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Whether you’re married, in a long-term relationship or living up the single life, studies have shown that more and more men are ditching the condom when it comes sexual intercourse. The reasoning? Man reportedly feel confined by condoms, and believe that it decreases pleasure in the sack. And while there are other alternative prophylaxis options for women, like the pill or an IUD, for men, the best and most responsible option to prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of STDs is a condom (until you decide you never want children and “the snip” comes into play).

You have to use protection, which everyone agrees is going to lower the enjoyment of sex for both you and your partner, so what can you possibly do about it? The answer comes in the form of condoms specially designed to improve the experience.

The first step in the condom-using process is to ensure you’re choosing a condom which fits you correctly, as this makes a big difference. Not all condoms are created the same size, shape or thickness, just as no two men have perfectly identical members. Next, choose a condom made to increase the enjoyment of your female sexual partner. Condoms for her pleasure might include special ribs and dots to improve stimulation, flavors to get rid of the unpleasant latex taste or additional lubricants to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Below, we’ve put together seven condoms that go above and beyond your average rubber and allow you and your partner to enjoy sex at its maximum potential again.


1. Trojan Condom Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated


These Trojan Condom Her Pleasure Sensations Lubricated condoms deliver the best of both worlds. For her, they sport a number of ribs and contours to maximize pleasure and enjoyment, while for him, the included lubricant helps to provide comfort and sensitivity. Together these features allow you both to enjoy the experience. Each condom is produced from premium quality latex and has also been electronically tested to ensure reliability.

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2. P.S. Condoms


Crystal clear, 100% vegan and shock treated for durability (no, really), these condoms from P.S. Goodtimes are a new entry into the safe sex game. Available as a one-time purchase for $19 for the pack of 12, or $16.15 when you sign up for the subscription, your order will arrive in a discreet box delivered right to your door. No more awkwardly swinging by the gas station for a last minute pickup, thanks to these guys. And as a special treat, click the link below to get an additional SPY only discount of 15% off your order (which is good for up to 5 orders, you dog, you). Simply navigate to the “Shop” link, select your order and you’ll find our SPY discount (Code: SPY.COM15) is already applied and waiting.

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3. GLYDE Premium Organic Flavored Condoms


This pack of GLYDE Premium Organic Condoms includes a range of flavors, like strawberry, blueberry vanilla and wildberry to give your night of passion a little extra zing. The mild flavors make oral experiences far more enjoyable than the average, latex-flavored rubbers. These condoms are also made from sustainable, natural rubber latex, which is both vegan-friendly and approved by PETA. They are also paraben-free. Plus, the ultra-thin design means no one misses out.

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4. Durex Condom Performax Intense Condoms


These Durex Condom Performax Intense Natural Latex Condoms are made with women in mind. They contain a desensitizing lubricant which helps men prolong the experience by lasting longer. In addition to the lubricant, the condoms themselves feature a mixture of ribs and dots on the outside to help provide stimulation and enjoyment to the female. Each condom has been electronically tested for reliability and also features an inoffensive scent to help maintain a romantic mood.

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5. Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms


If latex isn’t your friend, it’s definitely worth trying these Lifestyles SKYN Selection Condoms. They are the best-selling, non-latex option on Amazon, and each box includes a mix of the popular original, extra studded and extra lubricated versions of the condoms. All SKYN condoms are electronically tested and made from SKYNFEEL, a non-latex material which is both soft and strong to deliver a safe yet comfortable experience during sex.

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6. K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms


The K-Y Me & You Intense Ultra Thin Latex Condoms use a water-based lubricant to deliver greater smoothness and comfort during intimate moments. The thin-walled condoms sport a more natural fit, making them easier to wear for men, while the dotted and ribbed exterior adds to the experience for her. Plus, the condoms are electronically tested and come in a specially designed package with a discreet appearance, making them a more convenient choice if you’re looking for a condom option to keep in your wallet for those just-in-case times.

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7. Playboy Condoms Studded Pleasure Condoms


With their premium silicone lubricant coating, these Playboy Studded Pleasure Premium Lubricated Condoms help to ensure a fun time for both him and her. In addition to the added lubricant, the condom’s design features a range of studs placed in just the right places to maximize pleasure for both participants. Each pack contains 36 condoms which are individually wrapped and sport the world famous Playboy logo for an appealing design.

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The Highest Rated Sex Lubricants on Amazon

Tom Medvedich

I think we can all agree on one thing: Condoms suck. For men, they make sex feel like your penis is in a raincoat (or at least this is what I imagine, since I don’t have a penis). For ladies, the wrong condom can feel like a rug chafing your vagina. This means finding the best condoms for women by trial and error can be a painful-as-hell process—and, sadly, there’s no Consumer Reports for this sort of thing. That’s where I come in.

In the name of experimental science, I tested out some of the best thin condoms on the market that are reputed to feel good for women—all for you, friends.

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Trojan Supra

Since Trojan is practically the father of condoms, we decided to try these puppies first. Unfortunately, we didn’t get very far. They’re made of a super-thin, medical-grade Polyurethane (not latex) but were a little too small and not very comfortable for my partner, whom I’ll call J. Even though my research was focused on what felt good for me, not him, it was a little hard to enjoy myself seeing him look uncomfortable. So after a couple of tries, we tossed them. I will say they seemed thinner than most other condoms, so maybe they would work better for a different—smaller 😜 —penis.

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Beyond Seven

This drugstore brand, one I’d never tried before, was thin and relatively well-lubed, providing for excellent sensation for both of us. They’re not made of latex, but instead of Super Thin Sheerlon, which is supposedly thinner and silkier than rubber. However, compared with the winning condom brand—which you’ll get to in a sec—I’d still say these guys were less lubricated. So if condoms tend to dry you out, you may want to keep that in mind. I enjoyed them, though!

Durex Performax Intense Lubricated Ribbed Dotted Premium Condoms

Ah, Durex. It’s an old standby—lubed up and thin, thereby amping up sensation. My one big hesitation: I’ve had Durex condoms, which are made of latex, break on me before. They worked fine this time, but just knowing they’d broken twice before was a big turn-off, and their good qualities can’t outweigh their lack of safety, in my opinion. Two breaks for the same brand are two too many for me—I’m not itching for a potential life change in nine months.

Kimono MicroThin Plus Aqua Lube

No bueno, my friends. Feeling-wise, these latex ones were thin and therefore pretty comfortable, but the lube was awful. While there is lube on the Kimono condom when you first put it on, it dries out quickly. Vaginas aren’t exactly equipped for rubbery objects, so a lack of lube can feel scratchy, detracting from the feel-good sensations. And according to J., it was a little too tight, so if your partner is on the smaller side, he might like them—but average and above, and you’re likely to find the fit a little close.

SKYN Original

Have you ever tried those freebie condoms that are so thick it feels like you might as well be having sex with that raincoat I mentioned earlier? Like, you have rug burn, but on your lady parts? The SKYN Original condoms are the opposite of that. I wasn’t expecting it. These condoms were the thinnest I’ve ever experienced, and made out of a super-soft non-rubber material called polyisoprene (the brand’s claim to fame), which is perhaps what makes them so damn comfortable. Going in it felt like an unbelievably smooth and well-watered slip ’n’ slide. It almost feels like there isn’t a condom, which I think we can all agree is the ideal scenario, if you have to wear them. P.S: J. loved them as well.

9 Best & Most Pleasurable Condoms

The Best Condoms for 2018

Depending on how you view it, buying condoms may just be like any other purchase, or it could somewhat of an awkward situation you try to get through as quickly as possible. Thanks to online shopping, the, erm, embarrassment of buying condoms can be a thing of the past.

Types of Condoms

No doubt you’ve heard of some of the more popular types of condoms (ribbed, extra-large, or ultra-thin), but you’d be amazed by how much variety there is! Condom manufacturers are always experimenting with new ways to make sex more pleasurable.

Here are all the types of condoms you need to know about:

Standard – This is your garden variety prophylactic with zero frills or extras. It’s a simple, cheap condom made of latex. If you want your penis to be the star of the show (without all that ribbing), this is the ideal choice. You can find standard condoms in all sizes.

Studded/Textured – These condoms come with ribs, studs, dots, or a wide range of other textures intended to increase both male and female stimulation. There’s no “best texture” to recommend, as each woman has their own preference of sensations. However, according to Cosmopolitan Magazine, some women dislike the texture of the condoms.

For His Pleasure – These condoms often include warming lubricant on the interior of the condom as well as a pouch-like top that increases friction on the head of the penis.

For Her Pleasure – The enlarged head of these condoms are designed to cause heat-induced friction with the tip of the penis. Add to that the warming lubricant and the ribbed shaft, and the condoms can help to improve sensations during intercourse.

Shared Pleasure – These condoms have special warming lubricant (such as Trojan’s Fire and Ice) on both the interior and exterior, and the tip is designed to increase pleasurable friction for both the penis and the vagina.

Warming – These condoms are coated with a special warming lubricant that is activated by the moisture produced during sex, producing a pleasant warming sensation that can heighten intercourse. They are also usually made of thinner latex to enhance sensations.

Colored – These are usually standard or textured condoms that are made in any of a broad range of colors. They’re FDA-approved as a contraceptive and STD protection.

Ultra-Thin – For men with less sensation in their penis, ultra-thin condoms can improve the pleasure of sex with condoms. The thinnest condoms are roughly .0016 inches, and they increase sensation while still offering protection from pregnancy and STDs.

Glow-in-the-Dark – Since the Star Wars movies were released, this has been the (not always so secret) fantasy of men around the world. The condoms are made with three layers: a phosphorous pigment interior between two layers of latex. They’re FDA-approved and offer the same pleasure as your average condom—the only exception being they light up in the dark!

Flavored – Flavored condoms aren’t made of the same material as edible underwear; they’re still latex, but they’re coated with a flavored lubricant that makes the taste and smell of the condoms more pleasurable. On the downside, some women experience vaginal irritation with flavored condoms.

