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11 Mental Health Podcasts to Subscribe To in 2018

While talking about mental health, therapy, and mental illness is still relatively taboo, there are some incredible trailblazers out there who are helping to break the stigma. The more we speak up about these topics, the less taboo they become. What better way to openly talk about mental health to a large audience than through a podcast?

Here are 11 examples of mental health-related podcasts that are informative and entertaining!

Talkspace’s 2018 Mental Health Podcast List

The Hilarious World of Depression

Mental illness is no laughing matter, but sometimes we need to take a step back from our problems and be able to have a good sense of humor about them. So if you’re already at that point, or trying to reach it, check this one out! It features actors and comedians who struggle with depression — and still find time to laugh.

Terrible, Thanks For Asking

I haaate when people ask, “How are you?” and don’t really care about the response. Such is small talk. I always feel like I’m obligated to say “Good, thanks,” even though what I really want to say is the title of this podcast: “Terrible, thanks for asking!” Host Nora McInerny urges listeners to be honest and unashamed of their struggles. I’m on board.

Happier Podcast

Happiness seems elusive, or at least fleeting, to many (namely, me). Happier Podcast by Gretchen Rubin, New York Times best selling author (who, by the way, has been interviewed by Oprah so you know she’s the real deal) strives to make your life a little bit happier, in simple and realistic steps. Go on, try it out!

Recovery Unscripted

There isn’t really a roadmap for sobriety — well, there are a few, but that doesn’t mean the path is always easy or straight. Recovery Unscripted brings fresh perspectives from inside the world of addiction and mental health recovery. Hosted by David Condos (also a great musician!) and powered by the Foundations Recovery Network, the podcast’s mission is to educate and inspire by sharing valuable addiction insights and powerful recovery stories.

Each episode features candid conversations with influential figures, from authors and clinicians to executives and leaders within the recovery community. Guests openly share personal recovery journeys and firsthand experiences, and listeners can join the discussion too!

Meditation Minis Podcast

This is the podcast for you if you’re looking to try out meditation for its wide variety of mental health benefits but don’t know where to start…or don’t have the time! Most episodes are right around 10 minutes long, making meditation doable for even the busiest of bees.

The Hardcore Self Help Podcast

I mean, who doesn’t need some hardcore self help once in a while? This one’s hosted by Robert Duff, Ph.D. who answers listeners mental health questions “WITHOUT psychobabble BS.” He aims to talk to listeners as if he was talking to friends, not just a bunch of internet strangers. In recent episodes, some topics that’ve been covered are borderline personality disorder, bipolar depression, and perfectionism.

Not Another Anxiety Show

This one not only discusses anxiety and panic attacks, but it also provides some relaxation tools like deep breathing exercises or meditations. It’s both educational and motivational because it will inspire you to take steps outlined by host Kelli Walker, who is a registered nurse and certified health and wellness coach. She’s a former agoraphobe, so she has experience and success with overcoming anxiety herself. If she can do it, so can you!

Anxiety Slayer

This podcast sounds like the name of a superhero — and I love it! Sometimes, to conquer anxiety, it does feel like you need super powers. The podcast will give you tools to relax and reduce anxiety. It’s hosted by Ananga Sivyer and Shann Vander Leek who are authors and anxiety coaches — not to mention, award winning podcasters.

The OCD Stories

The OCD Stories podcast is hosted by Stuart Ralph, who interviews both OCD sufferers and mental health professionals who specialize in OCD. By chatting with folks who are actively overcoming OCD, Ralph inspires others to face their battles head-on and become OCD warriors themselves.

Jen Gotch is OK…Sometimes

This podcast is brand new, and brings a unique perspective. The host is Jen Gotch, founder and Chief Creative Officer of fashion brand She’s been known to candidly speak about her struggles with anxiety and depression on Instagram — going so far as to post videos of herself having anxiety attacks. Her podcast is an extension of this, and her goal is to make listeners know they aren’t alone.

Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

We all know that in life the smallest thing can have the biggest effect. The same goes for tiny changes we can make in our life that have a big impact on our wellbeing. The Tiny Leaps, Big Changes podcast provides listeners with simple action items that can be implemented to up their wellness game.


Award-winning psychotherapist Dr. Sheri Jacobson has sat on both sides of the therapist’s chair. In the TherapyLab podcast, she explores people’s personal insights into therapy, mental health and wellbeing. Through candid conversations with inspirational people including musicians, photographers and authors, the series is great listening for anyone who has ever wondered “what is therapy like and how does it help?”

