Daniel’s diabetic miracle cure

My initial response to the idea of the Bible providing a cure for diabetes was absurdity. However, on a larger scale reflection, considering the whole scope of the Bible, there is a sense in which it most certainly does claim that (read to the end for details!).

However, in this article, which is quite long, I want to clear up the gimmicky claims about Daniel verses and King James Bible cure for diabetes that seems to be a misreading of the scriptures.

By the end of this, you will understand what the Bible does say, and what Jesus’ true word is.


How Does The Bible Claim To Cure Diabetes?

In short, it doesn’t. But that would make for a very boring unhelpful article!

Despite some gimmicky claims, the scripture does not speak directly about diabetes and very minimally about health. That doesn’t mean that God doesn’t care or have anything to say, it simply implies that the primary purpose of the Bible is different than we often perceive.

The Bible is God’s story.

That’s it–it’s his words of life that he chooses to share with humanity. It’s not a book about us (we should never approach the scriptures thinking, “now what does this have to do with me?”), it’s a book about him and his good news (gospel=good news)!

Now it is written for us (2 Ti 3:16-17), and some sections are not addressed to us, but it is important to realize that the main theme of the Bible is God’s gracious and merciful plan of rescuing and redeeming his people from their sin, which separates us from him and all that is good and right.

He does this through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus (1 John 4:9-10) for all who would trust and believe in him (1 John 5:10), giving our lives to him (1 John 5:3) with an aim of doing all we can to further his kingdom and bring him greater glory in response to his extravagant generosity. All other issues are periphery and find their aim in fulfilling this purpose.

How Does Diabetes Fit Into God’s Story?

Well, we first have to realize that in the beginning before sin entered the world (Ge 3), humans were created fully in the image of God without defect (Ge 1:26-27). That means everything worked perfectly including our endocrine (hormonal) systems.

Not only that, but we were created to live eternally!

We were never intended to die (Ge 1:17)–death came only through sin, or disobedience to God’s clear command (Ge 3). There is no sickness of any kind before sin. And there is no sickness or death once Jesus redeems, restores and renews his kingdom.

Revelation 22 speaks of a people dwelling in a rich and wonderful city with streets paved of gold in which nothing unclean (defective) will ever enter. His people will see his face and there will be no more death, or mourning or crying or pain (Rev 21:4). There is reference to leaves on trees which are for the healing of nations (Rev 22:2) which may speak to his means by which he will bring about restoration of sickness.

His church will have resurrected bodies which will be “perfected” in ways we can’t even comprehend (2 Co 3:18). And so those who truly trust in Jesus realize that our hope (Ro 8:18-25) is not in this world or in this life, much less in our health (which will surely fail!), but in his eternal promises.

Our lives are described as ‘grass (1 Pe 1:24-25)’ and ‘mist (Ja 4:14)’ and ‘dew’–it’s barely discernable–there for a moment, then passes away. Like a flower flourishes in a field–the wind passes over it & it’s gone (Ps 103:15-16).

How depressing!!!

But the steadfast love of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting to those who fear (love and respect) him (Ps 103:17-18). And while our bodies will perish, our souls go on into eternity (2 Co 4:16-18).


That said, it is right to take care of our bodies and do all we can to preserve and maintain our health (Ro 12:1). Our bodies are wonderful gifts from God and it is our responsibility to steward all he has given us very well (1 Co 10:31).

While there is very little prescriptive from a dietary standpoint, so much in scripture exhorts us to do things that require the use of our bodies and minds (commune with others, share the gospel, serve one another, celebrate together, study the word, etc). And we are certainly better equipped to do that if our bodies and minds are functioning as well as they could.

I can tell you that after I’ve pigged out on Thanksgiving, all I want to do is lie around and be lazy. Neither my body nor my mind is alert enough to focus on anyone or anything. Additionally, if I’m excessively obese, I am less able to help others move, rake my neighbors leaves, go for a hike with a friend and talk about his amazing creation.

Jonathan Edwards, probably one of the most brilliant minds to enter this world and incredible theologian in the 18th century used to study 14+ hours a day. He would write in his journals about how (this was way before dieting was a thing; few people were overweight as food was scarce and work was physical) he would restrict his food, limiting down to the morsel because he knew that even a bite too much would start inducing drowsiness and take away the focus he needed for his study.


The Bible speaks of fasting as well (Mt 6:16), not for medical or health reasons, but as a spiritual discipline.

The purpose of Biblical fasting is to humbly turn our eyes off ourselves, giving up our preferences, such that they would be turned on Jesus. The time that we would normally take to eat (which is what our bellies want) we utilize for prayer and thanksgiving to God.

How often have you been truly hungry?

We live in such a day that many of us rarely, if ever, feel a true physical hunger. As we are much more accustomed to gratifying our “wanter,” our appetites. It is good self-discipline to tell ourselves “no” sometimes. The Bible does not give specific direction as to how to fast (it simply says “when you fast,” assuming that Christians will engage in this from time to time), and so there are many ways to prayerfully consider applying this.

Keep in mind that with diabetes comes a metabolic derangement that going long periods of time without food is not recommended, this is especially important if taking insulin. So perhaps, you might honor God by “fasting” from something that is less healthy, but that you are giving in to your appetite.

This would be a true sacrifice-perhaps it’s your weekly beer or cocktail, maybe it’s late night munching, perhaps it’s your weekly dessert. Pray about it and likely something will come to mind that will make you feel nervous like you don’t want to give it up–that’s probably it!


The flip side to fasting is gluttony (Pro 23:20-21; 28:7).

You could even argue that fasting is a means of combatting gluttony. Gluttony isn’t only an excess of food, but a giving in to that appetite whatever it may be. It is often tied with laziness and lack of self-discipline.

Giving into gluttony is an act of selfishness, which is why the Bible calls it sin. Eating in gratitude, in community, and in moderation are Biblical models for healthy and right dining contexts.


There is only one prescriptive verse I’m aware of regarding exercise in 1 Timothy 4:8: “Physical training is of some value .”

The intent of the text is that training our minds, hearts and souls to love God is of much greater value–again because it will go on into eternity, while our physical bodies will perish regardless of how much we train them!

