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The best gifts for twin babies are the items parents of twins will need to have when their twins are born.

As a friend or family member, you can greatly help parents of twins by purchasing these much-needed items.

Instead of buying them adorable outfits or the latest and greatest new pacifier, what they really need are these essential items.

As parents of twins ourselves, we have created this list of gifts for twins that will help you stand out from their other friends.

1. A Lightweight Double Stroller Frame for Infant Car Seats

The most useful gift for twin babies anyone can buy is a a Lightweight Double Frame Stroller!

A double frame stroller is designed to allow you to snap your twins car seats directly into a lightweight stroller frame. This is important because your twins will spend much of their first six months sleeping and growing.

The Baby Trend Snap N Go is by far our favorite. It works with all the major car seat brands without any additional attachments.

Recommended Weight: 5lbs to 40lbs

Lowest Price:

Price: $75.34

By simply unsnapping your car seats from their bases in your car and snapping them into the stroller frame, you will be able to take your twins on outings without having to wake them up.

2. Two Infant Car Seats

The first type of car seat you can buy as gifts for twin babies is designed specifically for infants.

The carrier portion of the car seat can be removed from the base, which will remain in your car. By removing the car seat from the base, you will be able to let your twins continue to sleep and will not need to wake them up by removing them from the car seats.

All the car seats we recommend are compatible with the Baby Trend Snap N Go double stroller frame.

The Graco SnugRide SnugLock 35 LX Featuring TrueShield Technology is our number one recommendation for newborn infant car seats. It is Graco’s safest car seat yet. It has received 4.7 out of 5 stars from customers on

3. A Bassinett Designed for Newborn Twins

Sometimes called a portable playard, pack-n-play or bassinet, a foldable crib will be an important staple of your new life as a parent of twins.

This playard can be placed next to your bed during the early days when your twins are feeding frequently.

You can also bring it into the living room and use it during the day for naps and as a safe place to lay your twins down.

This will be the place you lay your twins down to nap throughout much of the day. During the day, many parents have this crib in the main sitting room. At night, many parents bring this crib into their bedroom.

In the early days, your twins will feed a lot. Most new babies feed every 1-2 hours for weeks. Having this crib right next to the bed makes these frequent feedings much easier.

The Baby Trend Twin Nursery Center is more than just a portable crib. It comes with an organizational basket and removable bassinets.

When your twins are older, it is a great place for them to safely play and practice tummy time.

4. Two Bouncer Seats

One of the absolute must have gifts for twin babies is a bouncer seat for each twin.

The Fisher-Price Infant-to-Toddler Rocker is our favorite choice for bouncer seats. These seats are comfortable, well-made, lightweight and adorable.

Product Details:

Colors: 8 Colors and Patterns to Choose From

Price: $29.00-$69.99

Lowest Price:

These seats can be used for many purposes. They are the perfect place to bottle-feed your twins. Simply sit your babies in the seats, strap them in, and feed.

Babies love to be held. Holding one baby for hours a day can be tough enough, but holding twins can often be impossible. We often placed our twins into these bouncers, strapped the in and gently rocked them with our feet. Often the gently rocking put them right to sleep and allowed us to get a much-needed break.

These bouncers are also a great, safe place to put your twins if you need to go to the bathroom or get something to eat.

Unlike a large bassinet or portable playard, these bouncers can easily be taken into the kitchen, bathroom, porch, yard, or anywhere else you want to go.

5. An Awesome Diaper Bag Created with Newborn Twins in Mind

Initially, parents of newborn twins will need a diaper bag that has a lot of smaller compartments to help them organize all of their twins items. It should also come with an insulated compartment for bottles, a changing pad and a baby wipes container.

The Bag Nation Diaper Bag Backpack is an awesome backpack for parents of newborn twins.

It has tons of pockets designed to hold diapers, bottles, wipes, clothing, toys and more. It comes with a large changing pad and can be worn as a backpack so you can get it completely out of the way.

Product Details:

Price: $65.95

Lowest Price:

6. A Comfortable, Versatile Baby Carrier

Many parents of newborn twins have so many items to buy for their twins, that they try to save money by buying a cheap baby carrier or not buying one at all.

Helping them buy these much needed gifts for twin babies is a great way to show your support.

This is one of the nicest, most helpful gifts you can buy a parent of newborn twins.

There are some carriers made specifically for carrying twins, but we do not recommend them. They are hard to use and we did not find many times when carrying both twins at once was needed or practical.

When the twins are firstborn, parents of twins will want to use a baby wrap. Baby wraps allow the parent to attach the baby to them in a variety of ways. They keep the newborns neck protected and the baby close to the parent.