Talkspace On Recent Podcasts

Whenever there’s a chance to add to the mental health discussion, and eliminate stigma around mental health issues, Talkspace is all about it!

Here are some podcast episodes that recently featured Talkspace or one of our therapist partners:

  • The Business Journals Podcast – WANTonomics Ep. 011 – Talkspace with Co-Founder Roni Frank
  • GROUP Podcast – Online Counseling with Derrick Hull, VP of Clinical Research and Development at Talkspace
  • Motivation Report – Therapy with Shannon McFarlin MA, LMFT, Talkspace therapist
  • Strategy Hour – Live Therapy Session: Setting Boundaries, Our Relationship with Food and Intentional Mindfulness with Dr. Rachel Greenberg, LCP, Talkspace therapist
  • Real Life Podcast – Notations, Expectations, and Mental Health co-hosted by Lou Carfizzi, LPC, Talkspace therapist
  • The Thoughtful Counselor – Counseling in the Wake of a Turbulent Election with Dr. Donna Sherperis, LPC, Talkspace therapist
  • Supervision Support – Episode 9 with Dr. Tavari Brown, LPC, Talkspace therapist

Try a New Podcast Today

Go on and get listening! You might find yourself inspired and on a path to bettering yourself…and who knows, maybe one day you’ll start your own mental health podcast.

13 of the best podcasts for mental health

Tuning into a podcast can be a great way to practise self-care and to reflect on our mental health – and the wellbeing of those around us too.


Research has shown that around two-thirds of us will experience poor mental health in our lifetime, so this really is an issue that affects everyone.

To mark Mental Health Awareness Week, we’ve put together a collection of podcasts about mental health for you to listen to, covering a range of topics from bereavement to anxiety.

13 mental health podcasts for wellbeing


Happy Place

Fearne Cotton has managed to round up a fantastic array of guests for her podcast series about mental health including Dawn French, Stephen Fry, author Matt Haig and Olympic diver Tom Daley.

The tone of the podcast is sometimes light-hearted and often moving as the celebrities open up about mental health issues they’ve faced.

The tagline of this podcast from The Telegraph is “It’s totally normal to feel weird” and that’s exactly what Bryony Gordon aims to do in each episode. Her guests include writers, actors, chefs and TV personalities from Gizzi Erskine to Spice Girl Mel C.

She even managed to bag a royal guest in the form of Prince Harry in 2017 – you can listen to the episode here.


Mentally Yours

Hosted by Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster, from, Mentally Yours chats to all sorts of guests about their own struggles and discusses “all the weird stuff going on in our minds.”

With mental health as an ongoing theme, the pair talk with no stigma about everything from mental health in fiction to planning a wedding with anxiety and the stress of money, with guests sharing plenty of personal experiences and tips along the way. Listen here.

Take better care of your body and mind with Dr Rangan Chatterjee in this eclectic podcast which covers everything from anxiety to gut health.

In this podcast, we hear stories from leading health experts who offer practical and straightforward advice. Well worth a listen.

“A show about clinical depression…with laughs? Well, yeah,” reads this podcast’s description. It may seem like a slightly odd concept but lots of us have suffered with the isolating condition and it doesn’t mean always being down, so neither should a podcast about the topic.

Host John Moe is joined by comedians who have experienced depression themselves for insightful conversations with a few laughs thrown in. It is well worth your time if you’re suffering or just want to learn a little more about the world of depression.


The Dark Place

Everyone goes to a darker place at some point, but that can be a difficult thing to acknowledge. The Dark Place podcast, hosted by Joel Kutz, aims to break the silence by talking to ordinary people about times in life when they’ve felt low. Expect stories about depression, anxiety, trauma and mental illness.

Joel says the concept is simple, “It’s just an open, non-judgemental space that hopes to show that if you’re struggling, you’re not alone.” Listen here.

Inspirational lady and founder Jen Gotch started this honest podcast to talk about her fears, pain and triumphs – hoping to help listeners become more self aware, build their emotional intelligence and, more than anything, feel less alone.

Her approach is spot on. As one listener says, this really is the “most helpful, heartfelt and humorous podcast hosted by the most down-to-earth, wise and hardworking gal. What a treat to listen to, learn from, and laugh with her each week!”

Sometimes when someone asks, “How are you?” the only honest answer is “Terrible, thanks for asking.” In this podcast, hosted by Nora McInerney, we are encouraged to stop brushing off this question with answers like, “Fine”, and instead be honest with ourselves and others about our feelings.

