Celebrities who smoke cigarettes

18 Celebrities You Didn’t Know Smoked Cigarettes

Finding out your favourite celeb smokes can be a serious shock to the system. Normally, we see them half-naked in music videos or on the red carpet with gleaming white teeth so smoking is the last thing we’d expect. However, lots of your favourite actors and musicians enjoy a sneaky smoke or two.

We’ve scoured the internet to unveil all the Hollywood celebs who actually smoke.

1. Lady Gaga

Gaga is an avid smoker and at one stage smoked up to 20 joints a day.

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2. Emily Blunt

This one may surprise you, but Emily is a heavy smoker and is regularly seen having a puff.


3. Zayn Malik


4. Michael Fassbender


5. Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is known to smoke in films and all the time in real life.


6. Robert Pattinson


7. Elijah Wood


8. Kirsten Dunst

Twitter/ @EdgeSmoke3yewic

9. Daniel Radcliffe


10. Katherine Heigl

Although she’s swapped to e-cigarettes, Katherine smokes a lot, just give it a Google and you’ll be shocked with all the photos.


11. Jude Law

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12. Cheryl Cole

Cheryl has admitted to smoking in the past and frequently had smoke breaks with her boss Simon Cowell.

13. Adele

Adele has been smoking since she was a teenager, but recently quit as she said it was making her vocals worse.


14. Rihanna

Rihanna is awfully fond of the herb superb, but she also smoked quite a lot, just check out her Instagram.


15. Chris Brown

Chris can be spotted with a cigarette pretty much everywhere he goes.


16. Katy Perry


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MANY stars have made empires out of healthy living through diet and exercise, and regularly show off their toned figures.

But it may surprise you to know that many well-known stars enjoy a smoke. Here’s who is a fan of lighting up…

10 Prince Harry used to smoke, but is said to have given up thanks to Meghan MarkleCredit: Rex Features

Which celebrities smoke?

Kate Winslet

The Titanic actress, who rolls her own cigarettes, picked up the habit on the set of Sense and Sensibility when she was 19.

Speaking to Vanity Fair in 2008, the star said: “I don’t smoke around my kids.

“Like that makes it any better that I smoke at all, because obviously it doesn’t. But I don’t smoke in the house.

“I mean, I had a cigarette this morning, which is because I hadn’t been. Coffee and a cigarette: bingo!”

10 Kate Winslet was pictured having a cig while shopping with baby Mia in Santa MonicaCredit: Rex Features

Liam Payne

Liam previously told how he’s quit smoking after becoming a dad to baby Bear.

He told Kiss FM: “I stopped smoking, that’s the best thing ever. Honestly, anyone out there who’s trying to stop smoking, just do it, honestly.

“I just did cold turkey, I knew my son was coming, and I was like, I’m not gonna be smoking with my son, that’s not right

“My life’s not my own any more now, it’s not mine to decide, so smoking had to go.”

However, the pop star was spotted puffing away a few months later, admitting that “everyone has their vices”.

10 Liam Payne quit smoking after son Bear was born, but has picked up the habit againCredit: SPLASH/BACKGRID

Zayn Malik

Another former 1D-er, Zayn Malik, is also a fan of lighting up.

The pop star has been spotted puffing away on numerous occasions throughout his career, and even has a tattoo on his hand of a woman’s lips with smoke curling out.

He regularly posts smoking selfies to Instagram, prompting fans to beg him to quit.

As news of Zayn and Gigi Hadid’s relationship breaking down was made public in March, the 25-year-old was spied having a smoke while soaking up the sun.

10 Zayn regularly posts smoking selfies onlineCredit: Refer to Caption

Gwyneth Paltrow

She famously enjoys a healthy lifestyle and dedicated workout regime, but it seems even Gwynnie has a vice.

The mum-of-two, who recently wrote a healthy eating cookbook, admits she allows herself one cigarette per week.

Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar about her guilty pleasures in April, she said: “My one light American Spirit that I smoke once a week, on Saturday night.”

In December 2017, we revealed she took lessons on how to smoke dope using a vaping device.

The clean-living actress enlisted the help of celebrity cannabis guru Maya Cooper in California, where the drug is legal.