Edible – These condoms are like edible underwear, made from a material that is fully edible and can be eaten off during oral sex. They are NOT contraceptive condoms and will not protect against STDs. They can also lead to a higher risk of vaginal infections if used for regular intercourse.

Non-Latex – Latex allergies affect roughly 1% of the U.S. population. That’s 3 million people who can’t have sex with regular latex condoms. Non-latex condoms are usually made of polyurethane, and they tend to be thinner than latex. On the downside, they’re less popular than latex condoms, so they only come in two sizes and styles. Not a lot of variety here!

Spermicide-Free – Spermicide is a secondary contraceptive method, one that increases the effectiveness of condoms as a birth control option. However, contact with spermicide more than twice a day can lead to problems for the woman, among them increased risk of HIV acquisition and vulvovaginal epithelial disruption. Women who want to have sex more than twice in a day are better off using spermicide-free condoms.

Tantric-Style – These condoms come with fancy tattoo-looking designs that enhance the appearance of the condoms. They’re pricey, but they do nothing to improve the sensation. It’s all about the looks with these!

Novelty – Novelty condoms may come in odd shapes (such as the French Tickler) or with a unique pattern (similar to the Tantric-Style condoms). They’re not always effective for preventing STDs or pregnancy, so be cautious when using them!

Female Condoms – This type of condom is inserted into the vagina rather than slid over the penis. It gives women more control over the contraception, but sadly it’s less effective than condoms (see below for reliability rates of condoms). They’re also more expensive—on average roughly $18 for a 5-pack.

Condom Materials

There are five basic materials from which condoms are made:

  1. Latex is the cheapest and most widely available on the market. They come in the largest variety of shapes, sizes, and styles.
  2. Polyurethane is a material used for non-latex condoms, a material that is less likely to cause allergic reactions than with latex. The material is thinner but offers similar durability and protection to latex.
  3. Polyisoprene is another material for non-latex condoms, and many believe it’s a more comfortable alternative that offers better sensations. They are stronger and thinner than latex, with a less constricting fit and a better heat transference to enhance pleasure.
  4. Nitrile is used for female condoms. Nitrile is the same material used for surgical, CSI, and police gloves, and it’s a highly durable material that can be made thinner than latex. However, it’s the priciest of the synthetic materials.
  5. Lambskin is one of the oldest materials used for condoms, dating back thousands of years to the earliest contraceptives. They’re not as effective for protecting against STDs and STIs, but they are good at preventing pregnancies. It offers a “natural” feel that synthetic materials cannot.

How Safe and Reliable are Condoms?

Condoms are the most common, popular, and cheapest of the birth control methods around. Roughly 93% of sexually active women have had partners that use condoms. 39% of high school students are taught condom use in health class, with 20% of sexually active teens using condoms—even along with other birth control methods. Given that the average condom costs roughly $0.45, they’re definitely the most widely available, with over 450 million sold each year!

But let’s talk reliability and safety. Just how effective are condoms at preventing pregnancy? How about STDs and STIs? What sort of results can you expect when using condoms?

As Contraceptives:

According to the CDC, condoms are 98% effective when used properly. Even if used incorrectly (a lot more common than you’d expect!), they still have an 82% effectiveness rate. Compared to the top-rated birth control methods—such as implants, vasectomies, or IUDs—condoms are still pretty reliable.

Protection Against STDs/STIs:

When it comes to STIs and STDs, condoms are most effective against those that are transmitted via bodily fluids, including (but not limited to) chlamydia, HIV, and gonorrhea. Consistent condom use can reduce the risk of HIV transmission by anywhere from 80 to 94%.

They can also protect against diseases like HPV and herpes, which are passed via skin to skin contact. As long as the sores are covered, the condom will be effective.

Condoms are the ONLY form of birth control that can also protect against STDs/STIs, provided they are used properly. Common condom errors include:

  • Removing the condom too soon
  • Putting on the condom upside down, taking it off, and putting it on correctly
  • Applying the condom too late in sex (after skin to skin contact)
  • Opening the package with something sharp (knife, scissors, etc.)
  • Using condoms with an oil-based lubricant (which can damage the latex)

Are Thicker Condoms Safer?

When it comes to protection from STIs and pregnancy, it seems like a thicker condom would be the safer option. After all, a larger barrier = more effective protection, right?

Not so.

Extra-thick condoms aren’t any safer than regular or extra-thin condoms. These condoms are designed to withstand the sort of use that comes with intercourse (even wild animal sex!). They are manufactured from durable material that is resistant to damage. Just because it’s extra-thin, that doesn’t make it weaker. One clinical study found there was no significant difference between extra-thick and extra-thin condoms in terms of breakage and slippage rates.

However, novelty condoms are more prone to damage, regardless of thickness. They are designed for “fun” rather than offering real protection. You should avoid using novelty condoms unless you are having sex with your long-term partner or spouse. There is a very real risk of slippage or breakage, leading to a higher risk of STIs and pregnancy.

Tips for More Effective Condom Use

To make sure your use of condoms is effective—protecting against disease and pregnancy—follow this advice:

  • Make sure it fits! Poor fit is the #1 cause of slippage and breakage. Too-large condoms will slip off, while too-small condoms are more prone to damage. Find the right fit for your penis.
  • Use water-based lubricants. Even if you use non-latex condoms, water-based lubricants are less likely to degrade the condoms than oil-based lubricants.
  • Check the expiration date. If the date has passed, throw out the condom. Don’t take risks that an expired condom will break or the spermicide will have worn off.
  • Keep them in a cool, dry place. You can store condoms in your wallet short-term (a week or two), but for long-term storage keep them in a drawer or closet, out of sunlight and heat.
  • NEVER re-use condoms. It should go without saying, but we’re saying it anyway! If you’re going from vaginal to anal sex or vice versa, always use a fresh condom.
  • Get used to it. Putting on a condom needs to be part of your foreplay/pre-sex routine. It’s only effective if you actually put it on right.

How to Make Sex with Condoms Feel Better

A lot of guys hate condoms because they believe it diminishes sensation and interferes with the pleasure of intercourse. Here are some tips to make your sex with condoms feel better:

  • Use a bit of lube – Not only will this help make it easier to slip on, but it can increase sensation at the sensitive head of your penis.
  • Buy a vibrating ring – The vibrating ring, which goes around the base of your shaft, can help to increase your sensation and speed up orgasm for both you and her!
  • Have her squeeze her legs – The pressure of her squeezing her legs together (both in doggy style and missionary) can apply more pressure to your penis, increasing sensation.
  • Try “For Him” or “Shared Pleasure” – If a regular condom isn’t doing the trick for you, try using a condom designed for your (or both of your) pleasure.
  • Change it up – Some condoms feel thicker than others. Changing up your brand or condom type may help you find a texture that leads to more or better sensation. “Variety Packs” can give you a lot of options to choose from.
  • Stop bashing it – Condoms are intended to protect from disease and pregnancy. Stop mentally hating on condoms; they’re there to make your life better!

Best Condoms for…

A 2014 study from the University of Oregon examined condom styles and brands to find the best for each use. Here are the results:

Durability – GLYDE Ultra, Trojan Her Pleasure Sensations with Spermicidal Lubricant, and Lifestyles Ultra Lubricated were the strongest and most durable condoms on the market.

Sensation – The Night Light offered amazing heat transfer (for more sensation), while the ONE Pleasure Dome had the best quality of lubricant. But it was the Kimono MicroThin that offered the best texture and sensation. Durex High Sensation also won for best applied texture.

Easy Application – The Trustex Lubricated was the easiest to put on correctly and avoid putting on inside out, while the Trustex Non-Lubricated was the easiest to put on in the dark. Durex Extra Sensitive was the quickest to put on.

Taste and Smell – The best tasting condom is the Trojan Supra Bareskin Lubricated, while the Fantasy Flavored condoms tied with Trojan Supra Bareskin Lubricated for best smell.

Best Condoms for Pleasurable Safe Sex

All products and services featured here are chosen for their potential to inspire and enable your wellness. Everyday Health may earn an affiliate commission on items you purchase.

We know it has probably been a while since you finished sex ed in school, so here is a little refresher: To prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases, condoms are a must. As a barrier method of birth control that prevents sperm from entering the vagina, condoms can be up to 85 percent effective, according to Planned Parenthood.

When used consistently and correctly, condoms are highly effective in preventing HIV, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They are also effective at preventing sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as gonorrhea and chlamydia that are spread through bodily fluids.

When selecting a condom for yourself or helping your partner decide which one is best, it’s important to keep preference, size, and style in mind. Depending on which brand you choose, some offer ribbed experiences, while others provide an extra dose of lubrication for when you need it.

According to the FDA, tests have shown that latex and polyurethane condoms (including the female condom) can prevent the passage of the HIV, hepatitis, and herpes viruses. But natural (lambskin) condoms may not do this. While most condoms in the market are made of latex, if you or your partner has an allergy, you can select polyurethane (made of plastic).

Not sure where to start? Don’t worry — we’ve lined up the best options for couples:

2019 World’s Best Condoms Awards

Since 1996, Condom Depot has revolutionized the way consumers buy condoms online, ensuring they find the best condom brand for their needs. Over the course of two decades, we’ve sold millions of condoms worldwide and received invaluable feedback from our customers on the best condoms to use, and the not so great ones.

Every year, our goal is to discover what our customers are looking for and make the best possible recommendations. Whether it’s the best condoms for feeling, best condoms for her, or simply the best condom brands in general, we carefully consider thousands of customer messages and product reviews to determine just one thing: what are the best condoms.

Without further ado, Condom Depot is pleased to announce the winners of the 2019 World’s Best Condoms Awards (in no particular order).

2019 World’s Best Condom Award Winners:

  • Crown Skinless Skin
  • Beyond Seven
  • Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy
  • Durex Extra Sensitive
  • Caution Wear Iron Grip
  • Kimono Special
  • Lifestyles SKYN
  • Lifestyles Ultra Thin
  • ONE Pleasure Plus
  • ONE Vanish HyperThin

After months of research by the Condom Depot staff, and with the much appreciated help of our Official Condom Testing Group, we’ve determined the best condoms to buy in 2019. Some brands, such as Crown Skinless Skin, have consistently won year-over-year. While other brands, such as ONE Vanish HyperThin, are new to the winners circle. The newest addition we’re really excited about: Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy. True it’s namesake, its quickly become the most popular brand to try if you’re looking for the best large condom.

