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The Costs of Brain Tumor Care

When you are first diagnosed with a spinal cord or brain tumor, paying for treatment may be the last thing on your mind, says Vinnie Basile, of Gypsum, Colo., who was diagnosed with an astrocytoma in 1997 at age 12. An astrocytoma is a brain tumor that affects the astrocytes, cells that are part of the brain’s support tissue.

“Just trying to get through everything was the only thing on my mind,” Basile says.

Brain Tumor: What Treatment Could Cost

Since the costs associated with brain tumor treatments can be astronomical, there is a good chance you or your family may need financial assistance at some point.

“We did a calculation of what it costs for the patient and family to deal with a brain tumor,” says Zeesy Schnur, executive director of the Brain Tumor Foundation. “From the time of diagnosis, through surgery, through rehabilitation, and ultimately, for those with malignant brain tumors, regrettably, hospice care, it probably totals today close to $600,000 to $700,000.”

While your health insurance will cover some of this expense, there are still some out-of-pocket expenses for patients and their families. According to Schnur, besides diagnosis and treatment, other costs related to your spinal cord or brain tumor may include:

  • Travel to and from treatment
  • A driver, if you are no longer able to drive
  • Psychological support
  • Aides to help you at home
  • Rehabilitation
  • Follow-up care
  • Hospice care

Hospice care is often covered by private health insurance. You will need to check your insurance coverage to see what specifics it covers.

Brain Tumor: Financial Resources

“The financial resources are really limited and really tough to come by,” Schnur says. “Some people turn to family,” she notes. Other resources that could provide you with financial assistance include:

  • Government agencies. If you do not have health insurance, you may qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI). Your local Social Security office (800-772-1213) can help you determine if you qualify for these programs.
  • Federal grants. Some hospitals and nursing homes receive federal money to provide care to people who cannot afford it. Contact Hill-Burton Funds (800-638-0742) for a list of participating facilities.
  • Pharmaceutical companies. Most pharmaceutical companies will give you, for free, a three-month supply of medications if you cannot afford to buy them yourself. Your doctor can make the request for you. And if you qualify for the Medicare Prescription Drug Program (212-869-3850), you can get help paying for prescription drugs. Some major discount stores now offer generic drugs at a very low cost.
  • Co-Pay Relief Program. If you have brain cancer and your co-payments are adding up, the Co-Pay Relief Program might be able to provide some assistance.
  • Home service companies. Call your gas, electric, water, and phone companies to see if they will work out a payment plan so that these services won’t be shut off. In many states, these companies are prohibited from turning off these services if your doctor or social worker can attest that they are medically necessary.
  • Cancer Fund of America. If you need medical supplies such as nutritional supplements or incontinence supplies and cannot pay for them, the Cancer Fund of America distributes donated supplies to people in need.
  • Corporate Angel Network. Some organizations, like the Corporate Angel Network, provide free flights on corporate aircrafts when seats are available.
  • Food service organizations. Organizations such as Meals on Wheels (800-677-1116) deliver meals to eligible people who cannot leave their home. A small donation is sometimes required.
  • Non-profit organizations. Many non-profit organizations, including the Brain Tumor Society, CancerCare, and the National Brain Tumor Foundation, provide some funding. At the latter, for example, grants of up to $500 are provided to tumor patients in financial distress. Applications are reviewed monthly. The Brain Tumor Foundation offers additional financial advice.

Finding those organizations that can help get you through this very difficult time might take a little time, but they are out there. And that’s a comfort.

Low Cost Brain Tumor Surgery in India

  • Extent of the surgery needed
    • Patient Factors

    • Patient’s diagnosis
    • Patient’s general health
    • Room Category selected by the patient
    • Other treatment required by the patient in conjunction

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    Planning Affordable Brain Tumor Surgery in India is an easy process.

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    What causes Brain Tumor?

    • No one knows what causes brain tumors; there are only a few known risk factors that have been established by research.
    • Children who receive radiation to the head have a higher risk of developing a brain tumor as adults, as do people who have certain rare genetic conditions such as neurofibromatosis or Li-Fraumeni syndrome.
    • But those cases represent a fraction of the approximately 35,000 new primary brain tumors diagnosed each year.
    • Age is also a risk factor — people over the age of 65 are diagnosed with brain cancer at a rate four times higher than younger people.

    What is Brain Tumor?

