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Ways to Keep The Conversation Going

Less of You and More of Her
One problem with most guys is that they are generally not very good listeners. By being attentive and listening, she will feel that you are sensitive and mature The tendency is that she will be more willing to share her time with you in future.

Jenny was unhappy with her date. "I was sharing with him about my Christmas experience one evening while on our way home, but he just interrupted me by talking about his nephew. Due to this, I find it hard to share my experience with him and I also feel unwilling to share it with him too", she recalls.

Don't ramble endlessly and monopolise the conversation. Don't talk about yourself unless she prompts you. People like to talk themselves. Focus on her instead. She is the star of the moment. Talk about her; listen attentively with your eye contact and occasional nodding your head. Don't pass judgmental comments about her views.

The Sweetest Name in the World
Get her name right. Pronounce it right. You don't want to be in a situation when you have to introduce her to someone else and not know her name. Pepper her name often in your conversation. She loves the sound of her name.

Questions, Questions
You do not want the conversation to turn into an interview session with "yes' or 'no' response. Ask open-ended questions like "In what way…" or "Why do you say…". Use why or how instead of who, where or when. For example, instead of asking her, "Do you like Japanese food?", ask "What is your favourite food?". This keeps the conversation going. It also shows your interest.

Be Positive
Keep all your conversations light-hearted and positive. Never bring up negative subjects like death, problems with your ex-girlfriends or problems in your work. She is not your therapist, counselor or pastor. She is there to have a good time. Avoid controversial subjects like religion, politics, abortion and sex.

What can you talk about?

The following are safe topics that make for exciting and interesting conversation:

* Hobbies - what do you like to do in your spare time?
* Families - Do you have any sisters and brothers?
* Friends - Where do you usually go when you hang out with your friends?
* Travel - Have you traveled much? Where have you been? Which places would you most like to go to and why?
* Work - What sort of work do you do? Do you enjoy it?
* Education - What are you majoring in? Do you like what you're studying?
* Pets - Have you any pets?
* What's on Her - Where did you get that ____?
* Activities - Have you ever _____?
* Sports - Do you like sports?
* Places - Have you ever been to ____ ?

If you still have trouble keeping the conversation going, consider going out on a group date. This will take some pressure off you to keep the conversation going.

~ Sam Choo



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