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9 & 13 Jan 2015
Channel 8
What Your School Doesn't Teach You
Romance, Dating & Relationship Tips
Featured Clique2clique Event Director Lydia Gan

24 Aug 2010, Channel News Asia, Singles in Singapore.
Featured Clique Wise co-founder Lydia Gan

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Do you believe in Love at first sight?

Well, it happens to us.

Sparks flew off when we first met through a board game session organised by Clique Wise at Taboo on Sunday, 16 August 2008. After a few months of dating, we found the sweetest days in our lives and decided to tie the knot on 23 May 2010.

Here goes the saying… A fairytale does come true. Love at first sight does happen.

The greatest joy in life is to find the one to share your life with. We have found ours. May you find yours too!
~ With lots of love, Mr & Mrs Phua

I would like to thank Tina for the excellent work she puts in to bring people together. It is often a thankless task and requires real passion. The events themselves may require a lot of coordination work and the prices are often kept affordable so that people have a chance to mingle.

I have initially signed up for some event which did not quite work out, in the sense that I was eventually bumped out of the event due to some logistic issues. Somewhat agitated, I demanded to know what went wrong as I was looking forward to attending. Tina called me and she did an excellent job in explaining the circumstances surrounding the mishap and also offered alternatives. She was very professional. I eventually turned up for another event and found it well run. Tina told me that she had actually researched this place before deciding to hold it here. The atmosphere was excellent.

Out of the handful of such events I have been to, I find Tina's event the most well run. Basically, the event is run that an environment is created in which love can blossom; attention to details such as atmosphere, music, air-con, organization, etc. The same cannot be said for the other events I have been to. For example, I have attended an event in which the organizer himself was looking for partners and was creating serious conflict of interest issues, by undermining the gents in the event and by using his position as the organizer to court the ladies. Indeed he left a sour taste in many people's mouths, both male and female.

~ Mr Wang (attended Hanging Globe Terrarium (Workshop) event on 29 July 2017, Singapore)

Thank you for organising the bowling speed-dating event last Saturday. It started punctually, and you were very professional and handled the participants well. I enjoyed myself and even felt comfortable going for lunch with some of the other participants. I think it is good that Clique2click organises singles events that are sport related as it brings together singles with the same interest.

~ Elizabeth (attended Bowling Speed-dating on 18 Mar 2017, Singapore)

The first dating event I had ever attended was hosted by Clique2click, and I could not have asked for a better introduction into the world of fast-paced dating. As the organizer, Tina was very friendly and professional and she really helped attendees feel at ease during the events. Her enthusiasm for her work and prompt response towards enquires were also much appreciated. Will definitely recommend to single friends looking to have fun and experience new activities with like-minded people, and hopefully to find that special someone!

~ Eva Yeo (attended Rock-climbing event on 12 Mar 2017, Singapore)

The ambience was really good, loved it. The facilitators were superbly friendly too, and it helped that they came over to make conversation once in a while - this actually helped to take the awkwardness away from the group. Overall, the facilitators seemed really professional and they certainly knew what they were doing!

~ Karen (attended Speed-dating on 21 Aug 2016, Singapore)

I would like to thank for your organization of Terrarium Fun on 30 July. I attended the event and enjoyed the event. There is smooth flow of whole session, we got to know each other naturally and better during our hand-on sessions. Nice and cozy place. Duration and pace are good. Hope you all will make more loves happen in future and thanks for your effort!!!

~ Esther (attended Terrarium Fun on 30 July 2016, Singapore)

Good day Lydia, I attended the session yesterday. I will really like to thank you for organising such events to cater to muslim professionals. It is very rare to get a group like this to attend any event. My opinion and experienced was over whelming and unexpectedly satisfied with the outcome. Hopefully there will be other events like this for us muslim. Kudos to you and your team. Thank you again.

~ S. Salamat (attended Muslim Mingling Party on 30 July 2015)

Nice, perfect event :) I love the venue, the place were nice and accommodated people’s privacy to be intimate. There was no issue whatsoever regarding this event. Other participants were excited, even though chemistry are complicated personal matter. :D Thank you!

