Chairs for back support

My Experience & Review

One of my friends works in an office about 11 hours each day. Don’t ask me how she does it, she just does.

Needless to say, she suffers from back pain.

She tried all sorts of natural remedies, a couple of chiropractor sessions per week, walked more, lost weight, got into Yoga, even dabbled in Jiu-Jitsu.

Yet she still had back pain. Until one day I told her she should consider changing her office chair.

I helped her pick out a model, and three months later, the back pain was manageable, almost gone, plus her posture improved!

Besides, did you know that an average person spends the equivalent of 10 consecutive years sitting in their chair?

The best office chairs for back pain help make these years as comfortable as possible.

So if the price tag seems too much, divide that by 10 years and calculate how much sitting comfortably costs you per day.

I’ll give you a hint: for the more expensive chairs, it’s less than 50 cents/day!

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Best Lumbar Support Office Chairs to Buy in 2019

Without further ado, here’s my favorite one below:

1. Herman Miller Embody Chair – Best Chair for Back Pain Relief – TOP OF THE LINE

The Herman Miller Embody is easy to use and doesn’t have a lot of levers and knobs to speak of.

The back and seat cushions are comfortable and help with a correct weight distribution, which means it can alleviate back pain caused by a poor posture.

This is an ergonomic chair, so anatomically correct that it moves when you move. You even forget it’s there sometimes!

The one thing I would’ve liked to see is more sizes, though this one is quite adaptable.

Made in the USA, the Embody has a tilt limiter, a strong graphite base, and frame, plus an adjustable arms and seat. Besides, its simple look makes it breathable.

Comfortable for upright seating or leaning backward, this chair features a 12-year warranty.

However, it’s quite firm, which is great for people suffering from compressed discs or back pain, but might not be amazing for people who prefer softer chairs.


  • Sturdy
  • Ergonomic
  • Comfortable
  • Even weight distribution
  • Breathable
  • Convenient warranty


  • Just one size


Summary: The Herman Miller Embody takes pressure off your spine and helps with even weight distribution.

2. Raynor Ergohuman High Back Mesh Chair

Best chair For Lower Back Pain

The Raynor Ergohuman is one of the best chairs for lower back pain firstly because it has a back angle adjustment so you can choose the best recline position.

This takes pressure off your spine, relieving lower back pain like that from sciatica.

Besides, the backrest, seat, and headrest are all adjustable and easily customizable for each individual user, meaning you can easily find the perfect position to minimize back pain.

Another plus for back pain sufferers is the contoured and adjustable lumbar support this chair offers.

With a synchro-tilt mechanism combined with the adjustable seat depth, the Raynor Ergohuman’s chair is quite supportive and improves posture.

While this chair is better suited for tall people, you will like the black mesh construction that renders it breathable.


  • Easy to adjust the recline
  • Customizable
  • Breathable
  • Contoured and adjustable lumbar support
  • Supportive
  • Improves posture


  • Better for tall people


Summary: The RaynorErgohuman High Back Chair offers great support and helps improve your posture.

3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair – Best Ergonomic Office Chair

This chair was manufactured and released in the ‘90s, so it has decades worth of happy customers.

With its mesh, Follicle suspension, breathable design and curved backrest that accommodates the anatomical shape of your spine, the Aeron is the best ergonomic office chair.

Besides, it comes in three sizes which can easily be adjusted to fit everyone.

This is a solid and durable quality chair, that’s gained a lot of popularity over the years because the patented Kinemat tilt mechanism lets your whole body swivel naturally.

The PostureFit mechanism also supports your pelvis’s natural tendency to tilt forward and aligns your spine to your pelvis.

That way, you can maintain an anatomically-correct position and reduce back pain.

My only complaint about the Aeron is that the armrests don’t seem to adjust high enough for my needs.


  • Breathable
  • Accommodates anatomical spine shape
  • Easy to adjust
  • Solid
  • Accommodates body’s natural movements


  • Armrests could adjust higher


Summary: The Herman Miller Aeron Chair accommodates the user’s anatomical shape and natural movements, thus proving to be an ergonomic chair.

4. Modway Articulate Ergonomic Chair

Best Value

The Modway Articulate has some great features, such as adjustable armrests to find that perfect position, with your arms slightly down when working at the computer.

Though the armrests don’t seem to go down far enough for some reviewers, you can easily adjust both the seat depth and back seat height.

In order to find your perfect position, take advantage of the chair’s ability to recline, with a safety locking function.

This is an affordable, user-friendly chair that even boasts 5 hooded caster wheels so you can roll with the chair over carpeted areas.

Made from breathable mesh and with a 360-degree swivel, this chair supports people up to 330 pounds.

However, the seat cushion seems sort of thin for intense, regular use.


  • Adjustable
  • Reclines
  • User-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Affordable


  • Thin seat cushion
  • Armrests could go lower


Summary: The Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh is easy to adjust, comfortable and affordable, though it could use more padding in the seat area.

5. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair Ergonomic Design Chair Skeletal Back Synchronous Mechanism

Best Value

Another best value chair, the TOPSKY chair features adjustable lumbar support, which makes it easy to customize.

Even the headrest can be adjusted in three different positions, and the armrests help you find an ergonomic position for when you’re working at the computer.

However, other chairs for lower back pain offer more adjustments.

Design-wise, this is a user-friendly chair, made with high-density mesh that doesn’t allow you to sweat.

Besides, it supports a maximum weight of 330 pounds and even sports a hanger on the backrest!

With a145° synchronous mechanism and position lock, the TOPSKY chair even allows you to recline.

However, the 1-year warranty shows that this is not a durable chair.


  • Support of lumbar area
  • 3-way adjustable headrest
  • User-friendly
  • Breathable
  • Backrest hanger
  • Reclines


  • Not extremely durable
  • Not the most adjustable


Summary: The TOPSKY Mesh Computer Chair offers good support, but could be more durable.

6. Ergonomic Mesh Computer Office Desk Midback Task Chair

Best Budget Office Chair (Under $200)

With an easy-installation and with BIFIMA-certified parts, this BestMassage Midback Mesh chair can support users up to 250 pounds.

Like all computer chairs, it has a wide seat, an adjustable height and reclines to 135-degrees, so it’s a comfortable chair that prevents back pain.

I also like the triangle armrests that provide additional support, but they feel quite low, especially to tall people.

It is made with breathable mesh, this chair sports a seat back curve that’s anatomically correct to the spine’s S-shape. Besides, the nylon lumbar support is quite ergonomic.

With a heavy-duty metal base that’s quite resistant, this chair swivels to 360-degrees so you can easily move around the office.

However, the chair itself is not that durable, and the seat is pretty firm.


  • Easy to install
  • BIFIMA-certified
  • Wide seat
  • Ergonomic backrest
  • Great Support of lumbar area


  • Low armrests
  • Not that durable
  • Firm seat


Summary: The BestMassage Office Chair offers good support, though it’s not extremely durable.

7. KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather

Best Executive Office Chair

This chair has a stylish, bonded leather design worthy of an executive office. Its high back makes this chair quite imposing, but also comfortable.

Its soft-padded seat with a waterfall edge helps take the pressure off your hamstrings, which means you can use this chair for hours at a time.

Reclining at 120-degrees, this chair allows you to relax during the day, but the levers for reclining feel a bit flimsy.

Besides, the chair is designed in a sort of weird way, so that even in an upright position, you’re reclining a bit backward. Shows them who’s boss, though, right?

On the other hand, its flip-up arms feel quite supportive of your arms and shoulders, and the 360-degree swivel allows you to move around in the office.

This is a durable, stable, BIFIMA-certified chair, with nylon casters and a heavy-duty nylon base that supports up to 250 pounds.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Reclines
  • Supportive arms
  • Durable
  • Stable


  • Reclines a bit backward
  • Recline lever seems a bit flimsy


Summary: The KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Office Chair is a comfortable, supportive chair.

8. La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair

Best Executive Chair For Big and Tall People

This chair has chestnut bonded leather upholstery that makes it look extremely elegant, especially in combination with the walnut-colored wood components.

Besides, this leather is quite supple and comfortable, as well as easy to clean, though it makes the chair feel hot. And not hot in a good way.

Besides, the ComfortCore Plus features various layers of memory foam to provide extra cushioning with just the right degree of firmness.

However, some people might say the chair doesn’t feel as soft as they would like with so much extra padding.

The seat is wide, and the chair supports a maximum weight of up to 400 pounds.

You can even adjust the height and tilt to make the chair feel more comfortable or to relax.


  • Stylish
  • Supple leather
  • Firm chair
  • Adjustable
  • Reclines


  • The leather gets very hot


Summary: The La-Z-Boy Delano Big & Tall Executive Bonded Leather Chair is an elegant office chair, but with so much padding and leather it gets hot quickly.

9. Steelcase Gesture Chair – Best Computer Chair For Long Hours (If You Are Standing a Lot)

The Steelcase Gesture Chair supports a wide range of technologies and postures, mimicking the natural spine movements.

Its S-shape backrest contours your spine, while the armrests are placed toward the back so you can sit comfortably down.

In fact, the Gesture 360 arm moves just like your arms so that it can support your use of various technological devices.

On the other hand, some users would prefer an arm locking mechanism to stop them from swiveling.

The seat boasts soft edges for prolonged sitting and adaptive bolstering, with air pockets beneath the foam padding, for natural support.

The chair allows you to adjust the seat and back so you can sit comfortably or correct poor posture.

Besides, the Core Equalizer technology offers optimal back support whether you’re reclining or sitting upright.


  • Futuristic look
  • S-shape backrest
  • Comfortable seat
  • Armrests allow you to use various devices
  • Support of lumbar area


  • No locking mechanism for arm rests
  • No headrest


Summary: The Steelcase Gesture Chair is a futuristic-looking chair that’s comfortable and allows you to use various devices.

10. Argomax Black High Back Desk

Best Office Chair For Sciatica Pain

The Argomax Office Chair is out top choice for sciatica pain sufferers because it’s ergonomic and has easily adjustable headrest, backrest, and padded armrests.

As such, this chair promotes the correct posture. Besides, the Smart Auto-adaptive Base allows the backrest to adjust accordingly to your weight.

The chair is easy to adjust with just one lever, it tilts back to 135ᵒ and has a three-way lock mechanism.

The S-shaped backrest is anatomically correct, providing good support to your neck and back, thus easing sciatica pain.

Certified by BIFMA and SGS, this chair has a sturdy nylon and glass fiber frame, with a breathable mesh backrest.

The seat is padded with dense foam, which makes it firm enough to be comfortable if you have sciatica.

Besides, the waterfall edge is comfortable for long hours sitting down, but the armrests could be more adjustable.


  • Easily adjustable headrest and backrest
  • Promotes correct posture
  • Reclines
  • Ergonomic
  • Supportive
  • Sturdy
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable seat


  • Needs more adjustable armrests


AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair – Amazon Best Seller

(Amazon TOP Pick)

An affordable office chair, the AmazonBasics Executive swivel chair, back feels comfortable enough and looks stylish.

Upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC, this chair is easy to clean and smooth, but makes you easily sweat if you don’t have the AC turned on.

The padded backrest and seat are quite comfortable for prolonged hours seating, while the 360-degree swivel with smooth-rolling casters allow you to move around the office easily.

Even with a 1-year limited warranty, this chair has a pretty long life, if you respect the 250 pounds maximum weight limit.

On the other hand, continuous use might make the chair squeak a bit. The backrest also reclines ever so slightly under your body weight, though this is said to promote a natural posture.


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Stylish
  • Long-life
  • Doesn’t let you lean forward


  • Not a breathable upholstery
  • Can become squeaky


Summary: The AmazonBasics High-Back Chair looks great and has a long life, but might begin to squeak.

BestMassage Home Office Chair Desk

A stable, cushioned, comfortable chair that rolls easily on carpets but isn’t exactly ergonomic. However, it’s comfortable to sit in for extended periods (long periods of time), but not great for people with lower back pain.

Steelcase Leap Chair

A truly ergonomic chair, the Steelcase Leap is supportive and allows your spine to move in a natural manner, adjusting to your movements thanks to the patented LiveBack technology.

The only downside is that there’s little padding in the seat, so it’s not really comfortable to sit for hours at a time.

Black PU Leather Ergonomic

An executive chair that sports good quality for the money, this chair is generously padded and boasts a sturdy metal base. However, it leans back ever so slightly, and the leather upholstery feels sort of hot.

KADIRYA Ergonomic High Back Leather Chair

A comfortable, adjustable chair, with a swivel design and fine PU leather, the KADIRYA High-Back Chair is another stylish executive chair.


A breathable chair with built-in lumbar support, IKEA Markus is a great gaming chair. On the other hand, it doesn’t sport a lot of adjustment options.

Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Chair

An adjustable, breathable and ergonomic office chair, the Poly and Bark office chair is versatile but rather big and heavy.

Serta Mid Back Office Chair

Serta Office Chair features Air kinetic support of a lumber area and sports ergo layered body pillows, but there aren’t many adjustments it allows.

AmazonBasics MidBack Mesh Chair

Comfortable enough and with a padded seat, plus pneumatic seat-height adjustment, this Amazon Basics Chair could support more weight.

Humanscale Freedom Chair – Top Office Chair For Back and Neck Pain

Designed to fit 95% of the office population and with a dynamic neck and head support during the recline, Humanscale Freedom is great for back and neck pain.

However, it’s better for gaming, when you need to constantly recline.

How We Rated / What to Look / Things to Consider

Here are the issues we took into account:

1. Adjustability

This was a top factor for us. A basic chair offers adjustments for the height and armrests. The more fully adjustable features chair offers, the better it is because it’s versatile and can fit a larger number of people.

2. Lumbar Support

We also took into account support, especially since a lot of people suffer from sciatica or other ailments which trigger lower back chronic pain.

Chair that provides support has an S-shaped backrest, is ergonomic and follows the natural, anatomical movements of your body.

That way, your lower back doesn’t round forward.

3. How They Roll

Rolling chairs allow you to move around the office, avoiding the strain caused by over-extending your arms to reach something.

The wheelbase and 360-degree swivel is an important factor to consider, as well as if a certain chair can easily glide over carpeted areas or not.

4. Materials

Synthetic, mesh upholstery is more affordable, breathable and helps keep your back cool. On the other hand, leather looks more stylish and is softer, but it’s expensive and gets hot pretty fast unless you have the AC on.

You also need a chair with a sturdy, metal or hardwood base.

5. Cushioning

You want a comfortable chair, and cushioning is an important part of that. Too little cushioning gives you back pain, while too much cushioning puts too much pressure on your hamstrings.

In terms of padding, the best chairs are the ones that feel comfortable, yet firm, allowing you to move naturally.