Our favorite wrap for carrying newborn babies is the Ergo Baby Wrap by CuddleBug. It allows you to essential swaddle your baby against your body. It is versatile, comfortable and effective.

Product Details:

Size: For Newborns and Babies from 2 to 35lbs

Colors: Comes in Grey and Pink

Price: $37.95

Lowest Price:

The Ergobaby 360 All Carry Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Baby Carrier is our favorite versatile baby carrier by far.

Product Details:

Size: NOT for Newborns. Use this carrier with twins weighing 12-33lbs

Colors: Comes in 16 Colors and Patterns

Price: $104.95- $160.00

Lowest Price:

In summary, the best gifts for newborn twins are those the parent will need. Be the friend who buys them a great gift for their twins and helps ease the financial burden of preparing for twins.

Comment below and let us know if we left any cool gifts for newborn twins off our list.

Twin Baby Shower Gifts: Ideas for Twin Boys & Girls

If you’re looking for twin baby shower gifts, you may be asking yourself what to buy, and whether or not you should give one gift per child. If you can afford it, a gift for each baby is nice. It signals that you consider the children as individuals, and that you are sensitive to the fact that the cost of raising twins is higher than raising one child. If it’s too expensive for you to spend double the amount on twin baby shower gifts, consider buying something for the mom-to-be. It could for instance be a twin nursing pillow, books about having twins or twin baby memory books.

What about the twin baby shower registry?

It’s good etiquette to ask whether or not there is a registry, and to take a look at it before you buy gifts. You don’t necessarily need to go with it, if you have a great idea of you own, but the family usually puts a lot of time and thought into the registry. Take a peek at it to find out if there’s something they really seem to need.

Twin baby shower gifts for twin boy and girl

Twin Gift Basket
This cute gift basket for twins include two teddy bears, a soft blue blanket and a soft pink blanket, a blue and a pink baby bottle, a blue and a pink bootie set, a blue and a pink baby cap, a blue and a pink embroidered bib, two brush and comb sets and a blue and a pink baby picture frame.

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Twin Clothing Cupcakes
These cute clothing cupcakes are the perfect twin baby shower gift. It comes with six short sleeved bodysuits, four pairs of socks, four pairs of mitts, two bibs and two muslin squares. You can choose different colors making it a good choice for boy-boy and girl-boy twins as well. It’s available in pink, blue, white or pink and blue mixed.

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Twin Diaper Cake
This diaper cake is available in pink, blue and neutral colors, in a range of animal themes. It’s made of Pampers size 2 diapers and inside you find two baby’s first piggy banks. There’s also one fleece baby shawl, three muslin cloths, two pairs of mittens, two pairs of socks, two baby’s first brush & comb sets and two zebra soft toys with built in rattles

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Personalized twin gift frame
This frame for twins can be personalized with the names, birth dates and times, weights or other wording. You can choose between 2 handmade crochet pink or blue bunnies or elephants – or one of each. It’s a white wood deep box frame. It’s large, to accommodate the 2 bunnies or elephants, and has a 20 x 20 cm printed centre. It’s approximately 24 x 24 cm from the outside frame edge to edge. The frame is around 3.5 cm deep, and has a hook for hanging onto a wall on the back. It’s possible to request other colors for the frame design as well. The frame arrives in a white gift box, wrapped in tissue paper and a ribbon.

Go to Store Crochet dinosaurs
These dinosaurs are made of 100 percent acrylic wool, and the filling is made of non-allergenic polyester fibres. They are appropriately 14 cm tall and width is appropriately 11 cm.
You can purchase two green dinosaurs, two pink dinosaurs or one pink and one green dinosaur. They also come in blue & green.

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Twin memory boxes
These wooden memory boxes with ceramic hearts or wooden star tags are perfect for twins. There are two sizes available, and colors and decor can customized.

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Twin Bibs
These bibs are made of 100 percent cotton and has a velcro closure. They come in black, blue, pink and white and can be mixed and matched as preferred. You can also change the writing so it fits boy-boy twins or girl-girl twins.

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Twin girl baby shower gifts

Gift Basket
This adorable gift basket is perfect for twin girls. It includes two teddy bears, two baby blankets, two baby bottles, two bootie sets, two baby caps, two embroidered bibs, two brush & comb sets and two baby picture frames. You can also get it for girl-boy twins.

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Personalized twin bracelets
You can design these twin bracelets by choosing color, name or initials. The bracelets are handmade from 100 percent cotton thread. They come in sizes for babies, toddlers, kids and adults. The width of the bracelet depends on the size you choose and ranges from 1 to 1,5 cm. See more examples of bracelets for boy-boy twins and twin girls as well as triplets. The bracelets come packed in a organza gift bag with a handcrafted card.