10 Gwyneth Paltrow has one cigarette per weekCredit: All Action/EMPICS

Holly Willoughby

Holly smoke – she’s at it too!

The This Morning presenter was snapped taking a drag at a sun-kissed V Festival in 2009.

The mum-of-three was also pictured lighting up with Made in Chelsea star Francis Boulle.

10 Miley Cyrus has been pictured in the past enjoying a dragCredit: Rex Features

Miley Cyrus

There have been numerous shots of Wrecking Ball star Miley Cyrus walking around with cigarettes.

Miley Cyrus revealed she has ditched drugs and plumped for clean living after suffering a harrowing nightmare in which she witnessed herself DIE live on TV.

Whether or not the odd cigarette is allowed is another question.

Jessica Alba

She may be a clean-cut star, but this mum-of-three is frequently spotted enjoying the filthy habit.

The Sin City actress reportedly turned to fags to ditch her pregnancy weight after giving birth to daughter Haven in 2011.

A source close to the star said: “She’s been chain smoking lately to keep her appetite at bay.

“Jessica struggled with an eating disorder in her teens and when she’s under pressure to look good for a part, she can slip back into extreme behaviour.”

10 Mel B takes a smoke break at the Superior Court in Down Town Los AngelesCredit: Splash News

Mel B

Spice Girl Mel B has been captured smoking many times, but that hasn’t got in the way of her releasing several fitness DVDs.

She even has a fitness game for PlayStation which includes meal plans and exercises.

Mel also has a three-disc fitness DVD series that she released in 2008.

Keira Knightley

She’s been known for having a smouldering cigarette between her lips on set — but who knew the stunning actress was partial to a puff off-screen too?

The English rose has been caught puffing on an unsightly brown cigar as she strolled the streets with a guitar slung across her shoulder.

It looks like she’s taken a leaf out of rock star hubbie James Righton’s book.

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Which celebrities have quit smoking?

Prince Harry

Prince Harry has allegedly kicked the habit since getting engaged to Meghan Markle.

He wasn’t a frequent smoker but was occasionally pictured lighting up, including one time outside a pub in Chelsea on his 31st birthday.

However he is said to be stopping ahead of the royal wedding in May.

10 Prince Harry pictured smoking during a trip to Cape Town back in 2008Credit: Rex Features

A source told the New York Daily News: “It’s no secret among friends that they want to start a family immediately.

“One of the reasons she got him to quit smoking is because smoking affects sperm production.”

Jennifer Aniston

10 Jennifer Aniston previously smoked, but has now kicked the habitCredit: Rex Features

Jen was pictured with ex-husband Brad Pitt on her arm and a fag in hand – but neither stood the test of time.

The Friends actress finally quit the habit in 2011, after pledging to “eventually quit smoking” in 2002 – but she claimed it made her gain weight.

Speaking to Hello magazine in 2011, she said: “It’s just I quit smoking, so I’ve gained a couple of pounds”.

As for Brad, the pair divorced in 2005 after five years of marriage.

Alexa Chung

10 Alexa Chung used to smoke but has now put down the cigsCredit: Getty – Contributor

Fashion guru Alexa Chung was regularly spotted having a drag on a cigarette.

However it seems she has now kicked the habit and confirmed as much on Twitter.

She wrote a tweet in May 2016 that said: “I miss cigarettes. They were great. They were also terrible. But they were great.”

Other stars who have quit smoking include:

  • Barack Obama
  • Paul Rudd
  • Gisele Bundchen
  • Matt Damon
  • Charlize Theron

Natalie Portman jokes she smoked weed during childbirth in S​aturday ​N​ight ​L​ive​ rap spoof

Tim Allen, who became a household name with his role on “Home Improvement” and films like “Toy Story” and “The Santa Clause,” has been a leading man in Hollywood for years. Allen is also known for his stand-up comedy acts.

And most recently, Allen’s show “Last Man Standing” was a bit hit for ABC before it was surprisingly canceled by the network.

Many fans know that Allen had a dark past, which included a two-year stint in jail for drug trafficking and various addiction issues. Allen has also long been an outspoken conservative, setting himself apart in liberal Hollywood.