Whether you buy just one of the featured best condom winners, or all of them in an exclusive 2019 World’s Best Condom Sampler Jar, we sincerely hope you enjoy this year’s highly-rated line-up. We look forward to reviewing all of the customer feedback we’ll receive in the upcoming year. If you have questions, comments or are interested in participating in next year’s Official Condom Testing group, please email [email protected]

Remember, always Play Safe!
The Condom Depot Staff

Crown Skinless Skin Condoms

Winner for the 17th year in a row! Are Crown Skinless Skin the best condoms ever? You betcha!!

Year after year, our customers consistently rate Crown Skinless Skin condoms the head of the class. In terms of sensitivity, reliability and comfort the Crown Skinless Skin condom is unmatched. Most famous for their use in adult movies, Skinless Skin are pink tinted and famous for being ridiculously thin, yet super strong. Manufactured in Japan by Okamoto, who also manufactures fellow World’s Best Winner Beyond Seven. Customer’s love them because the super-thin design that gives a sense of “bareback” feeling, helping you feel closer to your lover. Bottom Line: It feels like you have nothing on.

  • Characteristics: Thinnest Latex Condom, makes it feel like you are not wearing a condom. They are slightly above average in size for more comfort.
  • Female Review: “So thin I feel closer to my lover, and no nasty latex smell makes sex better.”
  • Male Review: “Bareback feeling seems like your not using a condom. What can be better than that?!”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A+, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats
    Measurements: 8″ Length x 1.94″ Width (203.2 mm x 49.29 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+++ <- The MOST Sensitive
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

Shop Now for Crown Skinless Skin “

Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condoms

12th Time Winner

Made from the state-of-the-art, super-thin Sheerlon material, Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condoms, provide more strength and durability, without the thickness of traditional latex condoms. The texture of Sheerlon latex is silkier and feels more natural, bare skin contact. Both partners can see and feel the difference of Beyond Seven Sheerlon Condoms.

  • Characteristics: Made of a super thin latex called “Sheerlon”. Can be made thinner and stronger than other condoms.
  • Female Review: “So thin I could feel the heat!”
  • Male Review: “The Japanese really make a great condom. Super thin and super strong. Wish they were wider in the head.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A-, Him: A-
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 7.87″ Length x 1.87″ Width (199.89 mm x 47.63 mm),
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy Condoms

1st Time Winner!

Truly the best large condom, this is the first of its kind to make the Best Condom Awards! The Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy large condom is loaded with extra head room, measuring 2.75″ (flattened) at the widest point of the head, and 1.96″ (flattened) at the base. And for length, the Mega Big Boy condom clocks in at 8.00″ long. Plus, it’s perfectly lubricated with a silky silicone-based lubricant.

  • Characteristics: Large condom with super-thin sheerlon technology and extra head room.
  • Female Review: “I really enjoyed the feeling of the condom material and lubrication of this brand.”
  • Male Review: “By far the best large condom I’ve ever tried.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A+, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 8″ Length x 2.12″ Width
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A++++
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

Shop Now for Beyond Seven Mega Big Boy “

Durex Extra Sensitive Condoms

12th Time Winner – Rated Best Condom by Consumer Reports

The Durex Extra Sensitive condom is the thinnest latex condom in the Durex product line. It is super sensitive, comes with a good amount of lubricant, and a slightly wider head. All of these characteristics make this condom a great choice for those who love the Durex brand. This condom was also rated the most dependable condom by Consumer Reports in 2005.

  • Characteristics: Durex’s thinnest and most sensitive latex condom. Feel closer to your lover.
  • Female Review: “It was hard to tell he was wearing a condom, 2 Thumbs and 2 Toes Up!”
  • Male Review: “Amazing! We all hate having to use a condom, but these goodies don’t take away any of the pleasure. In fact, they change the sensation a bit.. they feel just as good, but in a different way.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A, Him: A+
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 7.75″ Length x 1.94″ Width (196.85 mm x 49.29 mm)
    Thickness: SUPER SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Caution Wear Iron Grip Condoms

4th Time Winner

This 4th time winner has been highly praised by our customers. It gets the ‘Iron Grip’ name for having a smaller width, making it the best snugger fitting condom. A customer from Boston raves, “Finally! A Condom that fits and wont slip! The snuggest fit I have found with the exception of some custom fit condom I used to be able to find online.”

  • Characteristics: Snugger, tighter fitting condom
  • Female Review: “I never have to worry about a condom slipping off thanks to Iron Grip.”
  • Male Review: “Finally, a smaller sized condom that fits me better than the condoms I could get at stores.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: B, Him: B+
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 7.75″ Length x 1.75″ Width (196.85 mm x 44.45 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE B
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

Shop Now for Caution Wear Iron Grip “

Kimono Special Condoms

2nd Time Winner

Kudos to the Japanese brand, Okamoto! These condoms feature hundreds of tiny raised bumps along the shaft design to rock her world. VERY SIMILAR TO THE INTENSE SENSATION, EXCEPT THIS IS A SNUG FIT CONDOM. Made from an advanced Latex called Sherlon, they are much thinner than standard latex condoms without sacrificing strength. The thinner latex also helps her feel the heat and friction that is mostly lost from thicker latex condoms. This condom is an instant classic.

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Lifestyles SKYN Non-Latex Condoms

2nd Time Winner – The only non-latex condoms to make the list.

With so few choices on the market in latex free condoms, it’s a relief to finally find a sensitive, non-latex condom that lives up to the hype about condoms that are made with Polyisopreen. These condoms are not only Thin, but unlike the “Old School” Polyurethane Condoms (That made weird noises and offered little to no stretch), these also offer some room and without feeling like a plastic bag. They also offer a true feeling of heat transfer that make them even more unique!

  • Characteristics: As the name implies. Non-Latex and they do feel like a second skyn.
  • Female Review: “I can feel him through his sheath!”
  • Male Review: “Feels grrreat! Thinner for more natural feel.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A-, Him: A
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 8″ Length x 2″ Width (203 mm x 51 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE A+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms

2nd Time Winner – Super thin, bareback sensation while maintaining its structural integrity.

Lifestyles has listened to what consumers are wanting. Every year it seems that our data gathering is pointing to one thing… People have less a problem with wearing a condom when it doesn’t feel like they are wearing a condom. Lifestyles Ultra Thin Condoms are exactly what the Folks asked for and they deliver. Both men and women scored it very highly on sensitivity and it’s slightly larger than the Crown and Beyond Seven products which was also a positive scoring characteristic.

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ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms

2nd Time Winner

ONE Pleasure Plus Condoms offer serious protection while remaining thin enough to feel your partner. Our Gay testers admired how the ribbed bag add to prostate pleasure! Our Female testers like how these can help stimulate the ever elusive G-Spot! For an enjoyable experience, while remaining safe, go for the ONE Pleasure Plus

  • Characteristics: Light bulb shaped design adds pleasure to him and her.
  • Female Review: “He likes these a great deal and that makes me enjoy them more.”
  • Male Review: “The head of my penis has room to breath. The extra bagginess adds to its pleasure.”
  • Average Tester Rating: Her: A-, Him: A
  • Condom Stats:
    Measurements: 7.25″ Length x 2″ Width At The Base(199.89 mm x 50.8 mm)
    Thickness: SENSITIVE B+
    Lubrication: Yes. Does NOT Contain Harmful Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide.

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ONE Vanish HyperThin Condoms

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Get closer than ever with the advanced technology of ONE Vanish Condoms. These ultra-smooth latex condoms give you the bareskin feel without sacrificing safety and protection. ONE uses the latest advancements in latex technology to give you a condom that is 35% thinner than normal condoms, but just as strong.

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The best condoms, ranked by a woman

Scanning the condom section of almost any drug store usually leaves me crushed under the weight of overwhelming choice. So many sensations! So many feelings I could feel! Do I want to chase the illusion that there’s barely a barrier there at all, or do I want to embrace the fact that I’m buying a dick sheath and go all in on sensory enhancements? Studs or ribs or spiral flutes? Latex or lambskin? Do I want to hoard all the pleasure for myself, or do I want to share it? Where’s that ultra-thin condom of the future we were promised?

We can attribute a portion of this anxiety to my sometimes paralyzing indecision, but when it comes to condoms, the promises are endless: A million new ways to make safe sex feel just as good as, if not better than, bareback. That will undoubtedly strike many readers as an impossibly lofty prospect, yet condoms are crucial: When used correctly during penis-in-vagina sex, condoms boast a 98 percent efficacy rate in preventing pregnancy (or 85 percent effective, if you are human and sometimes err). Similarly, they’re up to 99 percent effective in blocking HIV transmission during penetrative sex, when used consistently and correctly.

In short, if you are looking to avoid sexually transmitted infections during oral, anal, or vaginal intercourse, condoms are a good way to do that. So which are the ones that won’t feel like a drag, the ones you’ll actually want to use? What condoms are the best condoms?

What are the best condoms?

Over at, fancy, hexagon-patterned rubbers that allow for inter-partner heat transmission top the list. Men’s Health ranks Trojan’s Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy as its best all-around condom. The Crown Skinless Skin condom (although it sounds murder-y) has stolen Condom Depot’s best condom of the year award for 15 consecutive years.

Of course, what feels best to any given person is bound to be subjective, so I decided to test drive a few options myself. Enlisting a willing sex companion, I set about answering the perennial question: What’s the best condom?

My partner and I visited a local Walgreens and chose five different models from five brands, all intended for use during the course of penis-in-vagina sex. (No flavored condoms in the mix for this experiment—nothing makes me gag like the taste of synthetic banana.) We then created a very scientific rubric on which to score our selections: fit, initial feel, sensations (and how those changed when we changed positions), and how well the condom delivered on the promises plastered across its packaging. In hindsight, our picks suggest we were looking for a condom that felt like not wearing a condom at all, an oxymoronic expectation that might set one up for disappointment. Here’s how the competition shook out.