Frequently Asked Questions

HowCan You Move More During the Day?

There are many tips and tricks you can apply to get a bit of exercise during the day. For instance, you can start by taking a walk during your lunch break.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator, and when you have a meeting with someone, opt to stand.

If you need to tell something to one of your co-workers, go talk to them instead of sending an e-mail.

You can even put your phone alarm to ring every 50 minutes so you can get up and stretch your legs if nothing else works.

Why is Sitting So Bad For You?

Sitting is bad mainly because our bodies weren’t made for sitting. For thousands of years, humans had jobs that rarely allowed them to sit.

Seated desk-jobs are a modern invention, just like our spending a lot of time in cars instead of walking.

Sitting puts a lot of pressure on your pelvic bones doesn’t allow your spine to move naturally and makes your muscles tense up.

Besides, desk jobs strain your neck and shoulder muscles (unless using a standing desk), which tend to lift up to your ears instead of sitting in a relaxed, position. One of the solutions is to have a good chair (if you gonna sit anyways) or by investing in the best standing desk

How Do You Choose the Best Ergonomic Office Chair for Lower Back Pain?

If you have lower back pain, you need to make sure that your office chair is supportive, with adjustable headrest, backrest, and armrests.

Your arms should be at a slightly downward angle, and your seat shouldn’t be too soft, but rather the right amount of firm.

Make sure the seat is comfortable, though.

For instance, waterfall edges help take the pressure off your hamstrings, while too much seat padding putts pressure on your glutes, which in turn activates your lower back pain.

The backrest should have an ergonomic S-shape that accommodates your spine or be able to follow your natural spine movements.

That way, the chair helps distribute your upper back weight evenly, so it doesn’t press on your lower back any more.

If you can also find an office chair that reclines, it’s even better.

You can take little breaks and recline backward, so your chair takes the pressure of your weight for a while.

Where To Buy

Testing your office chair is important, which is why you can either buy it from a store or get a chair with a satisfaction guarantee/ return warranty.

Regardless of the place where you buy the chair, a return warranty is a must, so that’s why I like Amazon with its 30-day return policy.

Besides, Amazon is a trustworthy place with great shipping fees.

Either way, make sure you choose a trustworthy retailer or online website to make your purchase.

Do a little bit of research about the store first too, and check things like shipping options, warranties and return policies before making up your mind.


I’ve taken you through a series of the best rated office chairs on the market, with top contenders for each category.

Some fit executives; some are great for chronic pain, so choose wisely according to your own needs. My reviews of standing desks (stand desks) are coming soon.

That said, which chair did you like best?

What office chairs have you try out so far?

Let’s talk in the comments below.


5 Of The Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain Under $300 (2018 Update)

Due to our sedentary activities, the National Institutes of Health now estimate that adults in the U.S. spend upwards of eight hours a day sitting. If you’re one of those desk jockeys, you already know the resulting aches and pains from all that time in a chair. Lower back pain is rampant, and neck pain as well. However, we also know that many people don’t have a lot of choice in the matter. On top of this, many of the best office chairs for lower back pain are upwards of $1,000. We know that’s completely outside of a typical person’s budget. How can you find ergonomic office chairs that help reduce lower back pain, while also fitting into your budget? To help, we put together a list of the best office chairs for lower back pain that are under $300. Here’s five of the best.

How do you choose the best office chairs for lower back pain?

First, some guidelines for what makes a great chair. For those seated at a desk, ergonomics is more important than you may realize. Ergonomics is intended to modify the workplace to the comfort of the worker, minimizing discomfort and fatigue.

Poor ergonomics and staying in the same position for extended periods of time can cause a multitude of problems, back pain among them.


The best office chairs for lower back pain support your back and promote good posture. (See the recommended ergonomic posture below). They include most, if not all, of these features:

  • Adjustable seat height and arm rests: Your should be able to sit with your feet flat on the floor, thighs horizontal, and arms even with the height of the desk. Your arms should be able to rest comfortably on your desk and your wrists should be flat when typing.
  • Adjustable lumbar support: Lumbar support is an important part of a great chair. However, it has to be adjustable to your body or it could actually cause more pain. Look for those that have height, or even depth, adjustable lower back supports.
  • Mesh back chairs: Mesh upholsteries are better able to flex and form around your back, better than leather or cushioned chairs.
  • Correct seat depth: When sitting, your back should be full supported, and the backs of your knees shouldn’t be touching the seat pain.
  • Waterfall design: Similarly, a waterfall seat edge (one that falls forward) can reduce pressure on your legs and encourage healthy blood circulation.
  • Movement: It is also important that your chair can swivel to accommodate reaching different areas of the desk without straining. In addition, chairs with at least five legs are better able to roll without much effort. Some of the best chairs also encourage movement, as we’ll discuss shortly.

Made for your body

The best computer chairs for long hours are those that have all of these feature, and are also designed with your unique body in mind. What do we mean by this? Some chairs are better suited for tall people, others for shorter people. Some fit large frames, and others are made for people with smaller frames. They also have features you prefer–like whether or not they have head or arm rests, tilt options, and more. Read all the reviews closely before choosing a chair to find the one that best matches your body type.

With all of this in mind, let’s take a look at options for the best office chairs for lower back pain for you. This list is based on our trials and other customer reviews. It does not represent an endorsement from, nor do we make money from sharing these office chairs here. Prices given are current when this post was published–these prices may change over time.

1. TOPSKY Mesh Computer Office Chair

Features: Skeletal back frame which provides comfortable, movable support, with mesh back, adjustable lumbar cushion, head rest, and arm rests

What users say: “If you have back pain and you’re on a budget, this is the chair for you. I suffer from inoperable, severe back pain, but I have a work-from-home desk job. I must be able to sit for long stretches of time. My previous chairs caused me a lot of pain, but this one is perfect and passes my two evaluations: the all-day pain test and the customer service test.”

Why you should consider this chair: We believe this is truly one of the best office chairs for lower back pain. It’s got an affordable price tag, with the substance and style of a much more expensive chair. All areas of the chair are easily adjusted. It also supports larger users. It suggests users be 220 pounds or less, but maximum weight is 330 pounds. The Spruce called it one of their favorite office chairs, as well.

Price: $175.99

2. Ikea Markus Chair

Features: Height-adjustable, mesh fabric back, reclining, and has arm rests for an affordable price

What users say: “I’m a big guy, and I would kill other chairs rather quickly, but this one took my many end of a hard day flops, disappointing Chicago Bears games, and satisfying lean back arms behind my head kinda moments. Even the material has held up without a fray.”

Why you should consider this chair: Gadget Review calls this the best office chair under $200, and with its sleek look and customizable fabrics, it’s a top pick for a supportive office chair if you’re on a budget.

Price: $179.00

3. Poly and Bark Inverness Ergonomic Office Chair

Features: 360º swiveling, adjustable arm, back, and head rests to make a chair that matches your needs exactly, with a high level of craftsmanship at an affordable price, and supports users up to 250 pounds

What users say: “It’s super adjustable, so I was able to put each part of the chair exactly where I wanted it. The seat back not only tilts and locks in place, but it also goes up and down so I can put the lumbar support part exactly where it needed to be without having to use extra cushions or anything to compensate. I didn’t know I needed my armrest to swivel, but it really helps keep me comfortable! The easy to read buttons on the side for adjustments are a nice touch, too. I haven’t seen many chairs with that feature.”

Why you should consider this chair: Few chairs in the $300 and less range offer the same ability to customize and create a chair that matches you perfectly. And, as Start Standing notes, it’s a gorgeous looking chair that would look great in a modern office. The controls are also well-marked and easy to change, even for those with arthritic hands.

Price: $299.99

4. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

Features: Active lumbar support, deep comfort with cushioned body pillows, adjustable armrests, and posture-correcting tilt technology that tilts your pelvis when you lean forward

What users say: “I suffer from RSD (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy), and it is a degenerative, disabling disease that causes chronic pain in limbs; in my case, I suffer from nearly constant burning pain down my left leg, blow-torch burning…Having been a person with back problems, multiple surgeries, and chronic pain, I can overall strongly recommend this chair. If you’re in a similar situation to mine, the Serta just may be the answer to your problems.”

Why you should consider this chair: There’s a reason Omnicore named this the best ergonomic office chair under $300. This chair is made with Serta’s commitment to high-quality and ergonomic products. While not mesh-backed, it’s deeply supportive body pillos will be favored by some people. Supports users up to 250 pounds, and made for taller people.

Price: $236

5. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

Features: Contoured mesh back, with adjustable seat-height adjustment, waterfall padded seat, and a balanced five-caster base

What users say: “I’m pleasantly surprised by this chair. It definitely exceeded my expectations and I can see myself using it for a long time to come. It’s a comfortable and sturdy, no-frills, no-nonsense office chair. Well worth the money. I really like the seat cushion… I highly recommend it.”

Why you should consider this chair: Small, but mighty, this is the one of the best office chairs for lower back pain for people who are on a much more limited budget, coming in at only $65. Even with it’s lower price point, it still has many of the needed features for back support. Supports users up to 225 pounds.

Price: $64.99

Why is sitting so bad?

Chances are good that as you are reading this, you are participating in a dangerous activity, one that kills more people than smoking and HIV. Is it overeating? Consuming too much alcohol? Not even close. The most dangerous activity for your health has less to do with what you put into your body and more to do with how you use your body.

You may want to stand up for this: the worst thing you can do for your health is sitting.

The dangers of sitting have been well-examined in recent literature. A study published in January 2015 in the Annals of Internal Medicine clearly stated the most recent findings from research by Dr. David Alter, senior scientist, Toronto Rehab, University Health Network (UHN), and Institute for Clinical Evaluative Sciences: the longer you sit every day, higher your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and death. Although regular exercise can counteract the negative effects of sitting, even that is not enough to completely repair the damage done by a sedentary lifestyle.

Says lead author is Avi Biswas, PhD candidate, Toronto Rehab, UHN and the Institute of Health Policy, Management and Evaluation, University of Toronto:

“The findings suggest that the health risk of sitting too much is less pronounced when physical activity is increased. We need further research to better understand how much physical activity is needed to offset the health risks associated with long sedentary time and optimize our health.”

How does sitting lead to lower back pain?

The dangers of sitting for too long, combined with the tendency of humans towards poor posture, greatly increases the chances for low back pain. In comparison to increased mortality rates, this may seem like a minor point. However, low back pain can be debilitating and expensive in terms of time, money, and quality of life. This can eventually lead to other poor health outcomes. The average worker spends ten hours a day sitting, either at work in meetings or in front of a computer. Then at home, they’re watching TV, online, or gaming. This continual pressure on the spine, with the head usually tilted forward at the top and the shoulders hunched forward can lead to back pain that eventually becomes chronic.

Chronic bad posture not only increases the amount of wear-and-tear on the vertebrae as they are being used incorrectly (leading to low back pain). It also actually makes you age faster.

A study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine divided volunteers into two groups, one whose aim was to sit less and a control group who made no substantive changes to their health and fitness routine. After two blood tests to measure the length of study participants’ telomeres, researchers found that the group that made an effort to sit less showed telomeres that had lengthened from the beginning of the study to the end. Telomeres are the cap-like structures on the end of our DNA. As we age, they shorten and fray, a process that can be sped up by injury or illness. Simply standing up stopped the process of aging cells and actually made them younger as telomeres lengthened.

What can you do?

Besides buying an office chair with appropriate ergonomic and lower back support, the best thing you can do it to increase your movement. Amidst all of the grim statistics and predictions based on the increase in time sitting and decrease in exercise, there is remarkably encouraging news. The dangers of sitting for deadly disease, low back pain, and aging can be easily reversed by one simple action: standing up.

In a consensus statement, experts commissioned by Public Health England and the Active Working Community Interest Company in the UK had the following recommendations for decreasing sitting to improve health:

  • Desk-based occupations should aim for adding two hours of standing to their day, eventually working towards four hours of standing.
  • Companies should provide workers with desks that can be adjusted for both standing and sitting.
  • Workers should expect some soreness and fatigue as they begin to decrease their sitting hours.
  • Employers should strive to educate their workers on the dangers of too much sitting in their daily work and provide ample opportunities to make changes to workers’ routines in order to incorporate less sitting.
  • When sitting is essential, chairs should be ergonomic.

How can you move more during the day?

More standing can easily be incorporated into your day by:

  • Minimizing interoffice email: Workers should meet in person when possible.
  • Re-thinking the traditional desk and chair: Treadmill desks increase activity and standing time, while exercise balls increase core strength and back stability.
  • Instituting walking meetings: When possible, meetings should be conducted while walking.
  • Taking regular breaks: Short breaks of five minutes or so to stand or stretch add up throughout the day.
  • Standing up for phone calls
  • Trying out a treadmill desk

Want even more tips for managing your lower back pain? You can find a pain doctor in your area by clicking the button below or looking for one in your area by using the tips here:


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The Best Chairs for Lumbar Back Support

After a while, the vertebrae in your lower back, known as your lumbar, won’t be able to maintain spinal alignment.

That puts more stress on discs and joints, leading to more pain, he says.Later, when you settle into your couch to watch TV, you may be worsening back pain.

That’s because soft cushions offer even less lumbar back support than office chairs do.

But your back health doesn’t have to suffer from long hours behind a desk and on spongy sofas.

We asked back doctors and physical therapists for tips to finding the best office chair, relieving pain and even preventing varicose veins.

Sit Right
Lumbar back support:
The most important function of an office chair is to maintain proper curvature of your lumbar spine, Dr. Cooke says.

Go Chair Shopping
In the market for a new office chair?

Luxury office chairs offer good support, says Dr. Cooke. Some also offer woven mesh seats for better air circulation, which helps keep the skin cool, he says.

But you don’t have to buy a top-of-the-line chair to get good lumbar back support.

Recline: When working at your computer, you probably sit upright. But if you’re reading, talking on the phone or conducting a meeting, you can lean back.

“A slightly reclined position relieves pressure on the spine,” Dr. Cooke says.

Adjustable seatback: For upper-back support, the chair should be high and wide enough for your shoulder blades to rest on, Dr. Cooke says.

Protecting Your Back at Home
Avoid the sofa. It’s not the best choice for sitting for long periods of time, says Dr. Cooke.

“Most sofas don’t offer much lumbar back support, and there’s a tendency to slouch.”

Instead, use a recliner or an easy chair with back support.

Check your posture. Resist the urge to slump down in your chair during a “Real Housewives” TV marathon.

“Have your feet on the ground,” Dr. Cooke says. “And sit far enough back in the chair so your seat makes contact with your thigh muscles.

