating pad* to be able to put the warmth right where you need it.

Or a warming backrest massager*. I love that the first review on this said it must have been made by a spoonie so I bet this would be a perfect gift too!

5. For aching feet:

A bubbly warm foot spa* or soothing peppermint foot lotion*. The smell of the lotion alone puts me at ease after a long day.

6. For warm hands:

My hands are the most impacted by my RA. I cannot get my fingers into regular gloves very well so usually wear mittens in the winter. It keeps my hands warmer but it I have to take them off to drive since many mittens do not grip the wheel well enough.
I saw these convertible mittens* the other day which would be perfect to be able to just fold the top down to be able to grip the steering wheel and convert them back when going outside. Amazon has some extra long convertible mittens also that provide extra warmth on the forearm.

7. For Comfort & Coziness:

On tough days when my pain is bad, I normally want to get as comfortable and cozy as possible. I usually wear pajamas, Superhubby’s sweatshirts, a robe we got at a spa, fuzzy socks or cozy up under one of my favorite red plush blankets which helps me get cozy and warm.

8. For the Book Lover:

I am a book lover myself and received an early Christmas present from my Superhubby back in 2012. The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is amazingly light to hold even when it is in its cover, lighter and easier to hold than a paper book, now it’s even waterproof for worry free reading poolside, in the tub or at the beach.

It has a low light function which makes it perfect for reading at night and is easy to read during the day as well. I lie on my side when I read so I can prop the Kindle up on a pillow or the cover makes a tent for hands-free reading. I love the Kindle so much, I’d much rather give up my smartphone than my Kindle!

Here are 7 Reasons Why I Love My Kindle

9. For the Jewelry Lover:

I love to wear jewelry but it is often difficult for me to grip the clasp to be able to put it on by myself. If you’re like me, here are a couple of suggestions. First, try the bracelet helper* or change the clasps on necklaces or bracelets to magnetic clasps* to make them a cinch to get on and bring a little bling to life with RA.

Or, try a long silver necklace with no clasp*, gorgeous elastic bracelets* or a cuff bracelet to inspire you* that are all easy to slip on.

10. For the Cook:

An electric can* or jar opener*. I like that this can opener cuts with a smooth edge and will save my hands the pain of twisting the handle. I like the Good Grips brand of kitchen gadgets because their wider handles are easier for me to hold but even their manual can opener is hard for me.

Need more ideas for the kitchen? Check out my 8 Must Have Tools in the Kitchen.


A Kitchenaid stand mixer* to help mix pizza dough, cookie or pancake batter, beat eggs, shred cooked chicken or even mix the meat for meatballs! With hands that have been deformed by RA, mixing meatballs with my hands is frustrating and futile. With the mixer, a few whirls of the paddle attachment and it’s all evenly mixed. It seems like every day I find an excuse to use my mixer.

An anti-fatigue mat* to put on the floor near the sink or oven for when you will be standing for long periods of time. It’s like having insoles on the floor. If I could line my kitchen and bathroom floors with this material, I would!

Also if you have to hand wash bottles, glasses or stainless steel travel mugs, a baby bottle brush works great for getting to the hard-to-reach narrow bottom of a glass. It’s amazing how well these brushes work and they go in the dishwasher every time I run it to clean them off for next time.

11. For the commuter:

We always put a massaging steering wheel cover* on our cars but I did not realize how much it helped me grip the wheel until we took it off. Don’t have one, get one! It helps to add thickness to the wheel which makes it easier to grip.

This is another great option for a steering wheel cover with gel inserts.

12. For the Coffee or Tea Lover:

Travel mugs for warm drinks must have a handle otherwise I need two hands to be able to use it. Before you buy, try out how hard it is to unscrew the top and make sure it is dishwasher safe. Lessons I have learned the hard way.

13. For Those who Want to Keep Moving:

One of the challenges of Rheumatoid Arthritis is figuring out what works for you and your body when it comes to exercise. There is a very fine line between moving to keep your joints mobile and overdoing it which can trigger a flare. Surprisingly, one of the best tools to help me figure out my body was a FitBit. I wore it not to get 10,000 steps a day like an average person or compete with my active Superhubby or friends. But I used the FitBit to figure out how many steps I could take before my feet were in too much pain so I can better plan my day between tasks that require being on and off my feet.

14. For the Planner Addict or Those With Brain Fog

It’s no secret that age, kids and hectic schedules can cause us to forget things. But it’s also true that Rheumatoid Arthritis and the medicines we take for it can cause brain fog, the fuzzy headed, difficulty concentrating feelings we can get.

I am always worried that I’m forgetting something so I rely on my Powersheets goal planner to help me keep my goals realistic and in perspective given my health and my Simplified Planner and bullet journals to help keep me organized and remember all the things. I’m a total planner addict these days but it’s a complete necessity so I can still keep up with mom life and these busy boys who deserve the best I can give them.

Well those are my favorite gadgets and gizmos to make life coping with RA just a little easier. I hope you found some useful ideas in my gift guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis and chronic illness patients.

Great Gift Ideas for #Rheum Patients and #spoonies to help deal with pain & stress of daily life

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Look at the resources that are most helpful to chronically ill people (and my planner is #3), valued at $176.99, just these 6 are worth the cost of the entire bundle and the rest are incredible icing on the cake!

  • It’s About Time by Aby Garvey ($49 value)
  • Quarterly Goal Planner (2019-2020) by Kimi Kinsey ($7 value)
  • Thrive with Chronic Illness Planner + Jounral by me! (planner, $17 value)
  • Brilliant Baby Steps: Make the Most of Your Messy Middle for a Beautiful, Balanced Life by Beth Anne Schwamberger ($47 value)
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Check out the entire Ultimate Productivity Bundle* . At only $37 for over $1,500 worth of resources, It’s an incredible deal for everything you get and the bonuses for early birds! Plus it comes back with a 30-day happiness guarantee so you really have nothing to lose!

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Self-Care for Moms with Chronic Pain

10 Gifts for People with Rheumatoid Arthritis

If a friend or a loved one has Rheumatoid Arthritis, there are a lot of little ways you can show support—including giving the occasional present! Below you’ll find of a list of helpful gifts you can give to show you care.

From the extremely practical to the extremely thoughtful, find a gift for your friend below…

Evriholder EasiTwist Jar Opener, Assorted Colors – $7 on Amazon

10. Jar opener – $7-$15

Jars are evil. Jar openers are made for the times you aren’t around for your friend to open jars for them.