1) NaturaLamb Luxury Condoms by Trojan (aka “real skin-to-skin intimacy”)

This lambskin condom was far and away the best of all five condoms we tested. However, I’m hesitant to rank it number one: The NaturaLamb does not protect against STIs.

For my manpanion and I, this is not an issue: We’ve both been recently tested, and I have an intrauterine device (IUD). But this condom is going to be pretty pointless for many others who aren’t in a mutually monogamous pairing and are confident in one another’s health status.

Screengrab via Trojan

While my partner and I were surprised to learn that lambskin doesn’t guard against STI transmission, that’s solely because we didn’t read the packaging before making our purchase. Trojan is crystal clear about the product’s limitations, and for that reason, NaturaLamb should live up to a more responsible consumer’s expectations.

Luxurious vibes? Check—these puppies were unfortunately as expensive as their name suggests. Kling Tite™ technology to keep the condom in place? Check. Water-based lube for increased comfort? Check. Heightened sensitivity? Extreme check. After my partner rolled on the NaturaLamb, I ran my finger down his shaft and elicited a full-body shiver.
Removed from its wrapper, the Natural Lamb presented as extra crinkly and clung to itself, a slightly deeper shade of beige than its competitors but without any lingering sheep smells. Despite its more freeform appearance, my partner reported that the NaturaLamb did not feel baggy once on his penis, nor did it feel constraining or stifling upon ejaculation. For me, NaturaLamb felt thin and soft, as close to his penis as is possible to get from a condom, and in comparison to the disappointing latex number we’d tried directly before, lambskin significantly perked up sex. Both of us agreed: Out of everything we tested, NaturaLamb was as close to no condom as a condom can be.

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2) Performax Intense by Durex (aka “designed to speed her up and slow him down”)

Chosen for its amusingly mechanical name and shared-pleasure sensibilities, the Performax Intense felt better than what either I or my partner expected. The second-to-last condom in our rotation, Performax Intense is both ribbed and studded, which I enjoyed. It also felt somehow thinner, less obtrusive, than many of its competitors.

Screengrab via
While we didn’t go so far as to time our research sessions, my partner speculated that Performax Intense—coated with “delay lubricant” (or “male genital desensitizer,” per its packaging)—may have improved his stamina. I didn’t find that the textures sped me up, although the sensations were consistently pleasing throughout. For fit, feel, and perhaps surprise factor (linked to its unassuming packaging), the Performax Intense snags spot number two on our list.

3) Skyn Original non-latex condoms by LifeStyles (aka “feel everything”)

I expected Skyn to take the gold, as ample anecdotal evidence suggested it’s hands-down the best condom for people who would prefer not to use condoms. Neither I nor my partner found that to be the case, though: Far from feeling “everything,” my partner reported a gumminess encasing his dick, which sounds emphatically unpleasant to me. Apparently, though, the penile strangulation sensations occasionally accompanying climax with a condom were lower with Skyn than with other products we tried. Apparently, this is a middling sort of selling point.

Photo via Lifestyles/SKYN condoms
From my perspective, Skyn felt softer and more natural than your average latex number, making for sex that didn’t scream “condom use” (although I could clearly tell there was something there). Descriptions applauded this product: “the next generation of condoms,” “the most natural fit and feel,” the “ticket to an experience of incredible sensitivity,” and “this isn’t just a box of condoms, this is the closest thing to wearing nothing.” But for all its self-imposed hype, Skyn felt only slightly better than any other rubber. Not bad, not the best, but certainly not the closest thing to wearing nothing at all.

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4) Double Ecstasy by Trojan (aka “feels like nothing’s there!”)

Its flashy packaging (an iridescent royal blue with a halo of magenta lasers around the product name) initially attracted us to the Double Ecstasy. Like Skyn, this Trojan outfit makes a lot of promises it doesn’t keep. “Feels like nothing’s there!” is one. “Revolutionary design” is another. The Trojan Double Ecstasy is a run-of-the-mill ribbed condom that advertises a unique “comfort shape” for “freedom of movement” that neither enhanced nor, I guess, impeded thrusting and vaginal maneuvering. It’s tapered at the base, as promised, but my partner found that tapering to be a little tight. He also noted, again, a distinctly gummy phallic feel, and found the for-him lube—“Ultrasmooth™ Premium Lubricant … for a More Natural Feel”—uninspiring.

Photo via Trojan
I, meanwhile, was promised “intensified” lubricant that “warms & excites.” My vagina didn’t feel especially warmed or ambiguously excited, outside the sensations that typically lead up to sex. While I do appreciate its ribbing, the Double Ecstasy felt, to my genitals, firmly like a condom. Its presence was clear, from start to finish, and did not “maximize” pleasure for either of us.
Another strike against it: Each condom comes wrapped in an unnecessary, outsized amount of foil, a touch that struck both of us as arbitrarily wasteful.

5) Ultra Sensitive by LifeStyles (aka “almost like wearing nothing at all”)

Although I admittedly know nothing about the history of condoms, I’m comfortable naming this the most standard condom of all time. And yet in no way did wearing it feel the same as or even comparable to wearing nothing at all.
The LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive is free of any special features, save for a “flared shape” that purportedly “enhances sensitivity for a natural feel.” On my partner’s penis, it felt more substantial than any of the items we tested. I suppose its latex scent was low, as promised, but neither of us experienced anything like “maximum pleasure.” Indeed, that didn’t come until we abandoned the Ultra Sensitive after roughly four minutes, having decided that its absolute dearth of pizzaz made it pointless for us, a pair cleared for safe condom-less sex.

Image via Lifestyles
Absent any bells and whistles, the unadorned LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive is as straightforward as a condom gets, which—my partner mused—is likely why they’re the default option in most free condom bins. And that brings up an important point: The LifeStyles Ultra Sensitive is as capable as any of the above options at guarding against STIs and pregnancy, and its lack of flash definitely doesn’t offer an excuse to forego a condom entirely.
Long story short, safe sex is always best, and definitely makes me feel more comfortable in the moment. If I had to highlight my most important takeaways from this sexperiment, they would be these: Condom packaging is aggressively heteronormative, and regardless of the product we used or didn’t, I was uniformly jazzed to be in bed with my partner, which just reinforces my belief that good sex relies far more on the person you’re having it with than on the condom you choose.

Editor’s note: This article is regularly updated for relevance.

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Does wearing latex gloves make your hands itch? In some people, latex exposure can ignite a full-blown allergic reaction.

Cleveland Clinic is a non-profit academic medical center. Advertising on our site helps support our mission. We do not endorse non-Cleveland Clinic products or services. Policy

Of course, gloves aren’t the only things made from latex. Most condoms are latex-based, too. Luckily, there are plenty of latex-free options available.

Even if you are OK with latex, you may need to consider them for the sake of your partner.

“Women are more likely to experience an allergic reaction to a latex condom than men,” says David Lang, MD, Chairman of Cleveland Clinic’s Department of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.

The vagina’s mucus membranes make it easier for latex proteins to enter the body. During sex, women with latex allergies may encounter vaginal swelling and itching.

“Mucus membrane exposure to a condom in a woman with latex allergy could provoke a serious systemic reaction,” he says.

Are you latex-sensitive or latex-allergic?

Latex is a milky fluid from the rubber tree. It’s the main source of natural rubber.

Latex sensitivity develops in some people over time through repeated exposure. It causes the same type of skin reaction — red, itchy bumps — you might see from poison ivy.

Before latex-free gloves were widely available, the issue was common among healthcare workers. Latex sensitivity is now less common, Dr. Lang says.

True latex allergies are even more rare. But they cause a more severe response. You may notice itching, hives and swelling. You may also have difficulty breathing and feel like your throat is closing up.

Although very unlikely, anaphylaxis (a potentially life-threatening allergic reaction) is possible. Your body reacts when latex proteins cross the skin barrier.

What effective, latex-free options are available?

Though most condoms contain latex, there are a few alternatives made from plastic, synthetic rubber or other natural products. These alternatives include:

  1. Polyurethane condoms. These are made of thin plastic instead of rubber. They offer similar levels of pregnancy and STD protection. However, they don’t fit as tightly as latex condoms. So they are more likely to slip off. They also cost a little more.
  2. Polyisoprene condoms. Made from synthetic rubber, these don’t contain the same proteins that cause an allergic reaction. Compared to latex condoms, polyisoprene condoms are stretchier. They also offer similar levels of pregnancy and STD prevention.
  3. Female condoms. This is the only option a woman can wear. A flexible, soft plastic pouch inserts into the vagina with a flexible polyurethane ring coated with a silicone lubricant. The levels of pregnancy and STD prevention are similar to other condoms.
  4. Lambskin condoms. Made of sheep intestines, this condom is the only one made of a natural animal product, so it doesn’t contain any of the proteins that prompt the latex allergy. While lambskin condoms are effective against pregnancy, tiny holes in the condom are big enough to allow viruses that cause STDs to pass through. Only use lambskin condoms if the risk of STDs isn’t a concern, Dr. Lang says.

If you’re concerned you might have a latex allergy, see your doctor. He or she will use either a skin or blood test to find out.

It’s also a good idea to ask your doctor for more information about latex-free protection during sex. He or she can offer advice on the best option for you and your partner.

When it comes to choosing the best condom for you, there are a few things to keep in mind: the fit, texture, thickness and what type of lube you can use with it. A snug-fitting condom feels better and is more effective at protecting you and your partner from STIs and (if applicable to your relationship) unplanned pregnancy. However, a condom that’s too tight might actually tear or break during sex.

On the other end of the spectrum, condoms that are too loose won’t be as effective in protecting you… Not to mention they’ll feel crap on and will get annoying pretty damn fast.

So the best condoms don’t just help you practice safer sex, they can make your time between the sheets more pleasurable (we’re talking textured and lubricated condoms here). You’ll probably need to experiment before you find the perfect rubber for the both of you, but hopefully that won’t be too much of a chore…

Disclaimer: no condom is 100% effective, and rates vary between brands, so always do your research before buying.