~ Line (attended Jakarta event, Lunch in style, in May 2015)

Quite an eye opener, the workshop really enlightened my blind spots in social networking. Thanks for your sharing!

~ Scott Judah Chia, designer (attended Leap to Social Success on 29 Feb 2012)

Good mingling session, I no feel awkward at all.
~ T Tan, software engineer (attended Chill Out @ Robertson Quay on 25 Feb 2012)

Even though it was a large dinner group, I appreciate the organisers who tried their best to get everyone to mingle, I get to meet many new friends today. This is the best event I've attended!
~ Christina, customer service officer (attended Japanese Dinner session on 22 Feb 2012)

In 2007, SDU conducted an extensive review of the dating agencies in Singapore on their professionalism and ability to produce results. Clique Wise has established a track record for innovative social networking events and I congratulate them on creating yet another first with the date profiling system.
~ Ms Claire Chiang, Managing Director of Banyan Tree Gallery (S) Pte Ltd and co-chair of The Partner Connection Fund evaluation panel, on Date Profiling System

Frankly I am surprised at the level of accuracy from such a simple-looking questionnaire. My Wow Colour has been revealed to be ‘Coral Turquoise’. The system advised me to look for individuals with Wow Colours ‘Pure White’ and ‘Ruby Red’. During the course of the evening, I got on very well with a guy who was ‘Pure White’ colour. It really works.
~ Ms Chew, Administrative Manager, on Date Profiling System

I thought I know myself very well but the Date Profiling System spell out my character clearly and provide deep revelations on myself. Now I understand why I prefer girls who are "thinkers". It also shows how to bring out the best in me. It is surprisingly accurate and useful.
~ Steven, 33 years old, Assistant Manager, on Date Profiling System

Thanks for the profiling... Very accurate... Cool!
~ Vincent, Librarian, on Date Profiling System

I would say the Date Profiling System is 90% accurate for me.
~ Justin, Trainer, on Date Profiling System

I met my husband for the second time at a picnic at the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2006. We had previously met another social event but didn't get to talk to one another. This time around, the picnic was well-facilitated and all the 20 guests had a chance to interact properly with each other, and my husband and I hit it off immediately. One year down the road, wedding bells rang for us!
~ Mrs Tan C.L., 34 years old, Teacher

Hi Lydia, I attached liao le, I know her from my first event at (Taboo Love Affair). I dated her officially on 16th Cct. Then one mth 10 days later get together liaoz.
Thanks for all your help! :-)
~ Ben, 32 years old, Manager

I attended the Cubing event with curiosity. But surprised that by drawing pictures which scenarios are given by the speaker, and from the pictures we drawn ,it actually describe our personality. Although mine is only about 70% to 80% accurate. But overall this CUBE event is fun and worth to attend.
~ Wong S.S., 32 years old, Engineer

I am attracted to the mystic of CUBE from the first day i came to learn of it. It is amazing to know that through a set of seemingly innocents questions, we could have a peek at the inner world of another person. Though interpretation of CUBE is subjective, the fun in participation of the game is unique. It is sure an interesting and mind intriguing ice-breaking game.
~ Tan G.K.

Thank you for arranging the boardgame event on last Saturday. I had a great time and I believe most of them did have fun too. I am looking forward to more Christian events organised by you.
~ Lee R.

Gained a lot of precious knowledge and experiences on creative dating and first date procedures.
~ Teh H.K. Research Specialist

I thank you for the great experience yesterday!The interactive manner was very flexible where it allows us to mingle freely.
~ Leow M.J., Engineer

It's a great session, has given us much insights on magic. Well-presented, enjoyed myself very much!
~ V. Lee (attended the Magic Workshop)

Hi Lydia, your events are always so wonderful... Thanks ever so much for the vast array of new places you been introducing and the friendly group of pple I've met at your events. With appreciation! ~ Ms Low L.L. (attended July 2010 events)

Thanks CliqueWise for organising the Hokkaido Trip. The scenary is wonderful, the friends we make are fun and sporting and the tour guide is resourceful, most of all, we would like to thank you for this opportunity for us to meet each other. Hope you can organise more trips to Hokkaido :)
~ ZX & SF (attended CNY/Valentines Hokkaido Tour, Feb 2010)


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