Fingerless Gloves White Chunky Crochet Mittens – $20 on Etsy

9. Fingerless gloves – $10-$40

Keep hands from getting cold and stiff while also allowing your friend to keep being awesome (and fashionable). Fingerless gloves can be as manly, girly, geeky (Iron Man, Captain America) or Celtic as you want.

(Alternatively, try arthritis gloves or swell-reduction gloves. In addition to helping reduce inflammation, these gloves can be worn to keep well-meaning hand shakers from wringing their hands to pieces.)

Folding Plastic Step Stool – $32 on Amazon

8. Stool or step ladder – $15-$40

Reaching high or even getting out of bed can be challenging for someone with RA. A lightweight stool or step ladder can be a godsend, especially early in the morning when joints are stiff and fatigue is bad.

Actto Blue Portable Reading Stand/Book stand Document Holder – $13 on Amazon

7. Book holder – $10-$65

Holding a book open for long periods of time can hurt wrists and fingers. For the tub or just in general, this is a great gift for an avid reader with RA.

6. Thick pens (or soft grips) – $7-$15

Gripping a pen/pencil can increase inflammation pain, especially over long periods of time. Take the edge out of writing journal entries, making lists, or scribbling notes with a thick pen or a pencil/pen grip.

Copper Celtic Knot Arthritis Bracelet Wellbeing – $25 on Etsy

Adjustable Leaf Ring – Brass Knuckle Ring Leaf Jewelry Armor Ring – $8 on Etsy

5. Fun rings or bracelets – $5-$30.

Sometimes it’s easy to feel self-conscious about our hands. Spice things up with some fun jewelry! Bonus: Bronze is said to have anti-inflammatory properties, which can help with joint pain.

Key Turner Hole-In-One – $10 on Amazon

4. Key turner – $6-$10

Keys can be worse than jars, and there are few things more frustrating than standing in front of a door that can’t be opened. (Trust me, I once fought a door for fifteen minutes before tearfully begging help from an Irish boy and watching him open it with almost no effort. Not fun.) This key turner can save a lot of hassle.

Rice Heating Pad Therapy Bag Microwavable Hot or Cold Striped – $18 on Etsy

3. Rice Heating Pads – $10-$40

Alternating these bad boys between hot and cold in the evening can turn a bad day into a relaxing night. Bonus: There are approximately 100,000 designs on Etsy, so whether your friend’s into plain colors or Doctor Who, you can find something unique.

My family’s very, erm, special dogs.

2. Dog, cat, or guinea pig – Price varies

If you know the person in question wants a small creature, offer to help pay for it. Pets are extremely beneficial for both physical and emotional reasons, especially for people with arthritis. In more severe cases of rheumatoid arthritis, there are even service animals that can help people in their daily lives.

Newview A602-20 Ivory Twill Memo Board – $25 on Amazon

1. Shadow Box/Memo Board – $15-$35

Buy a display board for your friend with RA and rally friends and family in a letter campaign. When I am discouraged, I often turn to my board and pluck off one of the letters to read. Even just seeing letters hanging on my wall reminds me that I am not alone.

Know of other gifts that help out people with Rheumatoid Arthritis? Leave a comment!

Need a gift idea for someone struggling with the daily pain and stress of arthritis? Here are 10 practical and thoughtful gifts for people with arthritis to help your loved one ease their symptoms.

Whether your loved one has autoimmune Rheumatoid Arthritis like I do, osteoarthritis or another form of arthritis, chances are they live with pain, stiffness, fatigue and limited mobility. The constant feeling of not being able to do the things they’d like likely takes as much of an emotional toll as the physical symptoms do.

It’s hard to watch a loved one in pain and after all these years of watching me deal with RA and explaining how I feel and what I need, now my Superhubby, friends and family know what I need to comfort and console me on bad arthritis days. Here are a few of the things that help me, practical yet thoughtful gifts for people with arthritis.

Note: This post may contains affiliate links. Purchases from these links may provide a small commission to me at no extra cost to you. Refer to my Full Privacy Policy and Disclaimers here.

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Are on a Computer a Lot

Keyboard Cover

I love my keyboard cover* because it makes it easier to press the keys. This and the next one are perfect for people who spend a lot of time on their computer. This is the one I have on my Macbook Air, but be sure to find one that fits your computer model’s keyboard.

Keyboard Gel Cushion Wrist Rest

A gel filled wrist rest for your keyboard and mouse feels great for arthritic hands for people who use a mouse and keyboard all day long!

Lap Desk with Wrist Rest

Sometimes I can’t sit at my desk but I still need to work on the computer. So I take my lap desk to the couch and work there. I love that this lap desk has a wrist rest because after my fingers, that’s the first thing to start hurting when I’ve been at the laptop for very long.

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Read

I wrote a whole post on why I LOVE My Kindle Paperwhite and how it transformed my reading. So you can read that if the person on your list wants to read more but has trouble holding a physical book.

And this post has some more gift ideas for book lovers with arthritis too like a massaging back rest.

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Cook (or Eat!)

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets to Cook with Arthritis

I cook a lot, with 3 growing sons and a husband, I have to cook or we’d spend a small fortune on eating out. I wrote this whole post on my must have kitchen gadgets when cooking with Rheumatoid Arthritis, but this goes for people with any kind of arthritis.

Wide Handled Utensils

These wide handled utensils are easier to grip for people with arthritis in their hands.

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Plan and Journal

I would be lost without my planners. I used to think it was mommy brain but the longer I’ve had Rheumatoid Arthritis, and the more medicines i take, the worse the brain fog gets. I rely on my planners to be my brain on paper.

Picking the right planner is such a personal decision, so I have been doing planner reviews of my favorites in an effort to help others decide which planner is best for them. Planners make fantastic gifts with a few accessories and pretty pens thrown in!

Journaling is an important self care routine to get into, especially when dealing with a chronic condition like arthritis. Here’s a post all about some of my favorite journals and 30 free journaling prompts to get started.

Erin Condren Self Care Journal, I am Enough Journal, Wellness Log and Medical Treatment Log

Erin Condren has an amazing line of planners and journals but these self care petite journals , I am Enough guided petite journal, Wellness Journal and Medical Treatment log are especially helpful for people with arthritis. They are beautiful to boot! They have a full line of journals to choose from and you can get a discount for buying 4 at a time to go in the matching folios. I’ll be doing a review on these journals soon because I bought most of them for myself!

You can see a lot more pictures of the folio and the daily petite planners here, using them with the journals above helps the person with arthritis keep their health a priority.