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Finding the best condom for both of you

While there’s nothing stopping you from using any one condom in all number of situations, selecting the best condom for the job in hand (so to speak) is important. In other words, consider your needs and desires, your partner’s, and what you’re likely to be getting up to together behind closed doors.

If the condom is there as a simple contraceptive, a thin and ultra-sensitive condom might benefit the individual with a penis more. To make sex and erotic play more of a turn-on for the both of you, experiment with a textured condom or one lubricated to produce a warm or minty-cold tingly feeling.

Anal sex demands a slightly thicker condom and increased lubricant – and do be careful to select something flavour-free to avoid irritating those slightly more sensitive areas.

Sexual health practitioners advise using a condom for oral sex too, especially if you’re hooking up with a new partner, and flavoured condoms will serve you best here. They also recommend using condoms if you’re planning on sharing sex toys, such as dildos or vibrators.

Some people suffer from a latex allergy, and luckily there are latex-free condoms to opt for instead. And if you’ve been put off certain brands in the past for ethical reasons, there are a growing number of vegan condoms that don’t use casein. These types of more eco-friendly johnnies generally having a lower chemical load too.

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The best condoms to buy now

(Image credit: Skyn)

1. Skyn Intense Feel Condoms

The best condom for feeling (it’s close to skin-on-skin)

Reasons to buy

+ Non-latex material + Smooth lubricant + Wave pattern with dots + Straight fit

Latex condoms are not universal. Some people have a severe allergy to the stretchy stuff, so Skyn’s super-thin polyisoprene construction – which retains the same level of protection against STIs and pregnancy without the latex – may be the only choice for those who can’t use anything else.

Allergy or not, though, that material feels significantly softer and, yes, more skin-like than standard latex, which means these might appeal to those who just don’t like the feel of regular condoms.

There’s a stack of varieties on offer for our best condom top pick, including a Large variant and an Extra Lubricated version. We’d suggest trying the Intense Feel (pictured) to take advantage of that advanced material.

(Image credit: Hanx)

2. Hanx Vegan Condom

A good all-rounder condom that feels good for her too

+Vegan latex +No extra additives +Non-pungent scent

Most latex condoms include casein, a cow’s milk derivative that helps soften the latex to make it more comfortable against the skin. Hanx switches this out for thistle extract, making this contoured condom certified as vegan.

There’s no spermicide or parabens in use here, so the chemical load is much lower, and a clean scent covers up the off-putting smell of latex. As for the feel, they’re thin and comfortable, and feel good for the both of you. A good all-rounder if you want a more eco-friendly condom… and one that looks pretty stylish in the wrapper too.

(Image credit: TheyFit/MyOne)

3. TheyFit / MyOne

The best condom for getting a custom fit

+ Custom-sized in length and width + Online fitting process + Discrete wrapping+ Very comfortable

It’s estimated that only 12% of people with a penis are using condoms that actually fit properly. TheyFit offers up 66 individual sizes depending on length and width, and will guide you through the fitting process (which doesn’t necessarily have to be done solo…) to ensure you find the right size, whether it’s bigger, smaller, or somewhere in between.

With the company acquired in 2017 by Karex, the TheyFit branding is now transitioning to that of similar US brand MyONE Perfect Fit – it’s the same product. Do note, though, that these use a silicon lubricant, which can be an irritant for some people.

(Image credit: Okamoto)

4. Okamoto Zero Zero Three Smooth

Want a smaller size condom? Here you go

+Super-thin latex+Heat transferring properties+Unusual powder lubricant+Lesser girth

Reasons to avoid

-Empty List

A narrower base ring, measured at around 52mm, means these Japanese imports might feel a little tight on some, but for the penis with slightly less girth they’ll be a good fit.

That ‘Zero Zero Three’ refers to the super-thin 0.03mm latex, engineered both for softness and for enhanced heat transfer between partners. It’s perfect if you’re looking for a little sensitivity, although while that latex is plenty strong we’d advise not getting too rough with it.

Unusually, these uncontoured condoms use a powder lubricant, which is something you’ll rarely find elsewhere. It’s great for a smooth feel without the sticky and often pungent lubes many other condoms favour. A worthy addition to our best condoms guide.

(Image credit: Durex)

5. Durex Mutual Climax

The best condom for evening things up

+ Benzocaine lube + Extravagant texturing + A whole lot of fun + Easy to apply

It is a fact that we can’t always stay in sync with our partners, and there’s no magic bullet for that. Working together to find that balance is a fun but sometimes frustrating experience.

If you’re looking to line things up a little better, these easy-on condoms pack a double dose of help: they’re ribbed and dotted to help stimulate the vagina, and they pack Durex’s Performa, a benzocaine-infused lubricant which can help slightly numb the penis to delay climax. The rest is down to you.

(Image credit: Pasante)

6. Pasante Unique Latex Free Condoms

An ultra-thin condom that’s safe to use with oil-based lube

+Wallet-friendly packaging+Generous width+Heat shrink tech+Latex-free

Compare to the rest of the rubbers in our best condoms guide, Pasante’s Unique condoms are just that: not only are they packaged differently, folded and slid in their threes into a sturdy flat credit-card sized container perfect for keeping stashed in a wallet or purse, but they’re quite unlike any other condom.

Made from a non-latex resin-based synthetic material, which means they can be used with oil-based lubricants, the Unique condoms use body heat to cling to the penis and ensure a comfortable fit. That’s handy, because they have a flared base, and at 60mm wide they’re a little more generous than some.

Crucially, these are amongst the thinnest condoms around, so if you’re looking for ultra-sensitivity they’re a strong choice. Don’t get them too hot while they’re still in the wrapper, though, as we’ve heard reports of them, er, shrinking themselves a tad early.

(Image credit: LELO )

7. Lelo Hex Condom

The best condom for the well-endowed

+ Thin, next-gen construction + Water-based lube + Deals with breaks well + Larger option

Inspired by the super-strong structure of graphene, Swedish brand LELO has produced the water-lubricated Hex as a unique combination of strength and thinness – and if there is a break anywhere in the condom, the hexagonal web will contain it to a single panel.

Slimmer than most in more than one respect (some report that the standard Hex runs a little tighter than most brands), there’s a second option for those with slightly more girth: the Hex Respect XL is 10% larger but still just as thin.

(Image credit: Passante)

8. Pasante Extra Condom

The one to help you enjoy safer anal sex

+ 1mm thick walls + Extra-lubed + Well sized + Hard to break

When you need a little additional protection and strength, a thicker condom is the best condom for you. Pasante’s Extras are average-sized, so you shouldn’t have any problem getting them to fit, but they’re also a full 1mm thick, meaning they’re suitable for extra-vigorous activity and great for worry-free anal sex.

Don’t think you’ll lose too much sensation; there’s extra non-spermicidal silicone lubricant on board for maximum feel – if you need to add more, just make sure it’s water-based to avoid degrading the latex.

Since most women orgasm from clitoral stimulation, not penetration alone, every extra bit of friction can only help you in that regard. While ribbed condoms might seem like a gimmick, the texture and added friction on the surface can actually provide some clutch clitoral stimulation to bring you to orgasm. Of course, there’s only so much info you can glean from reading condom boxes hastily in your local drugstore, so we’ve done the research for you. Here are the 11 best ribbed and textured condoms on the market right now.

1. Kimono MicroThin Ribbed + Sensi Dots

Adam & Eve

Kimono is one of the harder brands to find, but they’re considered a cult fave. They claim to be America’s thinnest textured latex condom, which adds sensitivity for both you and your partner. These condoms have stacked rows of raised dots, ribs, and another pattern of dots extending along the length of the condom.

Shop Now MicroThin Ribbed & Dots Condom, KIMONO (available on Adam & Eve), $15 for a box of 12

2. Adam & Eve Ribbed Condoms

Adam & Eve

These best-selling condoms (more than 35,000 sold) have a long-lasting silicone lubricant and ultra-strong latex for peace of mind and heightened sensitivity. Plus, for the price, it’s pretty hard not to at least try them out once (or 13 times).

Shop Now Ribbed Condoms, ADAM & EVE, $6 for a pack of 13

3. Playboy Pleasure Studded Condoms

Studded Pleasure Premium Condoms Playboy Condoms $16.99

These studded condoms are some of the highest rated on Amazon when it comes to textured condoms. A pack of 36 will cost you $16, which isn’t bad, and they’ve also got a silicone lube to ensure maximum pleasure. Out of nine reviews, all nine people gave it five stars and had nothing but good things to say about them—including that they feel better than other brands and tend to have less of a latex-y condom smell.

4. Rough Rider Studded Condoms


Cartoonish packaging aside, these condoms have some of the best reviews on Amazon for any condom, not just textured condoms. These are on the thin side, too, if that’s something you’re looking for.


Shop Now Studded Condoms, ROUGH RIDER (available on Amazon), $8 for a box of 24

5. Trojan Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms


For a more traditional ribbed condom, try these. The Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms boast a very impressive 4.5-star rating over 552 reviews. This thicker-style condom features deep ribbing for maximum stimulation.


Shop Now Ultra Ribbed Lubricated Condoms, TROJAN (available on Amazon), $12 for a box of 36

6. ONE 576 Sensations


No, there aren’t 576 condoms in this pack, unfortunately, but there are 576 individual studs on each condom to provide total stimulation everywhere. These studs are smaller and the latex is thinner, so if you’re looking for something with lots of contact points (not necessarily bigger ones), this is a good bet.

One Condoms

Shop Now 576 Sensations, ONE (available on Amazon) $13 for a box of 12

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7. Trojan Ecstasy Pack


If you’re looking for variety, try the Ecstasy pack. This box of 26 features several of Trojan’s best-selling ribbed condoms, including Double Ecstasy (lubricated inside for him and special intense lube on the outside for you), Pure Ecstasy (lube inside and out), Ultra Ribbed Ecstasy (deeper ribs outside), and Fire & Ice Ecstasy (lubricant that warms and tingles for both partners). Trojan Ecstasy condoms feature ribbing on the base and a larger, bulbous end at the head for more comfort.