Still, there’s a lot you may not know about the A-list star. Here are some surprising facts about Tim:

1. Tim is a cat guy

Actors Tim Allen and Jane Hajduk pose for photographers at the 2017 Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in Los Angeles, California, U.S., February 26, 2017. REUTERS/Brian Snyder – RTS10HVI (Reuters)

His beloved cat, Joe, became a member of his family when his daughter brought the animal home from a movie set.

Allen told Ellen Degeneres that Joe is no small kitty. He joked that his cat looks like a “water animal.”

2. Allen is a man of faith

Actor Tim Allen and his wife Jane Hajduk arrive at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Beverly Hills, California February 28, 2016. REUTERS/Danny Moloshok – RTS8IGS (Reuters)

Allen’s father died when he was 11 and he had a rough young adulthood. The star spiraled out of control and went to jail in the ‘70s. He was also arrested for DUI in 1997.

Tim took control of his life, got clean and sober, and he told ABC in a 2011 interview he now takes time to he think about God’s wishes for him.

“I always ask, whoever put me here— ‘the builder’— ‘what did you want me to do?’”

Allen said he doesn’t advertise his religious beliefs but those close to him know how he feels about faith. He added to ABC, “I just want a relationship with whoever built me. This is too much — too weird that it happened by accident. It didn’t happen by accident. I don’t feel it did.”

3. He has a car collection, but not just any car collection…

Actress Jane Hajduk and actor Tim Allen attend MOCA’s 35th Anniversary Gala presented by Louis Vuitton at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA in Los Angeles March 29, 2014. REUTERS/Jonathan Alcorn (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT FASHION) – RTR3J5NR (Reuters)

He told GQ in 2013 he has “more cars than necessary” in his “eclectic car collection.” The 63-year-old’s collection includes a1965 Shelby Cobra S/C, a 1933 Ford Roadster, and much more

“I like authentic American motors,” he told GQ. “I actually own the actual cars that I had in my collection as a kid.”

4. He didn’t see ‘Last Man Standing’ cancellation coming either

Cast members Tim Allen and Nancy Travis attend the ABC session for “Last Man Standing” during the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Cable Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California August 8, 2011. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) – RTR2PQDA (Reuters)

Like many fans, Allen was surprised to find out his hit ABC show was shut down. He tweeted on May 16, 2017 that he was “stunned” and blindsided” by the decision to end the show. The show was canceled on May 12, and it took Tim several days to gather his thoughts and respond.

He eventually tweeted, “Stunned and blindsided by the network I called home for the last six years.”

5. Tim was pals with Steve Jobs

Television comedian Tim Allen stands on the pitchers mound with the ceremonial pitch ball before the start of the Detroit Tigers’ MLB American League baseball season home opener against the Cleveland Indians in Detroit, Michigan April 9, 2010. REUTERS/Rebecca Cook (UNITED STATES – Tags: SPORT BASEBALL) – RTR2CMKU (Reuters)

It turns out, Tim Allen and Apple creator Steve Jobs had pretty close connection.

“It was a friendship based on mutual interests in technology, in life, and religion,” Allen explained to Ellen DeGeneres in a 2011 interview. “We would text back and forth and email back and forth, and he used to take my calls until I started going ‘You know that font, the Apple font—I think it should be a little more sans-serif.’”

6. Tim bought an RV

Actor Tim Allen arrives at the 46th Country Music Association Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, November 1, 2012. REUTERS/Eric Henderson (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) – RTR39VWA (Reuters)

For his wife Jane Hajduk’s birthday, Allen agreed to take her on a RV trip. To do so, he bought a customized the RV for his wife, but he joked with Jimmy Kimmel that the purchase came with some unwanted responsibilities.

He quipped, it was “basically taking care of your family’s sewer.”

7. Tim has A LOT of siblings

Tim is one of nine children.

Cast member Tim Allen answers a question during the ABC session for “Last Man Standing” during the 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Cable Press Tour in Beverly Hills, California August 8, 2011. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES – Tags: ENTERTAINMENT) – RTR2PQD6 (Reuters)

He told “The View” his mom always managed to keep an eye on all her kids.

“’Don’t aim so high.’ That was her advice for me… She just didn’t want us to be disappointed. ‘Life can be hard on you’… ‘Hope for the best, expect the worst.’”