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Garden

Gardening shears

It can be tough to garden when you have arthritis. These gardening shears make it much easier to prune bushes and trim branches.

Garden Bench and Kneeler

This clever convertible garden bench can be lowered to also be used as a kneeler so you can get closer to your garden (or weeds) and tend to them without putting added stress on your feet or back. After hours trying to weed our yard, I’m definitely getting one of these! It even has a place to put the tools!

Practical Gifts for People with Arthritis who Like to Do Arts and Crafts

Paper Trimmer

I was a scrapbooker back when we only had one kid, and that feels like a lifetime ago. But I got a paper trimmer to help me cut down sheets of paper and even though I don’t scrapbook anymore, we all still use this paper trimmer a lot! It’s much easier to slide the cutter instead of using scissors and your lines come out straight every time! I use mine whenever I need to cut school pictures to hand out to family or the kids use it to make their school projects look cleaner and nicer.

Rotary Cutter

It’s much easier to roll a blade than it is to squeeze my fingers together. This rotary cutter makes it a cinch to cut paper and fabric. You probably need a cutting mat to go underneath whatever you are cutting.

Practical Self Care Gifts for People with Arthritis

Nail Cutter

I despise cutting my nails, my hands and feet have sustained the most damage from RA and I wait until I absolutely have to cut my nails before I do it. I’m still at the point where I’m too stubborn to ask Superhubby to cut my nails for me. I know he would, but it’s still a matter of wanting to take care of myself while I can.

So this nail cutter is perfect for people with arthritis since it has a wide grip and rotates so they can get it in the right position to be able to cut their nails with the least amount of discomfort.

Wide Grip Slant Tip Tweezers

Traditional tweezers are another self care/beauty tool that are difficult to use when someone has arthritis hands. These wide grip tweezers will help the person with arthritis with their self care routine.

More Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis!

Gift Guide for Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

Unique and Practical Gift Ideas for People with Arthritis and Busy Moms

60+ Awesome Harry Potter Christmas Gift Ideas for the Whole Family (pets too!)

Well I hope you’ve found a practical yet thoughtful gift for your loved one with arthritis. They will love, cherish and appreciate any of these gifts and the care you took in selecting a gift that will truly help them as they cope with arthritis.

10 Gifts for People with Arthritis: Ideas That Show You Care

If you’re shopping for an arthritis sufferer that struggles with grip, daily pain, sleep or all of the above, then why not buy them a gift that can help?

We’ve put together a list of the best gifts for people with arthritis to make life that little bit easier:

1. Chefman Electric Wine Opener with Foil Cutter, Automatic Corkscrew and Foil Remover

Help them pop the cork on their birthday!

If your loved one suffers with arthritis in the hands then doing even the simplest (and most important) tasks like opening a bottle of wine can be really difficult.

Chefman’s Electric Wine Opener is a gift that they’re sure to thank you for! Just push a button and this nifty device will remove the cork in just a few seconds.

It also includes a foil cutter and remover so they don’t have to struggle with that either. It’s rechargeable so can be used time and time again, and with a contemporary design it will make a lovely feature in their kitchen.

Users with arthritis loved how with little or no effort they could easily they could get in to their wine!

2. Yoga for Arthritis: The Complete Guide by Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall

Embrace the healing power of yoga practice

Practicing yoga has endless benefits, particularly for those suffering from osteoarthritis.

In this book experienced clinicians Loren Fishman and Ellen Saltonstall demonstrate how yoga poses can be performed safely for both beginners and experienced yogis.

They also offer clever adaptations of poses to help provide relief from the pain associated with arthritis.

  • READ: 14 Best Yoga Poses for Back Pain According to Experts (And Yogis!)

Those who had begun reading the Yoga for Arthritis book felt that the illustrations inside really helped to guide them through the poses. The fact it was broken down in to joints made it even more accessible.

Some readers did feel that a little prior knowledge of yoga would be helpful before beginning, so it would make a great gift for someone looking to adapt their regular yoga practice for their condition.

3. Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Glove

Wearable relief from daily pain and swelling

Pain in the hands can be typical of arthritis, particularly rheumatoid arthritis. Thermoskin Premium Arthritic Gloves can help with the daily pain.

Their soft inner lining helps to increase circulation and generates heat within the hand.

With pain and swelling in the hands it can be difficult to grip, luckily these clever gloves have a textured finish so they can help with that too.

You can wear the Thermoskin gloves as little or as often as you like as the material is breathable.

What makes them more impressive and even handier is that your fingertips are still in action so you can do daily tasks more easily.

4. Vive Sock Aid

A must-have gadget for anyone with arthritis

Even the simplest task of putting on your socks each morning can be difficult when you suffer from arthritis, so treat them to the Vive Sock Aid.

Pop your sock or stockings on the slip-resistant cuff then use the handles to lift it up your leg.

The length of the cord can be adjusted to suit people of different heights and the handle is soft to allow you to get a good grip.

Users of the sock slider couldn’t believe how easy it was to use, and how they could finally stop avoiding getting in to awkward positions just to be able to put their socks on!

5. Spafinder Gift Card

Give the ultimate gift of relaxation

Treat your loved one to a day or even just a few hours when they can just forget about the stresses and strains of their condition.

Buy a Spafinder gift card and they’ll have access to thousands of spas and fitness centers across the United States.

They could choose to enjoy a rejuvenating day at the spa, sample a new alternative therapy such as acupuncture or enjoy a relaxing massage.

If they decide they want something a little more indulgent they can use the voucher for hair and beauty treatments too, so maybe a haircut or fancy manicure.

Vouchers can be redeemed easily online for whatever relaxation means to them.

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6. RMS Deluxe 28″ Long Dressing Stick – Dressing Aid for Shoes, Socks, Shirts and Pants

Don’t struggle with zips and hooks!

A practical item for anyone with arthritis that limits their range of motion, is the RMS Deluxe 28″ Long Dressing Stick.

It’s such a handy tool for putting clothes on as well as shoes and socks. On one end is a push/pull hook for general clothing and shoe assistance, with the opposite end being “C” shaped for fastening shoe laces and pulling up zips.

Users loved the lightweight nature of this long dressing stick but commented that it still felt durable.

It might seem like a simple gift, but don’t underestimate the impact of it, as reviewers appreciated the ability to be able to get dressed much quicker than they had done preciously.

7. The Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners: A No-Stress Meal Plan with Easy Recipes to Heal the Immune System by Dorothy Calimeris and Lulu Cook

See the changes an anti-inflammatory diet could bring

Did you know that when some people eat certain foods, even healthy foods like tomatoes, it can create inflammation in their body?