However, he does say it is of some value–so God sees the physical care of our bodies as valuable (just not his highest priority) so we ought to take care of them.


Jesus heals people. Notice I didn’t say “healed.”

He did heal people while he was here on earth (there are a multitude of examples of him healing blindness, deafness, skin diseases, reproductive diseases, paralysis and many others) in bodily form. But he commissioned and empowered his disciples to do the same and we see this all throughout Acts (Acts 3:6-10; Acts 5:15-16; Acts 9:32-24 etc) and in church history, amazing examples of miraculous healing.

It is listed as a spiritual gift and we are encouraged to pray in faith that God might bring about healing as a temporary glimpse into what will one day be ultimate in the lives of believers, with a realization that we are still in a broken world and we do not always see his kingdom breaking through to the degree we would like.

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Specific Diets

There are no specific dietary recommendations in the Bible.

People ate bread, fish, meat, olive oil, vegetables, figs, honey, dates, wine etc.

Paul actually told Timothy to quit drinking water and start drinking wine in one of his letters. This was likely due to a medical issue he was having in which wine could have helped the healing process!

So we have to be very careful we don’t take anything out of context.

The book of Daniel has verses that tell wonderful stories about God’s faithfulness to his people in exiled Babylon, in sustaining the health of Daniel and his friends despite the fact that they chose not to partake in the king’s rich foods (which are not specified) by eating only vegetables.

The assumption behind the text is that naturally, the consumption of a larger variety of the foods served to nobility would have resulted in greater physical health, but that God miraculously made Daniel strong despite that because it was an honorable sacrifice…not because the foods were healthier.

Additionally, nowhere in the text does it command or exhort believers to follow that example.

Men and women of God are called to feast at times, to celebrate, to enjoy food, but in moderation.

Proverbs is full of principles for wisdom. There is a difference between a command, an exhortation, and a principle.

A command is: “You shall have no other Gods before me”- very direct, no flexibility, literally telling us what to do.

An exhortation is: “Let us pursue what makes for peace and for mutual upbuilding” – Do you feel the difference? This is more of an encouragement, it takes a coaching tone, trying to motivate based on something previous.

An example of a principle is: “Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”- this isn’t saying what to do, but more of a wise, general truism we can all relate to. Ever see a movie star or sports player get a bit cocky, then come crashing down? We read it and it ought to warn us to cultivate humility.

It is important to notice the difference, and what we see mostly in scripture, when it comes to health, is principles.

If the great commandment is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, mind, soul, and strength, and love our neighbor as ourselves, then by principle, we ought to take very good care of our bodies, as a means to this end.

Is there a Daniel Bible Verse to Cure Diabetes?

The verse in Daniel has nothing to do with diabetes or even health or diet as it’s core meaning, but rather is a description of the faithfulness of God despite the odds.

The whole point of the passage is that when Daniel ate ‘only vegetables’ and presumably no meat, he appeared brighter and stronger than those who ate the kings rich food (which we are not given a description of) because it was a sacrifice of preference he chose to defer in an effort to honor God.

So it would have been more likely that he and his friends were weaker, but were stronger in spite of their diet as a result of God’s blessing and favor, not because of it. There is no command, suggestion, or prescriptive hint that we should do the same, and these verses have sometimes been taken very far out of context for the sake of profit.

What About King James Bible Cure for Diabetes?

KJV is not as accurate as some of the more modern Bible translations which are based on older manuscripts and the originals.

KJV was produced in 1611 under the mandate of a man who was very clearly not a Christian. And again, there are no direct references to a cure for diabetes.


Since dietary regulations in the New Testament are principally focused (under the Old Covenant there were commands which were fulfilled when Jesus came and announced all foods ‘clean’ or acceptable to eat), we should use wisdom to guide our daily decisions.

1 Co 6:12 says: “All things are lawful for me, but not all things are helpful.”

We recognize this principle–it isn’t illegal to sit around on my couch all day and play video games….but, it also isn’t helpful or beneficial. It doesn’t give me life. It’s mind-numbing and does not facilitate what is most important to me.

Similarly, you can eat whatever you want. The Bible doesn’t say you should or shouldn’t eat bread or wine or figs or vegetables. But if you love him, don’t you want to eat the right foods in the right way–the way he intended your body to work best?

The love of Christ sets us free from strict legality, but we ought not abuse that freedom, but live to the fullest in light of it.

As I said at the beginning, when I’d heard of people proposing there were Daniel verses and King James Bible cure for diabetes, my initial response to the idea of the Bible providing any type of cure for diabetes was absurdity.

However, on a larger scale reflection, considering the whole scope of the Bible, there is a sense in which it most certainly does claim that!

Trust Jesus with the whole of your life, give yourself to him and to his glory. Find out what pleases him and love him and all the promises of the Bible are true for you, including his promise to resurrect, redeem, and restore your body (1 Co 15:35-58), and live with him in peace for all eternity.

It doesn’t get better than that!

I would warn that if you do see gimmicky claims, proceed with caution. Jesus takes offense to the manipulation of his words and those who have profited at the expense of deceiving people, which is what I believe is behind most of these gimmicky claims out there on the Internet, and why we wanted to share this article with you.

These gimmicky claims give people false hope and may set you up for disappointment and an inaccurate view of who God is. Jesus’ words are to be respected and applied only as he has intended.

I hope this has clarified any claims that there is an actual cure for diabetes in the Bible. But at the same time, shared the truth behind Jesus’ word.

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The Daniel Plan: A Social Cure for a Social Disease

One in two Americans has pre-diabetes or diabetes — that is every other person in America. Twenty-five percent of diabetics and ninety percent of pre-diabetics are not diagnosed. Caring for them will cost $3.4 trillion over the next 10 years.

This is a global problem. From 1983 to 2001, worldwide diabetes prevalence increased from 35 million to 366 million, and it is projected to grow to 552 million in 2030. Ninety- five percent of diabetes cases are lifestyle-induced type 2 diabetes. The solution to our diabetes epidemic will not come from within the health care system. It will not come from a pill bottle or the blade of a scalpel. We cannot bypass the fact that this is a lifestyle disease and cannot be solved by better or more medication.