    • A primary brain tumor is one that originates in the brain, and not all primary brain tumors are cancerous; benign tumors are not aggressive and normally do not spread to surrounding tissues, although they can be serious and even life threatening.
    • The National Cancer Institute estimates there will be about 23,380 new cases of brain cancer diagnosed in 2014.
    • A tumor is a mass of tissue that’s formed by an accumulation of abnormal cells. Normally, the cells in your body age, die, and are replaced by new cells. With cancer and other tumors, something disrupts this cycle.
    • Tumor cells grow, even though the body does not need them, and unlike normal old cells, they don’t die. As this process goes on, the tumor continues to grow as more and more cells are added to the mass.

    What are the types of Brain Tumor?

    • Primary brain tumors emerge from the various cells that make up the brain and central nervous system and are named for the kind of cell in which they first form. The most common types of adult brain tumors are gliomas and astrocytic tumors. These tumors form from astrocytes and other types of glial cells, which are cells that help keep nerves healthy.
    • The second most common type of adult brain tumors are meningeal tumors. These form in the meninges, the thin layer of tissue that covers the brain and spinal cord.
    • Benign brain tumors are noncancerous. Malignant primary brain tumors are cancers that originate in the brain, typically grow faster than benign tumors, and aggressively invade surrounding tissue. Although brain cancer rarely spreads to other organs, it will spread to other parts of the brain and central nervous system.
    • A brain tumor is a mass or growth of abnormal cells in or close to your brain, which can be noncancerous (benign) or cancerous (malignant). Brain tumors can begin in your brain (primary brain tumors), or cancer can begin in other parts of your body and spread to your brain (secondary, or metastatic, brain tumors).

    What are the commonly found types of Brain Tumor?

    • Malignant glioma cells
    • Gliomas. These tumors begin in the brain or spinal cord. Mayo Clinic experts treat all types of gliomas, including astrocytomas, ependymomas, glioblastomas, oligoastrocytomas and oligodendrogliomas.
    • Metastases. These are malignant tumors that have spread to the brain from cancers elsewhere in the body.
    • Meningiomas. Meningiomas are tumors that arise from the membranes that surround your brain and spinal cord (meninges). Most meningiomas are noncancerous.
    • Illustration showing acoustic neuroma
    • Acoustic neuroma (schwannoma)
    • Acoustic neuromas (schwannomas). These are benign tumors that develops on the balance and hearing nerves leading from your inner ear to your brain.
    • Pituitary adenomas. These are mostly benign tumors that develop in the pituitary gland at the base of the brain. These tumors can affect pituitary hormones with effects throughout the body.
    • Medulloblastomas. These are the most common cancerous brain tumors in children. A medulloblastoma starts in the lower back part of the brain and tends to spread through spinal fluid. These tumors are less common in adults, but they do occur.
    • PNETs. Primitive neuroectodermal tumors (PNETs) are rare, cancerous tumors that start in embryonic (fetal) cells in the brain. They can occur anywhere in the brain.
    • Germ cell tumors. Germ cell tumors may develop during childhood where the testicles or ovaries will form. But sometimes germ cell tumors move to other parts of the body, such as the brain.
    • Craniopharyngiomas. These rare, noncancerous tumors start near the brain’s pituitary gland, which secretes hormones that control many body functions. As the craniopharyngioma slowly grows, it can affect the pituitary gland and other structures near the brain.

    What are the signs and symptoms of Brain Tumor?

    The signs & symptoms of brain tumors vary from person to person depending on the size, location and growth rate of the tumor. Following are some of the signs and symptoms which are normally caused by brain tumors:-

    • Severe and the changing pattern of headaches.
    • Unexplained nausea or vomiting.
    • Feeling of numbness or tingling in the arms or legs.
    • Problems in hearing.
    • Unable to concentrate.
    • Increased sleep.
    • Confusion in daily matters.
    • Changes in behavior or personality.
    • Difficulties in speech.
    • Muscle jerking or twitching.
    • Problems with memory.
    • Difficulty in balancing.
    • Problems in vision.
    • Loss of sensation in arm or leg.
    • Difficulties in speech

    Who are the TOP 20 Surgeons for Brain Tumor Surgery in India?