The Arthritis Foundation recommend trying an anti-inflammatory diet if you’re suffering from rheumatoid arthritis in particular.

So the Complete Anti-Inflammatory Diet for Beginners book is a great gift for someone who is looking for natural ways to manage their condition.

This anti-inflammatory diet book contains easy to follow meal plans and 75 simple recipes recommended by nutritionist Lulu Cook.

Readers of the book loved how easy the plans were to follow and that they involve eating simple meals with good ingredients. They also felt that the book really educated them on making positive food choices.

8. Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus – Chair Lift And Sofa Stand Assist

Don’t struggle to get out of a chair again!

Help someone you love get in and out of their chair more comfortably with the Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus.

This portable lifting seat is handy for taking out and about with you, especially to places where you know the seating is low or when you may be traveling alone.

It’ll fit easily on to most chairs and contains a gas spring that pushes the seat upwards as you begin to stand.

It weighs just 9 pounds and comes with a handy carry handle so it’s ideal for when you’re out and about.

A big selling point of the Carer chair lift for purchasers was that it doesn’t make a noise as you’re raised from the seat, so it can be used discreetly when in public.

9. Shacke 24″ Inch Extra Long Handled Shoehorn

Take your shoes on and off with ease

It might seem a little bit of a strange choice for a gift, but if you’re struggling to take your shoes on and off it’ll be well-received!

This Shacke extra long shoehorn is made from a really sturdy plastic so it’s built to last.

You can grip it with your entire palm, making it accessible for people with a range of different issues. Plus it comes in lots of different fun colors!

Users of the Shacke long handled shoehorn couldn’t say enough good things about it!

They felt the plastic was strong and resilient, and that it was the perfect solution for a simple task that they’d really been struggling with.

10. Koo-Care Large Flexible Gel Ice Pack & Wrap with Elastic Straps

Enjoy the relief of hot/cold therapy

Wearable relief from pain is a wonderful gift for someone struggling with their condition. The sheer size of the Koo-Care Flexible Gel Ice Pack and Wrap means it stays hot or cold for longer.

It has received a great response from people who were looking for a wrap that would cover a wide surface area.

To change from hot to cold you can easily pop it in the microwave or freezer depending on the relief you’re looking for.

Koo-Care’s flexible hot and cold wrap fits so comfortably to your problem area thanks to the elasticated bands and straps, making it possible to wear it comfortably on your shoulder, back or hip.

Plus it stays flexible even when cold meaning you can move around whilst enjoying the relief.

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Special gifts for people with rheumatoid arthritis / rheumatoid disease – UPDATED

People asked me for years to publish a gift guide for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) / disease (RD). The past few months I thought about what the best gifts for people with rheumatoid arthritis are anyway. We appreciate the same loving gifts as anyone else. But there are also gifts that could show special concern and kindness. Here are a few gifts that say “I understand it’s so difficult and painful for you to live with RA / RD every single day.” It was hard to edit my list to 20, so I’m sure I left out some great ones. Please add your suggestions in a comment.

Lovely thoughtful gifts for people with rheumatoid arthritis

1. Handmade Crystal Rhinestone Pill Case

A pillbox with bling! Bling is awesome. Pills all day are not. Might as well make the best of it and have a pretty pillbox!

2. Herbal Neck Wrap with Free Eye Pillow & Free Sleep Mask – Microwave or Freeze with Organic Herbs – Light Blue – Flax seed pillow

  1. Comfortable pillow with 12 healing herb blend features the pleasant aroma of Peppermint, Spearmint, Rosemary, Lemon Grass, Cinnamon, Lavender, White Willow, Yarrow, Saw Palmetto, Yellow Dock Root, Valerian, and Flax Seed
  2. Warm it up in the microwave for natural moist heat therapy.
  3. Or chill it in the freezer for soothing cool therapy.
  4. Free Lavender Eye Pillow & Free Sleep Mask.

3. Stretch Ring

  1. Many with swollen RA hands can wear a stretch ring as a more comfortable option, instead of to giving up rings. Great for special occasions.
  2. 5mm freshwater pearls with gorgeous color
  3. Other colors available.

4. Flare zone nightlight

  1. Caution sign with orange cone spreads awareness of chronic illness with fun.
  2. Great gift for anyone with an illness like rheumatoid arthritis.
  3. Light bulb included.

5. I Got Stronger pillow

  1. 16-inch square pillow made of soft, heavy weight stretch material.
  2. Warrior inspired heart design with text of Celtic scrolls and original fonts in fun vintage colors.

6. Hug me gently mug
The name says it all. Remembering gentle hugs are needed may be one of the best medicines for RD.

7. Personalized Pill Box with Eagle, Name and Year, Red

Lightweight pill box to tuck in a purse or pocket. I use several sizes of pill boxes so I don’t have to carry more than I need.

  1. Waterproof aluminum pill caddy.
  2. Personalized with your name at no extra charge.
  3. Available with more colors and designs.

Homemade by you gifts

8. Microwave rice sock

Years ago I made these for gifts. We used them a lot and they last a long time. And they are cheap.

  1. You can customize them with a cute or really long sock.
  2. You can add whatever fragrance or herb you’d like to enhance the experience.
  3. The sock can also go in the freezer to become a cool pack.

Here are some instructions you can start with when creating your own rice sock.

9. Coupon for a free meal, childcare, or house cleaning

You’ve seen these before, but you can kick it up a notch.

  1. Make the coupon for something you know the loved one with RA won’t (or can’t) purchase for himself / herself.
  2. You can even print out beautiful personalized coupons.
  3. Put them on the fridge after opening so they can’t be lost.

10. Gift certificate for a foot rub or massage

Use a handmade gift certificate as a gift tag for a lotion or “arthritis” heat rub. Write something sweet like this: “As long as this bottle lasts, you can use it with this certificate for gentle rubs free of charge. Kisses cost extra.”

Topnotch practical gifts

11. GelPro Elite Linen Floor Mat

This is a top of the line version: GelPro Elite is 50% thicker than GelPro Classic. There are no words to describe how much this helps someone with RA feet. My mom bought me several of these over the years. I’ve used them in kitchen, laundry room, and bathroom.

  1. $20 Off coupon right below the price
  2. Dual Comfort Core technology reduces stress, fatigue, and pain
  3. Color and size options to suit your space

Note: there is a cheaper lighter duty version of the GelPro mats if the Elite is just too much.

12. Cosmonaut – Wide-Grip Stylus

A more high-end long lasting quality stylus with a wide grip.