8. His ‘Home Improvement’ wife thinks he’s underappreciated

Patricia Richardson praised her former co-star and on screen hubby on “Hollywood Today Live” during a 2016 chat.

“I just found him very funny. Also, I think he is underrated as an actor. He was very new to acting when I came in. He was such a good listener, and as soon as we started acting together, he was so vulnerable, and I don’t think people really realize how rare it is to find a stand-up comedian who can really listen and react.”


Tim Allen gets candid about politics and Trump: ‘I’m kind of an anarchist’

Tim Allen has a message for anybody on the fence about watching the revival of the conservative comedian’s sitcom Last Man Standing this fall: “Who cares what I think?!” the actor-comedian declares.

Fox rescued Allen’s family comedy after ABC axed the show last year, and it’s landed in a post-Roseanne discussion over the actor’s politics at a time when Trump-supporting entertainers are considered divisive (Allen famously compared being a Republican in Hollywood to 1930s Germany). The actor says he’d prefer viewers just focus on his show, which chronicles the life of Republican-ish fishing store owner Mike Baxter, his wife (Nancy Travis), and their three kids. And at a press junket earlier this month the actor carefully dodged any questions that touched on his political views, preferring to note his character was a centrist and that his stand-up comedy mocks both sides.

EW spoke to Allen to get some scoop on the resurrection of Last Man Standing — and got him to open up (a little) about his political beliefs (his tax return menu idea is definitely a good one).

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: How would you describe the show to somebody has never seen it?
TIM ALLEN: There are a few shows I always liked. I loved Mary Tyler Moore. I loved The Bob Newhart Show. I loved All in the Family. I currently like Mom. What we do — this format of live multi-camera sitcoms— is very organic to the idea of a TV network. We aim to give the best we can. We have top-of-their-game writers who write a very emotional piece and to lay comedy on top of it. I’ve been a comedian doing stand-up for 34 years, the purpose is to just make you laugh at the theater human condition.

My character is like Archie Bunker with a college education. He’s a little bit gruff, but he’s also raised three girls. It’s a funny sitcom that’s constantly surprising. It’s not a political show. I encourage the people who say I’m some closeted Hollywood conservative to forget about Tim Allen and what his politics are.

So what’s it like getting back in front of the camera on your same-yet-different show?
I have no explanation for how odd it is that it’s not odd. Everything’s right up and running. When we left we had about six that were so good, and that’s what kept me going through this huge hiatus— we just had so much more show. The first audience was a lot of the people who had written in . There were a half million people who kept letters going to 20th Century Fox, Disney and to ABC, so it was a very exciting show. about the political climate. Next week it’s about the empty nest. store sells guns, that’s a touchy issue, so we’ll also have to deal with that. So it’s going to be one great theme each week seen through the eyes of a very tolerant integrated family.

Has there been anything different about working for Fox vs. ABC?
Just manufactured differences. They don’t show up on the same dates. Their notes session is the same as it was. We’re just missing some of our buddies at ABC.

You were very disappointed when ABC canceled the show. Do you feel a certain amount of drive to turn this show into a hit given ABC’s cancelation? Like: Let’s show ‘em?
I’m an ABC guy from way back with Home Improvement. That’s like my family. I want ABC to do well. I love everybody at ABC. I was shocked when we got canned when we did because we weren’t finished — that’s where my frustration came from. I want this to be a success because Fox took a shot on us, and the Fox network is a smaller and more aggressive group than ABC and Disney. Of course, Fox is now owned by Disney and ABC. It’s kind of a crazy world, what happened there…

Is it weird to have a different actor suddenly playing your daughter?
We spent six years with the previous actor and we love her. is with dignity and grace, and developing a wonderful new character. What she’s doing is difficult but she’s doing a great job.

What’s interesting about the show’s reputation is Mike Baxter is considered to have this blue-collar appeal yet he’s also totally wealthy, right?
“Blue collar” is people who do a lot of stuff with their hands — to me that’s what “blue collar” is. Much to be honored and so misunderstood. You flush a toilet and don’t even think about how cool that is, how that works. Outdoor people seem like they’re not environmentalists but they’re actually the most environmental — they want the outdoors to stay exactly the same so they can go and hunt things. It’s practical. worked his way up, went to college and worked at a small fishing store, and by sweat and equity built it up through 11 stores. So yes, I would guess , but we never really deal with how wealthy this guy is. And he never forgot where he came from.