    • Dr. Bipin Swarn Walia
    • Dr. Paresh Doshi
    • Dr. Sandeep Vaishya
    • Dr. Alok Gupta
    • Dr. Deepu Banerji
    • Dr. Arun Saroha
    • Dr. Abhaya Gupta
    • Dr. Rana Patir
    • Dr. K Sridhar
    • Dr. Prakash Singh
    • Dr. Chadran Gnanamuthu
    • Dr. Yashbir Dewan
    • Dr. VS Mehta
    • Dr Rohan Sinha
    • Dr Amit Shrivastav
    • Dr Matthew Abraham
    • Dr Arun Garg
    • Dr VP Singh
    • Dr Karanjit Singh Narang
    • Dr SN Singh

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    Which are the TOP 15 Hospitals for Brain Tumor Surgery in India in our panel?

    • Fortis Hospital Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore India
    • Artemis Hospital, New Delhi India
    • Global Hospital, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, India
    • Bombay Hospital Mumbai India
    • Saifee Hospital Mumbai India
    • Wockhardt Hospital Mumbai India
    • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgoan, India
    • Jaypee Hospital, New Delhi India
    • Indraprashta Apollo Hospital, New Delhi India
    • Max Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi India
    • Primus Super Specialty Hospital New Delhi India
    • Shalby Hospital, Ahmedabad, India
    • BLK Super Specialty Hospital, New Delhi India
    • Rockland Hospital, New Delhi India
    • Paras Hospitals, New Delhi India

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    What are the treatments available for Brain Tumor?

    Brain tumor treatment option depends on:-

    • Type of tumor.
    • The size of the tumor.
    • Location of the tumor.
    • The growth rate of the tumor.
    • Overall general health of the patient.

    Surgery: – Depending on the location of brain tumor it sometimes becomes easy for the surgeon to remove the tumor as much as possible. In some cases, the tumors are very small in size which is easy to separate from the surrounding brain tissue and makes it easier for the surgeon to remove the tumor completely. Whereas in some cases the tumor cannot be separated from the surrounding tissues as they are located in the much sensitive area of the brain making Brain Tumor Surgery riskier. In such cases, the surgeon removes as much as tumor possible. While performing Brain Tumor Surgery removing even a portion of the brain helps in reducing the signs and symptoms. Outpatient surgery for brain tumors is also available in India depending upon the condition of the patient. Recently in India, awake craniotomy surgery for brain tumors has seen large number of patients coming for the surgery. The best Brain Tumor Surgery doctors in Delhi are world famous for their experience and expertise. The success rate of brain tumor surgery in India is very excellent with good results.

    Chemotherapy: – In chemotherapy medicines are used to destroy the cancer cells. There are only few chemotherapy medicines which work for a brain tumor. Chemotherapy drugs can be given orally in the form of pill or injection. Chemotherapy for Brain Tumor Treatment in Bangalore, India has the largest number of patients coming for the treatment from across the globe. Many patients also prefer to get Chemotherapy after brain tumor surgery in Delhi, India.

    Radiation Therapy: – In radiation therapy, high-energy beams such as protons or x-rays are used to kill the tumor cells. The radiation comes from the machine outside the patient’s body. Radiation can also be placed inside the body close to the brain tumor which happens in very rare cases. External radiation beam focuses on the area of the brain where the tumor is located or it can also be applied to the entire brain which is also referred as whole-brain radiation. This radiation is most often used to treat cancer which has spread to the brain from another part of the body. MRI guided Laser Ablation for Brain Tumor in India is also one of the choices of the International patients seeking the treatment in India for brain tumor. Cost of Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumor in India is very less as compared to other European countries.

    Targeted Drug Therapy: – This therapy focuses on specific abnormalities which are present within the cancer cells and blocks them and lead the cancer cells to die.

    Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Surgery: – Minimally invasive Key Hole surgery for brain tumors is a type of technique to perform surgeries. Minimally invasive Brain Tumor Surgery is performed by making a small incision. Not everyone is recommended this surgery it depends on the type of the tumor the patient is suffering from, overall health and age of the patient. The minimally invasive approach is performed by removing the tumor which is close to the brainstem by making a small incision behind and below the ear. Minimally invasive Brain Tumor Surgery also know as keyhole surgery for brain tumors has various advantages over other surgeries such less loss of blood, less disturbance to the nearby tissues, faster recovery, and less hospital stay. Keyhole Craniotomy for Brain Tumors is also one of the option available in India.