Doctors graduate medical school knowing more about treating malaria than treating obesity — or what I call diabesity. When the collective cost of diabesity-related disease (including heart disease, cancer, dementia, strokes, infertility, depression and more) is accounted for, it is the single biggest contributor to our health care costs and our national debt.

In the face of those seemingly insurmountable statistics, I had an insight after working with physician Paul Farmer in Haiti where he built the model of “accompaniment,” which uses community health workers and peer support to create the conditions that led to health.

The insight was this: that the community could be the cure.

An Unexpected Solution to Diabetes, Obesity, and Chronic Disease

One year ago, in partnership with Rick Warren from Saddleback Church in Orange County, California, and two other doctors (Dr. Daniel Amen and Dr. Mehmet Oz), I helped launch The Daniel Plan — a social experiment to learn if community support was more effective than medication or conventional medical care for treating and reversing disease and creating health.

The Daniel Plan is a wellness program delivered through small groups in the church. Rick Warren’s congregation of 30,000 met every week in 5,000 small groups. That was the “secret sauce.” The program is named after the biblical story of Daniel and his small group of men who refused to consume royal food and wine. By eating vegetables and water, “they looked healthier and better nourished than any of the young men who ate the royal food,” according to Daniel 1:15.

In the first month 15,000 people signed up, and over the last year they have lost an estimated 250,000 pounds — or the equivalent of 10 tractor-trailer trucks loaded with soda. Over 6000 people spontaneously joined from around the country. There have been over half a million visits to the website from 189 countries. Hundreds of churches from around the country have called to participate and build programs for their own congregations.

The program is based on functional medicine — a way of treating chronic disease through lifestyle-based systems solutions. It is the science of creating health, not treating specific diseases. Disease goes away as a side effect of creating health. That delivered within small groups via The Daniel Plan was the lever that moved mountains — of donuts, ribs, soda and more!

Not only were there estimated weight reductions of 250,000 pounds but also equal reductions in medication use, hospitalizations, and doctor’s visits. And it was free.

The Daniel Plan: Community Is the Cure

In a survey after 10 months of the program, participants reported the following:

  • An average weight loss of 13.5 pounds (18 pounds for those who said they followed the program closely)
  • 72 percent of those who wanted to lose weight did
  • 53 percent reported increased energy levels
  • 34 percent reported better sleep
  • 27 percent reported improvement in blood work
  • 20 percent reported improvement in blood pressure
  • 11 percent reported reduction in medications
  • 31 percent reported improvement in mood

Those who did the plan together lost twice as much weight as those who did it alone.

Chiquita Seals lost 125 pounds and Kendall Rock reversed his diabetes. Others got off their insulin, heart disease, and diabetes medications.

Here was the big insight for me: the community is the cure and the group is the medicine.

We created an interactive curriculum delivered through online education, videos, articles, recipes, and webinars, all done in small groups and community events. We did this at Saddleback by changing what was served at Bible breakfasts, the menus in the Refinery (the student ministry facility), and even in people’s homes.

We didn’t treat disease. We didn’t create a weight-loss program. We taught people self-care. Combining that with caring for each other, they created a small miracle – something health care or health care reform has not been able to achieve.

This is the seed of a bigger possibility. In our own communities, we can support each other to take back our health.

An old African proverb says that if you want to travel swiftly, travel alone, but if you want to travel far, travel together.

My personal hope is that together we can create a national conversation about a real, practical solution for the prevention, treatment, and reversal of our diabesity epidemic.

To your good health,

Mark Hyman, MD

July 2012 Issue

Prayer and Fasting With Diabetes — Informed Clients of Faith Can Avoid Serious Health Risks
By Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN
Today’s Dietitian
Vol. 14 No. 7 P. 14

Many religious faiths recommend setting aside time for prayer and fasting—a sacred time to commune with God while abstaining from all food, drink, or both.

Fasting can last for one day, seven days, one month, or longer. People of the Jewish faith fast for 25 hours from sundown to sundown during Yom Kippur. Muslims fast during the daylight hours for the entire month of Ramadan. And many Christians fast and pray for 40 days during the Lenten season or sporadically throughout the year when there’s a need to reinforce spiritual discipline, receive direction from God for their lives, or experience divine intervention during tough times.

While fasting is a commendable spiritual practice, it’s one that could come with major health risks for people who have diabetes.

Fasting During Ramadan
Of all the spiritual fasts, Ramadan represents a particular challenge for people with diabetes and their healthcare providers. During the month of Ramadan, which begins at a different time each year according to the Islamic calendar, Muslims abstain from all food and drink, the use of oral medications, and smoking from just before dawn until sunset.1 In contrast, the 40-day fast during the Lenten season for Christians is less restrictive. Christians with or without diabetes may give up eating certain foods or meals throughout the season but not all food entirely, and they continue to take their medications, so they’re much less likely to develop health problems. For a Muslim with diabetes, going without food and drink for several hours per day and for days at a time often leads to serious complications.

For this reason, healthcare providers have discouraged people with diabetes from fasting during Ramadan.1 According to the Islamic faith, Muslims with diabetes aren’t required to fast, since people who are sick, elderly, pregnant, or nursing are exempt.2 Yet, because Ramadan is believed to be the most holy and notable time of the Islamic year, believers are reluctant to give up this practice. Results of a 2001 study called Epidemiology of Diabetes and Ramadan (EPIDIAR) found that many Muslims fasted despite their diabetes diagnosis. The study, which sampled more than 12,000 Muslims with diabetes from 13 Islamic countries, found that 43% of those with type 1 diabetes and almost 80% of those with type 2 diabetes fasted.3 According to some estimates, more than 50 million Muslims with diabetes worldwide will fast during Ramadan.1

So it’s important for healthcare providers to realize that fasting for religious reasons is a personal, spiritual decision and one that devout clients probably won’t take lightly. But if patients receive sound advice and encouragement from dietitians, other healthcare providers, and religious leaders, they have a better chance of managing their diabetes more effectively during this critical time.

Communicating the Risks
To be most helpful, dietitians and healthcare providers can ensure diabetes patients of faith and their spiritual communities understand the adverse effects of fasting.