Good features for RA hands:

  1. Comfortable rubber grip designed to be like a dry erase marker.
  2. Stylus tip is responsive and glides effortlessly over the glass screen which means less effort for your hands.
  3. For when you need to use a stylus on touch screens, this is highly rated for comfort, and even drawing on tablet screens.

13. Kolumbo Umbrellas – “Unbreakable” See 90 sec Video – Windproof For Rain/Snow – Perfect Gift For Men and Women – Gift Box

I’ve searched a long time for the perfect RA umbrella – and this may be it.

Reasons it’s awesome

  1. Auto open AND auto close with one button.
  2. Unbreakable with unbelievable lifetime guarantee.
  3. Compact when folded, but opens to golf umbrella size canopy.

14. IMAK Compression Arthritis Gloves

Compression gloves provide mild compression to help control or decrease swelling of the joints. I like wearing these to drive. They do help with swelling. I do wish they covered the DIP joints (near the fingertips), but I haven’t seen any arthritis gloves that do.


  1. I sleep in these. It helps.
  2. I like using these gloves underneath wrist or thumb braces, especially when I have to do something really hard like drive a long distance.
  3. It might be good to have TWO sizes of gloves. I have the small, but there are times I can’t get them on because my hands are too swollen. So, I could use a medium pair as well.

15. Village Naturals Therapy Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soak 20 Oz (3-pack)

I’ve used this bath salt for years and it’s so wonderful. If getting in and out of the tub were easier, I’d use this every day!

  1. Bath salts are supposed to help reduce inflammation, but this one has the added ingredients of eucalyptus, spearmint, and menthol to soothe, comfort, and revive aching joints.
  2. You can get these a little cheaper at Wal-Mart if you can find them. The online price has shipping included.

16. Sistema 10.9 Cup Rice Steamer Bowl

I LOVE this thing! It is a great idea. I use it for broccoli and green beans too. You can cook any veggies in it.

  1. Very lightweight and easy to hold and clean.
  2. Cooks any rice or grain. Recipes for stews and more included in manual.
  3. More shapes, colors, and sizes available.

17. Closed-Cell Foam Tubing

Use this foam tubing to modify utensils and tools that you love but are hard to hold onto.

Cut to fit and slide onto a handle for a larger softer handle that is easier to grip.

18. Fosmon Youth Series Kids Stylus Pen

  1. Stylus pens with a thick grip that is easier to handle and hold.
  2. Inexpensive, fun crayon design in 5 vibrant colors

19. Geddes Get A Grip Pen Assortment

  1. Thicker pens are easier to hold when you must write by hand or provide a signature.
  2. Lightweight and inexpensive so you can carry one in your purse (like I do) for when you have to write or sign something.
  3. These pens have a comfortable cushioned grip over the entire barrel allows you to hold the pen in the best way for you.

20. Trim Easy Hold Fingernail Clipper

Best features for RD:

  1. Easy to hold because it’s larger than other clippers and has a rubberized grip.
  2. Sharp precision ground cutting edge.
  3. Catches nail trimmings – impossible to pickup with #rheum fingers!

21. EasiTwist Jar Opener, Assorted Colors

Patented jar opener that’s a big help with RA. I have this. I love it! And so do family members who don’t have RA.

Best features for RD:

  1. Easy grip handle design with rubbery texture
  2. Designed to fit virtually any size lid or cap
  3. The design helps creates leverage that makes opening any lid easier

The only time I have trouble is when I don’t have either hand good enough to hold a jar still. Then, I ask for help to hold the jar. In that case, you could consider an electric jar opener found here.

The perfect gifts for people with rheumatoid arthritis

It’s not that hard to find great gifts for people with rheumatoid arthritis / disease. I think my list could have a hundred items. Hopefully there’s something here that will work for you or a loved one with RD, or these will inspire you to think of just the perfect gift.

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Updated 12/1/17

Do you have a friend or a loved one with arthritis and you need to buy them a gift? When you don’t live with the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, it’s hard to imagine what kind of gift an arthritis sufferer would appreciate.

This ultimate gift guide is full of practical gift ideas for people with arthritis. Lots of products for cooking with arthritis and arthritis–friendly gardening tools. Driving with arthritic hands can be difficult at times and there are some great gift ideas to help with that challenge. An arthritis blanket can provide comfort while compression gloves for swelling provides relief. You will find tons of cool gadgets for arthritis sufferers that you will want too!

This gift guide is intended to help you understand what people with arthritis really want and value.

Oh, and now, is literally the best time of the year to sign up for your 30-Day FREE Trial of Amazon Prime. Get all of your Christmas shopping done right from the comfort of your favorite recliner!

Finding awesome gift ideas for someone with arthritis and other chronic illnesses that causes joint pain is right at your fingertips now. Save this post for later for gift giving for the special person in your life that suffers from arthritis joint pain and stiffness.

✅ Check out my Arthritis GiftsAMAZON IDEA LIST

This post contains Amazon and other affiliate links. This just means that at no extra cost to you I receive a small commission if you purchase something through the links in this gift guide. This is one of the ways I make money blogging. If you want to know more about how I make money blogging with a chronic illness, read this post. You can also read my full disclosure policy.

✅ Products for Cooking with Arthritis

Food prep and cooking can be a challenge when you have joint pain and stiffness. Arthritis can also weaken your grip and strength in hour hands, fingers, and joint. These kitchen gadgets for arthritis sufferers are perfect gifts for Christmas, Birthdays, Mother’s Day, or Father’s Day.

One great brand that makes products for cooking with arthritis is Sammons Preston. ✅ See all product options

1. Sammons Rocker Knife for Rheumatoid Arthritis

(See Amazon’s Choice)

✅ Check Price

2. Best Food Processor for Arthritic Hands

Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop

✅ See Price

3. Automatic Jar Opener

The automatic jar opener that holds the jar and is completely hands-free is more expensive but worth it if you have a lot of joint problems with your hands, as many Rheumatoid Arthritis sufferers do. But there are many other budget-friendly options of automatic can openers.

✅ Check Price

4. Best Potato Peeler for Arthritic Hands

Chef’n PalmPeeler Hand Vegatable Peeler

✅ Check Price

5. Pizza Wheel

Who doesn’t love pizza? I am such a pizza lover, I just had to add the Pizza Wheel to this gift list. It even comes with a blade shield for when it’s not in use. That is an awesome benefit because I have “little hands” around the house that are sometimes too curious for their own good. 🙂

6. Wine Opener for People with Arthritis

The Magic Opener Plus works with 16 different sizes of plastic bottles, water bottle, and pull tab soup cans.