Recline. Yep, that La-Z-Boy is actually good for you.

There’s less strain on your lumbar discs when you’re in a reclined position, and having your legs slightly elevated can improve blood flow, Dr. Cooke says.

Expensive recliners, advertised as “stressless” or “back-friendly,” are fine, he says, but not necessary.

“Any comfortable recliner is good,” he says – just make sure it supplies some lumbar back support.

Use pillows as props. Since most easy chairs don’t have lumbar support for your lower back, “use a pillow or lumbar roll to maintain curvature,” Dr. Cooke says.

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Correct Your Posture for Back Pain Relief

One of the most common causes of back and neck pain is incorrect posture. Most people spend a large part of their day either sitting in chairs – whether it is at a computer, in the car or while watching television – or standing for long periods of time. Maintaining either of these positions for prolonged periods of time makes most people less likely to observe the rules of good posture. If you are in a job that demands prolonged sitting or standing, you become more susceptible to chronic backache, shoulder ache and spinal problems.

Since the most common implication of incorrect posture is back pain, the most noticeable benefit to correcting posture is a straighter back and healthier spine. Maintaining correct posture can reduce the stress felt on the lower and middle back, and it can reduce the risk of joint damage. People who make improvements in their posture notice positive changes such as reduced fatigue, better sleep and improved breathing. Correct
posture also improves general health and well-being, and, most importantly, allows muscles to function with maximum efficiency.

There are a number of simple devices that assist in improving posture while sitting and standing. One of MEDIchair’s newest offerings is a simple daily living aid that addresses the problem of incorrect posture. Posture Medic is a pair of rubber rings joined by a brace, and is designed to help people develop better posture and maintain it over time. This device is available in three sizes and is suitable for use during rehab and post-rehab. Most importantly, the Posture Medic can be used by people with every level of physical ability. It is designed for frequent use and allows users to stretch it in order to exercise the tonic and phasic muscles, which are responsible for achieving and maintaining correct posture.

Since the Posture Medic is light and unobtrusive, people are able to easily wear it for short periods of time at home or at work – on average, for 15 minutes, 3 to 4 times a day. When it is worn at multiple points in a day, this device trains the muscles of the chest and back to hold correct posture and become stronger. The Posture Medic should also be used to do stretches and exercises in order to individually strengthen the tight muscles that contribute to poor posture. When combined with these exercises, over time it becomes easier to maintain correct posture while working.

It is recommended to let a healthcare professional suggest ways you can best incorporate the Posture Medic into your lifestyle, taking into consideration your current abilities.

The first step to good posture is awareness. While it is always a good idea to use assistive devices to improve posture – especially if you have specific mobility requirements – these guidelines to achieving good posture are always useful to follow:

Correct standing posture can be achieved when you stand upright and keep your back straight. Your legs should be straight, with your weight evenly distributed on both feet. Let your arms hang freely along the sides of your body.

MEDIchair offers cushions to improve your posture while sitting. The ObusForme Seat distributes body weight and encourages proper alignment of the pelvis and thighs for extended sitting comfort. It is designed to cushion your tailbone, sitting bones, and thighs to help alleviate pressure points and assist circulation. The ObusForme Seat is ideal for periods of prolonged sitting and for helping with pressure sores. It can be used with any ObusForme Backrest Support to create a complete and comfortable ergonomic sitting experience.

For people who are experiencing discomfort in their lower back, buttocks or both, the flexible, contoured ergonomic design of the ObusForme Sit-Back Cushion can provide relief. Its portability allows you to use it at home, in the office or in the car. It can be used as an ergonomic backrest or seating device.

While sitting, ensure your back is straight and your shoulders are not hunched forward. Keep your feet flat on the ground with your knees at the same level as your hips. Make sure your shoulders are relaxed rather than taut, and your arms are parallel to the floor.

Whether you are sitting or standing, be sure to avoid maintaining the same position for a long time. Take breaks whenever possible.

Finding the best office chair, that will help reduce lower back pain, is a quest for many office workers. While most office seating companies claim to have lumbar support, they almost always lack in this area.

While you may find other lists on the internet, almost all of them will be built to push you into Amazon products. It’s important to note that most, if not all of these websites, have never tried the chairs they promote. As someone who has sat in hundreds of chairs, I know there is no way you could ever know what chair is excellent or bad without sitting in each first hand.

Chairs that offer better lower back support do exist, and today we will take a closer look at the ones we have found to provide the best lumbar support. I will show you chairs that are available at different price points so that no matter your budget is, you can start to work more comfortably.

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Full Disclaimer: We are an office furniture dealer and sell some of the products we review. To learn more about the products we sell, our review process and why you can trust us, please visit: Why we’re different. Who is and The Breakroom Blog?

Best Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

  1. Ergohuman LE9ERG – 82/100 Rating For Back Pain
  2. Eurotech Vera – 81/100 Rating For Back Pain
  3. Humanscale Diffrient Smart – 80/100 Rating For Back Pain
  4. Steelcase Leap – 80/100 Rating For Back Pain
  5. Humanscale Freedom – 79/100 Rating For Back Pain
  6. Herman Miller Aeron – 79/100 Rating For Back Pain
  7. Herman Miller Cosm – 79/100 Rating For Back Pain
  8. Eurotech iOO – 78/100 Rating For Back Pain
  9. Humanscale Liberty – 77/100 Rating For Back Pain
  10. 5 Things To Consider
  11. Bottom Line

The Best Office Chair For Lower Back Pain List

1. Ergohuman LE9ERG Office Chair – 82/100 Rating

The highest-ranked chair in our list for lower back pain, the Ergohuman LE9ERG, scored 82/100 overall. Just looking at the design of the lower lumbar region on the LE9ERG is impressive. Naturally protruding beyond the upper backrest, the lumbar support system is the first part of the backrest to make contact with your back.

The backrest on the LE9ERG is height adjustable, allowing you to move the lumbar support on your back. The design of it also allows for it to be automatically depth adjustable, based on the user’s weight and how much you push into the backrest. Additionally, there is some flexibility with how it moves with you as you twist and move around in the chair.

If you tend to lean forward while tasking, the lower support of the LE9ERG stays with you even if you cheat forward. This feature is perfect if you prefer not to lean back in the chair unless you’re on a call or browsing the internet.

Because of the design of the lumbar and upholstery, the support is very specific on the LE9ERG. It doesn’t spread across your lower back as a mesh alternative would. This is important because some users may not like that feeling. If you’re looking for a little less pronounced lumbar support, the ME7ERG Ergohuman does a better job at flexing and spreading the support through the lower back.

When you lean back in the LE9ERG, the motion of the chair will pull the lumbar support up your back some. At about 50 perfect recline, I noticed the support became less pronounced, but it was still good. Depending on the position of the lumbar to start, it could require you to lower it down your back for the right support.

2. Eurotech Vera Mesh Chair – 81/100 Rating

The second-ranked chair, the Eurotech Vera, was featured in our best overall back support post. Featuring the most comfortable backrest in a chair we’ve tested, Vera is also very good with lower support. With a score of 81 out of 100, the Vera managed to score well without a separate lumbar support system.

One of the things you first notice about the Vera is how perfectly upright the backrest positions your body. This allows you to comfortably scoot back into the chair and lets the natural curve of the backrest push against your lower back. Because of the mesh design, the support is spread out across the lower half of your back.

When upright, the Vera has medium to medium-strong lower support. As you recline in the chair, the lower support will start to diminish, with full recline offering minimal lower support.

Because of the upright nature of the backrest, the Vera does provide excellent lower back support when leaned slightly forward for tasking. Because the natural curve of the backrest only pushes so far forward, you need to make sure to scoot your butt back into the chair for excellent lower support.

3. Humanscale Diffrient Smart Chair – 80/100 Rating

The Humanscale Diffrient Smart chair is our third ranked chair in the lower back support list, with a score of 80 out of 100. Like the Vera, the Diffrient doesn’t have an adjustable lumbar support system, but it does have a unique pivoting backrest design. We found through testing that the Smart chair has medium support when seated upright.

The design of the Diffrient Smart allows you to sit nice and upright in the chair for tasking. This provides good lower support for these tasks as well. Like the Vera, you will need to push yourself back into the chair to experience the best support.

Where the Diffrient Smart shines is when you begin to lean back into the chair. As you do this, the backrest naturally pivots, with the lower portion of the back pushing harder into your back. From 25 to 100 perfect of recline in Diffrient, the lower support moves from medium to medium-strong to strong.

4. Steelcase Leap Ergonomic Chair – 80/100 Rating

Our fourth-ranked chair, the Steelcase Leap, technically tied the Humanscale Diffrient Smart with a score of 80 out of 100. While these two chairs scored the same for lower support, they couldn’t be more different. With a more traditional padded upholstered backrest, the Leap was still able to offer medium to medium-strong support, depending on how you configured the lumbar system.

With Leaps intuitive lumbar support system, you can make precise adjustments to how much and where you want your support. The height-adjustable lumbar support allows you to move the pressure up and down your back.There is also a lumbar tension system, which will increase or decrease the curve in the backrest. Depending on how you adjust this it will change how pronounced the lumbar support feels.

If you like to recline in your office chair, the Leap is a good option with up to about a 50 percent recline. Beyond this point, you begin to lose some of the medium to medium-strong support in the lower region of the backrest. Unlike the Vera, at 100 perfect, the Leap does still provide light to potentially medium support in the lower lumbar region.

5. Humanscale Freedom Ergonomic Chair – 79/100 Rating

Our fifth-ranked chair, Humanscale Freedom, came in with a score of 79 out of 100. This is the second chair from Humanscale to make it onto this list. After testing four different models from Humanscale, it is clear they have paid attention to providing excellent back support with their seating.

The Freedom Chair offers medium to medium-strong support when seated upright. The backrest is also height adjustable, which allows you to fine-tune where you like the most support. In addition to the height adjustment, there is a pivoting function as well.

As you move in the chair, the lumbar stays with you, creating consistent lower support. I found that I enjoyed the Freedom most when at the mid recline position. The lower support was medium to medium-strong throughout the entire recline. For those that enjoy working in a reclined position, the Freedom is best when paired with the headrest.

6. Herman Miller Aeron Task Chair – 79/100 Rating

Likely the most recognizable chair in our list, the Herman Miller Aeron came in at number 6, with a solid score of 79 out of 100. The model we tested included the PostureFit SL, which is the best lumbar support add-on available for the Aeron. This is very important if you’re interested in purchasing an Aeron and want excellent lower support.

The Aeron offers medium lower support when in the upright tasking position. One added feature that isn’t common with most chairs is the ability to the chair in a forward tilt position. This is a useful feature for those who really like to sit forward and task. It isn’t for everyone since it gives the feeling of falling from the chair and requires you to engage your legs more than a traditional seated position.

Arguably one of the best features of the Aeron is the fluid tilt function that keeps your feet planted to the floor, and the backrest in perfect unison with your back. As you recline in the Aeron, the support felt when seated upright remains the same. Users that enjoyed the lower support when seated upright will get the same experience, no matter what reclined position they choose to work in.

7. Herman Miller Cosm – 79/100 Rating

Right behind the Aeron, is the newest Herman Miller product we’ve reviewed, the Cosm chair. While I’m a bit hesitant to suggest this chair for tasking, it did receive enough points to rank at number seven overall, with a score of 79 out of 100. If you decide to purchase this chair for tasking, we would highly recommend looking at the adjustable task arm option.

The Cosm offers a unique feel when you sit in it, with an almost floating hammock feel. The mesh on our new chair is supportive enough to provide good lower support when you are pushed back into the seat and backrest. The design of the backrest, without an adjustable lumbar system, spreads nicely throughout your lower back.

The Cosm is also one of the chairs that we tasked that gets better as you recline back into it. We found the best support, which rated at medium-strong, was felt from about 50 to 100 percent recline. With the tall backrest design, it is a good option for those who like to work in a reclined position.

8. Eurotech iOO – 78/100 Rating

Eighth on our list is the Eurotech iOO chair, with a score of 78 out of 100. At first glance, the iOO is easily mistaken for the Ergohuman series, with similar features throughout. With a pronounced lower lumbar region, the iOO offers a similar feel as the mesh series from Eurotech’s Ergohuman series.

When seated in an upright position, the iOO has a medium to medium-strong lower support. Like the Ergohuman series, the lumbar system protrudes beyond the upper portion of the backrest, hitting your lower back even when sitting slightly forward in the chair. The mesh upholstery does a better job of spreading throughout the lower back than the LE9ERG, featured at number one on our list. If you are looking for a wider range of lower support, this could be a better option.

The lumbar support is also height adjustable, which allows you to fine-tune where it provides the most support. As you recline in the chair, the support remains fairly consistent, with medium support even when in a fully reclined position. The motion of the recline allows for the lumbar support to move minimally, offering more consistent support for the lumbar region than that of the Ergohuman series.

9. Humanscale Liberty – 77/100 Rating

The final product on our list, the Humanscale Liberty chair, is the third Humanscale product to be featured on our list. With a score of 77 out of 100, the Liberty features a similar back design and function as the Diffrient Smart chair.

When seated in the upright position, the Liberty chair offers medium to medium-strong lower support. Like the Diffrient Smart, the initial pivot, when arching your back and slightly reclining, increased the lower support.

The biggest difference between the Liberty and Diffrient Smart was that once you reclined beyond 50 perfect, the Liberty only had light lower support. If you’re looking for a mesh back chair with a lot of lower support while reclined, I would suggest looking at the other Humanscale chairs on the list.

Top 5 Things To Consider When Buying Office Chairs For Lower Back Pain

Before you make a decision on your next office chair to relieve your lower back pain, it’s important you consider these top five things first.

1. How you sit in your chair while you task

Not all users task the same way. While some work in perfect posture with their back up against the chair, others tend to slouch. Maybe you like to lean to the side when you type. It’s essential to understand how you like to sit when finding the perfect office chair.

One of the most significant issues we’ve seen is that customers try to adapt to an office chair. This is the quickest way to failure, as most habits can be hard to break. Some sitting habits aren’t bad, and the expectation that you sit perfectly for long hours throughout the day is unrealistic. Finding a chair that provides proper support for the way you sit, is likely to improve your support while seated.

2. Does the chair offer good support while reclined?

Do you like to recline in your chair? Is this something that you spend a lot of time doing? If you are taking a lot of phone calls, in meetings or even working from this position, proper support while reclined can be important if you have lower back issues.

Just because a chair offers great support while you’re sitting upright, doesn’t automatically mean that you will see the same support when reclined. We’ve found through testing all of the chairs in our office, there can be significant differences in lower support as you recline back into the chair.