“One of the greatest risk factors of fasting in people with diabetes is severe hypoglycemia,” says Steven Edelman, MD, a professor of medicine at the University of California, San Diego and founder and director of the nonprofit organization Taking Control of Your Diabetes. The EPIDIAR study found that severe hypoglycemia occurred more frequently in 2001 during Ramadan than the preceding year.

Hyperglycemia is another risk factor associated with fasting, especially in those who overeat when they break their fast or eat too many carbohydrates. In the EPIDIAR study, participants with type 2 diabetes showed a fivefold increase in severe hyperglycemia, requiring hospitalization during Ramadan. Those with type 1 diabetes experienced a threefold increase in hyperglycemia with and without ketoacidosis. The rate of hyperglycemia was even higher among those whose blood sugar was poorly controlled before the start of Ramadan.3

Moreover, diabetes patients can experience dehydration while fasting due to decreased fluid intake and excessive perspiration. This is of particular concern for people living in hot and humid climates and those who engage in physical labor.1 Dehydration can lead to orthostatic hypotension, hypovolemia, and increased blood viscosity, which can raise the risk of thrombosis and stroke.1

Nevertheless, the level of risk for these complications depends on how well an individual’s blood sugar is controlled before beginning a fast. Type 2 diabetes patients who are treated with metformin, thiazolidinediones, or diet alone and whose blood sugar is controlled are at low risk of complications associated with fasting.1

“For people with type 1 , if the basal rate is set correctly, fasting is the best way to keep blood glucose under control,” Edelman says. “It’s when you eat food that it becomes more difficult to manage. You’ve got to count carbs and make adjustments in bolus insulin.”

The AADE7 Plan for Successful Fasting
So how can dietitians best counsel diabetes patients of faith who embrace fasting and prayer?

The American Association of Diabetes Educators (AADE) created the AADE7 Self-Care Behavior checklist, a set of principles designed to help clients enjoy healthier lives through diabetes education.4 Dietitians can use this checklist to help diabetes patients avoid serious health risks while fasting. In addition, RDs should work with their patients’ healthcare teams to ensure they receive the best patient-centered care to avoid short- and long-term complications. Here are the seven self-care behaviors you can use in practice:

• Healthful eating: During Ramadan, “Most people eat at least two meals: a predawn meal before fasting and then a sunset meal to break the fast,” says Jamillah Hoy-Rosas, MPH, RD, CDE, CDN, a diabetes educator and medical case manager for the Brooklyn-based Stay Well, Enjoy Life program. “Patients should be instructed to avoid binge eating during both of these mealtimes. Large meals with excessive amounts of carbohydrate can lead to postprandial hyperglycemia. Patients should still be following a healthful meal plan, balanced with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, beans, vegetables, lean protein, and healthful fats.”

• Being active: Regular physical activity is important for overall fitness, weight management, and blood glucose control. So work with patients to develop an appropriate activity plan that balances food and medication with the activity level.4 Too much physical activity, particularly while fasting, can lead to hypoglycemia and dehydration.

• Monitoring: Generally, patients should monitor blood glucose two to four times per day, either before meals or two hours after meals and at bedtime. During a fast, instruct patients to monitor blood glucose more frequently. This is especially critical for type 1 and type 2 diabetes patients who require insulin or a sulfonylurea. Tell patients, their families, and others in their spiritual community about the signs, symptoms, and treatment options for hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and ketoacidosis.

• Taking medication: All patients should be informed about each medication they’re taking, including its mechanism of action, side effects, efficacy, toxicity, dosage, and appropriate timing and frequency of administration plus the effect of missed or delayed doses.4 Moreover, they’ll need to know the dosage they should take during a fast. “Caloric restriction makes a person with type 2 diabetes very insulin sensitive,” says Edelman, who tells his patients who are treated with a sulfonylurea to stop taking the meds temporarily while fasting. But medication adjustments will differ for each patient.

• Problem solving: Because of the risk of hypoglycemia, hyperglycemia, and other complications,1 dietitians should counsel patients on what to do if any of these occur. For example, patients must understand appropriate blood-glucose action levels and action plans and how and when to use glucose tablets, gels, or injections. Patients should carry unexpired glucagon and instructions on when to call 911. Recommend patients wear a medical alert bracelet and keep emergency contact numbers in an obvious place, such as in their wallet, car, or in their cell phone contact list under ICE (in case of emergency).

• Reducing risks: Encourage clients to discuss the fast with their spiritual leaders. Patients may be able to modify the fast in a way that meets their health and spiritual objectives. “Planning is key,” Hoy-Rosas says. “A few months before Ramadan, those intending to fast should see their doctor to have their health markers monitored and determine whether it’s safe for them to participate.”

• Healthy coping: Embracing one’s faith has been shown to reduce stress. Yet people with diabetes who wish to participate in fasting and prayer may feel conflicted by a lack of harmony and understanding between the medical and spiritual advice they receive. Dietitians should offer support and strive to understand and respect the religious context and perspective of the individual who wants to fast.

Ideally, not only will clients with diabetes be informed about good self-care during a fast, but family members and those within the spiritual community will understand how to support them as well. Sharing educational materials with clients and caretakers may be helpful in bridging the gap between medical advice and their spiritual calling. Ultimately, the healthiest patients are those who can take care of themselves well—body and soul.

— Constance Brown-Riggs, MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN, is the national spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, specializing in African American nutrition, and author of The African American Guide to Living Well With Diabetes and Eating Soulfully and Healthfully With Diabetes.

3. Salti I, Bénard E, Detournay B, et al. A population-based study of diabetes and its characteristics during the fasting month of Ramadan in 13 countries: results of the epidemiology of diabetes and Ramadan 1422/2011 (EPIDIAR) study. Diabetes Care. 2004;27(10):2306-2311.

What is The Daniel Fast?

AlexPro9500/Getty Images

Chris Pratt is known for touting intermittent fasting and other diet approaches for weight loss and preparation for action movies, but his latest Bible-based diet regimen, The Daniel Fast, has people talking. This 21-Day diet plan is a different fasting approach from intermittent fasting, as it doesn’t restrict when you can eat, but rather what you can eat.