Shop Now Ecstasy Pack, TROJAN (available on Amazon), $14 for a box of 26

8. Durex Intense Sensations Condoms


These condoms boast “extra-large dots,” and reviewers back this up. These have a four-star rating over 78 reviews. Multiple reviewers mentioned the dots are so large that both partners could feel them during sex, which could be a good or bad thing depending on your preference.


Shop Now Intense Sensations Condoms, DUREX (available on Amazon), $8 for a box of 12

9. Durex Performax Intense Condoms


If you want both ribbing and dots, look no further. These Durex condoms feature ribbing on the base as well as studs for a variety of sensations. They also come with a special lubricant designed to delay ejaculation, so you can rest easy knowing you’ll have time to get yours too.


Shop Now Performax Intense Condoms, DUREX (available on Amazon), $9 for a box of 24

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10. SKYN Extra Studded Condoms


These non-latex condoms are made with polyisoprene, making them great for people with latex allergies or sensitivities. These condoms are on the thinner side and feature dots for stimulation. Several reviewers gave these five-star ratings and mentioned that their female partners particularly liked them compared to other condoms.


Shop Now Extra Studded Condoms, SKYN (available on Amazon), $22 for a box of 10

11. Lelo Hex Condoms


These condoms aren’t marketed as being textured for the benefit of stimulation, although a friend of mine who has tried them says the texture is subtle but noticeable during sex. Instead, the unique hexagonal design is inspired by the geometry of the shape in nature—as one of the strongest shapes in nature, the hex allows the condom to stretch and flex for both parties’ comfort and pleasure.


Shop Now HEX Condoms, LELO, $35 for a pack of 36

Carina Hsieh Sex & Relationships Editor Carina Hsieh lives in NYC with her French Bulldog Bao Bao — follow her on Instagram and Twitter • Candace Bushnell once called her the Samantha Jones of Tinder • She enjoys hanging out in the candle aisle of TJ Maxx and getting lost in Amazon spirals.

Turns out, people aren’t using condoms nearly as much as they should. According to a recent survey among 1,000 participants at Adam & Eve, 63 percent claimed to not regularly use condoms. What’s more, only 34 percent of women and 23 percent men requested them. Yikes. This is a problem, as STIs are on the rise, and condoms help protect you from transmission. Basically, unless you’re in a monogamous relationship and have both been tested or you’ve had the talk with a partner, you really should be using condoms every time you have sex. Just because sex is safe doesn’t make it any less enjoyable! In fact, it’s even more enjoyable, simply because you can end that frisky session knowing your health hasn’t been compromised.

Yet, condoms get a bad reputation for being uncomfortable and blocking many of those feel-good sensations that make sex so incredible. Plus, it’s not just men who complain about them but women, too, as shown in the survey in particular. Still, they’re needed, and with the right education, you can find a condom that fits well and doesn’t decrease those sensations one bit. Some condoms even have nifty features, like ribbed texture, flavors, and more, all of which can enhance your sexual experience. “Condoms come in different thickness, which can impact the degree of sensation a male feels, and condoms can be smooth or textured, creating different experiences for the partners,” Dr. Felice Gersh, MD, an OB-GYN and author of SOS: A Gynecologist’s Lifeline To Naturally Restore Your Rhythms, Hormones, and Happiness, told POPSUGAR. “Trying out different textures can be rewarding.”

Here are the best condoms to use for maximum pleasure, recommended by Gersh, who added: “Having a condom that fits well is a number-one priority. If not just the right snugness, it could slip off, create too much constriction, or not provide proper contact.”

You probably don’t give much thought to condoms when it comes to your pleasure. After all, you use them to protect yourself from STIs and an unintended pregnancy, and their effectiveness is priority number one.

While condoms usually do their job when they’re used correctly, they can do more than just offer protection. In fact, some of the best condoms on the market can actually enhance a woman’s experience. “There are many different types of condoms out there for pleasure,” says sex therapist Debra Laino.

Textures are a big bonus when you’re using a condom—some brands offer ridges or studs, which can create different sensations in your vagina. “That’s very pleasurable for many women,” Laino says.

Of course, everyone is different and the type of condom that one woman obsesses over over just might not do it for you, and that’s okay. “Some people like the feeling of ribbed and other textured versions and others report that they don’t experience any difference in pleasure,” says Jessica O’Reilly, Ph.D., host of the @SexWithDrJess Podcast.

Ultimately, the fit, texture, flavor, and brand is a matter of personal taste, which is why it’s a good idea to experiment to see what works best for you and your partner, O’Reilly says.

Given that there are a bunch of condoms out there that promise to enhance your pleasure (and his), it’s tough to know where to start. That’s why we polled sex experts to determine the best condoms for women. Try one—or a few—until you find a favorite.



These condoms are 40 percent thinner than your average rubber, allowing you to get closer while still being protected. This “feels more natural, which many women like,” Laino says.

Buy it: $7.50 for 10,



Glyde bills itself as the smallest condom approved by the FDA, and it allows for a snug fit which feels great for both of you. The condoms are also vegan and non-toxic, and doesn’t have a strong, rubbery odor like a lot of other condoms, Laino says. “Even their flavoring is organic,” O’Reilly says.

Buy it: $15 for 12,

Find out what guys really think about condoms:



Lambskin condoms are much thinner than rubber condoms, and they tend to have a more natural feel. “These give women a deeper sense of intimacy as they do not feel like latex,” Laino says. Just keep this in mind: Lambskin condoms are more porous than latex versions and they don’t protect against STIs. So use this with your steady, monogamous partner—not for a one-night stand.

Buy it: $9 for three,

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These condoms are ultra-thin to give it a natural feel, enhancing your pleasure and his. They also don’t have a strong latex smell like some other brands, O’Reilly says.

Buy it: $25 for 24,


One Condoms

This condom has a “pleasure pouch” near the head, which can enhance your experience. “Some women feel more sensitivity against their G-spot because of the extra pouch,” O’Reilly says. The rubbers also have internal ribbing, which is a bonus for your guy.

Buy it: $6 for three,

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Sustain condoms tend to have a tighter fit, creating more of a natural feel for you, Laino says. They’re also fair trade and non-toxic, making them a good choice if you want protection with an eco-friendly side.

Buy it: $9.50 for 10,

Previous Version (01): Top 13 Best Safest Condoms

Sex is an activity that is practiced by two lovers. The lovers could be married or unmarried. Though sex is an enjoyable sensual activity, it can come with various risks, especially when unprotected. The side effects range from unwanted pregnancies to the spread of Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases (STIs Or STDs), including HIV. Considering sex in itself to be healthy, we should give top priority to our safety and that of our loved ones when engaging in sexual activity. One of the most used safety measures to prevent all of these is condoms, the best and safest condoms with top-rated reviews. The protection will (although we cannot say 100%) will help avoid the unwanted pregnancies and keep you safe from deadly Sexually Transmitted Infections. If you consider yourself sexually active and you have more than one partner, you should definitely go for the best and as well as the safe condom.

The condom can ensure maximum protection between you and your partner. These contraceptives not only provide protection but also help to make the activity more enjoyable. But wait, best condoms come in a wide variety; some are offering more safety than others. So which is the best and/or safest condom? People who ask this question most probably want to know the safest condom for them or their partners. In this article, we will review the top best and most reliable condoms to use that offer the prevention and sex experience you crave for.

#13. Shibari Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms


Although you might not hear much from this Shibari brand name, it can still be considered as one of the great on the market. This Shibari Premium is a completely lubricated latex. And as it stated on the vendor page, the condoms are approved by the FDA (The Food and Drug Administration) as well.

As you make a purchase, you will receive 144 of the safest condoms in one package in which each of them is wrapped individually. Of course, it is impossible to use all of them in one usage, that is why the box or the container is designed to the way that it is easy to store the remaining. Lastly, the scent of condoms is neutral.

In Short:

  • FDA approved
  • Contains 144 condoms in one package
  • Easy to store
  • Neutral Scent
  • Probably the most economical choice for latex with lubrication

#12. Lifestyle Snugger Fit Condoms

By: Lifestyle

Many consumers agree that this one is a bit thin. Thin can be either pro or con, and it is up to your preference to judge that. Some people prefer it to be thin to enjoy more pleasure while others want to stay on the safer side by acquiring thicker one. If you surely like a thin one, then this might be your option. By being thin, it can give you a simply incredible feeling. The ultra-grade construction ensures that you and your lovers have the best sensation and feeling.

On top of that, it is designed in a tighter fit size. Being tight can be both good or bad, and the ultimate factor still depends on the size of the individual. I would say tight provides pleasure; however, if it is too tight, as for your safety, it probably not for you.

Whatever it is, this is one of the best brands in the market. It is designed to deliver the unique pleasure that you long wait for. They are ultra-sensitive and lubricated to ensure maximum stimulation and to provide the enhanced sensation. Comes in a natural color and low latex scent, it helps to ensure you have a great time with your partner.

In Short:

  • 25 pieces per box
  • Thin and tight to provide more pleasure
  • Lubricated latex condom

#11. Durex Extra Sensitive Condom

By: Durex

Firstly, these aren’t some of those condoms which expire after a day or two. And, it’s not one of those which expire after a month or a year. With 5-year expiration date, this long expiry allows one to be able to buy in bulk without fear of them expiring.

Let enjoy every moment you have with your partner using Durex Extra Sensitive Condom. As the name suggests, this one is perfect for making your feeling arouse. It is extra lubricated. This is about preference. Some people prefer more, while others prefer less. As to my experience, people tend to prefer more lubricated condoms as it seems to be safer and can provide more pleasure. And if you are among these type of guys, this one is good for you.

It does come with a better smell compared to others. They have a pleasant smell that ensures you don’t get an unpleasant distraction when having a good time with your lover. Of course, being able to get a natural sensation and the right lubrication while using a condom is crucial. And, this pack features excellent condoms which provide the best feel and elevate the love-making process to an unforgettable experience.