Regular listeners know this is a winning combination. One reviewer explains, “The topics are handled wonderfully and sensitively, and despite the painful topics there is no feeling of it being a misery fest, in fact at times I find myself smiling, laughing and cheering.” Listen for yourself here.


The Griefcast

As the name suggests, The Griefcast presented by Cariad Lloyd covers bereavement and the grieving process, but all of the guests are comedians.

Bereavement is a subject that we often shy away from because it can make people feel uncomfortable, so it’s refreshing to hear grief talked about so openly.

As one reviewer says, it is “the perfect combination of funny and sad”.


All In The Mind

Explore the vast potential of the human mind, as well as its limits, in this BBC Four podcast. The podcast takes quite a scientific approach but also offers a lot of information and advice.

Topics range from the effects of antidepressant withdrawal to dementia, sleep paralysis and more. Their short series on ‘How To Be Less Lonely’, drawing on the results of a massive study into the topic, is particularly useful. Listen here.

Listen to Oprah’s interviews with thought-leaders, authors and spiritual figures from around the world in this relaxing podcast which tackles life’s big questions.

Episodes include Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh talking about how to live with compassion, a mother who lost her children in a house fire talking about how she found the strength to live in the aftermath, and author Tim Storey explains how you can turn a setback into a comeback.

Gregg Clunis says that personal development is all about taking tiny leaps which add up to big change in life. In this podcast, he shares simple strategies we can implement into our lives to start moving the needle towards our biggest goals.

Mental health isn’t at the core of this podcast, but Gregg’s philosophy is all about understanding the factors that cause and affect change across all of life – with his help and inspiration, it becomes much simpler to make small changes and, more importantly, see where they might lead. Have a listen here.

This is a podcast for everyone who suffers from stress and anxiety to any degree. Host Kelli Walker is a registered nurse and each episode includes helpful advice for managing anxiety with practical tips and guidance.

You’ll also develop a better understanding of what anxiety is and how it can take hold.


Photo by Franz Harvin Aceituna on Unsplash.

Psychology, Therapy, and Mental Health Podcasts

Podcasts have become a popular medium for sharing information in an engaging, digestible, and on-the-go way. Easy to stream and download digitally, the psychology podcasts we’re sharing today can help you deepen your understanding of the mind, emotions, and mental health as a topic of interest or career. Many feature engaging hosts and interview leading experts in the fields of neuroscience, therapy, psychology, and mental health.

Whether you are a seasoned mental health professional, starting out as a mental health practitioner, looking for a therapist, or interested in all things psychological, there may be a podcast here for you. With topics ranging from spirituality and mental health to how sugar affects the brain, these psychology podcasts cover a broad range of interesting topics.

We have compiled two groups of psychology podcasts. One includes mental health and psychology podcasts for those interested in learning more about new discoveries in neuroscience or people seeking information about dealing with mental health issues. The second collection of podcasts are all made specifically to inspire, mentor, and connect professionals in the mental health field.

The podcasts below can all be streamed for free. GoodTherapy does not endorse the podcasts featured below.

Psychology and Mental Health Podcasts

Hidden Brain
Shankar Vedantam is an NPR science correspondent and the host of Hidden Brain, a name shared with the title of his book. This podcast focuses on the little things that often go overlooked in our daily lives. Hidden Brain unravels patterns that influence our behaviors, the instincts that guide our choices, and elements that affect the unfolding of our relationships.

Mental Illness Happy Hour
The Mental Illness Happy Hour is a podcast intended for people curious about or experiencing mental health issues. Los Angeles comedian Paul Gilmartin hosts each episode with compassion, empathy, and knowledge from his own experiences with clinical depression and alcoholism. Paul’s guests range from artists and friends, to doctors and mental health professionals, to listeners and fans of the show. In a interview, Paul discusses the process of creating and hosting The Mental Illness Happy Hour.

PsychCrunch is the official podcast from the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest. It is presented by Dr. Christian Jarrett, a cognitive neuroscientist, editor of the British Psychological Society’s Research Digest, and author of the upcoming book, PERSONOLOGY, Using the Science of Personality Change to Your Advantage. PsychCrunch explores the real-life application of psychological science by asking psychologists to compare the findings from their research to their experiences in daily life.