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The Daniel Fast is based on the prophet Daniel’s spiritual and dietary experiences in the biblical book of his namesake. Two references in particular lay the foundation for the diet:

  • “Please test your servants for ten days, and let them give us vegetables to eat and water to drink.” Daniel 1:12
  • “In those days I, Daniel, was mourning three full weeks. I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled.” Daniel 10:12-13

Daniel himself experienced a renewed sense of vigor and strength after following a plant-based diet for three weeks, and a modern diet plan was created based on achieving his results of greater spiritual, mental, and physical health.

While only vegetables and water are listed in the scripture, the word “pulse” in the King James Bible is defined as “bean or seed grown for food,” allowing for fruits, whole grains, and other plant-based foods to be included in the diet plan.

What You Can Eat on The Daniel Fast?

Image zoom Photo: Victor Protasio

The Daniel Fast is essentially a vegan diet, but don’t go searching the grocery aisles for Impossible Burgers and almond milk ice cream quite yet. The fast is a whole foods, plant-based diet, emphasizing consumption of foods in their least processed form. Here’s what’s allowed on the menu:

Fruit: Fresh or frozen, and low-glycemic fruits in particular are encouraged. Low-glycemic fruits include berries, apples, peaches, grapefruit, cherries, and grapes. Canned fruit is also an option, but only if there is no added sugar, coloring, or other preservatives.

Vegetables: Fresh, frozen, or canned vegetables are all allowed on the diet plan, as long as there is no added salt. You can eat these—and even potatoes—in abundance.

Whole Grains: Go easy on the processed varieties and focus on cooking unrefined whole grains such as amaranth, barley, brown rice, quinoa, millet, oats, and wheat. Leavened bread, or breads made with yeast, are not allowed, but if you can find whole-grain breads and flatbreads made without yeast, those do fit within the parameters of the diet plan.

Legumes: Dried or canned varieties are both allowed, but canned versions shouldn’t have any salt or other additives. Types of legumes include black beans, chickpeas, lentils, and other bean varieties. These can also be eaten in abundance.

Soy products, such as tofu, are also allowed on The Daniel Fast, as long as they aren’t made with any additives.

Nuts & Seeds: All nuts and seeds are allowed, as long as they are raw or dry-roasted without salt.

High-Quality Oils: Plant-based oils are approved on The Daniel Fast, but they should be used in moderation. Canola, peanut, coconut, olive, avocado, sesame, grapeseed, and walnut oils are all healthy options.

Herbs & Spices: Herbs and spices will be key in flavoring your meals over the next few weeks. Investing in fresh herbs and having a host of spices to choose from will help make The Daniel Fast that much easier. Salt is allowed on the diet, but it should be used minimally.

Nutritional supplements are also allowed, as long as you aren’t reaching for gummy vitamins.

What You Can’t Eat on The Daniel Fast

Image zoom id-art / Getty Images

Meat & Eggs: Animal protein of any kind is not allowed during the three-week fasting plan, and meat is specifically avoided in the Book of Daniel. Instead, participants are encouraged to obtain protein from legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

Dairy: Dairy is also not allowed on this diet, but you can substitute unprocessed or homemade non-dairy milks in recipes.

Considering a plant-based diet? Here’s what to know first:

  • Exactly Why You Should Consider a Plant-Based Diet
  • Vegan Myths We Want to Stop in Their Tracks
  • How To Get Enough B12 In Your Diet When You Don’t Eat Much Meat

Processed Foods: Any food that is processed beyond packaging is pretty much off limits on The Daniel Fast. This includes fried foods, many frozen products, and even most vegan-friendly packaged foods. This diet is all about emphasizing whole, unprocessed foods, so you’ll even need to ditch your veggie burgers, unless you can make one from-scratch with approved ingredients.

Our 20-Minute Black Bean Burger recipe can be adapted by replacing an egg with a “flax egg.” Mix one tablespoon of flax meal with three tablespoons of water, set in the fridge for five to ten minutes, and you have a flax egg!

Sweeteners: We aren’t just talking sugar here, but also maple syrup, honey, and other natural sweeteners. Fruit should be your only source of sweetener here. Dates are a great option for adding sweetness to meals, and mashed banana also is a great way to sweeten a bowl of oatmeal in the mornings.

Chewing Gum & Mints: Since processed foods are not on the list of approved foods, you can assume fruit is your only dessert option for 21 days. Gum and mints—which often contain zero grams of sugar—are no exception on The Daniel Fast. Make sure to read nutrition facts and ingredient lists closely, as the majority of brands are made with chemical additives and sugar alcohols.

Solid Fats: Butter, ghee, margarine, lard, and other shortenings are all off the list for three weeks, so investing in a good-quality vegetable oil will be worth your while. The only exception for solid fats here would be a nut or seed butter, as long as the nut or seed is the only ingredient.

Beverages: Water is the only beverage allowed on The Daniel Fast, meaning you might want to hide the coffee pot for a few weeks. Wine, juices, kombucha, soda, you name it—not allowed. Even flavored seltzer water, such as LaCroix isn’t allowed, due to the flavoring agents. While drinking only water for 21 days can seem boring, you can easily jazz it up by adding fruits and herbs. Check out our favorite infused water recipes, here.

How Much Can I Eat on The Daniel Fast?

There aren’t specific rules on the amount of food you eat, as it is more focused on which foods you eat. However, the diet is all about forgoing self-indulgence and gaining discipline, so sticking to three square meals with a snack or two if needed, should be sufficient.

The Daniel Fast-Approved Recipes

One way to make it easier to stick to The Daniel Fast is to have a list of approved recipes in your arsenal. Looking through vegan blogs and cookbooks for whole foods, plant-based recipes is a good place to start, and you can always adapt a recipe to fit the parameters of The Daniel Fast. Here are some of our favorite options:

Kale-and-Chickpea Grain Bowl With Avocado Dressing

Image zoom Caitlin Bensel

This bowl is packed with 18 grams of protein and 16 grams of fiber, making this an excellent recipe for nourishing and powering your body.