Last but not least, these lubricated condoms pass through various tests to ensure that they provide maximum protection to the users in their sex life. Having made from high-quality natural rubber latex, the condom works perfectly in preventing unwanted pregnancies and reducing the risk of contracting STDs. Plus, they are highly flexible to prevent breakage.

In Short:

  • Expired in a 5-year time
  • Extra sensitive to help arouse the feelings
  • Extra-lubricated latex condoms
  • Smell very pleasant
  • Electronically tested

#10. Durex Condom Invisible, 16 Count, Ultra Thin Lubricated

By: Durex

Here is another Durex on the list. There is no need to praise about the brand since I believe that you already know this popular brand clearly – maybe more than I do. Durex surely has various version of condoms on the market, and this one seems to be one of the great. For your information, the length of the condom is 180mm while the width is 52mm.

As the name suggested, this is an invisible condom. This means that the manufacturer is trying very hard by making it in transparent color and making it as thin as possible without compromising the safety of the product. It is very thin that you almost feel that it does not exist. With that kind of situation, you will feel a much higher sensitivity than you have ever experienced with other condoms before. Similar to other condoms that are manufactured by Durex, this one is already electronically tested on strength, flexibility, and reliability. Thus, you do not have to worry much about safety.

If you believe in Durex and at the same time want a thin condom that provides maximum sensitivity and pleasure, these guys are your suitable choices.

In Short:

  • 52mm width, and 180mm long
  • Thin and almost invisible
  • More sensitivity
  • Electronically tested

#9. Sir Richard’s Condoms

By: Sir Richards Condom Company

First of all, whether you used to hear about Sir Richards Condom before or not, this brand is always well-known for pleasuring user. As the manufactured claimed, the condoms have gone through many tests to ensure that you have great pleasure when using it.

And as the name suggests, this is undoubtedly an ultra-thin condom. I do understand that most of us always want thin condoms as it usually gives better pleasure than the thick one. However, we always worry about safety when we hear the word thin. Luckily, with this ultra-thin, you should not have any worry about this anymore since it is FDA-approved and has already been tested to assure your safety already.

On top of that, this condom can be classified in economic class. And yes, this is an affordable condom whose quality is on a whole other level. Of course, squandering a fortune on a pack of condoms isn’t such an encouraging thing. So, if you want to be protected without spending too much, then you should take this into consideration.

Last but not least, have made in the United States, these best condoms are made of 100% natural latex and are ultra thin and provide a great sensation.

In Short:

  • Ultra-thin condoms for those who seek pleasure
  • FDA-approved and already tested for safety of use
  • 100% natural latex

#8. Durex Real Feel Avanti Bare Polyisoprene Non-Latex Condoms

By: Durex

As you go through the list, I bet you found most of them are latex condoms. There is nothing wrong with latex except that you are allergic to it. Thus, you need non-latex ones. This is why Durex Real Feel comes to the market.

First of all, these condoms are Polyisoprene non-latex condoms. Even it is non-latex, it is still an ultra-thin condom with lubrication to ensure you and your partner can naturally feel a so-called skin-on-skin feeling.

Just like all of the Durex condoms, these are also electronically tested carefully to make sure they have what you need for safe and pleasureful intercourse with your partner. Also, the condom is created in a shape that is comfortable to put on and wear. And at last, this is a dream condom for those who do not love the smell of latex.

In Short:

  • Polyisoprene non-latex condoms
  • Lubricated Ultra-thin condoms
  • Skin-on-skin feeling
  • Tested electronically
  • Good scent without latex smell

#7. Lifestyles Ultra Sensitive Condom

By: Lifestyles

I should have said earlier that Lifestyles is also among the best condoms providers. The quality is simply excellent compared to others in the market. The fact that it comes with the excellent lubrication ensures that you get the right feeling and have a sensational experience with complete safety.

On top of that, if you have used any of those weak condoms, then you must understand how frustrating breaking can get. I mean, the unwanted thing always happens when you’re in an almost uncontrollable mood. I am not going any longer but just picture it! To be honest, I actually have gone through almost all customer reviews, and I still do not see anyone with experience of condom break with this one. In addition to that, the reservoir tip also offers maximum protection that reduces risks of contracting STDs and getting unwanted pregnancies. Of course, breaking is possible but not in a normal using condition. With your purchase, you will notice that a single small pack contains 100 condoms, while the big one contains 250.

In Short:

  • Top-rated lubrication comes with the condoms
  • Thin but unbreakable in the normal using condition
  • Reservoir tip enhance safety and pleasure
  • Come in bulk: Small pack:100, Big pack: 250 condoms

#6. Trojan Condom Enz Lubricated

By: Trojan

Have you ever known that some Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) are hard to cure or even incurable? Perfect examples include Herpes Simplex, HIV, Human Papillomavirus (HPV), and Hepatitis A and B. Gonorrhea, which has been previously curable, is turning resistant to medication! Living a healthy life is what all of us want. Considering that these deadly STDs are transmitted through sex, does it mean that we stay away from it? Sex is the leading cause as to why we all came to exist; therefore, crucial in some way. But we should also not forget to safeguard our well-being by engaging in safe sex. That is why Trojan ENZ Lubricated Condoms exist.

The ENZ is considered the one with extra safety. These condoms never break even with tough uses. Even though they have a low breaking tendency, consumers should also use condoms in the right way.

Moreover, these condoms help to ensure that you get the best sex moment with your partner without compromising your safety. Having made in the United States, Trojan Condoms have turned to be among the most preferred condoms in the market. This is because they are made of premium latex hat help to eliminate risk besides coming with a lubricant that makes it easy and enjoyable to use. These condoms feature a classic design and have been electronically tested to ascertain that they provide the maximum protection you and your partner need. Although the condoms focus on safety, the manufacturer still thinking and making sure that condoms can still also provide an enjoyable moment for lovers.

In Short:

  • Comes under one of the famous brand name “Trojan”
  • Safe and almost unbreakable for normal use
  • Lubricated condoms that are made from high-quality latex
  • Made in the United States
  • Tested thoroughly

#5. Skyn Selection Condoms

By: Lifestyles

Enjoy your sex life without having to worry anymore about your safety and that of your partner. Skyn Selection Condoms are highly reliable when it comes to offering maximum protection against unintended pregnancies and contracting the Sexually Transmitted Infections.

On top of that, these condoms feature 40% more long-lasting ultra-smooth lubricant that plays an essential role in enhancing your sexual experience. Considering them to be free from allergens, these condoms are ideal for people who are allergic to latex condoms. Also, having made from a non-latex soft material, these condoms easily stretch, making them comfortable to wear – ideally for a big-size guy.

Last but not least, as you may see in the picture, one buy provides three different types of condoms. You will get 10 of the original flavor, while 6 for extra studded, and 8 for extra lube. For those who want to try a different type of condoms and see how different they are, this one is a must-buy for you.

In Short:

  • Trusted protection against pregnancy and STD
  • Ultra-smooth non-latex condoms with lubrication
  • Ideally for big size
  • Three different kinds of condoms in one package

#4. Trojan Magnum

By: Trojan

Have you ever known that sperms produced by an average man in 2 weeks are enough to get every fertile woman on the planet pregnant? Although it is weird, it is true. Now you can imagine the probability of getting a single fertile woman pregnant!

That shows how essential the safest condoms are when it comes to avoiding unwanted pregnancies. Trojan Magnum is one of the most recommended condoms in the market. And as written down there, this one is for large-size man for more joyful happiness and comfort. Whether it is good or bad depends on who you are.

By coming in a larger size as compared to the standard condoms, Trojan Magnum condoms are made of high-quality latex that keeps the ‘larger-sized’ men away from all sorts of risks. As a gold standard from Trojan, these so-called top-rated condoms have both safety and pleasure equally at the same time.

In addition, these Magnum condoms are safe and have been electronically tested to ascertain their reliability when it comes to offering maximum protection. The special reservoir tip works excellent in providing maximum safety while the tapered base works in ensuring a secure fit. The condoms have silky-smooth lubricant, which offers comfort and sensitivity.

Last but not least, with the top-rated quality, these condoms should be price higher than the general mid-quality product. Fortunately, the price for this one is very reasonable and can be sometimes cheaper than the regular condoms on the market. Most of the customers also agree on this same thing.

In Short:

  • Suitable for larger size
  • Made from top-rated latex
  • Electrically tested for its reliability
  • Exceptional reservoir tip and tampered base provide both safety and joy
  • Great price to quality ratio

#3. Trojan Pleasure Pack New Mix Premium Lubricated Latex Condoms

By: Trojan

If you regularly have protected sex with the safest condoms, there is no reason that you don’t know Trojan. This is one of the best condom brands. Trojan has been in the market for long already. When talking about safety, there should be a very minimal margin of worries.

For a great experience and unrivaled pleasure, and you sure need to try this one. This Trojan Pleasure Pack is made from high-quality latex to provide maximum protection for both partners. It is a perfect mixture of Double Ecstasy, Ultra Thin, Lubricated, Ultra Ribbed, and ENZ. With this kind of variety, there is no doubt that you can enjoy sexual activities to a maximum.

What’s more, it has been clinically tested and approved as each condom is electronically tested to ascertain safety. The ultra-thin condom is lubricated to ensure that you have the best moment with your partner.

In Short:

  • Five different kinds of condoms in one package
  • More comfort and sensitivity
  • Premium-quality latex condoms
  • Electronically tested to ensure safety

#2. Trojan Ultra Thin Latex Condoms

By: Trojan

Some of us might get confused between the Trojan Ultra-thin with Trojan Bareskin since the name of both condoms appears to have a similar meaning. So, let me clarify this! Bareskin is a non-latex that is a bit thinner and has the purpose of transferring your body heat with your partner to create sexual tension.

On the other hand, Ultra-thin is a latex condom that focuses on providing a natural feeling for both partners. Sure enough, these two still sound similar. The only way to know the difference is to try them out and experience reality.

Also, the quality of the raw materials for this Trojan Ultra-thin are guaranteed top-quality in order to prevent STIs and pregnancy. With the particular design of the reservoir end, it is an added up for even better safety level.

