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9 & 13 Jan 2015
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24 Aug 2010, Channel News Asia, Singles in Singapore.
Featured Clique Wise co-founder Lydia Gan

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The Secret In Our Fingerprints
Personality Analysis Workshop

Our fingerprint is our unique DNA because it is linked to the brain. These prints do not change for a lifetime. Therefore, they are used for recognition such as by the FBI, in forensic sciences, judicial systems and immigration departments. Medical experts and scientists have discovered that through our fingerprints, we can understand a person's multiple dominant intelligences as well as his inborn potential capabilities and personality!

How Does This Tool Work?
Using a U.S. Patented tool (U.S. Patent No. 7,406,186B2) -- featured on CNN World News on 11 March 2011 -- we can measure a person's natural learning style and intelligences. A 22-page detailed report is then generated showing parenting and communication methods and recommended careers. Accuracy (around 95%) is way higher than other profiling tools available in the market because there are no questions asked, no questionnaire to fill. NOTE: This is NOT fortune telling, fortune telling is from reading our palm lines. Our palm lines change over time, but our fingerprints are unique to every one of us, and DO NOT CHANGE in a person’s lifetime.

Who Can Benefit From This?
In the area of romantic relationships. Conflicts often arise when two people are not able to accept each other’s views, behaviour etc. When we are able to understand a person’s brain make-up, we understand how they think, how they solve problems, their natural innate character, personality, their natural talents and weaknesses. When we are aware, we understand. With understanding, there is greater acceptance, therefore more harmony, which translates to better communication and a more enriching relationship.

During this fun workshop, you will get to do a scan for both your thumbs. After the workshop you will receive a 2-page basic report. Together, the thumb scans (done using a state of the art scanner and software) and the 2-page report are valued at S$59.

Date/Time: 23 September 2017, Saturday, 3pm-6pm
Venue: To be disclosed to selected participants (near Somerset MRT in town)
Price: S$ 70 Price includes GST, facilitation, instructor fee, and 1 basic personality report (2 pages).

To register, email your name, gender, IC, profession and cell phone number with event title "Fingerprints Sep 2017" to All events are subjected to our T&Cs and refund policy.

Please note that this is a workshop, gender ratio balance among participants is not required

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Our events are for eligible singles (Singaporeans, Permanent Residents and Employment Pass holders) only.

Although we do not guarantee success or marriage through our dating events, we can guarantee our commitment to good service and facilitation. To bring out the best of you and the events, do come with an open mindset to get to know more people and you will enjoy new friendships and activities better.

There will be at least 1 SDN accredited Dating Practitioner facilitating our single's events.

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