View Recipe: Kale-and-Chickpea Grain Bowl With Avocado Dressing

Quinoa and Roasted Red Pepper Chili

Image zoom Photo: Caitlin Bensel

You won’t miss the meat at all with this flavorful, hearty chili. Quinoa boosts the nutritional profile, adding in plant-protein, fiber, and a host of vitamins and minerals.

View Recipe: Quinoa and Roasted Red Pepper Chili

“Huevos” Soy-Cheros

Image zoom Photo: Jennifer Causey

These breakfast tacos will make you forget you were ever on a diet! They even make a great dinner option as well if you just can’t get enough. Just make sure your tortillas are made with approved ingredients.

View Recipe: “Huevos” Soy-Cheros

Looking for more ideas? Our ultimate vegan recipe collection has plenty of delicious and easy meals to cook while you’re on The Daniel Fast.

Fasting with Type 1 Diabetes

Note: This is part of our library of resources on Food. Learn more about dietary recommendations from nutritionists and foodies alike on our Food page!

In the Type 1 community, food and eating habits are not only a common subject of conversation, but a necessary component of management. A common dietary practice that is important to acknowledge in this space is Fasting.

Religious Reasons

There are many different reasons for fasting and sometimes it cannot be avoided. Religious and spiritual fasting manifests in many different practices and belief systems such as Judaism, Buddhism and Islam. Fasting before medical procedures like surgery or blood tests is often required. Additionally, fasting for detoxification, or “doing a cleanse” is a growing dietary practice. So, is it safe for those with Type 1 diabetes to fast? If so, what are the best practices to follow while participating in a fast?

Most of the research regarding fasting and diabetes surrounds Ramadan and most often, the medical recommendation for those with diabetes is to avoid fasting. The main health risk is hypoglycemia – particularly if you continue taking insulin while fasting without regular blood glucose monitoring. If you do choose to fast for spiritual or personal reasons, talk with your healthcare provider about a plan and regularly monitor glucose to avoid health emergencies.

Safety first is the best practice, and this is recognized in most spiritual communities. I was raised Jewish and distinctly remember the announcements from our Rabbi during long Yom Kippur services pleading individuals in various circumstances to not fast for their own safety and instead display their faith through another outlet. Again, fasting may not be out of the question, just be sure to talk with your healthcare provider, create a plan and be flexible in stopping the fast if risks become too high.

Medical Procedures

When it comes to various medical procedures, fasting is often required. It is common that before a medical procedure people will release hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol (both of which increase glucose levels in the blood) due to stress. In individuals without Type 1 diabetes, insulin levels will increase to balance out the hormones. In patients with Type 1 diabetes, insulin is not produced to balance out these changes and so may still need to be administered to maintain normal glucose levels even while fasting. This is one of the many reasons that managing Type 1 diabetes while fasting before a medical procedure can be difficult. The good news is , you will be surrounded by medical professionals that can both advise you and help you if there is a problem.

Cleansing Diets

Detox diets refer to short term diets, ranging from a few days to a few weeks, which claim to help remove toxins from the body. Typically, these diets focus on exclusively drinking specific teas, juices or eating specific vegetables such as cabbage. Currently, there is not much research showcasing the benefits and side effects of detox diets. They tend to be expensive, ones that contain herbal supplements are not tested by the FDA and may have unknown side effects, and they often to do not teach or encourage people to stay healthy between detoxes.

With my background in nutrition, I personally do not understand the benefit of detox diets. Yes, the juices are generally jam packed with nutrients and your body will get rid of a lot because you are feeding it a lot of fiber. Our bodies have the functionality to rid of toxins on its own when it needs to and we don’t need to force our bodies to do this — they’re pretty smart! Additionally — especially with Type 1 diabetes — regularity in diet is extremely important and a cleanse might throw you more off balance. If you are interested in trying a cleanse or have used one in the past and liked it, right on! Just be sure to talk with your healthcare provider first and be aware of the risks.

“Safe Fasting with Diabetes.” Diabetes Forecast

“Detox Diet.” Diabetes UK

“Management of Type 1 diabetes and Perioperative Fasting” Nursing Times

Read Why the Paleo Diet is Good for Type 1 Diabetes by Caroline Potter.

Carly Crompton

Carly is a Bay Area native and recent Cal Graduate. At UC Berkeley she studied Nutrition with a focus in physiology and metabolism following her passion for increasing awareness in nutrition and reconnecting with food. She is excited to work with an organization committed to taking action and changing the conversation around Chronic Disease. In her free time, Carly loves cooking, being outdoors, and bringing home succulents.

What would you do if you meet a new person and the first thing they say is clearly a lie? You’d likely runaway. Well, pretty much the first thing that Diabetes Freedom tells you is a lie: its creator George Reilly doesn’t exist. Nor does the MD/professor who allegedly inspired it. Our advice: runaway!

Just the title of this recent Internet offering should be setting off fraud alarms because it contains two words that scamsters over the centuries have loved to use: “miracle” and “cure“. Like so many of the diabetes scams that have proliferated on the Internet, Diabetes Freedom claims to offer a way to reduce blood sugar through a diet that stimulates the pancreas, boosts brown fat and keeps your blood sugar levels stable. Like other alleged cures, including Diabetes Destroyer and Diabetes Free, Diabetes Freedom is peddling questionable cures and over-the-top promises to reduce your bank account rather than your insulin levels.

Unfortunately, many of these sites are making things up. The big red flashing light that should be triggered by these Internet schemes is that nowhere in the promotional materials do they let on to the specifics of their “miracle cures”. For example, the “Cure” is touted to be created by a Dr. or Professor Freeman but they give you no information about his credentials — largely because he doesn’t exist. Instead, of information, they offer fear, largely that “Big Pharma” is stonewalling this information, thus playing into consumers’ fear of conspiracies (not that pharmaceutical companies are angels…) Finally, if you try to find any kind of review of this miracle cure you are bludgeoned by fake review sites that are not independent or objective; they are just more marketers trying to take your money. You won’t find any specifics because either they are simply repackaging information available on the Internet for free or they are peddling unscientifically supported “theories” as real “cures”.