Depending on how the recline function moves on your chair, the lower support can change in various ways. Whether it’s diminishing support or that the support actually moves up the back, both can have a significant impact on your lower back pain.

3. Is the lumbar support height and depth adjustable?

While not always true, having a lumbar support system that is height and depth adjustable can be important. If the lumbar support system doesn’t provide a good fit for your body, you will need the ability to move it up and down your back. Having depth adjustment will allow you to add and reduce the amount of pressure applied to your back. Depending on the amount of support needed, this can be a nice feature to have.

4. Does the backrest and/or lumbar move with you in the chair?

Depending on the type of tasks you perform in your chair, you may want to consider how the backrest and lumbar moves with you. If you are doing a lot of twisting and reaching, having a backrest that moves with you and provides continuous support is good if you really need a lot of lower support.

We have seen a lot of different types of backrests that will provide this function. From the entire backrest bending and flexing, to only the lumbar support automatically adjusting in depth. If this is important to you, you’ll want to pay close attention to the back of the desk.

5. What material is the lumbar system made from?

The last thing to consider is what type of material the lumbar and backrest are made from. Certain types of materials will flex more, spreading out the support through your back. We have seen upholstered lumbar systems with padded backing that can feel more stiff and will focus more on a certain area. Depending on your needs, this type of focused support can be good or bad. This is especially true if you’re able to fine tune where you can place the support.

Depending on the amount of support you require and where you need it most, finding a chair with excellent lower back support is always a good idea. Each chair in our list offers, at a minimum, excellent lower back support for long hours of tasking. If you’re interested in reclining, the list shrinks somewhat. Finding how much support you need, where you need it most, and what type of material to have the chair upholstered in will ensure a good sitting experience. I hope this list has helped you narrow down the best choice for your lower back needs.

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Lower back pain is the worst; it’s extremely uncomfortable, especially if your job requires you to sit at a desk for prolonged periods. In order to offer some relief, you need to find the best office chair for back pain.

Let’s take a look at our reviews that are well-selected office chairs for bad backs! We are sure that this site will help you determine which office chair for lower back pain and lumbar support for office chair would be ideal for you and your needs.

You’ll find that we have done all the work for you and will provide you with the pros and cons of each office chair that help reduce lower back pain.

In addition, we only list the best desk chairs and don’t bother with the ones not worthy of having their name mentioned. We are not here to promote products or sell you anything.

As a consumer, you have the right to be given an honest opinion of items prior to spending your hard earned money.


VANBOW Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

  • Price: $$
  • Dimensions: 29.9 x 27.6 x 45.1″
  • Weight: 43.7 pounds
  • Material: Bonded leather
  • Color: Black
View On Amazon

SAYL Chair by Herman Miller

  • Price: $$$$
  • Dimensions: 26 x 24.5 x 37″
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Material: Fabric
  • Color: Crepe Licorice
View On Amazon

DXRacer Boss Series

  • Price: $$$
  • Dimensions: 24 x 27 x 51″
  • Weight: 66 pounds
  • Material: Leather Style Vinyl, Metal
  • Color: Black – Black / Coffee – Black / Red
View On Amazon

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

  • Price: $$$$$
  • Dimensions: 27.6 x 26.9 x 24″
  • Weight: 56.5 pounds
  • Material: High tech mesh fabric
  • Color: Variety Of Colors
View On Amazon

H&L Office Mid-Back Silver Mesh Executive

  • Price: $
  • Dimensions: 26 x 25 x 47″
  • Weight: 30 pounds
  • Material: Mid Back Silver Mesh
  • Color: Variety Of Colors
View On Amazon

Reviews of Office Chairs for Bad Backs

1. VANBOW Leather Memory Foam Office Chair

This Vanbow office chair stands out because it uses memory foam to accommodate your whole body. It is specifically designed to relieve the pain in your lower back so that you can continue working as much as you have to. Although the seat cushions might seem a bit too hard for some people, they will still reduce the tension in your thighs and calves.

The chair is equipped with lumbar support that performs pressure on your lower back. It is a great thing that you can adjust the intensity of the pressure according to your health requirements. The chair allows you to smoothly lower or increase the height thanks to the standard-approved gas lift. You can rest assured that the chair is safe. However, it might not be able to support too much weight.

Although the base is made from quality nylon, it does not seem very sturdy. Another disadvantage of the package is that the instructions are not as straightforward to follow. Once you assemble it, however, you can benefit from every significant feature of this chair. With overall dimensions of 27.6″ x 29.9″ x 42.1″- 45.1″, this chair will embrace your back and legs during long days of work. If there is something that troubles you once you purchase the product, you can call the manufacturer in regards to the 1-year warranty.

Check The Latest Price on Amazon!

2. SAYL Chair by Herman Miller

Do you consider that your workplace is a modern facility and has to meet the latest standards in design? Do you like modern and unique designs which not only look good but are also very efficient? Then we have the perfect model for you. The SAYL Chair by Herman Miller was designed by San Francisco’s world famous designer Yves Behar, and the concept behind it is the same one used for the Golden Gate Bridge.

With a unique design and innovative features, this is one of the most comfortable and great looking chairs available on the market today. The exclusive Y Tower feature of the chair represents the backbone of the design and provides the necessary support for your back. The other exclusive feature, the ArcSpan anchors the elastomer strands that make the back of the chair.

Not only does this chair have an elegant design, but it’s also very efficient. The elastomer strands are hardened in key places on your back, making sure your posture is good throughout the day, while in other places the strands are flexible, allowing you to move freely.

The chair also uses fewer materials than other models, making it more environmentally friendly.

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3. DXRacer Boss Series

Are you looking for a good gaming chair? Well, this might come as a surprise, but there is one way to satisfy both of these problems. The DXRacer Boss Series chairs are very efficient as well.

The full-length chair provides the right amount of support for all your spine, starting from your pelvis and up to your neck. The additional lumbar support cushion is easy to adjust and incorporate in the backrest, while the headrest is already incorporated in the design.

Originally designed as a gaming chair, this is one of the stylish chairs on the market because it looks like a racecar seat. The wide base and the top-quality hydraulic system make this chair one of the most reliable and durable models, as well.

The five-point base and the heavy-duty gas spring make the chair so steady, you can recline it and sleep in it peacefully without any concerns about its stability.

The fully adjustable arms will provide adequate support for every activity. You can adjust them for writing or for holding a console controller. Your choice.

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4. Aeron Chair by Herman Miller

The Aeron Chair by Herman Miller is listed as one of the best ergonomic office chairs available, and it’s also good for bad backs. This office chair is designed to support your posture, even when shifting positions, plus it can accommodate people of all sizes. It conforms to your shape and distributes weight evenly.

You can visually see the intricate elliptical weaving threads on the office chair that create a neutral surface for your body. Aeron has this patented tilt called the Kinemat tilt, which mimics the body’s natural pivot points, and moves with your body for a more natural flow.

In addition, the contoured back of the office chair takes the pressure off your lower back and the waterfall front edge alleviates the pressure off your thighs, creating a very comfortable seating environment.

The Aeron office chair is equipped with adjustable padded arms, forward tilt, and tilt limiter so you can control the comfort level of the chair for your specific needs. Furthermore, this office chair is built to last and the parts that get the most wear are the easiest to replace as well. We do have to mention that this chair is an investment with a higher price tag than a lot of the other chairs, but worth it.

Furthermore, this office chair is built to last and the parts that get the most wear are the easiest to replace as well. We do have to mention that this office chair is an investment with a higher price tag than a lot of the other chairs, but from what we have researched, it’s very well worth the money.

Check The Latest Price on Amazon!

5. H&L Office Mid-Back Silver Mesh Executive

H&L Mid-Back Mesh Executive is another office chair for bad backs. It also can adjust to accommodate a various array of users; these adjustment features include flip up arm rests, height adjustment, and an adjustable headrest that provides comfort throughout the day.

With this specific office chair, you get 360° swivel rotation, an ergonomic design that’s both supportive and comfortable.

The manufacturers did put a weight limit on this office chair of 350 lbs. That is more than sufficient to support most of the general population.

It’s not a high back office chair, therefore, we wouldn’t recommend it for anyone over 6 ft. as the headrest will not meet the back of the head where it needs to be. The seat has plenty enough width, so you’re not going to feel cramped.

It’s a great ergonomic office chair for the price, which we might add is very affordable; assembly however might take some time; it seems there was a little difficulty in determining which way the seat was supposed to face. Just be sure to follow all directions and pay attention to the diagrams.

Check The Latest Price on Amazon!

A Guide to Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

No one is going to stay young for the rest of their lives and one day, everyone will, most likely, face acute aches because of bad lifestyle choices and bad sitting positions. Episodes of back pain may be acute, sub-acute, or chronic depending on the duration. Back pain is common with about nine out of ten adults experiencing it at some point in their life, and five out of ten working adults having it every year. This is a very concerning issue for the youth of our nation, especially, given the rise of IT industry and desk jobs. As they say – “Prevention is better than cure”, let us shift our focus to some comfortable office chairs to help you avoid back pain.

Choosing An Office Chair For Lower Back Pain

There are several different office chairs that helps reduce lower back pain, some offer high backs; others are more of a mid-height back. There are also other selections regarding the material, or whether or not armrests are in included.

The most important factor when it comes to selecting the appropriate chair for lower back pain is to make sure that it’s comfortable to you. After all, you are the one who will be utilizing it for many hours a day if your job requires you to sit at a desk or in front of a computer. Or, if you drive a lot, back support is very beneficial for that circumstance as well.

In addition, other less conventional office chairs are available as well, such as the exercise ball chair and the saddle chair. These chairs really don’t resemble a regular chair at all; in fact, the ball chair is what it sounds like, a big ball. The ball chairs promote active sitting by forcing the user to maintain good posture by using core muscles for balancing.

These chairs are a big help for those who have a hard time sitting due to back pain. To take the strain off of the knees and to distribute weight evenly, an ergonomic knee chair can be used. Saddle chairs are another ergonomic selection for relieving and preventing back pain. The seat of these specific chairs is shaped to resemble the seat of a saddle, hence the name. They are designed to promote healthful sitting, the chair keeps your spine alignment straight. Sometimes, they are preferred as a work chair over other conventional office chairs.

Regardless of what your preference is as far as lumbar support or ergonomic chairs go, you should know that there are several options available and it basically comes down to what makes you comfortable.

Key Features of the Office Chairs for Back Pain

Some office chairs are not ergonomic but do offer an adjustable back. If you are using one of those then adjust the height of the back so that the curve of the chair meets the curve of your back.

If you don’t have the options associated with an ergonomic office chair or a chair that has an adjustable back there are other options that are available to you. Portable lumbar cushions can be placed on the back of your chair that will provide the support your lower back or lumbar needs. Furthermore, these products come in a wide selection. They can be pre-formed, come in various materials, or inflatable for you to adjust the support according to your needs.

One of the last options that you have to incorporate back support to your chair is simply use a towel or a small blank it. Just roll it up and place it between the back of the chair and the curve of your back. It’s not the greatest of support, but it is certainly better than nothing.

Remember, lower back pain is one of the most common conditions for office workers or those that sit at a desk most of the day. Make sure that you are taking time out of your day to move and stretch so that your back does not become stagnant and stiff. In addition, try not to sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes at a time. However, pay attention to the way you are sitting, and by all means, do not slouch. Keep your spine aligned and balanced at all times.


  • PICK THE RIGHT CHAIR- Pick one that allows your lower back to rest against a lumbar support. Then tilt the back of the chair so that it is slightly reclined.
  • STRETCHING THE SHOULDER- Roll them back and down, and square them over your hips. Imagining that you’re balancing a plate on your head, and it can’t fall off.
  • RIGHT WAY TO SIT– Sitting cross-legged makes it difficult to keep your spine straight and shoulders squared, and you risk overstretching the muscles around the pelvis. So uncross and relax.
  • SITTING WITH SUPPORT– When sitting at your desk, your feet should be flat on the floor, and the height of the chair should allow your thighs to angle down slightly. This position will allow you to place your weight on your sitting bone, rather than rounding your lower back and causing your shoulders to round out and your posture to slump forward.
  • KEYBOARD TRAY HEIGHT- Set the keyboard high enough so when your elbows are bent approximately 90 degrees, you aren’t forced to slump down through your shoulders to touch the keys. If the tray is too low and cannot be adjusted, place the keyboard on your desk. The mouse should be placed at the same level as the keyboard.
  • LOOKING STRAIGHT AT THE MONITOR- The monitor should be placed in such a way that the bottom is approximately at the level of your chin. This positioning can vary slightly, with a 13-inch monitor slightly higher than chin height, and a 24-inch monitor slightly lower. If the monitor is too low, you will slump down to work.
  • WALKING AROUND- Sitting in an office chair seems simple, but it can be tiring. Your posture suffers the longer you sit. If you have back, neck, and/or shoulder pain, it’s best to stand up and walk around the office every half hour.

5 Common Causes For Back Pain

Has your mother ever told you when you were younger to stand up straight, you’re slouching? Probably, it’s what most every mom tells their children, and it’s for good reason. Standing up straight, keeping your head straight, and your shoulders slightly tilted backward keeps your spine aligned the way it was naturally meant to do.

Over time, and we are all guilty of it, we begin to relax our bodies, letting them fall where they may.

Unconsciously putting our bodies in very unhealthy positions can lead to back pain, discomfort, and long-lasting health problems. Whether you believe it now or feel it later, you will learn by practicing good posture while you’re sitting, standing, walking, driving, etc. will increase the chances of you maintaining a healthy well-balanced spine. Not only is good posture good for your back, it’s also more attractive.

As we mentioned before, alignment is everything when it comes to good posture and reduction of back and neck pain. Below are some examples of bad posture that you should do your best to avoid.

  1. Slouching

    Whether you are sitting in your office chair, walking, or standing, pay attention to what your body is doing. If you’re allowing your spine to hunch forward into a C shape instead of a well-rounded S shape, you are slouching.

  2. Kink your neck

    A good example of this is holding a phone between your neck and head while talking on the phone. This will eventually create pain, or kink in your neck that can lead to headaches. Also, you can kink your neck by not using the appropriate pillow. Again, balance and alignment is the key.

  3. Not bending your knees when lifting

    A big no-no is leaning forward to pick up an item without bending your knees. You need to lift with your legs instead of straining your back.

    You may also like: recliner office chairs with footrest

  4. Carrying an item on one side

    Many people carry items on one side of their body, whether it is groceries, a box, or a child. If you have to carry something, keep it forward so you don’t twist your spine into awkward positions. However, the best advice we can give you is not to lift or carry anything that is too heavy. Use a cart other means to carry.