    Gamma Knife Radiosurgery: – Gamma Knife Radio Surgery falls under radiation therapy, which usually helps in treating tumors and several other abnormalities in brain. It is also known as Stereotactic Radio surgery, which is among the precise kind of therapeutic radiology procedures. Interestingly, this treatment option is non surgical and has no Gamma knife in it, which is known to have 90 percent of success rate. In this treatment option, a set of highly focused gamma rays are used to treat medium and small size lesions found generally in the brain. A number of beams coming from the gamma radiation are joined together to focus over the lesion during the treatment wherein an extremely intense kind of radiation dose is given to the patient without opting for any surgical procedure. Gamma Knife Surgery for Brain Tumors in India is among the most sought option for Gamma Knife Radio Surgery for the international medical tourists. Here, in India, they avail high quality treatment backed by affordable solutions. However, cost is not the only benefit the medical tourists enjoy in this country.

    If you are ready to proceed for discussion and planning for treatment in India, you can fill the contact form below and we will get in touch with you very soon. Please feel free to ask all your queries & concerns.

    Why coming to India is best option for Brain Tumor Surgery?

    • The average cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in western countries is very high.
    • Price of Brain Tumor surgery in India is much less as compared to any other country.
    • The average cost of Brain Tumor Surgery in western countries is very high.
    • Brain tumor treatment cost in India is much less as compared to any other country.
    • The success rate of brain tumor treatment in India is very high.
    • India has some of the best neurosurgeons and healthcare facilities that offer their services at the most affordable costs.
    • Neurosurgeons in India are highly skilled and experienced.
    • Best brain surgery hospitals in India are equipped with the latest technology and equipment. You can find best affordable hospital for brain tumor surgery in Delhi on best price in India.
    • Patients from abroad can save a huge amount on their expenses by undergoing low cost brain tumor surgery in India.

    Why Choose Us?

    Being India’s first government recognized Medical Value Provider, the facilities in India are worldly recognized and the surgeons have an international reputation. We are a trust-worthy group, which provides foreign patients with affordable treatment, easy communication and a friendly atmosphere.

    Patient Testimonial – Brain Tumor Surgery done in India for Mrs. Janet Ntuli from South Africa

    Mrs. Janet Ntuli from South Africa

    Having a cancer is difficult to deal with in itself and when you are diagnosed with something as grave as a brain tumor, it becomes emotionally draining to accept the facts and be mentally prepared for the risks that follow. However, the doctors as well as staff members at the hospitals of spine and neuro surgery group in India are so supportive and truly always there to help you go through it all. In fact, there is so much of positivity in the people and environment at the hospital that you can will start feeling better from the moment you will step in.

    How we help International Patients get the best low cost brain tumor surgery in India?

    • Access to internationally reputed & accredited brain tumor surgery hospitals in India
    • Guide you to choose doctors & receive right opinions
    • Appropriate conversation with doctors
    • Schedule appointments fitting your convenience
    • Cut down unnecessary long waiting hours
    • Assistance in availing Medical Visas
    • Modestly priced, easy on pocket medical packages
    • Conveyance system with Pick-Up & Drop facility
    • Make ready Boarding & Lodging facilities- 7 stars, 5 stars & economy class
    • Easy Check-In to hotels Patient safekeeping custom-made by professional staff
    • Complication-Free admission to hospitals
    • Decoder for clients issues when required
    • Customized food & accommodation on request
    • Proper notification & settlement for family & friends Tours & travel within India to select places

    How many patients underwent Brain Tumor Surgery in India in the last 5 years?

    In recent years, India has emerged as a medical hub for patients looking for affordable, accessible and efficient low cost Brain Tumor Surgery. This emergence is primarily due to the development of state-of-the-art private and public sector healthcare facilities, medical insurance and the ease of access to quality healthcare services. An average increase of 15 to 20 percent annually has been observed in the number of patients in the last 5 years.

    Here are the approximate figures of the patients underwent Brain Tumor Surgery in the last 5 years in India –

    How to plan your brain tumor surgery trip to India?

    • Send your medical reports
    • We will send you the opinions and treatment plan
    • Choose your options
    • As per your preference, we will fix the appointments and treatment
    • We arrange all pre-travel documents like Visa letter
    • We support throughout your treatment process
    • We will assist you going back home after successful treatment
    • We will assist you for any post treatment follow-up if required

    What are the benefits of contacting us for your brain tumor surgery planning in India?