All in the Mind
Described as an “exploration of all things mental,” Radio National’s All in the Mind combines personal stories with professional insight. With presenter Lynne Malcolm, this program delves into our minds and investigates how thoughts shape the human experience. While many facets of the human brain have yet to be exposed, All in the Mind takes time to highlight the correlations between our behaviors and their corresponding psychological functions. In the episode “Therapy Outside the Box,” Malcolm and guests discuss new research on the intrinsic patterns and processes that can affect mental health and how a transdiagnostic approach could offer hope.

Latin for “the invisible things,” Invisibilia is an NPR program focusing on unseen influences that affect our lives every day. Examining thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and how these tie into our actions, Invisibilia utilizes a unique blend of psychological science and real life narratives. Listeners are inspired to think, live, and behave in a newly informed way.

Shrink Rap Radio
Shrink Rap Radio is hosted by Dr. David Van Nuys, an emeritus professor of psychology at Sonoma State University, and features interviews with experts in the realms of psychotherapy, psychology, spirituality, and beyond. In episode 527, founder and clinical director of the Center for Healthy Sex, Alexandra Katehakis, MFT, discusses sex addiction in the context of affect dysregulation. For those who are new or missed an episode, Dr. Dave lists the transcripts of previous shows on his site.

The Psych Files
Host Michael A. Britt hopes that The Psych Files gets listeners as enthusiastic and engrossed in psychology as he is. Taking an informal approach to his discussions, Britt interviews authors and researchers in the field of mental health and psychology. Together, they cover current events and patterns of human behavior, exploring how these tie into elements of psychology.

The Psychology Podcast
Intellectual yet engaging, The Psychology Podcast sheds light on the inner world of mind, brain, behavior, and creativity. Host Dr. Scott Barry Kaufman, currently a professor of positive psychology at University of Pennsylvania, speaks with a featured guest every episode. Through The Psychology Podcast, they seek to increase our self-understanding and awareness of the world, stimulate thought, and open our eyes to the possibility inherent in humankind.

2 Guys On Your Head
Dr. Art Markman and Dr. Bob Duke analyze various facets of human behavior and the brain in their weekly podcast, 2 Guys On Your Head. Host Rebecca McInroy facilitates conversations between the two psychologists that explore a vast range of topics.

Happier With Gretchen Rubin
Happier with Gretchen Rubin features conversations between Rubin and her sister, Elizabeth Craft. Called the “Click and Clack of podcasters,” the two discuss topics that center around habits of happiness and good mental health in a relevant way that is often laced with popular culture. Included in the Academy of Podcasters “Best Podcasts of 2016” and consistently ranked in iTunes Top Charts, this podcast reminds us that life is an ongoing experiment.

Brain Science Podcast
Dr. Ginger Campbell hosts the Brain Science Podcast, which keeps a wide audience informed on new discoveries in neuroscience. Dedicated to exposing the scientific method’s effectiveness in solving mysteries of psychology, the Brain Science Podcast features conversations with world-renowned scientists. By understanding how the brain functions, Dr. Campbell seeks to gain perspective on what contributes to our humanity.

Psych Sessions
Author and speaker Jimmie Morris, MA, LPC-S, NCC, is the host of Psych Sessions. One of the most popular psychotherapy podcasts out there, Psych Sessions is on a mission to assist people who want to learn more about mental health and psychiatry. The show invites seasoned therapists and clinicians to share their insights with an audience that spans from curious to experienced. On the subject of his own practice, Dr. Morris says, “I love helping people look at the uncertainties that are affecting their lives and helping them to respond in different ways.”

Kati Morton, Therapist and Friend
Youtuber and entrepreneur, Kati Morton, LMFT, is known for her mental health video blog (vlog). With new videos every Monday and Thursday, Kati Morton, Therapist and Friend speaks on subjects including anxiety, depression, abuse, eating issues, and self-harm. With her vast collection of videos, Kati seeks to connect with and encourage her growing viewer base, reduce the stigma associated with getting mental health treatment, and send the message to anyone with a mental health issue that they are not alone.

Where Should We Begin?
In her podcast titled Where Should We Begin, Esther Perel, LMFT, and AASECT certified sex therapy supervisor, delves into topics on relationship health. Author of bestseller, Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence, Esther speaks on healthy sexuality, connection, infidelity, and mental health for couples in her podcast and shares stories of other couples to educate and inspire those who may find themselves in similar situations.

Podcasts for Therapists—Storytelling Through Video
Ernesto Segismundo Jr., LMFT, is the creator of, a website that makes videos to help therapists promote their businesses. In his podcast,—Storytelling Through Video, Ernesto seeks to tell the stories of mental health professionals and the people who work with them to inspire others and demonstrate how success can be achieved by implementing good strategies.