  5. Lack of movement

    Your body is meant to move and not stay in a stagnant state for prolonged times. When your body sits or stands, or even when it’s laying down for long periods it gets stiff and uncomfortable. Take some time to move, stretch, change positions.

It’s so important to pay attention to your body. While at work, use the buddy system and have your co-workers bring bad posture or bad habits to your attention. It’s so much easier watching and noticing others than noticing yourself.

Remember, you only have one body and it’s imperative that you take care of it to the best of your abilities.

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How to Sit at an Office Chair If You Have Lower Back Pain

There are several ways to incorporate back support into your office chair. Now, typically you want the best office chair for lower back pain with all the adjustments and support features available.

If you do have one of those chairs, you can’t just sit and go; it needs to be adjusted to your specific measurements.

Not everyone is built the same. You have to take into consideration height. Not just your overall height, but the length of your legs, spine, arms, and back. That is why office chairs for reducing back pain have so many adjustments available. To be certain that a specific office chair is right for lower back pain, follow these rules.

  1. Sit up straight in the office chair with your back against the backrest.
  2. The curve of the office chair should fit nicely into the curve of your back, which is located just above the pelvis bone in your lower back.
  3. Your eyes should be able to look straight ahead at a computer if you’re using one.
  4. Your legs need to bend at a right angle, feet flat on the floor and your upper thighs should be aligned with your buttocks.
  5. Optional, but recommended: The right office chair for back pain should have arm rest that you are able to rest your elbows on to alleviate pressure.

What’s Available for Office Chairs to Avoid Bad Backs?

We can’t emphasize enough on how important maintaining a healthy posture is for your body and back. The human body is not designed for prolonged sitting and sometimes adjustments need to be made to the chair in order to support the lower lumbar area of the back. Though it is possible to sit correctly and still keep the natural curve of your spine without lumbar support, an ergonomic solution or other back support options are recommended.

Without proper support, people tend to become unknowingly lazier with the way they are seated at a desk or a computer. Over time, the body tends to lean forward pushing the natural curve in the opposite direction, which is better known as slouching. After allowing your body to unnaturally curve in the wrong direction, pain and discomfort will soon follow.

Lumbar support can be obtained with several different products or office chairs for relieving back pain. They can be in the form of a small pillow placed in the lower portion of the back, or even a towel rolled up and there are products that are specifically designed for lumbar support that can be purchased. Basically, anything that will conform to your spine and help or remind you to sit correctly can be used.

Office chairs are designed in such a manner that they mimic your spine, and when sitting all the way back with your feet flat on the floor, head facing forward, shoulders balanced will take the strain and pressure off of your back and spine allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand.

Back Pain Triggers and Spine Health

Your spine is constructed out of many parts such as bones, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and muscles. It’s divided into sections, and the most common area for back pain is in the lumbar region of the spine. The lumbar region is the lower part of the back at the curve. It’s very flexible and strong, designed for twisting, bending. Parts of the lumbar area are made to support the weight of the torso.

The lumbar area of the spine is also one of the most prone to degradation and injury. Interestingly enough, the spinal cord does not run through the lumbar spine, so there is not a risk for spinal cord injury or paralysis, however, that doesn’t mean there isn’t significant pain associated with a lumbar injury.

You can feel lumbar pain in the lower extremities, including the buttocks, legs, and feet. There are several ways that people try to alleviate lumbar pain. Some go to chiropractors, some have surgery, and some try to maintain good posture, and follow ergonomic rules when it comes to moving, sitting, or lifting. Preventative measures are always the best way to go, that way you are taking care of your spine prior to getting a debilitating injury.

There are other factors when it comes to pain in the lumbar area. Degenerative Disc Disease is one of them. This happens when the spongy area between the vertebrae starts to break down and the vertebrae begin rubbing together. A herniated disc is another condition that would cause pain. This usually occurs with an injury to the lumbar area. It commonly causes leg pain known as sciatica. Muscular problems can also cause pain in the lower back as well.

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Best Office Chairs for Back Pain Comparison Chart For 2019

Aeron Chair by Herman Miller $$$$$ High tech mesh fabric 27.6 x 26.9 x 24 inches 56.5 pounds
H&L Office Mid Back Silver Mesh Executive $ Mid Back Silver Mesh 26 x 25 x 47 inches 30 pounds
DXRacer Boss Series $$$ Leather Style Vinyl, Metal 24 x 27 x 51 inches 66 pounds
SAYL Chair by Herman Miller $$$$ Fabric 26 x 24.5 x 37 inches 38 pounds

Bottom Line

As you can clearly see, the lumbar spine is very vulnerable to injury and pain. Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be some major traumatic injury to cause the bad back; it could be something so minute as picking up a piece of paper off the ground. Pay attention to the way you move, sit, walk, and lift as it can surely save you from a lot of pain in the future, plus check out the reviews of the best office chairs for back pain as those can also be of some assistance.

There is no one perfect office chair for everyone — everybody is different, so the right office chair for lower back pain is not the same for everyone!

  1. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

    Price: $495

    The Herman Miller Sayl Chair beats out the rest as the best ergonomic office chair that specifically addresses back pain. Uniquely designed with an unframed back, the Sayl Chair combines class with affordability at $495. You just don’t see anything else like it on the market.

    Using 3D Intelligent suspension technology, the Sayl Chair allows the natural S-shape contours of your back to settle into the chair. It delivers effortless sacral support through the elastomer strands netting the frame. Additionally, you can purchase an optional lumbar support piece to further cushion your back.

    Typically, Herman Miller chairs are on the higher end of the price scale. However, by using eco-friendly and simple materials, this sophisticated chair is half the price of similar models. The chair is constructed out of 93% recyclable materials.


    • Lightweight (37 lbs)
    • 3D Intelligent back
    • 23 different color options


    • Arms not adjustable
    • Pre-set depth on cushion
    • Armrest instability

    100% Rave Meter Shop the Herman Miller Sayl Chair

  2. Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair

    Price: $107

    Flash Furniture’s Mid-Back Mesh Chair provides extra support for your lumbar spine. At $107, this highly affordable office chair will keep your back well-loved and well-ventilated. The breathable mesh material on the back panel allows for air circulation all day long.

    The Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair also includes several adjustable features, such as flip-up armrests and the pneumatic seat height adjustment lever. The chair is upholstered in leather, and the seat cushion is designed with a unique waterfall front edge to improve circulation in your lower legs.

    Here’s what one happy customer had to say: “It is easy not to realize that a chair is not ergonomic when you are able-bodied and everything is working well. When you are in pain, however, that is when you feel every single design flaw. So, when I tell you that this is truly an ergonomic chair, you can believe that.”


    • Flip-up arm adjustments
    • Breathable mesh material
    • Built-in lumbar support


    • Arm height not adjustable
    • Leather peels after heavy use
    • Limited backwards tilt

    97.7% Rave Meter Shop the Flash Furniture Mid-Back Mesh Chair

  3. Herman Miller Aeron Chair

    Price: $1,175

    Herman Miller proves (once again) its leadership in the market of ergonomic office chairs through the Aeron Chair. Dubbed the “ergonomic workhorse,” this chair molds your body into the optimal posture: pelvis tipped forward and shoulders broad.

    Everything about the Aeron Chair is dialed in for ultimate comfort. The seat and back use 8Z Pellicle suspension, which features eight different zones of tension and support to mitigate back pain. Additionally, the back panel is designed with a breathable mesh network.

    This company believes in its product, backing it with a 12-year warranty. The Aeron Chair is for everyone—literally! It is our most customizable chair, and comes in three different sizes for three different body types. Herman Miller also offers numerous opportunities for customers to adjust back support, tilt, material, and more.


    • 12-year warranty
    • Hugely customizable
    • 8Z Pellicle suspension technology


    • Expensive
    • No warranty through Amazon
    • Locked-in seat and back angles

    95% Rave Meter Shop the Herman Miller Aeron Chair

  4. KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair

    Price: $82

    As the best ergonomic chair in our ranking for those on a budget, the KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair is more than meets the eye. It brings sophistication, comfort, and adjustability into an affordable package. And we mean really affordable: It costs just $82.

    From head to toe, the KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair has you covered. This is an executive office chair that not only supports your lower back, but also provides a padded headrest. The chair is padded comfortably with leather material and a breathable mesh back panel.

    Here’s the secret to the KADIRYA back support: The high back panel is delicately S-shaped to fit the natural curvature of your back. The Synchro Tilt & Tension control allows you to adjust the angle of your seated position anywhere from 90 to 110 degrees. You can also move the armrests up or down to the perfect 90-degree angle for your desk height.


    • Affordable
    • Adjustable arm height
    • Extra lumbar padding


    • One-year warranty only
    • Some complaints of squeaking
    • Leather peels after heavy use

    94% Rave Meter Shop the KADIRYA High Back Mesh Office Chair

  5. MBOO Ergonomic Office Chair

    Price: $146

    The MBOO Ergonomic Office Chair brings ultimate back comfort to the executive office. At $146, it ranks in our top five not only for its ergonomic design, but also for its affordability.

    The construction of the MBOO Ergonomic Office Chair focuses on small adjustments that make big differences. For example, there is a knee-tilt function that places the pivot point directly behind your knees. This ensures that your feet will be firmly placed on the floor. Additionally, you’ll find padded, adjustable armrests that transfer your weight away from your shoulders and neck, decreasing neck pain and stiffness.

    The MBOO Ergonomic Office Chair also features a fully adjustable headrest, which keeps your cervical spine 100% supported throughout the day. For all its perks, the MBOO office chair only comes in one color, unfortunately. But it is sure to blend into any office setting—and to be a lifesaver for your back.


    • Affordable executive chair
    • Highly adjustable
    • Easy to assemble


    • Only a 1-month warranty
    • Only comes in one color
    • Cloth armrests (not leather)

    93.7% Rave Meter Shop the MBOO Ergonomic Office Chair

  6. Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

    Price: $978

    The Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair is everything that is right with innovative ergonomic technology. This chair is designed to accommodate the human body both with functioning parts and as a whole. The Steelcase engineers created a chair that boosts productivity, supports your entire spine, and looks good in the meantime.

    Here’s a glimpse into what Steelcase offers: First, you’ll experience LiveBack, which is a back panel technology that imitates the natural curve of your spine and adjusts its support throughout the day. The Natural Glide system allows you to recline fluidly, but still focus on work. You can take on more varied postures in this chair, enhancing blood circulation and oxygen flow.

    If you love the Steelcase Leap vision but want a little something different, you can choose from any of its variations: the Leap Plus, Leap Stool, Leap Chair with Headrest, Leap Worklounge, and more. All of the products in this line are geared toward ergonomic seating.


    • 98% recyclable materials
    • Adjustable armrests
    • LiveBack technology


    • Expensive
    • Seat cushion is thin
    • Not great for people over 6’1″

    93.3% Rave Meter Shop the Steelcase Leap Fabric Chair

  7. Eurotech Ergohuman

    Price: $685

    A company with over 30 years of experience in the business of economical and ergonomic seating, Eurotech has found success with the Ergohuman chair. Its overall craftsmanship, value, and effectiveness easily earns it a spot on our ranking.

    For starters, when your Eurotech Ergohuman arrives, you can adjust it in numerous areas to fit your exact preferences. You can move the seat up and down, slide the seat forward and backward, or lock the back panel in your preferred tilt. Even more, the back panel (with lumbar support) can slide up and down to fit your unique angles.

    The entire chair also has an overlay of strong, breathable mesh to help you maintain a static body temperature throughout the day. And, if you want to add some color to your office, the mesh is available in a variety of shades: green, plum red, gray, orange-copper, and blue.


    • 5-year warranty
    • Lockable adjustment features
    • Easy assemblage


    • Heavy (60 lbs)
    • No forward tilt feature
    • No added cushion

    91.7% Rave Meter Shop the Eurotech Ergohuman

  8. Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

    Price: $256

    The SertaMid-Back Office Chair changes the formula entirely. This chair is an essential for anyone with mid-back issues. Easily mistaken for a lounge chair, the SertaMid-Back Office Chair delivers a plush, layered solution to ergonomic seating.

    Here’s the secret: This chair features Air Lumbar technology in the center back panel. This kinetic tool supports your lower back while reacting to your mid-back movement in real time. The air-filled pad doesn’t force your spine into a particular shape. Instead, it creates the necessary tension and freedom for your back to simply be. The rest of the chair is just as comfy and padded as the Air Lumbar panel.

    The cushions and armrests are constructed out of eco-friendly black leather. If black leather isn’t your thing, you can also purchase the SertaMid-Back Office Chair in gray. If you want a little extra height support, try the SertaExecutive Office Chair.


    • Air Lumbar technology
    • Padded seat cushion
    • Easy assemblage


    • Leather cracks over time
    • Not a lot of adjustment ability
    • Only a one-year warranty

    91.7% Rave Meter Shop the Serta Mid-Back Office Chair

  9. Topsky Mesh Chair

    Price: $150

    The Topsky Mesh Chair has you covered in all the vulnerable pain areas: neck, shoulders, and lower back. At each pain area—the headrest, armrest, and lumbar zone—you can adjust the chair to your liking.

    The headrest on the Topsky Mesh Chair is perhaps what sets it apart from the rest. It can be adjusted on three different planes: up and down, forward and backward, or angled from 0 to 45 degrees. You can maximize your lounging by tilting the back panel to the full 145 degrees. Or kick your posture into high gear by tightening up the lumbar support.

    This chair has a commanding presence, with a maximum height of over 4 feet. If that isn’t enough, Topsky shows its style by offering a neon (and we mean bright neon) green color option in addition to the standard black and gray. One more perk: It also includes a sneaky built-in coat hanger on the back.


    • Fully adjustable headrest
    • Coat hanger on back
    • 330-lb weight capacity


    • Too big for smaller people
    • Lower quality materials
    • Seat cushion flattens over time

    90% Rave Meter Shop the Topsky Mesh Chair

  10. Steelcase Gesture Chair

    Price: $1,036

    Steelcase gets the last word with its Gesture Chair. As a general rule, Steelcase chairs do not skimp on any step of the process, from the quality of materials to the level of ergonomic support. The Steelcase Gesture Chair follows suit and delivers an attractive, comfortable (if not a little expensive) ergonomic office chair.

    The Gesture Chair was born out of a global posture study that surveyed over 2,000 people and took stock of their natural postures as they interacted with technology. From there, the Steelcase engineers came up with an office chair that supports these common positions.

    For one thing, it uses the 3D LiveBack, which forms to the curvature of your spine. The Gesture 360 arm is designed to move like an actual human arm. Finally, the back panel adjusts its tension depending on the angle of the seat. This one also comes in super fun colors, like tangerine, turmeric, wasabi, malt, and more!


