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‘RHONY’s’ Bethenny Frankel is Upping Her Exercise Routine

Real Housewives of New York’s Bethenny Frankel obviously takes good care of her appearance. Yet as much as the Skinnygirl founder takes the time to look her best, she’s never placed exercise as a big priority. Though now, her recent Tweets may reveal that there’s been a shift.

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Not a huge fan of workouts

When Frankel spoke to Talk Stoop on Bravo about some misconceptions fans may have of her, one of them was how much emphasis she places on exercise. “I don’t exercise that much, which people think that I do. I think there’s a lot of things people think about me that are probably not accurate,” she said.

Frankel was asked in a 2017 interview for Health if she practiced hot yoga. “I barely do regular, but I definitely don’t do hot. I haven’t been exercising that much lately because I always think that sleep is more important. And my daughter and work are coming first,” she said. “I don’t have time to exercise. I could always stay thin, but I’d like to be fit. But what happens is if I go for four days to a spa, I’ll work out for four days. It comes back. But I have to get a rhythm, and it’s hard right now. I want to be a great mom and spend a lot of time with Bryn, and I’d never take an hour away from her to work out.”

Twitter honesty

Frankel is a frequent user of Twitter, posting about everything from what shows to binge-watch to her personal feelings on important issues. She has also let her attitude toward exercise be known in her tweets.

“I DO NOT wish to exercise… and this has been my sentiment for well over a month. I wish to make popular the flabby skinny look. I choose sleep & television & snuggling…. & maybe a tiny bit of sex,” Frankel tweeted in June 2018.

More recently, this June she posted, “I will ALWAYS choose sleep over exercise,” and “I hesitate to tell you today is the day I work on getting in shape. I know I’m a “skinnygirl” but I don’t exercise regularly. I walk the beach & do yoga when I can & sometimes more in spurts when not w Bryn. Debating taking this thing to the next level.”

It looks like she just did. This week, Frankel seems to be having a change of heart on the importance of exercise, issuing a challenge to her followers. “Ok…so from now until Sept 15, we all… make a significant fitness change. Let’s aim for 4 days a week/ 45 mins-do something! For the food part, read “Naturally Thin.” Believe me, that part is easy. But I’ll give you tips every day. For today, let’s commit to the fitness. U in?” She followed up with suggestions – some more interesting than others, posting, “And I don’t care if you walk or yoga or ride a bike or roller skate or swim or trampoline w your kids or SEX . Aim for 45 mins of doing some movement 4x a week.”

You can be sure many of her followers are joining her on this new mission.

Frankel’s take on diets

Her book “Naturally Thin” came out in 2009 and focused on getting people to change habits and basically, think like a thin person. One of Frankel’s goals in writing the book was to get people to stop dieting and instead think of food in a different way. Much of her premise was based on her own experiences with food.

“I grew up eating quality food but in a very obsessive household about being thin and eating disorders. Food was an obsession in my house—out to restaurants every night—but then so was dieting. When I was in my 30s, I just unlocked the safe. I figured out how dieting doesn’t work,” Frankel told Health. “I’d been on every diet and it took me all those years to realize: Diets are hopeless.”

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A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on May 20, 2019 at 1:15pm PDT

Along with her exercise challenge, Frankel just posted some reminders from her book, saying, “In “naturally thin,” I refer to good & bad investment foods bc eating is like spending. Indulge but hold back after a splurge & you can have more of healthy food & less of unhealthy. You’re not good if you didn’t eat nor bad if you did. Food isn’t a friend or enemy. DON’T BINGE.”

One follower asked Frankel for advice, saying she was extremely “literal.” The reality star kept it simple but strong, tweeting, “Don’t be. I used to be. No extremes.”

Stay tuned to Frankel’s Twitter feed to follow her on this new fitness venture!