Despite a lot of assumptions about you online, you haven’t, from what I’ve read, actually ever endorsed Trump. You actually endorsed Kasich right?
Yeah, I endorsed Kasich. Politically I’m kind of an anarchist if you see my stand-up. I’m for responsible government that actually does what we pay them to do. I’ve worked different jobs and I’ve had a colorful past and I pay a lot in taxes. I wish we got more for our money. Whatever political party is for more responsible use of our money — that’s all I meant. In Los Angeles, I’m concerned about the 26,000 homeless people and I do the best I can. I’m concerned about keeping my roads and stuff clean in North Hollywood. Generally, the government is no help and people have to do that themselves. Kasich said that in a speech — that the government can’t do stuff that you won’t do yourself. Jump in! Do whatever it takes to get people engaged — not putting on a hoodie and screaming in the streets — but actually figure out how to help North Hollywood or Encino or wherever you live to get better. My political party is that I’ve never liked taxes, period, so whatever that means … I don’t like paying people who never seem to do what I would do with my money. I always thought it would be funny if I had a little menu on my tax returns where I could tell them where my money would go

If that menu was there, I imagine education would do a lot better and the defense industry would do a lot worse.
That’s what I mean. I’d like to pay teachers more! Fix that school up, and get a trade school near that school. I love the military. I don’t think we need two more attack submarines — for instance, I’m not saying that, but if you look at the , I love our soldiers, they need a raise. “Walk softly with a big stick,” I like that. But some of that other stuff? I dunno…

But you’re assumed to be a Trump supporter, and you did attend his inauguration. So I guess what I’m wondering is … it’s been a year and a half, after all we’ve seen, as a self-described “fiscal conservative’ in Hollywood whose TV show dabbles in political humor: Are you a Trump fan, at this point, or not?
You know … it’s a very loaded question. I’ve met at the charity event years ago, and that certainly doesn’t fit with the man who tweets. I’ve met a lot of people in private whose public persona is a bit off. My perception is “let’s see what he gets done.” Let’s stop banging on the pilot’s door and trying to pull the guy out of his seat while he’s still flying. You might not like how he’s flying the plane but let’s let him land it. Do I like him or agree with him? … I don’t know. Somebody got this NAFTA thing done. How did that happen? It’s like a slight of hand with this dude. There’s this smoke and smelly food but over here he just fixed a pothole. The theater of this is fascinating. He doesn’t do it very attractively but you don’t even realize the economy is doing better. Is it? There’s so much drama. Maybe it took this type of guy to get stuff done because it was so stuck in the mud. I’m just watching the theater of it and trying to keep my personal opinions out of it. What difference does it make whether I like him?

I’d just want to say again: It’s not a political show. We talk about politics because everybody does. If you want to see me talk politics, come see me at The Mirage in Las Vegas, or any of the concerts that I do throughout the country. My politics are really irrelevant. What I do in my family, what I do in my neighborhood, that may be more of an indication of what I believe. But I wouldn’t want who say, “I can’t stand Trump so I can’t watch this show.” Try to table that. It’s a sitcom that’s really clever where we work hard to make you laugh your ass off.

On a totally different front: What can you tell us about Toy Story 4? How is it different from the others?
If it’s anything near the first read through, it is great. Somehow they were able to advance this wonderful story that could have easily ended with No. 3 being the best of the bunch. It’s emotional and funny and exciting and different and took it to a whole new level. It walks the line between comfort — you know what’s going on — and discomfort — wondering what’s gonna happen. It’s terrifically emotional.

Previous: First photo of Last Man Standing’s new season 7 cast.

Last Man Standing season 7 premieres on Fox on Sept. 28.


Tim Allen addressed the elephant in the room during the Television Critics Association press tour Thursday, revealing whether or not his “Last Man Standing” character does, in fact, support President Donald Trump. And his answer is kinda a yes and kinda . no, and was informed by “Breaking Bad” star Bryan Cranston’s opinions on POTUS.

“Calm down, it’s a legitimate question,” the lead said to his co-stars and the show’s creators, when a reporter posed the query to the new Fox (former ABC) sitcom’s panel.