    • Quality materials
    • Lots of color options
    • 3D LiveBack and 360 armrests


    • Expensive
    • No height adjustments
    • Uncomfortable seat cushion

    89% Rave Meter Shop the Steelcase Gesture Chair

If you are having back pain sitting under a wrong chair, then you realize how important the best chairs for back pain at home relieve back pain.

To whom these chairs inevitably? People who sit throughout the days for about 10-12 hours a day tend to have pain on their back. It doesn’t occur within a few days instead of a long term effect causes, especially when you sit on a wrong chair.

Many people have tried a couple of chiropractor session now or then, go to Yoga Club to lose weight. However, it doesn’t come out effective, whereas still, they have the wrong chair.

On the other hand, choosing the best chair can boost your productivity as it provides with the comfiness. If you are not feeling well at your home, then how you can be more productive?

So your chair is the culprit here, and to change it would be the best decision. Once you bring the right chair and use it for at least three months, you can see the change as it will manage the perfect posture next to the desk at your home.

The benefit of Using a back pain relief chair

There are several beneficiaries of the right chair, but the main benefit is, you won’t have the back pain.

Do not compromise with the benefits and double-check from this article which chair suites best for which benefits.

It will reduce your back pain

If you have tons of benefits from a chair including the existing one, then don’t need to invest your money. But keep in mind that the best home chairs always reduce your back pain. But how does it work so we can get rid of your back pain? Notably, it increases the angle between your knees and hips and activates your leg muscles movement to stabilize your posture. Also, it takes a lot of pressure from your lower back.

It helps to support your posture

You need to be concerned about posture what you can and then rely on one of your best chairs. Don’t look for any traditional chair that makes you sit in a wrong posture. Whereas, an ergonomic best home chair solves this problem as it supports your posture when you sit. Besides that, you can adjust the height and the sit according to your feet to the ground. Keep in mind to bend your knees up to 90 degrees to the floor also parallel to your hips. This practice will automatically help you to improve your posture.

It gives you comfort

It is not rational to think that an ideal chair will release you from pain, and at the same time, it would offer discomfort. Instead of it, the more comfortable you are while sitting, the more it will release the pain from the back and the lower. In this article, we will bring the five chairs, all of it a great comfort.

It will release your neck pain

Not all best chairs do not necessarily support you releasing the neck pain. So if you get this feature from it, that is a plus. So the best chairs for back pain also give you relief from neck pain. The headrest position needs to be set up by yourself according to your height. Again, different chairs headrest has different shape and width, so it is another thing you may need to consider.

It will release your lower back pain:

The Waterfall edge is a common feature in the best chairs for home. Later on, we will tell you the five best chairs, whereas you will see the four out of five will release your lower back pain. How it ensures that? Because of the waterfall edge. However, your wrong posture of placing legs on the ground may ruin this added advantage. So, remember to put your knee on the ground, not on the welds.

Best Chairs for Back Pain at Home 2020

So, you have already come to know some key benefits of living room chairs. But going to the market and drowned in the pile of chairs is hazardous. So before going to visit online or offline tons of chairs, I will suggest you go through some of the best home chairs that can reduce your back pain.

These are the chairs that cover the benefits we have already shared. That’s the reason you should go through these five best chairs, and once you come to know all of it, then you may make a buying decision.

Have a look at the 5 best chairs that will reduce your back pain at home

Serta Style Hannah I

  • Best way for headrest
  • Comfortable
  • great for back pain
  • Great Amazon review


Flash Furniture BL-X-5M -LEA-GG

  • Best way for rest
  • Comfortable for sleep also
  • great for back pain
  • Great Amazon review


Commodore II

  • Best chair for rest
  • Comfortable for long time stay
  • great for back pain
  • Great Amazon review


Herman Miller Sayl

  • Best way for headrest
  • Comfortable
  • great for back pain
  • Great Amazon review


Amazon basics Executive Chair

  • Best way for rest & back pain
  • Comfortable
  • Great Amazon review


1. Serta Style Hannah I

The company of this chair is constantly offering great chairs for the last 75 years. If you want a chair that comes from the best-reputed company and providing chairs for a long time ago, then this one is one of them. Serta Style Hannah has the microfiber materials in their chair The quality of this chair would be the key deciding factors. To zoom in this criteria, you can find the durability as it has made of microfiber. Apart from the durability, it is Stain resistant, easy to clean, dust-free. When all these qualities come to one chair, then anyone can prefer it is one of the best.


Notably, it is soft cushioned, and you can set your feet freely on the ground. The wheel will glide easily on your floor, and your home surface won’t be scratched. So the caster is friendly to any surface with or without the carpet.

Are you facing the lower back pain with your home chair and want to know what else can save you from this? Yes, in that case, the waterfall seat edge ensures it as the best home chair for lower back pain. Having a good edge in a right home chair like Serta Style Hannah will not only lessen the back pain but also, helps to increase your blood circulation. Therefore, when you are sitting next to the desktop on your chair, you will not feel numbness.

Highlighted Features

Waterfall edge: The Waterfall edges pave the way to increase blood circulation and give proper comfort.

Easily adjustable: It is operated by air under pressure as it is a pneumatic typed chair. As a result, it is easy to go up and down according to the user’s height.

Headrest Pillow: For neck comfort, there is a headrest pillow made of plush that will provide warm and soft experience also reduce neck pain.

Layered body pillows: It has a multi-layered pillow and designed it to maximize the seating experience with great serene and tranquility at home.

Dual Wheel Caster: It has multi-surface dual wheel casters so that it can easily adjustable on any surface of your home and glide around the place smoothly.

Contoured lumbar: Lumbar back supported soft cushioned will help to reduce your lower back pain at home and gives great comfort.


  • It has a large pillow-sized headrest that allows a great comfort
  • The armrests, back, and the seat are altogether padded for great ease at home.
  • Blood circulation will always remain at a moderate situation due to the waterfall edge.
  • Amazing light-colored beige fabric available that looks great.
  • Easily adjustable up and down whenever you want
  • Microfiber benefits have stain resistant, dust-free, durable and easy to clean.


  • Few users have issues regarding ripping.
  • Some others have problems with the armrests breaking.

2. Flash Furniture BL-X-5M-LEA-GG

Do you want to bring a stylish chair at home that also gives you great comfort and the chair would be lightweight?

Who doesn’t love to have a stylish chair at home instead of a large-sized leather chair?


Keeping this in mind, it comes with it is an ergonomically contoured chair and with a mesh back. As you can see it has an amazing stylish outlook so It would be best suited to sit in front of your desktop. The curved back with leather padded offers to sit on this chair for a long time. It is ventilated adequately on the back so that in warm days at home you may feel a cooling experience. We know that the damp back is uncomfortable for most of you.

A Waterfall seat is one of the best factors for your comfort that you can’t let it go. Hence, this chair provides the waterfall design to promote blood circulation to your legs. Therefore, you can easily sit on this chair by cutting off blood circulation to your legs.

On the other hand, the price of this chair is a bit low so you don’t need to look further to bring it at home or not. The tilting option in this chair is up to the mark with a greater tilting amount. However, if you want to fix the recline position or stiff back, then you just need to activate the tilt lock. This adjustable tilt lock is wide, and anyone can adjust it according to a certain measurement. So, these are the extra advantages of the best chairs for back pain at home.

Highlighted Features

Last but not least, Whenever it comes to a home chair, to clean it after a certain period is a must. Flash Furniture BL-X-5M-LEA-GG is dust-free up to a certain level so cheers!

Tilt Lock: You can feel free to fall or recline in this chair when you think of resting and fix that reclining by tilt lock option.

Waterfall Seat: It has a waterfall seat that will increase your blood circulation in a moderate condition.

Cost and Value: The price of this chair is below the average so you can purchase this chair without having any further ado.

Ventilation: If you feel suffocating with some types of chairs which don’t have proper ventilation, then this chair would be an excellent option for you.

Easy to Clean and maintain: The mesh chair advantage is it is highly unlikely to come in contact with dust, so it is easy to clean and maintain.

Style: For your home, if you get the comfort and decent look from any chair that is a great advantage indeed so that you can have a modern feeling in your home.


  • The back of this chair made of mesh for better breathability and comfort
  • One can easily adjust the tilt tension by the knob.
  • The sit edges at the lower back are curved and help for moderate blood circulation.
  • You can easily flip your arm as there is a great room to do so
  • The chair has three different options to choose


  • You can not adjust the height of the armrests.
  • Few people find issues regarding the comforts of the skin of this chair.

3. Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Executive Chair

Do you want to maximize your comfort to a great extent? Also, tensed about your weight. Not every chair can lift everyone to 350 LBS. At the same time, you need a heavy-duty performed chair with four-point welds. Then don’t look further once you get everything in one place with Comfort Products Commodore II Oversize Executive Chair.


It offers padded chrome armrest that will maximize the sitting comfort. On the other hand, the tilt and lock with pneumatic lift height adjustment would add advantage to a great extent.

Let’s talk about some measurements of this chair. It is wide and suitable to sit back in a relax mode as the seat is 23 1/2″ wide having the 5 inches thickness! The 20% thicker metal is strongly connected with the back of the chair along with the seat. Finally, talk about the Class-4 Metal Gas Lift, which offers heavy duty.

Apart from it, you can feel the stylish design what brings a decoration for your home. Like everyone, you also want to have the best chairs for back pain at home. So, everyone will say “wow” types comment. So keeping this in mind, you should bring a chair which not only gives comfort but also looks stylish.

You should not compensate for the customization options as well. In this Commodore II, you can easily customize the headrest whenever you lean back comfortably and take a rest at home. Last but not least, you should buy a product from a reputed brand and manufacturer.

Highlighted Feature

Designed for decoration: Leather oriented Black bonded chair is designed for decoration for your home and offices.

Heavy-duty construction: The chair is sturdy and well built to offer heavy-duty, and the leather is not cracking or peeling.

Easy to customize for comfort: The tilt, lock, tension, swivel, and pneumatic lift height adjustment allows comfort to a great extent.

Adjustable height for headrest: The headrest position is adjustable, and it is wide and customizable with padded chrome arms.

Design for Larger user: It will bring extra attention with its modern aesthetic design and the 23 1/2″ wide seat with 5 inches thickness will allow a big sized user comfortably.

Padded Chrome Armrests: The waterfall design-oriented chair comes with padded armrests, so it relieves your shoulder tension at homework.


  • The tall and big sized person with heavyweight will find it great to use
  • Highly density foam in cushions for that it is 5 inches thicker.
  • Well-built especially the four welds take much pressure
  • Customizable headrest and it is wide to sit back in great comfort
  • Added the home decoration with black leather out-look


  • 59 pounds heavy sized chair hard to transport

4. Herman Miller Sayl

If you want to invest your money mostly on aesthetic and innovative design, then you should have a look at Herman Miller Sayl. But don’t worry it also reduce your back pain just like other chairs do. Imagine, you are going to buy this US-made chair but you don’t need to spend a lot as it is quite affordable to buy for the plastic built material.


Both of your demands can meet the point in Herman Miller Sayl. Most of the chairs are not lightweight, and if you want to roam around from one place to another at your home, Herman Miller Sayl would be your best choice indeed. Why the design and style of this chair are standouts from others? Because it is available in different colors and material choices.

The seatback, seat bottom, and many parts are well configured with different colors and materials. The frame of this chair comes with either black or white color. So it is fit right for the homestyle amazingly. The best chairs for back pain at home not only deals with reducing your pain on the back but also do have some other advantages. Keeping this in mind it has some other features so let’s read between the lines of it below here:

Highlighted Feature

Adjustable Lumbar Support: You can adjust it vertically over a 4 span and the curve on the mid-back is natural for your lumbar region so it works.

Plastic made: It is made of high-quality durable plastic and thus lightweight to move.

Adjustable seat depth: It can be adjustable for seat depth from 16″ to 18″ thus it supports user’s thighs without putting pressure on the back of their knees.

Low Cost but great Design: The designer built it to provide at a low cost, but the design will be modern and elegant.

Tilt Limiter: It offers lumbar height tilting also you can limit the tilt when you sit in an upright or partially reclined position.

Footring height: Underneath the seat, you will find a collar sized wheel, and if you turn clockwise, then it will tighten, and the anti-clockwise will release.


  • 94 percent of the chair made for further recycled
  • 3d Molding Technology
  • 12 Years of Warranty
  • The sophisticated webbed suspension system allows maximum comfort
  • You can adjust your seat armrest according to your level of height.
  • Seat height can easily be adjusted for the best comfort.
  • It has a stylish and innovative design that looks great at home.


  • Users have shared that the armrests are not sustainable
  • A few people reported that the back and the seat are too stiff.

5. Amazon Basics High-Back Executive Chair

Are you worried about your backache running down your spine? Most of the time, you can not comfortably sit, and thus, you are having a bad time at your home. Join the club! Well, in most cases, it occurs due to a wrong sitting posture.


As you need a chair where you can sit back and read blogs or books and do other stuff for a long time, then you fall into back pain trouble. The cushion has a decent thickness. Let’s give you an approximate measure not accurate that is 6’3. The nylon casters enable easy mobility from one area of your home to another again; it will not scratch the floor at all.

Are you worried about the sitting adjustment? AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair Comes with a butterfly seat plate with highly adjustable settings, and the curved contours are back supported — the options make it the best chair for back pain relief. What about armrests? The armrests designed for more comfort and it is 28″ from the ground and 8″ above the seat.

Lumbar support: It has a dedicated feature that will reduce your lower back pain by providing you lumbar support.

Adjustment settings: It has a pneumatic handle underneath the seat and allows you to change your height. The advantage is it has a wide range of tuning the seat adjustment.

Material: AmazonBasics executive chair is made from bonded leather, which is not leather, but it has PVC in this seat.

Portability: 360-degree swivel chair allows the great portability so you can turn anywhere you want.

Cost-effective: It costs less expensive then it shows to you and of great use that makes it cost-effective.


  • Looks decent.
  • The plush cushion seat is more than comfortable.
  • The price has to be brought up, as it is pretty rational.
  • It can lift a lot of weight (275 pounds).
  • It is a lightweight chair that weighs only 35 pounds.
  • A highly durable product.
  • An adjustable seat at this price takes the cake away.
  • Casters make it way more portable.


  • One year warranty
  • This chair is simple to look at and not very luxurious.
  • Bonded leather is not leather by the way if that is a problem at all

Guide for choosing the best chairs for back pain at home

Which chair you should buy that can reduce your back pain dramatically? Normally a soft cushioned chair with lumbar support would be the best option. Besides, there are so many things you need to consider after that. It would be the design, headrest, padded armrest, and durability.