Bethenny Frankel’s Secrets to Staying Fit

Over the past six years Bethenny Frankel has been called many things: apprentice (as in NBC’s The Apprentice: Martha Stewart); housewife (you know, from The Real Housewives of New York City); and Skinnygirl (thanks to her insanely popular Skinnygirl Margarita and Sangria cocktails and health supplements).

Now the food chef and supermom can add one more moniker to that ever-growing list: yogi.

Frankel just released a workout DVD dedicated to her go-to exercise as a follow-up to last year’s Body by Bethenny DVD. Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout ($12.99, includes two 15-minute workouts and one 20-minute workout.

The practice may seem contradictory for the fast-talking, brash New Yorker, but for Frankel, the zen of yoga is the perfect complement to her bustling life.

Working Workouts in to Her Schedule

This relaxed approach to working out didn’t come so easy to the Bravo star. “Before I used to do boot camp and spinning,” she explains of her former daily exercise frenzy. “I used to be so manic, and I just don’t need that in my life.”

So she replaced the nearly daily sessions with drill sergeants and packed studios with at-home yoga. And instead of pressuring herself to find a chunk of time each day, Frankel adopted a more relaxed approach. “I usually only work out at home in the morning after I put the baby down. And even then it’s not every day, but maybe two or three times a week,” she says.

The more mindful and relaxed practice of yoga seemed a long time coming for Frankel. “I tried yoga 20 years ago and hated it,” she admits. “But it just evolved, and the more I did it, the more I loved it. It always made me feel better, like I had a massage that was getting the creaks out.”

Her favorite pose is triangle. “Or any position where you’re bending forward with your interlocked hands hanging over your head,” she says. “All of my tension is in my neck so it just releases that.”

For the 41-year-old mother to 1-year-old daughter Bryn, being able to exercise in short bursts is a necessity. “That’s what the new DVD is about: It is individual sections that cater to your total body,” she says. “Each section tones and works every part of your body so you don’t feel cheated if you only do 15, 20, or 35 minutes.”

With one look at Frankel’s lean and toned body, it’s no doubt that her laid-back approach is working for her. “No one ever believes I’m in this kind of shape from working out to my DVD in my house for 35 minutes,” Frankel says. “And I used to be so much less in shape and work out so much more.”

Making Exercise a Family Affair

By nature, Frankel prefers to work out solo. “I’m not a group exercise person at all,” she says. However she makes an exception to her lone-workout sessions when she’s on vacation. “If I’m on a beach vacation especially, I go walking on the beach with Jason or a girlfriend,” she says.

And, there’s of course her attachment to her daughter. “I like to be with the baby,” Frankel admits. “That’s another problem I have. I’m a little codependent.”

As a result, Frankel and baby Bryn do yoga together on some mornings — sort of. As Frankel moves into poses such as Warrior or Downward Dog, Bryn will try to do imitate the same moves on her miniature mat. “It’s a teeny tiny yoga mat, which is the cutest thing ever,” she says.

Those mommy-and-me moments are exactly how Frankel knows she’ll raise a healthy daughter. Instead of talking about exercise and diet obsessively, Frankel plans on simply leading by example. “She’ll see what I do. And if she wants to know about yoga, she can find out about yoga. And Jason plays golf and runs, so she can know about that too,” Frankel says. “We’re just not going to talk about it and obsess about it.”

In the meantime, Frankel hopes other women will adopt her low-key approach to fitness. “I came into this world to let people know that they didn’t have to be so crazy about working out,” Frankel says. “I used to be like that and it’s not real life and it makes people hate what they have to do.”

Instead, Frankel advises to find a consistent time to work out and stick to it as much as you can. After all, she says, “People are just so nuts about it, and they don’t have to be.”

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Bethenny Frankel, star of the Real Housewives of New York, flaunted her fit bikini body on Instagram as she posed along a balmy beach in the Hamptons.

In the photo, Frankel sports a blue bikini after apparently emerging after a swim in the gorgeous blue-green waters. Bethenny has an apartment in New York City and a house in the Hamptons, where she often spends her weekends during the summer.