Similar to most of the safest condoms on this list, these Ultra-thin from Trojan is made in the USA and are 100% electronically tested before they appear in the consumer market.

In Short:

  • Come with the purpose of adding a natural feeling
  • Latex lubricated for safest condoms
  • Superior latex to help you from unwanted pregnancy and STIs
  • Made in the USA
  • Tested electronically

#1. Crown Condoms 100 Pack

By: Crown

If you look at the image, you can see the word “The Closest Thing To Nothing At All.” This is what the manufactured claimed their safest condoms to be. These safest condoms are thin and sensitive and come within the light-lubricated condition. Though ultra-thin, Crown Condoms have been tested and found to offer the best protection. With these, you don’t have to worry about contracting STIs or STDs or getting unintended pregnancies.

On top of that, these Crown condoms come with a pink tint and expire after two years. The Pink color makes it look natural. Some people said that Pink is the king color when it comes to the condom. Believe it or not, you need to see on your own eyes. Maybe, we have a different preference, yet I bet many likes pink condoms. With this Crown condoms, they have a natural color which gets one in the mood for a great experience and excellent performance. Of course, sex is more than just the physical act. Being in the right mood dramatically enhances the experience.

Thus, if you are really into something that is natural and is closest to nothing at all, it is worthy of giving this one a try and seeing how “closest to nothing” actually feel like.

In Short:

  • “The Closest Thing To Nothing At All”
  • Light-lubricated condoms
  • Ultra-thin yet hard to break
  • Comes in pink – the color that woman loves

Bonus – One Condoms One Mixed Pleasures

By: ONE® Condoms

First and foremost, these are well-packed safest condoms which come in enough numbers for one to be able to make numerous uses without having to rush to the market every time they get a hookup. With 40 of them from one buy, it will be more than enough.

On top of that, having made from latex, these condoms boast an ultra-grade construction. As one of the best condom brands, they are designed to ensure that you get the best protection against any form of risk. Of course, they are also quite comfortable and offer the ultimate sensation. One brand mixed pleasures help to provide maximum protection while still letting you and your partner enjoy the sexual moment.

Moreover, having made in the United States, these come in easy to use packets. Besides, they come in classy design and packaging and to provide safety and comfort.

And last but not least, If you have some concern or embarrassment on buying these stuff, One Condoms will not trouble you. It will be delivered and packed in a discrete – meaning that nobody knows what you are buying until you open the package.

In Short:

  • Comes with numerous amount in one package
  • The latex that has a great sensation
  • Made in the United States
  • Packed and delivered in a discrete
  • Electronically tested

Final Words

As we engage in our sex life, we surely give priority to happiness and pleasure. However, we should not forget to provide our health the top priority as well. For the unmarried partners, protected sex should never become an option, but a must. For married couples, they can use condoms as a contraceptive to help better manage births. Even though the world safest condoms don’t offer 100% protection, they help in reducing the risks associated with unprotected sex.

It is always advisable to ensure you wear the condom in the recommended way. You need to keep in mind that even though these best and safest condoms may offer protection, you need to always be careful, especially on rougher intercourse. Also, if you fail to pay some attention to how you wear it, you may end up wearing it the wrong way, exposing you to the risks you are trying to avoid.

On top of that, they are the best when it comes to offering protection of STIs, STDs, or pregnancy. Besides, they work great in helping you manage your sex life when still providing maximum pleasure for you and your partner. Let us take good care of ourselves and our partners by ensuring that we use the best and safest condoms to protect us and help us manage our sex life.

Standing in the “family planning” aisle can be stressful enough without trying to size up all the competing claims and adjectives in a rush. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Here’s how to break down all the terminology:


  • What it Means: This is a natural form of rubber used to make most condoms on the market.
  • Pros: Latex condoms are easy to find and they stretch to accommodate a wide range of sizes.
  • Cons: Some people are allergic to a protein in latex. And latex doesn’t mix with oil-based lubes, which can cause them to break or slip more easily.

Thin and Ultra-Thin

  • What it Means: Made from thinner-than-average latex.
  • Pros: Allows for more sensation but still just as safe. “At Babeland, sheer or thin condoms are the most popular- they allow for more sensation through the latex,” says Claire Cavanah, Babeland co-founder and co-author of Moregasm: Babeland’s Guide to Mind-blowing Sex. “The Condom Sampler, which has a selection of ten different brands and styles, is a bestseller.” They’re a hit elsewhere too. “Our best sellers tend to be those that are super sensitive and/or super thin,” says Coyote Days, the Good Vibrations purchasing and product manager.
  • Cons: Some people actually prefer thicker condoms because the decreased sensation allows them to last longer during sex.

Ribbed for Her Pleasure

  • What it Means: These condoms are designed with extra bumps and ridges.
  • Pros: The extra ridges are designed to stimulate the G-spot and provide extra stimulation. Thirty percent of women are unable to orgasm from intercourse alone, so some find the extra sensation pleasurable.
  • Cons: Some women find the ridges and bumps uncomfortable. These are usually thicker than standard condoms, so anyone looking for a thinner style might not like the feel.

Shared Pleasure (“Fire & Ice”)

Carol Queen, Good Vibrations

  • What it Means: These are coated inside and out with warming lube.
  • Pros: Some people find the warming or cooling stimulating.
  • Cons: Others find the sensation uncomfortable and distracting, which can make it difficult to climax. “I would never recommend the type of condom with additional sensation gel,” Queen says. “If you don’t like the way it feels, you’re either stuck with it or tempted to take the condom off.”

Climax Control

  • What it Means: Enhanced with desensitizing lube.
  • Pros: Makes the penis head less sensitive, so men who have a hard time lasting (1 out of 3 men experience premature ejaculation) may like the effect. Some of these condoms also have “arousal lubricant” on the outside of the condom meant to warm/tingle to enhance the experience for the partner while slowing it down for the wearer.
  • Cons: Men who don’t have a problem with premature ejaculation may find it decreases pleasure.


  • What it Means: Made from a part of a thin, porous membrane in a lamb’s intestine.
  • Pros: Can be a good alternative for anyone allergic to latex or plastic.
  • Cons: They do prevent pregnancy (not as effectively as latex), but don’t protect against STIs, so are only ideal for monogamous couples.


  • What it Means: Made from a special type of plastic that helps prevent pregnancy and STI infection.
  • Pros: Polyurethane is thinner than latex and comes in different sizes. It transfers heat better than latex, so it feels like less of a barrier. They’re also free of the latex smell, thin, and available in different sizes. Trojan Supra is a common drugstore brand.
  • Cons: They’re less stretchy than latex and not so form-fitting, so it’s a good idea to pair them with water-based lube. They can also be a little harder to find at drugstores.


  • What it Means: A synthetic latex material that’s just as strong but without the allergy-triggering proteins.
  • Pros: Generally stretchier and more resistant to breakage than other latex-free options and are more form-fitting. “We have a big demand for Lifestyle Skyn condoms,” Cavanah says.
  • Cons: They’re slightly thicker than polyurethane or latex, so some people may find them less comfortable.


  • What it Means: A chemical substance that stops sperm from moving.
  • Pros: No significant pros, although it’s intended to add another level of protection against pregnancy.
  • Cons: The active ingredient, nonoxynol-9, can irritate vulvar tissue and vaginal lining, causing micro-tears that increase the risk of contracting HIV or other STIs. The CDC and WHO do not recommend condoms with nonoxynol-9 for preventing infection or disease. “Babeland won’t stock anything with N-9, a spermicide that can increase your risk of HIV transmission,” Cavanah says.


Claire Cavanah, Babeland

  • What it Means: Standard latex condoms with either a flavored coating or a center layer containing a non-toxic phosphorous pigment that lights up in the dark.
  • Pros: Flavored condoms can enhance oral sex. “Flavored condoms now come in some surprisingly tasty flavors and are useful for fellatio,” Cavanah says. “Want to try banana split, island punch, or mint chocolate?”
  • Cons: Both are generally considered safe, but only one brand of glow-in-the-dark condom is actually FDA-approved (the Night Light brand). To be extra safe, you may want to consider these gag gifts or novelty items rather than reliable protection.

The Female Condom

  • What it Means: A polyurethane pouch with flexible rings on either end that’s inserted into the vagina before intercourse.
  • Pros: It allows women the opportunity to share responsibility for protection. It also helps reduce the risk of HIV and other STIs.
  • Cons: It’s slightly less effective than the male condom at preventing pregnancy and usually more expensive (about $4 each compared to about $1-$1.50).

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  • Condom
  • How effective are condoms?
  • How to put a condom on
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  • What are the benefits of condoms?
  • What are the disadvantages of condoms?

Condoms are great at preventing both pregnancy and STDs. If you follow the instructions and use them every time you have vaginal, anal, or oral sex, there’s very little chance of pregnancy, or getting or giving an STD.

How effective are condoms against pregnancy?

If you use condoms perfectly every single time you have sex, they’re 98% effective at preventing pregnancy. But people aren’t perfect, so in real life condoms are about 85% effective — that means about 15 out of 100 people who use condoms as their only birth control method will get pregnant each year.

The better you are about using condoms correctly every time you have sex, the better they’ll work. But there’s a small chance that you will get pregnant even if you always use them the right way.

Want even more protection from pregnancy? Check out IUDs and implants, or take this quiz to find the birth control method that’s best for you.

How can I make condoms more effective?

The best way to make condoms work as well as possible is to use them correctly every single time you have vaginal, oral, and anal sex. That means wearing it the whole time, from start to finish. Make sure the condom is rolled on your penis the right way before there’s any skin-to-skin genital contact. Read more about how to use condoms correctly.

Using condoms + another form of birth control (like the pill, IUD, or shot) is a great way to get extra pregnancy prevention AND protection against STDs. Using withdrawal (“pulling out”) while also wearing a condom can help keep sperm out of the vagina and lower the risk for pregnancy.

You shouldn’t use a condom worn on the penis together with a internal condom. Condoms are designed to be used on their own, and doubling up won’t necessarily give you extra protection. One condom used correctly is all the protection you need.

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