Keeping in mind these; we have enlisted the five best tips for choosing the best home chairs for back pain that will incredibly eliminate your back pain.

Backrest support: If you don’t see any advantage that will reduce your back pain at home, then you just turn your attention away. So every ideal ergonomic home or office chair should be 12 to 18 inches wide. Again, if the backrest is separated from the seat, then it needs to be adjustable according to user’s height and angle.

Don’t forget to care about your spine, right? We know our spine has a natural curvature and the backside of every ideal chair should be highly adaptable with our spine indeed. So it should be adjustable in forwarding and back angles with the help of a locking mechanism. This mechanism will secure you from going to pretty far backward even you have set your angle.

Lumbar Support:

Did you ever stand up from your chair having lower back pain? If so, then the chair has inadequate lumbar support. Remember, the best chairs always reduce your lower back pain at home. Well-made home chairs will not allow any lower back pain as it fits correctly. Your proper position on the chair can save you from the lower back strain, and if you do not pay attention to it, then it leads to sciatica. Hence, your condition with the wrong chair will be debilitating.

To provide lumbar support or to reduce lower back pain, most of the chair has waterfall edges. It is one of the key benefits of having the best chair, indeed. Most often, we read books or use our desktop for a long time, and if the chair does not support the waterfall edge, our lower back tends to reduce the blood circulation. So always try to look for such a chair which has the best back support chair for home by giving you a waterfall edge in the chair.

Measure the Comfort:

Having a right chair comes with the proper measurement depends on the perfect height and width of your home chair. When you can comfortably sit on it, and it fits the best with you only if it gets passed as a right chair. Besides, it is the green signal to be the best chair for back pain sufferers

Moreover, there are some other issues that you need to consider. That is about resting your feet flat on the ground without falling in the wrong direction to the thighs toward the angle.

Did you notice that when you sit on the chair, your knees are on the right edge of your seat? Again, when you bend your knees, do you find any circulation issues or joint stiffness?

This is all related to perfect measurements of your home chair. When you have the right one, then you can sit over there, avoiding the joint stiffness and any uncomfortable issues.

Ease of Mobility:

Another benefit of a good chair on your home that is the ease of mobility, and it is a great ergonomic feature indeed. When you can find it easy to move, then, you are reachable every corner of your home.
If you are facing that you are dragging along the chair then, of course, you need to trade it instead of a good movable chair. The ease of mobility provides a great gliding experience. For that, an ideal chair supposed to have a multi-surface dual wheel caster. The caster wheel should be friendly on any surface whether it has carpet on it or not so that it won’t hurt by scratching.

Quality Material:

The chair material is another important thing that you need to focus on. We’ve seen that the most high-quality home chairs are offered with a cushioned. Again the headrest having the actual seat cushion will add some extra advantage as well.

Right Home Chair provides great quality materials not only for a long-lasting time but also for keeping you comfortable at your home. If you buy any chair with hard material, then you can not stay longer and safer.

Therefore, you should look for a chair that will suit you naturally. So try to stick to the soft edges and the padded seating, especially when you remain in the home chair. The seat material of your home chair needs to have enough padding that will make it comfortable to sit over the period.

Final Recommendation:

If back pain is the only enemy that you want to get rid of, then you can choose any of these best chairs for your back pain relief. On the other hand, it depends on the choice that you will make which one for your home. But the best recommendation is to choose a chair that comes to solve your back pain. Also, the waterfall design reduces your lower back pain as well. We have enlisted the best five chairs that are mostly come with the feature of reducing your back pain and lower back pain.

This article mainly focuses on the pain at your back, so we supposed to recommend you Serta Style Hannah I. This chair comes with the best compatibility with that. We have already told you the quality of this chair is the deciding factor. The microfiber cushioned allows the maximum comfort and left others chairs behind the race. Besides that, the headrest is the unique one, as well as the rest of the chairs, don’t have it. The Best chairs for back pain at home reviewed by price, quality & user satisfaction.

Who doesn’t cherish comfort? Undoubtedly, we all do.

After a tiring day, when you return home the first thing you possibly do is to sit on your living room chair and chill for an hour.

And isn’t it a wholesome to have a comfortable living room chair for back pain where you can have your tea and enjoy your favorite TV series without any strain and back pain?

Fantasizing already?


You don’t need to float in daydreams anymore. Because today I am going to review the best living room chairs for back pain with ample comfort, classy look, affordable price, and maximum durability as well.

Because it’s time to expect beyond aesthetic!

In a Hurry? Check Our Picks of Best Chair for Back Pain Sufferers

But wait, have you ever thought of the chair in which you’re sitting on? A lot of us have some common problems with the chairs, like-

  • It gives us back pain
  • Uncomfortable to sit
  • We cannot rest our heads properly
  • It’s difficult to move properly

These cause some major health issues like-

Sitting in an uncomfortable position causes stress on the shoulder, arms and legs which creates immense pressure on the back and creates back pain. Long-term pains like these can cause damage to spinal discs.

See the world’s upgrading every day. And following the world, people also need to upgrade themselves and they do. Not only in technology but also in almost each and every sphere of life, even we need to upgrade your conceptual psychology about everything. Based on that nowadays we should upgrade the furniture because they’ve become a vital part of our day to day life.

Watch This Video To Relieve Back And Hip Pain While Sitting

In this article we are going to reveal the top 10 best living room recliner chairs you will find in the market. Now, in case of buying the living room recliner chairs, there are some vital facts that you must consider before buying.


As we spend a lot of time daily on the chair, it should be comfortable enough to sit on. It should not be made of irritating materials that cause rashes on your skin or is too hard to sit on.


While choosing any chair you should first ensure whether it adjusts your height, weight and is it wide or does it have the correct height. In short, it has to be fit for your body.

Pain Relief:

These chairs are very much good for pain relief. While sitting in one of these chairs, you find absolute comfort and your upper and lower back pain. We have chosen the best chair for lower back pain sufferers.

Healthy Sitting Posture to Reduce Back Pain (Watch This Video)


Chairs should be designed in such a way that they adjust with your backbone in the right shape. Your hands and feet should be properly placed on the chair.


When someone enters our house we greet them in our living room. Now, normally they sit on the sofa or couch and look around a little. But just think if they see a hideous object there they will criticize for sure either on your face or behind your back. Trust me on that. You don’t want to give them that opportunity, do you? Well, I do not. After all first impression is the last impression. So here are some suggestions for you to find your living room chairs. Let’s get started!

Reviews of Best Living Room Chairs For Lower Back Pain

1. Domesis Renu Leather Wall Hugger Power Lift Chair Recliner, Brown Renu Leather

Domesis presents the most portable and less space-consuming recliners. Just like this one!

It takes minimal space in your living room. Mostly if you aren’t into robust or oversized furniture and yearning for a compact yet small-sized living room chair then this one will meet up your requirements.

Furthermore, you just need to settle it 4 inches away from the wall.

In this distance, you can easily lean backward and also lift up your chair just by pressing the buttons.

Impressively it takes only 10 minutes to assemble in your preferable manner.

If you are an adult and spend most of your time watching tv or let’s say you are a Netflix addict, then bringing this chair in your living room or your bedroom will be a comprehensive choice!

Now moving forward to the materials and ergonomics, this one is entirely padded with plush and high-density foam.

Moreover, it has an accurate amount of cushions strategically crafted inside the interior.

Your head, arms, back, and legs everything will be in proper comfort and relaxation.

Additionally, the fabrication becomes extremely high as Domesis has crafted durable, comfortable and breathable leather which remains kind to your skin.

Also, this recliner looks very classy. Those who thrive in simplicity and class both will fall in love with this one.

It arrives in 5 different colors. Brown, brown Renu leather, black, burgundy and white renu leather. I would personally suggest the brown one as it’s a beautiful floral design.

But if you want something plain then the black and burgundy one is convenient.

None than less it can hold up to 300 lbs which makes it ideal for adults.

Key Features

  • Two-button easy control
  • Easy assembly
  • Takes only 10 minutes to settle in two different motions
  • Less space-consuming
  • Easily movable so you can clean-up the floors easily
  • Premium leather material and padded cushions
  • Complete arms, back, head, feet and lumbar support
  • Durability that lasts long
  • Simple and subtle design
  • Affordable yet sophisticated

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2. Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded Seat PU Leather Living Room Sofa Recliner (Brown)

The best feature of this recliner chair is that it’s fortified with PU leather which soothes your skin gently. Hence this one is immensely skin-friendly.

Moreover, these recliners can be cleaned effortlessly by any ordinary vacuum cleaners. So, you can hold the same new look for years without spending any bucks over it.

Now talking about the movement diversity, I would say it can intimidate any expensive recliners out there regarding comfort. Because with this one you are mounting 3 steps of resting and relaxation.

You can adjust the recliner in a decent resting position, nap-time position and finally watching your favorite TV series position.

It can lay down like a bed when convenience and at the same time you can switch it with your ordinary sofa for the guest.

Sometimes, the frames that are used to support the footrest padding becomes weak and spooky after a couple of months.

But Homall’s recliners use supremely durable steel frames that last long for years.

With 17.7” height, it becomes ideal for the adults and also people with tall legs can rest with ample peace and comfort!

Besides, it can bear up to 265 lb weight which is more than enough.

Moreover, this recliner is available in 3 different colors- beige, grey, black and brown. You can choose yours according to your personal preference.

Key features

  • Sturdy frames
  • Ergonomic fittings
  • High-density and thicker sponge for proper head and armrest
  • Classy look
  • Durable with its exquisite design
  • Weighs 59.4 pounds only which makes it extensively portable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great value

Check Price On Amazon

3. Ashley Furniture Signature Design – Yandel Power Lift Recliner – Contemporary Reclining – Faux Leather Upholstery – Saddle

Ashley’s furniture collection is universally cherished and no doubt their recliner editions are beyond perfect!

So, their recent release has dual motor lift settings. You can lift your body by pushing a single button. These chairs not only provide ample lumbar support but also eases your back!

Hence if you are suffering from back pain or any sort of joint pain, I am pretty sure with this recliner you may notice remarkable changes.

Also, when you touch the button, it immediately lifts up your back leaving your feet in an ultimate resting space!’

Now, what about design and versatility? well, when it comes to versatility we search for more additional features or color variations. Consequently, it has two color varieties- saddle and black.

Moreover, about the design, It will be like boasting your home ambiance with a signature look.

The saddle color enhances your living room appearance whereas the black one gives you a classy and decent avatar.

Now, about the material, I would say Ashley has always claimed to render authentic materials with immense durability.

Here they have tailored Faux, leather and thick cushions for supporting your fragile spines. It will give you a cozy feel just like cuddles!

Usually sitting on a sofa or a living room chair for long exhausts you no matter how comfortable it is. But with this one, you’re getting the advantage to switch your positions and lifting up you back.

In addition, the seat height and length (20” & 69”) is notoriously accurate for grown-ups. Weighing only 121 pounds it ensures portability. Hence you can move it easily where you want as chilling shouldn’t be limited in your living room!

  • The chair comes with Premium quality
  • Faux leather recliner
  • Plush Fabric
  • Easy assembly
  • Eases your back and joint pain
  • Sufficient Lumbar Support
  • Foot-rest
  • Pillow-top armrest
  • Stylish look
  • Over-sized recliner for bed-like rest
  • Quite affordable

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4. Full Body Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner with Built-in Heat Therapy Air Massage System for Living Room, Black

You can assume its outcomes as its name says all! now it’s time to say goodbye to expensive massage parlors and spas. Because a giant living room chair with numerous massage options can be at your home!

Honestly, this is one extensively advanced in terms of features and diverse controlling systems. You can easily adjust this massage chair in your preferable manner to aspire maximum comfort and peace.

Moreover, your neck, shoulder, waist, back, leg, and buttocks can rest and relax all together through the extraordinary massage options.

You can also change the width, intensity, and speed with the 3 controlling system. It’s more like customizing your own massage style!

Now let’s talk about the heating function. Undoubtedly heating is one of the finest ancient ways to obtain relief and peace from all stress. Luckily, this advanced massage chair provides 21 airbags which strategically warms up your joints and ensures relaxation in no time.

It effectively helps you to get rid of back and joint pains. How? Well, this one triggers your blood circulation by creating heat and vibration. And as you may know that healthy blood circulation helps to demolish this sort of inconvenience.

Thus, it works like a clinical remedy as well. Moreover, if you have any pain or discomfort around the pelvic area it can release heat there too.

In addition, you are getting an exclusive feature called computerized scanning which helps to identify body size and conveys the accurate idea as in where you need the massage or which spine is damaged or needs the heating.

You can sit the way you want or even lie down on your chest. It will simply control the massage intensity according to your body weight and structure.

Lastly, the pre-set auto massage programs and 7 massage modes such as stretching, tapping, kneading, shiatsu, etc are bound to overwhelm you. So without any farther ado choose your ideal & best massage chair type and make your living comfortable and strain-free! Below are the chair features

  • Reduces fatigue, joint pain and provides an ease to your entire body and mind.
  • The hidden 30 airbags ensure maximum heat to increase blood flow and helps to combat back pain and other fatigues.
  • 9 preset auto massage programs and 7 massage modes: according to your body preference, elasticity, and tolerance.
  • Special program for stretching and comforting your legs with sufficient mobility.
  • Spa-like facilities
  • Included palm and neck massage
  • 4 levels of air massage
  • Computerized scanning
  • Durability
  • 100% refund option
  • Smart design

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5. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair for lower back pain Sofa Living Room Chair with Overstuffed Design, Camel

Honestly, this one doesn’t have any drastic difference, if you compare it with Ashley’s recliner. But here the bonus you’ll get is the enriched material and swift movement.

As it is overstuffed with thick cushion, antiskid upholstery, and the entire recliner is crafted with leather your gonna have a velvety vibe every time you rest on the chair.

Another perk of having these power recliner is that it uses sturdy metal frames for stabilizing the chair firmer and stronger. Also, these frames are strong enough to get damaged even after decades of use.

Furthermore, you are getting a smart lifting mode just by clicking one button. Basically, they provide a remote that has two buttons for specific adjustment purposes.

Such as if you click the right button the recliner will lie down slowly for giving you a proper arm and backrest.

Moreover, people who have joint pains in the knee can shelter their feet comfortably and their head will still remain firm enough to watch tv or anything.

Another problem that happens when you lie down on a super soft recliner is you feel like slipping down due to your clothing material.

But with these recliners, you aren’t prone to experience this sort of problem as the cushions are soft yet tight.

Secondly, when you press the left button the recliner will escalate gradually. This one, on the other hand, ensures a bed-like relaxation.