✅ See Price

✅ Arthritis Blankets

8. Weighted Blanket for Rheumatoid Arthritis

Can weighted blankets help rheumatoid arthritis? Yes, they can! Here is how–weighted blankets help improve sleep. Research has shown that people feel more pain when they haven’t slept well. That’s why weighted blankets can be a great gift for arthritis sufferers.

This is Amazon’s Choice in weighted blankets and it comes in so many different colors and prints. More modern designs that I haven’t seen before.

9. Rheumatoid Arthritis Electric Blanket

Heat is a good friend to people who have arthritis, especially in the cold winter months. But sometimes you may just want to crawl under a warm blanket for a good nap or a cuddle.

✅ Electric Poncho Wrap

Want instant access to my FREE Chronic Illness Resources and Printables? Just click the button below to get the super secret password and download as many as you like!


✅ Gifts for Driving with Arthritic Hands

There are many challenges when driving with arthritic hands. A good steering wheel grip is helpful when arthritis has weakened the strength in someone’s hands. The spinner knob is very helpful in make turns with ease. And orthopedic steering wheel covers provide cushion and insulation from having to touch a hot steering wheel during the summer or a cold steering wheel in the winter.

10. Steering Wheel Grip for Arthritis

When someone in my Chronic Illness and Arthritis Facebook groups suggested this device, the Spinner Ball for your steering wheel, I had never heard of it. But it is awesome and helps when your hands are fatigued and losing strength. This particular brand has you specify the make and model of your car to get a custom fit for the steering wheel.

✅ Check Price

12. Orthopedic Steering Wheel Cover

✅ Arthritis Heat or Cold Therapy

Both heat and cold therapy can help relieve the joint pain and stiffness that comes along with Rheumatoid Arthritis (and every other type of arthritis too!) When I have swelling and inflammation, I prefer to ice down my joints. But most people swear by heat therapy.

13. Therapearl

I personally have a lot of joint pain in my knees when I have an arthritis flare. So, I love this Therapearl for Knees. But Therapearl offers options for several other joint areas.

14. Heated and Cold Therapy Arthritis Pad for the Hands

Rheumatoid Arthritis greatly affects the hand joints. This MyCare Heating Pad–Therapy Warming and Cooling Glove for Arthritis surrounds the hands. I think this is ingenious and a definite must-have for someone with arthritis.

✅ Check Price

15. Wearable Hot/Cold Therapy Back and Shoulder

Whether it’s my lower back pain from CRPS or my joint pain from my arthritis, I love the fact that this hot/cold therapy pad is wearable. I can still move around and get things done while benefitting from the hot or cold therapy. It can also be wrapped around other joints like shoulders.

✅ See Price

✅ Best Gloves for Arthritis Pain

There are so many styles and functions when choosing the best gloves for arthritis pain. Compression gloves for swelling, copper gloves stabilize the muscle tissue to reduce swelling and pain, and magnetic arthritis gloves provide magnetic therapy for hands, fingers, and joints.

16. Compression Gloves for Swelling

✅ Check Price

17. Best Copper Gloves for Arthritis

✅ See Price

18. Magnetic Therapy Gloves for Arthritis

✅ See Options

✅ Arthritis Friendly Gardening Tools

How many people do you know who love gardening but arthritis keeps them from doing it? One of the arthritis pharmaceutical companies actually has a commercial with a woman in her garden. The key when looking for arthritis-friendly gardening tools is to find ones with gears and long handles to maximize leverage.

20. Ergonomic Garden Hand Tool Set

Grampas Original Stand Up Weeder

Radius Garden Root Slayer

23. Fiskar’s PowerGear Arthritis Friendly Tools

✅ Gadgets for Arthritis Sufferers

Some of these gadgets for arthritis sufferers are so cool, you will want to pick one up for yourself. I personally love the Sammons Preston Easy Grip Hand in Mug!

24. Cordless Electric Cutter Scissors

✅ Check Price

25. Sammons Preston Easy Grip Hand in Mug

✅ See Price

26. Ergonomic Vertical Wireless Mouse

✅ Check Price

29. Up Easy Lifting Cushion from Spine Life

Since being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis I find that after I have been sitting a long time it is really hard to get up out of my chair. This Up Easy Lifting Cushion is very helpful. It comes in different options that support different amounts of weight.

✅ Check Price

30. Cane Chair 300lb Capacity

I wish I would have found this chair so much sooner! With my CRPS (Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome) that mainly affects my lower back, I can only stand or walk for a few minutes before the pain skyrockets. So, this is amazing to have with so many occasions where I can’t find a place to sit down. This is especially helpful when I walk my kids to the bus stop and we have to wait for the bus to come. Amazon has many other similar chairs available too. (✅ See Amazon’s Choice Winner)

Arthritis and joint pain/stiffness is very challenging and we are always looking for products that can ease our pain and discomfort. This gift guide is filled with products that help to make life easier living with arthritis.

Keep in mind though, that when you live with arthritis, a gift that helps relieve or cope with the pain is something we really get excited about instead of “cutsy” and frivolous gifts wrapped up in big bows. So, if some of these gift ideas don’t seem like something you would normally expect to be a gift, don’t be surprised. Know that to us, it is a phenomenal gift!


  • 11 Phenomenal Gift for Someone with Chronic Pain
  • 60+ Thoughtful Gift Ideas for Someone with Depression
  • Mental Health Tips at Christmas: Living with Chronic Illness During the Holiday Season
  • Chronic Illness Holiday Hacks to Simplify Your Life

P.S. Pin this Gift Guide for Joint Pain & Stiffness for later so that you are never at a loss of what to give again!

In a hurry?

An Arthritis-Friendly Gift Guide

Whether you’re looking for an arthritis-friendly gift for a loved-one or for yourself, this list has you covered. Here are 11 gift ideas that can help soothe arthritis pain and make living with arthritis easier.


This moist pack, made with a few household items, can make a great gift for someone with arthritis. Watch: Video: How to Make a Moist Heat Pack

  1. A paraffin wax machine can be used to ease pain in arthritic hands and feet. A paraffin wax machine melts wax in a tub about the size of a crockpot. When you dip a hand or foot into the melted wax, the wax coats the skin and warms up stiff joints. The wax is easily peeled off and leaves skin feeling soft and moisturized.
  2. A foot spa can warm and massage arthritic feet. A foot spa keeps water circulating and warmed at a pre-set temperature. Automated rollers can massage your feet.
  3. Heated socks, jackets, gloves, and shoe insoles are great if you have aching joints and a hard time staying warm in the cold weather. These items typically run on batteries and may allow you to choose from different temperature settings, such as high, medium, and low.