    • Expert Medical Opinion Prior to Journey provides options with hospitals and doctors, help in selecting Right Hospital with Right Doctor for your brain tumor surgery.
    • Benefit from our expertise of helping hundreds of foreign patients find top quality, affordable brain tumor surgery care in India.
    • Zero Waiting Time and Best Cost service from Best Hospitals in India– Immediate Appointment, complete assistance hospital admission, medical consultation & treatment till discharge from Hospital
    • Assistance in Travel, Arrange pre- travel information , assistance for travel documents, including passports and visas & arrange comfortable Hotel Accommodation within budget

    If you are looking for the Brain Tumor Surgery, kindly fill up the form for a free consultation with our surgeons

    After thorough analysis of the reports and medical history, you will be provided with the advised clinical opinion and suggestions regarding the Brain Tumor Surgery from our experts.


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    The Cost Of Things: A Brain Tumor

    + Ob/gyn appointment: $0, because I got smart and scheduled it as my annual exam
    + Blood-work: $39.22. I still don’t know why I owe this; it says “co-insurance responsibility” but I thought the whole exam and basic bloodwork was covered? I need to call Aetna for my One Thing on Thursday.
    + The ob-gyn’s nurse called two days later and told me my prolactin levels were elevated, which was preventing me from getting my period. Prolactin is a hormone that regulates, um, milk secretion, and is generally only high in lactating mothers. I was not breastfeeding. She sent me to an endocrinologist.

    Endocrinology appointment: $467.55. It was billed at $733. The doctor billed it as “high complex(ity),” so it was more expensive.

    The endocrinologist immediately scheduled an MRI.

    MRI at Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s astoundingly high-end, almost spa-like MRI center, required upfront on a credit card: $1,631.79

    The MRI showed a large benign growth on my pituitary gland.

    Thus began a swirling array of neurosurgery consultations and more endocrinology appointments. I was told dozens of times that the pituitary is the control center of the brain that oversees all hormone production. A tumor fucks everything up and can send all sorts of levels askew, resulting in my weird milk hormone levels. And headaches.


    + Endoscopic transsphenoidal removal of a pituitary macro adenoma, which means an amazing neurosurgeon of whom I remain in complete awe threads tiny tools up your nose and into your brain to pluck out the grape-like tumor: $1,711.31. Actually billed at $72,182.95. This also covered the non-surgical parts of the surgery, like anesthesiology and pathology tests on the tumor. Interestingly, the actual removal of the tumor only cost $9,550, while the “operating-recovery room” line item is listed at $25,856. Two nights in the hospital cost $3,340.

    + Four bottles of Ocean Mist nasal spray*, because after the surgery you feel like you have the worst sinus infection of your life, and I was told nasal spray helps. Looking back on everything, this was undoubtedly the stupidest way I spent my money: $16.68

    Two packages of Zyrtec — same reason but actually helpful: $37.21

    Antibiotic prescription: $0

    Desmopressin prescription: Also $0. The hormone that regulates my thirst was disrupted by the tumor and didn’t normalize post-surgery. I will have to take this forever to ensure that I am not insanely thirsty and peeing every 15 minutes. I have no idea what I will have to pay next year, when I haven’t hit my deductible or maximum.

    Follow-up MRIs at least once or a twice a year for the foreseeable future: Don’t really want to think about it.

    Total cost of my health odyssey: $78,426.36

    Total cost I paid, after insurance coverage: $6,482.58

    Total I would have paid had I immediately had an MRI the first time I went to the doctor: $3,000

    TL;DR: If you start to feel crummy, it might be worth it to pay for medical tests sooner rather than later, even if you read and respect Atul Gawande.

    Also, it is preferable to feel like a paranoid, high-maintenance prima donna in front of a doctor and politely insist on an MRI than it is to feel like a down-to-earth, chill patient who declines an MRI and then spends thousands of dollars on massages and treatments that do not actually solve the problem.

    But, you know, life happens. You make decisions as best you can in the moment. The past is IN THE TIME OF THE PHARAOHS, as my meditation teacher likes to say. So why dwell on the extra $3,482.58? I now have a brain that doesn’t hurt and I also have a delightful new hobby of Google stalking Northwestern’s entire neurosurgery department. WORTH IT.