At age 47, Frankel is in the best shape of her life thanks to a healthy, portion-controlled diet and regular exercise.

Yoga And Portion Control

The 5-foot-6 Frankel maintains her sleek 115-pound bikini body by eating small portions and doing yoga workouts and calisthenics, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

Bethenny started her career as a personal chef and then rocketed to fame after starring on the hit reality TV show, the Real Housewives of New York, which debuted in 2008.

Since then, Frankel has become a multi-millionaire by building a fitness empire that includes several bestselling weight-loss books and low-calorie alcohol drinks.

While she’s a fitness guru now, Bethenny admitted that she struggled with weight all her life, and has battled the eating disorders anorexia and bulimia since she was a child.

Feelin’ blue…

A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on Jul 13, 2018 at 5:40pm PDT

Bethenny said she has a better bikini body now in her 40s than she did in her 20s, thanks to her sensible approach to diet and exercise.

This throwback Instagram photo suggests she’s right.

Stars & stripes #throwback. Where are you celebrating today? #merica

A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on Jul 4, 2018 at 6:14am PDT

“I spent my entire life being obsessed with dieting,” Frankel told Us Weekly. “Bingeing and then fasting or starving. Forbidding everything. That’s how I used to be: up and down 5 pounds every single day, to the extremes. My metabolism was totally wrecked.”

Bethenny said she lost more than 20 pounds and overcame anorexia and bulimia in her late 30s after changing her mindset about food and taking a sensible approach to eating.

Frankel had an “a-ha!” moment when she realized that she doesn’t have to starve herself in order to be thin, and that she could eat anything she wanted as long as she didn’t overeat at every meal.

Poolside is my best side

A post shared by Bethenny Frankel (@bethennyfrankel) on Dec 23, 2017 at 12:49pm PST

Bethenny doesn’t believe in starvation or deprivation, and instead emphasizes eating healthy, unprocessed foods most of the time. She still indulges her favorite snacks and desserts, such as french fries, ice cream, and cake. She just makes sure to eat small portions.

The divorced single mom, who was obsessed with daily rigorous exercise during her 20s, said she lost weight naturally once she overhauled her diet and started doing yoga and taking long walks.

“I’m not dripping in sweat and manic about exercise at all,” said Bethenny Frankel, who underscored that a sensible approach to diet and workouts has helped her look and feel her best.

Bethenny Frankel Maintains Her Figure with a Surprisingly Simple Eating & Exercise Plan

While we may be used to marveling at Bethenny Frankel’s fabulously fit physique in any one of her numerous swimsuits, The Real Housewives of New York City alum has a laidback approach to diet and exercise that surprisingly could work for us all. The Skinnygirl mogul has made a career out of helping women look slim and trim, whether they’re grabbing a drink or shopping for their newest pair of jeans. But when it comes to her own outlook on maintaining a healthy body, Bethenny recently shared that she isn’t into excessive workouts or stressful diets.

On November 21, Bethenny took to Instagram to post a sweet pic as she posed poolside wearing yet another fabulous swimsuit (she rocked the same cream crochet one-piece that practically embodied her Nantucket vacay). But instead of writing about her fun locale or her gorgeous suit, Bethenny explained in her caption exactly where she stands in her relationship with eating and exercise.

“My philosophy on eating & exercise is to do what you can when you can,” she outlined to followers. “I choose time with my daughter & sleep first. If I’m near a beach, I take an hour walk. If I have the time, I’ll do a yoga dvd. I don’t believe in fear based, torturous, aggressive exercise. Life is too short and stressful to dread doing something for an hour. In addition, extreme exercise creates extreme hunger.” Noted!