    See 9 Easy Ways to Apply Heat to an Arthritic Joint

  4. advertisement

  5. Raised indoor planters and raised outdoor garden beds make it possible to tend to flowers, vegetables, and other plants without bending down. In addition, ergonomic garden tools and padded gardening gloves can make gardening easier on arthritic joints.
  6. Budget-friendly gifts are sometimes the most needed and appreciated. For example, free snow-shoveling, dog-walking, or a chore around the house won’t cost the gift-giver anything besides a little time and effort.
  7. Extra-wide key holders, sometimes called key turners, make gripping and turning a key easier. Typically made out of a plastic, key holders fit tightly over keys. Different models of key holders will fit different types of keys—for example, not all key holders will fit over a car key—so be sure to read product descriptions.
  8. Save

    Cooking can be difficult when you have arthritis, but there are helpful gadgets that can make it easier. See When Hand Pain Is Osteoarthritis

  9. Kitchen gadgets, such as electric can openers and bagel slicers, can make kitchen routines easier. Double-handled pots and pans can also make it easier to cook with arthritic hands. Look for items that are lightweight, too, so picking them up doesn’t cause joint strain.
  10. Extended shoe horns allow you to avoid painfully bending when you put on your shoes. When buying an extended shoehorn, make sure it is sturdy; thin metal can bend and weak plastics can break.
  11. Easy-to-wear jewelry can save time and frustration for people who have arthritic hands. Moderate to severe arthritis in the hands can make small, precise movements, such as fastening a necklace next to impossible. Longer necklaces and necklaces with stretchy cords or ribbons that can go over the head are best. In addition, adjustable rings can hinge open or expand to fit around swollen knuckles.
  12. Scented candles and other forms of aromatherapy help some people with chronic arthritis pain relax. (Scents can trigger flare-ups of symptoms for those with fibromyalgia or migraine headaches, so make sure a gift recipient isn’t sensitive to scents before you buy.)
  13. A yoga mat and yoga props, such as a foam block or cotton bolster, are useful for anyone who keeps their arthritis pain in check with a regular yoga routine.

    See Tai Chi and Yoga for Arthritis


Living with chronic arthritis pain can be stressful, but gift-giving and receiving shouldn’t be. See if these gift ideas help bring some cheer this holiday season.

Learn more:

Ways to Get Exercise When You Have Arthritis

12 Ways to Cope with Chronic Pain and Depression

Living with rheumatoid arthritis can definitely be challenging. What may be a simple task for most people can be painful and frustrating or even impossible for someone with rheumatoid arthritis.

Fortunately, there are some awesome products available that can make living easier. They can make great gifts for people with arthritis.


Note: All wording that is in blue is a clickable link that will take you to suggested gifts.


Gifts For Gardeners with Arthritis

The stooping, bending and kneeling associated with gardening is something that becomes difficult for people with arthritis. I love my flower gardens, but there are times when it is quite difficult for me to keep up with them. However, I have found some awesome products to help me and they would make great gifts for people with arthritis.

Ergonomic Hand Gardening Tools


Radius Garden Ergonomic Gardening Hand Tool Set, Includes Trowel, Transplanter, Weeder, Cultivator, and Scooper

If the person you are buying for loves gardening, these ergonomic hand gardening tools make awesome gifts for people with arthritis.

Radius Garden has developed a handle that minimizes hand and wrist stress. The “Natural Radius Grip” is a handle that sets your wrist and hand in a natural, neutral position. By doing so, it greatly reduces your risk of injury. I used to end up with the palms of my hands being black and blue and my wrist in severe pain after a couple hours of gardening. I tried the shovel first and absolutely loved it. So I put the rest of the tools on my Christmas list and I am so glad I did!

You can order these gardening hand tools as a set of either four or five or you can order them individually. Check out this other article about ergonomic garden hand tools . It goes into more detail on all the gardening tools. There are several other ideas for great gifts for gardeners with arthritis in this article.


Raised Flower Beds

Greenes Fence Cedar Raised Garden Kit 2 Ft. X 4 Ft. X 10.5 in.

Another perfect idea of great gifts for people with arthritis are raised flower beds. Raised flower beds will get you anywhere from ten inches off the ground to about 30″ off the ground depending on the style you choose.

Getting your plants up and off the ground makes it so much easier because you don’t have to bend over as far. Some of the raised beds are even wide enough to sit on them. There are quite a variety of different options. Most of them come in a kit and are easy to put together. If I had more level ground in my yard I certainly would be using these!


Heat Therapy Products and Massagers Also Make Great Gifts For People With Arthritis

When the gardening is done, a nice moist heating pad or massager is just what you need to soothe away those aches and pains. I have written an entire article highlighting the best moist heating pads. Click below to view.

“What is the Best Heating Pad For People With Arthritis“

You can also massage away those aches and pains with one of these electric massage tools.


Wahl Personal MassagerWahl Vibrating Massager

My favorite massager is the Pure Wave Massager. It has been a life saver for me. I so wish I had found this massager sooner. Click on the link to learn all the details. Would make such a wonderful gift for someone with arthritis!


Detailed Review of the Pado Pure Wave Massager

Gifts To Ease The Challenges of Working With Computers

People with rheumatoid arthritis have challenges with their hands. They swell, they hurt and eventually they get crooked. Personally, my hands are in the crooked stage. My fingers just don’t always go where I want them to go. Typing on a flat laptop computer is almost impossible. So I have solved that problem with a wireless keyboard that I place on my lap.

I have a portable laptop computer stand that I place next to this glider chair. Then I place a wireless keyboard in my lap. I work from home and spend a lot of hours here in my little “office” in the middle of my living room and it works out great!

Another computer oriented item that can be a great gift for people with arthritis is Dragon Naturally Speaking software. Dragon turns your talk into text and can make any computer task easier.

Glider Recliner with Matching OttomanLaptop Rolling Table – Height AdjustableLogitech Wireless Keyboard and MouseDragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13

Gifts For People With Arthritis Who Get Cold

People with rheumatoid arthritis get cold easily. And when they do, it is difficult to warm back up. One of the best gifts I ever bought myself was a heated mattress pad. I used to get all sleepy and then climb into a cold bed which would in turn wake me back right up. Then I had trouble getting to sleep.