“I think the guy is kind of a centrist,” Allen said of Mike Baxter. “I think the best line I heard was actually from Cranston from ‘Breaking Bad,’ whatever discipline he is. The dude is flying the plane right now, there is really no reason to get him out of the pilot seat until we land. So this guy is a practical guy, I think. He owns a big business and as a help to his business he’s probably pro-Trump. He probably doesn’t defend him. I don’t know that it’s going to be, I think he’s going to be more of a centrist. Whatever’s good for his business and is good for the state of Colorado any policies he does, he’s going to go with.”

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“I don’t think we’re going to comment specifically on Trump,” showrunner Kevin Abbott added, of the comedy’s upcoming first season on its new network/

“Oh, yes we will,” Allen said. “He wants us to!”

“I think we’re not going to comment specifically on Trump,” Abbott clarified. “I think that Mike Baxter is a conservative Republican. He holds those ideals. but the character himself I don’t think we’re going to address it one way or the other.”

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When asked if he felt his own personal political beliefs may have had an affect on ABC’s decision to cancel “Last Man Standing,” (a move that happened pre-“Roseanne” reboot, and pre-“Roseanne” reboot cancellation) Allen said he didn’t think it was a politically-motivated move.

“I’ve said before, I’m not the character I play,” Allen said. “You want to know what I really believe, come see me at The Mirage in Las Vegas. You’ll be a little startled with what the comedian… who I am. The character I play, you know, Keanu Reeves didn’t murder 120 people in ‘John Wick.’ He’s not actually a killer. He may in fact be. I don’t know him personally,” he joked.

“What’s interesting to me, is that I like personally pissing people off,” Allen said, a statement about himself his fellow panelists emphatically confirmed to be true.

Also Read: Tim Allen Says Roseanne Barr ‘Was the Most Diverse and Tolerant Woman I’ve Ever Known’

“But I don’t think ABC — I’ve worked for ABC for years,” Allen continued. “I know these people, and if it was a political motivation to move that show, they certainly wouldn’t be dim enough to admit it or ever show that side of themselves. I don’t really believe that was — I think it was a financial decision on ABC’s part. I think it was too early… and we’re here because of it.”

ABC canceled Allen’s “Last Man Standing” in May 2017. A year later, Fox revived the Friday night sitcom. In June, ABC ordered a Barr-less version of “Roseanne,” which it is calling “The Conners.” That spinoff (of sorts) will debut this fall in the old “Roseanne” time slot, Tuesdays at 8/7c.

You can read what Allen had to say about ABC firing Roseanne Barr and cancelling “Roseanne” over her bad Twitter behavior here.

‘One Day at a Time’ and 20 Other TV Shows That Found New Homes After Cancellation (Photos)

  • One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. OK, no show wants to be called “trash,” but if it means you’re getting picked up by another network or platform after cancellation at your original home, you probably won’t mind it too much. And as “One Day at a Time” was picked up for a fourth season by Pop TV last week after being canceled by Netflix in March, TheWrap thought now was the perfect time to look back at all the shows that have made a comeback on a new platform. Click through our gallery to see some of the most famous cases.

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  • “One Day at a Time” — Ran for three seasons on Netflix from 2017 to 2019 before being canceled in March, then picked up by Pop TV for a fourth season last week.

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  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” — Ran from 2013 to 2018 on Fox and was picked up for a sixth season by NBC one day after being canceled by its original network. Season 6 premiered in January and NBC renewed the series for a seventh in February.


  • “Designated Survivor” — Ran for two seasons from 2016 to 2018 on ABC. The series was picked up for a third by Netflix last September, four months after its cancellation at ABC. Season 3 launched on the streaming service in June.


  • “Lucifer” — Ran for three seasons on Fox, from 2015 to 2018, and was picked up by Netflix for a fourth season last June. Season 4 launched on the streaming service in May, and the series was renewed for a fifth and final season last month.


  • “Nashville” — Ran from 2012 to 2016 on ABC, then picked up by CMT from 2016 to 2018, where it wrapped with its sixth and final season last year.


  • “Cougar Town” — Ran on ABC from 2009 to 2012, then on TBS from 2013 to 2015.