“I love food and eat whatever I want but I NEVER binge,” she continues. “I don’t beat myself up about what I’ve eaten or praise myself about what I haven’t. Food isn’t your best friend or your enemy. It’s just food. I have a good relationship with it. This is all in my book “Naturally Thin” written years ago but holds true today! Xo ☀️🏖👙🌊👒”

Is it just us or is this a lovely thought to consider just as we head into the holiday eating season?

Bethenny Frankel, 46, Shares Her Diet and Workout Secrets for a Toned Bikini Body

Kelsey Patterson

09/12/2017 04:23 pm EDT

After flaunting her incredibly toned body in a teeny white bikini on her Ibiza vacation, Bethenny Frankel is opening up about the real plan behind her fit physique.

The Real Housewives of New York personality told E! News she receives social media comments often criticizing her for starving herself or lying about what she eats.

“I do eat, I eat French fries, I eat pizza,” Frankel responds to haters. “I don’t binge. I don’t get emotional about food the way that I used to and the way that many women do.”

The Skinnygirl founder also says that being a member of the Housewives puts pressure on the women to go to extremes to be the thinnest or eat the least, but she’ isn’t playing those games with her own health.

Instead, the 46-year-old maintains a nutritious lifestyle, though she allows herself to eat unhealthy foods without guilt if she craves them.

“The word ‘die’ is in the word diet,” Frankel said, noting also that she doesn’t believe in cheat days since “that indicates that you’re doing something wrong, that you’re sneaking, that you should be guilty about it.”

Instead of restricting her eating habits, Frankel focuses more on maintaining an active routine that fits into her busy schedule. “I’m not dripping in sweat and manic about exercise at all,” the reality TV cast member says.

In the summer, she says she takes one-hour walks along the beach a couple days a week. In the winter, her activity of choice is hitting the slopes for some snowboarding fun.

And for the hectic days in between, Frankel relies on yoga to clear her mind and improve her body. “If I’m feeling stressed out as I have recently, I’ll be doing yoga more,” she says, adding “Yoga is the greatest gift you can give yourself.”

Overall, the business woman and reality TV personality says that your fitness routine should be “healthy, realistic and balanced — not insane.”

“Exercise should be like a good friend that if you don’t see for a while, you welcome and you are nice to and have a good relationship with when you do reconnect,” Frankel says. As a mother to 7-year-old daughter Bryn, she says there are some days that don’t allow for a workout, but she welcomes it into her life when possible.

And that’s a routine anyone could follow!

Photo credit: Instagram / @bethennyfrankel

SkinnyGirl Bethenny Frankel showcased her yoga-toned bikini body on Instagram during a fun beach vacation.

Bethenny looks amazing, thanks to a portion-controlled diet and regular workouts that include yoga and spinning classes, as Celebrity Health Fitness has reported.

Frankel, star of “The Real Housewives of New York City,” weighs about 115 pounds. She admits she’s skinny but that’s part of her brand.

Yeah, I am thin,” Frankel told the “Today Show.” “I have a brand called Skinnygirl, so it’s not a big giant mystery. You can’t please everybody. You try to please everybody and you end up pleasing nobody.”

In 2011, Bethenny admitted she had struggled with anorexia, bulimia and laxative abuse for decades.

After spending two decades being obsessed with weight loss, diet and exercise, Bethenny is more relaxed about her body. Frankel detailed her fitness secrets in her book, Naturally Thin.

Frankel said she no longer suffers from anorexia and bulimia, but is thinner than ever. The 5-foot-6 brunette beauty stays fit by following a portion-controlled diet and doing yoga workouts.

Bethenny shared her weight loss and success secrets in her bestseller, Skinnygirl Solutions. Frankel dished her relationship and love advice and recounts dating horror stories in her self-help book, I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To.

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I must confess that I don’t watch The Real Housewives of … well, anywhere. Yes, I’m one of those three people. And yet, I certainly recognize Bethenny Frankel. Heck, I’ve even drank her margaritas. This “Housewife” (who is nothing of that kind) has transcended the reality TV world and created an entire lifestyle brand around her own health conscious ways.