Now, about 2 or 3 hours before I plan on going to bed, I go turn my heated mattress pad on. My bed is cozy warm and it is so much easier falling asleep now. However, make sure you order a dual control pad because your significant other might not like it quite as warm as you do!

Keep your feet warm with heated socks or heated insoles.

Keep your hands warm with HotHands Heated Fleece Glove / Mittens.

Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with Dual EasySet Pro ControllersNordic Gear Unisex Lectra Sox-Electric Battery Heated SocksHotHands Heatmax Heated Fleece Gloves/MittensRechargeable Heated Shoes Inserts 5-6 Hours Warming Time

The old stand by for getting warm is always a hot bath. Relax with Village Naturals Therapy Aches and Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soaks.


Kitchen Aids Make Great Gifts for People With Arthritis

Stand Mixers

KitchenAid KSM150PSER Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer with Pouring Shield, 5-Quart, Empire Red

Many people with rheumatoid arthritis have trouble maneuvering things and their hands may be weak or deformed. This makes it difficult to do things like knead bread or mix dough. This Kitchenaid stand mixer includes accessories that will make beating, whisking and mixing easier.


Electric Can Openers

Hamilton Beach 76607 Smooth Touch Can Opener, Black and Chrome
Open cans smoothly and easily with the Hamilton Beach Smooth Touch Can Opener. A special feature of this electric can opener is that it is designed so that the blade cuts along the side rather than into the top of the can. This prevents splashing or seeping out from the top since the can remains closed until you lift the lid.

This can opener is perfect for people with arthritis because it has a large ergonomic lever that is easy for anyone to use. The operation requires very little grip strength. Just hold the lever down until the blade has made a full rotation around the can. Perfect for people with weak hands.


Vegetable Slicer

Vegetable Mandoline Chopper with Strong-Hold Suction Cup

When you have arthritis you may have weak hands or lack dexterity in them. This vegetable mandolin chopper will ease the pain of chopping and cutting with a knife.

The suction cups on the bottom of it hold it stable on your counter while you work.

It includes three blades; julienne, slicing and grinding. Easy to clean. Reasonably priced. A practical gift that someone with arthritis would truly enjoy.


Anti-Fatigue Mats


Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue Mat 20 x 39 x 3/4

Love your kitchen again! The Sky Mat, Comfort Anti Fatigue mat is perfect to relieve standing at your sink or stove. Or for that matter, anywhere else in your kitchen. This kitchen floor mat will drastically reduce the pressure on your feet, knees and back by up to 32%.

It is available in seven different colors and three different sizes. #1 Best Seller on Amazon. Over 4,000 reviews and 86% of the people who reviewed this item gave it a 5 star rating! Not sure if I have ever seen a rating this high.


Stocking Stuffer Gifts For People With Arthritis

Goldtone Holiday Christmas Tree Stretch RingCopper Magnetic Bracelet – 2 Magne Therapy BanglesTitanium Magnetic Therapy Necklace Pain Relief for Neck7 COrgone Pendant Generator Energy AccumulatorMiles Kimball Locking Magnetic Jewelry Clasps – Set Of 4Bed Buddy Foot Warmers AromatherapyZipper Helper, Button Puller, Jewelry HelperTrim Easy Hold Fingernail Clipper, Assorted Colors, 1-packElectric Heated Socks for Chronically Cold FeetDesigner Pill Box Decorative Pill Case with Gift BoxKolumbo Unbreakable Travel UmbrellaTherapy Aches & Pains Muscle Relief Mineral Bath Soak

Other Articles With Christmas Gifts For People with Arthritis

Adaptive Tableware For People With Arthritis

Best Silverware for Arthritic Hands

Jar Openers for People With Arthritis

Therapeutic Gloves For Arthritis – Do They Work?

Ergonomic Garden Hand Tools

How to Get Organized with the Best Pill Boxes



Buying the perfect gift can be challenging, especially when it’s for someone dealing with achy body parts and the pain that arthritis can cause. Here are a few holiday gift ideas for people with arthritis.

Gift Ideas #1 – Warmth for Soothing Joints and Cold for Reducing Inflammation

  • A quick heating paraffin bath is a wonderfully relaxing way to ease achy joints and dry skin.
  • Arthritis gloves and compression gloves, with or without fingertips, are designed to heat the hands, increase circulation, and reduce pain and swelling. The gloves can be worn during the day or night. Protexgloves, are lightweight, cottony soft and provide light compression. They keep your hands warm without restricting hand and finger movement.
  • A heated, cushioned mattress pad with controllers helps ensure a comfortable, restful night.
  • Cold therapy, such as compresses and gel packs help ease pain by reducing swelling.
  • Topical creams can also help protect against the loss of your body’s own natural warmth. Warm Skin® All Weather Guard Cream insulates and protects your skin from cold and moisture loss caused by weather conditions.

Looking for Splints/Braces and Products that can help with Arthritis Pain?

Gift Ideas #2 – Ease of Movement

  • Typing on the computer can be difficult for people with arthritis. Helpful tools include: external or ergonomic keyboard to keep wrists in a more relaxed position; ergonomic mouse that allows hands to remain in a more natural, comfortable position; voice recognition software that types as a person talks aloud.
  • For foodies, there are many arthritis-friendly kitchen utensils, including electric can openers and wine openers, electric scissors, non-slip knives, and easy grip peelers and bottle openers.
  • A good pen with quality ink that flows easily and requires minimal pressure to write clearly will reduce pressure on the thumb and forefinger.
  • Book rests hold a book open on the table and eliminates the need to balance it with just the thumbs.
  • For those who have trouble vacuuming—or who would prefer not to—a self-propelled vacuum or cleaning robot, like the iRobot Roomba, reduces the stress of this task.

Gift Ideas #3 – Think Soothing

  • A gift certificate for a massage might be just the ticket for a relaxing holiday treat.
  • For those who would prefer the spa environment in the comfort of their own home, consider purchasing mineral bath soaks, essential oils, and muscle relaxing lotions.

Gift Ideas #4 – Staying Strong

  • Exercise putty and stretchable putty are designed to help develop hand strength and range of motion. The stretchable putty can even be used in place of resistance bands and make great stocking stuffers!

For more great gift ideas for people with arthritis, please go to

Looking for More Information on Products That Can Help?

Click on the images below

Warm Skin®
Oval-8 Finger Splints

Our blogs are educational in nature and are not intended as a substitute for medical advice. Because your condition is unique to you, it is recommended that you consult with your health care provider before attempting any medical or therapeutic treatments. We are always happy to answer questions about products mentioned in our blogs, however, we cannot provide a diagnosis or medical advice.

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