Love Your Practice
Presented by TherapyPartner and hosted by Jessica Dolgan, PsyD, the Love Your Practice podcast is key for mental health professionals who are serious about their private practice. Featuring interviews with industry leaders, tips for overcoming industry obstacles, and inspiration for mental, physical, and financial growth, this podcast delivers relevant information in doses mangageable for on-the-go professionals. Topics covered range from tips for streamlining your practice to the value of preventative care.

The Private Practice Startup Podcast
Creators of The Private Practice Startup Podcast, Kate Campbell, PhD, LMFT, and Katie Lemieux, LMFT, are two therapists with entrepreneurial spirits dedicated to helping other therapists brand themselves and grow their dream practice. The Private Practice Startup interviews experts in the business and mental health arenas and focuses on marketing and building a lifestyle business. Episodes are filled with #NinjaTips, tricks, and secrets to navigating the modern world of private practice with success.

Selling the Couch
Selling the Couch provides a wealth of knowledge for mental health professionals looking to optimize their private practice. Host Melvin Varghese, PhD, converses with business coaches, marketing experts, and experienced clinicians so that listeners can get the most from their best advice. From successful daily habits to social media tips and pitfalls, Selling the Couch brings a down to earth approach and great resources to building the authenticity of your practice.

Practice of the Practice
Joe Sanok, LLP, LPC, NCC, knows that starting a private practice after grad school and clinical training can be an overwhelming process into which many walk unprepared. That’s why he started Practice of the Practice, a podcast focused on giving therapists the information, tools, and skills they need to succeed at the business side of running a practice. Joined by his business consultant, Alison Pidgeon, LPC, Joe encourages listeners to adopt methods that can help them ethically make more money, add clinicians to their practice, or start consulting. In episode 211, below, Joe chats with Chris Dayley, VP of testing and site optimization at Disruptive Advertising, about the psychology of marketing.

Therapy Chat
Therapy Chat is hosted by one of our own Topic Experts and psychotherapist, Laura Reagan, LCSW-C. In her podcast, she converses with guests about alternative approaches to healing through psychotherapy and counseling. By employing mindfulness and self-care to avoid therapist burnout, Laura brings a universal perspective to practicing therapy. Somatization, trauma, EMDR, and art therapy are only a few of the wide variety of topics she discusses.

TherapyTech with Rob and Roy
Roy Huggins, LPC, NCC, and Rob Reinhardt, LPCS, MEd, NCC, dub their podcast, TherapyTech with Rob and Roy, “The most fun therapists can have listening to a podcast about technology!” The podcast covers topics to help therapists navigate the technology that comes with the territory while improving their business and keeping up-to-date with HIPAA and ethics. Currently, season one is free to stream on their website.

The Social Work Podcast
The Social Work Podcast, created and hosted by Jonathan Singer, PhD, LCSW, is a wealth of information on nearly any social work-related subject, including education, direct practice, and research. With guest interviews and topics that cover everything from practicing social work abroad to the teenage brain and neuroscience, this podcast has something to pique the interest of those who want to learn more about social work. Dr. Singer is also involved with #SPSM chat (Suicide Prevention Social Media), a space for mental health professionals to share and generate ideas and practices for making suicide “a ‘never’ event.”

The ACA Podcast Series
The American Counseling Association (ACA) has been sharing a series of interview-style podcasts since 2008. Geared toward helping mental health professionals save time and money, The ACA Podcast Series offers on-the-go knowledge to help you grow as a mental health practitioner. Many of the series even provide opportunities for earning Continuing Education credits, making this podcast both informative and practical.

We All Wear It Differently
Self-described as, “a podcast for psychologists,” We All Wear It Differently features conversations with established mental health professionals. The podcast seeks to boost the confidence of those new to the career as well as motivate seasoned practitioners. Recognizing that staying passionate and engaged is a must in order to help others, We All Wear It Differently allows professionals to share their stories of challenge and triumph in the mental health field.

The Therapist Experience Podcast
The Therapist Experience Podcast, hosted by Perry Rosenbloom, founder and CEO of Brighter Vision Web Solutions, features interviews with experienced therapists about the ins and outs of growing a private practice. Discussions cover many topics essential to a thriving private practice, including marketing, developing a niche, and how to navigate the entrepreneurial scene as a business owner.

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