The newest addition to this burgeoning empire is Bethenny’s Skinnygirl Workout DVD ($12.99), which just launched and is for sale at Target. I not only test drove the three-part yogic exercise program, but also had a heart-to-heart with the reality queen herself.

The New DVD Cover!

Workout Personality:

“I used to be a binge exerciser,” Frankel admits without apology. “Now I’m a person who fits it into my lifestyle. It’s consistent, but not regular. I do it when I can. It ends up being 2 to 3 times a week.” I bet that sounds familiar. I know it does to me. You can’t always fit in as many workouts as you’d like, but you do what you can, when you can. And that’s the concept behind this new DVD, which falls under the category of realistic fitness.

The Concept:

The program is divided into three separate 15 to 20-minute long workouts, which you can choose to do separately or together. All the segments are geared towards the total body, so you can do one and still feel like you did a well-rounded workout. I know I appreciate that, as I often do a 10-minute ab or upper body segment when I have limited time and then feel guilty for not targeting the rest of the body.

“This morning, when my baby was sleeping, I did 45 minutes of yoga,” explains Frankel. “I’m was doing my yoga DVD and I had to stop because the baby was waking up, so I did 15 minutes and then stopped and did it again. Each 15 minute section works out the entire body, so if it’s a day when you’re really crazed and you just want to get something in, you can do one segment and actually feel good instead of beating yourself up because you couldn’t fit in the whole thing.”

The Practice:

What’s important to Frankel is that the workout isn’t extreme. It’s doable and makes the exerciser feel good. “When you’re done, you don’t feel like your neck hurts or your shoulders are cramping,” she explains. “It’s like getting a massage and exercise at the same time and it just keeps you lean. I’ll go surfing or snowboarding or go to spinning if a friend invites me to join, but this is the only thing that I consistently need to do in my life.”

Photo credit: 247PAPS.TV / Splash News

Real Housewives star Bethenny Frankel’s bikini body is the product of her portion controlled diet and cardio workout. Frankel is a skinny girl, and has even developed her own lifestyle brand, which has become wildly popular.

She maintains her tiny figure while still enjoying her favorite foods in moderation. Here is a look at Bethenny Frankel’s weight loss secrets.

Bethenny Frankel’s Weight Loss Secrets

For decades, Frankel struggled with anorexia, bulimia, and laxative abuse. She didn’t have a healthy relationship to food or to her body, and was obsessed with dieting. She also says that her weight fluctuated within five pounds almost every day, and she would go to extremes when it came to bingeing and starving herself. However, she’s now found a balance in her life and diet, and is healthier than ever.

Some of her food secrets include eating in moderation and practicing common sense. Frankel also sticks to a portion controlled diet and does regular yoga and cardio workouts. Yoga is an excellent way to reduce stress, depression, and promote weight loss.

A portion controlled diet is something that many celebrities follow because it allows them to eat healthy foods in small portions, which promotes a more active metabolism. Eating small portions throughout the day instead of big meals allows the body to burn it off more quickly. Frankel enjoys her own Skinnygirl brand protein shakes and bars, and enjoys snacking on fruits and vegetables. Other good options include nuts and seeds like almonds, cashews, sunflower seeds, and pistachios.

Photo Credit: Felipe Ramales / Splash News

Frankel also has her own exercise DVD called Body by Bethenny, where she shares her workout secrets. She’s an accomplished author and has released a book called Naturally Thin, where she goes into all the ways others can live a healthy lifestyle by eating whole foods, practicing portion control, and not depriving themselves. Her struggles with weight and food have given her insight into finding balance.

It’s safe to say that at 45-years-old, Bethenny Frankel is in the best shape of her life—she even admits that she finally has the bikini body that she always wanted. You too can have an enviable bikini body by following a portion controlled diet and doing yoga and cardio workouts.

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