    Also, you definitely don’t need Ocean Mist nasal spray.

    Brigid Sweeney is a business journalist in Chicago who thinks you should go get that thing checked out. Follow her on Twitter @Brigid_Sweeney.

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    Even though some support is provided by federal programs such as ADA, FMLA and SSDI, there is still a lot more needed to cover the expenses involved for brain tumor patients and their families. Accessing brain tumor financial assistance programs can help minimize the ongoing healthcare costs for you and your family.

    Brain tumor is a chronic condition that can have a very heavy toll on both the patient as well as their family, and severely impact all emotional, physical and financial aspects of life. Even with some of the best kind of insurance plans, the expenses incurred can lead to some big medical bills and other related costs such as housing, traveling and utilities.

    For those people who are diagnosed with brain tumor but cannot afford the treatment, there some helpful medical and financial assistance programs that can assist them with these issues making their stressful life a bit less complicated.

    Below mentioned are a few of the general brain tumor financial assistance programs that may be useful for those patients suffering from brain tumor who are financially unable to afford the treatment:

    7 Brain Tumor Financial Assistance Options

    Is a program for tumor cancer patients that tends to support patients who are between the ages of 18 to 40 years. This program provides services to such patients to help them meet the daily needs that are typically not covered by any insurance company. The average grant is about $500 worth of medical payments, mortgages and rent, transportation cost, repairs, groceries and car insurances, while providing other services that can help young patients to meetup with their daily needs.

    2. Cancer care

    Cancer such is another service provider that can assist brain tumor patients. Patients can get in touch with representatives at Cancer Care who can provide their clients with telephonic, online or face to face counseling, education, support groups as well as financial assistance. The professional oncology social workers tend to offer patients registered with Cancer Care with personalized care services at no charge.

    3. Friends of Man

    This is an all-volunteer charity help program that helps people suffering from tumor cancer diseases by providing them with both the basic as well as the required special needs? They assists tumor cancer patients with wheelchairs, tumor cancer related medical equipment, mobility equipment, and basic needs such as providing clothes and food for the patients and much more.

    4. Fifth Season Financial

    Offers an assistance program known as “loans for living” that is specifically designed to assist cancer patients who are in need of any kind of financial assistance. The main focus of this program is to provide cancer patients with the access to immediate cash by letting them borrow out money against the face value of their life insurance policy. With this financial assistance program the patient can then focus on what matters most to him, his health, family and life.
    They tend to work with cancer patients who are diagnosed with an aggressive stage cancer. They assist patients by providing care for the cancer patients with their extremely passionate and knowledgeable professional team, while at the same time provide all the possible financial help they can provide for the patients.

    Fifth Season Financial’s main goal is to provide relief for patients suffering with the advanced stages of cancer

    5. Lazarex Cancer Foundation

    The Lazarex Cancer Foundation is a program that helps in providing resources for patients suffering from cancer such as brain tumor, especially those patients who have been told so that there is nothing that can be done for them.
    At Lazarex Cancer Foundation they assist cancer patients by:

    • Assists patients of all ages to battle against their cancer disease.

    • Help patients by letting them take advantages of medical breakthrough which happen right there and then.

    • Provide patients with the required financial assistance that they may need to carry on with their cancer treatment.

    • They present patients with different clinical trials as an alternative to the hospital care when a hospital has given up on them.

    • Helps in improving the cancer survival rates by early detections and screenings.

    6. Macmillan Cancer Support

    This cancer support group tends to help cancer affect patients by providing them with the financial assistance that they require for their brain tumor or any other cancer related disease. They provide patients with all practical support they might need at home to giving them a lift to the hospital, fund nurses and other kinds of health care professionals, provide the proper guidance that a cancer patient may require and provide financial assistance to help cancer patients cope with the extra cost that they might need to face that cancer can bring upon them and provides grants for their daily needs from bills to travelling cost.

    7. Mission 4 Maureen

    The main target of Mission 4 Maureen is to provide brain tumor financial assistance to those families who have the burden to take care of a loved one who may be suffering from brain cancer. They provide financial aid regarding the medical bills, as well as assisting with child care, rent and repair of the patients home, different kinds of utility bills, cost on the transportation, the required medications needed for the treatment and any other areas where the family may need any assistance regarding the patient’s tumor treatment.

    2. Brain Tumor Information:

    3. Sources of Financial Assistance:

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