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24 Aug 2010, Channel News Asia, Singles in Singapore.
Featured Clique Wise co-founder Lydia Gan

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Singles Event Planner - Lydia Gan Singapore
Event Director: Lydia

Clique2click Pte Ltd is a premium integrated lifestyle social event company, we offer premium social event that that delivers fun, interactive and elevating experiences to enrich our guests. Clique2click is an event management arm with Lunch Actually Group which organised events for singles in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. We were formerly known as Clique Wise LLP. We offer new options for our guests to socialize, bringing Social Networking Offline.

We have been running fun, interactive and enriching events since August 2004. We are the first to come up with the wildly popular Chocolate Fondue Speed-Dating, Go-Kart Speed-dating, Sake Appreciation and Shochu Appreciation. We are also the first to celebrate World's Singles Day and conduct the parents matchmaking session "Parental Connections" in Singapore. We also created various food and wine pair-ups like Chocolate & Wine Appreciation and Caviar & Wine Appreciation!

Company Mission:
We aim to be the premium socializing platform for individuals to grow their network and for corporations to enrich their human asset through relationship bonding activities and lifestyle events.

Enriching Connections

Benefits of Social Events
Clique2click believe that social events are the most effective yet professional way of getting to know new friends and strengthen relationship. We create the platform with unique, engaging and fun-filled activities for people to meet new friends and foster closer bonds. We conduct social events for singles. There will be at least 1 SDN accredited Dating Practitioner facilitating our singles events. Organizations who have engaged us are the government ministries, banks, Telcos and MNCs. Click here to read more on our services.


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