We see this kind of scam all of the time; it is an almost textbook scheme by which Internet marketers overcharge consumers for dubious information, much of which is readily available on the Net for free. The typical price charged by these other scammers is $37….identical to what the Diabetes Freedom marketers want to charge your credit card. We dug a bit into this particular Diabetes scheme and here’s what we found out.

So What Are You Getting For Your $37?

So what are you getting for your hard earned $37? First, it resorts to a marketing strategy in which it enlists an army of “marketing affiliates” who create the fake review websites that use terms like “scam” “does it work” and “review” to rope in unsuspecting consumers who think they are actually getting objective information. Instead, they are getting fake info for which the affiliates will receive very lucrative commissions through Clickbank. And guess who is paying for those commissions?

This posting at Clickbank is telling affiliate marketers that they will pay out $39.28 from every consumer who purchases this plan. Given that they only charge $37 for people who sign up, this confirms that they use upselling to squeeze more money from the unsuspecting consumers. The marketers then describe their scheme to these fake reviewers and admit that they cooked this scheme up:

“A high-converting offer your health lists will love. Super high EPCs from all types of health, weight loss and survival lists. Commissions: An instant 75% or 90% for 50+ sales a month commissions will be scooped up by you for each and every sale you make. Made by experienced pro health offers team with 7 years topping charts on Clickbank.”

The emails send you to an even slicker web siteasking for the “low price” of $37 for a “3 modules (a.k.a pamphlets) guaranteed to cure diabetes”. Is it a scam? Is it a rip-off? Does it work? You’ll never find out from the websites, largely because of an increasingly pernicious Internet industry that offers fake product review sites.

Neither George Reilly or Dr/Professor Freeman Exist

The entirety of the “pitch” to which you are treated starts with a lie. The so-called creator of the Diabetes Freedom plan is nowhere to be found by the search engines. Like so many of these scam diets, the alleged creators are usually paid actors. Mr. Reilly, if he exists, has apparently never given a speech or written any articles other than this marketing pitch that these marketers already admit was brought to you from the “experienced pro health offers team with 7 years topping charts on Clickbank”. And Professor Freeman? Just a purchased stock photo. He doesn’t exist either. The Bottom Line: George Reilly is likely non-existent. If he does exist, she continues to refuse to prove to us that he’s the one who came up with this diet plan.

More Reasons to Avoid The Diabetes Freedom Scam

1. There’s a reason these sales pitches are slick — they spend a lot of marketing money to get it to you. Who is paying for that? You are!

2. If you look for a review of the product, you are deluged with lots of fake review or scam sites that simply direct you to the main sales site or offer some pablum talking about how the product is highly rated or recommended. (such as scamX.comand infoscamreviews.com) The marketers for this service paid to have these fake sites thwart any customer looking for real reviews.

3. Brown fat. According to some Net sources, Reilly’s secret discovery; is the alleged power of brown fat to help you lose weight; Guess what — that’s not new information; Guess what else — it is overhyped; The truth is that babies have brown fat deposits that help them reduce their baby fat when it is no longer needed; Adults have very few, if any, remaining brown fat deposits. And stimulating brown fat development is a very controversial and unproven science.

4. Perhaps most importantly, there is an abundance of free or low-cost diabetes prevention information on the Internet. Amazon offers a number of ebooks that cost nothing and provide well-established, scientifically-validated diabetes treatment plans. The titles include: Diabetes, the Ultimate Guide, The Sugar Solution and Mayo Clinic Essential Diabetes Book — all of this information is free or less than a few bucks; Even easier, you can just and find excellent information about diabetes prevention.

5. To buy the Diabetes “modules”, you are required to use Clickbank. This Internet payment gateway has generated a number of complaints about difficulties in securing refunds and getting responses. It is unregulated and known to serve unscrupulous businesses. It is akin to going into the wrong bar in a bad neighborhood; they may serve the same booze but you’d not want to hang with the other patrons.

And please consider the recently reported case of a Type-2 diabetes sufferer. She was 3 years old and morbidly obese. After 6 months of lifestyle changes monitored by doctors, she was “cured”. For many people, lifestyle changes really do make a difference. The doctors replaced her soda and fast food diet with balanced home cooked meals and water. And a recent British study suggests that modifying diet is a surefire way of controlling or eliminating Type-2 diabetes.

Free Info About Diabetes Remedies

You don’t have to pay $37 for a bogus cure while so much credible and low-cost information is available online. For example, Amazon offers a number of ebooks that cost nothing and provide well-established, scientifically-validated diabetes treatment plans. The titles include: Diabetes, the Ultimate Guide, The Sugar Solution and Mayo Clinic Essential Diabetes Book — all of this information is free or less than a few bucks; Even easier, you can just and find excellent information about diabetes prevention. Need more information? Check out these more reliable sources (both are free):

  • Diet Doctor
  • Joslin Diabetes Center
  • Men’s Fitness

Our Bottom Line

Based upon our findings, we strongly recommend against anyone forking over their hard-earned money for an overpriced, medically-questionable Internet offer. You can create your own “diabetes miracle cure” for free through weight loss, aerobic exercise along with some resistance training (weights and bands),eating low glycemic foods reducing stress in your life.This is the prescription outlined by hundreds of books online.

If you choose to hand-over your $37 to these unscrupulous marketing machines, then be prepared for what follows because once they find someone willing to part with their hard-earned money, you can be sure that they’ll be back with more dubious offers. You’ll now be marked as a “cow” and they’ll try to milk you every way they can with additional offers and costly upgrades. You may want to think twice before you open this nefarious box.