Then comes its design and appearance. Well, I am bound to say it looks way classier and elegant than Ashley’s recliner. Mostly if you have a weakness for camel shades and camouflage texture then this one’s gonna be your pleasure!

Still, it offers chocolate and brown color as well. If your house interior doesn’t suit up with camel one you can try the brown one as brown literally goes with everything. So, I think the manufacturers think sensibly about every small detail.

Lastly, I think the recliner should be on the limelight for rendering medication like curing back pain, joint ache, arm sprains, etc for the oldies and middle-aged who tends to have severe strains.

Furthermore, if you have anyone dearest who is going through early back pain, then recommending this one will be a warm effort!

Anyways one thing I must tell you that this one isn’t something beyond ergonomic. In fact, resting for a couple of hours on this recliner might give you discomfort.

Thus, try to consult your doctor if you are expecting this one to minimize your body strains.

  • 300 weight-lifting capacity
  • Strong and durable structure
  • Goes up to 20 inches
  • It can lean back up to 160 degrees
  • Soft cushions and overstuffed padded cotton material
  • Elegant look
  • Weighs only 97.3 pounds so that you can move it easily while cleaning
  • Affordable
  • Significant for people with severe back pain

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6. Oslo Collection 52-L03-32-103 Bergen Recliner and Ottoman, Cobblestone (Tan)

When I came across Oslo’s collection I was astonished to see the smart function and features. And let me tell you why I’ve given it the number 1 place.

This one is swiftly moveable and adjustable as it includes 360-degree parameter angle swivels. You don’t need to surround yourself with a tiny space as you can turn around, left-right and other motions comfortably.

With 37 inches seat height and a width of 22.75 inches length, it becomes ideal for adults and oldies. Moreover, you can store it in your living room, master bed and office as well. Weighing 87 pounds it becomes portable.

Mostly, when you are trying to find the TV remote or your mobile phone, it becomes super easy because you don’t need to stand and leave the chair to take it.

You just need to lie down peacefully and turn over to pick that!

Secondly, its elegant Norwegian design and walnut wood frame furnishing will blow your mind.

The structure, fittings and internal patterns are enough to be your ultimate resting buddy. Using the MX-2 memory foam Oslo mounts user comfort and strain-free relaxation every time.

It effortlessly becomes ideal when your living room chair isn’t just an ordinary chair where you’re gonna sit in a proper manner, keeping your legs firm because this will surely give you back pain and discomfort.

Hence, you need something beyond ergonomic!

This advanced chair is supremely effective for people having lower back pain as you can adjust it according to your preferred manner.

Also, you don’t need to tuck your legs while sitting, you can leave that the way you want and enjoy every gossip! This chair features are

Key features

  • Excellent Lumbar support
  • Elegant design
  • Top grain leather recliner
  • Additional ottoman for resting your feet
  • 360-degree swivels
  • Durable
  • Back-relief guaranteed

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7. Flash Furniture BT-7862-BK-GG Contemporary Black Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

When it comes to spending quality time, the first name pops into my mind is Flash Furniture’s comfortable and classy recliners!

The added ottoman with a super soft interior and evenly wrapped base help you to worry less and enjoy more.

You can rest your feet rather than folding them while sitting. In addition, you can place your laptop or food on the ottoman to enjoy a perfect movie time without bringing any extra cup holders, table or furniture.

Mostly, it’s helpful for proper circulation in your feet.

Now here’s a special feature which is the knob built-in under your right arm. You can adjust it according to your preferable recliner position.

The leather-wrapped base, padded seat, back support, and headrest everything is perfect for relaxation. Gladly, it’s not just a chair for yawing outta peace, it also minimizes back pain & strain.

What about the arms?

Most often our arms and backaches a lot if we spend more than an hour sitting on the chair. That’s why flash furniture provides plush upholstered arms to minimize discomfort.

Also, the adjustable swivels help you to move side to side and ensure single hand access to anything near you.

So, it’s time to recreate your home ambiance with royal home décor and enjoy every moment without any strain!

  • 360-degree adjustable swivels
  • CA 117 fire retardant padding
  • Top Grain Leather recliner material
  • Smart design
  • Versatility with 4-5 different color options
  • Weighs 38 pounds only
  • Enough durable

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8. Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Recliner, 38.0″ L X 39.5″ W X 43.0″ H, Black

Pulaski means smart and advancement. Why did I say that? Well, do you know that this recliner has two USB changing plugs under your arm storage?

Awesome! Isn’t it?

Imagine you are lying down idly and enjoying a thrilling movie. Meantime, your laptop’s battery dies. What will you do?

You surely don’t want to leave your sit and keep your laptop in charging right? Voila! From now on you can charge your laptop, phone, and tablets just through a push of a button.

Now if I preach about comfort then this one is bound to steal your heart as it can be adjusted in diverse angles just by a click on the button and you can also lay down to get a premium movie theatre vibe!

Moreover, the swivel tray lets you place your favorite snacks and drinks. Chilling after work becomes more aesthetic when you can rest your entire body in a comfortable state.

With 80% polyester & 20% polyurethane Pulaski ensures user comfort and strain-free experience every time.

38.0″ in length, 39.5″ in width and 43.0″ in height makes it ideal for youngsters and grown-ups! The seat dimension is also convenient for all.

  • Premium Faux leather cover
  • Adjustable swivels
  • USB Plugs for charging
  • Hidden storage and cup holder
  • Elegant design
  • Ideal for people with lower back pain
  • Durable
  • Diverse color options
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Check Price On Amazon

9. Relaxzen Leisure Recliner Chair with 8-Motor Massage & Heat, Black

If you are expecting a comfortable massage chair recliner with affordable price and maximum durability then this one will be your mood warmer!

This chair provides different levels of intensity. You’re gonna get parlor and spa-like massage at home without paying bills. Anyways, it comes with an ottoman and along with that, the whole recliner will take proper 30 minutes to assemble.

I know you are thinking about why it takes that much time. Right?

Well, this one isn’t just for sitting or laying down. It has 9 pre-programmed massage zones along with intensity control. Meaning you can control your massage type, massaging zones, time and levels.

Like if you have lower back pain then you need to set the massage option into back massage mode and also gotta set the levels of intensity.

When you visualize ‘massage’ you expect vibration right? Well, it has a vibration mode. In fact, this one is all about vibration which feels like a massage actually.

To be brutally honest I would say this one doesn’t render something like massage accurately but with the vibration, you’re gonna feel like it.

Another perk of these recliners is it swivels very easily, exactly the way want.

For instance, if you want to watch your favorite show you don’t need to carry your neck straight. You just need to adjust it in the most convenient manner that directs your face straight to the Tv set or home theater.

In addition, you are getting quality upholstery look along with leather materials attractive price.

  • 8 vibration massage motors
  • 5 intensity level
  • Premium material, Durable & easy to use
  • Weighs only 50 pounds which makes it supremely portable
  • Comes with two color varieties- black and brown
  • Added ottoman for a complete footrest
  • Ideal for adults having severe strains
  • 9 pre-programmed independent modes
  • Swivels easily
  • Reasonable price

Check Price On Amazon

10. Esright Massage Recliner Chair Heated PU Leather Ergonomic Lounge 360 Degree Swivel (Espresso)

Esright has crafted not only a chair that reclines with a 360-degree angle but also works as a massage chair.

This one provides heating, rocking and parlor-like massage every time. However, it comes with two cup holders where you can put your coffee-mug or teacup easily. Also, you are gonna get four pockets where you can store your magazines, newspaper, and books.

Hence without any added ottoman or table, you can still enjoy your lazy time!

Here it uses PU leather which remains gentle on your skin and also the leather quality is up to the mark. I mean the consumers seem very overwhelmed by the materials.

In addition, it has stuffed extra padded cushions for the fragile areas like your head, arms, and feet.

Anyways if you are worried about the odd-looking electric wires that come with a massage recliner then, rejoice!

Because this recliner has structured the wires inside so that it can look more like a chair, not a machine.

It comes with a power-control remote which allows you to customize your preferred intensity level and massage modes such as heating, lumbar support, lumbar massage, back massage, thigh massage, leg massage, etc.

This one has 5 colors and type varieties- white espresso, black espresso, coffee, cream, grey and grey rockers.

  • 360-degree swivels and 140-degree recline settings
  • 5 control modes
  • 2 intensity level
  • Premium PU leather
  • Arrives with remote controller and a power cord
  • Ample pockets for storing cups and magazines
  • Comfortable padded armrests
  • Internal pull handle for the reclining handle
  • Specifically crafted heat massage for lumbar support
  • 8 massage options with vibration
  • Affordable

Check Price On Amazon

So these are the top 10 best home chair for lower back pain! I hope you will find the ideal one as per your requirement.

Before jumping into the conclusion make sure you are getting the right chair or not. Meaning, if you are purchasing it for your grandma or someone who has severe joint and lower back pain then I would suggest the massage recliners that swivels easily.

In the flip hand if you are an adult and expecting a decent looking chair for your lazy Sundays then recliner with added ottoman and extra padded cushions will cut the chase.

Good luck!

The Best High End Ergonomic Chairs for Bad Backs

An ergonomic office chair is a tool that once used properly, can help maximizing back support and maintain good posture while sitting. An ergonomic chair is different from a normal one in that it emphasizes greatly on the health of it’s owners and the increase of their comfort levels, with that their designs are inherently more sophisticated than that of normal ones, including many padded supports as well as individual adjustments for height, depth and angles. It’s a given that they are also more expensive than normal task chairs.

High end ergonomic chairs though, are on another tier. People are more and more aware that sitting too much leads to bad posture and that in turns lead to bad backs, and they are becoming willing to pay more in order to own a good ergonomic chair. According to my personal experience, that is not enough. In such a diluted market flooded with normal task chairs plus maybe a pad, foam support or two that can call themselves ergonomic, customers usually have no specific way to determine what’s really the right choice for them. In that market, less is not always more, in fact it’s quite the opposite, as the competition keeps on increasing. So the key here actually lies in another ideal/saying: “Pay more, get more.”

I’m not saying cheaper ergonomic chairs are not good. After all, I do own a lot of relatively cheap ones so saying that would be detrimental to my point. I’m saying that in order to discover a good ergonomic chair that is cheap, one needs to really test out a bunch or research a whole, whole lot. In the ergonomic chairs market, the one standing at the top are usually mid to high end products, not the cheap ones that will sell more in quantity just because they are cheap. This is the case because ergonomic chairs place great emphasis on production quality than normal chairs, so high end ones are most likely of the best quality and worth the price tags. Not only are they built to last longer, they are also ones that indulge in having more intelligent designs, as well as greater functional adjustability.

It’s the decades old story really. People are afraid to spend money due to the expectation of values being lower than the products’ worth, and that’s totally fair. Same applies with high end ergonomic chairs, they aren’t always the right choices, although more often than not. In this article I’ve taken the liberty to do the research in your stead and these are the reviews of what I consider the best high end ergonomic chairs for bad backs.

1. Steelcase Gesture

  • Synchronized cushioned and fabric-covered seat and back to provide continue and persistent support
  • Adjustable arms to support any position
  • Seat offers a flexible perimeter to allow users to sit in a wide range of positions
  • Core equalizer provides flexible lumbar support that follows you in any position
  • Weight tested and warranted up to 400lbs
  • Attractive design, great ergonomics
  • Easy to use
  • Built to last, high stability
  • Synchronized back and seat can be annoying for some users
  • Hard seat lacks extra padding / seat lacks adjustability overall

2. Herman Miller Embody Chair

  • Flexible seat and back, responds to the body’s movements and prevent heat buildup
  • Black outer layer is Balance made of natural polyester textile
  • Back support starts at the base of the spine with integrated sacral support
  • Patented Backfit adjustment allows the backrest to be fine-tuned to align with the spine’s natural curve
  • Adjustable tilts, seat depth, arms
  • Graphite base and frame
  • Encourage sitting in a corrected posture as well as improving productivity
  • Built to last, high production quality
  • Attractive modern design
  • Extreme focus on posture can be off putting at first
  • Can take some time getting used to
  • Lower back of the chair not adjustable enough due to focus on posture
  • Can be a bit small for larger frame people
  • Seating lacks padding
  • Unstable arm rests after high usage

3. Steelcase Think Chair

  • Intuitive, flexible seat and back
  • Integrated Live Back system, linked flexors and dual-energy lumbar support
  • Platinum frame and base
  • Elegant minimalistic design
  • Adjustable height, back tension, lumbar support, armrests allows great comfortability
  • Weight-activated mechanism that recognizes your weight and adjusts itself accordingly
  • Comfort dial allows you to select one of four positions to adjust the amount of back tension and recline
  • Relatively fewer parts for easy recycling and cleaning
  • Padded seat allowing great support yet not smooth enough to let users slump down into it
  • Sturdy mesh back for heat release
  • Relatively decent price for quality offered
  • Very light
  • No special weaknesses

4. Ergohuman High Back Swivel Chair

  • Back angle adjustment with 3 position tilt-lock adjusts
  • Pneumatic cylinder raises and lowers chair quickly
  • Contoured, height adjustable lumbar support provides long-term support
  • Synchro-tilt mechanism and seat depth adjustment
  • Instant comfort due to high flexibility
  • Highly adjustable in angles, depth and tilt offering various settings
  • Soft yet sturdy mesh back, offering great support
  • Assembly can take some time
  • Wobbly arms after high usage
  • Can be a bit small for larger frame people
  • Weight support is relatively weak
  • Design can be off putting

5. Steelcase Amia Task Chair

  • Flexors system for the back offering continuous lower back support
  • Seat contours accordingly, with flexible seat edge relieving pressure on the back of the legs
  • 4-way adjustable arms move side to side, up and down, back and forth and pivot
  • Weight support up to 300lbs
  • Attractive design
  • Relatively poor production quality
  • Lower back support can bend too deep and not fixed enough to offer support

6. Herman Miller Classic Aeron Task Chair

  • High tech mesh fabric seat and back
  • Comes in different sizes – suitable for many frames
  • Highly adjustable modes in arms, lumbar support, tilt limiter, seat angle adjustments
  • Great production quality, built to last
  • Collects dust
  • Is not too ergonomically focused
  • Poorer lumbar support relatively

I personally like Herman Miller products and own one of their chairs, so I’d recommend their high end chairs as well. What’s great about them is the great warranty deals that last up to 12 years, especially needed when you make high purchases. Although chairs like the Steelcase Think or Ergohuman is also worth a check depending on your liking.

Remember, the thing with these chairs is that it’s basically an up-front investment, which means that you take a risk no matter what. But a good high end chair, not necessarily a great one, is worth whatever the money you throw at it (preferably not exceeding $2000, though) especially for their great production quality and the benefits they give for your health.

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