  • “Arrested Development” — The comedy aired on Fox from 2003 to 2006 and then moved to Netflix in 2013 for a fourth season. The show was renewed for Season 5, which premiered last May.


  • “The Expanse” — Ran from 2015 to 2018 on Syfy and was picked up by Amazon for a fourth season last May after cancellation by the NBCUniversal cable network. No premiere date has been set for Season 4 yet.


  • “Futurama” — Ran on Fox from 1999 to 2003, then moved to Comedy Central from 2008 to 2013.


  • “Gilmore Girls” — Ran from 2000 to 2007 on The WB, which became The CW in the show’s final season. It was revived by Netflix in 2016 for a special four-episode installment.

    Warner Bros

  • “Community” — Ran on NBC from 2009 to 2014 and aired its sixth and final season on Yahoo! Screen in 2015. Still no word on a movie.


  • “Scrubs” — Ran on NBC from 2001 to 2008, then moved to ABC for one more season in 2009.


  • “The Mindy Project” — Ran on Fox from 2012 to 2015, then moved to Hulu from 2015 to 2017.


  • “Diff’rent Strokes” — Ran on NBC 1978 to 1985, then moved to ABC from 1985 to 1986.


  • “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” — Ran from 1997 to 2001 on The WB, moving to UPN for its final two seasons, which aired from 2001 to 2003.

    20th Century Fox

  • “Roswell” — Ran on the WB from 1999 to 2001, then moved to UPN from 2001 to 2002.

    20th Century Fox

  • “Veronica Mars” — Ran on UPN from 2004 to 2006, then moved to The CW for a final season from 2006 to 2007. And now its eight-episode Hulu revival is set to launch on July 26.

    Warner Bros

  • “Stargate SG-1” — Ran on Showtime from 1997 to 2002, then moved to Sci Fi (now Syfy) from 2002 to 2007.


  • “Project Runway” — Ran on Bravo from 2004 to 2008, then on Lifetime from 2009 to 2018, and came back to Bravo in 2019 for a new season with Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn replaced by Karlie Kloss and Christian Siriano.


  • “JAG” — Ran for one season from 1995 to 1996 on NBC, then picked up by CBS from 1997 to 2005.


  • “Last Man Standing” — Ran for six seasons from 2011-2017 on ABC, then picked up by Fox for the 2018-2019 slate. It has since been renewed for Season 8 at Fox.


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As the Alvarez family moves to Pop TV, TheWrap rounds up more crews who have been saved

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. OK, no show wants to be called “trash,” but if it means you’re getting picked up by another network or platform after cancellation at your original home, you probably won’t mind it too much. And as “One Day at a Time” was picked up for a fourth season by Pop TV last week after being canceled by Netflix in March, TheWrap thought now was the perfect time to look back at all the shows that have made a comeback on a new platform. Click through our gallery to see some of the most famous cases.

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This list of celebrities who smoke is loosely ranked by fame and popularity. With all of the negative health issues that go along with smoking cigarettes, it is hard to believe that many celebrities still have the habit. Several famous actors, musicians, and reality stars still smoke cigarettes. There are many stars who smoke that would surprise you, such as Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow.

Who is the most famous person who still smokes? Paris Hilton is one of the celebrities who smoke cigarettes. Hilton is known to be an avid smoker and is regularly photographed with a cigarette in her hand. Her sister, Nicky Hilton, is another of the smoking celebs.

Some famous people who smoke take it really seriously – and are proud of the habit. Oasis musician Noel Gallagher is also a big time smoker. In 2013, he criticized Muse’s drummer for smoking an electronic cigarette saying, “I saw the drummer from Muse smoking an electronic cigarette. A cigarette with a battery in. I had to say to him: ‘Really? Really? Is that where you are at? Do me a favour mate, either have a proper one outside, or don’t have one.’ It lit up green when he had a drag of it. Nonsense.”

Other celebrity smokers include Lady Gaga and Zayn Malik. Emily Blunt and Kristen Stewart are two of the actresses who smoke. It’s not hard to find photos of Emily Blunt smoking – though it is surprising! Leonardo DiCaprio is reportedly one of the A-list actors who smoke. But he’s certainly not the only Hollywood smoker.

Who are the heaviest smokers in Hollywood? Read below to find out more with our celebrity smokers list.

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