With this explicit Diabetes Miracle Treatment System Evaluation, you may grow to be know of the Diabetes Miracle Cure Program value of purchasing? This Program is totally natural and secure way to treatment diabetes. This guide is backed up by stable science and aims at the root cause to assure a safe and natural remedy for sort ll diabetes, sort l diabetes and pre-diabetes too. The third and ultimate module of the diabetes miracle treatment Paul pdf details the medications it’s possible you’ll be taking that may simply be complicating and counteracting your efforts with our program.
In this e book, there are a number of excellent applications described such as the Diabetes Miracle Remedy, the MMS Treatment in addition to the Diabetes Cure y Dr. David Pearson with all its Professionals and Cons. Even the books like “cure your diabetes in 30 days” don’t deliver what is promised within the title. Diabetes Miracle Cure program shouldn’t be only good for individuals who acquire can also be applicable for those with juvenile onset diabetes.
The Diabetes Miracle Cure Guide is a revolutionary program to fight diabetes and reverse its adversarial results on the body, permanently. We personally really like that the Diabetes Miracle Treatment isn’t actually that tough to understand or observe. If you happen diabetes miracle cure guide to’re diabetes sufferer or you could have anybody round you affected by kind 1 diabetes, type 2 diabetes or just being recognized for pre-diabetes, then Diabetes Miracle Treatment will do them a great favour.
Watching your blood intently while you observe the pH Miracle plan will let you see your blood sugar levels drop significantly—which impacts the amount of insulin you need. That’s just a sneak peak of the Diabetes Miracle Cure program. Now, let’s proceed and canopy the main professionals and cons of the Diabetes Miracle Treatment that can assist you perceive higher whether this natural program is actually for you or not.
ITCM ( Worldwide Council for Fact in Medicine) is the web site on which the ebook is sold, and according to the ebook, the organization has cured a complete of 17,542 sufferers affected by Sort II diabetes without utilizing any medication, insulin or therapies. If you happen to’re someone who’s into wholesome residing, predisposed to diabetes, or curious about losing a few pounds, then you’ll positively discover the Diabetes Miracle Treatment a helpful information for you as properly.

Can “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” Naturally Heal Diabetes In as Little as 3 Days?

  • Heart Disease Cure #15: Why you should say NO to blood thinners. Break up blood clots and prevent them with this powerful flavonoid found in a common fruit sold in almost every grocery store in America. This has the potential to save you from heart attack or stroke. (pg. 24)
  • And many, many more…
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    This book gives you the tools to reclaim your health and well-being.

    It gives you peace of mind by putting all the answers at your fingertips.

    Imagine…feasting on beef and steak fajitas all the while knowing you are smashing cancer into oblivion. A nutrient found in some meats unlocks anti-cancer effects by decreasing oxidative stress in cancer patients. Another lab study shows it could “turn off” lung-cancer cells

    Imagine… eating like a frat boy and protecting your prostate at the same time. University of Maryland research suggests a nutrient found in certain so-called “junk foods” actually supercharges your prostate’s health and helps shield it from cancer.

    Or just picture… chowing down on baby back ribs while at the same time cutting your risk of a cancerous tumor by 50%! This “baby back secret” has also been shown to prevent and inhibit the growth of pancreatic, colon, breast, cervical, brain, oral and even liver cancer.

    Do you see how valuable this could be?

    The Little Bible of 77 Censored Cures gives you the knowledge and the skills to avoid and even heal some very serious health conditions.

    And the best part is…all these remedies are 100% natural, cheap, and readily available in nature.

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    And that’s something we can’t put a price tag on. Wouldn’t you agree?

    The Little Bible of 77 Censored Health Cures is yours at no charge. Just tell me where to ship it.

    Now, earlier I mentioned there’s a catch. And there are actually two:

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    –Peggy L. Scranton, PA

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    A synthetic chemical that can cause skin rashes, acne, loss of appetite, fatigue, and cardiac arrhythmias. It’s banned in Europe and Japan, but in the US you’ll find it in several popular drinks sold at your grocery store.

    Three popular kids’ foods to never feed your children and grandchildren. They contain substances that have been linked to cancer and behavioral problems.

    • A chemical that has been linked to kidney and nervous system damage, thyroid problems, and cancer. It’s banned in Canada, China and the European Union… but in the US it’s a hidden ingredient in some types of breads.
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    Impressive Results of the Biblical Daniel Diet

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    Another Biblical Miracle Confirmed? Cure for Diabetes… (Page 1,117 of the King James Bible)…

    by Devasish Gupta Indiviual

    Can any atheist explain this?
    Christians – not scientists – have discovered what could cure diabetes?
    Can “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” naturally heal diabetes in as little as 3 days?
    There’s been a monumental breakthrough in medical science, and it’s taking the world by storm.
    On Jan. 7, 2016, a large research group in central Baltimore went public with the most powerful treatment to diabetes ever discovered…
    There are no injections, pills or even supplements to take.
    Instead, the treatment is buried on Page 1,117 of the King James Bible.
    Atheists may be appalled, but there’s nothing they can do to disprove this.
    Already, one of the world’s top institutions has verified its effectiveness.
    Health Shocker!
    Bible Turning almost 100 years of Diabetic Dogma on its Head?
    The first thing you need to know is this:
    Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle is no quack science.
    In fact, entire medical clinics are popping up all over the world dedicated to using this principle to naturally defeat this 21st century plague.
    Places like the Buchinger Clinic in Germany.
    The Goldberg Clinic in Kennesaw, Georgia.
    And TrueNorth Health Center in Toronto, Canada.
    These medical clinics have discovered that by using biblically inspired principles many people are naturally healing themselves from type 2 diabetes.
    Take Michael Mosley MD.
    Being a doctor, Mike had nearly every drug at his disposal…
    But after being diagnosed with metabolic syndrome, high blood sugar and type 2 diabetes… this Doctor used “Daniel’s Diabetic Miracle” to completely heal himself.
    In a remarkably short period of time he dropped 20 pounds of fat, decreased his cholesterol and completely cured his type 2 diabetes.
    He said,
    “I’m not a religious person but I do believe that the world’s religions have a lot to teach us. is the first thing I’ve come across that I genuinely believe if everyone took up it could radically transform the nation’s health.”

    Doug Hill
    Director, Laissez Faire Club

    About Devasish Gupta Indiviual

    595 connections, 5 recommendations, 1,833 honor points.
    Joined APSense since, May 7th, 2011, From Kolkata, India.

    Created on Dec 31st 1969 19:00. Viewed 0 times.

    Isabelle Esling published author-certified teacher-
    I do believe that Yeshua our Messiah can cure ANY disease.
    Apr 4th 2016 11:39

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