Go to Store Wooden sign for twins
These signs come in blue, pink and many other different colors. They’re perfect for the arrival of twins. The wood for these signs is hand cut, the signs are then given 2 coats of paint and then lightly sanded back to achieve the rustic, vintage style finish.
The signs in the picture measure approximately 4 cm high and are approximately 30 cm long. Custom orders are possible if you’d like a different size. Go to Store Twin baby shoes
These handmade crochet baby shoes for twins are with wooden buttons. They come in three sizes, baby newborn, 0 to 3 months and 3 to 6 months. You can choose different sizes if one twin is smaller than the other. The shoes are made of 100 percent acrylic. You can get them in different colors for instance black & green, brown & green, green & gray and black & beige. The shoes can be hand washed at 30 degrees. Go to Store Crochet set for twins
This handmade crochet baby set for twin girls come with 2 baby shoes and 2 baby beanies. They’re made from acrylic yarn.
They come in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. Shoes and beanies need to be hand washed in cool water. Go to Store

Twin boy baby shower gifts

Twin Clothing Flower Bouquet
This baby shower gift is perfect for twins because the clothing come in pairs. It contains two bodysuits, four pairs of socks, two muslin cloths, two bibs and a greeting card. It comes gift-wrapped in cellophane with a bow. You can buy the bouquet in different colors, so it’s also a great gift for girl-girl or boy-girl twins.

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2-Set Of Bibs
These bibs can be washed in the sink or in the dishwasher. They are made of 100 percent food grade silicone and are BPA free.

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Diaper Cake With Monkeys
This diaper cake is shaped like a three layer cake. There’s three keepsake decorated baby gift boxes that make great storage for the twins room after the diapers are gone. Each basket is hand crafted.

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8-Pack Of Bibs
These bibs come as an eight pack. The front is made of 100 percent soft organic cotton. The back is made of polyester fleece for absorbency.

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Unisex twin baby shower gifts

Cuddle Blankets
The twins will love cuddling up in these soft blankets. They are made of polyester and are machine washable. They also come as a cute pair of frogs.

Go to Store Baby Ornament Keepsake Kit
This gift will immortalize the handprint or footprint of the twins. The ornament kit comes with four ribbons and two easels, all packaged up in a gift box. Go to Store

Swaddle Blankets
These cute tree bird and owl swaddle blankets come in a cute 2-pack. They’re made of 100 percent cotton.

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Handmade crochet bunnies
These handmade crochet bunnies are made of 100 percent wool. They are 26 cm tall from toes to ear tips. The bunnies can be made as boys or girls. They are available in grey, cream, sea blue, powder pink and powder blue and can be ordered as a set for twins in two different colors.

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Twin baby shower gifts for mom

The soon-to-be-mom might very well appreciate receiving a gift just for her. It could be a gift coupon for a massage and a pedicure, or, if you’re close friends, an evening out with you (if she has the energy).

Wine Bottle Label Gift
Mommy’s First Milestones wine bottle labels are professionally printed on an adhesive paper with a glossy coating. They are waterproof and can be used on the wine bottles of your choice – the wine is not included. They come as a set of four labels with four coordinating designs. They fit most standard 750 ml wine bottles. Go to Store Mom Of Twins Necklace
This mom of twins necklace is hand made and comes in a gift box. It has an 18″ chain. Go to Store

Large Capacity Diaper Bag
This diaper bag’s dimensions are: 17 x 13 x 7 inches. It includes changing pad and stroller straps. It has 10 pockets and is made of grey canvas fabric with brown leather accents.

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Twin baby shower gifts for hostess

A baby shower hostess can’t expect to receive a gift for her efforts. She’s (hopefully) throwing the shower out of the goodness of her heart. But a small gift is definitely a great way to let the hostess know that her efforts are appreciated. It’s the mom-to-be who buys the hostess a gift. If it’s a surprise twin baby shower, it’s fine to give or send the hostess a gift afterwards.

Hostess Thank You Basket
This gift basket is filled with popcorn, roasted nuts, crisp cheese straws, cookies, savory snack mix and mini cookies. The perfect way to say thank you to the hostess for throwing you a twin baby shower.

Go to Store Thank You Cookies
This care package has several top brands of individually wrapped cookies. It includes chocolate chip cookies, M&M cookies, Oreo cookies, strawberry shortcake cookies, and fig newtons. Go to Store

Thank You Wine Bag
These thank you wine bags are handmade. They are made with an unbleached linen fabric with twine to tie the bag closed. The fabric is a natural fiber. It measures 14in x 6in.

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What kind of twin baby shower gifts did you receive? If you have a great twin baby shower gift idea, please let us know, and we might include it.

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