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9 & 13 Jan 2015
Channel 8
What Your School Doesn't Teach You
Romance, Dating & Relationship Tips
Featured Clique2clique Event Director Lydia Gan

24 Aug 2010, Channel News Asia, Singles in Singapore.
Featured Clique Wise co-founder Lydia Gan

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DatingDating Event (for singles)

Clique2click hosts lifestyle and segment targeted events namely; age segmented event, religion based event, occupation segmented event and income based event for the singles at large. For those who wish to widen your options, we are your best options.

Our years of experience in dating events has enabled us to realize the intricacies of how men and women think and react differently, this understanding empowered us to facilitate connections better.

Our targeted client are mainly Professionals, Managers, Executives & Businessmen (PMEBs) are Singaporean, Permanent Residents and expatriate working in Singapore holding (Employment Pass holders). Our clients are aged mainly from mid-20s to late 30s.

We are offering a special Events Package Promotion for the singles based in Singapore. Please click here to find out more!

Social EventsCorporate Social Events

For corporation who are keen to create better social relationship between single employees, we have the perfect platform for you! Our events focus on bringing employee together through social events.

Working together with the Human Resource department, we create targeted group activities according to their needs and requirements. Our key role is to bring the human touch back into the workplace, thereby enhancing the working atmosphere.

The activities are done in a casual manner where employees take off their work mask and enjoy vibing in the playful backdrop of fun and games. Familiarity and understanding – where you see colleagues as friends, creates the foundation for a good relationship.

Such corporate culture, coupled with a conducive atmosphere will help corporation to retain their human assets and that is a mark of a truly successful organization.


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